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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 16, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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right nout side college station, texas. here is a kid she's been found with alcohol, going to get a ticket but the officer does rock paper scissor and she gets out. as a result the officer lost his opportunity to continue to be a security officer. >> special report next. isis terrorists force thousands to flee from the city of ramadi where american troops died during intense warfare in some of the darkest day of the iraq war. this is "special report".." >> good evening welcome to washington i'm brett buyer. iraqis are fleeing tonight interest land that was fought for with american lives. isis terrorists are advancing on the anbar capital city of ramadi, site of the some of the deadliest clashes during the war. the u.s. response now is being questioned. correspondent dog mckelway has tonight's stop story from the pentagon. >> reporter: this video purports to show u.s. air strikes on isis
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forces yesterday in ramadi, the capital of anbar province, only 100 miles from baghdad. isis is now advancing on the city of 500,000 and has captured three of its suburbs. another isis advance to the north in the more strategic oil rich city of baiji. >> i would much rather than that ra head not fall, but it won't be the end of a campaign should it fall, we've got to get it back. baiji is a more strategic target and that's why the focus is on baiji. >> reporter: these surprising gains coming three weeks after isis suffered a major below in tikrit. iraqi prime minister al abadi still in washington acknowledged defeating the islamic state will be elusive. >> this is a war and a war you can win in a place and lose somewhere somewhere else. >> reporter: abadi delivered a veil krit is sichl of his veiled allies. a criticism which he also leveled at u.s. bombing missions. >> we're talking about time scale between asking for a mission and actually getting the
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mission. that's especially when our people are on the ground. >> reporter: ash carter in his first press conference at the pentagon today offered one possible explanation for those delays. >> we're not using our own forward controllers to do that in tikrit or anywhere else in iraq. >> reporter: but congressional critics say we should be more hands on. >> we're talking about having our people more engaged in helping the iraqis fight the fight. directing the targets, helping access -- their access on the ground in terms of their movements. >> reporter: other complained that u.s. air strikes comprise only a small fraction of soaredy totals that the pentagon o often publicizes. >> right now in our air strikes in iraq and syria of the 12,000 sorties 3,000 of them actually drop weapons. is that true? >> i think that's about right, sir. >> reporter: the pentagon noted that there were 19 air strikes over the last 24 hours while the
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white house was touting a bigger picture of success this iraq. >> by backing the ground forces in iraq with coalition military air power we have substantially improved their performance on the battlefield, such that 25 to 30% of the populated areas that isil previously controlled they no longer do. >> reporter: but ramadi is said to be a ghost town as thousands of civilian refugees flee to baghdad. it has prompted a new humanitarian crisis in iraq one of the reasons that president obama has pledged $200 million to a humanitarian aid just yesterday. >> doug thank you. do you think the u.s. is doing enough to fight isis in iraq? let me know at slash bret baier sr or on twitter @bet obamacare you can use the #special report. the european union says talks with iran over its nuclear program will resume next week. news earlier this month that the
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u.s. and it's at lies have agreed to a framework of a deal has led to russias decision to ply iran with correspondent air defenses. >> reporter: we think that given the conditions in the region tick any mri relation with the events in yemen the supplies of this type of weaponry are a deterrent factor. >> reporter: a deterrent for iran and a symbol of increasing cooperation between moss kwou and tehran. vladimir putin in a four hour long tv show defended the sale of a missile defense system to iran amid growing concerns from the obama administration that it could kpli case the on jg nuclear arms talks. >> translator: if some people are concerned that we started canceling sanctions then apparently our colleagues don't know that supplies of this types of systems are not including in the u.n. sanctions list. >> reporter: while the sale doesn't violate u.n. sanctions or even the framework agreed to in sits we recalled it does offer a glimpse into the strained relationship between the white house and the kremlin.
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even as they look to keep nuclear weapons out of iran. >> we can work constructively with russia in a way that benefits both our countries. that doesn't, however, that obviously doesn't prevent russia from doing some things that we do strongly disagree with. >> reporter: like selling missiles that could enhance iran's give capabilities like russian war planes harassing surveillance aircraft. >> are the russia russians, friends fees friend please, somewhere this between is this. >> kevin, i think we've articulated on a number of occasions that the united states does have a complicated relationship with russia. >> reporter: complicated further by putin's desire to reward iran for a desire to compromise in the talks. >> translator: our which will and determination is to seriously continue the theses until a deal is reached.
