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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 16, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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j% the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the defendant not guilty, guilty of murder in the ñ-first or guilty of murder in the second degree. >> guilty of murder in the second -- first degree.hq
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>> wow. also miller on hillary clinton its hysteria. >> you know me. i don't understand the world at all anymore. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.@ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the antipolice movement in america, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. yesterday, a group called the stop mass incarceration network suggested that all americans protmq1ñ quote: the injustice of mass incarceration and police brutality. in new york city, maybe 400 protesters turned out < block traffic and yell stuff. 42 were arrested. in los angeles, about 100 protesters turned out. there were 14 arrests in the
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city of angels. in oakland, far left city, only about 100 people showed up. no arrests were made there. you can sigh the antipolice call was not exactly heeded. the vast majority of americans understand most of the na jjrs 1.2 million law enforcement agents are good people who risk their lives to protect the innocent. but with high tech now capturingz it's easy for cop haters to enforcement community. in north charleston, south carolina. a police officer was recently caught on tape killing an unarmed black man who was running away from him after a traffic stop. the officer, michael slager is charged with murder. in tulsa, 73-year-old reserve deputy shot and killed a black man who was allegedly trying to sell a firearm. the deputy robert bates has been charged with manslaughter. and in san bernardino, california, 3ñ-year-old francis pusok was beaten by as many as 10 cops after
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running away from them on horseback. is he white and has been charged with low level crimes the deputies have been put on leave. again with cameras everywhere. any polihe misconduct now becomes a national story. so police training must improve to ensure that deadly force is used only in extreme situations. yes, police face difficult situations every day. but along with the arrest authority comes deep responsibility. the perps are expected to be pits has made a career out of exploiting grievance weather legitimate or not. he recently wrote foxz6x news quotes fox news in quotes in his column has already invoked misleading statistics to it assure his5v audience that there doesn't
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seem to be, as some peopleyñ would you have believe. in other words, move on, nothing here to see. the stats spitz referring to come from the centers for3oym putting black men in prison for crimes like selling narcotics. many on the left see nothing wrong with selling heroin, cocaine and meth. they call it a nonviolent crime. that should not be punished harshly. meantime entire neighborhoods like the south side of chicago were terrorized by drug gangs. and millions of americans have been enslaved or even
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died from using addictive poisons. but the crime is nonviolent. >> talking points believes that insane views of the world can poison actual societies. that is what these antipolice people are trying to do. yes, there is police abuse no, america is not a place where minority people are targets of organized injustice thank god most of us seem to know that that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from los angeles, los angeles tavis smiley commentator on both tv and radio. also author of the brand new book my journey with mya, about his friendship with the esteemed author mya angelou. where am i going wrong here, tavis? >> you said a lot bill. i will start here. i don't think that these persons protesting yesterday or those of us who have spoken out against police in the past are to your point
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antipolice antipolice misconducted antipolice abuse i don't think inside the black community you find antipolice sentiment primarily because african-americans are the disproportionate victims of violent crime so if anybody wants to be protected and served by the police force it is african-american communities to. label anyone broadly as antipolice i would agree that's not the case. >> you don't think this group stop mass incarceration is not antipolice? this is a very militant group calling for this press. >> what we are saying is that we are the most -- we imprison more people in this country. >> there is a reason we do that. >> hold on, bill. we imprison more people in this country than any other civilized or uncivillized mission in the world. >> the reason for that is the drug traffic. >> exactly. but bill, there are far more drug users in prison than there are. >> no, there aren't. you knows that not true. you know that isn't true.
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you can't go to prison in most states for drug. >> there are more drug users than drug sellers. >> that's not true tavis. >> these are nonviolent crimes. you may find it laughable. they are nonviolent crimes number one. >> you think selling heroin to your kid is a nonviolent crime? do you really? >> bill, i think there are a lot more people in jail for marijuana. >> you are dodging the question and there aren't for marijuana. it's all sale. >> but you have got answer this question. you think that selling heroin to your kid tavis is a nonviolent action? do you really? >> no. bill, you are singling out heroin. >> cocaine, methamphetamine? >> no, you want to focus in on one slice of the problem. we have a drug crisis in this country there is a great conversation going on about whether or not we ought to legalize drugs as you well know. at the end of the day these are nonviolent -- let me say
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one last thing. >> ridiculous. the stats do not belie that. >> bill this drug crisis is much more of a health crisis than it is an illegal concern about people taking other people's lives. >> the states and the feds have no interest in putting drug addicts in prison. you have to sell. >> they do every day, bill. >> you have to transport. only if they are caught selling and transporting. i mean, you know that there are junkies on the street in every major city lying there. and the cops leave them alone. >> let me ask you a question. given all the crime that takes place in this country do you think that selling marijuana is the worst offense? >> marijuana doesn't concern me 57% of all the break-ins robberies, is generated by drug addicted people, okay? so number one, they are not innocent. number two the substance that compels them to commit crimes is deadly. >> bill i would ask -- this is nonviolent actions?
