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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 15, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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my 80s the u.s. government will simplify the tax code so all those willing to pay what is required are able to do so with confidence and know that they have done it correctly. touche rumsfeld. i hope somebody's listening. and you can find my takes every day on my facebook page and great show today, lots of breaking news. i'm gretchen, here's shep. some guy just landed some sort of helicopter on the lawn at the capitol. he's apparently a mail carrier, and he says he's been planning this for years now. mr. mail guy what's up with you and your chopper on the lawn at the capitol? seems like a very good question and there was a plan to shoot it out of the sky or no? plus the white house giving in to congress. letting lawmakers have their say on any iranian nuclear deal. one possible problem here, the iranian president says he does not care what the u.s. congress has to say. and of course the irs wants your money. but why is the agency spending
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cash on items like cazoo's and bathtub boats? one senator's demanding answers, and the irs is responding. let's get to it. now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. and half way through the week now, fox urgent, we're waiting for a news conference on the pilot who landed his helicopter thing on the lawn at the u.s. capitol. the tampa bay times newspaper reports that he says he planned it and knew the officers would arrest him. one congressman says, had the copter made it much closer to the capitol, officials were preparing to shoot it down. we have a map showing where the thing landed. see there. and how far it was from the capitol building. the pilot himself 61 years old. he delivers choppers but his normal job, he delivers the mail. he told the tampa bay times newspaper a while back he
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planned to land his eye is yo copter on the lawn of the capitol because he wanted to deliver a campaign reform message to congress. the newspaper reports, he bought $250 worth of stamps and stuffed 535 two-page letters into 535 individual envelopes each addressed to each specific member of congress. in the letters he wrote and i quote, i'm demanding reform and declaring a voter rebellion in a manner consistent with jefferson's description of rights in the declaration of independence. coo coo. he thought about doing this day and night for more than two years end quote, no sane person would not do what i'm doing. tampa bay times describes him as a slender, soft-spoken man with thinning gray hair and a hearing aid. it continues, he has no criminal record. that will change. and it's rare to hear him curse. he goes on and i quote but he
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says he needs to show the very dramatic public acts of civil disobedience to hijack the news cycle and focus the attention on the campaign finance reform. money he says has corrupted our democracy. as i mentioned we're waiting for a news conference from police to begin now. witnesses say, once you touch down, he was composed, calm, and surrendered immediately. we'll have much more in a few the news conference. and i don't know, maybe the question of the day is does the fact that he's right make him right? the answer i'm confident is no. the internal revenue service wasted millions in tax payer money on stuff like new office furniture, which you know, research polls, and $8,000 stair climber. some stuffed animals, bathtub toys, and kazoos. like this one, but smaller. that's the accusation from a top
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gop senator orin hatch of utah. we're supposed to have all of our tax money in the irs either that or an extension. the head of the agency spoke in a senate hearing today. he did not mention the kazoo's or anything else. instead he kept to the script blaming budget cuts for bad customer service. >> customer service was on the phone and in person has been far worse than anyone would want. it's a simple matter of not having enough people to answer the phones and provide services at our walk-in sites as a result of the cuts in our budget. >> the irs has responded to senator hatch in a statement it reads in part and i quote, many of the spending items the agency has been criticized for date back several years. irs policies have been overhauled in those areas. in other words the agency claims that it's tried to fix the problem, but this is the latest spending scandal to hit the federal government. one of our favorites around here is the case of the former general services administrator
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mr. hot tub we named him because well, i mean, the hot tub and all. his name is jeff neily he threw a nearly $1 million conference in las vegas complete with tax payer-funded booze, as noted here, plus a clown and a comedian for your conferencing pleasure. peter doocy's in the d.c. this afternoon, what more do we know about the spending accusations, peter? >> shep, lawmakers look at the expenses and don't see much that's going to help. thomas the tank engine not helping with the 1040 ez. the lawmakers are thinking just cut that stuff out and spend the leftover money on customer service, but the irs now pushing back. especially against charges that $4 million on new office furniture is wasteful. they say you've got to spend money to save money and that the new office furniture was used in new office space. that has helped them trim $47 million off the rent charges every year since 2012, shep. >> and why did the irs face the
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budget cuts in the first place? remind us. >> shep, the commissioner is blaming that conservative targeting scandal saying when his agency got caught unfairly scrutinizing certain conservative groups the budget got trimmed too much. >> what is the average amount of time they have to wait on the phone because you don't have enough personnel to answer the phones? >> at this point, when you get through, if you get through, it's on average would have taken you about 28 to 30 minutes. >> he says for things to get better next year congress needs to pump some more money to the irs. back to you. >> peter doostingly d.c. thanks. iran's message to the united states congress this is not all about you. the president of iran is brushing off the compromise to give lawmakers any say at all in the nuclear deal. he told a crowd of tens of thousands that he's negotiating with the world leaders involved in the talks not some congress in the united states. this comes after the white house
