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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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real story" with gretchen carlson starts right now. thanks, guys. court hearing under way for the postman who allegedly landed his gyrocopter on the lawn of the capitol yesterday. i'm gretchen carlson. we are here to bring you "the real story." here was na chaotic scene. happened during the show yesterday. the man who piloted that plane douglas hughes is in trouble now. he's in court. we don't yet know what charges he will face, but you can bet there will be a series of federal complaints against him. during this pilot's journey from gettysburg, pennsylvania, he made it through three restrictive air space zones. blowing through faa guidelines and putting the gyrocopter down yards from the capitol steps. this is the latest in the series of mishaps there leaving capitol police wondering what could be next? peter doocy live for news d.c.
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what are we hearing from federal court? >> there's been a one-hour delay in this hearing that was just announced. we won't know anything new until 2:30. there has been a big dispute before this appearance about whether or not the daredevil mailman gave anybody a head's up he was coming in for a landing at the capitol. secret service and capitol police say he did not. a reporter from florida who doug hughes tipped off disagrees. >> he sent an e-mail blast to all media outlets to the secret service, pointing to his website and live stream videos. we were watching it from the starbucks up the road. everybody had access to it. >> last hour we got word from the top ranking democrat on the house oversight committee who expressed great concern about copycats. that the white house officials
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are saying they hope changes are made quickly. >> it may provide an opportunity for law enforcement agencies, including the secret service, to review their procedures and to get useful lessons from it. >> we spoke to norad today. they never saw the aircraft and that light and low-flying targets are tough for them to pick up. >> reviewed the secret service procedures. we had a bunch of these security snafus on capitol hill and at the white house, so is the response we saw yesterday in line with past threats? >> you talk to people on the hill. it's very unusual that nobody working over there got a text or e-mail alert that there was a situation like this outside. those note notifications get sent out all the time. it's unusual for a person to keep advancing toward the capitol after being spotted by authorities. 1 1/2 years ago a woman was shot to death by officers guarding
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the area when she didn't stop her car. the rest of the response like yelling at bystanders to run and for the officers on foot and bikes to swarm the unknown person and arrest them and send in the bomb squad is something you see on the hill with some regularity. >> peter doocy with the wrap-up. thanks. another alert to tell but now because an ohio man has been charged with attempting to support isis. this is the guy, 23-year-old suspect charged with not only attempting to provide material support for the terror group, what makes this charge different is that the plot was right here. he wanted it to happen right here on american soil. chief intelligence correspondent catherine harris live from our d.c. newsroom. these happen on a daily basis. >> that's right. this 11-page indictment was just unsealed by the court a short time ago. what stands out as you mentioned is that the allegation is that this 23-year-old was directed by isis to go back to this country and launch an attack. this really is the type of worst-case scenario law
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enforcement and counterterrorism officials have been fearing. he is in columbus, ohio. now accused of traveling to syria in 2013 to join his brother who was recently killed fighting alongside the al qaeda affiliate in syria. it's alleged mohammed posted to social media about his support for isis, and once in syria got training with weapons breaking into homes and using explosives. the indictment says, quote, the organization told mohammed he should return to the united states and carry out an act of terrorism. mohammed wanted to kill americans and specifically wanted to target armed forces. his stated goal according to the indictment was to attack a base in texas and kill at least three service members execution style. >> another one thwarted here. you are following another big story, a development now. what are the new revelations on the controversial prisoner swap for army sergeant bo bergdahl?
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>> three said on the record they met with chairman of the joint chiefs mike mull nen 2009 when he was doing a swing through afghanistan. they say melen knew at that time bergdahl walked away from the base earlier that year. >> so matt asked him -- so you now bergdahl deserted and what's going on with that, basically. and admiral mullen said yes, we know all the circumstances surrounding bergdahl walking away from the o.p. >> without a doubt he knew he deserted or was suspected of desertion. there was no doubt in my mind he fully understood what bergdahl did. >> two more platoon mates backed up details of this account. after a lot of back and forth admiral mullen provided a statement to fox news, "from the moment sergeant bergdahl went
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missing the u.s. military was focused on finding him as it does with any service man or woman who goes missing. the exact circumstances were not known then, nor did they drive our decisions. we do not leave our people behind." what's key here is the timing. this is 4 1/2 years before the administration said bergdahl served honorably and was also key is that this appears to take the information to the most senior levels of the administration. mullen reported directly to only two people. that's the secretary of defense as well as the president. >> very interesting revelation. catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. let's stick on politics. senate minority leader harry reid taking a jab at republicans running for president who does he think will be the gop nominee? >> who is the republican nominee? >> i don't really care. i think they're all losers. >> well, that's about par for the course when it comes to partisan politics.
