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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 17, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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worker. they said she should simply be fired. and krn can find another reporter that treats people with respect. a foul. stephen a. smith got a worse punxment for sning similar. and i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. and he planned to attack. this ohio man under arrest, after he went to terrorist training in syria and somehow was able to come back home. mean while, an angry espn reporter goes on a rant against a togue operator attendant. >> i'm in the news, sweet heart. do you feel good about your job? so, i could bow a college drop
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out and do the same thing because i have a brain and you don't. >> well, you're not going to see that gal on tv today. and do you agree if one week suspension is enough. and the tour bus was burned to a crisp. almost everything is gone. and one thing though that lady ant bella found in the van, of korks untouched will astound you. mornings are better with friends. >> this is dakota you're watching "fox&friends." ♪ we can't help it and we can't hide the.
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we're born and raised ♪ ♪ god said that's the pride of america ♪ >> i love it when they're sing about america. today, he's kick off the defend america tour right here. defend freedom tour right here at "fox&friends." >> how great is she daughter of senator pat brown. and she's been touring visiting, american military men and women throughout the year. and how great is it to wake up to words of freedom. >> let's listen. ♪ >> and by the way it's so hard to get a crowd here at this
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hour. and they're mostly veterans and family of veterans. they were here in the rain. >> the good news is the rain is stopping. >> if you're think about coming to 46th we'll make you breakfast, provided you want barbecue for breakfast. here's an example yesterday, of they meaning terrorists coming here and it happened in ohio. thanks to our great fbi, they were able to stop a would bow tear be terrorist attack. >> his brother fought and was actually killed there. he made a statement saying he was innist an bull when he was in syria. he wanted to kill three or four
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american soldiers execution style according to his indictment. >> he went over there because his brother was killed working along side another terror outfit. and one of the clerks said you have an american citizen passport, why don't you go back to the united states. >> he's going to be arraigned today, expected to be pleading not guilty and face 38 years in prison if convicted. >> and our fbi must have tracked him when he landed because they got close to him. and they seem to have gotten inside and arrested him before he could do anything. this is not anything do. jay johnson came out and talked about him a few weeks ago. listen. >> we have in fact kept close
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tabz on those that we believe have left and those that have come back. a number have been arrested or investigates and we have systems in place to track these individuals but you can't know everything. >> you can't know everything and so anyway the good news is we heard about these guys they ka went over there we hope they were monitoring, they came back and under the patriot arkts as laung act, as long as they're communicating with foreigners in another land, that's okay. >> your dreams are your ticket out and your evil is what you're trying to take us out with. if you listen to these words, they named two unnamed associates and they said sometimes that's used by the fbi to say that's our guy.
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>> however they did it, that's the way it's supposed to work. and he's going to say he's not guilty later on in the day. and we have another developing story with heather. >> terrorists making two major advances this morning in iraq. thousands of people fleeing the city of immody and earlier this week foilshs s officials claimed that iraqi forces had this area under control. and also words that al qaeda seizes major port in yemen. at least 16 tornados touching down in southeastern united states.
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and look at this thing right here. it's a massive funnel crowd butand several quickly forming tornados producing in the evening p. and look at that. across the pan handle in florida. and rick scott is suing, saying the administration is holding a gun to his head by with holding millions of dollars from a program to treat homeless. and he says they are putting politics above his people. and look at this right here. it is creating quite a bit of buzz this morning. it was parked at a handicap spot
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outside a calf aforfe for more than an hour while she attended that campaign and then she flew coach and even carried her own luggage. there was a town car waiting for her on the tar mack on the tar mack to take her home no less. clinton takes her campaign to new hampshire. you know, anytime we fly places -- >> and you know, they drive out to the curve with me. >> and then your butler carries your coat. >> scooby dooby do why are you parked in handicap though? and you are suspended because you went to advanced towing because they had towed your car from a chinese restaurant. they saidia left the there two hours after the place was
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closed, so it was there illegally. and you had this not so friendly exchange with somebody behind plexiglass. >> i'm in the news sweet heart. that's why i have a degree. >> let's get you out of here quickly. >> that's all you care about is your money, with no education, no skillsets. do you feel good about your job? so i can be a college drop out and do the same thing? so i can have a brain and you don't. maybe if i was missing some teeth they would hire me.
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i'm on television and you're in a trailer. lose some weight, baby girl. >> lose some weight. >> i mean, there aren't even words to describe how mean that is. >> yes there are but we can't say them. >> you must believe that you are that much better in that situation. this woman's teeth her income, her level of education. she's just doing her job. >> and she's apologized kind of, not to person but to america. she said in an intense and stressful moment, i allowed my emotions to get the best of me as frustrated as i was, i should always choose the high road and will learn from this mistake. and this place advanced
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towing, if you look online, they have a terrible repuetation for essentially waiting for people to leave their car and then -- >> being rude. >> and what they've done is towed cars with kids and pets in it. >> but maybe if she had a pet in the car, we'd hear about it. i can't imagine someone would say something to her that would warrant what she said. >> i'm not justifying it. i also don't know what happened before she walked into the cash ooer. >> and we don't. >> it sounds like company that lurks and tows people, so there's frustration. and you can yell at the person behind the plexiglass but you
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don't make those types of comments. and obviously this person is smart and made it far in life. and now she's done something stupid and now when she gets on tv everybody is going to go there's that really pretty mean people. >> i do believe in second chances, so i don't know that this is final. >> is one week enough? >> the restaurant said she's fine and goes there all the time. >> so she might have even left it overnight the car. >> she apparently did. let us know what you think, you can tweet us facebook us. >> and the disturbing end for military chaplain practicing their faith. and that's the teacher knocked out cold on the floor.
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♪ mama say knock you out i'm going to knock you out ♪
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well, the fright faith. on the front lines, chaplines are reportedly leaving the
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military or not signing up at all for what they describe as a hasteal environment for christians. and it's a scary thing to think it could be happening. is this actually occurring? >> i would say first of all, the 5,000 or so chaplains serving, they're doing a tremendous job and there still is first amendment freedom for those men and women to do their job correctly but there are trends and storm clouds brewing that are of concern to me and many others. >> has this always been the case or is this something particularly unique since the obama administration?
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>> i would say since the asking of the don't tell don't ask repeal and obama administration. >> so how do chaplains and religious leaders feel? what's the heart that they're wanting to express right now? >> when it comes to the chaplains that there christian chaplains, their rabbis and so on, they just want to take care of their troops. and serve their ministry. and there's also a culture of fear that has permeated in the mill are military in my opinion. a fear of crossing a imaginary religious line. and if they say something wrong,
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and the celebration of diversity is being challenged by this culture that suggests that if you counsel somebody in a counseling session that they may not agree with, that you may be attacked that charges will be brought forward. >> what reproucushion are you talking about? >> the commander in that case navy commander decided to take him out of all chaplain responsibilities and that particular incident i think is part of the fear that commanders have of not going how to deal with some of these religious issues and other chaplains that say am i next? am i going to be set up by some
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counselee and have charges brought up? >> that's disturbing. and we thank you for your insight and your time today. >> thank you. and this coming up, apparently tacos mixed with space is racist. the food fight that has one college apologizing for it this morning but should they. and our favorite mall cop is back in action but is the money worth the cost? the review next. here at fidelity we give you the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade and e-trade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments,
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hi, quick head lines for you, america. president obama's historic
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climate change program could risk 300,000 jobs. and whoops, it looks more like a winter wonderland than a global warming protest. they had their rally interrupted by a winter snow storm and this came after another protest was intershrupted by snow in canada. and the sequel "paul blart, mall cop 2." and "true story." so how will they fair at the box office. >> how are you doing? >> great. >> so should we go to the mall where paul blart worked.