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of course, the other party should have the same will. >> reporter: meantime on capitol hill a stern warning from baums about the ongoing theses. >> i hope john kerry will be honest with the iranians that i have to get this deal through congress and i can't get a deal through congress that allows the sanctions to be relieved immediately and doesn't have an intrusive inspection regime anytime anywhere. >> reporter: linsey gram graham of south carolina. brett, i want everybody to remember this. follow the money. like iran russia's economy has been raf and by sanctions so the sale of this missile system to iran is about making money right now and perhaps commenting a future relationship with the power that's still looking to get back on to the world economic stage. >> kevin corke, thank you. officials in yemen say al qaeda terrorists have taken control of a major airport, a sea port and an oil terminal in the south. they say insurgents clashed with members of one of the country's
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largest infantry big gads and that many leaders of that brigade land away. several former platoon mates of sergeant bowe bergdahl say the country's top military official knew that bergdahl had deserted yet he was hailed as a hero by the obama administration when it traded five taliban commanders to get him back. the men say in 2009 then joint chiefs chairman admiral mike mull len acknowledged the desertion while visiting afghanistan. >> matt asked him, so you know bergdahl tee cert issed and what's going on with that basically? and admiral mull len said, yes, you know, with he know all the circumstances surrounding berg tall walking away from the op and we're still -- we're still working on getting him back. >> after a length wree investigation the army announced last month it is charging bergdahl with desertion. the clinton foundation will go right on accepting foreign
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money during hillary clinton's run for the presidency. chief white house correspondent ed henrys has an update on the campaign tonight. >> reporter: top advisors to hillary clinton confirmed today her second presidential campaign swing will be to new hampshire next monday and tuesday. after completing what they felt was an effective low key launch in iowa. and while former president bill clinton sig thald before the kickoff he would be taking a back seat role, there are new signs he will be pushed into the spotlight as republicans continue to bounce on revelations about foreign donations to the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation. >> hillary clinton's argument, you've heard her argument for taking money from saudi arabia. she's going to do good things with it and yet she's taking money from a country that percent could you tell us women. she takes money from the sultan of brunai. if you're accused of adultery you're stoned to death. >> reporter: while hillary clinton stepped down interest the board on sunday the foundation is continuing pla ng
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to continue raking this big money from some foreign governments even as she campaigns for president. the foundation today confirmed a wall street journal report that for the duration of the campaign it will limit donations to a handful of countries australia, canada, germ thee the thet err lands norway and the u.k. that are already supporting multi-year programs. the spokesman declared by implementing this new even stronger and more transparent policy the clinton foundation is reinforcing its commitment to accountability while protecting programs that are improving the lives of millions of people around the world. >> first she's not at the foundation anymore and secondly it's all charitable work fighting aids in africa, climate change, responding to earthquake disaster relief. >> reporter: clinton has not yet mentioned the foundation on the campaign trail though she did recently note a subsidiary the clinton global initiative had worked with the private sector to create thousands of jobs. >> that's the kind of creative
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work that we can do together and i'm obviously proud that the -- that cti was the convener to make that happen. >> reporter: under the new rules government officials from countries like saudi arabia will be allowed to make smaller contributions to the clinton global initiative. we have not been able to ask the candidate about any of this because she's not taking any questions yet. maybe for our putin style call in show, brth. >> welcome back from iowa. heading out again next week. >> we will be in new hampshire monday and tuesday. she'll probably do two days a week this several key battle ground states and mid-may sum up the listening tour with a big speech. up next many republican candidates and potential dand cats are heading to one of the early primary states. first here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. in dallas as the tour bus for lady antebellum catches hire, singer hillary scott posted that everyone made it out safely. this is a rental bus, the group's regular ride is
