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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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dialogue. persnickety persnickety. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, four days into her campaign for president, hillary clinton has yet to do a single serious interview. and now some ugly questions are cropping up about the media the democrats, and the 2016 race. welcome to the kelly file everyone, i'm meghan kelly. senator ted cruz did at least four national television interviews senator paul also granted four, and senator rubio pulled off no less than six. in just a couple days. hillary clinton, not one. not a single one. no one has had an opportunity to ask her about the e-mail scandal that has damaged her credibility, according to the polls. no one's questioned her on how the clinton foundation was
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taking on millions in foreign money while she was secretary of state, conflict of interest potentially. no one has revisited the russian reset the events in benghazi or how she backed the president's foreign policy approach as the middle east became an epic mess. instead, what passes for media coverage consistents of reporters standing around at staged photo ops for the breathless discussion of mrs. clinton's visit to chipotle. after which news anchors drilled down on her choice of a chicken burrito bowl but wait, it gets better. watch what happened tuesday when the hard hitting press corps, the people granted protection under the first amendment of our constitution because their role is so important get their first glimpse of the former first lady arriving in her fancy van at an iowa campaign stop. >> scooby van is coming up right here, right behind our camera. here it is. there she goes. and secret service following behind her. okay. they're going around to the
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back. so we're not going -- you can see the media running behind me here. to chase the scooby van. and she's going around to the back. >> wow. >> all right. we'll see her very soon. >> guy in the orange pants is pretty quick. alex, i mean i'm looking at the people -- wow. orange pants is outnumbered now by all of the people racing around the back. >> oh my god. how embarrassing is that? that is so -- i'm humiliated just to watch it. i'm humiliated for my kind, the press. let's go to chief white house correspondent ed henry who filed this report from the campaign trail with mrs. clinton, and he was not one of those people chasing that car. >> well the media is collect i havely allowing hillary clinton's campaign to kick off much differently than the republican side. and that's allowing her to accomplish her short term political goals of getting this message out that she's a very effective champion of the middle
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class. i saw it today here at this produce facility where she was conducting almost an oprah-style talk show, nodding smiling, asking small business owners questions. meanwhile, we were penned off behind those boxes near the boxes and pallets back there, and when reporters shouted questions about same-sex marriage, the e-mail controversy, she ignored it and walked out. that's different than marco rubio earlier this week doing the fox interview but also nrp, abc, rand paul recently announcing, then doing the interviews with fox and nbc, savannah guthrie that got quite testy, pushing him on various issues, and later, after that, chuck todd of nbc said to rand paul, welcome to the nfl. well, i pressed clinton's communication's director, why hasn't she even put a helmet on yet. >> hillary clinton will be doing a lot of interviews. this, you know, the beginning of the campaign she didn't she didn't want the focus of the national stage or, you know, interviews with herself.
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this is -- she wants to be out talking with people. >> now let me give you an idea behind of scenes of what happened yesterday when clinton staff said she had done media availability what happened was she walked towards the media, and they started shouting questions, she didn't answer any of them. she just simply recapped what had happened at her staged event. gave her talking opponents about the middle class and walked out. that's not exactly a news conference. >> she walked towards the media. check. joining me now, howie kurtz who is the host of media buzz here on fnc, howie, i'm sorry, but when i see those reporters chasing after their subject who remained so elusive, who despite the best efforts they cannot pin down the reporters there reminded me of the reporters here. remember this? the police. they look like the police. look at the police. the police did their best to try
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to capture and elusionive subject, and the reporters did the same. not comparing the subjects to one another, i want to underscore that. these reporters how embarrassing. >> i am so grateful i didn't have to chase the scooby doo van. and look the hyperventilation over every hillary hiccup is just cringe worthy. you see these sophisticated journalists, these experienced analysts saying well, she ordered the chicken burrito, was this a play for the latino vote. and now there's a new scandal emerging on twitter, didn't lee a tip at a fast food joint. that calls for a special prosecutor. it's humiliating to be put in this position of having to chase after these mere scraps that hillary is handing out to the press corps. >> right, and yet the reason that we are embarrassing ourselves like this is because where is hillary? it's like i get that he's hugely famous, right.
