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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 18, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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miss megan warming up. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out for you. the presidential race and follow me on twitter at megyn kelly. thanks for watching our special. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to the special edition of hannity. sadly, our dire warnings about the dangers of spring break are a reality. to want, we a want to make sure your kids never experience another spring break nightmare. >> we have got to get control of our beaches. >> they're talking about robbing, rapes, gun violence. people are preying on the kids that are drunk and using drugs and
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selling drugs. >> i was fearful for my life. i had to go -- at some point when i lost the photographer on the beach, these two guys in particular kept harassing me. >> all we can do is pray our daughters don't go down there. >> that bring guns, rape pilfer, that's what we have to deal with more than anything. >> these people come into panama city beach and think this is acceptable. this is not acceptable. >> it's not safe. the police are doing the best they can, but it's not safe. >> we are in panama city beach, florida. >> during spring break in panama city beach, florida where we've been the last two years seven people were shot at a party, and two are in critical condition. >> this is what we see every day. >> now, police have arrested two men after discovering this video of an alleged gang rape that took place last month in broad
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daylight in panama city beach, florida. >> you need to wake up and see what's going on. >> welcome to hannity. this year's spring break season appears to have come and gone in panama city beach, florida but not before leaving devastation and tragedy in its wake. we sent our team of producers down to panama city beach to get local reaction to this year's chaos. here's what they had to say. >> it's gotten out of control, man. it really has. in my eyes nothing positive happened this spring break. >> crazy month and a half two months. it's ridiculous. some of these things that go on in panama city, it's just changed. >> don't get me wrong, i love spring break. it's a great time of the year. to live here as a local it makes it a bad time of the year. >> for the period of time those people are down here they bring a little bit of money and a lot of grief. >> they should bring the national guard on the weekends or any time during spring break.
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>> next time, i don't think it'll get better. i stand behind the sheriff and i hope that this town will do something to make sure this does not happen again. >> here now with local reaction is panama city beach councilwoman. you said when we went down this year, it is not safe. you were the only councilwoman, when we went down that was willing to talk to us. councilwoman since then, seven people very shot. we had this alleged gang rape now in broad daylight on the beach of a girl that's unconscious. is it worse than that? >> is it worse than that? that hasn't been reported is that what you're asking me, mr. hannity? >> yes, ma'am. >> i'm sure a lot worse happened that wasn't reported. i believe had we followed the sheriff's recommendations last year none of this would have
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happened. >> the sheriff has been warning that this type of thing would happen for two years, correct? >> that is correct. >> now, to the credit of another council member, he came on this program and apologized to his constituents, saying he should have taken it more seriously. that was after the shooting occurred, correct? >> i believe it was before the shooting occurred. >> oh, okay. better than after the shooting. but now we have a mayor, your mayor keeps talking about the money. she said the people work hard and make a lot of money during spring break. is this now become really about the money for panama city beach? >> i honestly hope not. i use this term loosely, but the beach has been whored out long enough. we can't continue this way, money or not. it's got to stop.
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spring break used to be a wonderful time. families came down here. the restaurants were full. the hotels were full. the -- even the clubs were full. i don't know why it's gotten this bad, other than the drinking, the drugs and the social media. >> now -- >> we're doing -- >> in a minute, we'll talk to somebody who blames me for all of this, as if i am the problem because we cover the story. i see you laughing there. let's let the numbers speak for themselves. from last year, when we covered it first to this year the number of reports that the police received, it's gone up 81%. we have the total calls for service up 49%. total beach ordinances, well, that's gone up a whopping 34,600%. then we have total arrests. that's a 237% increase. we have the total drug arrests in the area, a 370% increase.