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>> the sequel is six years later and the first one made 183 million world wide and it's a great character for kevin james it's over the top, goofy, ridiculous, the problem with the sequel is he's now gone to vegas for a security convention and it's a funny concept but every single trailer gives away every single funny moment. and that's the problem with hollywood today is all the best parts of the movie are in the trailer. so you could just sit at home and watch the two minutes. i like him in the role but it's a massive step down from the first movie. i gave it a two out of five. my biggest problem is the
3:26 am
product placement. i was being advertised to for 80 minutes. i want to go to the hotel wynn. and i now want to go to las vegas. >> it's a movie i can take a kid to a movie. >> the funniest scene is when a horse kicked him into a car. so i asked him how he filmed that scene? >> you just got to commit. i had to do that and smash into the car and fall down but i don't get -- it's amazing but i was standing behind the horse swatting it and i didn't want to annoy him. >> so it really happened?
3:27 am
>> sure. it was really cool how they did it. but the movie itself, 2 out of 5. i liked the first one. wait for the rental. all the funny parts are in the trailer. and it's selling me. >> thank you. we'll see you at the movies. next time, a brighter shirt if i can make a suggestion. >> i like that shirt. and her bus was burned to a crisp. with the lead singer of lady antibella untouched will make you believe. and our veterans are still not getting the help they need that they were promised. and major big who's here with us
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#defend freedom tour is right here on our veranda. on the outside of our building. guys, we've been doing the concert series for a long time
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and it's the earliest arriving crowd in the rain. 3/4 of those people are veterans. >> come join us, 38th and 6th and we're giving you breakfast. yes, the pc police are out in force again. let's go to maryland stevens vill college, well racist. let me tell you why. >> i think it's santa cruz. >> what they're doing is they had a college night and they deed issedde decided to have a theme of intergalactic. intergalactic space aliens. here's the problem. they're serving mexican food. so, somebody in the crowd, said aliens, mexican food --
3:33 am
>> not so fast. >> -- you're racist, stevensville college. >> harry put aer where they served turkey potatoes and stew. and beyond the bay, thihad sea food and clam crowder. so, you reached out to them. >> i thought, is this their way of digging. and they said no this is completely by mistake. and they said how do we mirror a theme with food and they said well, we haven't had a mexican food for a while. >> kids love mexican food. if i could get a taco in college at any point i was in. i just wanted mexican food.
3:34 am
>> so the college goes, wait a minute, i think i offended people it's time to apologize and amongest the things she said was the program planners made a mistake in choosing mexican food and failing to take account for this and this is the worst i will require cultural compitance training. now they have to take cultural compitance courses. >> we should have served astronaut ice cream instead. >> unfortunately, we're at that stage. if anybody is planning events at other places, like world war ii memorials, don't serve sushi because that could be
3:35 am
insensitive. do you get this or have the pc police gone crazy? >> if you're interested in talking to me further about the incident or other climate issues. what does climate have to do with anything. >> anyway they have it under control. they're not racist anymore. and heather with news about a teacher. >> and knocked out cold. a teacher is attacked by parent in the hallway of a long island middle school. the teacher was shoved against the wall and kicked by other
3:36 am
students. she was reportedly upset that the teacher hit her child and gave her a beat down. and man realize the child he's baby sitting was abducted. >> it's like something out of a movie. >> that's john and he said his sister asked him to watch the 2-year-old boy that she claimed belonged to her boyfriend. well, the sister and mom were arrested. and the mom was attacked. and a tour bus for lady antebellum went up in flames.
3:37 am
♪ well that bus bleeg tire. they were on their way to the american country music awards. everyone was able to get off safely. she said that everything on that bus was destroyed except this, her bible. not a single page of that bible was damaged. and those are your head lines. see you back here. isn't that quite a story? >> i saw that come across instagram and it had a lot of likes that's all i say. >> if you want to see them, you'll have to make the through a large crowd. >> how is everyone doing here this morning? and across the rockies we're
3:38 am
talking feet of snow coming down across part of colorado and wyoming. so that's an issue if you're traveling on the roads but great news for skiers because they really need snow and great news for rivers and streams. but we do have a threat for severe storms and damaging wind gusts and please do have a way to get the warnings throughout the day. and flash flooding possible. several inches of rainfall as we head into the weekend. and now back to steve. >> thank you very much, maria. you know what. we put out the word a couple of weeks ago that we were going to start the defend freedom show and we got 2300 people here
3:39 am
already p. already. and the guy who runs concerned veterans for america. give it up for the guy who's been defending freedom on the channel for a while. >> we're pleased to be here. it was pouring when we got here but that's just a great army day if it rains on us we're here because we believe in america and believe in its prosperity and we're going to defend it. >> i have a feeling that a number of the people here today are very concerned about what's going on at the va. am i right about that? >> and the president said he was going fix it and it turns out, they fudged the wait times again and things aren't getting better. >> unfortunately a year after
3:40 am
the scandal, things haven't changed and that's because the things haven't changes. and they have built the veterans act and why not be able to go to a private fusition? >> and you would go to these big centers but now you can get that kine of kind of treatment in a lot of places. >> it's the 21st century. let's give veterans the same options that other people have. >> tell us about the defend the freedom tour. >> this is our first stop. and you can't beat it.
3:41 am
in downtown manhattan, it's awesome. but we have 23 more stops. folks can go to defend freedom and you're going to hear from the most pate riotic band ever. and people working to mobilize vets and military families to fight for the country we love. >> thank you guys. not too late to stop by on your way to work. drop by 48th and 6th avenue. we'll be going strong until 9:00 this morning. give yourselves a round of applause for defending freedom.
3:42 am
that is incredible, to say the least. >> coming from out of town to join the tour. some are going to do the entire tour. mean while, 18 minutes before the top of the hour here's what is ahead. hillary clinton's tour is getting off to a rough start. >> and how far would you go to stop the passenger on the plane next to you from snoring. would you stab him with a pen? >> that guy did. ♪ keep on rocking in the free world ♪
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sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help. at 50 minutes to the top of the hour, we have quick head lns
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for you. the website wikileaks release every email from sony hack. and they defend the decision. and the department of homeland security is the worst office uncle sam runs for the 7th year in a row. and the worst post is the customs and enforcement agency. and mean while it's been a rough week for hillary clinton. kick off a series of odd moments. here to break down all of them. we saw a very interesting roll out from hillary clinton. how did it go? >> you know, hillary clint has had a very wild week and it's almost like the hillary show and it's all on comedy.
3:47 am
the scooby van that she's been driving across the nation has so far parked in a handicapped parking spot and she had a weird visit to cipotle where she was wearing glasses and not talking to anyone. >> and they make her fly coach and carry her own bags. these are very important successful handlers that she's hired. is there a strategy there? >> it seems the larger strategy behind the hillary roll out is two fold. one is to convince that hillary is just like us and the second is that hillary is going to somehow protect us from these nefarious moneyed interests that are in the economic 1%, which of course are hillary clinton, which is somewhat ironic. >> and real quick, the winners
3:48 am
by far according to you, you like the roll out of marco rubio. >> i thought it was sensational. especially he really sort of stole the thunder from hillary. he focussed on tomorrow rather than yesterday which is a pointed attack on her and i think he was definitely the big winner this week. >> the loser is jeb bush and according to a recent poll he's in a dead heap with marco rubio. what did he do wrong? >> it's not so much what he did wrong, he's polling okay. but the longer hillary is out there, there's sort of a '90s fatigue and a bit of a bush fatigue. i think people are going to be looking for somebody fresh. so i don't think that name is going to mean too much,
3:49 am
especially when you have somebody like marco rubio out there. and governor chris christie is not working. and i think chris christie is always going to come in vekdsecond when he's being compared to walker. >> and he also talked about entitlements and the older crowd and not worrying about who are getting the entitlements and it will be interesting if he gets inest interesting first week for hillary clinton and marco rubio. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. is this the message ncaa should be sending to the black community. >> they should consider a weapon
3:50 am
to defend themselves. a law enforcement who approaches themselves outside a normal police procedure, is a criminal. >> talk to new york city's rudy giuliani. what would you do to stop someone next to you from snoring? would you stab them with a pen?
