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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 16, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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come down to 48th and 6th. >> rudy guiliani will be here. he'll be on stage. veterans come down to our veranda. >> we'll see you then. everyone. >> thank you for joining us. tomorrow maybe more carp. >> no! leonhart. martha: a disgruntled mailman set to face a federal judge after he landed a small aircraft on the front lawn of the capitol building. good moaning i'm martha maccallum in "america's newsroom." gregg: i'm gregg jarrett.
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he flew into restricted air space and landed on the front lawn of the capitol building. martha: did he let the secret service know he had something up his sleeve? >> reporter: the secret service said he did not. but he had been hinting to his local newspaper. the newspaper had so much advance notice that a representative from the newspaper was in d.c. when it went down. >> he sent info to media blast and and he was
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streaming it. we were watching from the starbucks up the road. everybody had access to it. >> reporter: it blasted off from gettysburg, 80 miles away. his cargo was marked with proper postage. but "the washington post" says as of last night none of it had been delivered. one with it northeast thought it was a usps copter coming in for a landing. another witness thought it looked like e.t. martha: he said i'm not a terrorist, i'm just here to deliver mail.
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now he will be delivered in court. >> reporter: hughes will be in a federal courtroom and the government is looking to channel him under title 49 of the u.s. code. we'll know in a few hours if doug hughes who said he didn't want to hurt anybody will soon go back to delivering mail or he will go back to jail. gregg: the head of the homeland security committee said had it gotten any closer to the speaker's balcony they have long guns to take it down, but it did not. did this guy just expose a big hole in our security? we'll talk about that later on. united states debt well over $18
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trillion. japan and china own more of our debt than the federal reserve. now, remember back in 2008 then candidate barack obama called his predecessor unpatriotic for borrowing too much money. >> the problem is the way bush has done it the last 8 years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name our children driving up our national debt from $5 trillion. number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome. gregg: number 44 made it even worse. stewart varney is with us. in is no lack of hypocrisy in washington, d.c.
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>> reporter: what senator obama called unpatriotic back then has become a necessity by 2015 because president obama is overspending. and the overspending is getting worse and we need to borrow the money we are overspending. where do we go to borrow it? we check in with that asia credit card. japan first china second. the problem is we pay interest on that debt. literally billions of dollars a week are flowing out of america going to china and japan to service the debt which is increasingly held by foreigners. there is the debt clock and it gets worse second by second and the deficit is getting worse
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too, isn't it? >> reporter: president obama said he has cut the deficit in half since his first year in office and technically that's true. but it's misleading in the because the overall debt has gone to $18 trillion and this debt will get worse. by the time the president leaves office at this pace we'll owe almost $21 trillion. that's almost an exact doubling of the debt in the years of president obama. the interest paid on it flowing heavily to foreigners is a big problem. in the last six months we have paid out $160 billion in interest. a chunk of that has gone overseas inch. that's six months. martha: harry reid may not be
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running for reelection but he has no problem telling people what he thinks these days. here is harry reid yesterday. >> how do you see the republican's fight? who is the republican nominee. >> i don't really care. i think they are all losers. martha: likely presidential candidate carlie if i p fiorina will join us. martha: i think all bets are off. he just says what he wants and lets it fly. gregg: i wrote a column about harry reid. martha: i did. gregg: in the opinion section. check it out.
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martha: isis on the march threatening to overrun the key iraqi city of ramadi. we have breaking details on the massive evacuation. leland vittert is with us. >> reporter: we just heard from the pentagon and sources say there is a massive civilian evacuation going on as people are quite literally running for their lives from isis. we have a map to show you have the strategic value of this city. it's a microcosm of the administration's policies in iraq. let the iraqi military have the dirty work on the ground and the coalition air power help from above. that hasn't gone well in ramadi.
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right now they say their hope is they are going to try and cut off some of isis' supply lines. that was the same strategy that the u.s. and iraqis used when it came tomorrow tikrit. it took them weeks to try to kick isis out. we are told there is to fighting there. so things do not bode very well. martha: what's the plan in terms of ramadi? do we have a strategy there? >> the administration is doubling down in terms of how they view going off isis. the iraqi prime minister was here this week with the president, went up to capitol hill. you hear the same thing people are getting along the fight's going well. those kinds of things.
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the picture on the glownld ramadi and other places paint a bleaker picture. isis is supposed to be on the run. they are gaining ground in some places particularly ramadi. it significantly delays the amount of time that we have to go after other key cities. there was the idea mosul would be retaken. it allows the iranians to gain influence on the ground in iraq. martha: so there are new questions about when hillary clinton was first asked about the use of personal e-mail and whether she was doing that in her job at the state department. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier. martha: darrell issa says he
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asked clinton if she was using personal people in a letter in 2012. he joins us live. gregg: a breathtaking view sweeps this woman off her feet quite literally. she managed to survive this nearly 4-story fall. martha: president obama says he's negotiating with more countries than just ... >> i know you don't live in a democracy and anybody who speaks up against the ayatollah is shot down like a dog. but here congress is a player.