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apparently being prepped for the tour. in california where a federal judge has reinto used to remove marijuana from the list of most dangerous drugs. it keeps marijuana in the same class of drugs as heroin and lsd with no accepted medical use. that designation has brought states with legalized marijuana use in conflict with federal law. and this is a live look at new york. signs have been posted around manhattan and brooklyn discouraging cat calling. a nonprofit company feminist apparel paid for those signs. they're not authorized by the city and at least one of them has been removed so far. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. my feet felt so heavy at the end of
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while hillary clinton seems to have an unobstructed path to the democratic nomination, the crowded field in the republican race continues to try to grab the attention and imagination of
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the gop. tonight chief political correspondent carl cameron shows us how that's developing. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush has a political problem his brother according to the brother. former president george w. bush who told a healthcare conference this chicago yesterday it's an easy line to say, haven't we had enough bushes, after all, even my moefr said yes. that's why you won't see me out there and he doesn't need to defend me and he's totally different from me. >> it is a joy for me to be here snur bush was in mississippi. bush dismissed questions about his recent slip in the polls and the family baggage. >> my family is all supportive so -- which if they weren't it would be hard for me to even consider this. who is winning, who is losing, who cares. >> reporter: bush led a commemorative address. ted cruz launched his campaign at liberty last month. aids said he raised $4.3 million
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in the nine days that followed. florida senator marco rubio launched his campaign this miami earlier this week. instead of being overshadowed by hillary clinton he raised $1.25 million in one day of online donations alone. ben carson plans to join the is race may 5th which conflicts with carly fiorina who planned to announce her candidacy the day before. rand paul who officially joined the race last week has raised $2 million so far. new hampshire is equally critical for new jersey governor chris christie who proposed means testing and raising the eligibility ages for social security and medicare and took a swipe at bush for his family and policy positions. >> he is has certainly got a father and brother who have a record and i don't know what jeb bush is going to say about foreign policy. >> reporter: in a three-day new hampshire swing rick approximate
3:17 pm
perry told his record in texas uncomparable and dissed candidates as legislators not leaders. >> i think the next nominee is going to be a governor. i think americans are going to be looking for that experienced executive leadership. >> reporter: host of the gop field will be in new hampshire tomorrow for the start of a two-day summit on the grant states first in the nation presidential primary. 19, yes, 19 declared and potential candidates will be rubbing elbows with voters and swinging them at each other. >> 19. tennessee is the latest state to move down the path of requiring pregnant women to wait 48 hours before having an abortion. new legislation passed the state senate yesterday. meanwhile democrats find themselves on the defensive tonight over views on abortion. most americans find extreme. here is correspondent shannon bream. >> reporter: for decades pro life candidates have been labeled extreme on pressed about which exceptions to abortion limits if any they
3:18 pm
support. 2016 gop contender rand paul is flipping the conversation calling on democrats to explain where they would draw the line. >> should the other side have to decide when do rights begin, are they really okay is the whole country okay with saying your rights begin after birth and the baby has no rights when it's 7, 8 pound baby. >> reporter: a recent poll shows a majority of americans support legislation that would ban most abortions after 20 weeks into a pregnancy but top democrats including congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz refused to publicly draw a line on second or third term abortions. >> i can't tell you a specific date and time past which we on all -- in all cases are certain that that choice shouldn't be made because that decision is very unique and individual to the woman and should be this consultation with her conscious and her god and her doctor. that is a decision left to her.