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come on. >> i would add this, too. i don't have these numbers in front of me. can i guarantee you that heroin is not the choice, is not the drug of choice for most folk living in the hood. >> well, whatever it may be, crack cocaine, it is devastated the minority black community in america. you know that's true. and the crime rate in those comuntle communities has come way down because of the incarceration rate. because they have mandatories, they take them off the street. and it's a much safer situation. >> and the result of that is that black families have been crushed. black families across this country have been crushed because of this full war on drugs. >> no i'm telling you. >> and what you too often suggest, my friend is that the black family just sort of collapses like a souffle in the oven. it didn't just collapse. the truth of the matter is that there have been policy on the books that has caused the collapse of the black family. >> it isn't the policy that's caused it it's the personal conduct.
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if you are going to be addicted, your family is going to collapse. if you are going to become addicted to a substance, your family is going to collapse. it doesn't have anything to do with law enforcement. >> it's not either or, it's both and. >> let me ask you one more question here. do you believe that police agencies around the agency are targeting young black men to hurt them? >> i do not. here is what i do believe. i do not. we agree. here is what i do believe. what i do believe is too often in these conversations you and others suggest every time one of these incidents happens that it's an isolated incident. my question to you bill o'reilly is how many isolated incidents equal a pattern? >> i can't answer the question. i can only give you j now you are dodging right? >> i'm not dodging. >> it's an impossible question he to answer with any certainty. all i can do is give you the statistics. and in 2013 i believe it is or 12 it was 135 black men
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killed by police. there is 1.2 million police in the country. i wouldn't say that's a pattern. >> which makes my point. when you tell black people every one of these incidents happen and another precious young life is lost that it's just an isolated incident. that's offensive number one. >> the numbers aren't there to support the pattern you have got to say it? >> i agreed with your facts earlier there are far more white people maimed by cops in this country than black people. this is why this ought to be a concern for all americans. not a color-coded issue. we have got to respect and revel in the humanity of all fellow citizens. >> and i have to stick up for the cops because i think generally they are doing a good job. great debate tavis. always good to have you on the program. again tavis' book is called "my journey with mya" well worth checking out. next on the rundown, football super star aaron hernandez guilty of murder. we will have the inside story on what he did. later miller on hillary hysteria upcoming.
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impact segment tonight. former football star aaron hernandez found guilty of first degree murder in massachusetts. >> what do you make of the facts that there is no murder weapon to be found. no really hard to find motive and no eyewitness saying that did he it. [cell phone] >> make it hard? is that something that went through your mind? what are your thoughts about that? >> just reviewing all the evidence. >> yeah. >> we went through everything step-by-step. >> evidence just outweighed all that? >> going by the law, we didn't need the murder weapon. >> the jury took six days to convict hernandez and he will spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering 27-year-old oden lloyd. what actually happened here?
