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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 17, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> why don't you tell me what hillary clinton campaigning on, do you know? >> some liberal democrats not happy with hillary clinton's candidacy. how will that effect her campaign? tonight we will talk with one of the dissenters. senator bernie sanders. >> everybody that was around him knew what the truth was. and it's just relieved that the united states army did the right thing. >> and apparently the white house knew what the truth was about bowe bergdahl as well but chose to praise him anyway. we'll have new information tonight. >> a kid gets a crush on you in sixth grade and that kid's name is? >> prince. >> prince? >> also ahead, fox news
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correspondent lauren green rejected the advances of the young prince. did you know that? >> you hung up on prince? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hillary clinton on the campaign trail. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. after just a few days the clinton campaign has become fodder for pundits and comedians. the scene in iowa people chasing a van got worldwide attention. and it seems everything mrs. clinton does gets attention mostly negative. unlike the republican candidates for president, hillary clinton has not subjected herself to press interviews, and that has brought her criticism. look at that time it from her point of view. she has little to gain and a lot to lose by sitting down
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to skeptical media folks. everybody knows hillary clinton. and most americans have a strong opinion about her one way or the other. without a definite opponent. she doesn't have to convince anyone about anything. however, if a strong republican challenger emerges then hillary clinton will have to do some interviews but believe me they will be few and well chosen to putner favorable light. you may remember i interviewed mrs. clinton back in 2008 when she was running against barack obama. that happened at notre dame. that was fine. she made her points, i made my points. i hope we can duplicate that but i am not running after her van. i am not running after the van. does everybody understand me in the scooby doo vehicle will just have to roll on without me. at this point americans expect republicans to hammer hillary clinton. what else is new? well here is what else. some liberals have doubts. >> why don't you tell me what hillary clinton is campaigning on. do you know? you don't know and i don't
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know the and the american people don't know so it's premature in just a few moments we will talk with senator sanders. for whatever reason there is deep skepticism on the far left about mrs. clinton. she certainly not as liberal as barack obama especially on foreign policy and she does not seem to connect with regular folks the way mr. obama. then there is hun necessary city factor especially regarding benghazi and her emails. >> again, i want to be fair to her. she has never indicated that she would not come. but i also am going to be very firm that it is a condition precedent to my being able to talk to her about benghazi for me to understand that i have all the documents i'm entitled to. >> well, good luck. congressman gowdy, the chairman of the house select committee on benghazi is a bulldog, so news may be forthcoming. but he is never going to get those emails. those emails are are vapor.
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summing up, hillary clinton's first week on the campaign trail kind of bizarre. and talking points believes that condition may continue right up to election day 2016 that's the memo, now for the top story tonight reaction. joining us from washington is the aforementioned senator bernie sanders from vermont. hillary clinton's way too conservative for you, right senator? >> i wouldn't say she is way too conservative. given the problems that this country faces, which is a massive level of wealth and income snawttlez. as collapse be middle class and the need to create millions of jobs. the question is what candidate is out there for deliver for the american working people. >> okay. it's really tore for a person like hillary clinton who is getting $250,000 a pop for a speech and who made an enormous amount of money. commodities trade.