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we had the total weapons charges, that's 100% increase, a doubling from last year. sex offenses reported that would be an 83% increase. i'm not sure if that includes this woman in the alleged gang rain. how could this happen? a gang rape in broad daylight on the beach with people all around this unconscious girl. how can that possibly happen? >> it's beyond my comprehension, especially if it was behind one of the super clubs which they had stood before the council and said they have security of their own out there walking the beaches. >> what club was that? >> cameras out there. um, all the super clubs. i'm not going to -- you know, it could be any of them. they assured the council that they have people walking the beaches, making sure it's safe, that nothing bad goes on.
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>> don't you think the parents of this girl, being gang raped, are going to sue your city, and the seven kids shot, don't you think they're going to sue your city? i would expect that. >> i think -- i don't know enough about that. that would be a question for the city attorney. >> if it was your daughter or son that was shot or raped, would you sue the city? >> i would. >> all right. you've been out there in front of this. you've taken a lot of heat. maybe people are beginning to get the message. thank you for being with us. my next guest has not seen eye to eye with this program or the councilwoman. a beach club owner said, this would not have been an issue had it not been for hannity and his, you know i call it an assault on the beach. college spring break was over when he did that. he had a mission. he was on a rating-seeking mission and took advantage of us and blind sided us. that's my view and i've been
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saying that for a long time. we talked to the owner of his club, sparky sparkman. this is part two of the interview. >> collegiate spring break in 2014. you came after it had ended. you did your thing -- >> that's a lie. we weren't filming grandmothers. we were filming kids in by i canikinis, watching people get arrested. seven kids have been shot and you're still making your money sparky. >> you accused me of lying. what am i lying about? >> i'm saying, we covered spring break. young kids from college on spring break. >> come on what am i lying about? how am i lying?
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>> i'm just -- >> you came in here after collegiate spring break. >> we weren't filming grandmothers. it was kids from schools from spring break. how much money do you make at night during the height of spring break? >> you were filming high school kids. primary high school kids. >> how many do you make at night from spring break, the height? >> it's none of your business. >> make a lot of money, isn't it? the reason you don't want to tell us is it's a lot of money. it's a lot of cash money. do you report it to the irs? >> drive a 2003 pickup truck. you think i would be doing that if i made a lot of money. >> do you care the kids are getting hammered? do you care about the sexual assaults? do you care your arguments are falling on death ears, and you have a council that cares more about the money than the kids? >> are you questioning my
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morality? you have no right to do it. >> instead of attacking the messenger messenger, i would have told the city council they have an only goigs -- obligation to clean this up. there was sexual assaults, drugs, guns and nothing on the horizon. like the sheriff said one council member said. >> mr. hannity, how do you know i've not taken that message to the city council? >> a quote from you, hannity how a lot of knee jerking reactions. hannity basically -- he's assaulting our beach. whatever the hell that means. hannity, let's see, it should not be -- we should not let hannity be a deterrent. all quotes from you there sparko. >> sparko. that's not my name, mr. hannity. >> sparky. >> why are you insaltulting me?
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i can handle the truth. can you? >> i can. i'll give you an opportunity. >> let's talk about it. dealing with it. >> i've been waiting all night. >> i can handle the truth. >> what is the truth seven kids got shot? >> that's the truth. it's tragic. i admitted it. we need to stop it and clean it up. >> kids were sexually assaulted. >> yeah. i mean that's just despicable. let's talk about the truth. you accused me of something less than speaking the truth. it's irresponsible. >> tell me what's true? tell me do you want to change the rules -- do you support now -- do you agree if this has gotten so out of hand, even though you're making money from these kids, with all that's happen, do you agree you have an obligation that you should join with me and say, enough is enough. no more sexual assaults no more hundred milers, no more gang rapes on the beach in broad
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daylight. no more shootings. the only way to stop that is stop the things that are happening on spring break. do you agree with that? >> mr. hannity, let me say this about your massive statement there. no segment of our season is worth putting at risk our resident citizens and visitors on this beach. that's how i feel about it. does that answer your question sufficiently? >> well, so you're willing to then go to the city council and join me and say that you have to put an end to this? you have to put in measures to protect those children if the parents are stupid enough to continue to let them go there. >> we have to fix the situation mr. hannity. we have to fix it. we have a problem here. >> all right. >> i've never got acknowledgek -- not acknowledged that. we have to fix it. >> you said a lot of knee jerking from mr. hannity. that's a quote.
