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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we will back you in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> all eyes on our nation's capital as the leader of italy is here set a for a joint newshe wite house. the meeting and time of it is breaking news at this point. they will go before the cameras as a crisis is unfolding and intensifying off the coast of southern italy. the president and prime minister are expected to talk about a range of issues including the islamic savages and a dire situation happening between libya and italy.
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authorities are struggling to manage migrants who have been making boat trips across the sea to escape the radical islamist. 15 muslim migrants were arrested accused of throwing 12 christians overboard and killing them. >> this is a fox news alert. an american citizen accused of training overseas with terrorist so he could carry out an attack here at home. this is "outnumbered" i am andrea tantaros. harris faulkner is here. kirsten powers from our sister network and megan daily is back and charles payne is here. he is back and "outnumbered." >> thanks a lot. >> we had a busy news day. harris is watching the press conference but let's get to the homegrown terror. a 23-year-old ohio man is facing
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a judge today. officials say he trained in syria and returned to the united states with plans to a tack a military base or prison. we are told he wanted to kill americans execution style. former new york mayor is saying we should not be surprised. >> this is part of the plan and their war on us from the beginning. it is something we have to be aware of. this is a good result for the government because we caught this guy. but the reality is there are a lot more out there that we are not catching. we should have a lot more information about them and that is what we are looking. we are lacking the information on these people. >> "the new york times" is reporting this is the terror we have been fearing. >> i have problems with the term self-radicalization. there is a great news article
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written by the police department that has four levels this begins. pre-radicalization begins at home. self identification when they start identifying are the stories and mowau mauow how america is evil, being indoctrined and then carrying out the mission. i applaud what the government is doing. i think we could zero in on these folks more. but i don't think there is such thing as someone waking up and being radicalized. this >> they are saying this is the new threat of terror. do you agree we should be better
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equipped to handle them? i think you are right we have to get more wheel about people and how they end up becoming like this. >> i want to step in because news is breaking out and let's go to what we have been talking about. again, this is the italian prime minister and our president of the united states. a joint news conference. we are expecting them to talk about the islamic state and the situation unfolding off the southern coast of italy. >> not many people know this but mateo came to the white house as the mayor of florence and now he is the prime minister of italy. people recognized back then he brought an energy and a sense of vision to where he wanted to see his country go and today is an opportunity for me to return to
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incredible hospitality he and the italian people showed me in rome one of the greatest cities of the world. italy of course is one of our closest and strongest allies. any time italians and americans get together we can celebrate the deep bonds of history and family. i am not lucky enough to have any italian ancestry that i know of but i can consider myself an honory love all things i contributions of generations of italian americans. in rome mateo spoke of the american military memorial in
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florence and that is a reminder of the sacrifices made for the freedom we cherish. and i am grateful for the relationship with the prime minister. we have worked together on nato and g-7 and g-8 summits. i know he is committed to our alliance. i have been impressed with the energy and vision and reforms that he has been pursuing to unleash the potential of the italian people and the italian economy. this willingness to challenge to status quo and look to the future has made him a leading voice in europe. we are seeing progress being made with respect to italy. so mateo i want to thank you for the seriousness and sense of purpose you bring for our work together here. this morning, we focused on our shared security starting in europe. we agreed that the international community needs to continue supporting ukraine with robust
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assistance as it pursues political and economic reforms and we support the agreements and agree russia and the ukraine must fulfill all of the obligations under these agreements. i thank the prime minister of italy for the strong support of the international coalition against isil. italy is one of the largest con tributers of advisors and training to build up the forces and italy is building the area to make sure the areas are stabilized with an effective police force. and we spend a lot of time discussing our concern for the situation in libya where we continue to support efforts to form a unity government. given italy's role in the mediterranean the prime minister
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and i work together more intensely to encourage cooperation on threats in libya including the growing isis presence and additional coordination with other partners in how we can stabalize what has become a deadly and difficult situation -- stabilize -- more importantly forces play a vital role and train and assist afghan forces and we want to transition responsiblely as we complete our consol consolidation next year. i updated him on the agreement we reached with iran that keeps them from obtaining a nuclear weapon and we agreed until any final deal is reached sanctions on iran must continue to be fully and strictly enforced. that is what we talked about
