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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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chipotle. go to sean hannity on twitter and let us know what you think. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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tonight from iraq to afghanistan fierce president obama losing control around the world. he thought the iran deal would be crown in achievement but it's causing controversy. isis is on the move and recruiting an alarming number of westerners. the taliban is gaining ground. so can the administration get foreign policy back on track? joining us to discuss our political panel the national review's murdock and the "new york times" patrick healey. let's start with you deroy what is is the administration's biggest foreign policy figure. tough to pick one but try. >> i think it's very hard to pick one. i think it's the oversaul sense of complete chaos. i get up in the morning and turn on my tv something is
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exploding. some area that you thought might be calm is suddenly out of control. look at the middle east obviously is totally in flames. russian reset didn't go anywhere. and even look at the u.s., mexican border. i put border in quotes. now we now have un accompanied minors coming in across the border. not a border a welcome mat. those are probably a few i could keep going 90 minutes. >> colonel north was right there with you saying this was a huge problem that he they are gaining momentum. patrick, how do you see it? >> as a reporter i don't make judgments. it's interesting. i have been out covering the candidates. governor bush, governor walker, hillary clinton. they are all grappling with how to critique president obama's record and what kind of answers they can offer o. governor bush and scott walker are both denouncing president obama as much as possible. but they are also saying they don't necessarily think
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that boots on the ground in syria will help with isis and iraq will help with isis. hillary clinton seems almost has the bigger challenge because she has got four years of a foreign policy record that she has to both defend, critique create some distance on. she wants campaign finance reform. she has to embrace her own record and escape it at the same time? >> how do you do that? >> do that with yoga. >> yoga emails have been deleted somewhere on a server near you. >> this is the key issue for the campaign, the election. and is it going to matter for hillary clinton who is she going up against to have even this debated tore discuss? >> it's so interesting, kimberly, i think that there may be a couple democrats that run against her. they have a hard time beating her. it's interesting, could they bruise her so much in terms of actually bringing up
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issues on her foreign policy record created real folder o'malley talking about benghazi that could trip her up. that's the thing. the democrats don't want to look like stooges. they don't want to look like we are just running to give hillary a little bit of phony comp decision same thing with republicans a lot with scott walker. he is getting tutored. he is coming up to speed on all these things. he gives these answers which he sounds very tough against as he says radical islamic terrorism. it's not quite lehr certainly an area scott walker say we will be more serious about this. we learned more recent weeks documents found in bin laden raid. 10% were translated other
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90% were told not to translate. air sorties against isis. they don't drop bombs. they fly around and look at the desert. only 25% only bombing isis. there is unseriousness about this administration i find truly chilling. >> opportunity for serious debate and discussion with the g.o.p. contenders to say if you are not confident and certain where this is going with respect to the present administration. you might be getting more of the same with hillary here is what we do differently. >> again. it can be very specific things doing to saying we will be more serious about this and not be running around the white house with the selfie stick which do not send any kind of message of graph toss. people see that and they are not taking this seriously at all. >> first of all identifying the threat as being credible and serious and not jv. this is interesting discussion. i'm looking forward to discussing this further so don't move. greta takes to you michigan to meet the marines of the
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marine glald iran. heart broking moment mother first saw her son held
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right now the emotional interview you will only see right here "on the record." greta just went to michigan to talk with the parents of a u.s. marine wrongly jailed in iran. amir hekmati's father is dying from cancer and more than anything he wants to see his son again.
