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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 15, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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une in again tomorrow night at 7:00 for "on the record." plus part 2 of greta's interview with family of marine jailed in iran. i will see you on previously on "red eye." >> hello, everyone. i am sam morrell. >> yes, he does have a shot at the nomination. >> who else will he say sph. >> i think this guy is so young -- >> he is acting like a youth. >> he needs to be tamed. >> absolutely no way it does president come across as patronizing and condescending. >> i am better than that. i don't want to be associated with these people. >> and now the thrilling conclusion. >> sam does thought have a tv face. back by popular demand i am sherrod small and let's welcome our guests. you know her you love her. she is an author and an -- a member who won't have me back at noon. give it up for j de i.
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it is jedediah bila. and she is so pretty. it is joanne nosuchunsky. and tv's andy levey. he is a white treat. and macky of the mac joe mackey. jay a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> it takes a village of wealthy donors. the new york times reports hillary clinton is expected to spend $2.5 billion to be president. to put that in perspective that's double on what i spend on weed in a year. thank you. that's also $40 for every vote based on the number of votes it took for obama to win re-election. meanwhile clinton is drawing huge crowds of reporters. here is the media chasing the scooby van. >> they are going to the back. we are not -- you can see the media running behind me here to chase the scooby van.
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and she is going around to the back. >> wow. >> we will see her soon. >> guy in the orange pants is pretty quick. alex, i'm looking at these people -- wow! orange pants is really outnumbered now. >> it is like "world war z." who is in the van with her? one direction? >> they are awaiting her arrival at the mall. they can't vote. they can't even read. she will spend $2.5 billion. 1* that enough? >> she needs to win. she already lost once, so how humiliating if she didn't win. >> she was married to bill so she is used to humiliation. >> that's true. she wants to win. obama spent $1 pone 1 billion. the way she sees it is i will top him and come out. i think it will be humiliating if she didn't win.
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she lost to a new comer last time. >> a black new comer. not just a new comer, but a black one. >> with that being said she is a horrible candidate. she needs to spend the money. every time she opens her mouth people are bored. if to the for the money they won't vote for her. >> she makes you uncomfortable. she is like the lady you know her husband cheated on her and now you have to have a conversation and not bring it up. >> i want to bring that up.p. joe what do you say? does she have enough? she is giving $40 per person. that's more than we make in the city. >> i would take the $40. i tell you what. for $2.5 billion why is she riding in a van? >> what do you think, joe? what do you think of the hillary situation? you will vote for her. i know it. >> i never understood how the money in politics works. at face value it is a scam
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right? i mean presidential hopefuls are literally buying their way into the white house. at face value that is what it looks like. and it would cost more than $40 for me to vote for her personally. but you know what, i appreciate the fact that she is taking a van. the last time she was in iowa in 2008 she got some slack for taking a tour in a helicopter. >> so she is like let me do the opposite end of the spectrum and go to chipotle. >> why not take a helicopter? she is running for office. magnum pi took a helicopter. she can't take one? >> i am a big fan of hillary. she is now getting crap because she is spending $2.5 billion. but she said the campaign finance reform is one of her key things. i actually -- this is one of the things i won't give her crap on, she is playing by the rules they exist now. she shouldn't be dinged over that.
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ed it cruz bought obamacare and there were people on the left calling him a hipocrite because he wants to repeal owe bough ma you care. he was following the law and i think she is doing the same thing. if people are dumb enough to give her $2.5 billion that's on them and not her. >> money and politics how do you get it out? you can't even be an average dude. you have to have the best ideas ever. it don't matter unless you have money. >> everyone would have to stop spending money. if she said i will to the spend money. let's say she said instead of putting this money in my m cay pain i will donate this money to the homeless. that would be great but she would lose the election. >> the homeless don't vote. >> all of these other poll tegses would spend their money. you would have to have everyone on board and they will never do that. >> what about obama's suggestion to make voting mandatory? >> hell no. >> that's the way you can get money out of politics. >> you can't force people to
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vote. >> yes you can. >> try it. see what happens. that's all i'm saying see what happens. >> you want to vote? >> see what happens. >> that's what happens on "american idol." >> i want to see this go down. make him vote. >> i will can sell out andy's vote. who ever he votes for i will vote for the opposite person. in ohio clinton walked into a chipotle and ordered a chicken burrito bowl. you can see her. nobody noticed her, and then later that day she went to a mcdonald's drive-thru in ohio and there is video, of course, and you can see her driving up to the wean dough and she is placing her order. she wants breakfast and she don't serve it. she got angry and then minutes later see what clinton does. she pops the door open. okay okay. oh! you can't do that. over a breakfast burrito? you can't do that over a breakfast -- wow.