3:19 pm
>> reporter: pro life republicans see that position as an opportunity. >> i talk to women all the time and say, how do you feel about abortion anytime at any point in a woman's pregnancy for any reason right up to the last minute to be paid for by taxpayers and now many democrats want to add to be performed by a non doctor. they don't know that that's what democrats stand for. >> reporter: eight states as well as the district of columbia permit abortion up this will birth it some cases. when mass wasserman schultz was pressed on whether she was okay to kill a 7 pound baby that hasn't been born she replied, i support letting women and their interests make this decision without government getting involved, period, end of story. >> reporter: a search. d this. c's website revealed no position statement on abortion but the 2012 plat orm said it proposed opposed any effort to limit rights. samuel owe leto has granted a temporary stay kpemt exempting
3:20 pm
he will are just groups in pennsylvania that they sign a waiver allowing employees to get abortion could nch in their insurer. other gel russ groups have won similar injunctions and the matter could wind up in front of the entire supreme court. alarming news about the rise in the use of e cigarettes by young people. . first the house tries to put another nail in the coffin of the death tax. first the house tries to put another nail in the coffin of the death tax. if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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the house has repealed the death tax. for formally known as the estate tax. on the surface it looks like another win for the so-called 1%. chief congressional correspondent mike eel mule
3:24 pm
takes a closer look. >> reporter: part of the argument for repeal is this is double taxation, tax as you work and then after you die. supporters of repeal the death tax say it makes it difficult for tarmers, rarchlers or small business owners to pass along what they've earned through hard work to their loved ones. they say it isn't right having the ted ral government configures kate another 40% of the money that you and your family spent a lifetime building. on the house floor there was some spirited debate, critics said repeal would add $270 billion to the federal debt over a decade and lame it is a give away to wealthy donors. >> much of this thk has never been taxed. repealing the estate tax in full would result in a massive tax cut for the wealthiest of the wealthy. >> the instead of tightening our belt we attacked american dream of hard working families and businesses, hasn't of them by the way, women and my authority
3:25 pm
owned businesses. building wealth for the first time believing the american treatment is right for them. >> reporter: a recent fox news poll revealed 71 is% of those surveyed consider inheritance taxes unfair with only 22% saying they are fair. yet the white house has been threatening a veto. >> republicans believe that if we offer those significant benefits and tax credits to the wealthy that the economic benefits will trickle down on everybody else. the fact is the president believes that we can take a more direct approach and that by offering some relief to middle class families. >> reporter: now it's on to the senate. the test will be if republicans can earn support from democrats from big farming or ranching states or those aware that this tax is not popular with the public. bret. >> mike, thanks. bipartisan leaders in the house and the senate have struck a deal on a fast track trade bill. sponsors say it will of new
3:26 pm
negotiating objectives on currency manipulation and human rights. president obama says the legislation will will level the playing field for american workers and protect the environment. it does, however face opposition from some conservatives and some liberals like massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. the florida man who flew a gyrocopter on to the capitol lawn yesterday is facing criminal charges. doug hughes is accused of operating an unregistered aircraft. he says he did it to protest campaign finance laws. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says it's too soon to say whether the incident should prompt changes in security procedures. stocks were down today, the dow lost 7, the s&p 500 was off two, the thaz dak dropped 3. the nation's top judge reports for jury duty. that's next on the grapevine.
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prompt changes in security new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. civic duty called the courts and a the court's most powerful man answered. supreme court justice john roberts was juror number 49 yesterday morning in rockville maryland. the jury selection was for a civil trial involving a 2013 car crash. when asked about possible conflicts of interest, the washington post says roberts
3:31 pm
told the court that his sister is a nurse, his brother-in-law is an indiana state police officer, but that would not prevent him from being impartial in the case. he was never asked about his own work. ultimately roberts was not selected. one person one vote that is the rule but a look at the security of virginia's touch screen voting machines presents a troubling picture. as one computer scientist said, if an election was held and it wasn't hacked, it was only because no one tried. some of the glaring security risks using the password abcde, using the same password for all data base files and worst of all the voting numbers are not encrypted and could be modified. in response to the report virginia's board of elections has desert if i had the opinions. finally two georgia couples got a great refund on tax day a college savings account for each of their newborns. as a promotion georgia's the