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joining us now from boston philip tracy jr. an attorney who has been following the case for wfxt the fox affiliate. and attorney and reporter for boston herald. what did he do. >> he aaron hernandez set up the murder of oden lloyd a former friend of his. essentially what he he did was called two of his old friends and had them meet up with him at his north attleboro home. they all got together it and drove to dorchester. they picked oden lloyd and drove down to an industrial park near his home. they shot him at least five times and left him for dead. >> mr. tracy, why did they kill him? >> well, the speculation that he had had had information about hernandez' involvement in a double murder a year before
1:17 am
speculation that he had possibly talked to people about it speculation the close relationship they were going out with two sisters, meaning hernandez fiance was one girl and oden lloyd's, her sister was oden lloyd's girlfriend. so that rumors were getting around about a previous murder that hernandez was the suspect in. that's the double murder in boston that he awaits trial on. >> hernandez has been charged with those too? >> that's right. the double murders preceded this murder. >> for the people around the country that doesn't follow this as much as boston people do, bob. so you have hernandez basically charged with three murders now. this was the first case. and he alleged -- not allegedly, he has been convicted of killing mr. lloyd because mr. lloyd knew about the first drive by murder. now, it wasn't until the summation of the defense attorney for mr. hernandez who is a new england patriot star before all this happened, in his summation he put his own client on the
1:18 am
scene he said he was there when lloyd was killed. was that a mistake? >> looking back on it it, it may have been a mistake. that was really the only way they could have had their defense. their defense was that it wasn't hernandez that pulled the trigger. that he was just a dupe that was standing by as or tease ortiz and wallace were committing the crime. they said ortiz and wallace were on pcp and decided to kill him. in order to get that defense to stick they basically had to concede that hernandez was there. not to mention after 10 weeks of trial, all the evidence point to the fact that he was there. there was cell phone evidence that pointed to the fact that he was there they found the rental car that was banged up. i mean tons and tons of evidence that showed that he was actually there that night. so the confession may have been a mistake but it was really the only way they could make their defense. >> mr. tracy, why did the
1:19 am
jury take six days? >> >> jury was author low. there was not an eyewitness testifying there was not a murder weapon. so the jury was given bring by bring a circumstantial case which the defense could not produce a reasonable doubt in their mind. they built the prosecution -- the prosecution built the case piece by piece including as rob just mentioned cell phone pings video that showed them in the car together. the four people. and also, video cameras from hernandez' own home which had showed the three arriving at the home almost three minutes after they were able to determine the time of death of mr. lloyd. they also showed these two crazy guys holding hernandez' baby while he does something. they also show hernandez with guns. his fiancee was given forced
1:20 am
immunity and it's clear that hernandez was calling her from the police station telling her to dispose of a box which may have contained the murder weapon and to get money into the hands of ortiz and wallace. which they then took and disappeared. >> both you gentlemen who have covered the case from the beginning believe hernandez is guilty and justice was served, correct? >> >> yes. i believe that the government. >> okay. so you both believe it? >> i absolutely do. the government made the case. >> thank you very much. proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> ahead congress finally asserting itself against the power of president obama. take a hard look at that some loan using a mini helicopter terrorizes washington d.c. martha maccallum is
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resident obama. as we reported last night the president has finally relented and agreed to allow congressional oversight of any nuke deal allowed with iran. the proposed bill with lou a yes, no vote. be examined by those serving on capitol hill. the full cock congress. also no sanctions on iran will be lifted until congress approves the deal. joining us now from tampa, florida jessicaer lick a democrat. here in new york city andrea tantaros a co-host of outnumbered. i said in my commentary i couldn't believe president obama didn't know what way this was going. 19-0. all the democrats nine of them voted against president obama. why didn't he know it? come on, everyone wants oversight on this deal. >> that's a really good point. the white house has a terrible relationship with congress. typically you know he how this works. when i was on capitol hill the bush administration
1:25 am
always knew how the votes were going to go down. i think it was pretty embarrassing that the president has been out there for weeks saying that he would veto a bill not knowing that congress had a veto-proof majority. i mean really, bill they had the power to override ao this is huge. i didn't believe they actually caved. i think a win on this one would have been congress overriding a presidential veto. they should have let him. >> that's because you don't like president obama. >> no, i don't like this deal. there is a big difference. i don't like this deal. >> what's wrong with the deal the deal is okay what deal are we talking about? >> iranian deal. >> i'm not worried about the iranian deal. i think what congress did yesterday was a plus for the country. number one, they stopped the partisan garbage number two, they said, you know what we are not going to let the president do unilateral deals with iran because we don't trust either the republicans don't trust obama and nobody trusts iran. what do you say, jessica? >> >> i agree, i think it's also a very good assertion
1:26 am
of the balance of powers that exist and should exist between the executive branch and the legislative branch because we're talking about the removal of not just specific congressional sanctions that were put into place but many congressional sanctions, the financial sanctions here and historically it's been the president's ability to remove very specific ones. so i think it's a good thing that congress. >> did you send president obama a letter and say listen, jessicaer lick erhlick i'm a big fan you are making a mistake. >> i think that's what he was hearing from the senate loud and clear. >> serve against the poor guy right now. everyone even you jessica. >> >> i'm not against the president you are on this one he didn't want this deal. he went so far, andrea, as to taser the congressional
1:27 am
committee. the senate committee by bringing john kerry in j. >> who still didn't know. >> he is still talking. is he still there. >> he is still didn't know. >> have you ever spent any time with the secretary of state? no, that's not fair. >> thank god i have. i worked on the massachusetts delingsz. >> he is loquacious. word of the day. >> i'm not doubting that he is not smart. he doesn't look like a good time he is not as fun as you. >> he wind surfs. >> really congress is turning the constitution on its head. they always did have the power on this deal. traditionally, presidents have gone to congress when it comes to nuclear. this is a radical difference and, bill, instead of the two thirds vote needed to ratify this treaty. basically what congress did is they agreed that only two thirds is needed to block what the president wants this is amazing advocation.
