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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 19, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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be careful with the e-cigs. >> if you're a nonsmoker don't start with e-cigarettes. >> thank you very much. nice to have you here. isis releases another horrific video. this one showing the slaughter of dozens of eatthiopians. the 2016 race to the white house cranks up on the sunday show circuit. who can break out from athis? and we will talk to a woman who lost two grandchildren 20 years ago, about her life then
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and how she is doing now. thanks for being with us this sunday. i'm leland vittert. >> and i'm shannon bream. thank you for being with us. we start today with a fox news alert, a brand-new 29-minute video showing the gruesome mass murders of ethiopian christians. hello, elizabeth. >> hi, shannon. the video shows a killing of two different groups of christians in libya. fox cannot confirm the authenticity of the video but it's consistent with videos released by isis in the past. it does show two separate mass executions. one group being shot dead another being beheaded. the video is almost 30 minutes
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long and shows them saying christians must convert to islam or pay a price by the koran. meanwhile, migrants believed to be christians were murdered among a surge of christians fleeing from europe across the mediterranean sea. they arrested 15 muslims accusing them of multiple homiciding a gri homicide aggravated by hatred. at least a dozen were pushed overbed overboard and left to drown. >> we are consistently looking at where terror threats emanate. isis has been very explicit about using the chaos inside libya as a potential justification for putting their
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personnel there. >> critics, however say more needs to be done. representative max thornberry says the u.s. should be more involved. >> isis is growing and they are growing ideologically, growing in libya and afghanistan. so terrorism is on the move and we're not -- we do not have an effective strategy to stop it right now. >> the representative went on to say the u.s. should have a stronger social media campaign combatting the terror network. shannon, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. just days ahead of the resumption of nuclear talks in vienna, iran is putting its military on display. they unveiled a number of new domestic weapons, including a new air defensive missile system. today, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned about the dangers of that deal.
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>>. >> translator: especially at a time when iran is stepping up its aggression in the region and around the borders of the state of israel. >> this week the house foreign affairs committee takes up the iran deal and one of the pivotal questions is how to make sure the iranians keep their rdword, especially with unrestricted inspections of the iranian nuclear program. chairman of the house foreign affairs committee, ed royce, joins us now. so in selling this deal to the american people at his news conference president obama said, if iran cheats the world, we'll know. is that true? >> well, i don't see how it could be true given our experience with north korea. north korea cheated on the '94 framework agreement and we certainly didn't know until they developed a nuclear weapon. so unless we learn from the
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failure of the north korean negotiation and this time negotiate the ability to have the inspectors go anywhere, go any time, we have a real problem. unless we have the ability to at least go to those military sites where in the past we know they have cheated, then we are going to be in for a big surprise, i think. >> do you think this is the administration being willing to get a deal at any cost? to anyone it seems as though if you make a deal with someone and you say, all right, here's how we're going to enforce it you have to have a way of knowing that you are keeping their side of the word. if nothing else, trust but verify what president reagan said. why give away so much, do you think? >> i fired off a letter to the president on this negotiation and had 367 members of the house co-sign that letter. a he what we pointed out was that this deal had to not only have this verification regime where we would be able to have inspectors -- >> and at a number of the
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facilities on the map, those are the ones that we know about. >> that is correct. that's just one of the problems. also, if we lose our leverage by giving a signing bonus to the ayatollah the likely that we'll be able to with the type of re reregime that the administration is talking about, whether we can reimpose at a time we lose our leverage on the negotiation. >> leverage -- you mentioned one key player and that is russia. in 2012, this is president obama talking about his view of russia vis-a-vis the foreign policy. >> you mentioned that al qaeda is a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what was the biggest geopolitical threat facing the u.s. you said russia. not al qaeda, you said russia.
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and now the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> are we going back to the past here in terms of the 1980s all over again and russia being the puppeteer, if you will? >> president obama in his first term pulling the interceptors meant to guard europe from an attack in iran, from pulling those out in poland and the czech republic. and and his secretary of state at the time hillary clinton, were going to push that reset but i think the consequences is that russia saw weakness. now you see russia taking actions anywhere from the ukraine to the transfer of these missiles which they are going to sell to iran. >> that would make it much harder in the event that the deal went south, that the iranians have s-300s. >> that's part of it leland but
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it's also happening against current u.s. law that would sanctions russia if in fact, they transferred weapons to iran. there are two different laws on the book. the nonproliferation act, iraq/iran nonproliferation act as well as the iranian sanctions law. but it looks as though the administration is not even going to bring up the fact that that violates these provisions. so if the administration continues to get rolled by iran and rolled by russia in every negotiation, i mean for the first point that i would smakmake is this is why congress is insisting that we have a spin on this. put these four points in the negotiation and this is why we are saying we have to have a foreign policy that rather than enable russia and iran losing in the opposite direction and checks their power. >> and we'll see what happens
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following your hearing on capitol hill about the latest agreement. chairman, thank you for being here. >> absolutely. >> shannon? >> there are fears it could be the mediterranean's biggest disaster ever. one ship was packed with 700 people and it capsized overnight. while more than two dozen people have been rescued, many, many more are still missing. conor powell is following the story from jerusalem. >> reporter: there are bodies out of the mediterranean. the boat capsized about 60 or so miles off the coast of libya and it was packed full of people. apparently it capsized when the refugees rushed to one side of the boat in an effort to draw the attention of another passing
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ship. for hundreds and thousands of refugees from africa, from asia, the middle east, they attempt to make this journey to europe every year in hopes of a better life and to escape war and poverty from around those regions but it is a very dangerous trip, particularly this time of year. the number of migrants attempting to cross increases as springtime rolls in and the seas are calmer. but the smuggler ships are regularly crowded and poorly maintained and old. every year hundreds of thousands of refugees from this part of the sort of north africa and middle east try to make this journey. but the number of refugees is actually increasing this year more than 200,000 did it last year. and authorities are already saying that that number is going to be substantially higher in large part shannon, because of the wars in the middle east particularly with iraq and syria and chaos and terrorism in libya makes for a deadly combination. too many people trying to get on
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too many ships going towards europe shannon. >> conor, thank you for the update. kurdish forces say they have scored a victory against isis militants in iraq. ard a aaccording to a senior official, the peshmerga recaptured two villages south of kirkuk. the peshmerga has emerged as a fighting source against the militants. one mother is blasting the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff for his comments on ramadi. that, of course, infuriated debbie lee, a woman you see here on the left side of your screen. she is the mom of a navy s.e.a.l. who died fighting in ramadi back in 2009.
