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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 17, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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america. gopros have become a cultural phenom. woodman got the idea during a surfing trip. wow what an idea, huh? martha: he's a happy camper. gregg: yeah. martha: yeah. those things are everywhere. great to have you here, gregg. gregg: thank you. martha: "happening now" starts now, have a really good weekend everybody. ♪ ♪ jenna: well, the 2016 election battle is heating up. we're just minutes away from the start of a true hi can't-miss event for any republican considering a white house run. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. eric: and hello, everyone i'm eric shawn in for jon scott today. eyes are on new hampshire for the kickoff to the first in the nation's leadership summit. jenna: it'll be quite a party. some of those speaking today include new jersey governor chris christie, florida senator marco rubio, former texas governor rick perry and former florida governor jon bush.
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tomorrow's speakers include wisconsin governor scott walker, texas senator ted cruz and kentucky senator rand paul. along with former business executive carly carly fiorina and former arkansas governor mike huckabee. we told you it was crowd, there it is. [laughter] john mccormick with us now, senior writer for the weekly standard. guys with so many different candidates and so many different events, it's easy to sort of shrug off what's happening, you know so early in this cycle. but, shira you say you cannot diss miss what's happening -- dismiss what's happening in new hampshire, why? >> two reasons. there was a similar so-called cattle call in iowa several months ago and that vaulted wisconsin governor scott walker to the top of the field. and this is a similar event. so we could see the total dynamic of the field change based on how someone does with a lot of these activists. and secondly, new hampshire's a relatively small state. a lot of these voters meet their
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candidates two or three times before they make a decision on whom to select in the primary. so every activist's opinion matters, and a whole lot of them are going to be in that ballroom over the next two days. jenna: shiro got us all excited thinking there's going to be somebody that emerged that was different scott walker in iowa, let's see what happens in new hampshire. who could be the standout as you take a look at the weekend ahead? >> i think rubio's had a very good week, launching his candidacy the day after hillary clinton launched hers. i think all the candidates now that hillary's in the race, i think a lot of people are tuning in that were previously dismissing the presidential coverage anecdotally that's true, and definitely the press coverage has really amped up with secretary clinton in the race. so i think these candidates are going to try to position themselves as a candidate who can beat hillary clinton. we saw marco rubio position himself as the future and hillary clinton the candidate of yesterday. scott walker has said he's an outsider, and hillary clinton is somebody who embodies
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washington. mike huckabee just this morning told some reporters that he's beaten the clinton machine back in arkansas on their home turf, so they're all going to be jockeying not just against each other, but trying to position themselves as the candidate who's in the best position to beat hillary. jenna: it's interesting. shira real real clear politics said with the republican presidential prospects deciding to just go after clinton each other or both? do you believe it's going to be hillary clinton or do you think we could see fireworks between candidates and potential candidates? >> i think we've already seen some fireworks between some of the potential candidates. we saw chris christie rib jeb bush a little bit and jeb bush throw it back at him in the last couple of days. i think it will be tempered to the ire they're going to see them throw at hillary clinton. you could probably play a drinking game with the word hillary over the next two days. [laughter]
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jenna: interesting idea from shira. do you think there's a danger about being too focused on hillary too soon? >> yeah. you can't just run a completely negative campaign. you have to make the case for your own leadership, your own ideas. but things are fluid. shira mentioned that speech in iowa a couple months ago seemed to vault scott walker to the top the to -- to the top of the polls not just in iowa, but also in new hampshire. other nonpartisan polling has a shown jeb bush and scott walker neck and neck. the race is early. i think you could really see some movement in the next few weeks. jenna: shera, you wanted to answer that question as well, do you think there is rusk of focusing too much on the oh side and not enough on substance? >> there's a little bit of a risk, but there is time. a little over nine months until 3 likely date of the new hampshire primary, so this is a big week for hillary clinton. they can focus a lot op her now as long as later they roll out
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some policy positions as well. jenna: what about the timing on that, john? your colleague, steve hayes, was on the panel last night saying about rubio at least he's put out something when we talk about ideas and ideas with detail. when should we expect that from candidates and are we going to see any more of that in new hampshire? >> well i think the definite deadline is when the debates start this fall. i think that's when the race really will get shaken up. right now you've got candidates who are appearing side by side, they're giving set speeches, but really i would wait for the debates. by that point you've got to have your foreign policy, your domestic policy all fleshed out ready to answer any question that's going to come your way. you can't just say i'm not a declared candidate yet. jenna: i would like t know who's actually in it, in it to win it with more than 20 people saying perhaps, you know? we want the firm numbers, and we want to see who's actually going to be out there. shira and john, thank you so much. an important weekend ahead,
