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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 15, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> and he is fun to hang out with. >> and not in the women's locker room. >> and staying right here for outnumbered overtime. and click the ot tab and we are back on tv tomorrow. "happening now" starts now. >> and start off with a fox news alert. aaron hernandez, who once had a 40 million contractor and now heading to prison for the rest of his life. >> the former patriot star found guilty in the shooting death of odom lloyd. >> congress might get to renew the deal with iran. the administration backed down and saying that president obama will sign a compromise measure. >> we'll be particularly thrilled about the legislation that emerges. who wins the battle? >> and convicted and set free
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twice and now on trial again for the murder of his wife. could a co decision by the judge swing the verdict in calharris' favor? >> and a hero averts disaster and a wrong way driver wreaks ha voc on a highway. it is all "happening now". and we begin with 2016 and day two of hillary clinton's swing through iowa controversy over the private e-mail account happens. i am jenna lee. >> just a drive in the country for the presidential want to be. mrs. clinton is trying to keep it simple and reaching out to maul business worker are and owners.
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and in another early voting state. new hampshire, new jersey governor chris christie is speaking about entitlement reform and a potential i cup for mrs. clinton's efforts and the e-mail practice. darral issan asking hillary clinton if sheoused a personal e-mail for permanent or business? she never responded. and bob is editor and chief of the hill. clearly the clinton campaign would like to so the e-mail controversy and others go away. but the new york times are keeping it churning? >> it is hanging over her launch. she finished third in iowa wain
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2008. it is interesting. and they dodged the question. and the process and rules. and that is wait a minute. are we doing it the right way? there are going to be questions about this. the question is jon, whether the democrat challenger to hillary clinton will mention this in the debate. they will be challenger but will theyous the controversy against her. >> read a couple of questions she was asked while sitting as secretary of state. cram cross examine iowa ssan -- congressman issan asked her if she used a personal e-mail to conduct business. that was question one.
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and please identify the account used if yes. and question five asked this. does the agency require them to softball at the end of the employment with the agency and turning over communication she woiped it clone. and after she claimed that everyone in the state department anything relevant. they were specific and direct questions asked by congressman issan and who handled the letter and looked into not answering those questions. and no doubt about it. those questions were asked specifically and it was not news that the agency would dodge
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a question. but with the news that she used a private server. and remember john. she's going to be back on capitol hill talking about this. benghazi chairman trey gowdy are pushing on it. and there will be additional headlines on this in the month ahead. >> and question i get, bob do american voters care? is it considered inside washington and no bearing on the day-to-day life of the average voter. >> it slipped with the e-mail scandal and over all. it hurts her in the narrative that the clintons are seen as secretive. the every day voters probably not in tune it. but the drip, drip head lines do not help her, jon. >> thank you. >> appropriately enough, the irs
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director is in the hot seat. they are drilling him on spending, even as his agency blames budget cuts. peter? >> reporter: it is the biggest day of the year and pushing back against charges. and so here's what law makers say were not necessary. thousands for plush animals and toys and bath tub toy boats and rubber wristbands andate thousand on a stair master and 4.3 million on public opinion polling. and 4 million on office furniture. why did they need that. they need to spend money to save money on office space. they claim to have cut 47 million from the rent costs
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since 2012. but law make ares are looking at millions of dollars are for public opinion. that money should be spent improving the product. and they reminding them of employees hanging up on callers. and what they call courtesy disconnects. the commissioner explained that customer service stinks because the irs doesn't have enough money. >> it is on the phone and in person is worse. it is a simple matter of not having enough people to provide services in the walk- in sights and that is a result of the cuts in the budget. >> if they get more money things may get better for taxpayers who
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need a hand filling out the forms. >> and we'll bring back bob. >> editor and chief of the hill, 4 million on office furniture and 8000 on a stair cylmer on a day when americans are sending tax money to the government that is galling. >> over all, if you are going to blame congress for budget cuts then you have to have a clean budget and defend everything that you spent money on. he will defend his employees, that's normal. but the irs has been less than forth coming to the public in the information act request as well as to congress on the lois lerner e-mail scandal. and that's what is at the heart of those budget cuts because the
