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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 14, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the modern dictionary is much more detailed and includes new words like hashtag and selfie. but noah webster helped define a nation 187 years ago today. "your world" starts now. you're looking live at cape canaveral, florida where they're going to try again ten minutes now from this spacex rocket, they hope, lifting off with an all systems go so far. why is this so important? if this thing takes off and lands at least the way it's supposed to, it could save taxpayers a bundle and make space exploration a heck of a lot cheaper. first, forget iran going nuclear. it's the stat between the president and senator john mccain is apparently already is nuclear. do you guys when he hears you
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make a remark like that does he call you first or say john, what the heck were you saying or does it just -- is it all fought in public? >> that's it. it's in public. unfortunately. it is in public. >> that one stunned me. instead of lashing out, should the president just talk it out not in public? how about in private? welcome, everyone. i'm neil cavuto. if doug weed is right, the president could pick something up from his predecessors like, the telephone. doug, you argue that a lot of his predecessors tried to defuse crises by talking personally to their critics, right? >> that's right. it used to be the art of the presidency, the art of the deal. can you imagine lyndon johnson not talking to anybody? that was his great skill set. that's why he got elected president. they used to respect the separation of powers. they needed congress.
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they had no media coverage to protect them. they had -- look at ronald reagan, neil. he was one of the great communicators as president. and he would leverage the american public to phone their senator. yet even ronald reagan would sit down with tip o'neil and spin an irish yard -- >> he'd have him to the white house residence and be drinking with him. but reagan was big on saying, i don't want to humiliate the other side. say in other words, not trying to leave with the other guy with egg on their face. here it seems to be beyond that. >> it does. and not just reagan. bill clinton. you'd have to go all the way back to eisenhower, the reason eisenhower was elected president was because here was a man wasn't the greatest stat gist or the great estrogen, but he could get the french and the brishtdtish
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and the prima donna generals to work together. >> you're quite right. i was thinking of john kennedy during the 13-day cuban missile crisis. and a lot of republicans had been kept out of the loop. we know in hindsight now kennedy was calling them individually and together to say, bear with me here, here's what we're working on and trying to beg their patience in the middle of what was a global crisis. and it by and large worked. but he was not keeping them out of the loop. he was explaining why he was going about it the way he was. very different today. >> very different. but i think what's happening here. it was said, if a play works, send it in again until they can stop it. in this case, president obama says they're not cooperating, they're not working with me. and as long as half of the american public buy that and there's no accountability, no one closes the loop, he's getting away with it.
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>> doug you reminded me it's a big thing to get a call from the president of the united states, whether he's popular or not popular at the time. and if he tells you on the phone, look can we just chill on this for a little bit or can you hold off onon that press conference? lbj would say i've got these curious little stories about you, senator, and all of a sudden that nasty press conference disappeared. not saying you need to be that tit for tat. but couldn't this president save himself a lot of grief if he headed off conflict at the pass and talked to the guy? >> yeah, something very deeply emotional is going on in my humble opinion. maybe the president's hurt. he's poking the bear right now. he doesn't have to do this, you're right. he's leaving a lot on the table, a lot that he could accomplish if he'd just pick up the phone. >> regardless of the phone, even with the internet now. doug, thank you very much. it's not just republicans the president has to worry about. some key allies aren't keen on
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this iran deal either. bret baier is in washington with more on the king who is not a fan. hey, bret. >> hey neil. >> you had a chance to talk to jordan scandella. did you get a sense from him that he's almost pulling a netanyahu, that it's that bad or he's that angry, that fed up what? >> he was very diplomatic in the answers but clearly said the relationship with the u.s. has changed in the middle east and with jordan. he has said that the dynamic between arab nations and the u.s. has changed and they're standing on their own fighting the fight. in a number of ways he has a lot of concerns about iran. he thinks part of the negotiations, he said, should include iran's expansion efforts in yemen, in syria, in lebanon with the gaza strip. he thinks all of that should be part of the u.s. negotiations with iran. but as you know, it's not.