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greta spoke with both of the marine's distraught parents. >> you actually spoke to the judge who sentenced your son? >> yes. they let me to go in judge -- in front of judge. >> this is after the trial though, right? >> yes. after when i knew the sentence was death. i was anxious to see amir. >> did you see him? >> when i was in front of judge and i told him i want to see amir and he just wrote signed the letter that they can take you from here to see amir. and they took me to amir. i waited behind the door for a long time until somebody came and let me in i went to
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different buildings and he was sitting there with with eyes what do you call it? >> blindfold? >> he was sitting feet was close to each other with slipper, you know. and hand was like this very close. he was sitting like this. and he has a beard, pale, when he saw me, he just -- they took the blind off, and he get up and he screamed, you know. he called my name. and he came and hold me and he would cry. he we both cried. the guy with the suit, all of them had had a suit, you know, they call people with suit. you know. but they are working for
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government. and they said okay, that's enough. you know, that's enough. and then he sit there and i sit in front of him and he hold his hand. and then we were talking. and they were cameras everywhere. these two guys sitting with us. and we were talking. it would just really be like 15 minutes he asked dad, family, everything. and that's it. >> sir, was your son a good marine? >> very good marine. >> did he want to be in the marines? >> yes, he did. >> what did you think about that? >> -- knew he wanted to serve his country. go for it. and he did. >> because you know there are an awful lot of marines in this country that are very upset about this. >> thank you both and if
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there is anything we can do to help. i don't know that we can but it's not just the marines who are unhappy about this. you know, i think every american is unhappy about this. >> just in any way if the spreerm leader watch this to know that amir is innocent. i really miss him. we need him, you know. his father is sick. he needs to come help his father. i need him. i really ask to show his love and his peace. show to the world that he is a spaceful man and let amir go. he knows he is innocent. he knows that they set him up. they lied to him. you know they tortured him. and he always -- h he is against all those things. he doesn't want anybody tortured. he doesn't want anybody to sit in a prison for a long time.
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then what happened? why are you you believe innocent young man sitting in prison? where is he? why he doesn't help me. >> bowe bergdahl came home. family is pulling together calling for his release. he also spoke with the marine's sister and brother-in-law. >> start at the beginning. why did your brother go to iran and when? >> so on august 14th 2011. amir flew into iran. it was his first trip there. he had never gone iran before. and we were all born and raised here in the u.s. he had a good relationship with my grandmother who had come to the u.s. twice. >> and this was after he had served in the u.s. military? >> he actually didn't go for years fearing that he would have some treatment mistreatment for going. but having gone, did he all -- checked all his bases and he told mom i have
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nothing to hide. i want to see my family. i want to see my grandmother. >> he was mostly in contact with my mom and then from august 14th to august 2th he would check in and just give my mom updates on how his trip was? >> skype or phone? >> phone. and then on august 29th it actually happened to be a holiday there. and he was really excited. he called home and told my mom that is he going to a big party. is he going to meet with relatives there meet family he had never met. our relatives were in a panic because he never showed up to the party. they went back to the apartment of the cousin that he was staying at and found that the door had been broken open. and it was obvious that there was a scuffle, that items of his had been removed. his american and iranian passport, his computer, his phone and his camera were taken. and for four months our family frantically went and called the authorities. we called the iranian
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intrasection here and nobody knew his whereabouts or what the reason behind his disappearance was. >> how awful was it if they had no idea whether he was dead or alive or in prison. >> we felt helpless. we knew to some degree he was taken likely in prison. >> it's heart wrenching that our brother is under their ca and they wanted to show him a good time and all of a sudden what's a family vacation becomes a kidnapping and is he gone and how do you even tell us that? and so they my grandmother even she was so devastated she said, you know i came to the u.s. a couple times to see amir and if it wasn't for me living in iran and him coming to see me, this wouldn't have happened. she even offered herself to the officials like, look it's because of me that he is here i'm old, just take me. he has his young like and
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really we feel that they have taken three and a half years of his life. >> when did you first hear from amir and on the phone or your mother or your father? >> for the first time sadly we heard his voice was when they broadcast his imprisonment on the news. and, unfortunately, pretty much every aspect of his case we have been blind sided by in the media just like in the general population. we have never given a heads up about anything. >> what do you mean they put it on the news? >> so, when the iranian authorities that had captured him decided that they wanted to broadcast that they had captured an american spy, which is what they were referring him as at the time they broadcast his footage of him. he was very pale and gaunt. he had been in solitary for the entire time that we had no contact and no knowledge of his whereabouts. >> what was he saying? >> it's a video release that america caught a spy. down add drone. it seemed to add on to that