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but, this is -- she's running for president. to now we have to have access to her. now everything she says is once again going to be news. why is she so silent? and how long can this possibly continue? >> and why is she hiding in that van? well look, i've been on lots of campaign trails with republican and democratic presidential candidate who went days and days without holding a news conference, hillary didn't invent that, but she just had her role out. didn't give a speech, she did the video. i think it's a giant diss to the press. she has little love for the press corps, and it is of course a way to project this every day american image and sits down with iowans insulating herself from difficult questions that would upset the script. >> she's been totally insulated. rand paul puts himself out there. he goes on with venues that may not be that friendly toward his message, but he took his licks. you know, she, the only lick she was having is over at chipotle.
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and it wound up, it wound up with coverage like this that was mocked by jon stewart. >> the news media didn't just cover secretary clinton's fast food choice. they went all in. >> the only sighting came at a chipotle. >> she's just like us, she eats at chipotle. >> video captured her eating a burrito bowl. stopped in ohio. >> chicken burrito bowl with black beans. >> also got an iced tea. >> how many napkins? jon stewart appropriated press, how many napkins? how many [ bleep ] napkins? >> new stuff, we've never seen her get a burrito before. >> we're learning so much about her. look you know she could do these events obviously she wants to go small she wants to be humble, doesn't want to fly around a 7, had she just walked over for what was termed
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an availability and actually answered a couple of questions, we wouldn't be sitting and completely walled herself off, and eventually she will do some interviews. it just seems to me that she's reinforcing the questions about does she have a message because she's not putting herself in a position to answer anything more substantive than her menu choices. >> it's tough to feel connected. joining us with more, bill burton good to see you. so now that counts as a media availability just walking towards the press, saying a few things and walking away? >> i think the only thing that's missing is that rand paul, marco rubio, all these guys, they're doing all these interviews because they are begging for attention. hillary clinton doesn't need attention. those guys are out there trying to get something they can't get. >> she needs some now she does. >> that's right. >> what do you mean? you tell me, maybe she's too smart by half because she's making the, you know the media
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you know, like in the alpaca video, she's making fools out of them. >> that's their problem, not hers. keep in mind that all over the world, all over the country, the day after her announcement she's on the front page of all these newspapers everywhere, she's leading the conversation tonight on your show. ly say though -- >> we're not talking about her message. >> every campaign runs into this right? at a certain point, you know, there's a balance that you have to keep between how many the candidate talks to the press aej how much to the american people directly and keeping the balance is a difficult thing. we have problems with it on the obama campaign. sometimes when we went too long without a media availability or press conference, people would you know, rise up against us, and you know, that will happen on the hillary campaign. even though she's hired the smartest communicators, she'll hit these moments where she should do an availability -- >> what that tells me, you tell me whether this is wrong the
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smart communications people are saying, it is not to our advantage to put our candidate out there. and i mean i interviewed you many times when barack obama was a senator and i don't remember that message, you know, from those who were representing barack obama. why don't they want to put her out there? >> well see two things. number one, the president actually took a lot of heat both in the white house and on the campaign trail that he didn't do as many media availabilities -- >> but he did some. some. >> when you're running for the office, you have to talk to the people who you want to elect you. >> we're in day two of the campaign, 572 days until election day. hillary clinton's going to do plenty of press conferences. >> sunday, monday tuesday wednesday, day four. let me ask you this -- >> i was told there would be no math in the interview. >> i know. i can do it if it's just one hand. that's it, beyond that, no. let me ask you this, i did see one interaction with voters, it
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was all staged as the politicians do. i heard a familiar line, watch. >> every day americans need a champion, and i want to be that champion. i'm running for president because i think that americans and their families need a champion. and i want to be that champion. >> i mean, is that what we're going to get? repeating the stuff that was in the commercial? >> we're just barely into this campaign. you're going to get a lot of hillary clinton over the course of the next 572 just like a lot of rand paul, speaking of which, do you think he's happy that he did all those interviews? he got man handled by savannah guthrie one of the smartest but nicest people in the news media. his team feels they treated him well. >> isn't it better to get beat up early gate little beat up get your sea legs, she did that book tour, didn't look like she had her sea legs. >> when you run for president, you get beat up all the time,