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rush limbaugh calling out the recent behavior of senate reid and other belligerent democrats. >> this juvenile high school-like name calling that we get from debbie blabbermouth schultz and dingy harry called rubio a prune in pencil. mica brzezinski called him a boy. >> today i'm calling you guy benson. between reid and rush in all due fairness we should say rush limbaugh also had his fair share of calling people out with names. however, if we are sticking to harry reid today, wow. is it because he's outgoing he is now telling us how he really feels? all republican candidates are
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losers? >> no. he's done it for years. let's say i had no idea about this quote. and i came on the air with you and you sandbagged me with the quotation said guess who said it it was a member of the senate. my first instinct would be harry reid because this is because he has a history of juvenile taunting and baseless slanders. he reminds me of an internet troll, on miserable people who hangs out in the comment session just trying to get a rise out of people? that's harry reid. except he is the senate minority leader. >> is there any double standard here? i'm thinking if a republican called all the democratic possible contender losers that would be on the front page of every newspaper and every newscast would be leading with it, right? >> that's the thing. rush limbaugh has been known to
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say some things from time to time, and to call some names. the difference is when he approaches that line or even crosses the line or when rudy giuliani a few weeks ago got heated and said something about the president, the country was subjected to a category five civility storm from the media. everyone is reaching for the smelling salts. oh this is terrible. gnashing of teeth. when harry reid comes out on a routine basis and slanders people groundlessly and makes remarks like this, it seems like the self-appointed civility police are curiously offduty a lot of the time. >> very interesting. i want to play another exchange that is a bit interesting. watch this. >> mitch mcconnell put out a statement after you announced you were retiring. it did not include the word "friend" in it. what does that tell you? >> i guess he should have had me help write his press release.
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>> what do you make of that? >> that's not too bad. that is a funny response. he is almost retiring. the place, congress will be a better place when he's gone. i think the more frustrating thing we heard from him recently when he was confronted about that mitt romney lie, accusing him of being a tax chief in 2012. it was totally untrue, proven to be untrue. i said what about that? he smirked and said he lost, didn't he? that's the attitude would you expect from a petulant 9-year-old, not someone who is supposed to be one of the most powerful men and is one of the most powerful men in washington. >> guy benson, great thoughts today, thank you. people who feel cramped in coach seats like this. one airline is going to give you a little more room. gop presidential rand paul hits the campaign trail in d.c. we are going to ask a supporter how he stacks up against hillary clinton. his relationship with the media, his stance on hot button issues
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they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. fox news alert because adrian peterson has been reinstated and is now again eligible to play in the nfl. the league making the decision after he was suspended without pay in november for reckless assault of his son. he can now work out with the team, but is obligated to finish out all requirements that texas and minnesota police require. any further violation would give him a lifetime ban from the game. once again, star running back adrian peterson once with the minnesota vikings, not sure where he will play this year, but he has been reinstated with
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the nfl. back to politics now. 2016 field starting to expand. kentucky senator rand paul hitting the campaign trail early and often. trying to get a head start as more and more republicans get ready to make their decision. here he was at a speech in d.c. this morning. taking a look right now at the real clear politics average senator paul is about 7.5 points behind former secretary of state hillary clinton. former oklahoma congressman j.c. watts joins me now. he is endorsing rand paul for president. great to have you on the show. great to see you. >> thank you, gretchen. good to be with you on this show. what is with you on that morning show. this is better. >> this is lunchtime hour right? a lot more sleep on this duty. thanks. how was it could you come to such an early decision to support rand paul? >> well over the last 2 1/2 years i had the ear of rand paul, he's proven to me he is a different kind of republican.