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and then she drove off. >> i may vote for her now. >> would you recognize hillary clinton if she walked into a chi potle? the employees are rude as hell. you have other things to pay attention to. >> i would recognize her because i work in this dumb business where we have to talk about her every day. of course i will recognize her. it doesn't spry me -- surprise me that people don't recognize her. >> celebrities love her. >> usually the sun glas -- sunglasses away. >> the darth vader? >> i would wear sunglasses in a chipotle because the amount of sour cream i ask for is shameful. >> she was wearing the old people sunglasses from barbados that come with a walking stick and get off my lawn. andy celebrities are tweeting their support.
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"magic" johnson wrote "i feel hillary clinton will be a great president for american people. and she will make sure everyone has a voice." >> that sounded nothing like him. >> anyhoo, ariana grande says yes, hillary clinton. and she is 13 so she knows who is right for president. should jeb bush be quoting some of these people like cody simpson? >> marco rubio is friends with pittbull. >> i am saying something to help him. >> i don't think there is an american between both of them. >> he is mr. worldwide so maybe. >> he also says he is a huge nicky nick -- niki minaj fan. >> is he? >> i don't know why anybody pays attention to it. who care what's celebrities think? what does richard dean
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anderson think or carly simon? i don't know why we are uh pensioning to any of it. >> is it 1974? >> mcgiver was on through the 90s, so look at your facts. >> fair enough. >> holy cow. let a move on. two tsa agents at the denver airport have been fired arranging for one of them to grope attractive male passengers. that happened to me a couple times but i don't speak about it. they had a male screener who would alert a female uh come pli when he saw a guy he thought was hot. when the guy was getting scanned the woman would change the machine setting to female so that it would show an anomaly in this crotch. people say that to me. you have an anomaly in your crotch. this would trigger a pat down allowing the male agent to get his jollies. what? the denver station kcnc obtained the report showing this happened a dozen times
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and a tsa agent called it egregious and intolerable. jedi -- >> how sad is your life if you have to do this? if you have to work the system to cop a feel? >> him in the red hat! him in the red hat! >> with that being said i get groped all time on the tsa line. it never fails. >> i am not against that. >> no matter what. i always think there is trickery and now i have the proof, i guarantee it. >> there is not even a humble brag. that is just a brag. >> i do, i get groped all the time. what is up with that? >> i don't get groped, but they do feel my head. i sometimes wear some additional hair. >> they give you the weave pat? >> i love it! >> they are like we just have to touch your head and i'm like i know. >> if i work for the tsa i would definitely -- i would be critical on the women coming through, definitely if they sexy.
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>> really though, would you want to be like messing with that? this is some risky stuff. you can get sued. >> and plus you can get distracted. this is why i wouldn't do it. you could get distracted from the real terrorist. he ain't cute so you don't check him? >> you have three guys with bombs walking by while you are groping some girl. that's not good for us. >> does it make you more afraid to fly? >> it sure does. it hit close to home being the sexy stud i am. it is to the fair people like brad pitt and tom cruise and slaw rod and myself are -- and sherrod and myself are always getting singled out. it is not fair to be this hot because we get in the disco tech. i tell you what, it is not fair that mediocre comedians like sam morrell can just skate by security when i have to miss my flight. >> he is getting it back from last night. >> that was beautiful. that was just beautiful. andy, what do you think? >> i am trying to figure out if they are showing mcgiver at the disco tech.
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>> disco tech? >> yeah, the guy got you are food, but this is a crime. this is sexual assault. neither are being charged with a cream because the victims were not identified because they went on to their planes. the d.a. says there is little likelihood of a conviction. this is just another thing -- this is the government getting away -- a private citizen would go to jail if they did this. >> sherrod would go to jail. >> yeah they are losing their job, but that's it. there has to be more than that. >> they should get arrested. you can't say somebody at mcdonald's raped me. oh don't worry. ronald mcdonald fired him. >> you have to go to jail. >> is it fair for those who didn't get rubbed down by a >> i say to the rejects, sam morrell, don't get down. you are still hot. it is about types. maybe are you not this guy's type. if you go to another airport
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maybe. really, we shouldn't joke about this. this is awful. also because the supervisor was in on it. who can you trust in the world if you can't trust the supervisor? >> the supervisor was down with it? >> there were a few people in on this operation. >> that's why you have a cousin who is a supervisor. >> he had to tell somebody else to do it so it was a group effort. he had to tell somebody else to flip a switch with a key. >> i didn't know they had switches for pen -- for men and women. >> which is not right. >> what if you are midoperation? >> absolutely, it is -- yeah it is not fair to trans people and i would like to see a lawsuit. >> what are you doing with this penis? you didn't have a penis on the way to hawaii? what are you doing coming back with a penis. >> who did that? >> they got fired, andy? everybody should have got fired. >> but they should have gotten more than fired. they should go to jail. >> for how long? >> 50 to 60 years.