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financial system. hard for any of the candidates out there who are people in this country. >> she receiving huge huge from america but saudi arabia. and then, you know saudi arabia. >> it is all candidates out there who are now using super pacs because of this disastrous citizens united decisions. the real question is not just hillary and not just the republican candidates can you run a decent campaign or be gentd dependent on millionaires. >> you have to be charismatic and grass roots because the folk also donate to somebody they believe in. that's what a few candidates are trying to do now that
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don't have, you know the cachet or the connections to raise the money. look, i don't like the money either. but what i'm trying to tell is you in the democratic party of which you are a member. >> i'm an independent bill. >> you caucus with them. >> i caucus with the democrats, yes. >> you have got a big problem here. if you are going to attack the financial system, the bankers and a the fat cats you are using a person who is exploited the financial system and is a fat cat to do it. that's not going to fly. >> right. well look, here is the situation, i voted against the "wall street journal" bailout i happen to think concentration of ownership on wall street where you have 6 financial institutions having almost $10 trillion in assets is very dangerous for this country, i think we need to break them up. if you are asking me how many candidates have the guts to say we have to break up huge wall street firms. that's a good question. i don't know of anybody else
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who is thinking of running. >> i do. >> then you have got to run nobody on the grid right now is going to go that far. teddy roosevelt did a little bit of what you are suggesting. >> yes. >> and i think -- >> -- that's right. >> if you would present it in a way that it isn't the government running the economy, then you might get a hearing on it but, unfortunately, you know socialists and you are one of those, want the government -- >> -- i'm a democratic socialist. yeah. >> socialists want the government to runt economy. >> bill bill bill bill. one second. first of all let me agree with you and disagree with you. if teddy roosevelt were alive today. roosevelt a good republican he would break up these huge financial institutions on wall street and a lot of other industries as well because we have a huge concentration of ownership in this country that is very dangerous. second point, as a democratic socialist, whose view is similar to many governments throughout europe, no, i do not believe government should control everything, but i do believe that healthcare should be a right of all people. i do believe that college education should be
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affordable to all people. and i do believe that the united states congress should not be owned by a handful of billionaires. >> that's a big government vision and that's where you and i pretty much disagree. but, look, you have been firm to your and the good people of vermont have elected you so there you are. >> well, bill, i'm not going to ask you to be my vice presidential candidate. that's it. >> you might have a chance if you did. >> the deal is a bad deal for us. you know that everybody who can read knows that. >> no, i don't know that. >> do you really trust the mullahs? do you really trust them not to cheat? >> no. >> they are saying, senator, we are not going to let you inspect our military installations, okay? come on. >> look, this is -- bill this is what you have got. you have got a situation where i don't trust iran iranians don't trust the united states. this agreement is not being built on trust. >> what is it being built on. >> being built on
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verification. >> look the mullah came out, khomeini came out last week and said we are not going to let you inspect our military installations you heard him. >> the military installations what we will inspect is whether or not they have the capability of moving toward a nuclear weapon. >> how would you know if you can't inspect the military installations where they hide the stuff? >> you are assuming they are hide them. >> i am assuming that. >> all right. bill, we can argue until the cows come home. >> all right. >> i voted against the war in iraq because i thought it would do what it did. destabilize the region. what we need to do is to make sure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. but i have got to tell you i am not pleased that we have a number of my colleagues here who think that going to war against iran would be okay. it would not be okay. >> last resort. >> the president -- >> -- i'm sorry? >> it's a last resort but it has to be in play if you are definitely going to stop them. last word. >> but it's a horrible resort and have to do
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everything that we can to prevent that. >> all right. but we can't be foolish and that's what i think everybody wants a deal that would be good for the free world. senator, thanks very much. it's always a pleasure to talk with you. next on the rundown new information about bowe bergdahl that is not good news for president obama. then later dana perino's top stories of the week. lauren green refusing to go out with the singer prince. factor is coming r
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and in the impact segment tonight as you may know sargent bowe bergdahl scheduled to be in a military court on july 8th to answer charges of desertion and misbehaving. last may line noised the sergeant in a meeting with his parents. that has caused all kinds of
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angst and today there is even more trouble. joining us from washington is lt. tony shamp and catherine herrige. what is new on the bergdahl story, catherine? >> well, we have been talking for the last week, bill with four of bergdahl's teammates, three of them spoke with on the record. they confirm they had informal meeting in december of 2009, six months after bergdahl walked away with admiral mike mowl is the president's chief military advisor and also the chairman of the joint chiefs they have been pulling security for the admiral as did this tour through afghanistan. pretty standard for mullen to kick out the leadership and higher ups so he could speak with these lower level enlisted here. >> four of bergdahl's platoon mates talked directly to the admiral who is president obama's top military advisor. >> correct. >> and told the admiral that this guy was a deserter and this guy did all kinds of
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nefarious things; is that correct? >> the guy said to him look, i mean, you know, bergdahl deserted and walked away. what these three guys said mullen agreed he said yeah i know. i know the circumstances but we is have still got to go get him. that's a big admission. because that takes this knowledge of the bergdahl case to the most senior levels of the administration just six months after he walked away. not four and a half years later, right? ed when family was invited to the white house. >> why would the president of the united states trade five top taliban commanders who within two weeks will be back on the battlefield i guarantee you, all right. fighting americans for a deserter when he knew he was a deserter. even worse, colonel shaffer, why do you have the dog and pony show with the sergeant's parents from idaho praising the sergeant when you know his conduct was unbecoming? so i don't understand that that becomes a big story.