11:16 am
i think a republican i have been looking for since jack kemp. i'm a jack kemp deisciple. i think rand paul has proven that to me. going to ferguson, going to detroit, going to atlanta chicago, striking up a dialogue, trying to establish a deeper relationship with nontraditional constituencies that's important to me and he proved to me not just to be consistent, but to be sincere about it. >> i'm sure that during your time in congress before and after, that you faced a lot of tough criticism for being an african-american who was also a republican. i'm wondering now if you feel the same way for rand paul? because in the last week or so, some of the liberal media has tried to brand him as sexist and not being able to do well with females in interviews. so that makes him sexist in
11:17 am
general. do you feel the same way he might feel? >> i think you conclude that's going to happen. i think at the end of the day they are going to try to paint republicans as being sexist or racist or whatever the label is, but i think we also have to be smart about it. i think the senator would admit he probably didn't handle that interview well last week or handle it the right way. he'll learn from that. that's going to happen. i don't care if it's mike huckabee rubio, kasich whomever it might be. that's going to happen. i think we have to be careful to not fall into those traps. >> good point. i want to play something rand paul said earlier today because it has to do with the equal attention that the media will give the republican candidates and democratic candidates.
11:18 am
>> are we going to hear any questions from the media or will it be a love fest to hillary clinton? anybody hear a tough question to her so far? you know why? she's not taking any questions. i saw the thing on the internet this morning. they show where the media was being kept behind a row of box is and they could yell out questions, but nobody is getting any questions. there is a difference in the way conservatives are treated versus liberals. i say we have to push back. >> rand says we have to push back. is that the right stance? >> well, i think it's again that's going to happen. i don't think people mind a candidate pushing back or being tough. we have to be careful that we are also looking forward. it's not just about them. i'm a whole lot more comfortable in telling you about who i am and what i believe and what i stand for and where i would want to take the country than i would talking about their candidate. i think senator paul has a good
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plan for the country. he's not looking to punish those who have gotten there, but he wants to help those who want to get there. i think he's got a good plan for the country. i look forward to hearing him talk about that with the american people. >> and you are behind him already. former congressman from oklahoma j.c. watts. great to see new the afternoon. we'll have to do it again soon. >> thank you. popular country band surviving a major scare on the road. why this leading lady had to he a vacate her tour bus. >> plus there's this -- >> instead of hillary? >> i want to run for president. i want to run for president. >> this tenacious toddler getting upset when he found out hillary clinton stole his thunder. he could approve national nap time and juice boxes for all. that brings us to our question of the day. what did you or do you want to be when you grow up?
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welcome back to "the real story." the lead singer of lady antebellum had a scare today when her bus burst into flames. the tire blew and caught fire. the other two members of the trio were not on the bus at the time. hillary posted this on her instagram saying, hey, guys we had a crazy morning on the way to dallas today. our bus tire caught on fire and we had to evacuate quickly.
11:24 am
everyone is safe and sound. the band expected to play at the 50th academy of country music awards in arlington, texas, and that's going to happen this weekend. >> good news for frequent fliers who might be feeling claustrophobic these days. southwest airlines unveiling newly designed roomier seats cushions are more than half an inch bigger. they'll be the widest coach seats for any boeing 737s in the united states. customers have to wait until next year to enjoy the added seat room. bigger seats are not going to be the industry standard. i know you and i both fly and lots of people do. every time you feel like you are getting more cramped. >> you're crunched in there yeah. >> who is going to do this little lineup adding a whole other seat to coach? >> these are a lot of european carriers.
11:25 am
what's happening is the european version of the faa says it's okay to put more seats on these planes without expanding their actual area. what is notable here is the skinnier arm rests. you see that? now the war for the arm rest is going to be more intense. >> they are adding a whole other seat. used to be 3-4-3 now it's 3-5-3. let's go back to southwest. first when i saw roomier i thought fantastic. half an inch? >> and it's through the seat cushion. the pitch is what we care about, that's the space between the seat and next seat in front of you. they are not necessarily adding to that. you see more room on the seat but not necessarily going to be more leg room, if you will. >> i don't think we are ever going back to that. to another consumer topic, fda cracking down on popular snack maker kind, telling the company they have to remove the word "healthy" from four of their snack bars. what is it saying?