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agreed to let congress vote on any nuclear deal, of course it had to because lawmakers made changes to the bill and a senate panel unanimously passed a measure, 19-0. republican and democratic support. and the real key was the president could not veto this because they had enough votes to override a veto. what do you do? iran's president reminded the united states it's one of six nations involved in the talks to limit iran's nuclear production. in exchange, the companies would ease up, eventually, on economic punishment. but in the u.s. congress, members of both parties say president obama does not have the power to lift those punishments or sanctions without their ok. >> the senate has to play a role in this deal. in fact, what the president is asking for is he's asking, he's going to or he wants to, unilaterally lift sanctions under national security waiver built into the original sanctions bill. what congress is saying we want to have a role in preventing you from doing that. >> even some democrats defied pressure from the president after changing to the bill dha
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soften some of the language. >> we don't trust iran. we nemp trust iran, and we're keeping all options on the table. and i do think that congress should have a role. i think the reason the white house pushed back in the beginning because the way the bill was drafted was going to provide congress more authority than they should have. >> it's interesting, of course, that all of this is happening right now. remember, there's a war in iraq and congress is 100% refused to even mention it. there's a war in syria, and congress will not say one word. there's another war in yemen, our people are fighting, our money is being spent, there's the responsibility of anything happening in all three of those conflict areas. and where's congress? congress is here on that matter. but as the president and other world leaders work to prevent iran becoming nuclear, the congress is all up in that. i mean, you decide. the president could still possibly veto or i should say, there could be a vote in
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congress that nixes listing the -- i should say the economic punishments on iran but we'll see how this goes. leah gabriel is here, negotiators have had a long way to go between now and the deadline on this because nothing is yet done. there's a sort of framework, but there is no deal. >> right, now to go through congress. the good news is secretary of state john kerry still seems to be optimistic about the prospects. listen to what he said today. >> we are confident about our ability for the president to negotiate an agreement, and to do so with the ability to make the world safer. >> now of course, the issue of sanctions how and when they would be lifted, still clearly a point of contention, here's what iran's president roux with any had to say, still taking a hard stance today. >> translator: everyone should know that if the termination of sanctions isn't mentioned in a deal, there will be no agreement. >> and nuclear talks shepard
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scheduled to continue april 21st. >> there's a pause in the moment because that's the next phase, it's my understanding inspectors have gone into iran. is that right? >> that's right. now they're there on scheduled technical talks. they're investigating whether iran may have recently worked on nuclear weapons. here's a map to show you the area. this stems from claims in the 2011 report by the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog that iran conducted high-scale explosive tests in an area where a negotiator says the claim is not true. quote, we told the agency that in they have accurate information regarding the location of this claimed explosion, they could give us that information and we would be ready to clarify. and of course, shep iran insists that is nuclear program is peaceful. >> obviously they need that. thank you, leah gabrielle, thank you. he is a former ally commander also the author of the accident admiral admiral. the dean of fletcher school, all of that sir, thank you very
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much. >> thanks, shep. >> does anything we're doing here make sense? does make sense that we talk about this and try to figure out a way to keep them from doing it without having to go do a bunch of bombing or do we need to just do a bunch of bombing or something else? >> i think we've got probably a one in three chance, at best, of pulling this agreement together. i feel the negatives are starting to build both in teheran and in washington. let alone the other negotiating capitols. it's going to be a very tough pull. i would argue shep there's probably something in between and agreement and a bombing campaign and that special forces, cyber continue the sanctions. i don't think we're going to need to go to all-out war, but we're going to need to be more creative if the agreement doesn't come through. >> because i've read that you like so many, for instance, on the isis front, believe that isis is going to eventually just sort of collapse unto itself. it's fighting three wars without
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the commanding control and doesn't have the resources and the supply chain, so isis may become less of a problem and iran -- >> iran is an imperial power, shep. whether or not it gets the nuclear weapons it aspires to lead a shia revolution across the near middle east. and i think we ought to take that aspect very seriously. isis is under three access pressure from the north, iraqis in the south the bombing campaign in the west. we're already giving up territory, there'll be puts and takes in that campaign, but the main ball is iran. >> remember back in february, when the president of the united states went to the congress, before that he's on a couple times, but february he went with the whole big thing saying congress, man, i need thoorgs here. isis is a mess it is beheading our people, and i'd really like for you to say, yeah, we're all in on this together, and remember what congress did?