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appreciate your thoughts. >> thank you. jenna: and we want to hear from you. what do you want to hear from gop contenders at the first in the nation leadership summit this weekend? do you want to hard about hillary? tax policy? foreign policy? what do you really want them to talk about? go to to join the conversation. eric: and it promises to be a big weekend on the political front. meanwhile, president obama's executive order in immigration is in federal court today. oral arguments getting underway in new orleans this morning, the fifth circuit court of appeals where a three-judge panel is hearing more about the president's plan that would protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. some of them would be allowed to apply for work permits. 26 states are suing the federal government to try and block the obama administration plan. they argue it's unconstitutional and would be a drain on local economies. the program is halted for now but the federal government has found an appeal to allow enrollment but the case is still being argued in court. we will continue, of course, to
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follow these developments in new orleans and bring you the very latest as the judges decide. jenna: well, the pentagon is now warning the iraqi city of ramadi is at risk of falling into the hands of isis. the fighting is fierce as iraqi troops battle for the city's center, and thousands of people flee. the chairman of the joint chiefs is playing it down saying the focus in iraq is elsewhere. peter doocy's following the latest from the pentagon and why ramadi matters. >> reporter: jenna there's no oil in ramadi, but there's a lot of it where the largest oil refinery in the entire country is, and whoever controls the oil is in control. it's where the pentagon is working the haroldest to repel isis fighters. listen to this. >> i would much rather than ramadi not fall but it won't be the end of the campaign should it fall. we've got to get it back. the focus is, in fact, on bayy.
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>> reporter: isis militants managed to breach the outer perimeter of the refinery there but were repelled at first by iraqi security forces before the pentagon sent in some air support, and overnight the pentagon tells us they took out five isis tactical units with five airstrikes compared with just two airstrikes in ramadi where this morning a source on the ground is telling us that isis has surrounded a government compound. and, remember, the pentagon says if ramadi falls, not the end of the world. but that is not a strategy sitting very well with republicans who are worried about losing gains that cost a lot of american money and lives. >> and now this general says that it really doesn't matter? i wonder what he would say to the families of those marines and soldiers, those brave americans who were killed and wounded in the battle for ramadi? >> reporter: ramadi is where at least 75 american soldiers
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and marines were killed and 200 were wounded during the war. jon that? jenna: peter, thank you. so a big question today, how important is ramadi? our military analyst, general jack ceep, takes issue with the pentagon stance that you heard from general dempsey. he's going to tell us why ramadi is crucial for iraq. we're going to speak with general keane is in about ten minutes. eric: we now return to the radical islamist terrorist threat right here at home and the latest threat. this 22-year-old's arraignment hearing is underway in ohio. he's charged with planning a terrorist attack right here on american soil after prosecutors say he did train with isis in syria. prosecutors say the somali native wanted to kill american soldiers execution style at a military base in texas taking out some of the soldiers there. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is following the story in washington with new details. hi catherine.
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>> reporter: thank you, eric. we are standing by at this hour for word from the ohio court and what really stands out in this 11-page indictment is that 2the 22-year-old allegedly wanted to target the u.s. military, wanted to target that army base in texas and, as you mentioned, kill at least three soldiers execution style. the 22-year-old is accused of traveling to syria to join his brother who was recently killed fighting alongside the al-qaeda affiliate there. it's also alleged he posted to social media about his support for isis and when in syria got training with weapons, breaking into homes and using explosives. the indictment says quote: >> r eporter: meanwhile, a federal law enforcement source tells fox news that mohamed was already in
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the custody of franklin county, ohio, authorities and earlier this year, back in february, was arrested and in court for attempting to provide material support to a terrorist group, in this case a to be let compute -- tablet computer and other items. those charges were brought as part of this ongoing fbi investigation. this is the type of worst case scenario that law enforcement and counterterrorism officials have been warning about and what we can anticipate in this case is a likely defense that the individual, the suspect would not have acted and taken this plot as far as he did if it had not been for the encouragement of fbi sources or of informants within the case. eric: the fbi estimates there are about 20 american citizens who have gone -- 203 american citizens who have gone to america trying to keep track of them. jenna: the speed trade agreement going through congress what the fast tracked bill could mean for jobs. then why immigrants in south africa are arming themselves
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with machetes and how authorities are responding to rising violence there. and why why one airline passenger woke up after the woman next to him reportedly stabbed him with a pen. >> dud it hurt? >> oh yeah absolutely. well imagine being asleep and then being stung b by bees and walking up and going ow. so that's the whole thing, yeah.
