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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 16, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hundreds of american troops are stationed. but u.s. officials said there's no plans to withdraw them. the pentagon says it's more concerned about isis advancement in the home of a major oil refinery. the pentagon saying losing that area to isis would be a major blow to iraq. the pilot of a small helicopter that landed on the capitol lawn has been charged. doug hughes, a florida postal carrier, has been ordered to stay out of washington, d.c. unless he's due in court. he pulled off the stunt drawing the attention to campaign finance reform by flying under the radar. many lawmakers are not happy and are calling for a security review. i'm patricia stark. "hannity" starts now. for all your headlines, logon to fox tonight the spring break nightmare continues. >> the string of violent incidents that is now considering whether to end the party for good. >> i am absolutely outraged by this. >> after a month of violence in panama city beach, mostly fueled
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by alcohol. >> is the mainstream media finally catching on? plus a heated debate with a local bar owner who claims that our coverage is an assault on the beach in panama city beach. i'm feeling the idea of opportunity society because education, opportunity system. >> and hillary clinton's very bad week. from staged events to stiffing the chipotle staff of a tip, and now parking in a handicap parking zone. and also fudging her family's history. >> all my grandparents, you know, came over here. >> this just the beginning of the blunders for the democrats' chosen one. also -- >> i think they're all losers. >> harry reid unhinged. the democrats' attack dog trashes the gop presidential field. and a shocking video of a man being beaten by a mob. "hannity" starts right here right now. hello, welcome to "hannity." after multiple shootings, several deaths and horrendous alleged gang rape caught on tape
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it's fair to say spring break wreaked havoc on panama beach city, florida. this program has been on the front lines, warning you, our viewers, about the horrors of spring break, while some people have criticized and even mocked our coverage. one of the most outspoken critics, sparky sparkman, owner of a local nightclub in panama city beach. after our coverage last year he told the local newspaper in october 2014, quote, this would not have been an issue if it had not been for hannity, his, you know, i call it assault on the beach. college spring break was over when he did that and had a mission, a ratings seeking mission and took advantage of us and blindsided us. and that's my view, and i've been saying that for a long time. joining us to explain those comments, we'll find out if he still feels that way in the wake of the recent violence, the owner of the beach club, sparky sparkman. is that your real name sparky? >> no sean it's a nickname.
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>> okay. >> last name is real. but i go by sparky. >> i actually read that the nightclubs make $40,000 to $50,000 a night in cover charges is that true? >> not this nightclub. >> no? you make a pretty significant amount of money, though? you admitted that in some articles, right? >> i have. i don't recall that, no, sir. i don't recall admitting to making any money in any articles. >> you don't make money? you're saying that -- your club -- you make a lot of money off these kids, don't you? you make a lot of money off these kids, don't you, sparky? >> mr. hannity, it depends how you define a lot of money. i make money or i wouldn't be in business. >> i've got a few questions for you. >> i beg your pardon? >> we had seven kids shot in
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panama city beach. we had one girl literally alleged now, gang raped on a video. have you seen the video of this young girl getting gang raped? >> no sir i have not. but i've only seen a portion of that video. that's all i've been allowed to see. >> yeah. and you said i'm responsible for the assault on the beach? would you want your daughter to go to this spring seeing all the footage that we have? do you have a daughter? there were 11 girls sexually assaulted this year. would you want your daughter there? >> are you going to let me answer? >> yeah go ahead. >> are you going to let me answer the question or speak over me? what kind of question is that, mr. hannity? do you have a daughter? >> yes. >> how would you answer that question? >> absolutely no. my daughter wouldn't be going to your club in panama city beach. how about yours? >> my daughter's been here many times. what you describe does not go on in my club.