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
we have all been there. >> ladies and gentlemen we are now going to do a dramatic re-creation of what happened on a southwest flight from chicago's midway to new hampshire flight 577. >> this is the arm rest. >> what are you doing to me? >> why are they making me get off the plane now? >> it happened just like that. >> this woman was desperate to get him to stop snoring so she started with a pen. >> it was a fountain pen.
3:55 am
this is interesting because southwest classified this as a poking and not a stabbing. anyone who used a fountain pen that can hurt. >> it was a weapon. >> here is the snoring passenger who was stabbed reacting now that they are up. >> imagine being asleep and being stung by bees and waking up and going ow. >> there will be a bruise in the morning. >> there will be bruises and this type of thing. it is kind oaf unfortunate that this happened. >> it was unfortunate. the guy wakes up and sees the woman and she is just smirking. so he called the flight attendant. the woman stabbed you with a pen? >> they carted her off and talked about it. everybody cheered when it was -- everybody cheered when they
3:56 am
found out she wasn't coming back. >> they ended up putting her on a different flight. i wonder who had the privilege of sitting next to her then. >> i understand the feeling when you are stuck neek to a guy doing something disturbing like chewing gum. >> you pierce the skin allegedly with a fountain pen? >> i can't condone the action but i understand the situation. >> if you are stuck next to somebody who is snoring do what my wife does. she takes a large pillow and puts it on my face until i -- because i'm constantly waking up and there is a pillow on my face. >> let us know what you think. coming up next on this friday, ladies and gentlemen, america's mayor, rudy giuliani
3:57 am
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good morning. today is friday, april 17th. a fox news alert. he trained with terrorists overseas and made it back to american soil where he planned to kill american soldiers. how was he able to return to the united states in the first place? is this the message the naacp should be sending to african-american communities? >> they should consider arming themselves to defend themselves against criminals. a law enforcement officer that approaches people from outside police procedure is a criminal, a terrorist now. >> rudy giuliani here to discuss
4:01 am
that. when the national anthem plays you stop and listen. why ticket sellers are being told to ignore the star spangled banner. sting around because mornings are better with friends. >> you are watching "fox and friends." ♪ ♪ we need a hero ♪ ♪ someone to show us the way ♪ ♪ we need a hero ♪
4:02 am
♪ defend freedom tour 2015 kicking off today here. i was out there earlier and talked to the crowd. over half of them have driven over 100 miles to be here this friday morning. most of them are veterans and know there are a lot of issues facing american veterans. unless they make noise nobody is here to help them. >> we are glad to have you join us. madison rising rocking out. it is a great cause and a great day to be out there. >> absolutely. we are about to meet a gold star mom around the corner. two minutes after the hour this story. >> a fox news alert for you
4:03 am
right now. >> he trained with terrorists overseaed and made it to american soil. this man from ohio goes before a federal judge. we have the details of this terrorist from ohio. >> a somali born american naturalized citizen. federal authorities say the arrest marks the first time he made it back to the united states. he allegedly trained with an al qaeda affiliate and got lessons in shooting weapons and breaking into homes. a cleric reportedly told him to go back to america and commit an act of mass destruction. he reportedly wanted to follow in this brother's foot steps. he died in june. days later he returned to the
4:04 am
united states and was arrested in february. me is one of several terrorist juanwannabes arrested. >> thanks. we will talk more about that story with new york mayor rudy giuliani who helped find counter terrorist task force here in new york city. looks like two fbi guys on the inside. he did get back from syria. >> that is the bad news. he shouldn't have gotten back from syria. good news is we caught him. remember president bush used to say the difficulty here is we have to be right 100% of the time. they have to be right less than 1% of the time. i think that is the issue we are facing. that gets more difficult when it is internal terrorism. the fact that he left the united states came back under funny
4:05 am
circumstances would indicate that we should have picked him up. the ones that worry me are the ones that don't bother going overseas and are planning it here. there you need a lot of policing a lot of local policing and training of police. basically the fbi and homeland security have to think of our 800,000 uniform police officers as their eyes and ears. we have to come up with that concept. there are only 14,000 fbi agents but 800,000 police. it's those police that can spot the terrorists. i can give you examples before september 11 of police officers who picked up suspicious circumstances. one is a rookie cop watching this guy surveilling the subway. he went to the target and said he looked suspicious. four or five hours later we arrested him. he had several bombs. we need to train our police to
4:06 am
watch the streets and neighborhoods carefully to see who is getting developed. >> it is interesting you say that. not according to the chapter president of the naacp. he called law enforcement officials, police terrorists if they are acting out of line. listen to is. >> should consider arming themselves to defend themselves against criminals. a police officer, law enforcement officer that approaches people outside of normal police procedure is a criminal, a terrorist. we are not saying people to start shooting folks but it is clear that law enforcement cannot and will not defend us. >> that is an official with the naacp in memphis. >> that is a really sick statement. the fact is police officers who died here in this city a few months ago died doing exactly
4:07 am
the opposite. >> he is chapter president of naacp in memphis. >> they died protecting african-americans. two new york city police officers put in front of a housing development because there was too much crime against african-americans in that housing development. those men died to protect. he says the police don't protect his community. police officers brought down crime in this city and murder by 80% or 85% in the african-american community. so who are they protecting? >> it's a dangerous statement from an official. >> it's a very dangerous statement because you never know who you are effecting. now he is telling people to have guns and consider police officers terrorists? >> he is in a leadership position. >> he should not be in that leadership position. somebody from the naacp should fire him and make it clear the overwhelming majority of police
4:08 am
officers are protecting you me, african-americansns, white americans, all kinds of americans. that's what they do every day. that is what they put down their lives for. i have seen many of them, unfortunately get seriously injured or die as a result of it. we want to talk to you a little bit about politics. hillary clinton once upon a time was a u.s. senator from new york state. she went out to iowa and did some appearances. apparently her van parked in a handicap spot. she had lunch at chipotle. how has her rollout been? >> hillary clinton is not an ordinary person. she was the first lady of the united states, united states senator, one of the most famous people in the world. >> don't pretend to be ordinary. >> that doesn't mean she is
4:09 am
better than anybody else. she is different and should be herself. i think the worst thing you can try to do as a candidate is pretend. we have seen that on both sides and that hurt people when they pretend. >> if donald trump gets in and decides i'm going to take a private coach flight back to iowa that would be laughable. we know he is a billionaire. >> i ran for president for 11 months. seemed like ten years. time is important. in other words, you got to raise money. you have to be in front of audiences. you want to take methods of transportation that minimize your time so you can be in front of five audiences instead of two. being with the people means talking to them. and means talking to real people. >> if you want to talk about minimum wage you have somebody from chipotle making your burrito ask that person there. >> i would go into diners.
4:10 am
i'm going to have breakfast this morning and go into the diner and talk to the people there and may have breakfast with one of them. that is how i found out what was going on. >> a lot of times they will pick up the tab that is cool. >> then you go to jail. >> here is the thing. you had a strategy in florida. i'm not going to be successful in florida. that didn't work out. expensive people sit at expensive tables to come up with a strategy. who came up with the strategy? is it somehow genius and we are missing it? >> i don't think so. she is in coach but then the limousine picks her up on the tarmac. >> she is on coach because they didn't have first class. >> everybody has coach. >> be who you are. we know you are an extremely important person.