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eric: right now here are some crime stories we're following for you. arizona police say five adult relatives were found dead inside their home after a dispute over the family business erupted in gunfire. that discovery ending an hours-long standoff that had the streets swarming with police. officials say it is now unclear how many people fired the shots at that home and police say they are not looking for any more suspects. in south africa police there firing rubber bullets to
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disperse african immigrants who have armed themselves with machetes near johannesburg. south africa has been hit by a wave of viens against immigrants, foreigners say it's led them to fight back. and back here at home a female flyer was kicked off a flight from chicago for allegedly stabbing the passenger next to her because he was snoring too loudly. it all happened as the plane was tack taxiing on the runway. the passenger had deep bruise marks but he wasn't seriously injured. southwest reportedly treated the victim to three gin and tonics and passengers cheered when they learned the woman was not going back on the flight. passengers say she was, quote, smirking after that strange incident. jenna: top lawmakers have reached an agreement on legislation to fast track trade deals in congress. it could be a tough road ahead as democrats and labor leaders fear this could hurt american jobs. for more on why it matters from the fox business network blake
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berman joins us now. >> reporter: two separate issues at may here. the first is trade promotion authority. tpa legislation, which was agreed upon yesterday after months of negotiations by democrat ron wyden and republicans orrin hatch and paul ryan, would allow the president and his successors to fast track trade agreements. now, congress would get a vote on the overall agreement but would not be able to change any of it. that fits in with the ongoing discussions of the trans-pacific partnership or tpp, which is the 12-nation trade agreement being brokered by the obama administration, japan and ten other countries in the asia-pacific region. trade unions, environmentalists and many democrats oppose that potential deal. senator chuck schumer is quoted as saying he feels it hurts middle class families. the president said yesterday that exports support more than 11 million jobs and the united states -- not china -- should be writing the rules for the global economy. he has the backing here of top
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republicans. john boehner spoke to maria bartiromo about that dynamic. >> we're going to need democrats to pass trade promotion authority. now, again, i think we'll get there because it's hard for me to imagine that democrats here in the house or senate are going to walk away from their president. >> reporter: now, one analyst we spoke with earlier this morning said it's tough to actually project going forward how this trade agreement would impact the work force, but their best guess was this would lead to somewhere around $200 billion in income gains and $400 billion in exports with the majority of that going to the united states and japan. jenna? jenna: a story to watch blake thank you very much. you can catch more of blake's reporting on to our sister network. if you're not sure where to find fox business network in your area, log on to eric: and, jenna another major iraq city may soon fall to isis. it's the capital of iraq's biggest province, ramadi. it's a city that forces defended
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intensely a decade ago. some are wondering why the pentagon apparently isn't showing more concern about it now. plus, airstrikes against iranian-backed rebels in yemen opening the door to al-qaeda we're told, seizing control of a key airport and an oil terminal there. military analyst jack keane is here next on whether the fight against the terrorists will work. ♪ introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry... you'll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am spyder dealer and test drive one today. the new spyder f3. riding has evolved. the ready to ride sales event is on now. get a three year extended warranty and save up to two thousand dollars
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jenna: a fox news alert coming out of iraq now, we have car bomb exploding right outside the u.s. consulate in erbil. again, this is a key area of what is considered kurdistan. we don't really know the cause of the blast we just know it's right outside our consulate there. this is an area where we still do have a presence of a
8:23 am