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>> that's a good time. >> i vote 75. this is obama's fault. >> this would they ever happen with a different president. >> let's go to another story. i don't like this obama bashing. is dennis quaid the new randy quaid? that always tickles me. old white man flipped out on the movie set "truth" and for black people" truf." >> what the [bleep] is he going. this dad wanders on to my set. i can't get a line out until dopey the [bleep] starts whispering in your ear and you are not watching anymore. >> dennis. >> don't [bleep] dennis me. i am a pro. this is the post unprofessional set i have ever been on. this is horse [bleep]. >> he was a mad man and he was not done and we have different
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camera angles. >> i have dopey over here have i to look at and a bunch of [bleep] staring at me. this is garbage. >> cat, stand up for yourself. don't be a pussy. >> many believed it was a host from "jimmy kimmel live." andy, is it real? >> i am 100% sure it is not real, but i hope i am wrong. i think it is fantastic. >> it is so great. >> this is the problem with pranks. everyone assumes that everything is fake or at least we have to sit here and go it might be fake. kimmel has ruined that. the video comes out and then even if it is not a kimmel thing sony has the crackle, like the streaming video service you can watch movies and they just i think today just announced their first original drama staring dennis
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quaid. >> so it is a promotion? >> nice publicity. could be coincidence, but when was the last time you talked about dennis quaid and now two things in one day? >> when he was on ellen. >> right. >> joanne, how do you act off camera? >> i yell and cuss but i smile at the camera when i am doing so. it softens the blow. i don't know this is real just because -- can i say this on camera? >> yes. i will assume yes. >> at the end he goes [bleep]. >> you can't say that. what is wrong with you? >> who says that anymore though? watch the video at home so you know what i'm talking about of the that verbage. >> that did take you back. >> you took it there so that's not real. >> i thought he was saying everyone there was below him.
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>> oh below, okay. joe, my question is why did you walk on his set? >> i wanted to get his autograph. i was one of the five people that saw "the alamo." but i tell you what if it is real it is to the fair to judge someone off a 43-second clip of them getting angry at work. if you followed me all the time there could be unpleasant moments. >> violent times? who did you get angry with? >> hecklers. i do not care for their antics. gee you won't put up with their bafoonry. >> i am just there to tell my jokes and you drink your delicious dabbing re. --. >> does it make you love him more or less. >> way more? this is how my family talks at home. if you are not cursing you are not in love with your italian. i love natural, animalistic rage. i would have been cracking up. now i want to see all of his
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stuff. >> all of his movies? >> as someone on the set how do you not start laughing? when i get uncomfortable i laugh and there was no giggling. >> they are scared of him. she a big time star. >> i don't get people who don't curse and don't love this natural reaction to stuff. you know what i'm saying? is that crazy? >> you like when people get pranked and then react badly. >> or when people stumble and fall and you catch that. basically i am a terrible person. >> i love people falling so much sometimes i push them. >> i know. i have been pushed. >> more show coming up. how many women do you see when you google ceo? we will tell you because you are too lazy to do it. stick around for pour "red -- for more" red eye" after the break.