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it does. if you go back and look at the time this happened mark mullen was asked about the deal and the bbc reported mullen said this is great because we negotiate with the taliban that was the big headline. this is politics it's its unfinest depending on your perspective. admiral mullen was in the factor the president clearly through this entire process. when i was first briefed on this in 2012, bill when i was asked to advise on this issue i was told very clearly the indications were that he deserted. so the question becomes did mullen actually -- did the buck stop with mullen? did he actually hold this information back for at least a period of time and not tell the president? >> no, that's impossible. don't you think that's impossible? >> no. because. >> he had to have known. >> the intelligence community was completely focused on this. i have talked to two senior intelligence who were involved. >> i'm agreeing with you that admiral mullen could not have failed to tell
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president obama about the circumstance particularly because there was an army investigation underway and completed well before. >> absolutely. we have to aassume catherine that the president of the united states, the commander of the armed forces knew that bergdahl could very well be charged with what he has eventually been charged with. went ahead to try to sell the deal to the american people by saying bergdahl was a good guy or whatever the words he used. boy, i just think that that's misleading and you could use other words as well. >> yeah, you could. look based on our reporting now, mullen had a sense that bergdahl had walked away just six months after the incident, yet, four and a half years later, the public was told something voyeur different. mullen only reported to two people. the secretary of defense and the president of the united states. that's it. so this reporting takes it right into the white house. so today, mullen declined
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our offer to do an interview. he sent us a statement basically saying we were committed to getting bergdahl. everyone we have spoken to said there was real clarity on the fact that he walked off the bus. >> spoke to mullen himself and mullen has one of two choices. he cannot believe the four guys and why we not do that? or he is misleading you now by saying he doesn't have any clarity it's one or the other. >> i don't know the answer to that are, i agree. >> go ahead. >> this is the intellectual corruption at the senior level which permeates into the whole service this cause and morale problems you and i have talked about several times here. it is this sort of thing senior officers confronted with the facts become politicians in uniform rather than standing up to their oath of office and their responsibility to the troops in doing this. further, this guy, mullen, actually was the guy in charge of the accountability review board for benghazi.
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to me, in my judgment celebrate based on his response to catherine's reporting and his lack of clarity and candor i think he is in the bag with these guys completely utterly. >> it's unbelievable. >> it's an indication and we have to say that the general is a patriot. he served his country but the indications are that you are right and i will add one more. this investigation should have been wrapped up months ago and they dragged on and on and i think the only-i'm conceded i know. the only reason they had to do it is because of us. we know you have the information, how long are you going to sit on it? all right? finally they had to charge him with desertion and conduct unbecoming in front of the enemy. misbehavior. so anyway, all right. good. so now we have another layer. we know the president knew. we knew admiral mullen chairman of the joint chiefs knew that bergdahl had big problems but they did not impart that to the american people and that's wrong. good reporting catherine and colonel. >> you are welcome. thank you for having us. >> directly ahead, ed henry on why president obama and
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hillary clinton do not seem to trust the media anymore. the friendly media also ahead, bernie goldberg on how the liberal press will present the upcoming presidential campaign. moments away.
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white house insider segment tonight, president obama and hillary clinton vs. the press. joining us from washington ace correspondent ed henry. before we get to that. you're covering hillary clinton now. right? >> right. yeah. the democratic field of candidates led by clinton yes. >> okay fine. so you will be chasing martin o'malley around, shortly. >> mullen. >> bernie sanders. >> mullen the admiral we just talked about and scorched he was in charge of the benghazi investigation, right? >> yes. the accountability. >> he didn't even talk to hillary clinton, did he?