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they did even, if they read it, they didn't comment on it certainly and made it perfectly clear, this will never, ever come up in the united states congress. and yet, now, as he's working negotiations, as presidents and secretaries of states have done since the dawn of our age, the congress now feels the need to be involved immediately and almost thoroughly. what is the difference? can you see it? >> i think it's hard to put your finger on anything that's very different here shep. and i'm concerned about the erosion of the ability of the executive branch to run, not only foreign policy as you indicate, and make agreements short of treaties which ought to go to the senate, but also this starts to edge into the conduct of military operations. that is a place we do not want the congress going. >> i'm not sure that everybody has thought this through thoroughly. i wonder even if individual members of congress have thought through what they're doing because you look back a while, i
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can't really see the juxtaposition of two different things, please give us authorization on isis then as we try to negotiate our way out of decades and decades of trouble with iran, they clearly want to jump up in there and keep whatever is in the works from happening. i don't understand it. >> yeah, it's kind of part of the mystery of washington and the separation of executives and legislative branchs. but i agree it's a dichotomy. i lean toward let our operators, let our executive branch move out in other than extraordinary circumstances like a full-blown treaty. i question the wisdom of this going forward, but it's complex and we're going to have to deal with it. >> admiral, thank you so much and thank you for your service i appreciate that. >> thanks, shep. a new hack attack just got personal with words that a group has leaked the home addresses of federal officials. also have you heard about
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the ceo who slashed his own million dollar salary way down and gave raises to all of his employees? best boss ever? we hope he's going to join us in a minute. and he'll be here live we'll ask him. first this chopper thing. ]wúa"l4m3qj@(w?5bzppsng:1oxcl1i$%dp
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♪ help northern china reduce its reliance on coal fire heating plants and prevent 60 million tons of co2 emissions? when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. 17 minutes past the hour. hackers with an extremist group linked the addresses of former officials that are protecting the united states. the cyber attack targeted the
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department of homeland security, the fbi and other government agencies and the feds are looking into it. homeland security official confirms the attack gu not elaborate. cbs news reports the home addresses appeared online with a statement part of which reads and i quote let these evil new world order satanists know that there will be hell to pay for their 9/11 treason. trace gallagher we turn for reason. what are officials saying about this group? >> well shep the reason authorities believe this is an anti-government group is because they use the ak coanymore nwo, standing for new world order it's a term used by extremists to refer to a totalitarian government. the rest says, and i'm quoting, jesus and lord and the public is in charge, not the rest of these satanic new world order stooges, but this unknown group did not issue a threat, all of the personal information appears
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to be called from social media and other publicly available sources. so, it's not some elaborate hacking job but department of homeland security is still very concerned about this. issuing a statement saying quote, the safety of our work force is always a primary concern, dhs has notified employees who were identified in the posting and encouraged them to be vigilant. dhs will adjust security measures as appropriate to protect our employees and the fbi is now trying to track down the source of this disclosure, shep. >> trace remember last month a group claiming support to isis did something kind of like this? >> yeah, and in if that case those who claim to be linked to the terror group leaked the names and personal information of 100 u.s. military personnel, but, the group also urged isis followers and sympathizers inside the united states to kill all of the american service members on that list. the pentagon notified the service members as well as police in their local areas, telling them all to be very
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vigilant. experts say targeting military members and federal agents is a concerning trend but so far, these types of leaks and calls for action have not resulted in anyone actually being targeted. shep. >> thank you, trace. ever wish you made as much money as your boss? one ceo is making that happening. slashing his own salary from a million to like 70 grand so it matches what his workers will make. oh by the way, all the employees eventually go to 70 grand. the boss plans to join us live. and we're waiting for the news conference from capitol hill, you heard about this. guy lands helicopter on capitol lawn. guy gets arrested. but guy says, the reason he did it was to draw attention to the fact that money has hijacked our nation's government. that the rich folks control everything, not the every day folks. that big, big, big money people have hijacked the whole process, and he wanted to make noise. well, he's made noise. i wonder what happens next.