1:28 am
>> it's constitutional. >> i think it turns the constitution on its head. >> you can't always do that. i understand what you are saying. >> do what? make a point? >> you can't always say, all right, the constitution, if you are a strict let earlist litteralist. knock it off you are not a dictator that was sent to iran. if you keep doing this and insulting us you aren't going to get it through. i think signal sent overrides and there is a constitutional basis. i will give jess cat last word. go ahead, jessica. >> yeah, you know, i think this is really a bipartisan issue and certainly in this stance everyone is coming together to say look if iran wants the sanctions immediately. if they are determined to maintain or shorten their nuclear breakout capability. if they won't accept -- not going to get -- nobody is going for it. >> president obama might have gone for it but not
1:29 am
now. because he has got people looking over his shoulder. >> i hope not. >> iran won with this one. >> i disagree with you guys. >> if it plays out the way you say bill maybe. but i don't think it will. >> when is the last time i have been wrong? come on. 1952. >> i think rubio. >> i have got to go. this is happening more and more. this isn't a telethon. you have certain amount of time and the computer blows us up. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. should those americans getting food stamps be allowed to use them for cigarettes and booze? truth serum will tackle that question. miller on hysteriagives you security. technology gives you control and now technology gives you home security and control in a new and revolutionary way. introducing plug & protect from livewatch security, an easy to use wireless security system customized just for your home. control from any smartphone, tablet, or computer
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truth serum segment tonight entitlement abuse. 73% of families getting some kind of welfare payments have at least one family member working. measure by maine to buy nonfood items to buy cigarettes and booze. with us now in new york eric shawn on the state situation and shannon bream on federal welfare programs. i want everybody to know we are not talking about social security or medicare. we are talking about what they call means based entitlements which are give aways. all right. so shannon, what's the overall spending on means welfare these days? >> well, bill, it just continues to go up. we are talking about more than $600 billion out of the federal budget and now
1:34 am
that's more than 17% of what we pay out from the federal covers, our tax dollars is going specifically to these programs you mentioned. these are things like housing subsidies, food stamps, that's kinds of things. >> how much has it risen under president obama. >> if you look at specifically overall all of those programs 22% up since he took over. when you break down food stamps that's where we see some the biggest growth up 40 to 44 pierce since he took over in 20089. millions of americans some, you know, in the neighborhoods of 46 million or more so the numbers are increasing. they are not slowing down. >> okay. now the president will tell you it's because of the terrible recession that america has endured and a lot of people lost their jobs and got lower paying jobs. does that stack up with the rise in payments? >> it's interesting if you look at what some of you mentioned on the front end study out of berkeley.
1:35 am
70 some% of these payments going out is going to somebody who is working. somebody in the house is working. >> they are not making much money though. they have to work -- in order to be working family you have to have 10 hours a week and 27 weeks out of the year. a little bit more than half year. overall, some people say that the federal government is spending too much for entitlements and the republican candidates probably going to say cut that back. do the stats bear that out? >> well, it depends. because people have to survive. they have to eat. >> right, has to be a safety net. >> yeah. and if the economy is not healthy of course that's what the g.o.p. candidates are going to argue. if the economy was morrow brust if there truly was a real recovery maybe the federal government wouldn't have to subis i died. >> easier to get on entitlements that be it used to be. >> it absolutely is. >> let's go to the states maine missouri, and kansas are trying to reform this. because unbelievably, you can use food stamps in most every state to buy booze, and cigarettes. right? >> only 23 states have
1:36 am
restrictions. and you are right bill. it's important to have it if you need it. one of the bills in kansas for example outlaws tattoos, massages, nail salons. >> how can you use food stamps. you could say look give me a massage and give you this amount of food stamps and buy whatever you want. >> psychics swimming pools and movie theaters. missouri they have cookies, potato chips energy drinks seafood and steaks. >> but missouri i understand they are not going to pass that. >> that's not out of the committee yet. kansas bill is awaiting the governor's signature. >> all right. what would kansas outlaw again? >> kansas you have got a whole list, tattoos, massages, spa, nail salons, lingerie, arcades, cruise ships. no one is not going on crews ships. psychics movie theaters. >> you can't barter the food stamps to get this kind of stuff. >> that's correct. >> in maine when you go in the grocery store and they are trying to change. this it's been voted down once already.