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and now angie's list... is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule... from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our angies list app. visit today. gregg: the labor department reporting the weekly jobless claims unexpectedly rising to 294,000. but economists say the overall trend seems to point to an improving labor market. suggesting the unemployed are starting to get some jobs. but the labor participation rate
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remains at a historic low. martha: hillary clinton continues to defend herself in the personal seem controversy. we are learning over two years ago darrell darrell issa sent hillary clinton a letter asking, "are you using personal e-mail form official business?" and she never received a response. we welcome congressman darrell issa who joins us today. have you back. >> thank you martha. she neither followed the letter
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or the spirit of the law. we widely broadcast our investigation after solyndra and other scandals showed they were deliberately circumventing the law using groups like gmail. in this case we never would have suspected she would have set up a server in her own home so she could clandestinely communicate. martha: letter went out to all the agencies saying head up, you are not allowed to do this. she didn't respond. is that a viable option? can she just not respond? was she responsible for getting back to you all in some way shape or form? >> if she wants to be president will her administration be one in which she exercises her
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prerogative to ignore congress, oversight and the american people and investigation by the press and other groups. she is defending this. the presidential record act that would cover her when she was in congress and as first lady. martha: there is a question whether that letter might have tipped off or set in motion some of the activity that happened. she left office six weeks later and proceeded to delete 60,000 e-mails she thought were private. >> i think she and her staff went through e-mails and decide wad was embarrassing and got rid of it. if it's embarrassing and not related to the official work of government we could care less.
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but wear deeply concerned that her direct role in the coverup of benghazi. but to the families of the victims of the benghazi attacks. those would be potentially embarrassing and a right for the american people to have. she commissioned her own investigation of benghazi. so of course they came up with a pretty good clean bill of health because they never looked at her. martha: she is on the campaign trail now. she submitted herself to zero interview on this subject. you look at the record of the other candidates. is there any way that she can be officially pressed on this e-mail issue going forward or is it going away for her? remember not since probably richard nixon have we had
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somebody with up a hostile relationship with the press. she doesn't like them, she talks about vast right wing conspiracies it includes fox news and the "new york times" who broke the story as people out to get her. that's one of the challenges in someone wanting to be president. it's not easy to comment kate with the press and get your side out. martha: officially canned the server be obtained? can this be tracked down in any official way? do you see that happening for her at this point? >> most of the powers to get a want and seize that and go heavily after people involved in it belong to the executive branch. if eric holder would like to do his job for the first and only time since he has been in that position perhaps he could.
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but i doubt it. and the powers of the congress are mostly about letting the american people know what is or isn't happening whether you do have cooperation or not. for the most part we don't have the ability to strongly compel and it will be interesting to see if she takes advantage of that weakness now and intend to take advantage if she becomes president. martha: that leaves it up to the press then to ask questions. gregg: new details of a privilege ramming his cruiser into an armed suspect. we warn you the video is quite graphic. now that officer is learning his fate. was he justified? martha: a heart doctor accused of plotting a cold-blooded crime. why police are calling this cardiologist a hidden monster. >> he was willing to participate
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martha: new details of a police officer who rammed his squad car into an armed suspect and sent him flying into the air. video of that incident went viral yesterday. prosecutor say they will not file charges against that officer. they say the suspect who was walking count street with a gun posed a threat to nearby business and bystanders. he was seen firing his rifle into the air before the officer acted. the suspect was hospitalized and
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now faces charges of aggravate assault with a deadly weapon. gregg: a new york doctor is accused of a bizarre murder plot. police arresting this cardiologist after police officers say he hired a hitman to kill a rival doctor in order to get that doctor's business. two men are accused of trial to burn down his rival's office. what more do we know about this doctor? >> reporter: authorities describe him as a hidden monster. he was a successful fan wealthy cardiologist. but prosecutor say he had a sinister side. he's accused of hiring hitmen to kill or injure his former partner. authorities say prosecutor say
6:27 am
that he hired two hitmen to burn down the medical office. things didn't go aas plans because of a sprinkler system. one of the hitmen is an undercover cop the other a confidential informant. dr. machetto was arrested and arraigned on charges of conspiracy to commit murder. >> today we charge a doctor, a cardiologist a man who took an oath to save lives with a complex scheme aimed at end can the life of another doctor. >> reporter: he pled not guilty. he was released on $2 million bond. gregg: the police made an unusual discovery at his home. what did they find?
6:28 am
>> they found a secret room accessed through a sliding bookshelf. they discovered there and throughout the house 100 weapons, assault rifles and a hand grenade. in the word of police he had enough weapons to provide a small army. his attorney says his clients is more concerned about his patients than his own legal problems. >> there is nothing in his record that will suggest he's not going to defend this. >> reporter: according to published reports was being investigated by the dea for the sale of oxycontin. the investigation into the doctor continues and there could be additional charges. gregg: david thanks.
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martha: the clinton foundation says it will keep taking donations from foreign donors. gregg: would you pay more than $30,000 for a used ipad? somebody did. we'll tell you who the previous owner was who made that old gadget something special.
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martha: a 61-year-old postal worker is under arrest after he piloted a gyrocopter on to the front lawn of the capitol building.