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and frankly the bill up on capitol hill that is going through committee doesn't address that either. >> i think you were telling me about the process itself that stymies him a little bit. this is from your chat with him. >> its role in iraq, as i mentioned, with its influence sometimes in baghdad it does have its support to the regime in syria, it does have its support for hezbollah in lebanon and to an extent in syria. all these issues are of instability. these are things that have to be discussed with the iranians. you can't discuss them in isolation. >> it's interesting because you've got him, you've got the president of egypt, the saudis committing troops in yemen because they're not pleased with the way we're dealing with iran. that's a growing chorus of discontent discontent. >> you've got the russians now selling this surface-to-air missile system to the iranians
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in the middle of this nuclear negotiation. obviously many people think that that missile system would be designed to protect a nuclear program should any country decide that they need to move forward and bomb those sites. today you had the state department, marie harf saying that given iran's destabilizing actions in the region quote, in places like yemen or syria or lebanon, that this isn't the time to be selling these kinds of systems to them. she goes on to say, quote, we don't think this will have an impact on unity in terms of inside the negotiating room. so the administration is having a clear disconnect between these two issues when it comes to iran in an effort to do what they really want to do. and that's get a deal across the finish line. >> we're just getting word that the senate committee unanimously voted to advance the bill to allow them to vote on any final nuclear deal with iran.
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i don't know if it's going to be received well by the white house. >> i think the white house signaled that with the changes that senator corker made that there may be a chance that they would sign this. this is the thing that they've changed the review time just to get specifically from 60 days to 30 days. and they took out this stipulation that the administration has to make sure that iran is not committing or supporting acts of terrorism against the u.s. for some reason, that was a poison pill for lawmakers specifically democrats. and so they took that out and now it's passed unanimously and it has democratic backing, even veto-proof, we're told, numbers. >> the house itself, over 300 members, 100 democrats said there is such a thing as us, congress, to weigh in on this. did that affect the administration's view of how to go forward? >> i think so. i think originally they were pushing back hard against the whole prospect saying that -- thinking it was going to scuttle
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the negotiation. now because the numbers are so great i think republicans and democrats signing onto this bill that congress weighs in i think the white house is conceding, essentially, and saying they could sign this bill as written now. >> so you went to jordan and back in a span of what, 24 hours? >> 48. but that's a lot of coffee today, neil. >> the catskills was just not open. amazing. i look forward to the next part of the interview. bret baier in washington. >> thanks, neil. now to cape canaveral, florida where the spacex falcon rocket is set to take off. there's a big question whether it can land without blowing up. that is, the refuelable booster. phil is live there for us. >> we're about a minute away. and the weather is a go. no technical issues. so it looks entirely probable
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that the spacex capsule containing equipment and scientific research experiments will be blasting off towards the international space station to rendezvous with the space station on friday. but the real excitement here today and in the space industry the community worldwide is whether spacex can land its first stage rocket that falcon 9 onto a floating landing platform floating out in the atlantic 200 miles east of jacksonville as we speak. this would be a proven way that we can reuse $250 million rocket over and over and over again instead of just trashing them into the bottom of the ocean. let's take a listen right now to the final countdown and we'll pick it back up. >> 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
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and liftoff. the falcon soars from its perch toward the international space station carrying dragon and new science for the one-year crew. 30 seconds into flight, all systems are go. the falcon 9. >> we're looking at this falcon 9 rocket that's transporting the spacex dragon, the spacecraft that is going to hook up with the international space station bringing with it over 4,000 pounds of food, supplies, even
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an espresso maker that works in zero gravity. don't ask. i'm just going to tell. and a lot of other goodies for the astronauts up there. the question, though is going to be of this falcon 9 rocket itself that one of the jettisons of the spacex dragon spacecraft, it's a reusable thing or elon musk hopes it will be. that it will land on a platform at sea and be used again and again and again thereby making safe travel a lot cheaper. as we're looking at this, on the phone with us right now, astronaut clayton anderson who lived on that international space station. he finds this technology promising down the road. i guess that depends if it proves as successful as its makers hope, right? >> yeah, absolutely. they've done some smaller-scale testing that was successful. and then the last time they tried to hit their barge in the ocean, they got close but no cigar.