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is google search sexist? when you do an image search for a ceo you get a lot of ce-bros. it is rows and rows of dudes. some are stock images and some are real like steve jobs or mark zuckerburg or whitey mcwhiteness. after scrolling 12 rolls you will get the first female ceo and this is the image. good to see her doing well for herself. it is a 10-year-old pic that went along with an onion article about women in positions of power. the ceopic is so far down it is below a black ceo. i mean, women are doing worse than blacks? i pray for y'all. let's look what happens when you google women ceo. it says do you mean woman housewives? what about female "red eye"
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hosts. >> that is amazing. >> why is andy at the top of that? >> oh my gosh. >> is that for real? >> he never looked more beautiful. >> come on he is very pretty. >> he is really broken up about it. >> he is so pretty. >> he is a handsome man and a handsome woman. google search sexist? >> yes. not only is it a barbie but a barbie that looks like she is from 1970. >> that was not 10 years ago. >> she was doing well for herself. >> come on. how about you find a real female ceo. >> because there are none. >> there should be more, i agree. there should be more in a market. what year pr we living in here? >> so it should be more -- >> name a couple for me. give me the female ceo's. >> we could have had carly fee
12:24 am
rena. >> jenna jamison? she is a ceo. >> she owns something. >> i it is usually a vaw -- vanerial disease. i can say. it allegedly. >> you can't make a scientific judgment off google image search. >> you sound just like a man. >> i have a deep voice. a lot of people think i sound very tough. and no one ever says i sound like a woman or in anyway look feminine. >> never bring that up? >> never happened. >> google search, i mean -- first of all who put that up on google search? who puts up the pictures and what you have access to the ceo's? >> i don't know. >> it is an algorithm. >> so it is an algorithm. >> you have three choices. it is with google's algorithm
12:25 am
or our society or with women. i am leaning toward thinking the problem is with women. >> i don't think it is google's fault for reflecting the reality. why are we con constantly saying the world needs more women ceo's? no one says we need more male nurses. >> because that's hilarious. that's a woman's job. >> why is it that job? it is nice for young girls -- >> the mill 11 y'alls say they don't want to be ceo's. >> it is nice for girls to see the image, but it is okay if they don't want to. we need to end is that message. you don't have to have the leadership role. >> but google images search algorithm is terrible. the number of times i have seen the wrong porn star -- i lost track. it does president do a good job. >> so you search for one thing and another thing -- >> that's true. when i search for naked four i get pictures of andy. >> you still work with it, though right? >> he is so pretty.
12:26 am
>> he is definitely a [bleep]. >> i don't think you can say that. >> i can prove it. >> did i say something wrong? >> you never. >> i never what? >> i have a problem with this. >> i don't. >> i did my research and 11% were women and 27% of the ceo's are women. >> maybe some don't get their photos taken. >> they are not always the most picturesque. >> i argue that a lot of women would love to be ceo's and they don't have the opportunity. >> i wouldn't want to be a ceo. i wouldn't have anytime with my family. i like traditional fall -- family values. is that awful? >> you don't want to pay for a vacation. >> i will move in with joanne and bring home the bacon. >> i love bacon.
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>> all right, coming up porn is leading to exorcism. what? i thought it was leading to blindness. first a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is security. last night an intern hijacked our sponsor, but we are happy to inform you that it will never happen again because we forcibly removed him from the building.
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demonic possession is on the rise in england. it is the subject of tonight's -- what is he doing over there? the times of london reported the number of exorcisms in the uk is going up. i suspect porn and drugs are to blame and obama. said one priest they are addictions that can allow an evil spirit to enter, but there is a growth in awareness within the church of the devil. yeah, the devil is everywhere. my grandma ma taught me that. it includes obsessive behaviors, speaking in tongues, supernatural strength and levitation.
12:32 am
here is a porn addict who was possessed. >> that's evil. andy, doesn't the possession sound awesome? >> super strength sounds cool, levitation. what it sounds like is the number of excuses being made for watching porn and doing drugs is on the rise. the devil made me do it. it is like fake claims of racism and sexism that excuses -- >> the devil. >> well that it diminishes the real cases. this does a disservice to the people who really are possessed by the demon and need the church sanctioned ep h of a priest who needs an exorcism that is prescribed in the ritual.
12:33 am
now you have all of these other people and they are taking the priests away from the cases where they are needed. my fear is it will let loose a very, very powerful evil. >> are you talking hillary? >> i might be. the signs are there. >> more priests are being trained to be exorcists. >> they are rookies gee then they could be trained to be actors. and then we could have more films about exorcism. and we can have all of the scenes look more real. i am all for that. while i are never seen a demonic possession in real life the movies is what i've got. >> do you have addictions and can i exploit them? >> super heros. last i they checked you were not one. >> so you are uh detected to super heros sph. >> and chocolate. if you can combine those things. >> i think i can. i am the dark night chocolate bar. >> i just stopped myself from
12:34 am
naming so many super hero. >> oh yeah that's true. >> joe, which are you more afraid of? super heros or the devil? >> i am more afraid of the devil, but i am more afraid of making eye contact with porn stars. they have intercourse for money on camera. that is going to be awkward. >> i mean they do that for money and we are going to have to have a conversation. what are we talking about? i don't know much about smut. what is happening right now is like if i were talking to a porn star. >> yes you are stuttering and i have a half chub. are they just faking, joe? >> i think so. you know what, a lot of people want to think they are possessed. i think there are cases of mental illness.