4:11 am
you need protection. she clearly needs secret service protection. people threaten her. i know that from my days i don't mean her specifically but these people really need protection. just be nice to the people that you see. >> thanks for being nice. heather has news and starts in florida with that mailman. >> that mailman in florida from florida who landed his flying bicycle on the capital lawn has been charged with violating national air defense space and operating an unregistered aircraft. he appeared in court wearing his u.s. postal uniform. he was released on the condition that he stay away from home made aircrafts and washington, d.c. extreme weather out west. a nightmare for travelers. half a foot of snow there and
4:12 am
then a massive pileup sent two dozen people to the hospital. in denver a wintry mix of snow and ice causing car accidents. the colorado rockies stadium blanketed in snow. those are your headlines. it is still spring. >> but those are the rockies. now this coming up. he was tragically killed defending our freedom but this hero's parents vowed to continue the fight for his friends who survived. this mother is here with us next. then want to know who is one of the most influential people in the world? he said it is toughbeing on stage is as tough as being on the battlefield.
4:13 am
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4:17 am
s.e.a.l. i am joined boo ia familiar face on our network. round of applause for karen for coming out. great to see you. i hate talking about your son passing away. does it sink in that he is not here anymore? >> it is amazing that you realize that he is gone and how final death is. it is a stunning thing to try to recapture that mental knowledge that he's really gone forever. it never sinks in. >> it happened in afghanistan after bin laden skillkilled. a lot of dicy things with the chopper crash. you said i miss him but i'm not going to stop fighting for him. >> before aaron died i cared about my country. i didn't care enough to get up
4:18 am
off my couch and fight for my nation. after my son sacrificed his life in afghanistan it felt like the only right thing to do is come home and get out in this country and fight culturally the battle he fought. he believed in this nation. aaron loved his country. he loved it enough to give his life for it. i do too. i have to get out here and fight for it. i see it going in a direction that doesn't honor the sacrifices made. >> all you can do is win the wars and fight the wars. now, you are going to be part of the 23 city tour. why is that important st. >> what do i get to do in this tour? if you take a loss like i have had and you get to turn it around and do something proactive with it rather than sit on your couch and wither away as a grieving money i get
4:19 am
to beg veteran families and patriots to join me fighting for this country. there is no greater honor than to just be able to get out and fight for what aaron died for. and what we do is we tell people it's not over. this nation is not lost. i know we are in desperate times and frightening times. it is not over. if anyone wants to take america they can pry her from my cold dead hands. >> now the crowd is not only this war vietnam war, korea and world war ii. thank you so much for having aaron and thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. we are coming back shortly in just a little while back inside to tell you what is next. thanks for coming out. >> i love her. >> remarkable. straight ahead when the
4:20 am
national anthem plays you stop. not if you are selling tickets at one major league stadium. why employees are being told to ignore the star spangled banner. >> ever had a noisy neighbor? this couple sued theirs because they had a noisy dog. did they make the case?
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
thanks for joining us. time for news by the numbers. first up is 1 million how many leaf blowers are being recalled because a defect causes it to
4:24 am
catch fire. 2 million how many teens puffed away on electronic cigarettes in 2014 tripled the year before. 2.3 hours how much longer mothers of the bride choose sending their wedding wardrobe than their daughter. moms say they feel more pressure than ever to look their best on the big day thanks to social media. >> they have been there, done that. are you fed up with your neighbor's barking dog? you might be thrown a bone. an oregon couple being awarded a quarter a million dollars after suing neighbors over constantly barking dogs. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> ashley, these neighbors were disturbed by this great big barking mastiff for close to a
4:25 am
decade. and the cops came and said you have to shut your dog up. they never did anything. you say this is a good award. >> it is a great award. these homeowners, these dog owners were irresponsible. back in 2002 and 2004 they were cited by animal control for violating noise ordinances. these neighbors owned their home. when you move into a town you agree to abide by certain rules. these dog owners did not abide by these rules. homeowners did what they had to do. they complained and they had to go to the legal system and a jury of their peers just like you and me decided that they were aawarded money. that money damage, that $240,000 tells me that those citizens were angry and they thought this was a nuisance. >> what that number says is a lot of people on the jury probably have had noisy neighbors in the past.
4:26 am
you couldn't want to have a barking dog next to you for more than ten years where it starts at 5:00 in the morning and doesn't stop until midnight. >> i don't want it but this is coming back. this is going to be appealed and reversed. there are a couple of things that an appellant court will look at here one is the excessive nature of the verdict. the judge made a decision to preclude a certain defense. these are service dogs. we see service dogs all over the place guiding blind people and determining whether someone is going to have a seizure. >> made an argument that these were dogs to take care of the livestock. mastiff dogs generally are not livestock dogs. >> generally speaking. that is not to say these can't be trained for the specific purpose. that's what the judge precluded. they said generally speaking this breed can't be a guard dog but it all depends on the training. i think it is going to be a problem. >> what do you think?
4:27 am
do you think somebody is going to say that is too much money? >> no. not at all. years. that's not even $2,000 a year for these people. that's not even $2,000 a year. that is not excessive. i can't imagine living 13 years of my life with a dog waking me up at 5:00 a.m. and thinking that dog needs to shut up. i have dogs. i love them. but i'm not going to let them bark excessively to the point where my neighbors -- >> david we give you the final 15 seconds. >> one thing we need to talk about is the judge ordered these dogs devocalize. this is an invasive surgery. in fact, the surgery is illegal in five states in the country. it is called a cruel surgery. >> not illegal in that state. >> that is the problem. >> if they move the dogs to new jersey then i would sue them because that is where i live.
4:28 am
>> great debate this morning. >> thank you. chaos on a train platform. when a man loses his grip and falls on to the train track. how a group of total strangers rush to save his life. behind every strong military man is a strong woman. these ladies are tying the knot and getting their gowns for free. find out how straight ahead. first we head outside to the defend freedom tour kicking off live here at fox and friends.
4:29 am
4:30 am
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4:32 am
the theme is freedom. that is the defend freedom tour kicking off here on our plaza. they are going to be traveling throughout the country throughout the coming weeks and months. it is great to have hundreds of patriots gathered here at fox news channel. >> performing and it is a packed plaza continuing to join us here on "fox and friends." >> the veterans who have been ignored for so long bond with this generation. i love the fact that gold star moms and families feel they are not forgotten and included. just because your son or daughter isn't here doesn't mean you can't be a part of all of this. >> great patriots out there if you would like to join them, join us in the next 90 minutes and we will feed you breakfast. nothing says friday like barbecue ribs. >> busy one for sure.
4:33 am
standing by with headlines. >> we will be out there streaming live on the plaza on our website coming up in about ten minutes. i have headlines to bring you. remember that pesticide that poisoned a family last month. that has now been found in puerto rico. a husband and his wife were found seriously ill and two sons in critical condition after they inhaled toxic fumes. they were staying at a resort treated with methyl bromide. they are not aware of anyone getting sick at this time. jaw dropping video out of philadelphia. a man falls from the train platform and on to the tracks. you can see him in the blue and white jacket as he slips off the yellow platform and tumbles down. some run away. one witness jumps down and immediately pulls him up.
4:34 am
the man who fell broke his back. he is expected to be okay thankfully. >> a new addition to most influential people of the world, kanye west. >> that rapper nominated because of his outspoken nature we are told. remember in 1999 he jumped on stage at the grammys while taylor swift was accepting her award. in 2013 he said being on stage is as tough as being a soldier. listen. >> think about my family like this is like being a police officer or something or at war or something. you are literally going out to do your job every day knowing that something could happen to you. >> just like war. let's ask the guys on the plaza what they think of that comment. kim kardashian also made that list.