1:37 am
can you buy whatever you want. >> they do have some restrictions. governor is quite a character. former mayor of waterville so he knows city issues. he is adding to the list. will he page is adding gambling, lottery tickets tattoos, tobacco booze imitation booze. owe diewls. >> food stamps should only be used for food and not booze not substance. i wouldn't say cookies or anything like that. if you have got kids and they apt cooky, they should is be able to have one, chips seafood. >> i would allow seafood and chips sure. nothing he other than food. all right guys. good segment as always. thank you. when we come right back, it will be miller time. the press and hillary, also, california running out of water. miller is next.
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1:41 am
thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. there is hillary hysteria going on in the press. >> there she goes and secret service following behind her going to the back. you can can see the media running behind me here to chase the scooby van. >> wow. >> and she is going around to the back. >> wow. >> we will see her very soon. >> guy in the orange pants
1:42 am
is pretty quick. >> alex, i mean i'm looking at these people, wow orange pants is he really outnumbered now. >> joining us now from santa barbara, the sage of southern california, dennis miller. the scooby reference was, i guess her van looks like something scooby-doo has or something like that? >> first off, there is no more apt descriptor decline of civilization in general other than the 1964 was a hard day's night where we were at least chasing the four most talented lads on the planet and now the world is chasing idiots like hillary clinton for god's sake. we are now chasing people that can't outrun us. as far as calling it the scooby van it looks like that now. that's a plant. they will say hillary wanted to name it school busy. they will try to tell you that she is like a normal person now. they will try to tell you she went into chipotle for lunch. i guarantee you she ordered
1:43 am
a bertos they said it's a burritos, she is not a normal person. i can't wait until bill goes out on the campaign trail with his wife and they have to slap bumper sticker on the scooby van saying if this van is a rocking, don't come a knocking. bill, are you in the scooby van? rut ro. much like scooby he had a veracious appetite. hillary has gone directly from the am no ma'am amniotic sack to the political bubble. i think it will get rio elected because this country has turned into idiotville. there would have been a time when they tried to pull this crap and everybody would yawn and get out of here. she knows what she is doing. it's loser town right now. she wants to be the queen of loser town. she is going to act like the biggest loser. it's a smart play.
1:44 am
american troops went to sent to ebola clinics tens of millions of dollars. do you know how many bowl -- ebola patients used them. >> a million? >> 28. >> >> i was setting you up. >> this is one i don't mind spending money on because it is stuff like me, you know, like i have to buy sandra fluke's diaphragm that's where i don't want to spend the money. you don't want to count pennies when you are dealing with pandemics. >> it wasn't well planned miller? 28 people tens of millions of dollars? come on. >> billy, what is? i'm telling you something has happened in this culture. >> i know. we have to point it out because that is such a collosal waste of money. >> i point it out but leave your own hazmat suit at home. >> i have three of them. hickey freidman has made me
1:45 am
three hazmat suits. >> obama wants to start classifying pandemic viruses as work place violence. that's where we are at. take care of yourself now. >> now everybody is mad in california. usually a mellow state because there is no water out there miller. what's going on? >> well, we are certainly in a, shall we say our potable dodage. i have a feeling that the democratic powers that be out here in california will spring in to the fray and come up with a tax on dust. that's what they are going to do. >> dust? >> you can't depend on anybody out here, billy. what you should do is go out dressed at jed clampett and start shooting at varments and instead of hitting oil hit water. they are not any smarter here in california than they are in the overview. the state government is going to start selling dry packs of simulated water and all you have to do is add water to them. that will be the solution out here because nobody is a
1:46 am
genius. >> there is no water to it add to. they a lot of this is jokes. i'm a comedian. [ laughter ] >> i am just pointing out the absurdity of the joke. we enjoyed the joke. >> there is a dry and then there is dry humor. and somewhere as you as the host have to isolate it. >> i think we covered it all. dennis miller, everybody. there he is. martha maccallum on duck. your um hble correspondent have an invitation for
1:47 am
1:48 am
1:49 am
back of the book segment tonight did you see that? 61-year-old doug hughes under arrest in washington after he flew a gyro copter on to the lawn of the u.s. capitol today. now to tell us why he did
1:50 am