11:26 am
>> the fda saying if you say you have a healthy snack, you actually have to have one gram or less of saturated fat and no more than 15% come from saturated fat. kind is not necessarily abiding by that in these delicious peanut butter dark chocolate. there are sometimes a plus there. that also says that it's more daily value of minerals and vitamins. the fda saying, well, you don't exactly match up to that. the company is responding saying we actually do. if you count the contents in theandards. they are having a back and forth. >> a bit of a war and not so kind. >> mcdonald's trying to revitalize itself. new survey of franchise owners revealing what appears to be a strained relationship with the corporate office. what happened? >> this is an 11-year study. they found of the 218
11:27 am
franchises, which is less than 1% of all franchises they found the rating from going forward looking ahead is 1.8 out of 2 stars. they are not feeling optimistic right now. some of those reasons including raising wages to 1 above the regular minimum wage in each state. the franchisees say this is a corporate decision. we don't feel we can adopt that and still make money. there are also ingredient changes menu changes. a lot of changes and protests with that. >> very interesting consumer news. joling, thank you. we are waiting for defense secretary ash carter to step up to the podium. his very first news conference since landing the top spot at the pentagon. they are preparing for it about to begin. we will bring that to you live when we return.
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shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. russian president vladimir putin defending the decision to send an advance missile system to iran. that is a move the white house considers problematic. kevin corke live on the north lawn. what is the administration saying about the sale of the defensive missile system to iran by the russians? >> i like how you put that. so-called defensive missile system. the fact is they are not happy about it. clearly it is a distraction. there is no question about that. it also underscores the complicated relationship between
11:32 am
the white house and the kremlin. clearly the white house would say well, they need russia as part of the p-5 plus one talks. on the other hand this is probably a reflection of the struggling russian economy. they simply need the money. i asked josh earnest about it in the briefing not long ago. >> are the russians friends, foes, are they frenemies? >> i think we articulated on a number of occasions the united states has a complicated relationship with russia. there are some areas where our two countries can work together constructively in pursuit of interests that benefit both our countries. >> which of course includes a number of areas of difference. don't keep forgetting and i know a lot of people like to gloss over these things. you have not just the missile sale we are also talking about buzzing our aircraft our reconnaissance aircraft. other ways for a lack of a better description the kremlin
11:33 am
poked the chest of the white house over years that putin has been in office. it's a complicated relationship to say the least. >> the understatement of the century. kevin corke live at the white house thank you. changing rules after taking heat for a number of foreign donations. the foundation banning large payments from some controversial countries. they'll continue to accept cash from other countries even though mrs. clinton is running for president. mercedes is a former white house media spokesperson for former president george w. bush. grit to see the both of you. i thought it was interesting because this was attributable to the clinton foundation, the statement on changing up these foreign donations. it says that it's rare to find an organization as transparent as the clinton's foundation. do you agree with that? >> absolutely not. as we know, they changed the rules and one of the things they did before they would just show
11:34 am
what donors were giving money just once a year, now changing it to quarterly. as we know with the situation of the foreign dollars coming in it created an outcry because of the fact they were receiving money from nations like saudi arabia, and it was a double talk that secretary clinton was doing which was saying basically i'm for gender equality for gay rights, but at the same time taking money from these countries that stone gays and women to death. >> isn't the timing interesting that suddenly the clinton foundation is not taking those donations from countries like that? at the same time claiming to be completely transparent? >> the best thing the republicans have is to attack hillary clinton for an association with a private foundation that helped change the lives of hundreds of millions of people -- >> not talking about what the foundation does. we are talking about how it's been funded. >> republicans are complaining because that foundation which
11:35 am
has done extraordinary work is getting millions of dollars from some of our closest allies. if that it's best republicans have against mrs. clinton get ready for ten more years of democratic rule. >> we have a long list of her dirty laundry we can put out for the next year and a half on what she's done. when you are running for president, as you know when you are a political operative, you've got to look at your foundations and look at the work you are doing. the fact they didn't think this question was going to come up of them receiving 1/3 of their money from foreign governments, a lot of this coming from saudi arabia and other countries in the middle east i just think they thought they didn't have to play by the rules. that becomes an issue. when you're running for president, that is valid. they can look at the foundations and see what's happening. it's more of a sense of hypocrisy than anything else by secretary clinton. >> we set the record you are not going to agree on this i want to move on to this next topic. if you watch the netflix series "house of cards" frank underwood
11:36 am
puts his wife claire in a very powerful position as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. should we be putting people in powerful positions with no experience in the real world, bernard? how important will experience be this time around for the next president? >> everybody likes to say conventional wisdom suggests experience is of paramount importance. early on this the vetting process, a candidate has to prove he or she is experienced enough to be taken seriously by the media and early voters. the fact is if you look at recent history, go back and look how obama won. beat mrs. clinton in the primaries running on change over experience. george w. bush beat al gore on change versus experience. bill clinton beat h.w. bush on change over experience. we might want to say we want our leaders to be experienced. certainly mrs. clinton has the most experience, but the truth is you vote based on a connection and ability to deliver change. >> that is very interesting. do you agree with that? is change the buzz word?
