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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 17, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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the ceo who says women shouldn't be president. >> major general going to be here. have a great weekend. martha: an american citizen is accused of training with terrorists oversea and plotting to kill americans at home. he will make his first appearance in court at he ended a.m. gregg: officials say the 3-year-old bought a ticket to greece but instead he ended up at a terror training camp in syria where he then decided to
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return home with the plans of executing soldiers. martha: catherine herridge is with us in washington. what stand out so far? >> reporter: the allegation the 23-year-old was directed by isis to go back to the united states to launch an attack. ways also alleged is he came from columbus, ohio and then traveled to syria in 2013 to join his brother who was already fighting with the al-nusra front. once in syria he got training with weapons breaking into homes and using he can -- using explosives.
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his stated goal according to the court papers was to attack a base in texas and kill soldiers execution style. a federal law enforcement source tells fox news mohamud was already? custody when he was indicted on these federal charges. back in february he was arrested and had this court appearance accused of providing material support, specifically in this case computers and tablets. now in this case like many others the defense will likely argue this was entrapment by the f.b.i. and their client would not have taken his plans as far as he did if he had not been encouraged by the f.b.i. informants.
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gregg: top pentagon official warning two iraqi cities are in danger of falling to isis. thousands of people leaving ramadi as isis closes in. also isis is attacking a top oil city of baiji. it's a more strategic target. gregg: what is the pentagon trying to do to protect this oil-rich town? >> reporter: u.s. aircraft conducted five airstrikes in the city and destroyed owl five
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targets. iraqi fighters managed to repel the bulk of the attack, then they got some help from above. there were airstrike that took out one tactical unit. there have been big question on capitol hill about how much help these airstrikes are. a lot of these airplanes aren't dropping bombs. >> right now in our airstrike in iraq and syria. of the 12,000 sort why sorties 3,000 drop weapons. is that true? >> that's about right. >> reporter: . they are outlining a strategy that gives the iraqis control. >> we are talking about having
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our people more engaged in helping the iraqis fight the fight. directing the targets. helping access -- their access on the ground in terms of their movement. >> reporter: we are still keeping an eye on ramadi. ramadi. citizens are fleeing towns so quickly it looks like i-95 on memorial day weekend. people are trying to get out quick. gregg: if i recall there is only one main road out of ramadi. it's such a symbol of the sunni capital. why is the pentagon downplaying the downfall of ramadi. >> reporter: the oil is in ramadi. there is an order of importance and we are seeing that play out
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in realtime. gregg: peter doocy at the pentagon. martha: we'll have more on this story. general mcinerney will be with us next hour and then i'll speak with senator john mccain in the next couple of hours. gregg: president bashar al-assad says europe should expect more attacks if they don't control the chaos caused by care rift group like in his country. >> we don't have international law and we don't have international organization that would protect the country -- another country from the terrorist proxies to destroy another country. that's what's happening in syria. gregg: the syrian civil war is
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nearly four years old. over a quarter million people have been killed in that country. martha: get out of here and don't fly anything gyro or anything. that was the message from the federal judge to the postal worker who landed his gyrocopter on capitol hill. martha: that's a teacher "this is not good, people." doug hughes flew under the radar from pennsylvania. he faces two criminal charges for operating an unregistered aircraft and violating restricted air space. his court date -- he likes this
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forum. he's talking about campaign finance reform. a lot of the things a lot of people are concerned about. that will be may 8. gregg: i think prosecutors and the judge are playing in his hands. he wants the forum to express his views. he will get it, but i imagine eventually they will plea this thing down. a new orleans appeals court is taking up president obama's executive actions on immigration. the president's unilateral move that shielded millions of people from deportation. a texas judge granted temporary injunction delaying the order from taking effect. a three-judge panel will consider whether to lift that stay. martha: the credit bit of the white house is being questioned after the vm and a foreign poll -- after the vm and the vice
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president said it's going better than people think. he had just enough time to call 911 before flying away in this plane's cargo hold. why didn't emergency crews make the plane immediately turn around.
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martha: new questions about president obama's strategy as isis turns to make advances. >> we read that isil remains in a commanding position inside of iraq and iraq itself is likely to be a thing of the past doomed split apart because of sectarian violence. there is just one problem with these attacks. the claims do not reflect the
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circumstances on the ground. martha: one of the president's advisors said isis is actually retreating. >> i think we have seen isil being pushed out of tikrit and being put on the offensive in some areas and seeking to show it can go on the offensive in other areas. martha: despite losing tikrit isis still controls large areas. juan williams, a fox news political analyst and mary katharine ham a fox news contributor. let's start with joe biefden. -- let's start with joe biden. >> i think he's saying calm down. don't get upset. we are seeing aggressive action in iraq but he sees the
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possibility of the coalition coming together. iraqi forces that have previously been divide united in the face of an imminent threat. martha: looking back at joe biden's take on iraq before every became the nominee. he thought it would be a good idea to divide iraq. he said to pull out and bring our forces home and not to stabilize iraq would be a huge mistake. interesting in hindsight mary catherine. >> he contradicts himself when he argued everybody is coming together when he argued that the country should be split apart. it's okay to be upset about isis. when you hear the cities we are fighting in, tikrit, ramadi,
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mosul. these are cities where we gave treasure and blood. i have friends and family who fought to gain this ground and now we have given that ground up. people should be upset about it. it doesn't feel like progress. martha: when you watch these families on the road. it's a horrific scene. i saw one general speaking out saying we have been asking for air cover in this area. we have been pleading for more level and we are not getting it. we talk about this offensive and this effort. what are we doing? >> i'm listen together two of you thinking clearly there is a need for u.s. presence. the question is how large a presence. that's what it comes down to from a political leadership points much view. do we as americans believe we've should have forces there controlling that country? i don't think so.