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there's so many indignities and covering the people who running for president that there's going to be a lot of them between here and there. but i will say one thing, mr. obama say-- michelle obama says it reveals who you are. through the processing with up a folks will be rescreamed as to who they are. we're just right at the beginning of it, but we're going to find out a lot really soon. >> the candidate suffers indignities develope i have to cue up the video? do i have to do it? the press should find its own dignity. bill, it's good to see you. >> good to see you. >> it's like the dog chasing the van. what happens if they catch the bumper? let's see it one more time. yes yes. press, see yourselves. you wish you had a do over don't you. look at the end. can you keep it rolling? see what happens on the screen left, it's like the swarm look at how many there are. dignity at the door. okay. moving on. a big city mayor is now
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trying to blame governor scott walker for a recent surge in gun violence, including the weekend shooting of a man and a teenager. milwaukee county sheriff david clark is here with what he thinks is really going on. could it have to do with a presidential election? plus dr. ben carson joins us to explain why he and reverend al sharpton now share a common goal. he'll explain what that is and i'll ask whether he thinks this is good politics. plus last night i spoke with debbie wasserman schulz about her fight with senator rand paul and how that has produced what rush limbaugh called a victory for republicans unlike any he has ever seen. dana perino is next on rand rush, our interview, and what this means for the road ahead. >> rand paul has done something that no other republican has done. he has turned the abortion issue around on the democrats.
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willing to protect lives. >> that was senator rand paul on his very first day on the campaign trail fielding a now somewhat predictable reporter question for republicans about abortion. and then flipping it back on the democrats. last night, i had a chance to press debbie wasserman schulz, the chair of the democratic national committee on this very issue. watch. he keeps saying ask debbie when life begins. when does she believe life begins. can you answer that question? >> the question that he was asked, and that he's trying to deflect from by pushing it on me is does he support exceptions to his oppositions -- >> i know i give you this point. i see the point. he has not been explicit on it. i'm wondering about you i have you tonight. >> from my perspective, from my party's perspective we do not support rolling back the protection that the constitutional right to make your own reproductive choices established in roe versus wade
6:18 pm
has given women. >> dana perino is co-host of the five right here on nfc and author of the new book and the good news is lessons and advice from the bright side. great to see you. >> thank you. >> and so you know rush was saying, and i heard you saying earlier on the five that that that was that was a significant moment. why? >> it's a change. so what rand paul basically did is say i am going to take your typical question for a republican that you never ask the democrats and i'm going to flip it back on you because i know where i stand on it. he has a principle position. some people might disagree but he knows where he stands. what he was saying is why doesn't anyone ask the democrats on where they stand on late term abortion in particular. and on that question, i think debbie wasserman schulz answer to you was telling. >> we never ran the whole interview again tonight. then i asked her what about the public is overwhelmingly against third term abortions. 80%, 83% are against third
6:19 pm
trimester i should say abortions. 63% i think against second trimester abortions. so i said what about a woman in a third trimester who wants to abort a baby on a whim? you can't support that. and she said well, not on a whim. i mean, so there you have it. she just kept going back to it's between a doctor and the woman. it's between a woman and her doctor, period. >> that is their safe language and it's their language that they have used for the litmus test that liberals have to pass. they're rigid. science has changed a lot of minds about late term abortion and faith and morals have changed a lot of hearts. what the republican party said is that we are for speaking for the innocent. when it comes to like contraception, the republicans were smart also in 2014 saying, we support over the counter contraception, all of it, fine take that issue off the table. now they want to talk about late term abortion, i think the issue is bigger.
6:20 pm
this is about character. this is about who is going to speak on behalf of the innocent. we are entering into an interesting technological time where genetic modification will move faster than the policy has been able to allow us to keep up with, and the principle stand for life and the innocence of it and the protection of it is a place i would much rather be on that side that's how i'm formed, but 84% of americans agree that means that the liberals actually the democrats are the extremists on late term abortion. >> that's the thing. i don't understand, i was, i was confused as to why she wouldn't just -- i mean third term abortion, third trimester -- >> they will seed no ground. >> that's an easy thing -- even if you are pro-choice, 80 plus percent of americans say not in the third trimester. that's a baby.