3:32 pm
path to college 529 plan awarded two babies among the first in the state to arrive on april 15th tax day, with a state run 529 savings plan. one of the fathers said he was surprised and thrilled, quote, how often do you wake up and find your baby has a college savings before he's even ten hours old. the fund starts with $1,519 and will remain tax free as long as it's used for educational purposes. health officials are reacting with alarm tonight to the latest news about just how many young people are lighting up e-cigarettes. correspondent jonathan is sary has that story from atlanta. >> reporter: in just one year e cigarette use has tripled among american, and high school students that according to a new report from the fda and sent trers from disease control and prevention. >> there's about 4.6 million students that report using any form of tobacco and about 2.5
3:33 pm
million of those are e-cigarettes users. >> reporter: the percentage of high school students who use e-cigarettes increased from 4.5 to 13.4 between 2013 and 2014. e cigarette use among middle school students increase from the 1.1 to 3.9%. although spoke smokeless the electronic devices deliver nicotine. >> we know that nicotine can have adverse health effects on the brain. >> health officials say they're concerned that middle and high schoolers doubled their rates of hooka smoking. >> the statistics are troubling to federal health officials who have used aggressive anti-smoking campaigns like this one to reduce the number of youth who use traditional tobacco products. >> although we've seen declines this conventional products like cigarettes and cigars this increase among these emerging products has ultimately resulted this no change in overall tobacco use. >> reporter: the director of the
3:34 pm
cdc blamed part of the increase this e cigarette use on aggressive marketing by big tobacco marketing companies. >> what we've seen is essentially mad men come to e-cigarettes. marketing looks like just tobacco marketing did in the 1950s. >> reporter: unlike conventional cigarettes there are no federal laws pro i object haddinging the sale of e-cigarettes and hookas to my authorize. fda officials hope to change that later this year. a bill barring parents from seeking vaccine exceptions from their children has stalled in the california legislature. they postponed a vote to work on revisions. its pro oval was drafted in the wake of a measles outbreak that started at disneyland in december. the state department of health has declared that outbreak over. an ohio man who traveled to syria to train alongside terrorists reportedly planned to return to the u.s. and kill three or four american soldiers execution style. a federal indictment was
3:35 pm
announced today. officials say his backup land was to attack a prison. now perhaps the best news of the day, the secretary of the army says soldiers wounded and surviving family of those killed in the fort hood shootings will receive all possible benefits that go along with their purple heart awards. we told us last week about their fight to receive those benefits and the army's refusal to grant them. the army is looking into whether those people qualify for even additional assistance. isis terrorists go back on the offensive in a region of iraq that americans fought and died over touring the war. we'll talk about it all with the panel after a break.
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the city itself is -- it's not symbolic in any way, it's not been declared, you know, part of the caliphate on one
3:39 pm
hand on central to the future of iraq and the issue here is not -- is not brick and mortar it's about defeating isil. as i said -- you know i would much rather that ram'd not fall, but it won't be the end of a campaign should it fall. >> chairman of the joint chiefs talking about ramadi it is a down 100 miles from baghdad and isis is though essentially taking over it town. tens of thousands of people are leaving ramadi and it may not be bricks or mortar, but these people are leaving and they are being moved out, there's also the town of baiji further north that the iraqis are trying to take back, that's a key oil hub. this is what the vice president said seven days ago about the situation in iraq. >> critics have made a number of claims regarding our policy in iraq and the state of affairs in
3:40 pm
iraq today. they say that iraq's fight against isil under the command of the iraqi government backed by american international coalition has stalled has been stalemated. we read that isil remains in a commanding position inside of iraq and that iraq itself is likely to be a thing of the past doomed to split apart because of sectarian violence. there's just one problem with these critiques, the claims do not reflect the circumstances on the ground. >> well, at least some of them do now. let's bring in our panel stephen hayes ab stoddard and charles krauthammer. charles, you lynn to the vice president and then you see what is exactly happening in ramadi, a place u.s. troops fought and died for, it's quite stark. >> the administration is quickly developing a huge problem of credibility. when the vice president says that and within seven days isis
3:41 pm