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i don't think we want to put our forces back on the ground. mary katharine talked about friends and family losing people in that effort. we stabilized that country and got rid after dictator. as americans we have every reason to be proud. but are we in the business of nation building? martha: isn't the big question u.s. leadership in we heard from the leader of eef egypt and jordan. wham we want is u.s. leadership. even in terms of how we talk about isis. we haven't heard those words from the president in a long time. and i think the rest of the world is seeking direction on this. this it in leader said we called until coordinates. we begged for help, we are asking for airstrikes and we are getting nothing. >> i do think we leave a vacuum.
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the american people are skiddish about something like nation building. but i think there would have been minimal political cost and minimal loss of life cost head kept a fairly stable situation you had in 2011 with a minimal ground troop coverage. when you open the vacuum guess who is uniting these folks. it's folks from iran. it's not something to feel great about. >> i think it's a chaotic situation. i think for everybody they are saying and what we heard from ben roads p -- rhode in that interview. the united states has the capability and capacity to take these guys any time. the point is to build up the iraqi force so they dock the job
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for themselves. martha: you can pull the string in iraq and keep going first and first and talk about maliki and how he gut the support he had in a democratic election. this is a sunni area, an area that would roll over more easily than other areas. maybe there are successes in tikrit. juan and mary katharine thank you so much. gregg: a pennsylvania pastor raising tea wishness of christians being -- raising awareness of christians being persecuted by isis. martha: a man risks everything the rescue a man damaging in an suv on a cliff.
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martha: the national football
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league is reinstating adrian peter on. he pled no contest to misdemeanor charges. he must undergo a counseling and treatment program. gregg: there is a growing movement in churches all across america to ray awareness of christians being executed by isis. 20 coptic christian egyptians are beheaded in libya. patrick mahoney has done a full orange jumpsuit in memory of the
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captives. beyond events that were so horrific and heartbreaking the coptic christians we just referenced. how bad is the persecution and violence against christians worldwide? >> every five minutes a christian die for their faith over the world. it's especially horrifying for women who are sold into sex trafficking and forced marriages. we want to find a way to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and remember them. we took a verse from the bible. remember those in prison as if you were in prison with them. and those who are being mistreated as though you are suffering with them. this was a positive way. on their facebook pages people
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have put orangy bronze and scarves. during holy week we have stations of the cross. i stood in solidarity with pastor ayed who separated from his beautiful wife and children. we are see be a jean cried the likes of which we have not seen in a generation. if we do not speak up christianity may be wiped out in the middle east. gregg: you brought to our attention a famous quote. it seem to be under the circumstances quite important. we must always take side, neutrality help the oppressor never the victims. license encourages the --
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silence encourages the tormentor. midwest tormented. -- never the torments. >> if we are silent, if we are indifferent, if we don't go to our decision makers, our church leaders, our political leaders we in essence are aiding in the violence against the persecuted church. siren is tragic. they can follow our work on twitter. they can follow me on red mahoney. and #orange jumpsuit. through prayer we are not powerless. prayer can transform and shift
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and shape history. i would encourage everyone to pray and stand in solidarity with your brothers and sisters. gregg: what has made headlines islamic terrorists taking the lives so brutally of christian and others. are you frustrated that perhaps islamic cleric and theologians are not vocal enough in speaking out again it? >> we are working here in washington d.c. with the muslim community and have he had events -- have had events in front of the white house. we want everyone to speak out against injustice. we want everyone to speak out again violence. certainly muslim cleric, but our own president our own administration. it's important we come together
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in one voice that impacts everyone. dr. king said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. when our brothers and sisters are being persecuted it impacts everyone across the globe. martha: powerful. there is a severe store system we are watching that's spawning an ominous-looking tornado. we'll tell you where this was and where we may see more of this activity happening today. gregg: isis said to be on the verge of raising their flag in yet another key city.