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hannity is assaulting the beach. >> 2014. you were in 2014. >> you said don't let hannity be our death. you said that, too because you want to make the money. >> are you trying to be our death, mr. hannity? what is your mission? >> i don't want kids being raped or taking drugs from the hundred milers. i don't want that happening. next year i'm going to go down there and i'll see you. i'll meet you in your club. can we film in your club? >> no. i probably won't do that but i will meet you. i will meet you. >> why don't you -- >> no. >> why won't you let us film in your club? what are you afraid of? >> you. >> you're afraid of me? >> you. yeah, because you'll misrepresent the truth. >> can you give one example where we've shown tape that was false? >> i don't have an example.
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>> no you don't. the truth -- the film is a powerful truth teller, isn't it? video is a powerful truth teller. >> you're pretty powerful when you can talk over me and spin this however you want. >> i'm quoting you, sparko. >> i can live with the truth. >> sparky, thank you. coming up here on the special edition of hannity. >> how would you clean this up? you could do this in how many days? >> two or three. >> totally cleaned up? >> two three. >> no beer, alcohol. >> how long it takes to get rid of the squeegee operators in new york. >> the man who cleaned up america's bigger city said he'd have panama city straightened in a few days. why won't the city's mayor take his advice? plus. >> bar closing time doesn't seem like a drastic measure. >> the sheriff says he's pissed
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off. >> the mainstream media wakes up to what's happening. will this be a turning point? we have reaction. also, later tonight authorities believe that the young woman who was allegedly gang raped in this video was in fact drugged. how common is this? how do i get hotel deals nobody else gets? trust me i'm a great negotiator. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor! 60% off! 40! 60! 40! 60! 40! 40! 60! trust me, they can't say 'no' to me. i've been doing this for 20 years... can i get an upgrade? trust me, and you'll never overpay again. seriously? i'm trusting you. exclusive hotel deals up to 60% off. drivers, to your marks. go! it's chaos out there. but the m-class sees in your blind spot... pulls you back into your lane...
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welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." the mayor of panama beach city, florida, gayle oberst refused to come on this program. she turned down our invitation to join us tonight. earlier this week the man who cleaned up america's city, former new york city mayor, shared tips on how the mayor can get control of her town.
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>> i'd have to know the number of cops. maybe it's 300. maybe it's 400. you put them on the beach. first one that does something wrong, you arrest them. i'm not sure if florida has an opioiden bottle law. if it does, i'd enforce it. no drinking on the beach. >> your message is clean this up in two days and cut the nonsense. >> keep 300, 400 cops there for the duration of the spring break. next year when they come back, they should be met by 300 cops. they'll go somewhere else. >> now the sheriff who we've had on this program several times, has been voicing his concern for years. now, why won't the mayor listen to what the police need and clean up this mess especially in light of seven kids being shot and now this girl being allegedly gang raped? let me put up two things about
2:19 am
the mayor. this gutless mayor, who should be fired ms. mayor, which is a disgrace that you haven't listened to the sheriff intown for years. we've been down in your town for weeks and you declined to go on the show. yo you re you revealed something interesting on cnn. >> are the bars overserving? are the liquor stores selling to underage students? are the police not patrolling? >> i think it's a combination of all of those plus the -- we've been a spring break destination for 40 years. over the last maybe five years it has continually degenerated. i think it's a combination of all of those things. we're to the point where we have to take control of what's going on in our beaches. >> throw the sheriff the one guy who has been sounding the alarm for the longest time, throw him down the stairs.