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this morning. after the press conference we will have lunch and that will give us a chance to focus on what is clearly the top priority of both our people and that is creating a strong, inclusive community that is creating jobs on both sides of the atlantic. he is a strong supporter of the transatlantic trade and investment partnership that will boost jobs and export in europe and the united states and would include strong protections for workers and public health and safety and the environment. now congress is considering bipartisan legislation for trade motion authority we need to make major progress. i am looking forward to hearing the prime minister's results of the ambition economic changes he is making to make italy more successful and we will discuss
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europe's effort to find paths that build on reforms to return greece to growth. we will be discussing the im importance of all major economies taking ambition on climate change. italy showed really leadership as europe committed to new targets for reducing emissions. my work today is part of the continuing effort to forge a strong climate agreement in paris this year. and finally, i want to congratulate italy and the people of milan as they prepare to host the 2015 world expo. the focus is on food something that italy knows something about along with wine. but the expo and u.s. pavilion is focused on outstanding food but how we combat hunger and malnutrition and put healthy
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food on the tables and that is a cause that is obviously very close to michele's heart. we commend italy's leadership and i suspect many americans will be visiting milan and sampling the food and sampling the wine, mateo, gracias for your leadership, i assure you this is a friendship and partnership all-americans treasure. we are grateful we have strong bonds between the people. >> thank you so much mr. president. thank you so much and it is really an honor for me and every member of the italian government to be here in the white house. and the growth of freedom around around the world.
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i will talk for a minute -- both in terms of his policy and his economics. [speaking foreign language] i have to express my apprec appreciation for the work that has been carried out by the united states of america and the very complex cuba issue. this has been a very complex issue and difficult for the american and cuban people. as well i would like to congratulate the president for the iranian issues because at least there is a framework an
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agreement, which we hope will reach a conclusion by june 30th. i would also like to add that when i came to the white house i brought, on my behalf and all of the italian, the feelings of pride for what the president mentioned earlier for the role of so many italians in the history of the united states of america. from christopher columbus onward as well as the appreciation and the gratefulness for the sacrifice of young men and women of the united states who in these next few days we will remember for having liberated italy. we are very proud of what are partisans did because they fought against fascism and went out in the mountains and struggled and fought.
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this would not have been possible without the sacrifice and commitment of the american army. young men and women who didn't even know italy who died for my grand father my father my family and children. this is why during the celebrating days in italy i will be sure this is the 70th year after the liberation and i will go to a place i love particularly which is the american cemetery at [foreign word] in order to honor all of the american people and i would like to thank you, dear president, on behalf of all italians. we spoke quite a bit and about a number of topics i am anxious to talk to president obama about the economy. if you look from 2008-2015 the american economy has had a reduction of the unemployed and
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there has been a growth in the gdp. the european economy had an increase in employment and its gdp went down. something is not working at home. this is why i believe that the experience of the united states government is a model for the european economy. and that we have to be very careful about budgets limitations and our commitments. but we have to go through a new season of growth at the same time and investment. in 2014 we started with the first provisions and there is much to be done. the american leadership for me is a point of reference. we also spoke about libya as the president said. i just had a meeting -- during this meeting i am convinced that the united states and i the president and i are fully on the same page in the next few weeks. we will see that we will reach the fruits of all of this
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commitment. everything that happens in the mediterranean sea is not merely something that has to do with security. of course it is but at the same time it has to do with justice and the dignity of mankind. this is why the very cooperation the united states can offer is for italy an extremely important fact. we also spoke about the ukraine and russia as the president mentioned. we also mentioned all of the issues that have to do with iran and a very complex framework in the middle east. i believe that it is very important for us to underscore how as part of this great alliance guided by the united states which is a reference point not just for our choices but for the ideals, the cultural battle that all of us have to
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fight. this is why dear president i decided to visit georgetown university and when i leave the white house i will go to the nagstion lea national museum because i know there is a renaissance exhibit and this tells how culture is important for a young girl and young boy. this is the engine and the bases of our civilization and our future. this is a great occasion the expo of course and i brought a few bottles of wine to the president because i know he is a great expert. i remember an interview with journalist when he was candidate about tuscan wine. i remember an important
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interview about it. but i also believe it is very important for us quite aside from any jokes we must make sure the expo is a great occasion for the quality of life lifestyle and at the same time to declare war against poverty. it is not possible to have a world in which one billion people die because they are obese or because they don't have enough to eat. this is what the expo is going to be and the presence of the united states will be a great element. thank you from the bottom of my heart and if i may finish i even if it doesn't have anything to do between the relationship between governments i said to president obama that i wanted to thank him for his speech at selma. this is a personal observation but also a political issue. there are moments in which