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gregg: the u.s. army announcing
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survives of the fort hood shooting will now receive all benefits aassociated with the purple heart award including staff sergeant sean manning who received hostile fire pay. the army spent years refusing purple hearts. the pentagon argued the shooting was an act of workplace violence and not terrorism. martha: a storm chaser capturing this footage. this was yesterday. thankfully no reports of injuries. the atmosphere is out there for more. maria molina is reporting live. >> reporter: things are picking up in the central plains. we are looking at an upper-level low pressure system anchors
6:33 am
across the rockies. it's spinning out here producing a lot of heavy snow across colorado and which. ahead of it that's where we are seeing the severe weather risk. we have showers and storms a across central oklahoma and kansas. but when the sun comes out we are looking for the risk of severe storms. it's possible that in the central plains we could see large size mail because we have such cold air aloft. from eastern parts of colorado down through parts of texas and the greatest risk area is that highlighted across parts of central texas and corpus christi. take a look at what happened saturday. similar areas expecting the threat for more severe weather. eventually by sunday the latter half of the weekend the system
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ejects and moves eastward. the risk for severe storms for parts of illinois down to eastern parts of texas and louisiana, and snow by the way we are talking 2 feet and even locally higher amounts. skiers very, very happy out there. not good for travel and just have a way to get those warnings out there. martha: thank you very much. gregg: isis fighters verge of capturing the key iraqi city of ramadi. this comes after the pentagon said isis was on the run in iraq after terrorists were beating back in tikrit. joining me is retired air force general tom -- mcinerney.
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>> it's obvious we have a long way to go. we are not using our air power effectively. we flew five strikes. that is piddling. we need to be up to 300-500 strikes a day and we are deliberately not doing it. the pentagon is not running this the white house is running this. for some odd reason the white house is not destroying isis which we could do. i don't have the answer why. but i can tell you if i was the air component commander i would be flying 500 strikes a day. gregg: do you suspect it's amateur hour or at the white
6:36 am
house? >> i suspect it is amateur hour. ramadi is the key to sunni unity there. it's not just bricks and mortar. it's the i symbol of the iraqi unity. baiji is an oil refinery. we can close that down and they won't get any oil out of there. we must defend ramadi. now, this is not general dempsey's decision. this is iraqi prime minister al-abadi month is really an iranian stooge. he's as bad pass maliki. when we pulled out of there we made iraq an iranian proxy and that's not good. gregg: would any of this happened if president obama had
6:37 am
not pulled out american forces prematurely and without a status of forces agreement? >> this would not have happened. everybody will agree including vice president biden when we left everything was in good shape. the terrorism was down. we defeated al qaeda. we had the provinces stabilized. we walk from success and gave isis and al qaeda victory there. so -- but that's history. now we have got to do the right things and i believe we have got to help the sunnis and kurd in that region and we have start telling prime minister al-abadi if he wants our help and support he has to do doing the right things an hasn't done that. gregg: army more recall is at an
6:38 am
all -- army more real morale is as an all-time low. >> it's not just the army. it's all sniefty and marines. readiness was 85%. now it's less than 50%. we have drawn all this down and now, you see what's happened in the world. the east in since the crusade wasn't as bad as it is today. look at the ukraine and the south china sea and what china is doing. our military people see this and say, look, we are not leaders anymore. we are leading from behind and they are not used to that. gregg: good to see you thank
6:39 am
you, sir. martha: we are learning the identity of a mysterious hero rescuing a driver whose car was damaging off a cliff. he noticed an suv had run off the road and was teetering on the edge. authorities thanking jason for his quick and decisive actions. gregg: at least three banks have been robbed. now the f.b.i. thinks these robbers have had special training. why investigators say these men have been on the other side of the law at some point. martha: hillary clinton driving in people for the round table. at least one of those people has alleged ties to working for the white house. here is a thought from
6:40 am
dr. krauthammer. >> i almost feel sorry for her that she can't break through the giant apparatus. she is so well known and nothing she says is going to change our perception of her. it's sort of a ku burkes ki events. it's theater.
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risk free. and get a document shredder free. ♪ and help protect your identity your money, and your credit. ♪ gregg: getting some breaking news out of iraq. he cording to righters they are quoting an iraqi governor who announced the death of a desaddam hussein aid. he was a baath party leader. he slipped away and escaped and he was never head or seen again. he is now dead. we don't know the circumstances
6:44 am
of this key saddam hussein aide's death. march there are deck of cards he was the king of clubs. this go to the humiliation of the sufficient anies in iraq under al-maliki. saddam loyalists became supporters of isis. this is a big anywhere this whole story. we'll get details of what happened and how he was taken out. hillary clinton rolls out her campaign this week. let's look back on how it's gone so far. we heard reports staged events. you see a lot of this in politics on both sides of the fence. but there are some -- we talk about driving people in cars and talking to them for half an
6:45 am
hour. deciding whether they are suited to be at this table. some of them had political paths and may have worked with joe biden or in the white house. they claim -- they are slamming the former secretary of state for saying this about money and campaigns. watch. >> we need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all even if that takes a constitutional amendment. martha: despite the promise to keep big money out her campaign is expected to raise $2 billion. charles krauthammer talking about that last night. listen. >> she has been taking money ever since she took the silver ware from the white house when they left in 2001. i find this rather amusing. this is marie antoinette cake
6:46 am
tour. she is sampling the cake among the people with whom she danes to chat. martha: chris stirewalt what do you think of this. they said this won't be about her doing press conferences. we want to get to know people of iowa. we remember she came in third last time around. >> i buy a new pair of dungarees one every 3 or 4 years. but when you look at the blue jeans it turns out the most expensive ones look like they were used to hold together the exhaust man fold on an international harvester tractor. they are torn and distrelsd and damaged. they are real fake.