consulate and many have looked at it as an important place we knead to keep, so violence there is notable. as we get more information we bring it to you. in the meantime be the -- the pentagon says isis may be on the cusp of taking control of the city of ramadi about 70 miles due west of baghdad can. the capital of iraq's largest province the anbar province. the chair of the joint chiefs says he's not so worried about ramadi falling he's more concerned about a city to the north and its oil refinery falling. take a listen. >> itself is not symbolic in any way it's not been declared, you know, part of the call lay fate on one -- caliphate or on one hand or central to the future of iraq. the issue here is not brick and mortar, it's about defeating isil. so as i said, you know, i would much rather that ramadi not fall, but it won't be the end of a campaign should it fall. we've got to get it
8:24 am
jenna: let's bring in general jack keane former vice chief of staff for the army and a fox news military analyst. general keane, your reaction to general dempsey. >> i'm a little stunned by it. i don't welcome the opportunity to have to disagree with the chairman of the joint chiefs on public it's, but he's just flat wrong here. symbolically ramadi matters. it's the capital of the largest province in iraq. it's the major sunni province in iraq, and we cannot reclaim iraq or have a stable iraq politically without sunni participation. to suggest that we can lose their capital makes no sense. it's also where the sunni awakening, which began to defeat the al-qaeda in conjunction with the bush surge of forces, it is very symbolic for that reason. strategically look at that map you had up there, can you bring that thing back up again? jenna: absolutely. we'll do that right now. >> when you see that map and ramadi's proximity to baghdad,
8:25 am
when you drive outside the city of baghdad to the west, you are immediately in anbar province. ramadi is 70 miles from baghdad. that whole province is the western buffer security buffer to protect baghdad. is so strategically it's very important. further out to the west not on the map is al assad air base. that's about 115 miles from baghdad. ramadi's only 70. we isolate that air base where we have u.s. forces. so it matters symbolically, it matters strategically. what's really going on here jenna, not stated in the press conference, the iranian-backed shia militia want to go to anbar province as the next offensive step. the united states wants to go to mosul -- jenna: and we've heard a lot about mosul general keane, why mosul matters why tikrit matters. why sump an emphasis on -- such an emphasis on those areas from our own people and not the emphasis on ramadi where so many u.s. soldiers were injured or died?
8:26 am
>> well, at the crux of the problem is we -- if we were designing this campaign a military general was designing the campaign, we would have a counteroffensive going north to mosul and going all the way out to anbar province at the same time. main effort mosul secondary effort, anbar province. we don't have those kind of forces and we haven't made the u.s. commitment on the ground to help the iraqi forces as necessary. so we're doing this sequentially. mosul is the second largest city in iraq. it certainly matters. the beiji oil fields that the general mentioned certainly do matter, but to emphasize that and be dismissive of ramadi and anbar province and its symbolic and strategic significance just not right. jenna: we've heard a lot from general dempsey throughout our air today on fox news and what he had to say about ramadi. i want to add in a little bit about the perspective from those who have fought there and those who are still living there now. this is from a book called "a
8:27 am
soldier's dream." captain travis patriquin, he was a u.s. army officer and a former green beret. he was key part of this, the anbar awakening. he also lost his life in iraq. but in this book this is what a young sheikh says to him. he says as goes ramadi, so goes the province, then so goes iraq. what do you think about that perspective general keane? and what should we consider about that today? >> well, that, that perspective is 100% correct. we would never have been able to defeat the al-qaeda without the bush surge forces and without the people in ramadi where the anbar awakening began. and for our viewers, the anbar awakening is a name that's applied to sunnis fighting back against al-qaeda who were at one time fighting with them. and they did it at great peril to their families and their friends who were killed as a result of them taking on the
8:28 am
al-qaeda. so as a result of that the al-qaeda eventually was defeated in iraq. but it could never have been defeated without what took place in ramadi in anbar province and the bush surge forces. jenna: i'm going to switch topics, but there is a connection here. the reason why it matters that sunnis rose up is because al-qaeda subscribes to the sunni part of islam, if you will. and we're seeing al-qaeda active again in yemen and this is something we talked about a few weeks ago, general keane. you were talking about why we have to be so careful about what's happening in yemen and what would happen if the iranian-backed rebels got control of some key ports. now we know that al-qaeda has seized a major airport, an oil terminal, a military base on the cost. and that's -- on the coast. and that's raising alarm bells all over the place. what do you think of this development, what does it mean in yemen as we watch the chaos there?