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irs has not told the truth on that issue. >> and when the irs was hit with the budget cuts, he comes in front of congress and said the first thing we'll have to do is stop answering customer phone calls. it reminds me of what happened when the sequester hit. first thing the white house did cut it for the school children. and make it painful to the so- called lack of funding. >> when you head a agency that is customer- service oriented. you have to put your spending in that area and put other things on the sidelines, whether it is used furniture or anything else. it helps your reputation. the irs is not popular, but if you put that money in customer service, it will help your reputation and not harm it and
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that's why customers are frustrated this filing season. >> what about polling? why does a government agency need polling? they should go out and do their job to the best of their ability? >> that's the most alarming. why are you spending that much. and especially if you are budget strapped and why spend the money there. they have to cut this out and that out of the budget and certain row congress is going through every little bit they are spending and they should. >> that was 4 million in opinion polling. he has always been combative when he faces the congress. does that put him on thinner ice when he faces the committees? >> i have rarely seen such a bad
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relationship between an agency head and could have beening. koskinnen is very combative. bee have seen eric holder push back at congress. but when you are dealing with a unpopular agency, is that the wise decision to go after congress and remember they hold the purse strippings. and they are the bosses of what you get and we haven't seen president obama that the irs is underfunded. it is an unpolicy agency. you have to question the wisdom of him going toe to toe to congress. >> americans can be mindful of the 4.3 million on how the
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agency askem on on asking them on how it is doing. >> a developing story out of texas. a wild police chase in houston ends with a suspect shot dead. it started when the driver tried to get away after what began on a normal traffic stop. officers pursuing the blue chrysler. the suspect was seen getting out of the car and lones back in and that's when the officers opened four. no word on the suspect's identity. and the fall from grass by a multimillionaire nfl star. >> aaron hernandez is guilty of murder in the first degree and possession of four arms. >> aaron hernandez guilty of murder in the first degree and
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sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. and millions of americans scramble to break down. and how the government is spending your hard earned dollars. and do you think the wealthy pay their fair share? go to fox
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>> aaron hernandez sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars without possibility of parole. >> the defendant is guilty of murder in the first degree or second degree. >> guilty of murder in the first-degree. >> four hours ago, the massachusetts jury found him guilty of all charges related to the murder of odom lloyd. laura ingle saw the dramatic
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developments. >> there were goesp and tears when the verdict was read. aaron hernandez looked over to his mother and fiance who were crying and appeared to mouth the words be strong. the family of the murdered victim odom lloyd sitting seats away. and she talked about burying her only son. >> the day i laid my son odom to rest rest rest i heard my heart stop beating for a moment. >> it took jury seven days to get the verdict. the former new england patriot's
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player pled not guilty to the killing of odon lloyd. he was a semipro bowl player himself and found shot to death. herp hearn and two of his associates picked lloyd up in boston to party but instead to his execution. after he and his two friends of his home hernandez was carrying a pistol which prosecutors say was the murder weapon. in their closing argument. hernandez was present at the time of lloyd's death but was confused and said it was a co-defendant who killed lloyd while high on pcp. hernandez is waiting another trial on murder charges accused
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of gunning down two men over a spilled drink. >> thank you. and should aaron hernandez's lawyer a pole do they have grounds? >> and turning to another legal case that garnered national attention. attorneys for calharris pointing another suspect. harris was convicted twice of killing his wife in upstate new york in 2001. those convictions were thrown out because of a new witness and the second the judge had a problem with a jor. the case is in the 10th week and a witness testifying that he saw a woman who looked like michelle harris the day after prosecutors say she was killed. the woman was talking to a man in her drive way, we'll see what
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happens to the number three trial of mr. harris. >> fascinating case. >> most wanted terrorist killed in a drone strike. >> how he went from the guantanamo bay prison to be al-qaeda's leader in yemen. >> you have a wrong way driver. >> a car driving the wrong way in i- ten. >> a driver speeding down the free in the wrong direction. we'll show you how it plays out. it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this.