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>> i didn't say it went on in your club. i said you were mad that we exposed the truth. we didn't make up any of the videos. nor did we make up any of the statistics. let me run through them with you. from the years we've now been covering, 81% increase in the number of police reports in panama city beach. calls for service in the area has gone up 49%. total beach ordinances in the area, that's 34,600%. total arrests up to a 237% increase. drug arrests up 370%. weapons have gone up double to 100%. and then, of course, sex offenses, and this is what we have for this year, we're talking about 11 allegations of sexual assault. 11 girls sexually assaulted. one on the beach in broad daylight. with so many people around her -- what do you say to the mother and father of that young
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girl? >> it's tragic. it's tragic. it's unacceptable. >> unacceptable. what do you say to the parents of the seven kids shot? >> same thing. same thing. it's despicable. it's disgusting. >> why did you blame me for covering this thing? >> you referred to a statement i made last year when you came to panama city beach, after the collegiate spring break had ended, okay? that's what i was referring to. let's get our dates and times straight. >> sparky when we went down there, there were all kids down there for spring break. the spring break goes on for a certain period of time. so your statement was inaccurate. and then you said, let's not let something like hannity be a deterrent. you went before the council and pushed hard to keep spring break in panama city beach didn't you? because you make a lot of money off those kids.
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isn't that true, sparko? >> no, shanity -- is it shanity or hannity. you know, your motive here is to get some sound bytes that you can spin in a negative way. just keep on trying. >> didn't you say in a newspaper article, don't let hannity be our death? but now let's look at it this way. had the town cracked down last year on -- because we exposed it, maybe those seven kids wouldn't have been shot this year. maybe that girl wouldn't have been gang raped this year. maybe those 11 sexual assaults wouldn't have happened this year. maybe those kids that took those drugs -- >> it's my fault, mr. hannity? >> i didn't say it's your fault. but you make money and you didn't want any rules changes because all you cared about was the money and not the kids. isn't that true sparky? >> come on, man.
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you're trying to put words in my mouth. you're absolutely incorrect. >> we'll have more with the interview with sparky tomorrow night. former nypd detective, and ainsley who has been down there two years. 11 sexual assaults this year. the gang rape tape, which we'll go through again. the shooting of seven. increase in crime. drugs all over the place. sparky's blaming us. what's your reaction to this? >> i feel like we've done a really good job in trying to hold the people who need to change responsible. and i was really glad that you really challenged him on these issues. because i feel like he is contributing to this. i've been down there. the kids only want to go to the part of the beach that's right behind his club. his club has a front entrance, and a back entrance. the back entrance where the stage is, where they have the
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wet t-shirt contest, is basically built on the dunes. they have contests and say come over to our club. and all the kids hang out right behind his club. >> where they're drinking. >> exactly. the point is, if he didn't have his club there and the club right next door, the kids would not want to hang out in that section of the beach. that section of the beach is exactly where that alleged sexual assault happened in broad daylight. that's where we were, that's where everyone is shoulder-to-shoulder. right behind his club or right behind club luzila. that one patch of the beach is where everyone goes and hangs out. >> ainsley, you're allowed to have a club. it's not illegal to have a bar in america. >> he can't say it's our fault. >> he is wrong to criticize the coverage. but he's not necessarily doing anything wrong. if he's influencing politicians, and preventing them from getting the correct amount of cops down there, then that is corrupt and morally wrong and he has blood on his hands. but let's not start vilifying
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business owners just for running businesses. i need to know if there's stuff going on behind the scenes here. >> but don't let hannity be our death is what he was quoted as saying. >> that's what i'm saying. >> criticizing the coverage was wrong. that's why jon stewart was wrong. hannity, you guys did a good job. you did the only job. you were the only ones who went down there. all these other people read tweets, look at pictures, repeat google searches. journalism today for half of these people is just pontificating. the only people who witnessed this with their eyeballs was you. and you had to leave early because you were so disgusted. >> sean, there is a responsibility. you've got a licensed premise, you're serving alcohol. there are certain things that you have a responsibility. one is the proper security and the second one is only serving them where an incident will occur but the alcohol consumed in his place. we went out to that beach. you committed a rape, you can