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story. amir, who now has through some grace of government there, he has the ability to tell us what happened. he told us that for that week. he was given this instruction to do a video just to confess, that you are a spy. he was given a lot of threats that if he did not comply you that harm may come to him or his family. and the biggest thing was he didn't want harm to come to his family. >> when is the last time amir called home or able to talk to his family? >> he has actually been able to call for a few minutes each day. >> each day you now talk to him? how does his voice sound now? >> he is getting frustrated. is he getting drained. he wants -- it's painful for him to call and for us to not have an answer. >> he he told me on the phone he said look the hardest thing for me i'm used to this. don't hurt yourselfselves. don't let anybody hurt themselves to get me out. don't overstretch your boundaries he is like i want to be home. i miss my family. that's the hardest thing. they have taken everything from me. at one point on his low days. low moment i died a thousand
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times in this prison. he died a thousand times. he said years ago his tears dried up. but he is still here and is he like i want to go home. i want to see my family. you can't replace family. the trouble the reason he is in the trouble he is in is for family. and the very reason he wants to come home is to see his family. and, of course, his father, your father is very sick so we are really running up against the clock. >> we absolutely are. we have raised that to every official that will hear us we have raised it to the iranian authorities. they are fully aware of my father's condition. >> what do they say to you? >> that this is a political case and that it's going to take time and that they are working on it. >> pretty cruel, isn't it? >> we have heard worse. in the courts, when his mother went, he is -- reminds you this is not representative of all of iran. we respect iran as a country and respect the people. especially the people. but in the courts, the very judge that sentenced him to death met amir's mother and when asked about his father
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his father is sick he said everybody's father is sick. they have heard every story. so that was very cruel. >> and tomorrow, "on the record" takes you inside the dangerous iranian prison where the marine is being held. you will hear about the brutal condition hekmati is living under. that's tomorrow night right here "on the record." and straight ahead the irs never really held accountable for targeting conservatives until now. house republicans are taking action. just in time for tax day. representative peter rothman is here
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most dreaded deadline in america is approaching clock is ticking into your friends at the irs take your hard-earned money. eve of 2015 tax day. is in check. excessive spending targeting and poor service. you name it and the irs has
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named it peter rothman congressman, what is your plan to reign in the irs? >> there are seven bills that are actually going to be considered by the house of representatives tomorrow that are focused at doing exactly that reigning in the irs first is going to be a taxpayer bill of rights. taxpayers have have an expectation that they are going to be treated fairly and so forth. there is enumerated bill of rights that are placed at the responsibility of the commissioner of the irs there is another piece of legislation that emails are only used on official basis and we don't have any of this nonsense that we have seen like with other government agencies that are using confidential information and getting it outside of this purview or how about this? the irs has reached out to some taxpayers and they have sent them threatening letters. this is an example of one of those letters comes not irs after made a gift. we think that might be a
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taxable event. it's ridiculous. it's not a taxable event. we are trying to make sure that those types of donations are treated as contributions without any tax going to the government a number of those sorts of things are important to piewsh back with impunity. >> stopping the irs abuse of taxpayer privacy protection. tell me about that. >> yeah. that's it exactly. this whole idea that the irs sort of can be cavalier about this information and then hide behind the very protections that are supposed to protect taxpayers that get twisted and distorted and protect the irs officials who have abused this information. so there is any number of these things that have moved forward and they came out of the ways and means committee on a bipartisan basis which is a pretty interesting thing. so, on a bipartisan basis now, folks are saying this is too much irs you have too
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much power and the american people are going to push back against. >> you as a former prosecutor, i want to know about prosecutor r. prosecuting the people and firing employees that have abused american taxpayers. how about that? >> right. it's unbelievable. congressman from ohio has introduced legislation that we hope to pass tomorrow that says it is a firing offense for people to target based on political beliefs. and you would think that this would be intuitive. you would think that this is already the state of the law so it's not and congressman has advanced this legislation and i'm confident it's going to move out of the house of representatives, all seven of these bills in all likelihood and end up over in the united states senate where i hope they will be seriously considered. >> all right representative, good luck to you, thank you. >> thanks very much. >> and straight ahead newly announced presidential candidate hillary clinton crosses the nation in the school scooby van, can she convince america she is [ male announcer ] meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor.