is at the gates of ramadi, it has it surrounded, as you said the civil is yans are fleeing they are also attacking baiji which is a strategic point because it is a producer of oil you'll got to ask yourself what exactly is the vice president talking about. on the other hand you've heard that we are succeeding or at least we're holding the line somewhat in yemen and remember obama had said al qaeda is decimated, it's on the run, we heard that for years. well, al qaeda today captured a major port, airport sea or the and oil terminal in yemen. it is now stronger than it probably has ever been and it is intent on attacking the united states. our third adversary in the region, you've got isil, you have got of course al qaeda and there's iran iran is on the march, iran is on the move and that's why the saudis are complaining about the deals that
3:42 pm
we're making with iran while ignoring their aggression on the ground all around them. >> ab, iraq clearly you hear the chairman of the joint chiefs, they think that this is a blip on the screen and they're still fighting isis, but, boy, you talk to people on the ground it's a different story. >> no. there was a push back in tikrit that appeared to be successful, but other than that they are in control of syria's territories. anyone who has taken -- has not paid attention to the isis story, which has been covered here and on television a lot and in newspapers a lot but not talked about this congress and not talked about by this administration knows even if you do not believe they are a threat to this homeland they are a resourceful and stubborn enemy and intent to take over parts if not all of this country. they want refineries airports they want oil fields. they want territory. they want resources. they are not just taking down airlines in a suicidal mission. so the fact is that's the first
3:43 pm
point, that the chaos is spreading and the same with the vacuum in yemen. but politically if you look at what's going on here, it is all based on our nebulous and conditional approach to iran that all these countries king abdullah told you this week in jordan the relationships have changed. if you look at all of the different eases here and the game of whack-a-mole it all comes back to the fact that we don't have a clear plan of highway to deal with iran that's influencing so many of these different bat als. >> steve. >> think about what joe biden said. if we take it at face value he's saying that the united states and it's coalition partners aren't losing in iraq. that is not a reason to celebrate and a week later we understand it's also not true. you have martin dempsey saying ramadi doesn't matter to us while the institute for the study of war put out a study today that said the fall of ramadi would deal a major strategic and psychological blow to the people of anbar province and the government of iraq because what's happened there in
3:44 pm
the background is that the folks who live in ramadi the governing folks in ramadi have been asking for additional support from the central government in baghdad. they believe that it hasn't been coming. so they think that this all could have been prevented had they gotten more cooperation from baghdad. at one point they came to washington to ask for additional cooperation. people who have stud wreed iraq have been warning about the damage to the broader campaign that the fall of ramadi would do for months and now we're witnessing it and we have the top uniform military leader in the country in effect shrugging it off. do you know what it matters. >> i will just point out a historical note on what the vice president said he said that iraq itself that all the critics are saying it's likely to be a thing of the past, doomed to split apart because of the sectarian violence, historically joe biden had called for the split of iraq in the candidacy for president. i do want to play the iraqi prime minister calling for more
3:45 pm
air strikes and what we're hearing on capitol hill about how these air strikes are actually going. >> i want to do better in these areas like bombing missions they must be quicker. we're talking about time scale between asking for a mission and actually getting the mission. that's critical. >> right now in our air strikes in iraq and syria of the 12000 sorties, 3,000 of them actually drop weapons. is that true? >> i think that's about right, sir. >> okay. so 9,000 of the sorties come back with their bombs still on them not dropped. >> the critique is a serious one, particularly when it comes from john mccain and the fact that there are only a quarter of the air strikes actually result in some kind of attack. but to hear the complaint come
3:46 pm
from the prime minister of iraq is a little bit rich because he in fact, is a surrogate and client of the iranians. just yesterday he attacked the saudis on behalf of the iranians for their intervention in yemen and resisting iranian backed aggression. so this is not exactly a friend of the u.s. he's demanding that we be his air force in supporting iraqi militias who are under the control or direction of iran who have treated the sunnis in the country roughly, badly, persecuted them which this part has contributed to the rebel i don't know against them and the rise of isis. so it's one thing -- and the fact that iraq has become a client state is the direct result of the fact that obama liquidated our presence in 2011 and left a vacuum into which the iranians easily marched. >> does this change the policy, this fall of ramadi, does it change the u.s. policy about what we're doing? >> it doesn't change it because
3:47 pm
iran thinks he's going to flip, obama thinks he will be flipping iran and that will solve all our problems. it's a delusion but it remains our policy. >> ab. >> it's not going to change and i agree with charles it is related to the iran deal. >> no it won't change and we're losing and they'll tell us we're winning. >> next up putting democrats on the defensive over abortion.