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so i think that they learn a lot with each attempt. and perhaps this will be the one today. >> only be two attempts. the last one came very close, actually got to the barge. but this could be a deal changer. some say it could be not only a huge cost savings but it would mean -- make it far more advantageous to consider space exploration because the biggest cost is just starting anew with everything again, right? >> yeah. i think the shuttle's biggest advantage was the reusability of solid rocket motors and the fact that the shuttles themselves were refurbishable to go again. but that was still at a large cost. so what elon musk and spacex are trying to do is figure out different ways to minimize costs by reusing things and keeping them in a form where they don't have to go through a lot of
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refurbishment to go to the pad again. >> will the same type of strategy be used to shuttle our astronauts rather than hitching rides with the russians? >> well, i tell a lot of people when i teach and speak that i wouldn't bet against elon musk. from what i've seen him do, he will hopefully do what he says he can do and that would be to give america the capability to launch astronauts from american soil again. i'm all for that if he can do it. >> clayton anderson, thank you very much. two things to watch here, the link-up of this spacecraft to the international space station to drop off all the goodies and then the separation with the booster rocket that will essentially -- that falcon 9 rocket hopefully be reused again and again and again. it's got to land on that barge without crashing on that barge and be constantly repurposed without starting from scratch. the space shuttle was the impetus for this type of technology. but this would be something on a far grander scale going forward,
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not only with the international space station but much more. we'll close out looking at this continued launch. we'll be keeping an eye on the sky. >> approaching the one-minute mark. doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglass. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. we come by almost every day to deliver your mail so if you have any packages you want to return you should just give them to us since we're going to be here anyway it's kind of a no brainer
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altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at you're coming in here today telling us that one of the top priorities you have is getting criminal gang members out of the country who are here illegally, but yet you can't even tell this committee that you have the data to tell how many of them you released. >> not exactly encouraging. the director of immigration and customs enforcement coming under fire over those 30,000 criminal illegals released from prison last year.
1:19 pm
sheriff, always good to have you. what do you make of where they're saying, i don't know where they are? >> 36,000 the year prior to this year. and these aren't the run of the mill illegals. there are up to 20,000 illegals here in the united states. this is the group that even president obama said are the worst of the worst actors, that everybody agreed need to be shipped out of our country back to their country of origin. there was 193 of them that were convicted of murder. 300-plus that were convicted of rain and sexual assault. and there was another 200 to 300 that were convicted of kidnapping. so these are the worst criminals in our society and they were not returned to their country of origin because of what she said and jeh johnson said well, their countries don't want them back. so what we need to do is apply diplomatic political pressure as
1:20 pm
well saying, guess what? you're not going to get visas to come into the united states until you take your citizens back to your country because the result is, i.c.e. just released them into our community and we have no clue where they're at today. >> is there a way to track them once you do let them go? we learned, no, there isn't. we could have these murderers and others just wandering in your state texas you name it right? >> and my county. in fact, they released nearly 500 in my county alone in some -- >> do you know where those 500 are in your county? >> that's the problem. i have demanded not only informal letter through foia and legally have even talked to senator mccain. senator mccain who's a powerful senator said, sheriff i promise you i'm going to get you these names. he can't get me the names. nobody will get me these names.
1:21 pm
and the reason why they will refuse to provide the names is we have a list of all these illegals that our government -- president obama has released into our communities that are committing new crimes that are committing murder that are committing rain that are committing aggravated assault, armed robbery. we can directly link them back to the president's action of this unlawful mass prison break. >> but we have the names, right? we know who they are. >> we don't -- i have asked for -- >> they're just not sharing them, right? >> correct. and that's the problem. they refuse to release them back. >> sheriff, thank you very much. good seeing you. what if i told you you're the one about to get spoofed?
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i fully support president obama's plan to make community college free. >> well, hillary clinton telling iowa students she is on board with that presidential plan for free community college. if you explain this. >> 40% of millennials have student loan debt. and most millennials right now are facing the issue, do i continue in college if i can't afford it or step out and have the debt and not have as much debt as i would if i graduate college? so there's the scenario where you graduate, you have better access to jobs. you don't graduate -- >> i know it's good to get a college -- but you're just saying all right, it's free. someone will pick up the tab. who? >> taxpayers. clearly it is being funded by this middle class tax cut.