2:20 am
this is the mayor saying new restrictions will hurt workers. she says, the new restriction is forcing bars to close earlier. these people work hard and make money during spring break that helps last through july and june, when the money is big again. so it really, bo, is about money. she totally disregards everything that the sheriff said was going to happen, and it's now happened. >> right. that sheriff was straight about what was going to happen and what the problems were there. she knew about it. again, it comes down to money. the people that live in that area also have to make a judgment call on this one. if they're going to let her allow this to happen every year, then they should get rid of her. as far as i'm concerned, she's not doing her job to protect the people there. also, again, sean, all the numbers we read about every day the numbers we're putting up about the rapes and the robberies and everything going on there, majority of the stuff is not reported. my experience is, they don't
2:21 am
report it. half of the young girls that were forcibly raped don't remember it. so the statistics are a lot more than they are. >> we've been joinpointing ingpointing that out. mark, as the mayor pointed out, he cleaned up new york city. a far more difficult task, and did it in short order. he says he can clean up the beach in two days. isn't it about a greedy town and greedy mayor and greedy city council and greedy bar owners that don't really care about what's happening to the kids, about the drugs they're taking, the sex that's happening the drinking going on. they don't really care about them do they? >> no. they just want the money. it's obvious because the police certainly don't want this situation. they make not one dime more than they'd make during a normal day in their town. the mayor and the city commissioner, the city council whatever system they have, they can certainly pass an ordinance of no alcohol on the beach.
2:22 am
i think maybe panama city better come into this century and part of last century. i've never been in a public beach where they allow alcohol. there's a reason. the reason is they don't want parties, don't want people under the influence of alcohol going in the water, drowning or having life guards actually have to go out and risk their life to save a drunk. i mean there's a reason for all these things. they're ignoring it. they can solve it in a heart beat like mayor giuliani said. >> we have seven kids shot, and then this video of literally, in broad daylight, on the beach a young girl, unconscious being gang raped. three people now arrested here. as the sheriff had said bo we're one beer bottle away from a riot. this was a ticking time bomb in the city. >> i mean, the playmayor makes the statement on the other channel
2:23 am
there and says, this has been escalating for the last five years. well, if it's escalating, what are you doing to unescalate it? if you know the fact that the open canisters, there's drunkness, i'm surprised there's not more deaths with kids going into the water and drowning. because the majority of them are whacked out of their socks. when you saw all the bystanders standing around watching that young girl get raped no one doing anything -- >> nobody lifted a finger in broad daylight. >> it's at a point right now where you've got to do something. otherwise, she should be out of aus office. >> it's one of the times i wish i was wrong about certain things. i wish i was wrong about obama. he's worse than i thought. similarly, we've been saying this for two years. now, all these horrible things happened. shouldn't they be responsible as a city and say we don't want to be a part of this, the drugs,
2:24 am
guns being confiscated a rape, seven people shot, maybe it's time for them to get out of the spring break business. >> i think it's time for that, but the court system is going to help them out. any of these women that were raped while the police could not or did not have the ability or the laws to actually enforce, to actually stop this, i mean the city to me looks very liable. they actually perpetrated this event. they actually set the stage for these crimes. >> and i think the comments of the mayor, saying it's all about the money and that's why they're not acting, because we're going to lose too much money, i think you're right. there's going to be a liability issue. >> you know, what mark just said is exactly right. we're in the private sector now. we do that. we'll do an investigation, that they have improper security there. improper law enforcement. then you can have that lawsuit that mark is talking about. >> the family of that girl and the seven kids shot will be filing suits. i have little doubt.
2:25 am
good to see you coming up the mainstream media admits that things are bad that are happening on spring break. it's about time. welcome to the club. now police think that the unconscious girl woman you see in the video, allegedly being gang raped was in fact drugged. this is a problem. at spring break over hot spots all over the country. we'll have the scary details as this special edition of "hannity" continues tonight. an do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva respimat.