8:29 am
>> you know if yemen falls under the political and military control of the iranians with considerable increased influence of al-qaeda there's going to be a major strategic shift of the balance of power in the middle east because the iranians gain port cities, they gain specifically the port of aden, they can put a naval base in there, they can -- they will control the straits that lead to the suez canal and come out of the suez canal. all of the commerce and shipping in that part of the world would be you should their intimidation or -- under their intimidation or particular influence. it would give them huge geopolitical power in the region to be controlling these major waterways. al-qaeda if they're permitted to increase their influence they have stated -- this is the al-qaeda in yemen as you well know -- they have stated their intent is to hit targets in the west, which they have done in france recently, in paris in
8:30 am
january, and also to hit targets in the united states which they have failed to do. i'm confident the united states will do everything in its power now to intervene and stop that from happening either offshore or out of country using other countries' surface to do that. but the fact of the matter is this is a major shift that's taken place in the region. it's dangerous to the united states, and it's changing the balance of power in the region. jenna: i have to run, but you mentioned we had a retreat out of yemen. we don't have a presence on the ground there, we have very little presence in iraq. what do you think the are the conversations at the pentagon about whether or not we go back into yemen or put more people back on the ground in iraq? >> i think the conversation has always been to be considerably more aggressive and comprehensive in the use of our forces in iraq and also in the region in support of other countries. but they can't get that past the white house. the white house is not going to buy into it. jenna: politics yet again. general keane great to see you.
8:31 am
some important top ings for us -- topics for us today. we appreciate it very much. >> good talking to you jenna. erik erik well jenna, some republican rivals have faced some tough interviews in recent weeks, hillary clinton, so far she's avoided serious questions after announcing her presidential run. so is the media treating her more like a celebrity than a candidate? coming up, our media panel join us on that. and hear about this? a baggage handler's frantic call for help because he was down under inside the cargo hold. >> --
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and with these plans, there could be low or no copays. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. [ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. eric: well, it's just about a week now into the launch of hillary clinton's presidential campaign. but, you know she has largely been spared answering any serious questions so far. instead, we've been treated to those breathless media reports about mrs. clinton going to that chipotle in ohio and her scooby doo van. so. is she being treated more like a celebrity than a candidate? dan and lynn, welcome. lynn, there was a terrific column comparing some of the reporters to tmz and access hollywood. so far has this been more about
8:36 am
star power than substance? >> no, absolutely not. we're only in day five of the campaign or less on it. i think it's way too early to make that kind of pronouncement. you know, there was a frenzied scene outside one of her iowa stops who reporters who didn't have the privileged position inside that fox and other national news outlets had so they were running to get a shot. big deal? it's more about their needs as reporters to hustle than about anything, you know, don't make a big assumption about the campaign. having said that, was the first week of the hillary clinton campaign designed not to take questions from reporters? yes. i think the jury's out on that. it's not a tactic that is owned by democrats. no jeb bush came to chicago for a fund raiser recently. he didn't even give any notice to anyone. i happen to know about it but sometimes campaigns do what's in their own interests, not necessarily what's in the press' best interests. eric: dan, how long do you think
8:37 am
this is going to last? she's going to have to start getting those serious questions. >> well it's going to last for well over a year. i think ed henry is raising a very interesting subject here. look, hillary clinton is a mega-celebrity, and she had an entourage of reporters including overseas reporters that it's justin inevitable if your -- just inevitable if your name is hillary clinton. how in the age of new immediate what -- media is hillary clinton going to keep this fresh? i mean, she has the big thing in politics is to stay on message but how do you -- her message is constrained. it's about presidential politics. how is she going to keep giving people something that's new and fresh without any competition? back in 2007 she was running against barack obama. another celebrity. and that was an interesting thing, one against one. she's all by herself, and i think that campaign runs a great risk of getting stale very
8:38 am
quickly. then the question will be how do you resurrect it. eric: but she did talk lynn, about economics, college, that sort of thing, but that didn't get the headlines. >> well, i -- now, are you talking about the iowa papers? i looked at those front pages, and those topics were covered. so the audience is iowa right now, not necessarily what other outlets are writing about. and in all due respect, daniel, i think that the campaign all these campaigns have a long time to make speeches do press conferences, one-on-one interviews. there's just so many things just by the nature of what they're doing to keep it fresh. and, you know it's new because it's new. i don't think this is a big worry. there's going to be a lot of voter engagement no matter whoo you're for. -- who you're for. eric: the des moines register said she did accomplish something but look at this what do they ask jeb bush?