11:37 am
>> i think bernard is right. i think it's about change. it's experience, confidence and likability. those would be the three key words. the fact a candidate can connect and be likable to these voters. we've seen this awkwardness with secretary clinton in her campaign stop in iowa already where they staged the meeting there. i think that's what you are going to find with candidates like a senator marco rubio or a scott walker. you need a mix of those three. especially during these challenging times. experience and competence are key. like many things in life with politics timing is everything. certain candidates will rise to the top of the heap because of their policies and personalities, but also because of what's going on in the world and at home at that particular point in time. new jersey governor chris christie, perfect example of that. many thought he would have been the perfect gop presidential
11:38 am
candidate three years ago when he wasn't running. now when he actually might maybe not so much. of course that could change. the issue of experience, which we were just debating, also changes depending on what time we are in. seven years ago barack obama elected without a lot of experience as people latched on to his slogan of hope and change. in 2016 will experience be looked at differently? will voters want a fresh face or someone they've known for some time? an editorial written today by michael barone caught my eye. in it he says the lesson from history is that winning candidates and successful presidents show they are in step with the times. what does that tell us right now? what does our time say? i guess we'll have to wait to find out right? you can find my takes every day on my facebook page and let's check in with shepard smith, who is always on time for
11:39 am
this tease. >> when i bother to show up for it. >> what do you have? >> another jaw-dropping report on that volunteer deputy in oklahoma who says he reached for his taser but wound up shooting a man dead with his gun. turns out, his certification to carry that gun was fake. that's according to the tulsa world newspaper. it's reporting this millionaire donor didn't get all the required training, but somebody forced supervisors to give him certificates any way. wait till you hear what happened when one guy refused to lie for the man, the man who shot a guy dead with his, oops, gun. we'll have all the new revelations and the response from the sheriff's department coming up the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." >> last week we told but a survivor of the ft. hood massacre being awarded the purple heart. sean manning received the honor, but manning was denied health benefits. now thanks to fox's reporting, that is going to change.
11:40 am
the army saying manning and other purple heart recipients will receive full benefits. the rampage killed 13 people and injured more than 30 others. a new battle over a right to life. sofia vergara she is at the center of this big battle. plus the georgia police chief. remember this guy? he says he shot his ex-wife but insists it was an accident while they were in bed. now a major development in that case. >> if i'm the chief of police, if the gun is on the dresser. >> you're the chief of police in peachtree city? >> yeah, unfortunately, yes.
11:41 am
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11:43 am
fox news alert now. the new secretary of defense ash carter giving his very first news conference since taking over for chuck hagel in mid february. let's listen in.
11:44 am
>> what we are doing to defend our country. hold us to account but i know it's all with the best of intentions and i thank you. we turn things 0 over to marty and i'll answer your questions. >> we just wanted to give you a snippet of that. we are streaming that live at fox ash carter has a lot on his plate with isis. new threat in iraq with isis, russia tensions growing crisis in yemen, just to name a few things on the world stage. charges filed against the georgia police chief who said he accidentally shot his ex-wife while they were both in bed on new r's. william mccullum and his wife were divorced and later reunited.