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hold on, maybe we'll find out. that big, big, big money people
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. . that's what one ceo's take was on the pay gap between workers and executives. obviously he's right but having a ceo say it well that's a little bit new. so he says he's cutting his own salary, right now he's pulling in like a mil, and he's going to cut it to 70k. and that's making the new minimum wage for all of his employees. all 121 of them. everybody makes 70,000 or more. how about a reaction to that? [ applause ] well, they're on point for once. idea he do it? he's here now. dan price is the founder and ceo
12:25 pm
of grav if i payments which is a credit card processing company. why did you do this? >> each member of my team deserved it. it wasn't a handout, they have a huge impact on each of our client and its result on the business. >> you're just a great guy recognize they deserve it, give them whatever they want. >> the entire business was built on values and treating people the right way, treating people the way you would want to be treated. our clients are always the top of the food chain but as a result our team members are always sacrificing and giving more and more and more. who's going to look out for them? i felt like i needed to take an extreme step. >> but you started this 11 years ago and looked like you barely had a pot to pee in. >> that's right. >> you built yourself up and you're cutting yourself down. it is a business, you're hoping there'll be an upside to this. >> i think over the long-term there is an upside. actually, what i think though is the fact that we're a value face business and we make decisions based on what is right has gotten us to where we are today. i think it'll get us to ten 20
12:26 pm
and 30 years to where we are now. i think if we didn't do things like this then we have to say we gave up those values. >> i read that your employees started at like 23 24 grand. >> yeah. >> and now all 120d of them will make 70? all of them. >> correct. currently the lowest is 35,000 prior to this announcement, but back in the day the first person, the most was $24 sthourks a year, and no health insurance. now we have great benefits and all that. you know what, i hope to do better in the future. >> you going to cut back as a result of this? are you going to have to trim? >> we're growing. our clients love us. they refer uses to others and they stick with us forever. our competitors are turning people over they have wasted money, we don't waste that and there's more to go around and we can give more to the clients which is the most important thing. >> how dangerous in your estimation, as one whose taken a dramatic step how dangerous is this gap between the have and have notes? >> i'm not an economist, i don't have a lot of information on that. but on the very ground level
12:27 pm
you can see where somebody has trouble paying rent, their rent goes up public how am i going to make it work? then you see the trend and apparently it's getting worse and worse. to me leadership is the way forward. >> what i hear is and what i vividly remember is, if you get a little bit of extra money when you're going paycheck to paycheck, that little bit of extra money means you're going to get to do something special with somebody. not like you're going to hoard it that sounds good for the big picture. >> that's right, and our clients are independent businesses. these awesome businesses you patronize in the coolest neighborhoods around the united states, and we're passionate about helping them. i don't want a team members being distracted about can i buy this meal, can i pay my rent? figure all that stuff out. i want them to focus on the true passion, which is helping independent businesses succeed with their credit card processing. >> i bet you got some loyalty in there. >> well, i think the folks that are loyal to me they deserve my loyalty. >> you're just clearly very weird.
12:28 pm
>> i've heard that one before. >> good luck. and your employees are a lucky bunch. thank you. cutting it short because we have al fox urgent. this just happened. unexpected chopper crash of sorts. these are coming in live coming in california. this is solano beach, california, i'm told. not far from san diego. it is a marine helicopter and made an emergency landing on the beach. first they this? shows a police cruiser ramming into a robbery suspect. that's the suspect. and that's the cruiser about to
12:29 pm
hit him. did the cop do something that is legit? i mean this guy had fired a gun into the air and looked menacing. so is it cool for the cop to run him over? the prosecutor says indeed it is, the judge will be in to weigh in. crowds gathering in the streets of boston today to mark two years since the marathon bombings. there was even a reunion between one of the heroes and one of the victims. boston strong, the details ahead as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from fox news channel.