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2:28 am
a story that they ignore. no one is laughing now. the mainstream media has finally realized what we've been telling you for a couple of years. take a look. >> a third college student has been arrested in connection with an alleged gang rape. >> the alleged gang rape of a woman in panama city breach. >> the gang rape of a woman on a beach in panama city. >> it happened on the beach behind me. >> accused in a gang rape on a crowded beach. >> growing outrage over the gang rape. >> after a month of violence in panama city beach mostly fueled by alcohol. >> the string of violent incidents and is determining whether to end it for good. >> bar closing time doesn't seem like a drastic measure. >> the sheriff is pissed, and i am pissed off. >> better late than never.
2:29 am
gavin mcinnes, tamara holder and the person who has been reporting for us the two years, ainsley earhardt with us. tamara -- what? >> go ahead. i'm part of the liberal media. >> no, no because i know you care about young women. i know you have a heart. i know when you see seven kids shot and two girls that we know of sexually assaulted, 11 allegations of sex allual assault i know you agree with me that this is dangerous. >> i do. but -- the but is -- this isn't the first year it's not the second year or the third year. it has gone on since i was in college three years ago, four years ago. >> a week ago, last year. >> since i graduated from college. this is a serious subject because it's gone on for years. there was a woman who wrote a book in 2006, binge no blackout. parents are suffering.
2:30 am
children are suffering. but the other issue is it doesn't just happen at spring break. it happens on college campuses. unfortunately, there was that stupid "rolling stones" article. but it doesn't take away about the rape, but it doesn't take away the bigger issue. >> you're giving gavin a heart attack. >> first of all, the spring break of the past few years is not the same as the other years. ainsley said, spring break changed. secondly, no, college campus rape culture is a myth. the one in four is a lie. this is real. you're talking about hypotheticals versus reality. that's what we were screaming. the uva hoax, mattress girl -- >> it's a lie, a hoax? >> yes. one in four is ridiculous. >> i believe that -- how would you know? have you studied it? >> it's been debunked. they had girls who were drunk
2:31 am
and had sex, regretted it and had sex. >> girls are liars? >> it comes from failed questions. did you have sex when you were drunk? did you not like it after? that's how they got up to one in four. the college campus thing is ridiculous. >> sure. >> old spring break was fine. this is a specific thing. past three years in florida has been anarchy. vikings pillaging a town. >> to prove that it has changed i went to spring break and can tell you it was not the spring break we had when we were in college. all the residents there in panama city beach three year ago, i have a friend that has a house there, was saying, it's bad. last year, the residents didn't want to go on camera and say it was bad. this year, i could not go anywhere without a resident stopping me and saying, we want change. >> there's nothing to dispute here. apparently, the facts of women getting raped on college campus is a lie.
2:32 am
>> one in four? >> let's just say it's one in -- three in four -- or let's say that it's one in ten. let's say it's one in ten. >> it's more than any other reported crime. you're saying one in ten women in college get raped? you realize -- >> i didn't say it. >> you're saying it's worse than detroit detroit. >> i'm saying to your point. >> there are rapes that happen. rape happens. >> yeah. >> i don't know -- >> in college, it's proportional to the rest of america. >> tamara's point is, and i don't always want to defend her, is you're making a point that there is a lot of drinking and drugs and passing out in college. a lot of the same behavior is happening in college. is that your point? >> that is exactly my point. it's not going on -- >> ainsley and you do a report on a college somewhere, friday and saturday night, we'll see a lot of the same stuff? >> similar behavior. one of the differences with
2:33 am
panama city is there are people coming in from the outside and preying on the children, or the young adults. >> that's one difference. >> but i went to school at the university of arizona, tucson. plenty of things were going on on the other side of the border in new mexico. plenty of things are going on in college campuses that are not made up because of the liberal media. are you going to defend any of the women in college who were raped or say it was only because it was reported on spring break in panama city. >> if you want to talk about college rape today, it has been completely inundated with mythical behavior. >> rape happens. >> of course rape happens. college students are pushing one in four. some women is carrying a mattress around and flitting with the guy afterwards. it's like the uva scandal but not getting publicity. that's the norm. >> we're getting away from the topic. >> this is the huge thing here florida has been inundated with