that mismartha maccallum who anchors a co-at 9 a.m. eastern time. >> did you see that was right a gyro copter flying across the capitol lawn. it didn't get too far across the lawn at 2:00 today it went down today, it went down. and they prompted arrested doug hughes, he's a mailman, 61, married, four children, no criminal record -- >> where's he from? >> tampa. >> he's a floridian. why is doug disrupting everything? why is he doing it? >> doug has a website. and he's outraged about campaign finance reform. >> campaign finance reform. >> and you know what a lot of people agree with him. >> is it possible that doug was just delivering the mail? >> doug said he was not terrorizing anyone. 535 letters to congress. and he felt the only way to get attention, the poor guy, is to actually do something like this. he's getting it. >> he didn't terrorize anybody, just closed the whole city down
1:51 am
because this loon did this. he's probably going to get time. >> he may get time. the only comparison was the guy that flew the unmanned drone, and he's facing a face or possible year in prison. i don't know -- >> i don't know if this is a good career mood. >> he's mad at hell. >> when i first saw it, gyro, i thought it was a lamb thing in a peta bread but no. >> oh. >> oh. >> got it. there you go. >> i'm sorry please excuse that. i don't want to confuse, martha. there is a move to put women on the currency. will it take? >> our money is covered with men, now there's a push to change that. >> we wanted this to come from a national conversation why aren't there women in our every day lives? >> barbara ortiz howard is the
1:52 am
co-founder of woman on 20s, grassroots campaign to get a woman on there by the year 2020, the 100th anniversary of woman's suffrage. now they've come up with 15 women eleanor roosevelt, alice paul, and rosa parks who they think should be the new face on our money. >> i have a susan b. anthony coin. >> yeah. sac ja wee ya gold dollar. >> there are two women currently on currency. this is a democratic move. >> i don't to want get andrew jackson off the 20. >> they're mad at him obviously for the trail of tears and also because they say one of the things he fought against was a federal currency. >> he didn't like the u.s. bank. >> i'm waiting for the answer. >> i don't know, you know i don't know if we should be politically correct with the money. if they do put a woman on, who would you want to see? >> well the four finalist -- >> who would you want to see?
1:53 am
>> to me there are presidents on our dollars. okay. and two founding fathers. >> yes. >> so -- >> you don't care about this? >> no, i think that, you know -- i would like them to petition men or women ideas. i don't like it being a woman thing. >> specific woman that you want to see on the 20. >> no. >> i do. >> who? >> madonna. >> awesome. yes, she's so deserving of that honor. she's a founding father. >> does it make sense? she's a founding mother of our nation. >> i think madonna should be on a 20. >> you can get a petition together. >> she has a lot of money. >> lady gaga and one of them on the dollar. >> lady gaga, no, no. madonna is in context and if we're going to do it let's go all the way. no andrew jackson madonna. martha mccal lum everyone. request the pleasure of your company. the tip moments away.
1:54 am
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1:56 am
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factor website, different from billo' spout off from anywhere in the world. if you wish to use my word of the day, do not be per iniquitiy when writing the factor. or in any other kind of dialogue. persnickety persnickety. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out f >> tuesday april 16th. this is a fox news lart. a major security breech. a pilot landing on the capitol lawn undetected. >> this is not good people. >> new questions this morning. how did that pilot get so close? why do breeches like this keep
1:59 am
happening? >> we made the right decision, all 12 jurors in the aaron hernandez case defends their verdict. the former nfl star heading to prison for life but not without a chilling message to the people who put him there. >> stop posting your kid's pictures or else. the letter one mom received from a p friend about her facebook post. >> when does sharing turn into not caring? "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. almost made it to the end of the week. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for waking up with us this morning. concerns this morning after a florida postal worker manages to land his flying bicycle on the capitol lawn without being shot down. >> right now the post man is under arrest and awaiting
2:00 am
charges in washington. what does this all mean for our homeland security? jack see ibanez is here with more. >> it is supposed to be the most secure airspace in the world. how did a 61-year-old postal worker fly a copter right on to the lawn? >> this is not good, people. >> douglas hughes says he meant no harm when he landed his tiny helicopter in dc. aboard this machine right there, it is special delivery hundreds of letters addressed to every member of congress about campaign finance corruption. >> change the government to build a wall of separation between the government and big money so the government will represent the people. >> according to the tampa bay times hughes had this plan in place for several months. >> the secret service knew about this. they had interviewed him and a


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