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history can be quite extraordinary and one of these moments is what this country has lived through over the last 50 years. i think that for those of us who love politics that speech was a moment of great inspiration and strong afection affection. thank you kindly for this. >> thank you very much. let me be clear with respect to the wine, i thought it would be insulting not to sample it. and to establish the strong commercial bond between the united states of america when it comes to tuscan wine. i will give you a report on whether it is up to the quality we expect. with that let me call on
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roberta ramp of reuters. there you go. >> thanks. president obama, some congressional leaders yesterday came to a deal on fast track for trade. but it is clear that many in your party are opposed including senator schummer. are you worried your support will divide the party going into the 2016 and hurt the ability to win? do you need hilary clinton's support on this? and prime minister how confidant are you greece will reach on agreement with the creditor creditors at the end of the month and how concerned are you about the effects this could have on the global economy if a deal is not reached >> first i want to congratulat e the senators come coming up
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with a bipartisan trade agreement. without getting into the weeds, it is important to recognize the trade promotion authority is not the same as a trade agreement. the gives us a structure whereby when a trade agreement is presented it can move forward in a quicker fashion and not get totally bogged down. i would be receiving the same trade promotion authority that every president in the post-war era, with the exception of richard nixon has received. what is exceptional is in the framework there are requirements for enforceable labor, environmental provisions. there is a clear attention to issues like human rights. and in many ways this is the most far reaching and
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progressive trade promotion authority we have seen going through congress. and that is important. as i said before it is entirely understandable that there is some uncertainty around trade from working families who live in a town that saw manufacturing collapse. and jobs being outsourced. people recognize that there have been circumstances in the past in which trade may have contributed to growth of the global or u.s. economy but hurt workers. and we have learned lessons from that. and this trade promotion authority, thanks to the work of senator widen and hatch, reflect those lessons. in terms of actually getting a deal done, the first trade agreement we potentially would present under this trade
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promotion authority would be the transpacific partnership or tpt. i have spoken to this before but i will repeat. 95% of the world's markets are outside our borders. the fastest and most poplar markets are going to be in asia. if we do not help to shape the rules so that our businesses and our workers can compete in those markets then china will setup rules that advantage chinese workers and chinese businesses and that will set the stage for the next 20-30 years of us being locked out and unable to protect businesses from discrimination our agriculture products being excluded, high terrace that prevent us from competing fairly, when it comes to
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services or the internet for example our ability to maintain property protection or freedom in the internet or other requirements that tilt the playing field against u.s. workers that is what is going to happen. so what we are doing is negotiating the highest level highest standard, trade agreement in our history, with strong enforceable labor provisions strong enforceable environmental provisions and i will be able to show when the final agreement is presented that this is absolutely good for not just american businesses but american workers, and it is good for our economy and the right thing to do. last point i will make on this; the politics around trade has been tough always particularly in the democratic party because people have memories of
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outsourcing and job loss. the point i made to my labor friends, and my progressive friends, is that companies that are looking for just low-cost labor already left. we are already at a disadvantage right now. the trade agreement i am proposing would strengthen our ability to force other markets open and strengthen our position compared to where we are. and being opposed to the trade agreement is a radtification to the status quo where folks are selling there but not here. japan is one of the negotiators in the deal. last time i checked if you drive around washington there are a bunch of japanese cars. you go to tokyo and count how
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many chrysler gm and ford cars there. the current situation is not working for us. i don't know why folks are opposed to us opening up the japanese market more for u.s. autos or u.s. beef. doesn't make any sense. so i am going to be able to make a strong case but i think it is important when you talk about dividing the party we got korean free trade pass columbian free trade agreement pass and panama free trade pass during my presidency. it didn't divide the democratic party. there is a set of democratic house and senate members who on principle oppose trade because the union on principle regardless of the provisions are opposed to trade. and others like me believe
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that we cannot stop the global economy at our shores. we have been to be in there and compete and write the rules so we have a level playing field. when we do products made in america services provided by american firms are the best in the world. and i will continue to make that argument and for those who argue this is contrary to the interest of working families what i tell them is my whole presidency texas presbyterian hospital about helping working families lifting wages and giving more opportunity. i didn't get elected because of the sponsorship of the business table or the chamber of commerce. the reason i am doing this is because i know this is an important thing to do and i know it send a signal throughout asia we are out there competing and