4:35 am
those are your headlines. let's send it back to you. "time" magazine. good morning. we are out here on the plaza. how is everyone doing? we have new friends here this morning. what is your name? >> willie. >> where are you from? >> new york. >> are you happy that the weather is warmer now? >> yes. >> just a little drizzle now. that is what we have going on across parts of the east coast. it is muggy and cloud cover and drizzle. temperatures are warming up. when they are not very warm is farther west because we do have snow coming down, cold temperatures. we are talking up to two feet of snow in some locations. skiers are very happy out there and this is especially true across higher elevations. in the central plains we have risk for severe weather, damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes possible in parts of nebraska and kansas and across the southeast. heavy rain will produce concerns
4:36 am
for flash flooding. we have that going on out there. several inches of rain possible today and into the weekend. back inside to elizabeth. >> thank you for that. you have a wedding coming up. call it operation wedding gown. one nonprofit is working to help our women in uniform and future military wives without paying one cent. joining us now is founder of brides across america. this is one incredible foundation. i remember he donated a dress and now we understand and are so thankful to have you here. introduce us to some brides whose families served us so well. i would love to get to their story. first i ask this is a volunteer service correct? you founded this company. now you are giving these bridal gowns away and weddings but you need help and need america's
4:37 am
help. >> absolutely. we have donations on our website that would just be great for the organization. we are all volunteers. so we do two events during the year to help military brides get a free dress. these dresses it takes a lot to ship them throughout the country to salons nationwide so that the brides go directly and have the experience of trying and selecting just like every other bride. we want to roll out the red carpet for them. >> we rolled out our carpet here for you. i want to let everybody get to know you a bit more. you were proposed to on the stage of brad paisley's concert by your fiance. how did that feel? >> it was insane. i remember staring at brad paisley and he is on his knee business hind me. i was crazy. >> we thank you for your service. you look gorgeous.
4:38 am
>> tell us about your husband. you were married in november. >> down at disney. he is in virginia right now. >> what does it mean to you to have a foundation like this? >> it feels great to be able to know that what he does is appreciated and that it is passed along to us. while we don't serve we still are there with them and supporting them. >> incredible. >> lovely dress. >> you all look incredible. tell us about your story. >> me and my fiance met a couple of years ago and he served two tours over in iraq and afghanistan in 2006 and 2007. right now he is a veteran served 5 1/2 years in the marine corps. >> he has a gorgeous bride. >> thank you. >> we thank you for being here. >> next to you is christina who
4:39 am
is going to be married to chris. you currently serving together? >> just him. >> not just. we thank you for that. >> so he served in kuwait last year and now stationed in new jersey. he is actually training right now in washington state. >> where did you meet? >> we met in manhattan on a night out. he was celebrating his completion of air force training there. >> incredible. we thank him for that. i love the smile. >> angela is right by your side. couple together serving right here. air force couple? >> yes. >> we thank you for that. tell us about him and how you met. >> we met in afghanistan. and we didn't like each other and we grew to love each other. he's done four years. it is nice that we finally together because we were apart for a year. >> we are so in debt to all of you and your families for what
4:40 am
you do for this nation. it is a great foundation here. you look beautiful. we took a few selfies. we will post them on our website and instagram. we thank you all for this wonderful work. great job donating that dress. >> absolutely. >> you're a good guy. >> brian did, as well. >> he gave his to a great organization. >> see why i love these guys so much? >> thank you, ladies. y'all look beautiful. straight ahead on this friday, her tour bus burned to a crisp. everything destroyed inside and out. almost everything. what the lead singer of lady antebellum found untouched will make you believe. is christianity under attack again? >> you are just a ten foot tall cry baby. no christians aren't being killed. >> really? having that exchange with bill
4:41 am
o'reilly and lived to tell about it. >> on this friday we are defending freedom all morning long on our plaza. come along and join the vets. incredible! i've been claritin clear for ten days. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin live claritin clear. every day. i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and
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4:44 am
♪ a quick look at headlines. a reason why we played that song. a miracle after lady antebellum's tour bus goes up in flames on a texas highway. the bus is absolutely destroyed. only one thing survived thrks lead singer's bible. not a page was damaged. you are looking at it. claimed they were told by the
4:45 am
team to ignore the national anthem and keep working. the team said it would keep crowds moving and improve security. they temporarily agreed to let them pause until they find a different solution. thank you. it's an alarm that republican politicians have been sounding for years. >> from boston there is a world wide war on christianity. >> there is a war. a silent war but a war against religious liberty. >> the idea that our federal government is going after religious liberty is just astonishing. >> with 83% of americans saying they believe in god and 40% saying they go to church every week saying it is less of an attack on christianity and more of an assault on individual freedoms. he joins us live right now. >> i think you shouldn't have to prove that you are religious to approve of gay weddings.
4:46 am
i happen to think they are fine. if you don't it should be your choice. you started this business and you don't want to bake them a cake. it shouldn't be bake me a cake or put me in jail. >> you think the government should remain out of it? >> i was surprised to learn there is nothing in the constitution about church and state. this came up in a treaty afterwards. >> look at obamacare. it is being litigated that obamacare requires that employers provide contraception to their employees which the catholic church does not believe in. the fear is that i have to choose between obeying the law and my faith. >> not just believe in it many consider it murder some forms of birth control. >> absolutely. >> they are being forced by the law to do this.
4:47 am
they won the hobby lobby case but it is a pathetic victory. it is only narrowly held corporations and have to go to court and beg for permission for the exemption when people could buy birth control pills for $9 at wal-mart. it implies that unless government provides it is you are deprived it. this is about government growth rather than a tax on religion. >> former chaplain of the military said chaplains feel pressure to express religious beliefs in the military. >> a chaplain in an 80% christian country i'm surprised at that. >> tonight i'm talking about search which state and why religion thrives in america while atrophyied in europe. >> we chose to come here and now things are not getting so great.
4:48 am
we are watching tonight. >> we will choose that. see you tonight john stossel. an angry espn reporter goes on an epic rant after her car got towed. >> [ bleep ] do you feel good about your job? so i could be a college drop out and do the same thing? you are not going to see her on tv today. hear her explanation straight ahead. and the new star wars trailer just released. a sneak peek and he is geeking out with us about it next. >> stop talking. i got to see that.
4:49 am
♪ ♪ there's people who care where i'm going ♪ ♪ and good friends to welcome me home ♪ ♪ so get a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ drive the american road ♪ ♪ and with a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ find your own highway ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
my father has it. i have it. my sister has it. >> and then a couple seconds later you see hans solo and he says we are home. >> the trailer for the highly anticipated "star wars" released
4:53 am
yesterday. with over 18 million views and counting it nearly broke the internet. people glued to the screens are kevin mccarthy who joins me now. these are nerd tears. >> i can't explain this to you. you want to see a grown man cry put a camera on my face on december 18. i'm talking to you about a trailer that literally put me in tears yesterday when hans said we are home. this is beyond nerd element. this is pop culture, one of the biggest franchises of all time, made over $4.5 billion. j.j. abrams in my opinion is the perfect director to bring the series back to where it needs to be because episodes one through three i did not really care for. four, five, six i am more of an empire strikes back.
4:54 am
did a really great job with rebooting the star trek series. now we get episode seven. everything about this trailer. tell me you didn't get a little teary eyed when you saw him say we are home. >> a lot of people did not see that particular thing you are talking about right there. let's play it for you. watch this. >> chewy, we're home. >> it's just something about it. years later with chewbacca who has not aged a day. they are back in action. and here is the beauty of it all. it hit all nostalga elements. they are bringing back carey fisher harrison ford, r 2 d 2. they have bb 8 who looks unbelievably cool. i was online yesterday late for an important meeting because i
4:55 am
was streaming the character and they brought out the character. i had nerd tears down my face. you are seeing the millennium falcon fly again. does a great job of building these massive set pieces and aspects. it just looks absolutely incredible. i can't wait to see it. >> so you have -- you saw this thing already. you only saw the trailer. >> how come they haven't shown it to you yet? >> probably it isn't done. i cannot wait for this. the trailer came out yesterday. millions upon millions of views. >> it was a celebration panel. it was incredible. they did a whole panel with j.j. abram. they brought out r 2 d 2. i can't speak right now. they had the newuew trailer.