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bring that back on a liability factor. >> but where are they doing molly? do you think the city's going to be sued by the seven people shot and by this girl who was raped, of all the 11 -- >> there is a suit here. >> huge suit here. so the city then will have some culpability in this. i wonder how far it goes from there. >> the city has agreed to spend $120,000 more on security. they definitely said after a few weeks ago, after basically spring break was over, they said no more drinking on the beach. >> this is very important. when you started to do this with spring break, right, you started to show that this was becoming more tumultuous. as the years go the numbers are going higher. again, i'll sit here and i'll guarantee you from my law enforcement background those numbers are microchasms of what really occur there, with the rapes, with the not even -- >> it's far worse than what the
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statistics say. >> we talked to cops down there who said they don't see it as their problem. the cops' problem is they're not getting enough cases reported. >> the girls themselves -- >> the city said they had their own security. that didn't raise his culpability. >> we were out on the beach right behind some of these clubs, they said you're not allowed to be here. this is our private property on the beach and kicked us off. >> was that sparky's place? >> that was sparky's place. we didn't want to fight with them because we weren't sure which part of the beach they owned. we thought, it's a public beach. how can they own part of the beach. the security guards with us said it's not worth fighting. just get off the beach. >> i'll bring a camera crew there, he didn't want you there. >> real quickly and then wee have to go. >> after the sheriff's department was reporting on that 19-year-old that was unconscious and allegedly gang raped by four
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different guys, they also found another video, a man performing oral sex on a woman who appears to be incapacitated on the beach. some were grabbing her chest while others were performing oral sex while others were watching him pouring beer all over her. if you're saving lives if you're preventing another girl from going through something like this that is going to ruin her reputation and change her life for the rest of her life, maybe get her pregnant, there are so many things that could happen -- >> ainsley, everyone on this panel has agreed, this is really bad and dangerous. and out of control. >> these are lies. they're 20 years old. their lives are going to be affected informationever because of some of the decisions they're making. >> thank you for being with us. a disastrous first week for hillary clinton. for not leaving a tip at chipotle to staging an event with fake voters at a coffee shop to flat-out making a misstatement on her grandparents. video showing a memphis man being beaten by an angry mob
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after trying to help an elderly woman to get to her car. beaten is here to share that story as "hannity" continues tonight.tt8fq@q:)q1m-[f=/p2!a>l
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welcome back to "hannity." a very bad first week for hillary clinton's campaign. in washington tonight with the very latest is our own ed henry. ed, i don't think it can get worse than this week. >> that might be your humble opinion, sean. interesting in talking to hillary clinton's advisers, they feel like this is a good rollout because of the fact she was able to get her hands dirty. go into iowa talk to voters, stress that she's a champion for the middle class. but i'm sure you're referring to various reports that have been sort of putting some dings in the armor if you will, such as the "daily mail" report saying
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maybe one of the events in iowa with she had coffee was cooked up and staged, because one of the people, real people that she sort of happened upon may have been the impression was actually a democrat who had interned with the locals there in the democratic party, and was driven to the coffee shop by the clinton campaign. they said the only reason they drove the guy there was because he needed a guy a young kid. they say that they never tried to quote unquote, stage the event. in fact they gave us the names of everybody at the coffee shop. i think the broader point is she went out there, as you suggest going to iowa to say she's going to meet real people. she's going to chuck out the script, if you will. but what she wound up were pretty scripted events. i think the other issue moving forward is going to be the clinton foundation. learning new information today. the foundation confirmed in the
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"wall street journal" they'll have to start changing some of their policies. they will still take foreign money, but those donations will be limited to a handful of countries, not every country in the world. no longer for example, going to take money from saudi arabia. clearly some of the criticism has gotten to them, that they've gotten from the republicans like rand paul, while democrats like evan bayh say this is much ado about nothing. take a listen. >> hillary clinton's argument, you've heard her argument for taking money from saudi arabia, she's going to do good things with it yet she's taking money from a country that percentsecutes women. what do they do in ber nye? you're stoned to death. >> she's not at the foundation anymore. secondly, it's all charitable work. fighting aids in africa climbed change responding to earthquake disaster relief in haiti. >> despite that good work, it's interesting that at least so far hillary clinton has not