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right now, candidate hillary clinton crossing the country in the scooby van trying to convince every day americans that she is just like them. so, will the folksy approach work? our political panel is back. we have been talking about it right now so let's get to it national review deroy murdock and the "new york times" patrick neeley. we will begin with you, patrick. you kind of did this whole thing? >> right. she is taking the road trip to relatability, she is one of us. she wants to stop in at chipotle and do you get the burrito bowl or get the burrito that's the high carbs? choices. she is out there trustworthiness and secretiveness come up especially after the email server issue. this idea seems to be get out there and let people look me in the eye. >> she has got on the darth
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vader glasses. i don't understand that hard to imagine if you could go into a chipotle outside of toledo and no one knows it's you. are you really hillary clinton? it's strange. >> it's kind of strange because it will be hey here i am. hillary clinton unveiled. you think this folksy approach works deroy? is that a winning strategy for her versus the sort of statesman like approach of jeb bush and marco rubio? >> i refer to her as the duchess of chappaqua, she has this it monarchic kind of demeanor. two weeks ago charging $300,000 per speech if you had her talk to your university including public universities had you to bring her in on a gulf stream jet sand put her up in specifically the presidential suite and specific lists of kinds of pillows and chairs on stage that she required for her appearances. so this is quite a jarring contrast from that to this over just a couple of weeks.
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>> the problem with that though is she could have joined a lot of corporate boards and gotten bigger perks and take aways. >> the biggest perk and take away is the white house and flying on the jet and the secret service. she can have like a hundred scooby vans if she wants. >> it's not just the money. it has to be a gulf stream jet. she t. can't be a nice suite in the hotel it has to be presidential suite. >> what kind of pillows the secret service. >> maybe this is me becoming president so wherever i go i have got to be in the presidential suite. >> i think the big question is over the next 15, you know, 16 months how is she going to be going out there. and the idea is that if she did big rallies right away, it would say coronation. if she it bill clinton introducing her, just be like, you know, this is the idea. you are going to go to iowa so how are you going to do it? i think this is interesting it's a candidate who in the past has been so traditional
11:54 pm
buttoned up and sort of predictable. i'm curious how she is doing in her comfort zone because she is pretty far outside of her comfort zone driving around in a van a van by the river. >> the van by the river. what she ought to do was be ask questions about where is the server? is it still there? >> scooby van? >> maybe they have broken up the little bits of pieces. who knows what? it would be good if sat down questions. >> you guys are great. thanks patrick deroy. coming up, you can't look away from this one. an out-of-control race car heading straight for the pit crew. test test. test test.
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get ready to speed read the news. a war of words israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu call russian president vladimir putin to tell him exactly what he thinks of russia lifting a ban on
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missile sales to iran. the israeli prime minister warning the sale would increase iran's aggression in the region and undermine security in the middle east. putin responding saying the missiles are purely defensive. and the white house announcing president obama will remove cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the announcement comes just days after president obama and cuban president raoul castro met face to face in panama. and murder suspect robert durst back in court in louisiana. durst pleading not guilty to federal weapons charges stemming from his arrest in new orleans last month. durst is also charged with murder in california but he will likely stay in louisiana for now. a trial is scheduled to to begin june 22nd. amazing video from a louisiana racetrack a pit crew member struck by an out-of-control car at an indycar race. it looks terrifying. but the crew member walked away with only minor injuries. he only needed six stitches in his leg. i want to thank you for being with us and please be sure to tune in again
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tomorrow night at 7:00 for "on the record." plus part 2 of greta's interview with family of marine jailed in iran. i will see you on previously on "red eye." >> hello, everyone. i am sam morrell. >> yes, he does have a shot at the nomination. >> who else will he say sph. >> i think this guy is so young -- >> he is acting like a youth. >> he needs to be tamed. >> absolutely no way it does president come across as patronizing and condescending. >> i am better than that. i don't want to be associated with these people. >> and now the thrilling conclusion. >> sam does thought have a tv face. back by popular demand i am sherrod small and let's welcome our guests. you know her you love her. she is an author and an -- a member who won't have me back at noon. give it up for


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