1:26 pm
>> you're doing the big on someone else's money, you're happy with that hillary's happy with that -- >> let's rewind. for hillary it's more about winning the millennial vote -- >> but a lot of millennials are paying their bills and saying, what the hell? >> the number one concern for millennials right now -- where the rest of america, is student loans. they're graduating college, forced to pay their student loans. they can't file bankruptcy on this. >> you know where this is leading. free community college, free regular college and free everything -- >> what's wrong with that? >> paying for it. >> we are paying for it. it's investing in the largest generation in history. >> if you pick up the college tab for everyone in this country would you pay for that? >> i would absolutely put my fair share of money into it -- >> what is your fair share? you told me the other day the rich are getting off paying 40% at the top rate. where does it end? >> the deal here is we have to invest in a generation. the largest generation in
1:27 pm
history -- >> this is a news flash. we don't have money. we're broke. we have debt that's piling up. >> if we tax the wealthiest of the wealthy who have been getting off for free -- >> how are they getting off? >> the middle class is subsidizing their ability to live free -- >> you're saying to provide that for everybody else, we're going after the half who are paying taxes but preferably the top 10%, 20% who are paying most of the taxes, you're sucking them dry? >> now they're paying most of the taxes with these changes. >> why not have everybody have a stake -- why not everybody pay something in? >> everybody does pay something in. >> no, they don't. if you're responsible for paying for something you're going to pay for close attention to where that money is going. but if you're getting free college or free everything you're paying less attention. >> if you're making minimum wage, you can't afford to pay
1:28 pm
your rent or your kids' food -- >> you just told me the way to pay for it is to stick more taxes -- you said nothing about curbing spending, just getting more money in -- >> the questioning isn't spending. >> you give free community college to people -- >> people can earn more and pay more taxes and invest more in our economy. >> you could make that same argument with forgiving mortgage debt -- >> that's not true. the best investment in american people is education. when people are burdened -- the first two years of college -- >> so college is killing them. but community college is already fairly expensive. >> it's not entirely expensive. for the average person, community college is a huge investment. >> make it free. let's go back to -- you don't have to pick up the tab. but if i take you out and i'm just paying for the whole meal, you're not going to care about what you're ordering -- >> hey, hey hey hey, not so true. >> but that's the thing. we live in a country where,
1:29 pm
somebody else is footing the bill, we think it's a good idea on how you spend the money on this, this this -- it's not as if we have the money to spend or if the way we're going is leaving us any less -- >> but the wealthiest do have the money to spend -- >> hold on. you're saying the 40% they're paying on top of the surcharges for medicare and health-related costs and the city and state -- look i know -- they're not expecting a thank you. but they hardly deserve a "screw you". >> the largest generation in history is going to be in debt. >> have you ever heard of the greatest generation? >> yes, i have. >> have you ever heard of people who put everything on the line without any help at all? >> we paid for their education. >> are you saying now that we pick up the tab for everyone who is in debt because they got too big in debt because the cost of college got too high -- >> we're not saying swipe free all of -- >> you are saying that. >> no, from now on the first
1:30 pm
two years of college if it's community college -- >> you're saying community college now and the next step, regular college -- tell you this, young lady you can have the rich taxed at 100% and it wouldn't keep our social programs going for another five years. so where are you getting your money after that? >> i don't think so. if you invest in this -- >> there's no money! >> the more people who have jobs -- >> creative ways to spend more money. >> people have jobs, they can pay more taxes. it's under social programs and we're not in debt. we're looking at it from different perspectives here. >> i'm looking at it from real math. money in, money out. i'm looking at that the rich and poor alike are saddled with debt. and these kids are going to be saddled with it as well. >> i'm one of these kids. and i can't even think about the other options -- >> you know why we can't think
1:31 pm
about these? because there's no money. >> why is college so expensive? why is college so expensive? corporations are -- >> are you saying the -- you just ignored the point that we're out of money. >> yes. >> we're out of money. but you're perfectly okay spending money we don't have to get a result you're sure that we will get? >> think about how many kids won't have jobs -- >> i think about the vast majority of taxpayers who really don't have the money to make sure that they can follow up on -- >> it's going to be worse when you have a generation that doesn't have jobs, is forced to go on these social programs and then -- >> you are doing the big on my money. and i don't think you put your own money -- you're spending my money. you don't want to spend your own money. >> i do want to spend my own money. >> no, you don't. i wish we had more time. look at the time, we don't. >> millennials would definitely not vote for you. you should run for president. >> in the meantime, look and listen to this.
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we are learning that the third time was not the charm for spacex. not so much the launch itself which was successful but the return of that falcon 9 rocket to a barge out at sea where it would safely land and could be used again. two prior attempts have failed doing this. today it failed as well. we were getting this tweet which i just had from elon musk who was saying quote, ascent successful. dragon en route to space station. rocket landed on drone ship but too hard for survival. it could like what happened back in january with this second attempt when it made it to the platform but crashed on it. this was the scene back in january where they tried it. when it got there, unfortunately it crashed there. the first attempt missed by a country mile. that was then this third attempt failing as well.