12:35 am
people have addictions or obsessive compulsive disorders. it would be easier to feel justified in your actions if the devil is making you do it. i don't think it is that often. >> where is the proof case? do they say the devil actually -- >> it is based on a real case. >> so you -- >> have you seen the conjuring? it is also based on a real case. >> i want to walk that a room and you and i go in and we can see someone eleven -- levitating and then we talk. >> some of these cases have to be real. >> am nittyville. you have cops shooting. you have one ghost, one film. stop. it. >> what are you going to go into an exorcism and the priest is taping it? is that weird? >> no that would dope.
12:36 am
>> i would be watching it. >> there is interference so you can't document it. >> >> that is horse nonsense. next topic. at coach chel law a white teen in the audience was caught by the live stream camera singing along with drake's song. the lyrics contain the n-word. it said -- i can say it. let's watch. ♪ >> they just told me i can't say it but i can dance to it. >> based on that video i i would have liked to have seen drake singing. i drop the n-word if i am
12:37 am
rapping along. but nobody at all cared this kid was doing this except a d-bag at gawker who decided to post the video. are we supposed to think he is racist? all it is he had [bleep] in music. >> hey, it is a great album. >> it is okay. everybody is singing with it -- everybody sung along with every n-word in every song. i would think you are racist if you don't sing. if i see you stop and then continue he is hiding something. >> this could be the perfect argument why that word should not be used in music because it desensitizes people to the seriousness of it. >> it is only veer yous when it is in a serious way. >> it is perfect to use it in music because if everyone is singing it the races join together and release the hate behind it. >> ♪ we are the world ♪ ♪ n's across america ♪ >> i said n's.
12:38 am
everybody is nervous. what do you think? >> i used to get out rained about this stuff and then my black friends would tell me you are being an idiot. this is a song lyric. they echoed what you said. if you mean it in a hateful way it is one thing. if you are joking around with your buddies, they don't have a problem with that word being used. i wonder if that is something i have put on myself or other white people have put on themselves bay us they feel bad about it or weird but my black friends don't feel that way. >> joe you use it all the time, but you make it sound hilarious. >> i have my finger on the pulse of black america. they say it is okay when i say it because it is good natured. >> it comes from a great place. it is like a negro spiritual. >> it is the ga. >> and the er? >> that's what i am told though. it comes down to spelling and it comes down to tone. >> and generation. >> it makes me uncomfortable. even if it was in a song
12:39 am
lyric. >> how about in the throws of passion? >> that's different. >> it is different. your conversation between the ceiling is nobody's business. pause for a second. >> andy, what do you think? >> i think i don't know what is going on anymore. >> see it makes everyone weird, right? except for you. >> i am reveling in it. i want to drag in lou daabs. >> you are watching her from the ceiling. >> joe, you got to concerts? you are singing along? >> when i say broadway musicals i harmonize in my seat to all of the songs. i totally get it and i know i am not the broadway star but i feel like one when i am watching it. >> ♪ i really need this job ♪ ♪ who am i anyway?
12:40 am
>> hopefully we don't have to get the rights for that. >> nobody is watching this late at night. >> we have no idea what you are saying. >> oh good. that's me protecting my intellectual property. >> it is time for a break. when we come back, ceo pay cuts. first here is what is coming up on tomorrow's "kennedy." >> on the next "kennedy" actress mariel hemming way and she will talk about woody allen and what it was like growing up with him. fox business network.
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joseph you have an n-word joke you want to get to. >> i hate racism and i would never say the n of-word and that's why i use it as my bank pass word. i would never blurt that out to anyone, even if i were being robbed. if you said give me your pass word or i will shoot. no, i can't. even when i write it as my pass word it is a pro fan for
12:45 am
cool -- pronoun for cool guy. >> that was great. >> the seattle-based ceo announced the minimum salary will be raised to $70,000. that's right. my new boss, the founder of gravity payments lowered his paycheck from $1 million to $70,000 to make the increases possible. wow. he made the announcement to his employees on monday. 70 people will see their paychecks increase and 30 will see it double. it will double. he is a good boss. >> it is amazing. look, that's how you incenti vies people. no one will want to leave this job now. this is a baseline salary for like your basic -- this is not even someone who has claimed the ladder. >> take notes. >> imagine if you work hard -- i am ready to sign up and work
12:46 am
for him. the boss here. >> take notes. >> i like how y'all got behind me. >> you laughed at me. >> no one know what's he is talking about, right? >> the guy who can erase all of the salaries, i didn't have a message. >> who is he the guy in charge? >> all right now joe -- joe, what do you think about all of this? are you applying for a job at this company? >> no, i don't want a real job again. you have to wake up on time. there is not a lot of difference between making $70,000 and $45,000 like a lot of the employees. your taxes go up and you don't get anything for free anymore. when i go to the ymca you can pay zero dollars if you don't make enough or you can pay $300 a year if you make too much. i would rather pay the zero and sleep in.