10:19 pm
been citing the foundation's good work out on the campaign trail. it's only been a few days. maybe she'll have a chance next week. we're just learning tonight on monday and tuesday she's going to new hampshire for round two of this campaigning. i'm told she'll go to a series of these battleground key early states. about two days of campaigning per week until mid may. then she's planning a big speech in the middle of may to lay out what she learned on this listening tour. >> thank you for being with us, ed henry. joining us associate editor and columnist amy stod dard and author of the upcoming best seller. so this was supposed to be the meat that hillary talks to voters. then we find out that it was, they said this was unscripted and spontaneous turned out to be three plants they drove to the -- hang on -- then the iowa students were hand-picked. the other students were locked in the classroom. then she goes to chipotle in her
10:20 pm
anna wind tour glasses doesn't say hello to anybody. she's so cheap she doesn't even leave a tip. what's up with that? >> the sunglasses was definitely very strange. if you want to go in and mix with the regular people, why are you -- >> why are you doing a hollywood star look. >> so nobody can -- very, very strange. i have to say on the staging event, having worked on these events in another lifetime, there are always people -- the people who usually tend to come to these in the early days are people who are associated with the democratic -- >> they told the press it was unscripted, and we found out they bused them in. they drove them to the event. >> well bused them in is a little bit of an exaggeration. we're talking about a couple of people. that's standard for people -- >> but then not lie about it. >> they're not lying about it. >> they said it was unscripted
10:21 pm
and spontaneous. >> there were other people at the event that weren't people they drove there. >> three of them were all democratic operatives. >> that's normal sean. >> don't tell us that. >> no one would ever say there's not a single democratic operative in that room or single republican operative. those are the people often who come out. that's typical. that's normal. i don't think that she lied about it. >> what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts were this. if she's holding these events because it's not about her and not about her campaign it's about these voters and she's trying to win every vote and earn their support why is she staging events that look so awkward. i don't care if they're democratic operatives or not. there's six or seven of them. the media population in each event quadruples or more the amount of attendees listening to her take notes and smile. it's completely awkward. i think it's a disaster, as a rollout. if she really wants to be with
10:22 pm
these people, go into a living room and close the door. sit back on the couch and relax and talk to them. she doesn't need to tell the media what she's doing. she doesn't need to take her little copyious notes. >> she didn't need to get the tricked-out scooby-doo van with the heated seats and amenities and park that van in a handicapped parking zone. i think it would have been a little better if the woman of the people can park in a parking lot like the rest of us. >> they literally don't know what to do. they're so trying to go small, that they're wrestling with it. >> hillary has a brian problem. for example, she said and told this story about coming under sniper fire in bosnia. you may remember this. >> i remember landing under sniper fire of the there was supposed to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles, to get to our base. >> now she tells a story while
10:23 pm
she's in iowa her grandparents, all of them coming to america as immigrants which turns out to be false. >> all my grandparents, you know, came over here. and, you know, my grandfather went to work in a lace mill in scranton, pennsylvania and worked there until he retired at 65. he started when he was a teenager. and just kept going. >> all of my grandparents becomes one of four. now, the sniper fire thing i think is -- she sounds like brian williams. >> i think that -- i do understand how in families you can tell stories over and over again and sometimes the lore takes on a life of its own. >> by your 30s you usually get your real story. the point here is, the staff problem. you always seem to be fact checking everything. especially stories that people have told over and over and over again. in my book that i just wrote i actually have a little bit about the history of my family. i checked with my family
10:24 pm
members, is this true? we always say this we say that they all came over from ireland. did they really? >> all my grandparents did. only one of hers did, and she told a lie. and added it to the sniper fire story. >> it was probably the story in her family. >> what about the sniper fire? i came under sniper fire. she's greeted by a girl with flowers. >> i think the family stories are things that get told over and over. i think her staff should be checking her on these things and saying, what you're saying -- >> i don't think that you can blame this on staff. if you are running for president, by the way she's been planning her run for the presidency since 2005. she's run before. you can't tell mixed-up stories about your heritage. no staffer can steer you from that. by her age she should know what she's talking about when it comes to her family story. >> imagine if marco rubio's mother really wasn't a maid and his father wasn't a bartender.