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>> newly released dash cam video shoes a officer putting himself in harm's way to stop a wrong way driver. >> there is a car drivering the
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wrong way on i- ten. >> i saw the lights coming toward me. >> we almost had a head-on coalition coalition. >> the woman drove len miles on throw separate fros and the officer approached her oncoming car and the chase ended safely. she faces charges of dui and endangerment. >> and paying interest on the home mortgage. and more than 200 billion this year and according to the congressional budget office. and mike emmanuel pulls out the taxpayer calculator. hi, mike. >> reporter: 229 billion for this fiscal year and one expert said it is the fastest growing
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area of the federal budget. and the interest rates are certain to go up. and net interest costs will triple over the next decade and reaching 8.8 billion. and they are looking at economic outlook. cbo warns that the large amount of debt might restrict the policy maker ability to respond to unexpected future challenges economic down turns or financial crisis. and the senators say the government cannot afford to continue on its current path. >> i worry about the question of is it to late? >> we are past the tipping ponent. and the sonar we get on this, that is the reason i ran for the
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office. >> if you earn less than 115 you own seven. 50 or this happened your share would be 831. and your sal row between 286. it would be froin thousand. when those interest rates soar so what will you owe to finance the nation's date. >> depressings and how much are you paying for the national debt? it is fun to play with even though it is depressing, that is true. go to fox and input income to get the result. there will be an easier way to get to that calculator and so you can have fun as well. >> congress and the white house
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reaching a compromise to allow the law makers to review the agreement with iran. we are going to discuss the compromise. >> and a law finding safe harbor in cuba? we are on the way to normalizing relations with cuba. what happens to then? . them. my constipation and belly pain feel like a raging storm. i've tried laxatives but my symptoms keep returning.
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>> u.s. intelligence officials
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are working to confirm the death of a most wanted terrorist. al-qaeda said a senior spiritual leader who spent time in guantanamo bay was killed in an air strike. this is suspected to be a drone strike in yemen. joishgs thank you, jenna. the u.s. inteligence community is assessing the strike. they have not traditionally provided false statements on the web. but it may be a signal for him to drop out from sight. al-qaeda in yemen posted this on the web claiming he was killed. he is considered the main ideas guy and his sermons bridging the died with isis. and he was such a thorn in the
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side of the u.s. government a 5 million reward was offered. he was a rock star as a former guantanamo bay detainee. he was released for rehab in saudi arabia but that fail exclude he returned to there is a strike in the yemeni drone strike. this is the first since the cia and personnel pulled out. the fighting in yemen has allowed al-qaeda to expand foot print and created vulnerabilities on the group. it forces them to be on the move. and when they are on the move that is when they are vulnerable and exposed to drone strikes, jenna. >> thank you. >> and president obama deciding
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it is time to take cuba off of the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. that follows the historic meeting with castro last week. but what about dozens of fugitives hiding out in cuba to escape american justice? we will have a look at that. >> reporter: jon, there was no mention of the fugitives and that is not sitting well. according to the trooper and agents despite the rigorous review that found cuba has not been terrorism. but there is a murderer convicted of murdering a state trooper 40 years ago. she's been highwayeding in plain sight in cuba. she was added to the most wanted terrorist list with a 2 million
10:34 am
reward for her capture. >> there was no doubt in the joror judge's moind and there is no doubt in the law enforcement mind. >> it flies in the face of that trooper and she's allowed toroam. >> and they were never consulted in the administration's negotiations with cuba, and there is frustration that he seems to be pushing an a jenna. scott garrett said removing cuba from the terrorism list is dangerous. castro's regime has illegally shipped weapons and continues to harbor murderers and terrorist. they are still focused on their
10:35 am
mission. >> no evidence that cuba has sponsored terrorism in the last six months. >> apparently, but they have habored terrorist in their own country. >> little more on this if cuba is dropped, that leaves iran, syria and sud an avment what about yemen where we have seen plenty of terrorist activity. tom, what precedent do you believe that this sends removing cuba from the list of state sponsors of terror? >> one particular problem element it is to say it is a decision made for political reasons because president obama wants this legacy to be with cuba.