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>> that's right. they didn't talk to hillary clinton. the accountability review board at the state department. he was the distinguished retired admiralty joint chiefs chair as you say who was in charge of that as well. and let's not forget they did an interview with hillary clinton and also what did they not have? they did not have her email either and what did they say? i remember how many times jay carney and others at the white house podium said. >> talked to her and what was the conclusion of mullen's. >> well that the security could have been better. that mistakes were made. but absolved the secretary, then secretary of state hillary clinton of really any responsibility. >> and never talked to her. >> they didn't didn't talk to her. >> behavior bergdahl no doubt 100% certainty the public was mislead. even if you agree with the deal, charles krauthammer, still agrees with the deal. even if you do there is 100% certainty we the people werewhite house. now one of the misleaders, mullen, may have mislead everybody on benghazi because he didn't even talk
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to the secretary of state. >> we'll have to press josh earnst on that. what's interesting when i asked josh earnst about the bergdahl situation and said what about do you believe he still served with honor and distinction? and he has said a couple of times i don't want to get ahead of the investigation well, let's not forget susan rice get ahead of the investigation and told people he served with honest and distinction. >> she doesn't want to pollute the trial. >> they didn't wait for the trial or anything and said he served with honor and distinction. an opinion that they didn't have the facts too back up. >> in my brilliant talking points memo tonight, i pointed out that there really isn't any upside for hillary clinton to talk to you or me or anybody else in the press at in juncture. what does she have to gain by doing that? everybody knows who she is. >> i think you are right. look, marco rubio got into the race a day after she did. and i find it interesting. >> talked to everybody. >> but he talked to fox? >> yeah. >> he talked to abc, he
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talked to npr. he then went on cnn a day or two later and putting himself out there and facing tough questions about same sex marriage, immigration. >> he has to build his i.d. >> everyone in the world knows who hillary clinton is. she doesn't need to reintroduce herself. more shoe string candidates have to use the media for free attention. on the other hand she is the former secretary of state with a record and what i find interesting is that the media at large doesn't seem up in arms about the fact that i'm one of the reporters covering her campaign about the fact that she was out on the road with us in iowa for two and a half days didn't take a single question. hasn't done a single interview. the only reason we know that rand paul gets a little testy because he at least sat down with nbc. >> two reasons why she is not talking to you. number one, is the violent pocket hankie you have right now. >> that would probably be very. >> if i saw that i'm going the other way. >> blinding.
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>> second one is as i said nothing to be gained by talking to ed henry who is going to ask her hard questions that she doesn't want to answer. you are not one of the people chasing the scooby doo van were you. >> i was inside the event. i didn't hear about that later. >> i would have paid money to see you chase that van. >> i don't have that much speed anymore. >> anymore henry? >> i at one time. >> you were a burner at one time? >> i can outrun you i think. we should do a race. >> oh, henry in your dreams. >> let's do a race for charity. >> i fleet. i don't think so. you don't expect mrs. clinton to give you anything for a while, right? >> down the road. you are right that there is nothing for her to gain right now to do interviews because she is going to get questioned potentially about benghazi, about the emails, about the foundation by the way, the clinton foundation taking this money from foreign governments. >> right. but all i'm saying is that that doesn't mean that the media should just sit back and say say well. >> let her chase the scooby
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van. >> throw water blubaugh's at the van. you have got to get her attention. >> the problem with the video people looked giddy trying to chase down this van oh my god there is a celebrity there. i just think in my humble days as a correspondent here as a reporter that we shouldn't be covering a celebrity. we should cover a candidate who has to face tough questions democratic or republican. >> all right, ed, thank you, in full disclosure i myself rarely talk with the print press anymore because they have slimed me far too many times but i am not running for anything. however, i made an exception this week for steve tv writer for the "l.a. times" and today steve filed a fair story. i thank him. plenty more aheads the factor moves along this evening. do you know that? fox news correspondent lauren green almost won the miss america contest and even more interesting is that she dumped the rock singer prince. also, bernie goldberg has never even met prince but has some opinions on how the press will be covering the
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♪ ♪ ♪ for the 51 million of us who may need a different kind of underwear, this is new depend silhouette active fit. it's slim and smooth so wearing it is no big deal. get a free sample of depend at in the did you know that seeing many tonight. fox news chief religion correspondent lauren green. she has been with fnc 19 years but, before that, some very interesting things happened to her. >> so you have had a very fascinating life. one of five children right? >> um-huh. >> grew up in minneapolis, minnesota? >> right right. >> and you are a regular public school kid.