6:21 pm
that is a baby. >> that's right. and that's why i say science has informed people's personal experiences, they might know somebody who has had a baby that was born premature and is now living a good and healthy life. when she says this is between a woman and a doctor, that's the rigid language of the left and they will drive it home because. sends the signal to the donors that we are not going to budge on roe versus wade. >> it doesn't acknowledge what i was pressing her on. at some point the state has the right to regulate that relationship because there is a third life involved. and that baby has protection under law at some point. which the democrats don't have to concede, you know, and lose any points on the supreme court said it's so. >> they could say that's the law of the land. one of the things she wouldn't even say, except in the case of the life of the mother. i mean they are so rigid in their communication on this, and they have to be or else they will lose all of the support and
6:22 pm
funding from their far left, from the feminists, and hillary clinton will have a hard time with this issue. and if the reporters ever get a chance to catch up to that scooby van and ask her, maybe they could pose like the drive-thru window, by the way, how do you feel about late term abortion? and maybe -- >> would you like fries with that? >> it was very smart of rand paul to just that question that you pressed her on it made this actually an issue. it's not just about that that one point that she was trying to make about making it very narrow. this is a character issue. and it is about who is on the side of protecting innocent life. it's all lives matter, i think the republicans are on the winning side. >> interesting. we'll see whether rand continues that. that turned out to be what many republicans are just saying is a winner. dana, great to see you. >> thank you. >> as always. she was not on the side of the reporters running. she didn't think it was a good idea. coming up, dr. ben carson got national attention today when he found common ground with reverend al sharpton he's here
6:23 pm
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there are new developments tonight in the case of the new jersey teacher who had her third graders send get-well cards to convicted cop killer. she is serving a life sentence for killing daniel faulkner in 1981. after the school board suspended the teacher saying they didn't know she was doing that she and her supporters pushed back. first offending the assignment then saying it was actually the student's idea. >> i mentioned to my students that she was very ill and they said they would like to write get-well letters to her. i shared this on social media. i do apologize to parents, students, and community members for having done that.
6:27 pm
>> we're proud of you. >> maureen faulkner is the widow of officer daniel faulkner. good to see you again tonight. what are your thoughts on this teacher and the attempt to pawn it off on the eight-year-olds as it was all their idea? >> well that has me very concerned because i think this marilyn, she actually was indoctrinating these young children back in february. she had them write about a quote that the woman wrote, which was, when a just man is silent where is the justice? so she's the one who introduced these children and told them told them about this murderer. >> this is a man, mumia who shot your husband in the face, took his young life and left you a widow, and she wants them to
6:28 pm
learn about his message on justice. >> yeah. you know, megyn, i was just about her age when i walked into jefferson hospital in the middle of the night and saw my husband's face blown off. i mean, she needs to realize that what she is doing is so wrong. she needs to get, first of all the children are the ones who are being hurt right now, and the parents. the children probably have no idea what's going on. their teacher is not there. and if she wants to apologize and she really feels that way, then she needs to stand up in front of the classroom, say she was wrong, say that mumia murdered a police officer and that she should have never had these children write get well letters. >> you know this man has become amazingly a cause celebre for some of the left who maintain he is a an innocent man railroaded
6:29 pm
by a justice system. >> that is what has gone on. joseph said many years ago, tell a lie tell it big enough, often enough, and it becomes truth. and that's what happens in this case. people have turned this man, who was a cold-blooded murderer into a martyr. a journalist. and to free him and these children were actually, you know, had pictures of mumia with free mumia. it's disgraceful and wrong. there should be consequences for it. >> the school district is trying to decide what to do with this teacher. her supporters don't want to see any further discipline imposed. we will continue to follow it. maureen, always good to see youb, thank you for coming on and dredging up a painful memory. >> thank you. up next, a mayor of milwaukee now trying to blame governor scott walker for a recent surge in gun violence.
6:30 pm
milwaukee county sheriff david clark is here next on what's really happening. in his own backyard. plus we have the real story tonight behind the epic meltdown by an a-list actor that was seen by millions. >> what the [ bleep ], keep going. i am acting here, and this [ bleep ] wanders on to me set. set. y set.