11:45 am
she is now paralyzed and defending him. >> you said it was an accident? >> yes. >> she was shot twice accidental? >> yes. >> who shot her? >> me. >> how did you shoot her? >> gun was in the bed, i went to move it to put it to the side and it went off. >> eric when this story first came out, a lot of people were doing what you are doing, raising their eyebrows. >> of course this guy has to be very sinister or quite stupid. who takes a gun to bed with them and shoots someone not once but twice? once maybe you can explain it away, but two trigger pulls and said he was trying to move it to the night stand like he moves his ice water to the night stand? that story does not fly. >> his ex-wife is defending him. she is paralyzed from the waist
11:46 am
down now. this is serious consequence of this shooting. apparently he heard a burglar in the house allegedly, got up and that's why he had his gun out, then brought the gun back into the bed with him. at this point he says he didn't know what he did and accidentally shot her. what it's charge? >> negligence. negligence is a charge based upon someone being stupid or doing something irrational. taking a gun to bed, that clearly is negligence, unless he did it instinctstentionalintentionally. that goes to sinister or just stupid. if a prosecutor looks at this case, this guy shot her twice. not once but twice, which clearly shows me it was intentional. who can shoot someone twice with a hand gun? >> i guess the charge could change but for now this is the charge. actress sofia vergara and her
11:47 am
ex- ex- ex-fiance locked in a legal battle over frozen embryos. where they were listed as john and jane doe in the paperwork, they argued about the future of their embryos if one died. jane insisted the female embryos be thawed with no further action and john did not agree and refused to initial his agreement regarding that term. people are going to say this is a debate about when life begins. we all know there is a difference of opinion. this is an embryo, this is implanted, this is a baby. what do the courts say about it? >> the courts are looking at it as possibly property. that is the debate, whether it is property that belongs to him or her. i look at it as a case of the golden egg. this is like the halle berry child support plan. why is this man wanting to only keep the female embryos? because he wants to produce another baby with someone else
11:48 am
perhaps. probably get child support from vergara. >> what about if he believes it's actually a life? and that's why he wants to preserve it. >> they had two that failed already. with two implantations that failed, does that mean he lost two children already? that argument for me does not wash. community property says it belongs to both parties. >> eric guster, thanks much. we'll go back fox news alert. secretary of defense ash carter talking about the iraqi city of ramadi because that city losing ground against isis right now. >> so that there isn't this constant back and forth. that was the topic of our conversation with prime minister abadi yesterday. it is his intent to focus now on that. >> is that why they need additional u.s. help? >> it's part of the reason.
11:49 am
we didn't talk about specifying any particular support to the anbar offensive. while maintaining pressure north of baghdad, as well. >> mr. ektsecretary, welcome back. in light of the fact it was consistently described as the principle most severe threat or one of the two most severe threats to the u.s. homeland, with u.s. military assets out of there the withdrawal of diplomats, a great number of u.s. intelligence resources, can you articulate for the american people how much greater is the aqap threat to americans today due to aqap's advance, its being in territory there and due to the loss of american assets on the ground there? that could target them track them, et cetera?
11:50 am
>> as i said, our efforts have to change their character, but remain steady in their intensity. this is a group that, as you indicated and as i indicated earlier, does show determination to not only fight on the ground in yemen which is what you referred to, but also strike at the united states. it is easier to cooperate if we have the cooperation of the government as was the case in the past. if we don't have a stable government as is the case in the current use other means to protect ourselves and that's what we're doing. >> what other means compensate without u.s. special forces on the ground, listening posts in the capitol sana'a the cooperation of the existing government. it's hard to people at home to imagine there's the same
11:51 am
control. >> it's easier if there's a government with which we can cooperate in existence. we won't find that all the time in all places in the world. that's why we have counterterrorism capabilities that don't depend on that. and we voter to them and need them -- we resort to them and use them in circumstances where we need to protection ourselves. >> if i could follow up on ukraine. it's more than a year since russia took crimea, and you have action in eastern ukraine and fighting flaring up despite the attempted crease fire and vladimir putin again claimed there are no russian troops on the ground in eastern ukraine. when the intelligence is to the contractor. i just wonder how you can move the ball forward when the adversary won't even grant the fractures on the ground -- the facts on the ground, and i wonder what evidence you have seen that the administration policy of gradually raising the economic coast on russia is
11:52 am
having any effect in ukraine. >> you're right, or as you suggest, the principle point of pressure that the united states has been applying to russia for some time now in account of the fact that russia is, and we know is participating in fomenting trouble in eastern ukraine if the economic pressure -- of course that's not just ours jim, and in particular, i guess it's important to note it's not especially ours. it's especially european sanctions because they have the most economic leverage over russia. i'm not an economist but i understand those sanctions are having an effect on russia along with plummeting oil prices. those are the two factors bringing pressure to bear upon the russian economy. and so the first$bríç line of