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we will help maintain international rules that are fair for everybody and not so tilted in favor of one country that it ends up being bad for not only our commercial prospects but other countries over the long term. that was a very long answer. sorry mateo. >> very briefly the position in greece is not the position in europe and not the 2011 is not same. it is different time but we must absolutely strongly work to achieve an agreement. not all of the agreements of the
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past because in the european counsel we accept a normal principle if there is a moment of election and the new leader is correct we risk the votes of citizens in this case the vote of citizens in greece. but the framework, of agreements in the european institutions which are very important and the greece government must respect. we must for the future write a new page in the european economy. i absolutely confidant about it. it is finished. the time of only prosperity in europe and to achieve the goals and the local government and the national government must do
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reforms. this is important first of all for italy. we are committed to realize this is for the citizens and then we can finally open a discussion about the relationship in the european economy. now is the time to respect the new framework of agreement and we will work in this direction. >> mr. president some of your promises have already brought investors from the united states to italy and these investors would like to know when the reform will take place. can you give us a better idea? you talked about growth the markets are reoccupyied with
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public finances in a difficult situation, how are you take back the austerity when the public finances are in bad shape and i would like to know what you think about the situation? >> you complain about germany holding hostage and you heard things are changing in europe. there are policies especially with the ecb taking action. is that enough? have europe and italy done enough? is your complain over germany over? and did you agree or discuss the sale of drones to italy? thank you. >> three questions in one you just asked.
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three questions in one. first of all, the timeline for reforms, i think that i can safely say the american investors who wish to invest in italy but italian investors as well finally have a labor market that is more flexible. this has been achieved. let's say we have done this. then they have an institutional system, the taxation system public instruction in the next six months, everything, all of this reform will be done. what needs to be made absolutely clear is even if italy and many want to start from scratch reforms have begun. they are on their way and there
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is no way anyone is going to block them. people that wish to invent find a labor market that is simplified. they find the quality of the engineers, the people who work, people in italy in general very high quality of people. but i think what is necessary the next few months is education education, education, investment in this field. in the global world, in order to be a leader and italy isn't the number of inhabitants we are not that many. perhaps it isn't simply the position even though we are in a strategic position. what we really count is rather italians can offer human capital, ideas and development and future. in terms of the austerity policies i think it is important to bear in mind something that is simple.
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i know we have to be clear in our accounts but we have to bet on growth. the united states is the model. in the last meeting of the european board of directors we were shown slides with the result of the united states and europe in the last seven years. obviously, this is a test to the respect for the united states but it also proves that just based on austerity in europe this isn't going anywhere. we talked about this in brisbane and discussed it with president obama. we cannot just look at our budget. an important limit, italy is fulfilling all of its obligations. it is the country in europe that is fulfilling its obligations and rules.
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now in terms of gip this is an important objective. we believe 2015 has to be the year of the turning point as the italian government we know italy has everything to gain from the trade and economic stance and also because we believe that when the united states and justly so established trade agreements with china, with asia and other areas in the world, i think it would be fundamental as a key principle having the same relationship in the logic of our historic friendship between europe and the united states. going back to our own party, we represent the party in italy which i would like to call the democratic party one day at a european level, our party is
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convinced and it also maintains the position even though there are many resistances from the german social democrats i am fully determined to find the agreement and we will talk about this during our lunch hour as well. >> first of all, let me make sure that i correct the impression that i consistently criticize germany. the chancellor is a great friend and ally. from the time i came into the office when we were in the midst of the great recession, there have been competing economic theories in terms of the best way to pull us out of a financially-induced crisis of this and it was our strong belief that it was important to make
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the investments to boost demand, to put money in the pockets of consumer consumers and strengthen and fortify the banking system so that we would not see a repeat of the kinds of bailout practices and irresponsible practices on wall street. and that the best way to bring down the deficit was not just to cut spending but to grow the economy. as well as initiate the structural reforms around infrastructure, research and development that is are important for long-term growth. i think we have largey succeeded in -- largely -- in stabilize --
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the economy and improving the jobless rate. we reduced the deficit by 2/3rds primarily because the economy degree much faster. and you know it has been my view with respect to europe that it is not an either or situation but a both and situation. sometimes it is framed as what is the right answer for europe. it is austerity or structural reform? if the labor markets are too stuck it is hard to hire particularly for young people. if there is too much burrocracy to start a new business businesses will be elsewhere or talented entrepreneurs will start business somewhere else. so they are on the right track