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>> everybody public school. >> you play the pee an he know, playing the piano 6 years old. >> 6 years old and we stopped for a little bit and restarted 10 years old. the piano was in the household all my life. so i really just always played. ♪ ♪ >> now, did you like playing the piano as a kid because most kids hate those lessons. >> i loved playing the piano. i loved music, in fact my mother had to get me off the piano to do my homework for school. >> then talking about music a kid gets a crush on you in sixth grade and that kids' name is? >> prince. >> prince. prince has a crush on lauren green in sixth grade. you went to the same school obviously. >> we went to the same school but, you know, when i was in the sixth grade i was not into boys at that time. i spurned prince unfortunately. i hope he has forgiven me. >> do you remain in touch with prince? >> we were never really
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buddies. he did ask me to be in music video. >> you didn't do the music video. >> did i. >> let's get back to when he was a little kid. how did you know he had a crush on you? >> he called me on the phone. >> he called you up, prince. was he wearing a cape in sixth grade? >> i don't know. i hate saying this because it was so bad. he called me on the phone and he says i like you. >> oh. and i went -- and i hung up on him. >> you hung up on prince. oh my god. >> i'm very sorry. >> and then when you dumped prince in 1984 you became a miss america contestant. you were miss minnesota right? >> miss minnesota. >> then you go to the big miss america competition and you come in third. >> third runner-up. you are on auto pilot you are very happy to -- it's over but then you are sitting up there and going my gosh it's over and the pageant is still going on. why is it still going on when it's over for me. >> you know who was mad that you didn't win?
1:35 am
>> who? >> prince. so how do you get from miss america. >> gle to the fox news channel? >> that's very interesting because after at the miss america pageant i came back and i wanted to get into tv programming. i thought it was wonderful. i had done some commercial acting and commercials on tv and i wanted to get into production. and so i applied for an internship at the local cbs station in minneapolis then i realized i needed more background i got a journalism degree. started working at the minneapolis in chicago and then from there i went to fox. >> you worked your way up. >> absolutely. >> i worked a lot of news worked it up and then you are here. now you are the religion reporter. >> yes. >> but you also played the piano for pope benedict. >> yes. >> how did that happen? >> well, my goodness i happened to meet his brother's biographer at an event in rome about a year before that he invited me to reagan's borg for birthday. i met him there and played for him there.
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and then he said hey by the way we would love to do a concert for his 90th birthday with would you be interested? i said yes. then, of course the pope resigned and they weren't going to have this concert there and they said hey, well, change of plans, we are going to have the concert in rome at the vatican and it will be for not only monday senior rasmussen but his brother pope benedict. >> so you played for the pope emeritus? >> yes. >> was he happy with you. >> after i played he jumped up and came right over to me and went like he was smiling. he said it was wonderful. >> you are in a place where you a concert pianist? >> yes. >> you are a fox news correspondent? >> yes. >> and you are an exflame of prince. there is really nothing more to say? >> i am getting married and my fiance now feels really great because he feels like he bested prince. >> and he should feel great. lauren green, everybody. >> thanks. >> when we come back, dana perino with her top stories of the week.
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later, conservatives now have their own book list. why do they need it? upcoming.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. what are dana perino's two most important stories of the week? well, let's bring her in. co-host of the five
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ms. perino. now, yesterday, your former boss george w. bush, gave a speech in chicago in front of 7,000 people. nobody was allowed to take notes. you couldn't record it. i think you couldn't even look at him. [ laughter ] >> but, in that speech, ms. dana says there is very important story. what is it and how do you know about the speech if anybody could take reports. >> there was a report in politico newspaper somebody spilled the beans refreshing honesty broke out in the 2016 campaign trail. in complete contrast to the hillary campaign in the last week. george w. bush is talking about his brother, jeb bush who is considering a run for president and he says jeb definitely has a problem and the problem is me. and he said that he -- jeb knows. this jeb knows that his name id can, one it can help him but also it ties him to his brother and his father. he said that he will not be out on the campaign trail
1:42 am
making jeb defend him all the time. he is going throb to support him and advise him but he doesn't intend to be an anchor on the campaign and jeb knows he is going to have to earn people's trust. >> okay. do you believe that your former boss, feels that his presidency was not successful? >> no, i don't think that he believes that but i think that he is aware of the perception by some that it was not. some on the left, certainly. >> everybody on the left. >> certainly there are some on the right and those -- that's one of the murders that jeb will have in the primary. >> he is a realistic guy and he knows he was confrontational presidency because of the war. he is not going to to participate in jeb bush's quest for the presidency? >> what he said is that his role is not to be an advisor. his role is to be a family member. he is somebody who says i love you and i support you and i will be there to help. >> you behind the scenes you have got to figure. >> we already know that he has done some fundraising
1:43 am