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3:49 pm
3:50 pm
how do you feel when a 13-year-old girl needs her mother's permission to go to a tanning salon but not to get an abortion? everyone is horrified by that. we need to keep pointing these things out because people really don't understand what the democratic party platform is and they don't understand
3:51 pm
how extreme it is, and a the vast majority of americans have now come to a point of view that abortion after five months for any reason at all is a big problem. >> possible republican presidential candidate carlie thee for. issue of late term abortion, seven states as well as the district of columbia prevent abortion up until birth in some cases. this is the latest poll, do you support legislation to ban most abortions after 20 weeks? quinnipiac say 60% support. 33% oppose. a.b., what about this issue to kind of flip the extremist tie' of the parties? >> well i think it's smart. i think rand paul did a good job of doing this. i think the issue for republicans is not abortion. it's always been rape and contraception. the way that they have talked about those two
3:52 pm
topics in the past, which people tend to equate with abortion has gotten them into political peril. making democrats defend late late term abortion is probably a winning issue if you look at the polls. obviously 60% a strong majority. but, it takes someone who is swift to avoid the topic of rape. as you know, when there was a march for life this year the house got into a huge interconference republican on republican tussle over this because legislation was going that wouldn't only permit abortions for reported rapes. rapes reported to the police and a bunch of so-called moderate members made the leadership pull this. >> the legislation post 20 weeks. >> right. because they were so concerned about the political peril of the rape issue. so it's when they talk about rape i think, that it becomes politically peril. it's not when they are talking about late term abortion. >> when debbie wasserman schultz says i support
3:53 pm
letting women and their doctors make this decision without government getting involved period end of story even up until the point of birth as a response, is that politically selling? >> no. it's unwise. i think this might be a hing point in abortion politics. i think what rand paul did was absolutely brilliant. reframed the issue and suggested that journalists go to democrats and ask the question. it's unfortunate that rand paul has to do that you would think that journalists might ask this question on their own but they don't. i don't think it's occurred to any mainstream journalists to ask this question in the last two decades. by reframing it as a.b. points out this is an issue on which republicans win. it's not just that they win 60-33 on the broad question. on the more specific questions and break it down demographically 2 to 1 women support a ban on late term abortions. 3 to 1 in some polls. hispanics support a poll on late term abortions. not only did rapids paul flipped question and change the way we are going to talk about late term abortions
3:54 pm
but it could be a model for other issues. if you look at what hillary clinton has done she refused to answer a question from my colleague john mccormick at the "weekly standard" who went to her spokes people and said this is a very simple question. this is what debbie wasserman schultz said. what do you say? she won't answer. >> well she won't answer any of the questions we have been trying to get to her on a fair host of issues. charles? >> look, abortion is the one social issue on which conservatives have been winning and gaining over time. i think it's largely a result of the new technology of the fact that you can see the child that our understanding of the science of this is so developed and you see ultrasounds. that has changed particularly among young people. on gay rights and that you will gay marriage the marijuana, the left is winning but surely on this and i think republicans had this opportunity for years but they get so caught up in the issue of the beginning of this process. when does life begin that they have ignored this obvious issue. it isn't only an issue.
3:55 pm
it isn't only that they will win if they show the public the extremism of democrats who would allow a woman with or without her doctor is ridiculous. a woman to decide to abort a child within hours of birth in the partial birth abortion, which pat moynahan, a great democratic liberal once called akin to infant side. the fact that democrats would awill you that i think is a terrible losing issue. and it's a moral issue. it's also one on which the republicans can actually act in the real world apart from using it in campaigns. there is a national consensus on this. so why not work on the late term abortion issue and get legislation that will ban it. it's the right thing to do. and it's a winning issue. >> quickly, a.b. besides iowa and south carolina, do you see this issue being dominant? >> it's really going to depend. it wasn't last time. i don't see it being dominant, but we don't know
3:56 pm
what fights are going to break out in this and charles is right. the interesting thing is the millennial voter is more pro-life. and increasingly. and so in the discussion that tries to galvanize young people, it might become more of the debate than it has been in recent cycles. it certainly has been dormant for a while. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see which u.s. senator appears to be fan of the popular disney movie. ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ sfx: clicking sounds so shiny. i know mommy but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want to choose wisely choose angie's list. you can get a finished project that you'll love. call, click or download the app for free today.
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finally tonight have you ever put forgot ton put your phone on silent before a meeting? enter pat roberts. >> we are going to be very aggressive on that issue as well as on the geographic preference ♪ let it go ♪ let it go. >> can't hold it back anymore. >> just let it go, -- sorry about that. >> senato to twitter afterwards.
4:00 pm
somebody had to tell the obama administration to let it go #for the grand kids. he said it was his grand kids calling. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. kimberly guilfoyle in for greta. >> this is a fox news alert. an alarming arrest. an ohio man is accused of plotting to attack the u.s. homeland after training with terrorists overseas. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is standing by to go on the records in just seconds. hello everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. >> today in ohio, an alleged isis sympathizer indicted on federal charges. he trained with terrorists in syria and returned to the u.s., planning to kill american soldiers and police. the 23-year-old suspect is a naturalized u.s. citizen. he is he now facing several charges, including providing material support to terrorists. today's indictment, says the suspect left the u.s. bound for syria in


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