2:34 am
oxycontin! oxycontin. that's a big point. >> we're talking about spring break. that's our story. we're trying to -- >> i'm sorry i'm off topic. i'm actually talking about rape. >> rape is bad. >> let me talk. >> she's making a point it happens in college. >> i understand that, and it's horrible. the story we're talking about is trying to change panama city beach. fortt. lauderdale was a big area. they changed. >> daytona also. >> they said panama city needs to seek higher spending clientele and stricter rules. >> of course that's an issue. if you're going to focus on one or two women being raped in panama city, if you want to give those statistics, there were thousands of kids there that weren't engaging in the behavior. >> this girl was gang raped on a beach. people around them in broad daylight. we have to run. we're out of time. when we come back, police have a new theory about the video allegedly showing this young
2:35 am
woman being gang raped while onlookers do nothing. authorities believe she may have been drugged. now when we come back, we'll expose the rampant drug use that goes on in spring break and the dangers. later tonight. >> we have got to get control of our beaches. it is not safe for our children to be out there on the beaches when these animals are out there. >> the numbers don't lie. rapes, gun seeizuresseizures, violent crimes surged in panama city beach. will anything be done to stop this trend? all of that and more as "hannity "hannity" continues.
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it's slim and smooth so wearing it is no big deal. get a free sample of depend at welcome back to "hannity." late tuesday night, police arrested a third suspect in the alleged gang rape that took place in broad daylight in the beach in panama city beach in florida. george kennedy a student at middle tennessee state university was busted in georgia. that follows last weekend's arrest of two other suspects. both students at troy university from alabama. investigators believe the 19-year-old victim, who says she does not remember being assaulted, may have been drugged with rufis, also known as the date rain drug. as we've been reporting drugs like mali are rampant at spring break. how do these work, and how can spring breakers protect themselves? here now is the fox news medical
2:42 am
a-team dr. siegal. we hear this with the bill cosby. you give somebody a drug and they have zero memory. >> it's the forget me not drug. it makes you forget your memory. it mimics the same effects as valium. even another drug that acts on a receptor. >> that's what michael jackson, the milk and honey thing. >> exactly. these are powerful drugs. they're used to put people under for surgery. we have to realize these have those effects. >> what is it, that you lose your memory? are the people awake? >> when it comes to rufis, basically, it makes you forget memory from that point on. takes 20 to 30 minutes. after two hours, it had its max maum memorandum effect and lasts for eight to hen hours.
2:43 am
>> i want to disagree with that gavin said. there are 100,000 women a year sexually assaulted. date rape means you don't say no. you don't say -- a woman gets to say no at the beginning, the middle -- >> he wasn't saying. that. he disagreed with the numbers. >> it's 100,000 a year, college students. the reason is because alcohol is the number one date rape drug. alcohol is number one. >> how many women are in college every year? got to be in the millions, right? >> so it's not one in four. >> okay. >> but -- >> that was his point. no one is disputing that rape is real. >> 100,000 is a big number, enough for me not to want my daughter -- >> back to the drugs. >> the first drug is one that is ten times more powerful than valium. it's the forget me pill. it gets slipped into your drink. you don't know it's there. it's a white pill but can come as liquid, odorless, tasteless you don't know about it. the other one is in anesthesia,
2:44 am
causing you to be euphoric out of your body. you're paralyzed and can't resist. you may want to resist but you can't. these are slipped into alcohol, which amplifies them, and you end up in big trouble. one more point. i think it's really important to say people should not stand around a beach when something like this is happening. >> unbelievable. frankly, that's criminal to me. what about this mali drug? >> it's mdma. what happened it is is-- it's modified. >> we don't know what it is. there's been no deaths from it? >> correct but there are emergency room visits. the problem is, you can raise your temperature and literally be boiled alive. when you mix this with other medications or alcohol, buy that over the counter, you mix it and it is a toxic combination. >> can you buy it directly or make it? >> it's usually bought by drug