and i think that jeb bush goes into this eyes wide open knowing that he is different from george w. explain to people how. >> there are a lot of differences between them. they are not he very similar at all other than they have a legacy of public service from their father. >> if jeb bush was named jeff smith and he was being defined as the conservative in this race on his record he wouldn't have any problem at all. >> he is not really that conservative. >> i think he is. >> he did a very good job in florida i thought. >> definitely. >> running in that state two terms. the other story that ms. dana has selected as being the most important story of the week is the isis offensive in iraq. you know, people are numb to this now. you know they don't care about what happens inside iraq. only when americans are beheaded or people are brutalized, so why is this important? >> i think it is important for two reasons. one, the administration has been trying to suggest that isis has been pushed back. and now that is true in some ways right? so if isis maybe has lost it
1:44 am
25% of its territory but it is making -- it has an offensive right now in a key part of sunni area the administration reluctantly and timidly has gone into an air campaign when we are using our air power it isworking very well. the isis problem is a big one but it is superseded by two others. that is that we do not have a comprehensive plan to deal with syria. and we are not able to deal with iran effectively either. so all three of those things working together against united states interest in that region. >> okay. but the isis offensive per se is, i think just to show the world that they are not defeated. they are not going to be able to hold the territory against the iranian militias. or the united states air campaign. it's not going to be able to hold it. but, you know, again, i don't think americans really care what happens inside iraq and syria. they don't. it's only about are they going to come and hurt us isn't it? >> i think that that is right especially because you don't have americans who are being beheaded, okay. >> not now. but if they grab one.
1:45 am
>> i talked to a pollster who has been doing this for decades he said that the number of people who are worried that they themselves, or that one of their family members will be a victim of a terrorist attack some time in their life is higher than even after 9/11. >> yeah. >> so i do think that it matters -- people have a general anxiety about it. it's the administration's job to deal with it at its root cause. >> and they are not. >> that's the problem. >> they are not right now. >> there is no evidence that they are doing it. >> dana perino, everybody. bernie goldberg on deck. many believe the press will try to get hillary elected as president. does bernie believe that? right back.
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re now the purveyor of bernard joins us from miami.
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you heard senator sanderson at the top of the broadcast. i'm not sure liberal americans really like hillary clinton. right? and i know that even though most of the liberal national press wants her to win because theymate hate republicans. they don't much like her either. am i wrong? >> first of all i think you are a sexist for even asking this question. >> of course, everyone knows that. >> you are only asking it because hillary is a woman, a member of an oppressed group and you are a chosen nist pig and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for even bringing this up. >> i would challenge you if martin van brunner were running i would ask the same question. >> you probably did when he was running. >> okay. >> as far as some liberals are concerned. leftists actually like bernie sanders, they don't like her. obviously because she isn't left wing enough for them. but it doesn't matter. because they are not going anywhere. they are going to vote for her on election day. as far as the press is concerned, it doesn't matter
1:50 am
either whether they like her or not. what does matter, what is important is that they like her a lot more than they like any of the republican candidates. and when she has a real candidate who she is running against, a real running against a real person on the republican side, the president will revert to form. they will cover hillary the way they covered the last historic candidate. there won't be as much slobbering. one barack obama was a fresh new face and two, liberals even though they'll never admit this realize that race trumps gender. so there won't be as much slobbering. whether they love her or not whether they like her or not, when it matters, they will like her enough. >> this is what i think will
1:51 am
happen them won't cover hillary clinton in the same affirmative way that they covered barack obama with the tingle up the leg. >> i agree. >> but they'll come after the republican harder. harder than they did with romney or mccain. so they'll demonize the republican as being the anti-woman or whatever it is. >> that is precisely my analysis. precisely. >> so i think that will happen. here's the key question. one of the reasons mitt romney lost was because some conservative individuals evangelicals and others, stayed home. all right? they didn't like him and they didn't go out and vote. is it possible that a few million leftists will stay home? and not vote for hillary clinton? >> that's a very good question. etss let's take the first part first. the reason mccain lost and
1:52 am
romney lost it wasn't that barack obama beat them but the idea, the suicide wing of the party sat home. you're right. i think i'm right about that. i don't think i'm right about that. i don't think it will happen like that on the left. i am almost convinced it won't happen that way on the left. they're not, they don't think the same way, ideological purists do on the right. it's not as if they want to excommunicate anyone the way the right does. i don't think it will happen. i don't think so at all actually. >> well here's my analysis as it stands now. and could it change. >> i think the african-american black vote will be lower. 7% or 8%. that the motivation factor will not be there. hillary clinton can't connect to the african-american community. she can't do it.