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>> an flip it gold medalist michael phelps says he's changed for the better after leaving rehab following his dui arrest. now that his 6-month suspension is ending, he says he hopes to compete next year. gregg: the clinton foundation says it will continue to accept donationsdonations from foreign contributors during hillary clinton's presidential campaign. i can think off the top of my head a couple of major conflicts of interest. canada keystone, germany at odds with the u.s. over how to handle the ukraine. shouldn't she make sure that the foundation that bears her name
6:34 am
is refrained from taking niece foreign donations? >> first she is not at the foundation anymore. secondly it's all charitable work. climate change, responding to earthquake disaster relief in haiti. i think the other two major points are these donations are reported quarterly every three months. so it would be a hand handled way to influence the president of the united states to have it publicly reported for the entire world to see every three months. the final thing i would say is the sticks countries germany and canada are members of what we call the five eyes. the group of country we share our most sensitive intelligence information. gregg: will it psychologically
6:35 am
affect her dealings with those when you start take money? and yes she is no longer on the foundation but it bears her name and she has influence clearly. you are beholding to those countries, aren't you? >> we are talking about something that's not new. this is a question that's been overhanging the clintons for some time since they established the foundation. we are talking about the clinton foundation and we are talking about the clinton global initiative which is a separate subsidiary of the clinton foundation. they are saying they will take donations from six countries australia, canada, the u.k., germany. not a lot to be worried about there in terms of conflicts of interest. but the clinton global initiative has said that there
6:36 am
will be no restrictions so they will continue to take donations and money from relatively unsavory individuals institutions organizations and countries, and that leads to a bigger question of conflict of interest. >> let me segue just a bit. we are talking about money. the hillary clinton campaign. pfnl the candidate making it clear they are going to raise $2.5 billion which is more than obama and romney raised combined. in the same breath she began to condemn the obscene and -- well, terrible nature of campaign finance, corrupting nature of it i should say. isn't that a little bit hypocritical? >> it's a dilemma all the candidates face, at least those who think the system needs to be changed to limit the influence
6:37 am
of big money. she has come out and says she is for changing the citizens united case. she is limiting herself to $2,700 contributions. she is not presently doing the fundraising or super pacs. most americans agreet amount of money in politics is too big but to change it you have got to win to put yourself in the position to make the system better. gregg: hillary clinton while on the campaign trail is talking about her grand parents who were immigrants. >> my grand parents came overall here. my grandfather worked in a st. louis mill and worked there until he retired at 65.
6:38 am
he started as a teenager and kept going. gregg: documents show all of her grand parents were born near the united states. >> most of the gravest problematic scandals for any politician and certainly those running for president are are the ones you least expect. but they are always the ones that reinforce a preexisting negative notion about that candidate. while this might be a small cutting of the corner by hillary to enhance her personal story what it does is reinforce to most voters that the clintons are all about cutting corn and lying and cheating and x exaggerating to attain and keep power. that's why i think this story a relatively small story compared to the clinton foundation, the private e-mail server and the whole array of lies. it does have the potential to
6:39 am
hit a tipping point with a lot of voters who throw up their hands and say one more val row from the clintons and that's it. gregg were by itself it doesn't amount to a lot. but it's not the first time. one remembers her allegations of coming under fire in a war zone that apparently wasn't true either. what about it? >> i think it's important to remember that candidate for president are human too. occasionally they make innocent mistakes. the continues between your grand parents immigrating and great grand parents immigrating. somewhere all of her ancestors immigrated to this country. she has a deep empathy for americans who share that experience. opponents who obsess about these things are making a mistake. this election is about the
6:40 am
american people, middle class economic challenges. what we'll do to make end meet and pursue the american dream. if her opponents want to obsess about these things, more power to it. martha: a battle of personal rights versus public health concerns. we'll take a look at a bill that would make every child in one state get vaccinated. gregg: the white house has agreed to let congress take a look at any iran deal. but will there be an agreement that will satisfy all side completely? senator lindsey graham is writing his own. we'll ask him about it. >> there is no question in my mind the radical supreme leader wants to hold america hostage and destroy the state of israel.