8:39 am
chipotle. he says the following,: do i go there? yeah, i go there. drive my own car, park my own car, get chipotle, take it home. we normally cook our own food, my own mexican food at home. it's pretty good. really good back mole lay. they going to talk to rick perry about tex-mex next? >> yeah, i'm sure they will. it's going to be easier on the republican side. you've got upwards of 12 candidates eventually that are going to get in. they're all going to have their own ideas their own personas i mean, they're larger than life figures, and they'll all be bumping into one another and that will be the media narrative whereas over on the democratic side you just have one well known person who has to all by herself keep her campaign going and keep it fresh, keep the dynamism the narrative going. and i think this is just going to put the clinton campaign under tremendous pressure to
8:40 am
both just measure up to her celebrity, her fame and her persona over a very long period of time -- >> you make it seem as if this is a bar that is difficult can. i think just by the nature of campaigns and the people that are working on her team, i think that your worry that she won't have things to say will end up being unfounded. eric: well, at some point it's going to have to turn and get away from the scooby doo van and go to the serious issues we face so we wait for that. leadership and daniel, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. jenna: well, just enough time to call for help before flying away in a plane's cargo hold. we saw the view from inside the plane earlier this week. well now we have his desperate 9 is 11 -- 911 call. our chief correspondent,
8:41 am
jonathan momentum has the details from our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: hey, jenna. quite a call to get. the baggage hanger banging there as you hard on the ceiling of that hold, freaking out only so concern --, freaking out some of the passengers, calling 911 and having a little trouble explaining his location. listen here. >> reporter: not surprisingly the 91 is operator was a little confused. listen again.
8:42 am
>> reporter: the call cropped out, but the pilot had been alerted to the banging below and turned the plane around, lammedded back in -- landed back in seattle baggage handler was removed. it's not clear if he'll keep his job with the contractor that employs him, but, jenna if he is fired, i would humbly suggest he perhaps seeks employment at a mattress store, a somewhat safer place to take a job, take a nap on the job. [laughter] jenna: you know, that's an excellent, very kind suggestion, jonathan, coming from you. >> reporter: i'm a very giving person. jenna: i know you are. he didn't even wake up during takeoff, right? because he's calling and saying i think the plane's in the air. it's not like he's -- >> reporter: yeah, already in the air. jenna: no, he was asleep. he was really asleep. >> i wish i could sleep that soundly. jenna: yeah me too. maybe we should try it.
8:43 am
[laughter] jonathan, thank you very much. >> reporter: sure. eric erik oh, man. imagine that? you know it's pretty stressful to go to the dentist's office, but imagine finding out the person who you think is the dentist, well is not. that's what prosecutors say what happened with this woman. our legal panel next on the alleged dentist who's accused of treating and injuring some of her patients.