2:45 am
dealers and stuff. it's considered more socially acceptable because it's less stigma than snorting cocaine or smoking marijuana. it's easy to take at a party. >> are you conscious, aware? >> you can lose consciousness. that was mdma. now we have a new drug -- >> you don't know what you're getting. >> the key is sedation. you're sedated, out of it. you can stop breathing. these things can kill you. >> thank you both for being with us. coming up as we continue this special edition of "hannity," we've been warning you for years but the latest statistics show violent crimes, gun seizures, random beatings, rapes have surged this year at spring break in panama city beach, florida. will the city do anything to stop this
2:46 am
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welcome back. we've been warning you that spring break in panama city had a huge jump in crime. joining us is ainsley earhardt who has been with us. now, you mentioned last night this is way worse because you have been there. between drugs, sexual assaults
2:51 am
guns being confiscated, anyone nobody was paying attention to the real message. >> i know. you were mocked and ridiculed by jon stewart. everybody thought it was funny. this year, seven people shot, a girl gang raped on the beach, allegedly. >> videotaped in broad daylight. >> hundreds of people around here while this is happening. the sheriff says it's one of the worst things he's seen. and while investigating that video he said if this is one that we've recovered how many have we not recovered then another video is investigating a man performing oral sex on a woman who appears to be unconscious. >> right. right. >> people grabbing her chest, some watching and pouring beer over her body. she was passed out. >> they have a video of that. >> they have a video of that.
2:52 am
>> the point you were making, bo how many incidents occurred that we don't know about? >> they found two videotapes. you know what? it's just overwhelming. it started going higher and higher. at some point it had to stop. you unveiled it. other people ridiculed you. do you know what? you probably are going to save kids' lives in the future. parents are going to think about it because of what we've done here and you're a catalyst behind it. and do you know want to know something else? >> give ainsley the credit. she went down there. people assume you are a hall monitor. we saw we all privately talked
2:53 am
about this. all of us knew this train wreck was happening. we knew it's going to get, not going to end well. and it didn't end well. >> doing things for ratings? it's a news show. is cnn talking about israel and pal stein just to get ratings? your job is to report news. it wasn't lies it was facts. >> that spoke for itself. >> that is the job assignment. and culpability goes to the rape culture. we saw, and found it. it goes to the liberal media going spring break? that sounds like a party. nothing wrong with that without doing research. there is an unturned stone. there was not enough cops on the beach. >> why? >> because they won't give them the money. >> we need to find out why they
2:54 am
weren't putting cuffs on. >> screaming and joining everybody. >> we're going to find, we're about to find a new perpetrator in there. >> if you don't do this show, next year, it would have gotten worse. what you've done is they have -- >> ainsley great work. >> thank you. >> and when we come back, we need your help on the special edition of "hannity" straight ahead. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill not an injection or infusion,foadul th m test test test. test test test test. test test test.xate
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time for the question of the day. should panama city beach florida shut down spring break? after what happened this year i think it's obvious but we want to know what you think. go to facebook and twitter and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. hope have you a great weekend.
2:59 am
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hi, everyone and good morning. today is saturday, the 18th of april, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. a massive ball of fire shooting flames high into the sky shutting down a major highway and leaving a dozen people seriously hurt. this morning the mystery behind what sparked this incredible tower of flames. >> and today the republican candidates for president flock to the state of new hampshire for the first candidate's forum. one of them governor mike huckabee who says he has a major announcement to make. he will be joining us. >> so much for securing our southern border. new perks tell the true stories of drug smugglers and weapons dealers strolling past our gates hassle-free. "fox & friends" begins r


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