10:25 pm
>> he told a false story about his family coming from cuba. this is always a problem for politicians. >> a two-year narrative difference. the story was true. big difference in my view. i'm not just talking about this week, she flip-flopped on illegal immigrants, now she supports their right to get legal driver's licenses. last year she did not. good to see you. looking forward to your best seller. coming up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> i don't really care. >> harry reid unhinged, and the democrats attacked, lashing out at the gop presidential field. later tonight caught on tape, surveillance video shows an angry mob viciously beating a man at a memphis gas station who is literally trying to help an elderly woman get to her car. the victim will be here tonight to share that story. low wage workers take to the streets of new york demanding their pay be more than doubled. how bad is that going to be for small business. hoump
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welcome back to "hannity." you can always rely on ranking liberal senator harry reid to make an outrageous comment. this time reid made one when asked about his thoughts on the growing list of 2016 republican presidential candidates. let's watch this. >> i don't really care. i think they're all losers. >> well, he would know one. how classy. joining us with reaction pollster frank luntz, chairman of the american conservative union. our friend, matt, is back with us. matt -- frank, you talk about language all the time. loser. but then the comments he made about mitt romney in the last election, then he admits they are false and the damage was already done. and he doesn't care. >> what you've got -- >> yeah, you've got harry reid unplugged. now he's saying exactly what he believes. he didn't do it for a while because he was seeking his own re-election until he gave up after seeing polling that i believe showed him behind.
10:29 pm
it's not what the american people want to hear. they expect you to say what you mean, and mean what you say, and they expect you at least to operate with some sort of decorum. sean, they're looking for civility and harry reid doesn't have it. >> the reality is, matt, every election cycle when push comes to shove by the end of this cycle, hillary clinton is going to play the race card if she's the candidate. she's going to play -- we're going to have an image of the republican nominee throwing granny off the cliff, we'll have an image the republicans want to kill old people and kill young children. because it's the same strategy they've been using for 40 years. why would it change? >> yeah, that's exactly right. when we saw the war on women last time, they might come up with a new name but will be the same game. that's what they do. that's why one of the things that's good about our field, despite what harry reid says, is it's good we a lot of choices, good we have a lot of voices, it's good that i think we have more than one of them that i think would be strong contenders in the general election because it makes it harder for hillary
10:30 pm
clinton and her henchmen to go after one of them and start destroying them. it's harder to destroy 10 or 11 or 12 of them. i like how this is playing out. >> let's go, frank, back to the disastrous week hillary's had. women of the people. gets in a luxurious van, parks in a handicap parking lot. buses in the people at her spontaneous meeting, locks the kids in the classroom because they can't come out and say hello to her, uses anna wintour looks to go into chipotle, won't shake anybody's hand and doesn't leave a tip. that's just the beginning of her worries this week. that doesn't sound like a woman of the people to me. >> well, look, she's got her supporters, and they're going to back her no matter what happens. i'm watching the language and watching the staging. if you go back to that little -- you call it a town hall. it's not even a focus group when she has the three students and two faculty members. i'm watching it, thinking to myself, she's writing everything they said down. nobody ever does that. that's not real.