1:37 pm
so phil keating, what happens now? >> certainly a little disappointment. but what happens for spacex next is they will try this again and again and again. and elon musk tweeting out late yesterday afternoon that he's now giving it an 80% chance of pulling this space history feat of relanding that reusable rocket off by the end of the year because they've got numerous launches ahead of them. he gave today's a 50/50. it was close but no cigar. it was probably very similar to that january hard landing. keep in mind, the first stage of the rocket, the falcon 9, spends almost all of its fuel and then detaches from the cargo ship which keeps going on. it has to keep enough fuel so when it plummets back to earth it's got enough fuel to reverse thrust as it gets toward that drone ship so that it controls
1:38 pm
itself to make that controlled landing. based on the short tweet by mr. musk, it was too hard. we should have some pictures by tonight. >> thank you very much, phil keating. so much for sleepless in seattle. did you hear about this? a flight taking off from seattle was forced to turn around after passengers in first class heard screams from someone below. that someone turned out to be an airport worker who just fell asleep in the baggage hold and woke up mid flight. to mark murphy on whether it's time for airlines to wake up, period. what did you make of this? if you're a terrorist and you're going, whoa. >> it's definitely a security breach. this guy is lucky he was in the presh izesurized side of the luggage. it's not much to joke about. if this guy wanted to cause harm to that plane, now the terrorists are watching, oh people are lone wolfs out there
1:39 pm
saying, we can get a job in the cargo group over there, putting luggage on and we can put some of our bombs on it also. this is definitely an infringement upon security. and i think that company should either be fired or they should be fined or taken out of the airport completely. they have to be responsible of their employees and everything that goes on and off that plane. >> i was thinking, obviously employees heard this guy in the luggage well. but what is the procedure? do you know the procedure for this sort of thing? and do these organizations keep track of who's on a plane, then getting off a plane? what is the modus operandi here? >> the idea that this guy is stuck in the cargo -- is there a procedure for a guy taking a nap? no. there's no procedure for that. >> is there a procedure for checking, are all our guys accounted for before that plane lifts off? >> not that i'm aware of.
1:40 pm
all they're doing is loading the luggage, they walk back out the ramp. they seal up the plane and they go. and obviously they must have thought this guy already left because they went ahead and took off. they locked it up and no one did a walk-around inside there. obviously highly unusual. i have to disagree with bo on the security part of it because we know that there can be anybody at any point in time, including the germanwings pilot, that can take a plane down. it's about the criminal checks and all those other things. then you have to have the other employees watch out for strange behavior so terrorists don't move in on a situation like this. but having a guy fall asleep, i don't consider that a security breach. i consider that maybe a way to check himself. >> there's a responsibility of the supervisor that's there. he has three or four people under him, that supervisor should be responsible for
1:41 pm
accountability of his people. if one guy is sleeping on the job, not helping loading the luggage you have to be responsible for whoever works there. this is certainly a breach. it's a breach of security. it's not a joke about the guy falling asleep. it's the fact that how was he able to stay on that plane without anybody knowing it? and the responsibility, again, is for that subcontracting company to have a supervisor that knows where his people are at all times and they have to be accounted. what we just saw, what happened, that should be implementation in this security side of it of the luggage. and they should make sure that everyone is accounted for. for mistakes you then get progress and starts to eliminate the mistakes. >> it is a little scary. guys, thank you both very much. are marco rubio and jeb bush fighting over this guy's support? florida governor rick scott next. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪
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i think that marco rubio represents the greatest opportunity for us to win this election. he's the one that can appeal all the way across the board including hispanics including others who look for the american dream who want to seek the american dream just the way marco rubio has. >> well he's a millionaire who's putting big money on marco rubio. we'll see who's next. the republican senator is hitting a whole host of fund-raisers across the country this month. money does not appear to be the problem. should scott walker be worried? what do you think of the rubio phenomenon. >> i'm not super worried about rubio. but marco rubio is a law school classmate of reince priebus who happens to be the best friend of scott walker.
1:46 pm
it's going to be a walker/rubio ticket. i think when scott wins the nomination nomination, this is a play for marco to be his vice president. >> why do you still prefer walker? you like walker over anyone else? >> because i think he's the rising star with the executive management skills. and he's the most trained athlete on the track -- >> what about chris christie? >> i don't dislike governor christie. but governor christie is not the right guy. this is like surfing. that wave for governor christie was a 2012 wave. it hit the beach when he was standing there with barack obama in 2012. i sort of think it's over -- >> you're still bitter and angry? >> i'm not bitter. but like a good italian, i haven't forgotten. >> but you still stick by walker. you think he's going to put it all together? >> i do.
1:47 pm
he's got the right skill set. he's got the executive management skills. he's the one in the race that's most recently worked with the legislature. he is a blue state politician. he's a conservative that's winning in blue states. rubio is impressive but when you interview him, dig really, really deep and see if you can get past the charles krauthammer bullet points going on. >> wow aren't you a little hater? >> not a hater. i like him. i look forward to him being vice president of the united states. >> interesting. >> in january 2017. >> all of these guys suck up to him. not just because he's a nice guy. loaded. loaded. >> i wish i had half of neil's money. >> this guy owns restaurants all over america. the fight in florida not for florida voters for florida's governor.