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's the kelly file with megyn kelly. tonight new developments in a growing political fight over guns. yesterday, we reported on how milwaukee mayor tom barrett was trying to blame governor scott walker for the dramatic increase in gun deaths in his city. well david clark is the sheriff of milwaukee county and we reached out to him to learn more about this. sheriff, the mayor says the problems in his city are all the
6:34 pm
governors fault and the fault, he adds, for good measure of the nra. and you say what? >> well, you know, when you're a liberal politician, the tendency is that when you have no solutions to what's going on in the city state, country, you blame political adversaries. this was a cheap shot by mayor tom barrett but it's important to add that tom barrett lost twice in race for governor against scott walker, and there's probably some residual bitterness. mayor barrett is a disciple and on the board for the mayors of second amendment, and mayor barrett was just regurgitating from his anti-gun talking points memo. mayor barrett has been the mayor for ten years. its been going on for a long time it's his failed policies. >> the uptick in crime in milwaukee has been significant according to those who are in the know in the area. they say that, let's see, this
6:35 pm
is another politician there who says, the homicide rate in milwaukee is six times that of new york city. milwaukee's auto theft rate is 12 times of that new york city, burglary rate is five times of that new york city. why do they compare it to new york city. this is making me feel uncomfortable. the rape rate is three times of new york city. milwaukee is a dangerous place to live, they lay the blame at the feet of the mayor you as the sheriff in milwaukee county, what do you say? >> well, first of all while all this is going on, mayor barrett has not properly filled the staffing level of the milwaukee police department. there are about two to 300 officers short. he furloughed every city of milwaukee police officer for three days each. it's the soft on crime judiciary milwaukee county that won't properly sentence career criminals. it's a district attorney's office engaging in some of these same social engineering projects that are soft on crime. deferred prosecutions for career
6:36 pm
criminals, putting them right back into the street the revolving door of justice. they're drinking the kool aid of that soft on crime of the sweep of the united states and we're paying the price for it now. if you don't properly fund law enforcement agencies, they're not going to be able to keep up, megyn. >> the mayor is hitting him on concealed carry law that the governor who has an eight plus rating and the castle doctrine law he supported when allows you to defend somebody who comes into your own home with, you know, with a gun, deadly force. >> there's no data to support mayor barrett's claim that castle doctrine or people being able to defend themselves play a role in their own defense through the carry and conceal weapons has anything to do with the crime and violence. the perpetrators of the crime and violence in milwaukee, in the city of milwaukee, milwaukee county are career criminals. they do not possess carry and conceal license. these are not castle doctrine, that's why i said he's
6:37 pm
regurgitating michael bloomberg's talking points memo. when scott walker was a county executive, and i'm the sheriff we worked together. public safety was always at the top of then county executive walker's priority list. the same when he became the governor of the state. he always made sure that my office was properly funded. when there was an issue of public safety scott walker had the wherewithal to rely on the people who know a little bit about public safety he would come to me and say sheriff, i have a decision to make. how is this going to affect public safety. i would think the as president of the united states he is going to have that same wherewithal to listen to the commanders, military commanders on the ground, listen to border patrol agents then rely on them to make his decision. and when he makes a decision, he won't do like tom barrett and stand up there and blame others scott walker will take responsibility for his decision. >> okay. we've got to run. >> that's an important trait that i like about scott walker.