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gregg: used i -- a used ipad is fetching $30,500 at an auction. it belonged to pope francis. the pope initially gave to it a local priest telling him may you do something good with it. and i think that priest is doing it. that's wonderful. martha: somebody made a very big donation to that school by buying that ipad. iran's president slamming the white house for saying it will let congress look over the deal before it is signed. you have got until june 30 until his agreement is expected to be
6:45 am
finished. he says he has four other country he has to agree with on this as well. and he says for iran the sangs must be gone in order to sign that deal on june 30. our next guest is writing his own proposal to make sure the agreement we get is a good one. south carolina lindsey graham is on the armed services committee and he joins me. good to have you back on the program. rouhani is giving a different version of this deal than what we are hearing about from john kerry. he says we can't have any sanction. we are not going to sign anything unless you lift all the sanctions against us and we'll never agree to spontaneous investigations or inspections any of our facility. so how can we possibly sign a deal that says either one of
6:46 am
those things? >> i think that would have a hard time getting through congress. but here is one thing i want to tell the president of iran. president obama did didn't us review this deal. we insisted that we review the deal before we agreed to lift congressional s sanctions that we created. the president of iran need to understand congressional sanctions were passed in a bipartisan fashion 100-0. and we are required to vote on the deal before we agree to lift congressional sanctions. that's not up to president obama or john kerry or the president of iran. it's up to the congress. the president of iran need to understand you are not going to tell us what to do. we'll make our own decisions. martha: i want to know what you think of the deal that was reached. there are -- there are varying
6:47 am
opinion on whether congress gave away too much. they wanted something in it that said iran would have to give up any activities in terrorism that would impact the united states in any way and that would seem to be a deal breaker. iran will never sign something that says they cannot engage in terrorism. that's pretty incredible, senator. >> there is a reporting requirement to the congress about any activity iran is engaged in against the united states and our interests. there was a certification in the original bill requiring the president some certify they are not engaged in terrorist activities or threats against u.s. interests. that certification was taken out. for a year i have been working on concept that congressional sanctions cannot be lifted until the congress looks at the deal, we vote, there is no binding deal regarding congressional sanctions unless congress agrees
6:48 am
this bill is a good deal. it requires us to look at it, it requires us to vote. if we get 60 votes disapproving the deal, then congressional sanctions are left in place. martha: you say nothing can be lifted unless congress pass that. >> this bill will come to us. and if you don't have an any where, any time inspection regime. if you think you are going get through the united states congress immediate sanction relief no intrusive inspections, you are kidding yourself. i hope the administration will tell the ayatollah and the president of iran the truth about how our system works. i hope john kerry will be honest with them to say i have got to get this bill through congress and i can't get a bill through
6:49 am
congress that lifts sanctions immediately and doesn't have an intrusive inspection regime. there shut be a deal but it should be a good deal. martha: darrell issa where -- wrote a letter to hillary clinton if she had a private e-mail address she was using for official business. >> the last person i would trust to be hillary clinton. if you can find one e-mail in her private account talking about business, she is in trouble. because she said all the e-mails erased were personal in nature. if you can find one private e-mail sent by hillary clinton
6:50 am
to her chief of staff or somebody inside the state department talking about state department business, or benghazi then everything she has told us is a lie. martha: it doesn't look like you will ever get that server. >> it's outrageous she can set up a system outside the rules are and regulations outside the state department. the whole system was designed to avoid this particular situation. if she gets away with this then shame on us all. we are letting her get away with something no one in the world would be allowed to do up here in the state department. martha: we'll see you soon. gregg: the largest and heaviest helicopter in u.s. military forced to make scene emergency landing as stunned beachgoers look on. what
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and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. martha: a beautiful sight turns terrifying in a matter of seconds. watch this. look at that. the woman on the upper left was not going cliff diving. but that wave ... she says the water cushioned her fall to the rocks 40 feet below. she was saved by a couple who used a jacket tied to a backpack. gregg: lawmakers in california pushing a bill that would prevent parents from getting
6:55 am
vaccination waivers for their kid because of religious or personal beliefs. jonathon hadn't is live in santa monica california with more. this is always a heated debate, isn't it, jonathon? >> it is, gregg. california is one of 19 states nationwide that allowed parents to cite a personal belief exam shun. they want their kids to go to a school like this in santa monica without vaccinations. but a lot of lawmakers and school districts want that changed. it pits religious freedoms and the right to an education against the rights of parents not to worry that their kid might contract serious diseases when they go to school. >> what about the rights of those families that bring their children to school without being at risk of potentially catching
6:56 am
a serious disease. >> reporter: anti-vaccine advocates argue the meeting in sacramento last night that their kids should not be forced out of schools. listen again. >> you gave me a choice to abort, you should give me a choice to vaccinate. >> reporter: the anti-vaccine side won forcing at the very least a delay in the vote on this california state bill. gregg: jonathon, thanks. martha: a small aircraft flies through protected air space and lands on the ground of the u.s. capitol.
6:57 am
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risk free. and get a document shredder free. ♪ and help protect your identity your money, and your credit. ♪ >> well we have new details and video of the man who landed a
7:00 am
helicopter on the grounds of the u.s. capital yesterday afternoon. he flew through restricted air space. douglas huges is the man. this video is from the tampa bay times. he was talking a bit about his goal of delivering 535 letters. it is an official post office vehicle as you can see there. we will have more on that coming up. and hilary clinton keeping tight control over the start of her second white house campaign meeting with a few hand picked people some driven just to speak with her. but kept her distance successfully so far from the pesky reporters. i am martha maccallum. >> how dare they ask questions?