4:56 am
yesterday was the greatest day ever to be a nerd in america all over the world. >> carry through the end of the year with this excitement. we love your nerd tears kevin mccarthy. >> ceo of >> chewy, we are home. >> i am a little concerned for you. >> come on, man. >> i'm happy r 2 d 2 is still in it. >> you hear luke's voice and the melted vader mask. i was like my gosh. we are going to put you in touch with dr. keith. you are going to be fine. >> he is not going to be fine. good to tell him that. straight ahead different note an angry espn reporter goes on a rant after her car gets towed. >> you won't see her on tv today. hear the explanation. >> tacos mixed with space,
4:57 am
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5:00 am
today is friday april 17. a fox news alert. he trained with terrorists overseas and made it back to american soil where he planned to kill american soldiers in the name of isis. how was he allowed back inside the u.s.? coming up, is this the message the naacp should be sending to the african-american community? >> should consider arming themselves to defend themselves against criminals. a police officer or law enforcement officer that approaches people outside of normal police procedure is a criminal, a terrorist. >> he is saying arm yourself against cops because they are criminals and are terrorists.
5:01 am
and an angry espn reporter goes on a rant against a parking garage attender who towed her car. >> do you feel good about your job? i could be a college dropout and do the same thing? >> this morning she goes off the air. should she get a second chance? we will debate it with somebody who has seen it all. mornings are better with friends. >> you're watching "fox and friends." friends." ♪ ♪ let me see those flags waving right now ♪ ♪ ♪ i've almost lost my mind ♪
5:02 am
♪ you got me thinking things i didn't want to say ♪ >> you know her. she is not only a patriot and the daughter of scott brown, also one of the gals from "american idol." she is kicking off the defend freedom tour for america right here on fox and skp frendsand friends. >> she just got married over the summer and has a new album out that releases called "let love in." >> she is fantastic. travels all over the place for our military men and women. come join us 48th and 6th. >> defend freedom with us. >> that is what we are doing and what they are doing. we have a lot of news. >> i want to mention i was just out there with that crowd and it is electric. a massive crowd out there. start out with a fox news alert. this man trained with terrorists
5:03 am
in syria and came back to american soil where authorities say he planned to carry out a mission to kill u.s. soldiers. this 23-year-old ohio man is expected to plead not guilty in federal court. the somali-american trained with an al qaeda affiliate in syria. that is where a cleric told him to go back to america and commit a, quote, act of mass destruction. according to the document the suspect wanted to follow in the foot steps of his brother who died in a battle last june. ast 16 tornadoes touching down in the united states. the national weather service confirming one in oklahoma near the border with texas. the massive funnel brought 70 miles per hour winds. a similar scene in texas. quick tornadoes spotted throughout the evening. the storms produced lightning shows across the panhandle. a brand new 911 call released makes the panic that this baggage worker felt very
5:04 am
clear. this man felt asleep inside the cargo hold of an airplane after it took off. >> 911. >> i'm stuck in this plane. >> where? >> i'm inside the plane and i feel like it is moving in the air. >> are you at the airport? >> i feel like it is moving. i feel like [ inaudible ] please! >> i'm in the air. >> that call cuts out. the pilot realized there was a problem and heard banging from the luggage compartment. the plane returned to seattle 15 minutes after takeoff. the worker was not hurt. >> i will be streaming live outside with veterans on the plaza. >> you can watch it on our website. >> sounds good. >> have fun. geraldo is joining us.
5:05 am
>> this is the chapter president apparently for tennessee, naacp president. listen to this. >> they should consider arming themselves to defend themselves against criminals. a police officer or law enforcement officer that approaches people outside of normal police procedure is a criminal, a terrorist. we are not suggesting people start shooting folks but it is clear that law enforcement prosecutors in the judicial system cannot and will not defend us. >> reckless irresponsible, borderline insightment to riot. i am very dismayed by these comments absolutely unnecessary and uncalled for. however let me also say this. i think the answer to the perception rather than the reality, the perception that unarmed black men are being targeted by cops is we should have a presumption of federal jurisdiction for each and every
5:06 am
police killing in this country regardless of the circumstance and regardless of the race of the cop or the victim. >> you don't trust local authorities? >> i think to let the community know there is one objective standard nationwide white, black, brown yellow red i don't care. presumption of federal jurisdiction. feds look and maybe it is a stickup. it is an ordinary crime you move on and locals take over. any of these other questions to restore confidence, presumption of federal jurisdiction. >> as long as we don't have a department with a federal agenda. every month there is a different themed dinner. different way for kid to get together to have a good time. they decided to go to intergalactcuevents. they are going to have this big theme. when you have people over you
5:07 am
have to pick a type of food. you can pick a food that is reminiscent of the theme of the party. they couldn't come up with a theme so they slared what do we all like? we like mexican food. aliens, mexican food. are you heat index. >> it's obviously racist. >> they should go to sensitivity raining. >> of all of the comments i read on that the best was what happens when you pass gas in outer space? [ laughter ] >> go to your room. spaceship beano. >> i detest the phrase illegal alien. i lobbied everyone here to stop using it. all true i am asking that we now put that in the garbage heap of history for precisely this
5:08 am
reason. what is an alien? an alien is from jupiter or saturn. i think this points specifically to a little bit over sensitive. you recall college kids when they wore black face to pay homage to the old burlesque days how inadvertently they may hurt feelings in the context of today. this seems a bit of a stretch like political correctness gone way too far. now they get much more -- they get grilled cheese sandwiches. >> anybody putting an event together has to go through cultural competency training. >> is it part of university of california? >> they are wildly politically correct. >> somebody might be requiring sensitivity at espn. a reporter had her car towed and
5:09 am
feeling sensitive and it turned into berateing the person behind the plexi glass. this is her raging rant. >> i am in the news theater. i will [ bleep ] sue this place. i have a degree. >> taking people's money. with no education. do you feel good about your job? so i can be a college dropout and do the same thing? i have a brain and you don't.
5:10 am
>> so she didn't feel like her car should be towed. she feels very entitled. she has since apologized. what do you think? a lot of our viewers. >> she is suspended right now. >> a lot of viewers feel she should be fired permanently. >> i think she should use this hiatus to star in mean girls. this gives you the creeps like fingernails on a blackboard. it is so clear that she harbors these deep resentments, class and race and this is a person who has major issues when this thing unleashes. having said that i am a believer in second chances. let her now that she has been humiliated maybe she will see the light. this is the person who needs the
5:11 am
sensitivity training that the mexican food people are getting. maybe she said mexican food and sensitivity training. >> her problem is every time somebody sees her going forward they will think that is that pretty mean girl. >> maybe she should be like that role. >> we did not know who she was for the most part except for sports audiences. every newspaper is talking about this. >> not a great way. >> do you think this could catapult her if played correctly. >> if she adopts this personality the abrasive -- if she embraces the mean girl role there has always been like the black sheep. i think that guy is a jerk with a club foot.
5:12 am
if she is that person. if she is that person embrace it. >> i think it is bullying at its worst right there. >> i imagine how she feels. >> she feels terrible because she got caught. >> there is forgiveness and redemption. >> don't be a mean girl. >> you are going to make me get upset now. >> unleash your torrent. you pay taxes all your life and the tax man comes after you once you are dead? the man trying to change all of that, majority whip in the house, congressman steve scalise joins us next. what is he doing now with all that toilet paper? he turns the tables on one of us? you don't want to miss it. howie mandel is here. i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of
5:13 am
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5:16 am
the house of representatives yesterday voted to repeal what republicans call the death tax. the u.s. estate tax is about 40%. that is nearly three times the average of other democratic countries. here is how the president
5:17 am
described the effort to repeal it, to get rid of it. >> a new $270 billion tax cut for the very wealthiest of the wealthiest. it would effect about 5,000 families all across america. it would cost $270 billion. we don't need tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. i don't need a tax cut. >> well, how will your heirs feel in the future? republican congressman steve scalise joins us live. >> great to be with you. >> the president is always talking about fairness. it's not a fair tax. you are taxed when you make money. why get taxed on that same money again when you die? >> the president doesn't think that you built this business. it's just a disconnect between liberals who think this is the government's money. the most important thing to
5:18 am
remember is these are family businesses and they are trying to pass on the american dream to their kids. they have already paid taxes on this money. when they die the government swoops in and con fisicates another 40% of the business for you to keep it. >> the president always talked about fairness. we did a fox news poll on whether you thought the inheritance tax was fair. 71% of you say it is unfair. it seems all you have to do is query your colleagues across the aisle and say go talk to your constituents. do they think it is fair? because it is not. >> hard working taxpayers get what we have seen that people understand whether or not you own a small business if you want to create your own small business and work hard and build it up and pay taxes along the way if you die you should be able to pass it on without having the government come in and confiscate it.