6:47 am
they look like the real thing. martha: you think americans love real fake and they will eat this up. >> i didn't say that. done well americans will pay extra to have real fake. if microsoft says it's an upstart insurgent company they go for it. those jeans better look like they have been shot to out of a cannon and gone the moon before you pay for it. martha: things didn't go well when she was on her book tour. she is a tremendously experienced politician. she was secretary of state. why not let -- bring it on. let the questions come. in many ways it would be wise to take the e-mail question from somebody have a good answer ready for it and try to start moving on. i know you will say she doesn't have a good answer. >> if you have got a good answer
6:48 am
that would and great strategy. >> she might as well start dealing with it. >> she can avoid it -- if the democratic party decide her candidates i is too precious and fragile to be messed with, if martin month mallee or whoever else is going to get the brushoff and she is not compelled to fans questions perhaps she'll not. what is she going to say? it was so convenient to have one device. she has an eternity of questions to answer. she didn't answer any of them. at some point she'll start doing out to most favors nation status interests viewers. it's not like she is going say megyn kelly i'm going to hang out with megyn and be interviewed by her. martha: why not? i'm sure megyn will be lovely to her.
6:49 am
the door is always open. we would paul love to sit down with hillary. what do you think the martin o'malley and the elizabeth warrens. what do you think they are waiting for? it's not going great so far in iowa and the people in iowa are saying she is bringing people from washington to sit at the tables in the coffee shops? >> it looks like warren sold out. they will be coming to ratify hillary as a crusader for progressive change. o'malley is starting to act like a candidate. he's out there hitting hillary clinton or flip flopping on gay marriage and all the posturing from 2008 that we would find out in subsequent books and tell alls from the administration.
6:50 am
their authors say she admitted to voting in favor of the iraq war because she thought it was good politics. that pressure is growing. at certain points democrats may change their minds. martha: chris thank you very much. we ran out of time because we had such a good chat. gregg: a baggage handler calls 911 after finding himself in a very strange place. >> are you at the airport? >> i'm -- i feel like they moved. >> are you by yourself or are you with somebody?
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gregg: an alaska airlines baggage handler place an unusual 911 phone call after pick the wrong place to take a nap. >> i'm stuck in this plane. >> you are where? >> inside a plane i feel like it's moving in the air. please tell somebody stop it. gregg: jonathan hunt has more from our west coast newsroom. imagine you are a 911 operator and you get this phone call and try to figure this thing out. >> reporter: it's a bizarre for the operate jar to go threw off wasly. this guy was in the cargo hold of the plane. while he was banging on the walls of that car go hold trying to get the attention of the passengers who could hear the knocking and the pilot. he was also making that 911
6:55 am
call. and he himself had trouble explaining exactly where he was. >> are you at at airport? >> i'm not in the airport. i feel like they moved. >> are you by yourself or are you with somebody? >> i can't breathe! >> reporter: the pilots did eventually hear him. they turned the plane around. they took it back to seattle airport and the guy was okay. gregg: what does the future hold for this guy? >> reporter: he's employed by a company that contracts with alaska airlines. he will not be handling any more alaska airlines baggage.
6:56 am
they say he has been permanently band from ever working on any alaskan airlines flights. i suggest if he's fired from that he will want to work at a mattress store. gregg: easy to take a snooze in a mattress store. you have got to feel for this guy. he's just trying to catch some ds. martha: a baggage hold at an airport. we have breaking news. we are getting more information as it comes through. a saddam hussein top aide has reportedly been killed. his name is azat al-douri.
6:57 am
he's a sunni loyalist. we'll talk to senator john mccain.
6:58 am
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>> breaking news in the isis story as the iraqi governor announced the death of a key saddam hussein aid known as izzat al-douri. mike baker is a former cia operative with experience in this. good morning. we know he is one of the top presidents. we should point out under the democratically elected leader he cleared all of the sunnis out of the government and that is where in some ways we saw the growth of isis and many of the sunni
7:01 am
loyalties took heart in being part of isis. and this man is being called the mastermind of isis. >> izzat al-douri disappeared in 2003 off the radar screen and we had a massive effort to locate and take key aids to hussein at the time. he managed to slip through that. when you talk about the transformation of the iraqi military the whole-sale cleaning of the sunni commanders and executive officers when why went into iraq that was, you know, led in part by our coalition, paul bremer and others who believed it was a good idea to shift them out. that created massive discontent and we have been dealing with the cleanup every since rather than figure out how to
7:02 am
assimilate those we could. al-douri is going to be referred to as a senior commander of isis. he was doing everything he could to work against the current shiite government. it was a good get. it was part of a larger military operation. i would be guessing if i said he was specifically targeted but that is a good guess. >> there is a picture that is reporting to be of his body after this killing to prove he is indeed dead. what the ramifications are for isis or the lead cleric in that group and whether or not it will have impact on their structure. any thoughts on that? >> i don't believe it will have a massive impact on their operations. it is a fairly deep bench within the islamic state at this point.