7:01 am
i am greg jerrett in for bill. for former secretary of state and former first lady is no novice when it comes to dealing with reporters allowing enough access to create the coverage she wants but keeping them away enough to involve embarrassing questions like this: >> secretary clinton why were were you using private e-mails? >> i could not hear her. >> yeah, bad audio. >> bret baier is joining us now. anchor of special report. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> that moment is awkward. what do you make of the strategy so far? >> i think there is going to be a few more awkward moments like that on the campaign trail before hilary clinton has to answer questions. paul mary told ed henry it will
7:02 am
happen just let it breathe, calm down. and you know there is a piece in politico that suggested gop leadership said she had a successful launch because here she is out campaigning, out officially in and she has not answered one question. that is impressive. if you can do it i guess. >> yeah, it is. you look at the numbers. ted cruz has done five interviews, rand paul eight or more marco rubio at least five and another one this morning. hilary clinton zippo. she will have the answer questions eventually. but it must be a strange situation to be running for the presidency of the united states and travelling across the country trying to wear blinders so you don't hear or see any of the reporters along the way so you don't have to answer their questions. that must be stressful. >> maybe not. she does not have a history of
7:03 am
saying the media is great. she has a history of many times avoiding the media scrums. and i think she is going to do a series of sit down interviews. we invited her here on fox to a number of different shows. i think she is going to do a series of them eventually. but on the trail it is scripted right now. as you touched on at the beginning, it is not like she is walking in and meeting people at the auto shop, they are orchestrated. and you know some of the people have been driven in. one guy reported to be a former obama staffer and drove the vice president around. these are not just average iowans they are part of the deal. >> be careful joe the plumber doesn't show up and ask you a question that will put you on
7:04 am
your heels. i want to talk about another person on the gop side who is getting back in chris christy. this is what he said. >> this was a foregone conclusion in 2007 so i don't know what is going to happen on the democratic side. clinton will have to return the nomination. no body is handed these things. >> a couple things in there. he is talking about the foregone conclusion of hilary clinton being a candidate and if he can still get in. how does it shape up in terms of crowded field on the gop side? >> i think the lynch fence for chris christy is jeb bush. if he takes off in money and support christie's field and path narrows significantly. i think you are seeing that
7:05 am
campaign reach out to the media saying we are still here. he has vulnerabilities and there is a lot of questions circling around chris christie with the main one being can he get the support in the finances to compete. >> it is very early. we will see how it shakes out. thank you very much. a major civilian under way in rumody as isis militants gain ground in western iraq and heavy fighting locate in the province. islamic state pushing closer to taking the city after capturing three towns close to the capital about 70 miles northwest of baghdad. oliver north is a fox news analyst. colonel, it was two days ago the
7:06 am
pentagon was bragging isis lost 25% of their land mass. now they appear to be on the brink of taking control of this city which is a big deal. what does this tell you about the strength of isis? >> first of it it tells me the obama administration is constantly surprised by events in iraq and isis. remember, they were surprised by the sudden success of isis last year and the capture of mosul, last week they were surprised 20,000 foreign fighters joined isis and now surprised over this seize. this is the largest province in iraq, the heart of the sunni triangle and this is all surprises because we have zero intelligence. isis is not using phones or
7:07 am
e-mail for sending information now. they are using carriers. we don't have enough eyes on the ground. and the propaganda is good. the death squad videos we see a lot of and the part where he is portraying himself and isis as the saver of sunni islam from the shiites and the persians. the baghdad government is begging for help. this is not a good setup to take the sunni capital. >> you are right. the prime minister was just there. and emsaying give us weapons intelligence. if this area falls will that
7:08 am
speed up the process? >> i spent a lot of time covering anbar and that area covering the troops out there. it is a crucial link on the whole esterary and if that goes down fallujah is next. fallujah is also thought up already. and despite the promises that baghdad is going to help, the kurds for example, or help integrate the sunni triangle. people that loved us. we came to the point of recruit recruiting tens of thousands of them to our side. but the administration is doing nothing to make it happen again and we don't have anybody on the ground. we ought to have people on the ground working to get those folks on our side. all that is going on there for
7:09 am
him is using former saddam republican guards to manage the attack they are doing there. they know the terrain and territory. many of the troops that baghdad deployed out there are shiites and have no idea what the locals are like. we are not doing enough ourselves and providing the iraqi units with the support we ought to be or the air support and sufficient number do is detect isis movement, and until that changes i don't see a positive outcome for the area or the government in baghdad. >> colonel, i am almost out of time. but big picture here. would any of this happened if president obama had not pulled out american forces in a no-status enforcement agreement or nothing. >> he could have had the agreement. the bottom line is the obama bug
7:10 am
out, that is what the american troops call it brought all of this to bear and the consequences are more americans have to go back and stand in their buddy's bloody boots because this administration surrendered territory. >> good to talk to you. thank you. he caught everybody by surprise when he landed on the capital lawn. >> this is not good people. >> the teacher with that group. this is not good people. this is not happen every day. but this determined mail man who said all he wanted to do was deliver mail not harm anyone made it on the united states capital lawn. how did he do that? >> he could have gotten blown out of the sky. and harry reid with harsh words
7:11 am
for the 2016 republican field calling all of the hopefuls losers. what does that possible candidate carly therino think about that? she will join us live. and a mob of teenagers swam a man outside a gas station. what police say led to the attack. >> protect her and my fmly were the i didn't want to go to my car but bp locked me out.