6:38 pm
>> sheriff, great to see you. >> thank you megyn. >> joining me now president and ceo of whitman insight strategies bernard whitman. is this the mayor politicizing a tragedy? >> no, not at all. look at the statistics, it's shocking. every single day in this country nearly 300 americans are shot with a gun. nearly 100 of them die. we in the united states represent 80% of all gun deaths in the entire developed world. >> if this is the crime committed by some murderer and of all the conceal carry permits issued in milwaukee only one crime involved somebody who was -- >> let's talk about why there's so many guns on the streets. particularly in streets like milwaukee. the reason that people are dying of gun violence is because there are too many guns on the streets. >> because of the criminals. is it not? >> no. milwaukee has some of the laxes gun violence laws in the entire country. you don't need a permit to guy you don't need a permit to own it, you don't need a permit to
6:39 pm
carry it. in california for example the last 20 years, they have strengthened laws against gun violence to protect kids, to protect family members, gun violence gone down by half. >> how do you explain chicago then? >> i'm not exactly familiar with the law -- >> chicago has tight gun laws, and gun violence there is running rampant. >> combination of proper policing and gun laws. you talk about mayor bloomberg, he led the effort and mayors against illegal guns. the gun violence scourge in this country is at an epidemic listen. >> listen, you're taking it nationally. and i'm focussed on milwaukee. what i see here is a sheriff who had a murder happen in his county, in his city, it was a man hit a two-year-old boy. he got out to check on the boy, the boy died, and some unidentified person who has yet to be apprehended shot and killed that driver. and wound up shooting and killing another the little two-year-old's boy 15-year-old brother who came over to check on him. so the question is, who did that
6:40 pm
and how do you jump to tighter gun laws? we need to police the streets better. >> if people didn't have access to guns, two of the three people would be alive. >> how do you explain chicago? >> if you have a gun in your home, you're four times as likely to be shot with it and be able to use it to defend yourself. you're twice as likely to be a victim of homicide, three times as likely to be a victim of suicide -- >> and yet and yet -- >> if you are a young adult you are 17 times more likely to die from a gun than a kid in another developed country. that is just wrong. and the reason is -- >> that statistic includes suicides. >> guns are too easy to get in this country. we have got to control. >> all right, bernard. >> control gun violence. >> and yet, guns are a lot like lawyers, you don't want one around until you need one. when you hear the door open -- >> you're probably going to get killed if you pull it out. >> not if you know thousand use
6:41 pm
it. >> the vast minority of people in this country do that. >> i'm not making any further comment. >> i'm not breaking into your house. >> you're welcome any time. not in the middle of the night, that would be uncomfortable. it's great to see you. >> i'll buzz. >> thank you. we have new details tonight on a story involving dr. ben carson, reverend al sharpton, and the event that brought these two men together. dr. carson is here next to explain why he would be partnering with up with al sharpton during campaign season. >> no justice -- >> no peace. >> no justice -- >> no peace. >> no justice -- >> no peace. ♪ ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... from the smallest detail to the boldest leap. healthier means using wellness to keep away illness... knowing a prescription is way more than the pills...
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new details tonight of a surprising admission from a possible republican presidential contender. dr. ben carson says in an op ed that he and al sharpton actually have the same goal. what's that? dr. ben carson is a retired neurosurgeon and potential 2016 republican presidential contender. he joins me now. dr. carson, you sent a shiver down the spine of republican voters out there who are not particularly fans of al sharpton. can you explain? >> well, i was invited to speak at his national action network. and a lot of people say no no, no you shouldn't go, no way be associated with that man. and even mr. sharpton himself when he introduced me, he said,
6:46 pm
dr. carson and i probably don't agree on anything. i don't think we could agree that today is wednesday, but it was worth listening to. and you know, the problem, one of the big problems in our country right now is that we get off in our respective corners, and we throw hand grenades. we need to be solving problems. now you know, the sharpton group says that they want to elevate people. well, i wanted to give an alternative to the massive spending of trillions of dollars since the '60s to so-called help people because it hasn't helped people it's actually made people worse off. we have more crime, more poverty more broken homes, none of the things that were supposed to have gotten better have gotten better. and there's a much better alternative in terms of teaching people how to turn dollars over in their own community in order to create wealth in terms of breaching back and pulling back other people who are coming along. some people have accused me of
6:47 pm
being hypocritical. you grew up very poor. and you must have had some type of government assistance and now you want to remove it from everybody. that's a blatant lie. i've never said that i wanted to remove all government assistance. what i have said is that, i want to concentrate on ways that we allow people to move out of the state system. >> you're about empowerment. i've heard that message and the story from the mother and the poem which is moving. i think what was surprising about the sharpton i don't know, partnership, whatever you want to call it this is a man who has stoked the racial fires in recent months. who has gone out there making preconceived arguments and judgments about cases that he knows very little of and for example, ferguson missouri, saying that that officer was not in fear for his life, michael brown posed no bodily threat to him, not true, still waiting for his apology. why would you tarnish your own brand by partnering up with somebody like that? >> well, you won't get me to