5:19 am
congressman brady made speeches and we heard so many compelling stories of people who had to sell their family business. >> it goes to the senate. you need at least six democrats who agree. you heard some on the political left say the government is entitled to that money. >> that's exactly what they say. they think this is the government's money when somebody dies. the first thing that happens when your loved one dies you should be worried about grieving and making burial plans. a lot of families have to figure out whether or not they have to sell the family business just to pay the 40% the government will try to confiscate from the death tax. it is time for it to be repealed. let's have that debate. >> i have friends in kansas who have had that conversation and it is not pretty. >> absolutely. i hope you guys can do something about it. e-mail us. thank you. coming up on this friday a
5:20 am
bizarre story. a baby sitter learns the child he is baby sitting has been kidnapped. how did that happen? we are going to talk about it. howie mandel recently got a taste of his own medicine. that is his house. what is howie doing now with all of that toilet paper left over? he is turning the tables on us. one of us. who will it be? find out as howie deals or doesn't. he is outside as we are defending freedom all morning long on our plaza. come on down and join our patriotic best.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
welcome back. thank you. defend freedom tour is kicking off today. ladies and gentlemen, watch this video. everybody knows that howie mandel is a world class prankster. recently the tables were turned on the prankster. watch this. >> and on. >> that was howie mandel's house completely covered in toilet paper. he joins us live right now. >> thank you. please sit down. that's not necessary. look at this. that was roman atwood and my son who let him in to do that.
5:25 am
>> the tables were turned on you, sir. >> i didn't love that. i had to get a crew $2000 to clean it up. finally got it cleaned. that lasted forever. i don't know. i brute a little clip. i just completed the clean up. >> what did you do with the toilet paper? >> watch this. look at this. >> thank you so much. >> you don't know where to put anything. waste not want not. >> i cannot wait to go into my office. >> left over.
5:26 am
>> that is so wrong. >> it is so right. >> i have to work in that place. that is my palatial office. >> you have no idea how much this bothers him? >> that is my house. >> his mess must be controlled by nobody else. never gets old. you guys like a prank? let me ask you this. a recent study said by 2050 that 60 is the new 40 because we are living longer and healthier lives. 60 is the new middle age. >> i am -- by 2050 is the middle age. right now it is not. i have to wait like 40 years. you have to wait to be old to be middle age. in 40 years i will be 100 and 60 would have been the middle age. >> this wasn't the best premise to bring up. >> you do understand is health
5:27 am
and healthy living. you started getting the word out. >> what i'm doing and the reason i'm doing this tour a few years ago i got diagnosed with a-fib which is an irregular heart beat. i didn't know what it was and wasn't concerned about it until i found out people with a-fib have five times greater chance to have a stroke or a blood clot and 6.5 million americans are diagnosed with it. so i got together with bristol-myers at pfizer and got this website called fibs or there are stunning pictures of me on the site. for everybody that does the quiz they donate $1 to the national stroke association. >> great spokesperson for it. >> i'm an irregular guy. >> i have no more pranks. >> here's the thing. you are in great shape and run
5:28 am
on a regular basis. if this happens to you we are all screwed. >> i am the picture of health. i ran seven miles yesterday, very manageable. it is dangerous if you don't know about it. that's why i'm telling everybody if you don't feel like you have something go to fibs or facts and you will live a healthy wonderful life. >> we are glad to have you healthy and happy. >> next time you see howie he will be cleaning up my office. we will have video of that. >> i'm out of here. >> you got to stay. >> thank you so much. we are going to step aside. chris wallace joins us live from washington, d.c. next.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
preference -- come on. ♪ let it go ♪ >> just let it go. >> come on. apparently pat roberts, the senator from my home state of kansas is a fan of "frozen." get your shot of the morning because he was caught with his ring tone going off in the middle of a senate hearing. >> he says his personal pick johnny cash's "walk the line." >> the senator talk toog twitter to say this. somebody had to tell the obama administration to let it go. >> chris wallace do you like
5:33 am
that ad-lib? >> say that again? >> did you like that ad-lib the senator had? >> i want to know -- i listened to the last segment. did he really do that to your office? how do you feel about that? i got to be honest, i would not be happy. >> i will do anything for the show but they promise me it will be down by the time i am done with radio. it is disconcerting seeing your office smashed like that. my office tends to be a little messy. steve would have a harder time than i do. >> that would really upset me. >> let it go. >> any member of my family who knows me knows how upset i would be. even when i look at the video of them and i guess his wife was a part of it when they threw up 4,000 rows of toilet paper on
5:34 am
his house i would have gone nuts. i would have been so upset. >> so hard to clean up. >> i know that is true because i was looking at the "washington post" yesterday online and i saw your kitchen where your wife has concocted the recipes for the cook book and everything is immaculate and in place. i can imagine why you would say that. just saying. i'm monitoring your kitchen. >> that's a little bit scary that you are stalking us that way. >> your kitchen is in the paper. >> we are following you like everyone is following hillary clinton. she ditched the bus and flew to new jersey. did she accomplish any goals? and do the democrats have a problem? she is looking at it. any missteps that she makes she is the only one to bear the brunt of this side of the party. >> i don't -- to the latter
5:35 am
issue i think the democrats are just fine with hillary clinton. i think some of them would rather have somebody out there. to have a front runner who will be a strong candidate for the democrats and is running at worst even with any potential republican candidate i don't think they are worried about that. it is interesting about the road trip. to me it is poll tested focus group. let's make her seem like just folks. i think some people found it charming. in the end it is irrelevant. in the end the issue is does she have good ideas of where to take our country? >> i disagree with you. >> or doesn't she. how she gets there is not as important. >> this is where i disagree with you. you want to get a pen ready for sunday. the best candidate doesn't always win. strategy plays a huge role in
5:36 am
it. i know she can write a check for the best and brightest. they came up with this rollout. it is at very least labelled bizarre. i wouldn't say it went smoothly. it wasn't the rocket ship take off. this didn't go well this week. you have to look at this and wonder who is steering the bus. it is not her election to lose. she has to win it. it is not won that way. >> well no. that's not what she is doing. she is doing that as a rollout. i think he is trying to say. i think she is trying to say i messed up in 2008. i get it and i'm bending over backwards to show that. within a month the scooby doo van will be on ebay and she will be flying in chartered jets and making big speeches. let them have their rollout. >> the key is everything is controlled this time. no professional reporters are asking her questions, just
5:37 am
regular folks in these facilities. however somebody who does want to be president it sounds like and you will be asking questions this weekend is senator graham. >> we will be talking to two people who want to be president one is lindsey graham from south carolina who is talking seriously of running as a defense hawk and particularly put in his sights rand paul and some more equivocal foreign policy. we are also talking to bernie sanders from vermont who is talking about running against hillary clinton and has grave doubts about whether or not she is the populous that she proports to be. it will be interesting to talk to both of them. the amazing thing on the republican side this field is growing and growing. in new hampshire they are talking about having 19 announced or potential republican candidates. we have the first of eight in
5:38 am
august. i don't know how we get everybody on the stage. >> we will have to do shifts. >> let me say again i don't think they should clean your office up. i think they should make you do it because you are not going to find it funny at all. >> that would just make it worse. >> have a great weekend. >> bye. time for the news. heather, you start with a crazy story about a baby sitter watching tv. >> it is hard to get a handle on the story. here is what happened. bizarre twist to a kidnapping plot. a washington state couple calls police after they saw an amber alert on facebook for the child that they were baby sitting. listen. >> this child i was like my god. the craziest thing i heard. >> that is john tong. he says his sister asked him to watch the 2-year-old boy that
5:39 am
she claimed belonged to her boyfriend. alyssa and the toddler's grandmother were arrested for kidnapping the toddler but also the little boy's mom. police say they tased her and used zip ties to keep her captive in her garage at her home near tacoma, washington. it is about time. the u.s. army now ordering financial benefits, combat pay for victims of the deadly 2009 fort hood shooting. the decision by the secretary of the army coming one week after 47 purple hearts were awarded to soldiers and families of those woo were killed. staff sergeant sean mannings was shot six times that day. he said he could not believe that they wouldn't be eligible for benefits. >> the fact that you have an al qaeda inspired terrorist attack that we were shot in and that's not combat related i think is
5:40 am
just ridiculous. >> he thanked us at fox news writing us this note saying this. as you know we would have been fighting for months if not years if not for your coverage. thank you again for all that you do. and thank you for what you do. he is only 5 months old but this little guy is a star and this is why. he has the cutest thumbs up around. look at this portrait. it is blowing up the internet. we are told it is real. his parents posted the picture gone viral. the thumb's up. >> it's great to be a kid. >> never expected such a response. the family hopes to re-create that shot each and every year. those are your headlines. i love it. we have the defend freedom tour going out on the plaza. hundreds of veterans, also active duty. we are stream tg live online. >> i was just watching.