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8:47 am
people asking should an espn reporter be toured? >> all that plus our #oneluckyguy. of we'll see you at the top of the hour on this friday at "outnumbered." eric: see you ten minutes from now, thanks. jenna: a quick note on what's happening on wall street today the dow trading lower by more than 260 points now, a lot of questions about the economies overseas and also earnings reports here at home, and there's been some talk about a correction taking place because the stock market has been so hot for so long. we'll keep you posted on this, but the dow trading lower by more than 260 pointings. eric: right now a shocking case, a dental office manager facing assault and other charges after she's been accused of posing as a dentist here in new york city. investigators say she performed root canals and other procedures on real patients, and some of them suffered major complications as a result. so what's going to happen? fred tee see is a former federal
8:48 am
prosecutor, rebecca -- >> thanks for having me. eric: how do you defend her? she's charged allegedly being a fake dentist, and people have been injured. >> yeah, there are some hard facts here. a lot of people are forced to go to unlicensed dentistry because a lot of people don't have insurance. i'd with looking to see -- i'd be looking to see if there were a lot of patients that she helped. if there were one or two bad out of a thousand that loved her, she may have good training from overseas. so i'd be looking to develop that side of the story and see what the facts are that may be more positive than they sound at first. eric: brad, does it matter that she helped people? while the dentist was away she allegedly does this. >> right. first of all, a up couple things. what you're seeing is why rebecca's such a great defense lawyer. anyone who gets her acquitted
8:49 am
should get the nobel prize for defense. all i would do is play that noise, you know the noise of the drill -- [laughter] in my own -- opening statement and tell juries as you lie there, at least you have knowledge that the person who's drilling your teeth is a licensed and trained dentist which this woman is not. this is fraud, this is an assault, and this is a case which i guarantee you will never see the inside of a courtroom for just those reasons. eric: what do you think's going to happen? >> it does sound like a plea here. yeah. if she's guilty, there's likely to be a plea. i don't know if these customers came to her and said, please please, help me, i can't afford a -- eric: rebecca if you're not a licensed dentist if you haven't gone to medical school in america, apparently -- she claims -- >> albania may have terrific training. >> yeah, it doesn't matter. >> it's still illegal, but it matters for mitigation. it might matter for sentencing. >> it's flat out illegal.
8:50 am
i've actually defended people who went licensed faa airplane mechanics, i prosecuted dentists under similar circumstances. under the law even if she was really, really good at what she did, under the law it's flat out illegal for her to start drilling people's teeth when she's not properly trained. it's really kindover an open and shut case. eric: fred what do you do? there was the case of a teenage in palm beach accused of posing as a doctor walking around with a stethoscope and the white outfit, you know, the scrubs? >> do you know how many times i've been accused of posing as a lawyer? [laughter] at the end of the day, the ultimate question is whether or not you've been licensed and certificated. if not, when you get paid to do this kind of stuff, it's a fraud. i joke about this, and i don't even have to play that scene from marathon man with dustin hoffman, the jury's going to convict, irrespective. erin eric we're out of time. i'm not a rater, i just play one
8:51 am
on tv. [laughter] jenna: okay. well, an espn reporter will sit on the sidelines for a while after going on a parking lot worker all caught on tape. wait until you see it. er. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... from the smallest detail to the boldest leap. healthier means using wellness to keep away illness... knowing a prescription is way more than the pills... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. realizing cold hard data can inspire warmth and compassion... and that when technology meets expertise... everything is possible.
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♪ eric: it's time now for the fox 411 on a celebrity doctor and a celebrity on is sidelines. some doctors at columbia university demanding dr. oz be yanked. have you heard about espn reporter brit mchenry after she was caught on camera in that nasty tirade? jenna: julie banderas is -- >> reporter: her roots look pretty nice as a blond. apparently, that's what made her mad. the woman made something about
8:55 am
her blond dark roots. i'm not sure. anyway the employee will live with these hurtful memories mchenry will pay for her actions for one week. espn has suspended brit mchenry for one week. in addition to saying she works in the news and will expletive sue them, it includes this gem. >> mchenry later half hearted hi apologized on twitter and saying i allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. i should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. i am so sorry for my actions and
8:56 am
will learn from this mistake. okay, we will see. and the best known doctor on television is in a fight of his own to defend his credibility as a doctor. a letter penned by a group of nationally-known doctors sent to columbia university calls for his dismissal saying, quote, he misled and end dangered the public -- endangered the public by pushing quack treatments. saying columbia is quote, committed to upholding freedom of education presentation for statements they make in -- oz joined the hospital faculty in 1993. he was a nationally renowned cardiothoracic surgeon before becoming a television star. in other words, he is no dummy. jenna: these complaints have come up before. >> right. he has backed certain diet pills that are controversial but, nonetheless an intelligence potential. jenna: some stories we're watching in the next hour of
8:57 am
"happening now," a bystander jumps into action to save a man. why that good samaritan is now facing scrutiny himself. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. so what about that stock? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. if you're running a business legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal
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>> we will back you in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> all eyes on our nation's capital as the leader of italy is here set a for a joint newshe wite house. the meeting and time of it is breaking news at this point. they will go before the cameras as a crisis is unfolding and intensifying off the coast of southern italy. the president and prime minister are expected to talk about a range of issues including the islamic savages and a dire situation happening between libya and italy.


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