7:03 am
al-douri is important, and important in the sense of being able to rally a fairly broad network of former iraqi military who again were shifted out after hussein was toppled that is important. but in terms of the day to day operation, the impact on the islamic state i would not expect to see much from here. >> i want to put up the picture of the man from ohio who was arrested and went to train with isis and was given direction to come back and attack a military base here. and in that way, he is said to be the first of the 200 we are aware of trained over there and sent back here to carry out a mission. what can you tell us about that mike? >> this is the continuing manifest
7:04 am
manifestation of it success the islamic state is having. al-qaeda tried for years and years. i remember in the spring of 2002 when we talked about al-qaeda doing efforts to recruit in the west. people rolled their eyes and said that is non-sense. but we are seeing people travel from europe because of the physical manifestation of a caliphate. and you look at how to fix this problem and one is take away their territory. it is great our allies are joining in don't get me wrong we want them there. but i don't think we could leave behind and expect to grade the territory. the way we stop this is the -- the survilance and monitoring
7:05 am
efforts, this individual was on social media but we have to get a better effort from those who see these people radicalized and we mean the parents family and friends. that is critical. >> absolutery. thank you very much mike. a new phase with the legal battle over president obama's executive action on immigration playing out in federal court. the controversial bypassing of congress that allows more than 404 million undocumented workers to stay in the united states and get a work permit. the judge in texas is urging a temporary hold on this. what do we expect in court today casey siegel? >> we can expect arguments will be made before the special three panel of judges that have been
7:06 am
put together at the fifth circuit court in new orleans but we have been told not to expect a decision today. let's bring you up to speed on the back story of why it is at the appellate court. the department of justice is asking for a stay on a federal judge's injunction that blocks the president's action on immigration from moving forward. as many as five million immigrants with shielded from deportation with this. they sued the feds questions whether the president had authority to bypass congress. >> we are concerned about the violation of the law and constitution if a president is allowed to begin doing this it sets the precedent for future presidents to act outside of their constitutional authority and federal law. >> each side gets one hour to
7:07 am
present their case in this rare and expedited hearing. >> what do the supporters of the president's executive action have to see? >> friend of the court briefs have been filled supporting the president' plan. among those who filled mer than 180 house democrats mayors from across the country country, including new york city, and also the dallas county commissioner voting to support the president. >> those of us here where the rubber meets the road with government doesn't think it helps us to push people further in the shadow and harder to get information from them. >> the department of justice not commenting at this point as this is ongoing litigation.
7:08 am
>> we will wait and see what happens. christians being targeted again. this time in the mediterranean. police in italy arrested 15 men from africa. this is a horrific story. they are suspected of throwing a dozen christians off a migrant boat that was headed for europe from libya across the narrow part of the mediterranean. the men threatened to kill others on the boat as well if they were christian. amy amy kellog is live. it has been a punishing week for christians. >> reporter: it has been a punishing week for people seeking a better life fleeing war, oppression and poverty. there has been a steady stream of boats leaving libya and 400 people have died and 10,000 just this week taking off from libya
7:09 am
to make that 100 mile journey to italy. 10,000 in this week alone. in sicily, 15 men from the ivory coast were arrested for throwing 12 christians overboard to their death. an argument broke out, when the muslim men pitched the christians overboard. they were badly burned after a gas explosion in the holding facility they were in before departing. the crooked keepers wouldn't let them go to the hospital. one of the burn victims died on board. 20,000 migrants this year alone pitched up in italy. that is less than last year but the death toll is up nine-fold. >> poor people. awful. thank you for bringing us that. president obama is setting
7:10 am
up a summit on yemen and iran summiting leaders to the white house on may 13 to talk about the nuclear deal with iran and discuss the ongoing military campaign by gulf countries in yenen. after the meeting at the white house they will continue to discussions the following day at camp david in maryland. well one of the top democrats in washington suggesting that americans should vote for hilary clinton simply because she is a woman. we will get into that. and the obama administration appearing to downplay the fact another key iraqi city could fall under isis control at any moment. senator john mccain is here to respond. this is the video of the day. the sports reporter who was caught on tape berating a parking lot attendment.
7:11 am
espn suspended her for ahe fit the crime here? big discussion about that. >> do you feel about your job? i could be a college drop out and do the same thing?
7:12 am
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7:13 am
aliro pellerano-douri
7:14 am
people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help. the fence surrounding the white house is getting an extra layer of security in the form of steel spikes like a prison?
7:15 am
that according to a proposal submitted by the national park service. they are temporary because they are going to do a new design and hoping it will deter would be jumpers and that of course the jumping thing, has been a big concern since one guy scaled the fence and made it into the west room. greg, no climbing over the fence. new question about how much of a role gender will play in 2016. this coming after nancy pelosi suggested you should vote for hilary clinton because she is a woman. >> what it would mean to lect a president woman to the president of the united states is a major consideration. a very qualified women to be president of the united states.