10:36 am
but it is not grounded in an objective look at what cuba does. one specific example. cuba foreign intelligence is powerful and skilled even for a small island nation like cuba and has a long track record. people can google that. >> and in the absence of google and live television. how does cuba really is today to terrorism? and to answer that question what would you say in >> we know for example, there is a long- term environment with venezuela and places like columbia and destable american influence and running an operation in the united states. and the fbi consistently over a period of 20 or 30 years
10:37 am
arrested people and breaking the networks apart. the nature of the regime, it is a strain. the cuba government was reforming, they would are have released everyone. we have to be careful when we make decisions about a nation or group on the terrorist list. and we are concerned with objective reality. and it should not be politicized. >> and quite frankly we don't talk about cub a. but we talk about iran and i would like to talk about that. the last 24 hours legislation is approved by the senate committee that would allow iran to stay on as a state sponsor of
10:38 am
terror. and there was controversial language in the bill originally that points out iran's conneck to terrorist groups and that is out of the bill every 90 days the president has to report to congress what is iran's terrorist activities. and what do you think of the compromise taking out tougher language but putting in the report of iran's terrorist arctivities. >> i had a bit oficism though. the deal is problematic. and iran would never agree to anything that would stop doing term terpin the middle east. they have to do that. that's what they are. and with this enforcing element
10:39 am
people will so in a clear way what iran does in middle east. threatening politicians in baghdad to yield or die. and pushing senior opposition people out. people can google many others who were assass that itted and police officers trying to investigate the hesbollah and what they are in doing in yemen and barain. >> and that brings us to a broader picture. cub and the intelligence agency. and iran we are asked to compartmentalize that away from the terrorist activities that iran supports in many ways x. focusing on the nuclear deal. we'll deal with that separate and i wonder how wise that is tom looking back and divorcing those things and saying that the
10:40 am
nuclear program is different and diluting the connection if you will. >> you will never be in the best case a tough deal with inspections, you will not get that by supporting iran is supporting terrorism. at a political electric you may say fine don't do it. but if you had all of the inspections which we don't have. vladimar putin playing games that are predict believa. and you can compartmentize them and confront iran. i use the word administration is pathetic and not confronting iowa ran. you are saying have that nuclear deal. we'll disrupt and take your people off of the streets. >> there has to be connection. >> it has to be honest
10:41 am
bruttially. >> you gave us good home work. i have a list of googling. >> it so manies better anyway. >> good point tom. and thank you. >> an internet giant accused of stacking the deck spoking of geelg and -- speaking of google and the consequences.
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>> and coming occupant role story. aaron hernandez holding a gun. is this the gun used kill lloyd? we'll analyze the video and surveillance to theage. and the dea sex scandal heating up. and dozens of parties with prostitutes. and we have a live hearing on the hill. and do you want free stuff? we'll tell you how to get freebies. it is tax day. top of the hour.
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>> one of my favorite stories, unique closeup video of a midair refueling the members of the utah national guard participating in a difficult training. revealing a b- 12 stealth bomber in flight. that is their bomber that is getting the aerial gas. >> and the european union a cowing the company google of abusing its power. >> it could be fined ten percent of the annual sales and that would be 6 billion for stifling the competition. goggle could settle or agree to change its policy. in europe, in the competition commissioner a statement of
10:46 am
objection. there is two accusations that they favor their own. and when you search for an item goggle sites pop up on the top right and a separate investigation as to where the smart phone android software is abusing to keep others out of the game. the u.s. took a similar look at google and dropped the investigation a couple of years ago. europe calls it. and goggle strongly disagrees with the need it issue a statement of objection and locks forward to making its case in the weeks ahead. >> our prelimary vow is ha in
10:47 am
its general search google artificially favors its own comparison shopping service and that this constitutes an abuse. >> and jenna, a lot of people say it is happening here because europe is so full of regulations and it is anti- american frankly. but the interesting flip side. it is american companies that are particularly vociferous in taking google to count and court here. >> thank you. >> 25 year old aaron hernandez, who had a $40 million contract to play football for the new england patriots sentenced behin bars for life for murder. our legal panel breaks it down.