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fox report now, headlines from across america first off, colorado. after three months, jury selection finally ended in the trial of the movie theater shooting suspect james holmes. remember him? one juror says, he survived the shooting at columbine high school in 1999. the suspect killed 12 people at a showing of "the dark knight
12:32 pm
rises" in aurora, colorado. he's pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. in new york police and fbi officials say they're offering $115,000 reward for information object suspect in a time square bombing back in 2008. the bombing exploded outside the military recruiting station in times square. cops say nobody was hurt. and in florida, we now have video of the spacex rocket trying, but failing to land on a barge off cape canaveral. this was yesterday they're not sure why it missed the landing. their goal is to reuse rockets, saving money, but not this time. and she might have if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards ruining jill's credit and her dream of retirement. every year, millions of people just like you experience how a little personal information in the wrong hands could wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft and once every 2 seconds someone becomes a victim. lifelock offers comprehensive identity theft protection.
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♪ or go to to try 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection risk free. and get a document shredder free. ♪ and help protect your identity your money, and your credit. ♪ fox urgent now. we're getting our first video of that gyrocopter in the air as it came down for a landing on the national mall. this is the copter. you think there's so many people around with cameras somebody had to get it. well, they got it. the audio is not working at this moment. and honestly i can't figure out why. maybe. this might have fixed it. anyway, track it just in case. i'm going to play this for you.
12:35 pm
yeah, there it is. this is the thing landing. this afternoon. >> no he's not. >> that's not good? we have a problem. okay. let's listen to this. just take it full. >> this is not good people. >> no that's -- >> no, he's not. >> that was definitely not good. i have not seen this before. but somebody can a good job with camera. always shoot in landscape, not profile. here listen. i wonder if we see him get out of the thing, mailman mailman with a mission, and a message. would you look at that. he did quite a job. i mean you can leave the mic
12:36 pm
up. i've got a co-worker on the phone now. i'm going to pause and see if i can zoom in. i'm going to rerack it. you're a co-worker on the phone of michael shanahan, you're a co-worker of the pilot are you there? >> yeah, i'm here. >> it's my understanding tell me about this guy. >> uh well, douglas hughes he's a friend of mine. we both worked for the united states postal service. and we are both politically-minded. the big thing he was doing there was a matter of civil disobedience, he was trying to make -- do something that was spectacular enough for america to stand up and take notice.
12:37 pm
in that eye isgyro -- >> notice of what? >> huh? >> notice of what? >> campaign finance laws or the lack thereof. >> uh-huh. >> and the copter should have been letters, one to each representative in congress. >> yeah, i heard about that. >> complaining about the campaign finance. and he he just needed -- we have been trying to do some of this for the past couple of years. we have a website called >> you guys are in on this together? >> well not exactly. he and i were at odds about the stunt of his which i have to admit wasn't a very smart move. >> hey, but you knew he was going to do it? i heard it was in the paper. >> i did not actually know he was going to do it.
12:38 pm
him and i talked abouted it all the time and i keep telling him not to do it because d.c. is not the place you want to be doing -- >> i guess he might have thought about the fact that he could have gotten blown up out of the air there. >> exactly, i told him that. i told him the chances were -- >> he must be passionate about this whole campaign finance thing, the very richest have on skonded with the government. >> i know that. >> he sounds like he's very passionate about it. >> yes. he was willing to risk his life may have been a dumb stunt, but he was also very brave and very patriotic. >> you know the very beginning when i first heard somebody landed their eye is yo copter on the lawn of the white house and had some sort of message, the first thing i thought was, kookoo, got a crazy guy on the lawn. that's not it, is it? >> he's not crazy, just extremely brave and determined. he's a pit bull when he has an
12:39 pm
idea in his head. >> well, you know, i don't think that he's going to get many arguments that when, you know, any one person neither right nor left, this isn't a partisan thing, with the way the laws are today in the wake of ruling by the supreme court you know if you have a few billion dollars you can mount a superpack and get just about any dang thing you want done. that's not a secret. that's known, that's a known true. as ronald rumsfeld would say, that's a known known. >> that's exactly what the situation is. we got our representatives prostituting themselves to a handful of the rich and special -- >> well heck, who wouldn't do that? those are the rules, if you don't do it somebody else will and they'll get elected instead of you, right? >> right. and the thing is that congress themselves are not going to change the campaign finance to make it honest to make it you know bring our democracy back. he considered landing the chopper here on the
12:40 pm
lawn of the supreme court. they're the ones who made this decision. >> right. 2010, yes. >> yes, that's when it changed. >> that was the nail in the coffin. >> so is he hoping that as a result of this arrest which was happened he'll get a forum or that news people like me will stand up here and blather and that would serve his purpose? do you think he'd be happy with the conversation we are having at the moment? >> yes, i think he would be. i'm sure he would be happier if he was free but -- >> he could have been. he could have just brought the letters up here to the capitol. because they'll read them about that way as this way. >> well unfortunately, that would serve no purpose because they would just take the letters and toss them into the, you know, trash. his main purpose was to do something that america would see, the people of america would see. >> so do you think he accomplished that? >> he certainly did.