11:53 am
pressure for us is economic and political, and we're doing that. with respect to the question of russia's role in there, i think we have abundant evidence of that. the international community has i bun can't evidence of that. the europeans have evidence that convinces them to take a strong economic steps they have. and my understanding is -- my observation is that this is having a real effect on the russian economy and at some point the russian people are going to ask themself weather these kind of adventures are worth the price. >> thank you, jim. we'll try jamie mcintyre. >> mr. secretary good, to see you again. been a few years. i noted that your ceremonial swearing in ceremony a while back, former secretary perry noted your joint efforts in attempting to denuclearize, as he termed it, north korea and
11:54 am
that those effort failed. my question to you is, what lessons from that experience do you think would apply to the current situation with iran and mr. chairman, if i may follow up on this tradition of asking each of you a question, and of course chime in if you want. i'm also curious with iran now in line to get these advanced air defense systems from russia, does that effectively take the military option off the table or at the very least make it enormously more complicated? >> with respect to the nuclear weapons situation in iran, which is your question a couple of things jamie first those negotiations that are being conducted by us and our p-5 plus one partners with the iranians, have the active of arresting the north korea -- excuse me -- the
11:55 am
iranian nuclear program and obviously that process is not complete yet. the president has indicated he is looking for a good deal and there is no deal yet sewn up. so it's going to take some time for secretary kerry and secretary know knees and -- secretary moniz and others who are negotiating to see what kind of fremont they'rable to reach with the iranians but we made it clear what is necessary to satisfy us, that the agreement is a good agreement from our point of view. for me here our role is not to conduct those negotiations but two other things. the first is to make sure that we have, as the president says, other options on the table. and that's something we take very seriously here, and we do
11:56 am
have other options on the table. and the second thing is to continue to play a stabilizing role in the region as a whole, with all of our friends and allies of which we have many there and continue to strengthen their capabilities and their confidence, and we're doing that. so those are our two jobs here in the department of defense and i'm very attentive to them as is chairman dempsey and everybody else. >> to your question about the introduction of the s-300 the derivative they export, the air defense system, we have known about the potential for that system to bed -- to be sold to iran for2 for it. >> it would present a military obstacle if there was a need to conduct a strike -- >> the military option i or the president to both encourage the
11:57 am
diplomatic solution, and if diplomacy fails to assure iran doesn't achieve nuclear weapons is intact. >> generally, dempsey i wanted to ask you about yemen and saudi raina. there's wide agreement that the houthis are backed financially by iran, but the saudis take it further and say the houthis are not only supported by iran but are controlled by iran, sort of like hezbollah in lebanon. do you agree with that that the houthis are proxy or a tool of iranian power? and also, so far the houthis and al qaeda both seem to be gaining territory during the saudi airstrikes do the saudis have anyone on the ground on their side in yemen to fight as their proxy and for secretary carter, post tikrit, what role do you expect the shia militia to play in iraq in the support-supported iraqi offensive?
11:58 am
the. >> so, to the question about the degree of control that iran exerts over the houthis. of you look back at the history of their relationship, they have not exerted control in the same way they exert control over lebanese hezbollah, for example, but they're a source of resources for the houthis, and the houthi leader himself is -- considers himself to be one of the heirs of the prophet and the shea the sect of shia islam from which the houthis draw their inspace, has an as separation to restore that empire which existed centuries ago that included all of yemen and parts of southern saudi arabia. so i don't see them as having having the same relationship as with thes thes -- the hezbollah and to
11:59 am
that extent the saudis are right to be concerned. >> the second question? >> i forget what it was. >> do the saudis have anybody on the ground to fight as their proxy? >> i won't speak to who is on the ground doing what from any of the coalition partners, but i will tell you that general lloyd austin, our central command director was in riyadh today for consultation with the saudi leader. >> with respect to sheety mill lit ya -- militia in iraq, this is something we discussed with the defense minister of iraq who are here this week, and the important point there with which they agreed, it's important that
12:00 pm
the -- all forces acting against isis in iraq be under the control of the central iraqi government. that is the principle we certainly adhere to, and that's the principle that the prime minister has. therefore, to get to your point about shiite mill lit ya. there are shiite militias that have that characteristic and those that don't, and the prime minister made it quite clear they latter ones not under his command and control were not welcome there, would not participate in their operations and would not be supported and they won't be supported by us. we support forces under command and control of the iraqi government. irrespective of their sectarian makeup, which is the whole point. the way things got the way they did


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