10:31 pm
that's not sincere. >> so it's phony. >> hillary clinton's got three issues -- it's phony. she has to be authentic. and we haven't seen that in the first week. second is that she has to show empathy. she has to speak not just from the head but also from the heart. >> it's not her, frank. it's like david axelrod saying she needs to act more humble. you don't act humble. you're either humble or not humble. acting i don't think is going to fly. you're asking her to be something she's not. >> and the third point -- clear she she hasn't won your vote, sean. and the third part is she's got to be focused on the future, not the past. too much of her reflections are going backward rather than forward. those are the three attributes she needs. in this first week, she didn't have any of them. >> all right, but matt, she's viewed as dishonest, untrustworthy by the american people, right? add to that, she claims to be, you know, isn't it time for a woman to be president? she's going to continue to take foreign money for the clinton foundation and takes money from countries like saudi arabia with
10:32 pm
atrocious women's rights records. and she's not giving that money back. she's not criticizing those governments. doesn't she have a vulnerability on this that's massive? >> i love one of the four points you brought up she's going to focus on in the future like frank is talking about, reforming money in politics. how hypocritical? all this controversy over the types of money that are basically funding the whole clinton family lifestyle going through the foundation, you know, that's the kind of reform that we actually do need. they ought to actually be -- they ought to focus on themselves first. and the fact is is this. we saw at the u.n. press conference, she's rusty, she's wobbly, she's not the candidate her husband is or was. and quite honestly, what i worry about politically is that she seems to be having a mini implosion too soon. i think democrats are a lot more nervous than anybody as they watch this wobbly candidacy start. >> well thank you both.
10:33 pm
i contend at best, at best a mediocre politician. she does not have the skills of her husband. she has more baggage than he does in my opinion. guys, good to see you. thank you both. and coming up tonight, a man viciously beaten and attacked at a memphis gas station as he tried to walk an elderly woman to her car. that victim being beaten up there joins us next to explain firsthand what actually happened. later tonight, huge demonstrations all around the country. workers demanding that the minimum wage is raised to 15 bucks an hour. what does that mean for young people and those needing entry-level jobs? does that mean those jobs are gone? how much are you willing to pay for a burger? straight ahead. who does this kinda thing online? i-i-i clicked on some links, ugh the kids weren't even home. wait, wait, wait, this changes everything. it's service & repair feature.
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welcome back to "hannity." another vicious attack caught on tape this time at a gas station in memphis, tennessee, where a man who was walking a scared elderly woman to her car was literally rushed and beaten by a mob of teenagers. joining us is the man viciously
10:39 pm
beaten in the video, orton williams jr. sir, thank you for being here. by the way, was that the little girl that was in your car? >> little boy. >> i'm sorry. i can't see. i read in the paper a girl, but what's his name? >> joseph william. >> well, all right. so this -- you're in a convenience store. we'll show the tape again. walk us through. there's an elderly woman that wants to go to the car. you decide because there's a lot of kids out there and she's nervous, right, you want to walk her to her car. right? >> yes, sir. actually, the kids were doing more than just loitering. they were in the parking lot jumping up and down, throwing gang symbols, you know it was kind of like a pep rally. that's what made her scare. >> all right. let me go back to the beginning of this tape here. so the woman sees all these kids that we don't see in the beginning of the video, we can re-rack that. and -- >> yes, sir. >> and she wants you to walk her out. so you're being a good samaritan, you walk the lady out to her car. then all of a sudden, you know,
10:40 pm
these kids come up to you and you get cold cockeb literally from -- there you are. here come the kids. did you say anything to them? because that one kid punches you right in the back of the head. what did you say to them? >> when he hit me, i turned around. i said, is that your best shot? and you know what time it is. that's when the guy to the right of him, that's when he hit me. and my first thought was to get inside of the store so i could get my back against the wall. >> right. >> fight back. but the store owner -- >> he wouldn't open the door. >> so i couldn't get in. so i had to go to my family vehicle. and i didn't want to do that. i wanted to keep my family and the lady i was protecting safe. >> so in other words, your baby, your son was in the car, your family's in the car. so you purposely put yourself out there. they wouldn't let you in the store. all these kids are pounding on you. how bad are your injuries? >> they're not bad. my lower back, it has some problems, but as far as facial,
10:41 pm
no problems. i mean, i came out -- i came out okay. but i have, you know, some lower back issues. >> but you had a gun with you. >> well, i'm going to say this. i don't want to say what i had, but i had something to protect me and my family, and -- >> you said in a previous interview -- you said in a previous interview you had a gun. >> yeah. it was a tough call. because there's kids involved and to pull a gun on kids and to kill kids after what i went through, i knew after, when i got in the car, that they didn't do any damage. i played college football. i know what being hurt is all about. i knew they did no damage. so at that point, i saw no need to pull out anything to give me a peace of mind. >> you would have been within your rights to defend yourself, and i applaud you for the discipline. what do you want to happen to the kids? do you want these kids all prosecuted? we have their faces on video.