7:12 am
carjacking craf
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
people in utah digging out from a spring snowstorm that hit during the evening rush hour and continued into the morning commute on wednesday. the city saw 12 inches of snow and the average is 60. >> little too late. a court date is scheduled for 1:30 for the disgruntled mailman who landed a helicopter on the white house's door steps. this is mr. hughes in florida figure out how to orchestrate the helicopter. we saw the security failures that led up to the breach of the restricted air space you are not
7:16 am
allowed to fly over. this video is from the tampa bay times showing doug hughes getting ready for his illegal fight. he talked about the plans and livestreamed the stunt even. >> i thought about walking away from this whole thing because it is crazy. and i thought about being 75 years old and watching the collapse of this country and thinking i had an idea that might have rested the fall and i didn't do it. and i will tell you, completely honestly i would rather die in the flight than live to be 80 and see this country fall. >> see what i mean? he's got interesting point. pete is here. good morning to you. i see two stories. the security aspect and the
7:17 am
other is what mr. hughes is trying to do, civil obedience and expressing his strong opinions. you are not allowed to fly over restricted air space and chairman mccall said guys were there with guns close to taking a shot. >> he knew he was taking the risk. norad wasn't tracking this and you can think drones are much smaller which is problematic. whoever it was at the capital with the long guns would have had to make a difficult decision. i was a guard at guantanamo bay and i had decisions of do i fire or not. someone would have had to make that decision if he got too close. our systems are always
7:18 am
vulnerable but you would hope they would be able to track this. >> doug hughes said i hope they don't shoot me down if they do it will turn into a bigger mess and deal than it needs to because i just want to deliver the mail. he is a mailman in florida and had 535 letters to deliver to congress. he is upset about campaign finance, money from corporations and large entities he said have more pulls than any individual american voice in the country, and he sort of surprisingly is sane in the way he looks and talks about this. he said i know this is crazy, but i can't stand to watch the country fall a part and i have to do something to make my views heard. >> he is surprisingly likable. i relate to that passion. i will be clear about the intention public, met with the secret service twice, he said he was going to do it and filmed
7:19 am
it. before 9/11 this would be a pr stunt to get attention. we are hear talking about it so it worked. after 9/11 it is taken serious and thank goodness he wasn't fired at. not a good idea. wouldn't recommend it for anything. but for this mailman i tip my hat not to wha he did but the sentiment and passion trying to raise awareness to cause he believes in. >> i think a lot of people listen and feel that way perhaps. one last question. drones. i feel like we will be in a world where things are flying around all of the time. we saw this helicopter that landed on the white house lawn and that guy is getting fined or a year in jail. how do we get our arms around the drones? >> america had such a techno
7:20 am
technological benefit with drones. we have open air space and commons that can be used by anyone. we haven't wrapped our brains around how to use this yet. we are attempting to make sure folks and the capital is protected. but small undetected things can pack a big punch. something like this reminds of us the seriousness in in that. >> sounds like good judgment for the people on the lawn with the gun and mr. hughes got the word out there and we will have to pay the punisher. >> let's not repeat it if we can avoid it. >> agreed. thank you very much pete. isis targeting christian for brutal execution and now a church group is making a special
7:21 am
effort to raise awareness of christians under attack. their story coming up next. and a celebrity court battle over frozen embryos. the husband wants a say in what happens to them. does we have a case? i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
7:22 am
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7:24 am
a shockic attack -- shocking attack in a memphis gas station is caught on camera. a man was helping an eldery woman to a car and one man
7:25 am
punched the man in the head and the mob kicked him. >> i told them to back up and they didn't appreciate me showing enough shivering to help someone. that ticked them off i was trying to show them up. i wasn't showing them up. i was showing them right. >> the victim didn't suffer serious injuries. he said the teens should be taken to juvenile court. there is a good idea. there is a new campaign making its way through churches all across america hoping to call attention to the persecution of christian by isis. they are being asked to wear an orange ribbon to show support. that is the color of the signs worn by the hostages including the christians beheaded last north. gerald murray is the church of
7:26 am
holy family in new york city. father murray good to see you. >> good to be here. >> what do you think of this? >> this is a great idea because we need to raise consciousness our brothers and sisters are being executed because they are religious christians and follow christ. the cops stayed faithful and didn't deannounce christ for the cost of saving alive and they went to heaven as we teach in catholic catholicism. the government wants to destroy isis so let's get about it. people murdered for their faith shouldn't continue. >> martyrdom has a history in christianity. >> we value it. it is a witness to the faith and a testimony that life on earth is not the end. we also speak out against the justice and have to protect the innocence. more has to be done because this
7:27 am
religious killing is not ending because we regret it. >> you call it a religious killing. what do you think of any group that uses religion as a pre-text or excuse to perpetrate acts of violence? >> god's law says thal shall not kill and respect those who don't believe the same we do. isis is an organization where you either agree with them or you suffer the penalty. this is destroying the peaceful harmony we would like to see between christians muslims and the other religious groups in the world. it is horrendous. isis high jacked islam and the koran and uses it in a very twisted way to justify their actions.
7:28 am
do you think not enough influential muslim clerics have spoken out? >> we need more of it. and among the leaders of the muslim world, i was impressed the president of egypt said islam can't continue in this fashion and we have to fight. religious leaders have to talk about god's will and it is clear murdering people because they don't agree with you is wrong. we need to hear that message. >> good to see you again father. thank you for stopping by. general motors won a major legal battle in the billion dollar lawsuits over the recall. >> and harry reid says the 2016 gop candidates are all loosers.