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in initiating the reforms that others called on for a long time. but i always said that at time of such low demand and hence of deflation that we were seeing in europe over the course of the last several years, boosting demand is also important, having some flexibility in meeting fiscal targets is also important. and that the sustainability of structural reforms, depend on people feeling hope and progress. if all of this is it just getting squeezed but there is no growth then over time the political consensus breaks down and you don't get structural
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reforms but end up reverting to old patterns that didn't work. and so i think that the approach that mateo is describing is the right one. move forward on the structural reforms, but have flexibility and a strategy for increasing demand increasing investments, and by the way, here in the united states we are not done. i would like to see us rebuild our infrastructure across the country. that is a smart investment it would put people back to work and boost additional demand. more workers would be employed and they would then spend money you would get a good cycle. it is something we need to do to stay competitive. this isn't just a criticism of
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europe. global demand is weak and china is making transitions toward a consumer-based economy but that means they will not grow as fast and that means suppliers of raw material to china are seeing their economy soften. what i said to the europeans is don't expect the united states is going to be the engine for everybody. don't expect that you can keep on selling to the united states but we cannot rely on you because your economy is so weak. that will not benefit anybody. and those are concerns i expressed across the border and the last point i would make is this applies to greece as well. greece needs to initiate reforms. they have to collect taxes. they have to reduce their burrocracy and have more
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reflective labor practices. when the new prime minister came in i called and said we recognize you need to show your people there is hope and you can grow. we will be supportive of some flexibility in how you move forward so you can make investments. it isn't just squeezing blood from a stone. but you have to show those who are extending credit those who are supporting europe's financial system, and you trying to help yourself. and that requires making the kinds of tough decisions that i think mateo is beginning to make. we did not discuss drones. we did not. last question from this side is margaret. >> thank you, mr. president and prime minister. i would like to ask you about
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iran and before i forget i am hoping you might bring us up to speed on lynch's prospect for conformation. have you done enough? where is this going? on iran, so much has happened so this is going to be -- >> just a general. >> three-part question. the corker compromise was a significant concession from you. did you believe you weathered any more congressional bids to derail this? or are you concerned because israeli-iran have deeply polarized issues with more to fend off. and you suggested but have not said explicitly that there must be a phase out rather than the immediate listing of sanctions. can you be definitive on that and will to release part or all of that hundred billion in
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frozen assets? and you seem to be floating the idea that you might say something about russia lifting its ban on the sale of missiles to iran. and prime minister i want to ask you about drones since that didn't come up. there has been some deeply troubling news about the migrants coming from libya to italy, violence reports of violence by muslims pushing the christians off the boat and what i want to ask you is how are you managing this? are you confidant italy is able to control the risk of extremist coming into europe through italy? thank you. >> i wrote them down. on iran i thought bob corker
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and ben carter came to a reasonable compromise. i had it two concerns from the start with any steps taken by congress. the first was to make sure that their actions did not derail or prevent us being able to get the best deal possible. and john kerry not being toppled until we have an argument. let us show you if there is a deal if there is you will have ample opportunity to look at it and talk about it but we are still negotiating so have
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patience. and i think the final product that emerged out of the corker-carter negotiations we believe will not derail the negotiation negotiations. so that checked off one box. the second concern i had was just an issue of presidential prerogatives. there were a number of people who were supporting corker's legislation suggesting that the president needs to sign off on agreements. that is not the case. the president of the united states rather democrat or republican has been able to enter into political agreements that are binding with other
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countries without congressional approval. and i still have some concerns about the suggestion that there is language in the legislation that spoke to this being directly related to congressional sanctions. and that at least, i think, allows me to read the legislation in such a way it is not sending a signal to future presidents that each and every time they are negotiating a political agreement they have to get congressional authorization. both senator corker and cardon in my understanding, agreed
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there is not a bunch of poison pills or additional amendments added and they will protect this being a straight forward, fair process for congress to be able to evaluate any deal that we may come up with. and then register its views but it is not going to be tilted in a direction of trying to kill the deal. i take them on their word and we will continue to monitor that and assuming that what land on my desk is what the senator's agree to i will sign it. and that will give congress an opportunity to see if we have a deal that will reflect the political agreement.