7:16 am
not just she is a woman. >> dr. carlson co-editor of fox and friends weekend. just when you thought we might be moving beyond gender politics we are not, right tuck snr >> she is not pretending. this is the rational for the hilary clinton campaign. you don't have to peel the onion too far back to get to gender. it is a handy campaign tool. if you run as the first woman you can use your gender as a weapon. you are a sexist much of the same way obama called his staff racist since the 2008 campaign. we have seen this before just a different species. >> here slogan could be vote for
7:17 am
me i am a woman. but most people are not buying into that. it is not about gender politics. 80% of voters in fact including 81% of men, and 80% of women, think it would be wrong to assume most women will automatically vote for clinton because she is a woman. a year ago, same results candidate was a woman and 19% more likely 9% less likely but 71% say it doesn't matter a whip. >> yeah, there a couple things going on. one is there is a gap between what people say in polls and what they do all pollsters acknowledge that. but if she picks up an extra 6-9 points she is president easy. you don't need to move that many people in the column on the bases of gender to win the
7:18 am
election. all of a sudden the country is acknowledging who you are and how you are born and your immut immutable character isisticcharacteristics more important than the things you say and do. that is the operating function in schools and public discourse. we need a hispanic or whatever. then once you thing like that it isn't a huge leap to see why don't we have a woman president. she is running. >> i talked to the head of a woman's group and they said it isn't about gender but issues. women care about all issues. rand paul was being pressed about his pro-life stance and he turned it on its head and take a listen to this. here is rand paul:
7:19 am
>> should the other side have to decide when do rights begin are they okay and the whole country okay with saying your rights begin after birth and the bib baby has no rights when it is seven or eight pounds? >> pretty clever here? >> very clever. i have never seen a republican candidate do this. it is amazing it fell to a libertarian to make the case. good for him. he is standing on solid ground. debby's views and the views of the democratic party are extreme on abortion saying they are far from the mainstream view. they acknowledge no restriction at all including sex selection and any reason up until the moment of death. she said it should be between a doctor and patient. the average person doesn't feel that way. they may describe themselves as pro-choice but no one is for
7:20 am
third term abortions. good for rand paul. >> tucker carlson, great to see you. i will be watching you tomorrow. there is no warnings about a troubling new trend. the popularity of e-cigarettes are jumping and scientist are saying it may be as dangerous as real cigarettes. plus a subway hero risking his life to save a stranger. >> i was looking the other way and i heard people scream and i turned around and saw him down.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
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7:24 am
man faultslls on to the track eagles fan doesn't hesitate, jumps down, springing into action and lifts the man to safety and others helping pulling them both back on the flat mrat -- platform. >> i saw him down jumped down, picked him up and two other guys picked him up and got me out. >> well the man who fell suffering multiple fractures when he hit the ground including a broken back. he is expected to recover. a brand new study released by the cdc shows a trend of e-cigarette use is tripling among middle school and high school students in just the past year and for the first time more
7:25 am
young people used e-cigarettes than any other tobacco product out there. dr. siegel is here joining me now. what is concerning about this? >> i am concerned because of the rate of increase number one. several states have regulations that minors are not allowed to purchase e-cigarettes. the fda is not regulating e-cigarettes at all. they are very addictive. if you are a young person a teen, we are concerned they could be a gateway drug and that is the concern the cdc has because nicotine is addictive and in the developing brain nicotine causes a problem. the vapor is much heathier but the by products have cancer-causing agents. it is not harmless. if i was sure you would just use an e-cigarette and that was it
7:26 am
i use it to help smokers quit sometimes, but we are talking about smokers where everything else failed. not teens finding the bubble gum flavor and want to be hit. >> advertising is trying to suck in young kids and people who want to be cool like cigarette advertising did back to the cowboys ads. you have mad men showing people being glamorous and those are a couple ads for blue electronic cigarettes. it says filthy crossed out, dirty, crossed out, and rich. >> i am glad you brought up mad man. everyone was a chain smoker in the 1960s according to that show. i don't think so. some people were but this is making it too glamorous. since high schoolers are smoking less cigarettes -- >> which is great news! >> people are trying to pin that
7:27 am
to the increased use of e-cigarettes. we don't know if that is the case. maybe it is conventional control measures. maybe the teens are smart enough to know it causes lung cancer and can kill you. >> this generation has been given that message in a big way and hopefully it worked. >> and brian kid at the cdc said e-cigarettes are addictive and dangerous. >> good information. doctor thank you. greg? a major city very close to baghdad now in danger of falling the to islamic state but the obama administration is not seeing the loss of ramadi as a big deal. senator john mccain joins us in a moment on what is at stake and not needs to be done. plus this: >> the force is strong in my
7:28 am
family. my father has it. >> i mean you want to see a grown man cry? break out the light savers. the force is back. we will give you a sneak peek at the new star wars trailer coming up.