7:29 am
we will ask carly fiorina what she thinks about that. lowserssers loseersrs
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
how do you see the republican fight based on the nominees? >> i don't really care. i think they are all losers. >> watt do you think about that? outgoing senate leader majority harry reid is not pulling punches anymore on his way out of office calling the 2016 republican contenders a bunch of losers. former ceo of packered carly fiorina, is here. he didn't expand on what he was talking about. what do you think of that carly? >> this guy has no remorse taking to the senate floor and lying about mitt romney's tax
7:33 am
return. he is all-politics all of the time. that is harry reid for you. >> let's move on to hilary clinton because i think that is all you can say about that. hilary clinton has been travelling across the country being in iowa for the past two day and starting to talk about a little about what her campaign will look like. this is what she said: >> the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top and we need to reshuffle the cards. i want to build the economy of tomorrow not yesterday. and i want to make middle class mean something again and you cannot do that if you don't have small business really building and driving economic growth. >> all right. quite a few things in there. what is your reaction? how would you answer what her past has shown about how she would do those things? >> hilary clinton is right about one thing; small business is the
7:34 am
engine of economic growth and job creation in the country. she doesn't understand the economy apparently or she would understand all of the policies she backs are the ones crushing spall business. whether it is dodd frank or obamacare or the corrupt government she favors those are the things crushing small businesses. during the obama administration for the first time in u.s. history we are destroying more businesses than creating and the businesses being destroyed are small, family-owned businesses. the only way to level the playing field to protect the small instead of enriching the big is to cut down on government size scope complexity and power. >> i think a lot of business owners out there would say amen to that. but the big question if you decide to run is how would you
7:35 am
do that? people talk about doing that all of the time. small businesses feel the weight of obamacare and the regulations -- they spend so much time not running their business but pushing paperwork and compliance and making sure they talked to 14 different agencies before they can do anything. what do you do to fix the problem? it is so baked in the cake. >> i think your question demonstrates the different between management and leadership. managers do the best they can within the existing system. this system of government has gotten bigger and more complicated and powerful and corrupt every year for 40 years under democrats and republicans. democrats have made it much much worse, however. the only way to change it is through leadership. it starts by understanding how the economy works. we have to hack through the
7:36 am
regulatory tickets. tax reform needs to start with ratifying the tax code and repeal a whole set of things because they added so much com complexity. and i think two things that would help that we can do with the support of american citizens is zero-based budgeting so we know where every dollar is being spent and pay for performances. you can watch pornography all day long and get paid the same and same benefits as someone doing a good job. theas there is a host of things we need to do to unravel the burden. but we cannot keep managing the system that has been in place. >> let's start from the bottom and make each one be held accountable from day one. i want to talk about foreign policy, when people look at you
7:37 am
as a potential candidate they say experience in business for many years, but not so much on the foreign policy front and they are concerned because they look at what is going on in the world and they try to picture the presidential person talking to other countries and taking on isis and complexity out there and wonder how someone with your experience is suited with that job? >> i have travelled and worked and lived in the word for 25 years and know more world leaders on the stage than anyone minus hilary clinton. i sat across the table from vladimer putin and i know most of the leaders in the middle east, both israeli and arab leaders. i have been doing business in china for 20 years and served on the central intelligence agencies and defense board.
7:38 am
of course there is always more to learn, but i think i have a pretty good understanding of who our allies are and who the opponents are. i think we need to understand the leverage we have. there is so much we could be doing that our allies have asked us to do; standing up to the baltic states arm the ukraineianukraine people arm the kurds, there are so many things they are asking us to do that we could do and be helpful. and we could stop talking to iran until they submit to full access to inspections. >> thank you, carly fiorina we
7:39 am
will see you next time. lawmakers could be on the edge of dealing a blow to the death tax. they are set to vote on repealing the tax that allows the fed do is double dip on a state's state's taxing income once the earner is alive and then dead. mark emanual is live from the capital. what is the argument to end this in >> they say it punishes success and attacks the american dream. those favoring the repeal saying it isn't okay for the government to scoop in and take another 40% of your money your family spent a lifetime building and already paid taxes on. >> is this your money and your hard work is the basic question or the government's money?