12:41 pm
as long as -- now what we need is for the media to explain that he is not some kind of a terrorist bomber or something -- >> well, we're doing that. >> but he, you know, he was totally harmless. he had nothing there. i saw the robot thing going up to the eye is ro copter and i knew -- >> i wonder if he would think about though what america would be like if everybody who had a beef with the government started flying rotocontinuers on the lawn. things would go to bad pretty quick. >> that is true. >> yeah, that is true. >> i don't think there's too many people that want to ride one of those things. and i don't think there's too many -- >> i wonder how he would feel he saw all these kids around there. flay video here if you would. i want to show this video. look at the chopper's landing. see the children here, i'm going to pause this, see all these children? can you see the tv now? >> i do not see the tv from where i am. >> at the bottom of the screen of the tv are a bunch of little
12:42 pm
children. i'm guessing, and just guessing that they have gone to the capitol for the day, they're going to see the construction. and what they might have seen had he flown just a little bit closer to the capitol, according to one member of congress is a helicopter being blown out of the sky. i wonder how that would affect those children you know. >> oh certainly. he realizes there was a danger but he was trying -- from the way we talked about it before, he was planning he had his route planned out so that he wouldn't be near any people themselves. >> well, i'm thankful he didn't crash into those children some of whom might have been visiting for educational study. i don't think people are going to argue with him that huge money has hijacked the system because, well i mean -- as one deals with facts, it has. that's just a fact. you can't get around that. whether flying a rotocopter on the line is a good response. i'm glad to hear from you anyway. good luck to you.
12:43 pm
no helicopter flying, all right. >> i don't do that. >> judge napolitano is with us, i get his point. >> well a couple things. first of all the guy should expect -- >> the door's going to be knocking there. >> interview from the fbi. >> they'll have questions. >> very very soon. he obviously has knowledge of this and may have been implicated in some agreement. secondly, his buddy used a means of mass conveyance, meaning more than one person, in an unlawful way to intimidate and affect the policy of the government. that is loosely defined as an act of terrorism. >> terrorism. >> this post-9/11 era. i believe this guy. >> i believe him. >> the pilot has strong political views but there is really no defense to this. i don't think he intended to harm anybody he came very very close. he clearly impaired the welfare of those children. >> super bad mistake. >> correct. >> and he's going to pay for it. >> i think he's facing jail time. >> this is not good people, that lady says. i mean, we can't sometimes
12:44 pm
action of well-minded people border on super kind of danger. i mean, you should see, some of the e-mails about this one or that one on the right or the left. the noise is up. it's up. >> he has every right to have whatever opinion he wants, but he cannot invade federal air space in washington, d.c. in 2015 and lucky he escaped with his life. >> he's lucky he didn't get shot down. >> yes. >> jon how far he flew. he didn't fly from tampa. he carried the thing up here. >> i don't think it would make it. >> i haven't gotten close enough. >> this is not good, people, i heard her. i heard her. well, i mean at first i was like you have got to be kidding me. and there's probably an element of that here, but -- >> not a defense. >> no certainly not a defense. >> he's totally insane, maybe insanity is a defense. doesn't sound like it. >> knowing them, they'll make an
12:45 pm
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so it's bad enough that your legs don't have anywhere to go there on the airplane, but now, some of the top advisors, top advisors to what? top advisors to what, anybody? >> department of transportation airline industry flying people. >> transportation part. >> eye is ro copter police. >> some of the top advisors at the transportation department of something say that those seats could be dangerous to the safety and health of passengers. transportation officials say last summer people had the least amount of personal space in the history of flying. a new record. the advisors say there've been more cases of air rage, people getting angry because there's no bin space and people because bump into them in the aisles or
12:49 pm