10:42 pm
shouldn't they be prosecuted? >> absolutely. absolutely. i hope mpb works diligently in prosecuting all of these kids because it is really bad. it's really bad that they are doing this in broad daylight. this was a terrorist act. that's what it was. this lady could have lost her life. i could have lost mine. in broad daylight. >> yeah. those kids took a good shot at you. >> in the afternoon. >> from behind. then another kid came in with a round house. i mean -- listen. i applaud you. i think it was very, first of all, kind of you to take that woman to her car. amazing discipline you had that you were taking those blows and didn't pull out your weapon. really incredible, incredible patience on your part and thank you for telling your story. >> yes, sir. >> all right. joining us now with reaction is the "black spheres" kevin jackson, fox news contributor david webb. do we both agree, david, i'll ask you first, do we agree that he had every right in that
10:43 pm
moment to pull out his weapon? >> yeah, in defense he had that right but his decision was based on safety. his decision, the safety of his family, also, frankly, the safety of those kids he figured if he could take it, i guess in that moment, he would. >> how did he know, though -- i mean, kevin, what do you think? because really, i mean, those blows were serious, hard blows to the head. i mean, at some point he could have been rendered unconscious. they could have killed him. he could have had severe injuries. turns out he didn't. certainly his life, an argument can be made, is in jeopardy here. >> he's lucky. when you get hit from behind, as a fighter, i can tell you you want to know where shots are coming from. the one you can't see is the one that really gets you. he got extremely lucky. the kids are very lucky because i know a lot of people who wouldn't have shown that level of restraint. >> and as a fighter, i looked at the shots that he took, he took a couple of pretty heavy blows there. you can't see the blows he's getting when up against the window. >> the blows he took, all of
10:44 pm
this played out, but, sean, there's a bigger problem here. the bigger problem is where do we have gangs of kids roaming the streets in america, doing this? this is a larger context. the black community, any community, especially right here, look at this, this is gang of black kids. where's president obama, where's al sharpton, where are the purported black leaders? >> not going to happen. >> the kevin jacksons of the world, the c.l. bryants, the ones they should be listening to, the allen wests, turn to them and look at what you can do. these kids are killing their own future. >> kevin, i'm going to make a prediction. i'm going to make a prediction. just like ferguson, even though we have these kids' video on tape, we're not going to arrest them. and that pretty much is a license granted to these kids to just do it again. am i wrong? >> that's what's been happening. you're exactly right. i don't know if you recall the case, two couples, two white couples went to a mcdonald's, similar situation, they lost their lives. the two boys were killed.
10:45 pm
and they lost their lives. and in this particular case, the sad part is, here's a guy doing a favor to a lady who's obviously scared. he's just being a good samaritan. he happens to be black. and these kids decide to attack him. i think the bigger narrative to david's point is you're talking about kids in prep school. these are kids on their way to college. it's pretty pathetic. >> all right, guys. thanks. good to see you both. >> good to see you. coming up, protests erupt around the country. workers demanding the minimum wage be increased to 15 bucks an hour but the founder of one fast food chain says if that happens, you can kiss the dollar menu good-bye. how much you willing to pay for a burger? that's next. e weekend is just the beginning. so start now at the bass pro shops workender event and sale. with great deals throughout the store. plus free demos, social hour and great prizes april 24th and 25th.