1:53 am
and i think more hispanics will vote for the republican candidate, all right? unless it is a real tough throw them all out. if it is somebody like rubio or bush, i think the hispanics will vote republican for economic reasons so hillary may have some problems. last word. >> she may have some problems. that's how portions of the electorate will react. as far as the press and the media how they will react, you're right. they won't treat where the same loving affection that they treated obama but they will treat her better than the republican candidate. that's what matters. >> that a book club for conservatives. why is that necessary?
1:54 am
if you're conservative, you'll want to know about a new book club. first we would like to bring to your attention the most recent television ratings released yesterday. here's the chart of all cable programs. the factor has three episodes in the top ten. wow! you may also notice real house wives of atlanta made the list at number nine. what does that say? if you know, please e-mail me. i have no clue.
1:55 am
in my book legends and lies debuts at number one. thank you all. and i'm really glad we have made history popular again. younger americans really need to know about what happened in this country. the debate with tavis smiley was terrific. you won, bill by reinforcing that drug trafficking is a violent crime. families are harmed by incarceration and the breakdown is getting the system to help. not behinder recovery. you raise an interesting point. america's criminal justice system is overwhelmed just trying to keep us safe from harmful social engineering for millions of criminals, pretty much impossible. it sounds good in theory. paul wagner, san diego, kudos for being a stand-up guy and giving an honest perspective. i agree, tavis smiley, one of our best guests. how come the gop hopefuls aren't
1:56 am
on the factor? pathetic. we had them on the program when there is a specific topic we're interested in. mike huckabee will be on tomorrow. but we're not a campaign vehicle for anyone. we don't do campaign interviews. michelle wallace hey, what's with only promoting bill o'reilly premium membership in your books for father's day. what about mom? if i were in high school, i would say, my bad michelle. since that time is long gone i'll say sorry to all you mothers. you love premium membership and i think you'll like the history books. happy mother's day in advance. james brock, fairfield, california. legends and lies. my husband and i were spellbound watching legends and lies. wonderful job. running 10-1 favorable to the legends and lies program. the next one is wild bill
1:57 am
hickock coming up this sunday evening. for this one i travel to the black hills in south dakota to see for myself where wild bill met his end. a great tale. and finally the tip of the day. the conservative book club is putting out a best seller list. that's because some of the others do not tabulate books accurately. i know this first hand. even though my books are very successful, they're not conservative books. if you see me on the street, stop me and i'll tell you how the game is rigged. in the meantime, here is the conservative club's best seller list for this week. now, you may think o'reilly is just doing this because he has three of the top five slots. if you are, you are cynical. so here's the factor tip of the
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day. go to the conservative book conservative book there you will find a lot of literary information you might like and an honest list. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news website. we would like you to spout out from anywhere in the world. the the word of the day. do not be a misandyrist. please remember the >> this is a fox news alert. an american under arrest returning to the u.s. after training overseas to carry out a deadly plot in the name of isis.
1:59 am
kill american soldiers. what we have just learned about his plans. >> air rage, a man nods off on his plane and then this. >> i heard the guy yell out she stabbed me. >> a woman attacks with a pen. hear from the guy who was stabbed while he was sleeping. >> and an espn reporter's ugly tirade bee rating a parking lot employee caught on camera. >> (indiscernible). >> now her punishment is in but does it fit the crime? we report, you decide. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good friday morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am answer lie air heart.
2:00 am
we are excited to be here on this friday. the weekend is almost here. i am heather childers. thank you for being here. >> let's get right to the fox news alert. home grown terrorist he trained overseas he made it back to american soil where he planned to carry out a mission to kill american soldiers. >> he goes before a federal judge. anna kooiman has more. >> it is the first time an american actually made it back to the united states with plans to commit acts of terror. the 23-year-old allegedly lureed by terrorists he had lessons in explosives hand to hand combat. a cleric told him to go back to america and commit quote an act of mass destruction. a federal


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