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a fox news alert. somebody will be in trouble on capitol hill. a small gyrocopter landed on the west front lawn the mall side of the u.s. capital building. when i say small it's large enough to carry a human being, and there was a pilot onboard. a gyrocopter is a strange blend of a helicopter and airplane. it usually uses a propeller to push or pull it like an airplane. that provides the thrust. that big rotor overhead starts spinning automatically. it's not powered by the engine. it starts spinning because of
10:52 am
the airflow. that provides some lift. basically they are wings. they are just wings that spin. somebody is flying one of those gyro copters, landed on the capitol lawn, whether it was a stunt, act of vandalism or maybe he ran out of fuel. that's what causes most aircraft aviation accidents is fuel starvation. we'll see. the capitol police no doubt have this guy under arrest. they'll be talking to him and we'll bring you new updates. former nfl star aaron hernandez convicted of first degree murder sentenced to life in prison without any possibility of parole in the death of oden lloyd back in 2013. his legal troubles aren't over yet. he faces two pending murder charges in boston and a civil lawsuit for oden's death. what happens next? tom let's start with you.
10:53 am
there has been some speculation that even though the commonwealth of massachusetts just put him away for the rest of his life no possibility of parole, that they will still decide to charge him or still take him to trial on this other double murder charge almost as a protection. do you see it that way? >> well, whether it's almost as a protection or not, but bottom line is unless they are going to dismiss the charges, he has the right to go to trial. if he's burned through his money, they will have to assign him a defense attorney. what does he have to lose? the judge in boston just pronounced a life sentence. i could still see that case going to trial. >> esther, some might see that as a waste is it? >> only a waste if hernandez is willing to waive his appeal on this case and enter a plea on that case to run concurrently with his life sentence. he really has no reason to do that. again, as tom said, he is not paying for it. he may not be in a position to
10:54 am
have to pay for his own defense. he's got nothing but time on his hands. he may as well take the chance go to trial on that case. if he loses, he has plenty of years to appeal that case, as well. >> i heard a lot of prosecutors saga head of this morning's jury announcement that they really wondered whether he was going to be convicted because it was an all-circumstantial case. there wasn't any testimony against him from these other two twice who were there. they didn't really have a lot of physical evidence. how do you see it? >> i think with respect to the murder one, there was a question whether they would hang him up on that. how do you establish the premeditation and the planning? it was a very strong case with respect to murder two and the other charges in the indictment. there is no question he was not only with the victim but with the victim at the time the murder was convicted. his dna was at the scene. his conduct following the
10:55 am
incident arguably disposing of what was likely the murder weapon, destroying his home surveillance system, video surveillance of him holding not only a weapon, but the type of weapon probably used in this murder, lounging by the poolside the next day talking about how he lost his endorsement deals. this is precisely the conduct that evidences a conscience of guilt. whether the jury might have got it upside down with respect to murder one i'm sure that's the subject of appeal. there is not one person in the united states serving a life sentence who is convinced this have the greatest possible appellate case in the world. that is what he will devote his attention to at this point. that may be why he is not willing to roll over and plead guilty on this other double homicide case. >> the lip readers will have seen him just now looking at the jury saying, you're wrong. as his conviction was being read. what about the scene in that
10:56 am
courtroom where the two sisters are there? one of them was his fiancee the mother of his child, the other on the prosecution side is the girlfriend of odin lloyd, the man hernandez killed. >> to me that is the most interesting dynamic in the courtroom. obviously, the defendant and the victim, but the connection between the two are the sisters. you had hernandez' fiancee who got on the stand unwillingly. we was granted immunity and had to testify. then you have her sister which sided with the victim. i understand they're estranged. i don't know what christmas will look like at their house next year. this could be something that has totally destroyed their relationship, which there is just so much tragedy in this case, aside from a murder.
10:57 am
what an incredible waste of talent by aaron hernandez. >> so much grief all the way around. >> the whole thing is so tragic and sad. >> esther and tom thank you. >> thank you.
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. . "the real story" with gretchen starts now. a bizarre scene unfolding on the national fall at this hour as a helicopter lands on the capitol lawn. police detained the pilot now. that is a gyrocopter. the lawn and nearby roads are all shut down right now. the gyrocopter is a tiny aircraft, just big enough for the person flying in it. the pilot is a mailman who flew to washington, d.c. from florida to protest campaign financing. joining me on the phone, fox news senior capitol hill producer. a lot of activity going on today. what can you tell us? >> i'm


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