6:48 pm
defend him, but i will tell you that the audience a little cool when i first started -- >> there were some boos which was mean. >> they ended warm. which means we can reach people. we don't want to categoryize people based on an individual. we to want give them all an opportunity to listen and evaluate. because it's the only way we're going to heal the very deep divisions that exist in our country. you're getting ready for a big announcement may 4th it being tax day and you being a small government tax kind of guy, from what i've heard. i want to ask you about a story in the washington post, art laffer talked about tax plans. and he said, after i great new plan, i thought of for separating brain neurorons. he said you got the joke which is why don't you let the economist come up with the tax plan and you do the brain plan, and did that happen and what is
6:49 pm
the plan? >> well, we have had an opportunity to talk a couple of times. and you know, what i want to really lay out are the principles. i have no problem with allowing the, the experts on the economy to come up with all the details but the fact of the matter is, you know we have way too much in the way of taxes. our tax code is 82,000 pages long. no one can comply with all of that. the government can get anybody on tax issues, which is the precursor to a totalitarian government. we don't want that. we want a system that is truly fair, for everybody. not having any favorites, and you know i want something that is flatter, and fairer. and i want everybody to participate because, if half the people don't participate, it's real easy for a politician to come along and say i want to raise taxes on the 1% or the 2% or the 5% it's hard to say i
6:50 pm
want to raise taxes on 100%. >> uh-huh. it is because it's politically risky. all right. one of the many things i want to continue a discussion on another day since we're out of time tonight. dr. carson, it's great speaking with you. thanks for being here tonight sir. >> it's a pleasure, thank you megyn. coming up, the supreme court justice who nearly found himself on the other side of the bench after being called for jury duty. wait until you hear this story. plus, the story behind the viral video of a very well-known actor going on an epic tirade on the set. >> i am doing my job here! i am a pro! this is the most unprofessional set i have ever been on!
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
so u.s. supreme court justice gets called in for jury duty.
6:54 pm
seriously. chief justice john roberts showed up for his civic duty today just like any good american. and even answered two questions a allowed in open court about his relatives while staying mum about his particular line of employment. this would have been listed on the questionnaire but there he was. justice roberts eventually spoke with attorneys and the judge privately at the bench. shockingly, he was not selected for the trial in maryland. can you imagine the scene if he had been? objection your honor, overruled, not you juror number two, pipe down. it wouldn't have worked out. and now to a viral video of actor dennis quaid having a major meltdown that has everyone talking. trace gallagher is live in the west coast newsroom, was it real or fake? >> you've got to wait. dennis quaid is a good actor which is why when his blowout went viral everyone wondered if he threw a christian bale type
6:55 pm
tantrum. most is not safe for work as they say, but watch the first part released online. listen. >> soent dough you [ bleep ] menace me! i am doing my job here! i am a pro! this is the most unprofessional set i have ever been on! this is horse [ bleep ]! i've got [ bleep ] over here that i have to look at! this is garbage! >> so even those who thought it was a hoax certainly wouldn't have bet the farm on it and media outlets appeared to be convinced that he was angry watch. >> dennis quaid melting down on a set. it's leaked and it is epic. >> the video is now spreading around the world and generating headlines. >> well, today the comedy website funny or die cleared up the is it real or is it a hoax question by showing what was happening behind the scenes as dennis quaid was on his tirade it's funny and clever, watch. >> dennis -- >> don't you [ bleep ] dennis
6:56 pm
me! i am doing my job here! i am a pro! this is the most unprofessional set i've ever been on! this is horse [ bleep ]! i've got these zombies over here that i have to look at! this is garbage! >> yeah. funny or die. jimmy kimmel was the one everyone thought it was. it was not to be the case megyn. >> so well done. trace, thank you. we'll be right back. s an undisciplined overwaterer. she claims he's a cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here. tt8fq@q:)q1m-[f=/p2!a>l
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tomorrow night we'll have laura, and brian who is a segment quickly becoming of your favorite. do you have a story you want to hear from brian on. share it on twitter, thanks for watching, i'm megyn kelly. tonight -- >> this is disgusting. >> after an alleged gang rape on the beach numerous shootings, dozens of arrests an out of control behavior -- >> we have got to get control of our beaches. it is not safe for our children. >> will anything be done to reign in spring break in panama city beach, florida? >> it feels like open season on black men in america and i'm outraged. >> this democratic congressman joins us to explain his controversial comments. >> people need to understand that not all officers are crooked, not all officers are racist, bad people. >> and the creator of this viral video is here to speak out against the racial divide


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