12:47 am
>> so at the ymca you don't have to pay anything if you don't make money. so are you bringing in the w2's? >> i don't know. i am a very very successful comedian so i am of course above the threshold. >> is this how the ceo's will treat everyone? >> i agree with jedediah. i love this guy and love what he is doing. i think ultimately the market will decide whether or not this works. if the employees stay it could be other companies take note. if they go bankrupt -- >> the employees will stay. >> i made a million in my company. i will give it back to the employees. >> i like he is doing it.
12:48 am
the ceo's make way too much money compared to the people working for them. >> talking about obama talking points. spiting them out left and right. >> did he make it sound as cool as i did. >> sign up for the hillary campaign. i would rather vote for ex-girlfriend than hillary. i have been through too much with her. i am done. who do i like? >> christie? >> yes. i want chris christie. he will be too busy eating than messing with black people. we will close things out with the sword fighting robots. and to see a clip from the recent shows go to fox eye. it is all there.
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joanne and andy will be on lou daabs on wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and fox business network, one dial over on most cables. my new show "lie detectors" premieres on monday 4/20 on the game show network. 4/20 not by coincidence.
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check it out. a new "red eye" returns tomorrow . >> e block. last story. that's the last story. games over. a mad scientist uses a high speed stair yore vision qement qement -- stereo vision equipment. take a look. >> we are all dead. andy, is there any hope for humanity? >> no they should be charged with crimes against humanity. >> why would you decide to do something that fights us? >> jenni, do you hate this sph. >> i have been warning about the terminator for a longtime. but i want one.
12:54 am
i need a robot. >> bring it. i will make relations with him. >> that would be a beautiful time. >> jojo, would you take a robot around the house. >> i am not impressed. unless the robot can do rock, paper, scissors. the sword fight is obviously going to win. it can't bleed. >> how do you know it can't bleed. maybe it has feelings. >> johnny 5. johnny 5 has feelings. >> joe, are you afraid of the robot? tell the truth. >> i am not afraid of the robot. i am a battle star galactica fan on this panel. it bothers me that robots can drive pretty soon. once robots can drive what are we going to do? >> don't they have the robots that are driving. >> yes, robot cars of rebought
12:55 am
cars and financial advisors. >> he is right if cars are driving themselves what is andy freeman doing? >> there is a good chance that joe thinks he is the ranking battle star galactica fan on this. >> trivia. >> serious stuff. >> you both love the battle star? >> i like them all. sift 8 80 and the 2003 reboot. >> i have a question. what was the sleeping about? they can go to sleep right away? you know what i'm talking about? everybody is looking at me like they have no idea what i am talking about. i need more black people on this panel. i want to go mmhmm and somebody to go yahmm. we should have swort fighting robots. maybe to protect people. how about that? >> no. >> and they can bleed.
12:56 am
they bleed motor oil. >> the good thing is if you are losing you just wrang the plug out. >> there aren't plugs. even i know that. >> you are laughing about this? you will be crying when we have a real life robot. doesn't anybody watch movies? joe where are you performing? >> at mojo's. >> nice. taking over the heartland. do they love you? >> they love them some joe mackey. >> special thanks to jenni and tv's andy lev-le have and joe mackey. i'm sherrod small and i'll see you next time. wasn't so hard. lie detectors 4:20. watch it. game show network. making money.
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the five tomorrow. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> if congress kills this deal, then it's the united states that will be blamed for the failure of diplomacy. >> will congress revolt against president obama's iran nuke negotiations? tonight, we will hear from the senator leading the charge. >> i think that anyone who is thinking about maybe being an atheist, if you read the bible, i believe you will emerge from that as an atheist. >> the insults on religion continue unchecked in america. but john stossel says that's not a problem. he will be here to explain. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. >> uh-oh. all men are created equal? the federal government saying that part of


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