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welcome back to "hannity." protests erupted all across the country this week as fast food workers take to the streets to call for an increase in the minimum wage. currently the federal minimum wage sits at $7.25 an hour. protesters they're demanding more than double that to a whopping 15 bucks an hour. so how do you think this is going to impact small businessowners? joining us for analysis, pollster democratic strategist, jessica is with us and from the fox business network, our sister network, melissa francis. so you want to raise the minimum wage? >> i do. not necessarily to $15. >> we can reasonably talk about
10:51 pm
$10.10. i think that -- >> is your idea it has to be a livable wage, for the minimum wage? >> i believe it has to be a livable wage. >> i started as a dishwasher in a restaurant getting less than minimum wage. >> i don't think that was a good situation either. >> that was a good situation. i got a little kid beer at the end of the night. in all seriousness, i don't think minimum wage jobs were ever designed for people's careers. >> but they have ended up that. it's a myth to say it's only teenagers earning the minimum wage. people over 60 are earning it. >> 52% are actually students. more than half of them are under the age of 25. it's supposed to get you into the workplace. but i think part of what you're saying, if you raise it to $10.10, we're just talking about
10:52 pm
a lot of people being out of work. half a million people will be out of work. if we raise it to $10.10. >> economists looked at 64 studies, out of santa fe san francisco, d.c., there's been no discernible impact. >> what you're talking about is raising the federal minimum wage. that would push it in communities where they can't afford it and people would be out of work. >> 93 million americans out of the labor force right now. if i didn't have a summer job, that means i would have been hanging out with my dopey friends and getting in more trouble than i usually got in when i was young. i always had a summer job. 50%, i'll take one demographic black teenagers cannot get a summer job. what does that mean? they're hanging out with their dopey friends, just like i would have been hanging out with mine. raising the minimum wage to that number, this is not going to hire people. >> three out of five small business owners support this.
10:53 pm
>> put it up on the screen they made the statement you end the dollar meal it's gone. you're not going to be able to run these places, paying workers 15 bucks an hour or whatever it's going to be, as he says. and you're not going to be able to get these dollar hamburgers anymore. it will impact people in more communities. >> you're saying the boss will give him order for the worker to give back to the boss. the problem you're trying to address is people who are stuck on minimum wage who are older people trying to support a family on minimum wage. whether it's $8, $10, or $12, you can't support a family on minimum wage. you train the people for the jobs that exist. >> i'm all for job training, too, but why not a living wage. >> the real answer is choice and education. our educational system has failed these kids growing up. >> they don't have to be mutually exclusive. >> okay. in many ways they do. if you raise the minimum wage, you'll have fewer people working. now, if you have obama's
10:54 pm
integration connection to this you'll have more people fighting for these low waged, low skilled jobs. and they're not going to have opportunities either. >> it's basic math. they only have so much to spend on labor. if you raise the price per hour of labor, they're going to have fewer people working there, or they have to raise prices. you talk about small business owners out there doing this. i wish we could get everybody $100 an hour. that would be fantastic. the math just doesn't work out. there's only so much money to go around. >> a pay cut from $1 million to $70,000. >> middle america, guess what, if hillary clinton wants to charge $200,000 a speech, god bless her, that's what she charges. and a private jet to get her there, and blue m&ms in the green room. >> the point is -- >> heated seats, 29-inch tv and bed in the back. >> most of the local mcdonald's owners are small business owners. they're not making $1 million. >> but they're making a lot more than their employees are making.
10:55 pm
>> it's none of your business how much they make. it's just not. >> it's my business that people in america are not making enough to support themselves and their family. >> when we come back our question of the day we need your input, straight ahead. tt8fq@q:)q1m-[f=/p2!a>l
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it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need you got this. welcome back to "hannity." time for the question of the day. does hillary clinton finally have an obligation to talk to the media? talk to the press? go to facebook and let us know
11:00 pm
what you think. quick programming note. tune in tomorrow night 10:00 eastern, spring break, a nightmare, tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern. that's all we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. don't miss the special. kimberly guilfoyle in for greta. >> this is a fox news alert. an alarming arrest. an ohio man is accused of plotting to attack the u.s. homeland after training with terrorists overseas. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is standing by to go on the records in just seconds. hello everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. >> today in ohio, an alleged isis sympathizer indicted on federal charges. he trained with terrorists in syria and returned to the u.s., planning to kill american soldiers and police. the 23-year-old suspect is a naturalized u.s. citizen. he is he now facing several charges, including providing material support to terrorists. today's indictment, says the suspect left the u.s. bound for syria in


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