5:41 am
it was fantastic. >> to quote the 5 month old -- >> thumbs up. >> that is our demo. there you go. as long as they are watching. how far would you go to stop the passenger next to you on an airplane if they were snoring? would you stab him in the arm with a pen? and leave all of those ink marks? one woman did. find out what happened to her coming up. say farewell to dr. oz? who wants him gone? >> i love that guy. introducing the kelley blue book price advisor. the powerful tool that shows you what should pay. it gives you a fair purchase price
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oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
5:44 am
welcome back. ten doctors are demanding columbia university ditch dr. oz from a surgery facility over
5:45 am
what they call questionable miracle cure products. the university is saying he is not going anywhere. and the quack attack taking over las vegas. ♪ >> the duck commander musical making its debut and getting rave reviews. most of the duck dynasty clan was there. congratulations to my friend. and the force is strong. a japanese airline painting a boeing 787 dream liner like r 2 d 2. it is incredible part of a five year long "star wars" project that takes off this fall. >> what about c 3 po? >> that musical willie came in this week and we talked for a while about it. he says they can't watch without tearing up. their life is played out in song. >> say oversaw the whole thing.
5:46 am
can you imagine the duck commanders overseeing a musical. >> we read for the kids devotional every morning that the family put out. it is incredible. >> i was asking him about kids and those free range kids. i said how do you feel about that? he goes my kids are allowed to do whatever they want. at 10 years old i was driving and had a gun. i believe he is a free range kid. let's tell you about this. out in midway airport in chicago a plane was taking off. it was southwest flight 577. as they were taking off there was this man and he was sleeping and there was a woman sitting next to him and the guy was snoring. like this. >> she started poking him with a pen. she happened to have a fountain
5:47 am
pen. >> it was pointy. >> he woke up and started screaming. look at the -- she left a trail of ink. >> she sure did. apparently didn't give anyone a good look to see the actual injuries. southwest is saying this is not a stabbing classifying it as a poking. she was transferred to another flight. he said he felt he was being stung by bees. >> imagine being asleep and being stung by bees and waking up and going ow so that is the whole thing. >> there will be a bruise in the morning? >> there will be bruises and this type of thing. it is kind of unfortunate that this happened. >> you can only imagine how loud the snoring is. you can hear the congestion now. >> you can hear the congestion in the nose. >> here is what you do. if there is somebody next to you -- i have been on a lot of planes where people have fallen asleep. >> this is the flight and there is the pen being returned.
5:48 am
>> if somebody is snoring next to you you simply tap on their shoulder and say excuse me you are snoring. usually the person would say thank you very much. i didn't mean to do that. >> she tattooed him with a fountain pen. >> just wake him up. don't poke him. >> i disagree. you cannot wake a stranger. you are better off poking him and denying it. >> you are in public. you are sharing space. what do you think? tammy i think is how you pronounce this name. they e-mailed. that woman should have been arrested for assault. how dare she invade his personal space and safety. >> earplugs or head phones? these are wonderful inventions. >> reach up and push the button for the attendant and claim ignorance and keep doing it. >> waking the stranger usually because it is bigger guys that are the snorers. wake up with a lot of mucus and
5:49 am
angry. >> i say let him sleep. >> you have to be a little more subtle. it would be like this. you don't want to leave a mark. >> that's genius. >> that i agree with. >> are you okay? >> the plaza is packed. it is rocking for a great cause. this tour could be coming to a city near you. a check of the marketwith martha for the top of the hour. >> hillary tries to be authentic and press the flash with regular folks in iowa. how is that working out so far? isis chasing families out of yet another city in iraq. joe biden says things are going better than you realize. john mccain is here to give us his thoughts. and the "star wars" trailer and new wheels on mars. we'll see you at the top of the
5:50 am
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[♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. [♪]
5:53 am
♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> this is defend freedom tour stop number one. this is a pretty pumped up crowd. the next stop is in texas. right now it is all about new york. no stranger to this crowd former army ranger. david bray with madison rising. how good is this guy? almost as cool as the other two. ceo of conservatives for america. >> you might get a defend freedom tour jacket too.
5:54 am
>> tell us what happened when you were serving in afghanistan. >> my platoon took 85% casualties and deployed. the 101st air borne in less time. we were there the whole time. we wrote the book to honor the sacrifice and joined to honor the sacrifice of all veterans from every generation. >> that's why i think that should be a movie. why is it so important to be with the military? >> i am also a veteran myself navy marine corps. and actually consider madison rising a continuation of my service. i got out a while ago and come back with music. what we do is honor and support the men and women in uniform who still wear the pride on their shoulder. >> this is the new hair style for the u.s. marines.
5:55 am
i am going to get confirmation on that. the next stop is texas. >> we are going all summer. all of us will be there. he is every single stop along with madison rising. and a great group of special guests. we might call you out to a couple of stops. >> as long as you have refreshments. >> we have others joining us as special guests along the tour. >> may 5 a new album. >> a new album called "let love in." thank you for listening to the music today and god bless our veterans. >> guys calm down, she just got married. it's just fantastic. what i think i like most about it is the generations together, korea, vietnam and now. >> every generation of american warrior. >> more "fox and friends" in a
5:56 am
few minutes. thank you for coming out. >> thank you.
5:57 am
5:58 am
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the new s6 hits the stores and i'm like... whoa. open the box and... (sniffing) new phone smell. jump on a video chat with my friend. he's a real fan boy, so i can't wait to show this off. picture is perfect. i got mine at verizon. i... didn't. it's buffering right out of the box he was impressed. i couldn't be happier. couldn't see him but i could hear him making fun of me. vo: you waited this long for the s6 so why settle for anything less than verizon. what's on this weekend? >> carly fiorina responding to the ceo who says women shouldn't
6:00 am
be president. >> major general going to be here. have a great weekend. martha: an american citizen is accused of training with terrorists oversea and plotting to kill americans at home. he will make his first appearance in court at he ended a.m. gregg: officials say the 3-year-old bought a ticket to greece but instead he ended up at a terror training camp in syria where he then decided


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