7:40 am
who has the claim over all of the years you spent working and why at the end of the day are we punishing success? >> republicans are saying they know how to work the system to avoid the tax and this hurts family farm owners and small businesses. >> some people say it is triple, when you earn it invest it and when you die. what are those against the appeal suggesting? >> they suggest it is an attempt for the republican do is tip the tax code to wealthy donors. here is a key critic. >> this proposed appeal of the estate tax is nothing more than a massive unfunded tax break for a small sliver of america's wealthiest families. and as usual the case with republican tax policies this repeal would do nothing to help hard working middle class
7:41 am
families. >> it would add $270 to the budget deficit over a decade. it is not clear if it would have the 60 votes in the senate and the president has threatened to veto this. so they froze embryos for the future and then their love went cold. sofia vergara in a legal battle over her eggs. what her ex-fiance is suing over. the beetles crossing abby road on the recover of their famous album and now you can go inside the studio with a virtual tour. ♪ all you need is love ♪
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>> we have a story from sun rise florida where there is a horrific scene of a tractor
7:45 am
trailer on fire and you can see a massive amount of rescue personal on the scene. we don't know the condition of the driver but you can see they have a huge fire they are dealing with. it was between sun rise and oakland park boulevard. the northbound lanes are blocked as you can see. we will get more information on the driver and accident and bring it to you as it comes in. general motors winning a legal battle to avoid death and injury claims from crashes that happened before it eemergency emerged from bankruptcy. it shields the company in billions from potential lawsuit. heather hanson and robert vince
7:46 am
is here. robert when i was in law school i was taught a debtor engaged in illegal activities shouldn't be awarded with bankruptcy protection. isn't that what general motors has been given? if they concealed the ignition switch problem isn't it fraud? why do they get the benefits of bankruptcy? >> this is disturbing. many of these people were catastrophically injured or died. it was hidden and the defect wasn't known and this judge said we will not allow you to bring those claims which i find to be un unbluebell believable because they said there was no prejudice. but people were injured. >> that is the major issue. the judge said there was no fraud. as of 2009 and the time of the
7:47 am
bankruptcy they did not know. depositions in the cases allowed going forward start in day and the ceo will be deposed in october. >> i want to move to what everyone is talking about today. sofia vergara's ex-fiance files lawsuit to save their embryos. two preserve female embryos created through in-vitro infertlization. heather what do you think of this? >> i think it is a sensitive topic. it is his position these are his children. if you believe life starts at conception -- >> he said he does. law is against him.
7:48 am
if the parties agree, great. if they don't, you look to documentation and this is where the fertility clinic has a problem because they didn't document what happens if the couple separates. the final step is to see what they want now. >> the lawsuit makes other claims that i was suspicious of until the commercial break and you said this is relevant. he said she punched him, kicked him, threw a phone at his head bullied him with degrading names. is that relevant or irrelevant? >> i think it is relevant. that is going to when they signed this agreement about what would happen is he was being forced and in the case of his death he would allow the embryos
7:49 am
to be destroyed. but california law requires they put in what happens if you separate and they didn't. if she doesn't want it and wants to discarded it is property i hate to use that term he has the absolute right to have an investment in the embryos, it is like property from a divorce. >> that is not how the courts decided. they said since it is property and she doesn't want to be a parent we can't make her. >> she doesn't have to. she could use it with someone else. >> good to see you both. we have to go. >> let's go see jenna lee to see what is coming up. >> saudi arabia and egypt talking about a ground war in yemen. and a jury seated in the james holmes trial and an interesting
7:50 am
mix. and snoring might impact your memory and we will tell you about a new study that discloses this. >> i forgot what you said already. >> you don't snore. >> absolutely not. and i don't know anyone who does. we have details about the prisoner swap for bowe bergdahl after evidence of him leaving the station six years ago but the president said it was honorable service. when exactly did the white house know what happened on that base?
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
more gains for terrorist in yemen. we are just getting word.
7:54 am
the associated press reporting that al-qaeda has captured a major airport in southern yemen and there you see the map of yemen and of course that country has devolved into chaos and acts of violence and terrorism over the last 6-9 months. and stunning new details on the controversial prisoner swap for bowe bergdahl. his former mates are saying senior officials knew as early as december of 2009 the evidence against bowe bergdahl supported deserting the post. catherine heritage has more on this. what has fox's investigation uncovered this? >> four of the swap mates told hus they met with mike mullein and chairman of the joint chief and the president's military
7:55 am
advisor in 2009. the spokesperson said mullin acknowledged he knew bowe bergdahl walked off the base on june 30th 2009. >> matt asked him, you know bergdahl deserted and you know what is going on and the admiral said yes we know thes, and we are still working on getting him back. >> he knew he deserted or was suspected of it. there was you know no doubt in my mind he fully understood what bergdahl did. >> two more say they were asked to leave the room and they could ask anything they wanted. >> he just gave us answers.
7:56 am
he knew. everybody knew. >> it was confirmed the teammates provided security and didn't dispute that. a spokesperson declined comment but has an open invitation to give us an idea of what happened there. a tiny aircraft causing huge problems on capital hill and the alleged pilot is expected to appear in federal court.
7:57 am
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you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, if you've never seen the inside of the famous abbey road recording studio now is your chance. the studio's teaming up with google to give fans a virtual tour -- i don't think it's quite the same thing -- of abbey road where some of the most famous bands have recorded. it guides tourists through the
8:00 am
venue's three main studios. i think virtual reality's going to be taking over the world and you never have to buy a ticket to see anything again. gregg: absolutely. you can stay in bed all day. i vote for that. [laughter] thanks everybody. martha: buy eastbound. "happening now" starts now. jenna: well potential leaders with their eyes on the oval office crisscrossing the country, listening to voters and pitching ideas in three critical states today. good morning and welcome to "happening now," everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scottment we're watching the long and winding road to the white house starting in new hampshire where hillary clinton will be heading soon. new jersey governor chris christie also in the granite state this week. florida senator marco rubio former texas governor rick perry and former florida governor jeb bush all set to visit today and tomorrow. south carolina holds the first primary in the south, and former


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