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i don't want to get ahead in terms how to craft this. i will make a general observation and that is how sanctions are lessons how we snap back sanctions if there is a violation, there are a lot of different mechanisms and ways to do that. part of john's job and the iranian negotiators jobs and the p5 plus 1's job is to find formulas that get to our main concerns while allowing the other side to make a presentation to their body politics that is more acceptable. our main concern here is making
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sure that if iran doesn't abide by their agreement that we don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to reinstate sanctions. that is the main concern. and i think that goal of having in reserve the possibility of putting back and applying force forceful sanctions, that goal can be met. i thank you for the support in this as well as the former prime minister. with respect to the russian sale thes was a sale slated to happen in 2009.
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when i first met with them they actually stopped the sale paused or suspended the sale at our request. i am surprised it held this long given they were not prohibited by sanctions from selling these defensive weapons. when i say i am not surprised given some of the decline in the relationship between russia and the united states and the fact that their economy is under strain and this is a substantial sale i do think it sends a message about how important it is for us to look like we are creditable in negotiations, if
9:52 am
in fact a deal fails and we are needing to maintain sanctions. because i have heard some in congress say let's slap on more sanctions or we will do sanctions unilaterally regardless of what other countries are willing to do. the reason that the sanctions have worked is because pain stalkingly we built an international coalition that held this long. and if it is perceived that we walked away from a fair deal that gives us insurance that iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon those international sanctions they will lift and it will not be russia or china but close allies will question what our capacity or the wisdom of
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maintaining these. we don't want to put ourselves in that position. we want to make sure if there is no deal iran's nuclear program it is because of the iranians not willing to accept what the international community considered to be an appropriate and fair approach to this problem. okay? shew! all right. oh see i am still not finished. let me just say this about loretta lynch. we have seen some outbreaks of bipartisanship and common sense in congress over the last couple weeks. i signed the sgr yesterday that initiates not only some real reforms around how our health
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care system works but expands insurance for children, we just talked about what i think was at least a constructive process to resolve the question of involvement in iran. and we have this crazy situation where a woman who everybody agree agrees is qualified who has gone after terrorist worked with police officers to get gangs off the street who is trusted by the civil rights community and by police unions as being someone who is fair and effective and a good manager, no body suggests otherwise who has been confirmed twice before by the united states state senate, held one of the biggest law
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enforcement jobs in the country, has been sitting there longer than seven attorney generals in the past combined. and there is no reason for it. no one can describe a reason beyond political gainsmanship in the senate on an issue that is unrelated to her. this is the top law enforcement job in the country. it is my attorney general who wants to interact with his italian counter parts or her counterparts in dealing with fbi. what are we doing here? and i have to say there are times where the dysfunction in
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the senate just goes too far. this is an example of it. it has again too far. enough. enough. call loretta lynch for a vote get her confirmed, put her in place and let her do her job. this is embarrassing. thank you. >> the problem on the ground is this situation in libya. if you think about 91% of the
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people who come from africa to italy come from libya. a few years ago the people came from tunesia because the problem was the lack of stability there. but i think the only way to come back to stability in libya. in this period, in this period of transition,itilyyilyyily -- italy
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is ready for the counter terrorism effort. but the key point is stop human trafficking in the mediterranean sea is a priority for everybody in europe and for me, it is absolutely crucial. the words of president obama is a priority for the united states. stopping human trafficking is the only way to give a perspective of justice and also security actually of course for the risks of these areas. i think there are not problem of clash of religions in italy. maybe yesterday maybe there was, but the problem is not a problem of clash of religions.
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it's a problem of human dignity. we are absolutely committed to solve this problem and confidence is a priority which is a great result. the israeli take on responsibilities in terms of the antiterrorist. i would like to it ask you who are they? in order to reach a anti- terrorist activity (inaudible) perhaps all you have is support from president obama?
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maybe israel? >> first of all can we expect any time soon there is action of the united states in libya and concerning russia. in moscow do you think it was useful and did you ask and get specific commitment for the sanctions against russia, thank you? >> let me talk to you about libya. all of the countries in this region are countries that are interested for and finding a solution barring none. we appreciate the work that certain countries are finally doing in the mediterranean area, northern africa starting by egypt and so all of the


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