7:29 am
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. well the national weather service now confirming a tornado did touchdown in oklahoma. there you have it. the twister hit last night in a town year the texas border. authorities don't know how strong that twister might have been. but local police say there are no reports of any injuries or even any damage. tornados were also reported in texas and kansas. forecasters warning of even more severe storms today. another two iraqi cities are at risk of falling into isis'
7:32 am
hands. thousands of families old and young pouring out of ramadi now which was once secured by u.s. forces and the terrorist are now closing in. plus the terror group is trying to gain control of another oil-rich city. the obama administration is downplaying the loss of ramadi saying they are not concerned that would mean a loss of this effort overall. here is the joint chief of staff chairman general martin dempsey. listen closely >> the city itself is not symbolic in anywaywy. it hasn't been declared the caliphate or central to iraq. the issue isn't brick and motor. it is about defeating isis. i would much rather that ramadi not fall but it will not be the end of a campaign. should it fall we have to get it
7:33 am
back. >> arizona senator, senator john mary katherine ham contain is here. what is your reaction to what he said about ramadi falling? >> sometimes i think i have grown numb from the statements made by general dempsey in defense of this administration and reckless foreign policy. this is truly a stunner. during the surge we had a battle to retake ramadi and there was a loss of many american marines and soldiers and many wounded. the battle of ramadi was one of the signal battles of the surge as we took back over of anbar province. and now this general says it
7:34 am
doesn't matter. i wonder what he would say to the families of those marines and soldiers those brave americans who were killed and wounded in the battle for ramadi and when a major city is taken over by the enemy, and it doesn't seem the matter and what is the business about it isn't part of the caliphate? who declared what the caliphate is? isis does. >> and clearly if they are able to take over ramadi it will indeed be part of the caliphate. i watched a report earlier today and an on the ground military leader in iraq said we called in coordinates and asked for airstrikes for weeks and we are not getting them. what is that about? >> it is about the tepid response to the threat of isis. the reason they cannot have precision airstrikes is because
7:35 am
the president refuses to send people on the ground who can identify targets. when you don't have air controllers on the ground you can hit stationary targets. it is almost impossible to hit a moving target. it is a fundamental of warfare. the thousands being displaced now, not to mention those who will be treated as we know isis treats those who are left behind, this may be one of the most bizarre and incensesensitive statements i have ever heard a military leader make. but he is also the mouth piece for a failed -- not only a failed policy but there is no strategy in iraq and especially in syria. >> every military leader i have spoken with said we could eliminate isis. we have the military power, we have the capability we understand how to do it and have done it before. why doesn't the president do that if indeed that is the
7:36 am
truth? >> for the same reason he pulled everybody out of iraq when senator graham and i predicted what would happen. this president believes in leading from behind. there is no strategy in iraq as isis is spreading into the middle east and even down into africa. but this statement again i don't know how you respond to the families, to the mothers of these brave americans who were killed and wounded in a battle of ramadi, which was the turning point in our whole effort in iraq, where thanks to general patreus we had it won. the president pulled the plug and the results were predictable and tragic.
7:37 am
>> a third of the u.s. lives were lost in the battle of ramadi. i want to ask about question about campaign finance reform which is near and dear to your heart and here is hilary clinton talking about that on the campaign trail in iowa. >> we need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all even if that takes a constitutional amendment. >> your reaction? >> well, i think secretary clinton is that dedicated can set the example and say there is no outside money in her presidential campaign. and if you believe that will happen martha, i have beach front property in arizona. >> beach front in arizona, let me think about that, i will get back to you. good to see you. you are on a packed plane and stuck on the ground and the guy next to you starts snoring.
7:38 am
really snoring. what do you do? >> he fell asleep on the taxi of the runway and i guess his arm brushed over to her and she went nuts and started stabbing her with a pen. >> well the woman removed from the plane eventually after poking her pen into the man's arm doing damage to his shirt. what about criminal charges for assault? we will have that and this: >> three, two one. see ya. >> everybody loves a good go-pro video. this guy is about to join an exclusive group. more on that ahead. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too.
7:39 am
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7:42 am
you ever seen a grown man cry? that is what is happening after people see this. star wars director debuting a teaser trailer that is epic for the anticipated 7th film in the franchise "the force awakens" fans shedding tears. i have seen it all over the internet. when the clip ends the love solo appearing on screen together for the first time in 30 years. they say chewy, we are home. it is just like dorthey. it japanese airlines debuting a
7:43 am
new plane that looks like r2d2. that is fun. blue and white stripes. get on board. that is nice. way to go. espn is suspending this reporter after letting lose in a foul mouth rant against a parking attendent for a-- attendant -- for a towing company. >> i am in the news media. >> i will play the video. >> i have a degree. these guys can say what they want. [inaudible video] >> i am on television.
7:44 am
lose some weight. >> anna young is a defensive attorney and richard roth is here. she managed to insult the woman's teeth, weight education and job. but anna she did it in the context of her own television job. but that give espn the right to do what they did in suspending her? >> absolutely. i think they are within their rights to suspend or even fire her. i thought i was watching a scene from "mean girls" she knew she was being filmed and continue to shame that lady. who is to say she would not go
7:45 am
off an someone she is interviewing? she is in the public light and her behavior on and off camera affects her brand/network. >> let me put up on the screen her apology. this is what she said: i allowed by emotions to get the best of me. i should be respectful and take the high road. i am sorry and will learn from my mistakes. >> we have bad moments, lash out and feel badly afterwards but maybe she is only feeling badly because she was caught and humil humilated. was this fair? >> what she did is outrageous. she was a woman on camera and told before she said it she was an camera. she looked up at the video and that apology is not enough. i understand the woman is
7:46 am
frustrated spending hours trying to find a car. had to get it out of tow. but why talk about her teeth, occupation education and her weight? this woman is trying to collect money and get her card back. she is lucky they only supended her for a week. >> there is a morality clause in everybody's contract that gives the employer the right to do what they do. i want to switch subjects. how many times have you been on a flight and the person next to you and sometimes it is a woman is snoring loudly? this time it was a guy. and here is what happened. take a listen to him. >> they will be bruises and that type of thing. it is just kind of unfortunate this happened. she was working and she said zero at this point. all i wanted to do was not be sitting next to her. that is all. >> there is his arm.