whatever. the advisors also say cramped conditions might make it harder for people to evacuate during an emergency. kennedy's here host of kennedy, 10:00 eastern time 9:00 in oxford, jazz hands at work. you've been flying at least a couple times a week. >> i don't know who fluff is, but i would have flown with fluff on my lap. they're stacking passengers. they don't have their own seat anymore. i have two people on my lap from l.a.x. to jfk this weekend. >> they're not kidding. they've taken, they have economy comfort, then they have cattle car back in the back. where your leks are like this. you're getting ankles swelling up. two sizes of shoes. >> and you have to wear leg wraps. >> all right. >> that is the federal law now. they have, it's a mandate. >> they're overkill here, aren't they? >> it's 31 inches of space. the problem is airlines for so
12:50 pm
long, like we don't make any money, maybe we should stop putting olives on salad, then they were like, oh we can put people over a barrel and charge them $25 per checked bag, and now everyone brings their charge them $25 per checked bag and now everyone brings their luggage on the plane. there's not enough room for the people yet alone all their bags. >> and if you're in that last zone to board, if you got a roller board forget it. >> you're riding underneath with the kennels. that's where you're riding. >> i know you're not into government saying but there ought to be a way for the people to say stop it. >> no, the only thing you can do is pay $50 per leg if you want more leg room to be in the economy comfort on most major airlines. >> and that gets you back to where it would have been years ago. >> and they don't have middle seats anymore because they have fewer roots and fuller planes with less space and i mean, as far as the health concerns you're suppose to get up and
12:51 pm
walk around on a plane but if you have people sitting so close to you and you don't want to put your bottom in their face zone. >> if you can fly to cuba these days sort of maybe but investigators say the island is in a list. >> do you know any place nearby we can stay the night? >> take your car and go there. the motel 6 app is perfect when you need to find and book a room or get directions more direct. we'll leave the light on for you. ♪ grind virtually any kind of food waste into an unending source of electrical power for a city?
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u.s. officials say fully restoring relations with cuba could take a few years. the white house is announced they plan to drop cuba from the states of terrorism. that includes joann. she's the first woman fbi named to their most wanted terrorist. she escaped prison after killing a state trooper in 1973. white house did not mention any
12:55 pm
of those fugitives and none of those folks or anything. >> there's growing frustration among people that tell me the obama administration never consulted them. a couple of years ago we had access to crime scene photos just before the murder. there's a lot of hope doubling the reward of $2 million might lead to the capture. while they tell me they confirmed sitings in cuba, she's still free. cubans will not be releasing her but today a spokes person said improved relations could lead to it one day. >> to return from cuba, it's an issue of long standing concern to the united states and it will be addressed in the broader context of normalizing relations between the united states and cuba. >> so i guess we just have to wait and see if this leads to them coming home or not.
12:56 pm
>> rick, thank you. we'll look back to this day in history and a baseball milestone. the closing bell at the top of the hour and news straight away. tt8fq@q:)q1m-[f=/p2!a>l
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on this day back in 1947 jackie robinson became baseball's first black player. he made his debut for the brooklyn dodgers. still he won the league's first ever rookie of the year award that season. a few years later he helped the dodgers beat the yankees in the subway series. jackie robinson later became the first african american to get into baseball's hall of fame and they retired his uniform of 42. he decided to swing for the fences 68 years ago. breaking news changes everything
1:00 pm
on fox news channel. it's tax day. enjoy. for many it means the day you get your refund. for others it means the day you land a gyrocopter on the lawn at the mall. a little birdie tells us the pilot is in trouble. >> what's the ominous glow in the distance? >> you are looking live at an angry nation, the scene as we speak right now at the nation's capitol. these are all taxpayers like you and they're mad and out for blood. i know what you're thinking neil, that's animation. prove it. welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. watch and keep paying. income taxes corporate taxes fees fines you name


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