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
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1:51 pm
one big state. who is the florida governor to choose? let's ask him. florida governor rick scott. governor, glad to have you back with us. >> neil great to see you. it's exciting. we have marco rubio and jeb bush. they're going to clearly highlight the success of florida. we have a lot of great people running. we're going to have an economic summit on june 2nd and they're all going to come to florida and say how are we going to turn around this committee? the most important thing we can do is turn around the economy. so i hope you'll come down for that, but this is going to be about jobs, jobs, jobs.
1:52 pm
>> where is it going to be governor? >> june 2nd. we're doing it at disney world. >> it's very hot at disney world in june. >> it will be a wonderful day. you can learn -- we're going to listen to each taung about how to turn the economy around. jeb bush will be there. marco rubio. rick perry, bobby jindal. >> you have seen this turn around. democrats and republicans would agree. it's one of the reasons you got reelected. but i do want to talk about the environment right there. they're saying they're feeling better about their state. do they show any preference in the presidential race for jeb bush or marco rubio? all the polls i see show that jeb bush commands better numbers. right now he does. what do you think of that? >> well i think governor bub
1:53 pm
was a very successful. he's been a very good senator. there's been a lot of good republicans. our state turned around. we added 8,700 jobs. people are very optimist down to 80,000 people unemployment. 209,000 job openings. 234 this state people are very optimistic about the future. >> you pulled out a win too close to call. reallies really immediate the win if they want to take back the white house. they just came up short with mitt romney in the last go around. how do you see it in the next election? >> well, i'm hur the republican candidate will win for this region. we're not going to have four more years of barack obama's politics politics. we can't afford it. we can't afford a democratic president that doesn't care about the economy. that is putting our national security at risk by doing things like trying to legislate miz the
1:54 pm
castro brothers who brief in violence and oppression rather than democracy and freedom. i think whether it's talking about the economy or foreign policy, the republican candidate will win, and you're right florida's going to be important, and the republican will clearly win the state. i won because i focused on what was the most important to floridians? the economy. jobs jobs, sobs. >> it's always good seeing you. thank you very much. >> nice seeing you. >> governor rick scott. it's very hip for republicans to say she is too old to be president. and this guy -- what? why age is a state of mind, and focusing too much on it might reveal you have no mind. after this.
1:55 pm
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1:58 pm
heard the word old or yesterday. or past. you didn't have to hear the words hillary clinton. you knew who he was talking about, just like you knew who rand paul was talking about last november when he talked about the rigors of campaigning. it's a very rigorous physical ordeal to be able to campaign for the presidency. translation, 57-year-old hillary anticipate up to the task. now never mind she was up to the task of flying all over the world as secretary of state. say what you will of how she did her job, i think it was safe to say she was up to the rigors of the job. age wasn't a factor. maybe her decision but not her age. the republicans who tried to make hillary or anyone look old, you're looking mighty pip critical forgetting some of your own party luminaries were older. like your own dad, senator paul. if memory serves me right he was in his late 70s when he was running for president back in
1:59 pm
2012. or ronald reagan himself, who was 69 when he game president in 1981. i am not here to pit old versus young. i am just saying it's gelding old hearing this is just a job for the young. by that measure winston churchill hardly seemed up to the task of leading england through world war ii at the ripe old age of 65 but he was. anymore than barack obama was ready to wow the world at the not so ripe age of 46. even though many might argue he sure wasn't. after all, we are all getting old. let's focus more not on our years, but what we are doing with our years. look, it's okay to be young and restless. but that doesn't mean young and clueless. remember, my friends. it was ronald reagan who famously quipped that he would not exploit his opponent walter mondell's youth and inexperience. so, try not exploiting -- exploding, too, your own.
2:00 pm
very, very dangerous. get the issues, right or left. focus on those. not things like age. god forbid weight. can you imagine people focusing on weight? i'll see you tonight at 8:00 p.m. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." hillary clinton, the woman of the people has been road tripping across america in a scooby van for a couple of days. a lot of pit stops for the former first lady who hasn't driven since the '90s. she didn't take time to say hello or take a picture with any of the people. she grabbed a chai tea and latte at a coffee shop. and her limo finally rolled into iowa and the press is really, really excited.


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