7:47 am
because he was snoring the woman next to him started jabbing him with her pen. it didn't penetrate skin. what do you think of this anna? >> this woman needs to enroll in anger management classes as soon as possible. people make noises on planes. babies cry and people snore. what about asking to be moved or polit po asking him to wake up? she is lucky he doesn't want to press charges but with federal law it could bow assault and battery and using a weapon; a pen. >> assault and battery varies from light touching to extreme. this would be on the light end and the guy doesn't want to press charges. >> i agree get me a different seat. the man was snoring. how about head phones or calling
7:48 am
the attendant and ask that he be woken up but to sit there and stab him with a pen three or four times? it is not worth it for the authorities it take action. they are busier with other things. but you are in a plane get a private jet or in a car. >> worst stuff happens with the person next to you. richard and anna thank you. >> i want to go back to brett mckinney. she was acting like a jerk. i think she needs to go back and apologize to the woman. what is the limit to the jerky behavior? where does it end you will be monitored at home? you said something nasty to your neighbor and i understand you should be suspended for a week. >> but the trouble is she used her position in television. >> i am not excusing the
7:49 am
behavior but she needs to go back and apologize to the woman but as far as the suspension is that what is under the morality clause? if you are a nasty jerk you are suspended? >> her biggest punishment is the public public public criticism of her. >> jenna lee is standing by. >> none of us ever act like a jerk. we have big news at the top of the hour. the ohio man accused of supporting terrorist will be in court. ahead more on his plot to execute soldiers and what it means in the fight against homegrown terrorism. but if you are nervous about the dentist wait until you hear about this. an office working accused of
7:50 am
proposing as a dentist performing root canals. that is next on "happening now." >> good stuff coming up. it is fast and furious eight. the space addition. the new addition of rover and it is a hot rod for extreme off rodingad offoderoad -- off roading. since we're going to be here anyway it's kind of a no brainer off rodingading
7:51 am
female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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7:53 am
nasa getting fast and furious with the brand new rover. it looks like a lawn mower but they said it handles better than
7:54 am
a farari. it can move sideways and turns on its own footprint. it tops out at 15 miles per hour. nasa has huge plans for the space ride. collin powell is bringing us this cool stuff. >> this is an advancement. nasa is spending space craft to other people but what have they done for me lately? this is a showpiece of the different kinds of technology nasa is working on. this is both a test bed for future driverless cars you might see coming to a city near you, taxi cab near you in a few years. it is testing technologies that would carry astronauts or on the moon for future explorers. >> and it can go sideways like a crab. how does it do that? >> each wheel has a motor and each wheel turns sideways.
7:55 am
it can turn into circle or direct it sideways. it sees a parking spot and just fits right into it. >> you think that might be one of the first applications of this kind of thing? where taxi cabs it is environmentally friendly and that would make a good taxi cab as well. >> where would you want a driverless car? not on the highway but things like a gated community with seniors who need to get around or dense urban areas where you could just instead of uber you call the automatic car that shows up you punch in the destination and it takes you there. it is places where you would want something just totally foul-proof like this. >> it is kind of jetson like because you are stepping on the mono rail and off the mono rail. i wonder what the implications are for the car companies. you are not getting in your car
7:56 am
but rather hopping into the moving thing near u. >> cars are going to be two different things. utilitarian cars like taxis that not look better than this and they are recreational cars where people want to be the person involved. i think you will have both. but i would be happy not to have so many human beings zipping around in the middle of manhattan. >> cory thank you very much. see you soon. great to have you. >> ramadi is on the brink of falling into the hands of isis. fears rising as iraqi forces try to hold on to the embattled sit asmt how the united states is responding still ahead. stick around. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
7:57 am
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7:59 am
gregg: gopro's founder about to become the highest paid ceo in america. gopros have become a cultural phenom.
8:00 am
woodman got the idea during a surfing trip. wow what an idea, huh? martha: he's a happy camper. gregg: yeah. martha: yeah. those things are everywhere. great to have you here, gregg. gregg: thank you. martha: "happening now" starts now, have a really good weekend everybody. ♪ ♪ jenna: well, the 2016 election battle is heating up. we're just minutes away from the start of a true hi can't-miss event for any republican considering a white house run. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. eric: and hello, everyone i'm eric shawn in for jon scott today. eyes are on new hampshire for the kickoff to the first in the nation's leadership summit. jenna: it'll be quite a party. some of those speaking today include new jersey governor chris christie, florida senator marco rubio, former texas governor rick perry and former florida governor jon bush.


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