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she wrote a letter demanding an apology. this morning she told "fox & friends" just how much his comments hurt. >> our sons daughters our wives, fathers they have sacrificed so much for us and to say that's not symbolic, it's not significant are you stinking kidding me? and i can't think of anything that was more painful and insurance sensitive than those comments that he made and that is just appalling. >> more than 2,000 families have fled ramadi this week ahead of that isis advance. it turns out that running gun fights and burning vehicles wasn't enough to stave a drug carpal kingman from an arrest in mexico. this guy was captured on friday near the u.s. border and then taken to mexico city. about 60 of the gunmen tried to free him after the arrest.
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they started a shootout with the mexican army and police. evidently they are pretty loyal soldiers. the drug kingpin had been hard to capture because he had used more than eight false identities. authorities are keeping a close eye on an out-of-control fire in california. it's threatening 300 homes. it broke out yesterday evening north of the city of corona. fueled by dry, thick vegetation, it quickly spread to 300 acres triggering mandatory evacuations. that rough terrain is making it very difficult for fire crews. high winds and tornadoes and also some potentially dangerous weather expected to cross the southeast today. you're seeing the map that shows you sunday's severe weather threat. the system brings heavy rain as
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well as a threat of floods across arkansas texas and louisiana. areas of kansas have been pounded with quarter-size hail and damaging winds. you can see the hail right there. fortunately for the lower mississippi valley the system is expected to move up the east coast by the morning. unfortunately for runners though, rain is in the forecast for the boston marathon which takes place tomorrow. at least the rain will cool you down. 2016 presidential candidates and possible contenders who may join them are testing the waters this week. they flocked to the state and doug is tracking it all. hi doug. >> reporter: hi, shannon. the presidential election is just around the corner but in fact it's 569 days away. already a central theme is occurring. attack attack, attack hillary
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clinton. that theme continued on the sunday talk shows today with gop candidates targeting her record. >> the clinton presidency will basically be another four years of barack obama. up to this point i have not seen her distinguish herself on a single issue. during the clinton years especially as secretary of state, has been a disaster for america. >> even those potential candidates who don't attack her by name point to their own successes in a not so veiled contrast. >> we got results and the economy got better. as governor of the state i in inherited a terrible mess. >> one clinton supporter today said this chorus of criticism may actually end up benefiting her. >> what voters want is someone who is going to lay out an agenda on how you move the
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country forward. you show republican candidates spending their time attacking hillary. that's great. let them do it. from my spers tech tif, every second they are not talking about how we move this nation forward is great for hillary clinton. >> former governor martin o'malley, who is believed to be clinton's chief rival will make up his mind whether to run at the end of may. lindsey graham said the same thing. in an op-ed yesterday, michael barrone said the united kingdom also has an election there and their campaigning lasts about a month. the thinking here i should say, is if a candidate can weather this grueling attack over two years, that candidate can weather pretty much anything. clinton may find out whether she can do just that. shannon? >> 19 months to go, doug. we'll be on the ride together. what do you think 2016 race
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is one of the most crowded republican fields in decades. now, is that going to keep one good candidate from standing out or do you think having too many candidates to choose from is good or bad for the party or good for the eventual nominee? we'll see. send your answers to @lelandvittert or@shannonbream. >> we'll be speaking about this for the next 19 months, the only democrat to run for the white house is hitting the campaign trail tomorrow. heading to new hampshire. so how is hillary clinton doing so far? our political panel is standing by for a fair and balanced debate. those guys are going to be in the light sometime soon. president obama's executive action on immigration ends up back in court. we'll talk to one of the attorney generals leading the fight against it.
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fighting with the cops is never a good idea. a veteran faces off against protesters over the american flag. you're not going to believe what happens next. we'll have a live report. ♪ and then, marking 20 years, two decades since the oklahoma city bombing. where were you 20 years ago today? we'll talk to a woman who has a new book out about her unimaginable loss and over the past two decades her unbelievable act of forgiveness. tt8fq@q:)q1m-[f=/p2!a>l
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. hillary clinton is taking the weekend off from public events laying low before heading to new hampshire tomorrow. her campaign in iowa started with this -- >> and i'm running for president because i think that americans and their families need a champion. and i want to be that champion. >> a fair and balanced debate about how the first week went for the only official democratic candidate for president, former senator bayah and former
10:23 am
political white house director under president george w. bush first to you, this is a rebrand of hillary clinton version 2.0. is it working? >> i think she had a good first week. she made it about her voters and not about herself and focused on economic issues and i think, most eventually for the general election, she floated at least a couple of ideas on small business and making insurance companies compete for people's health care business which most republicans would agree with. so i think it was a good first week. >> talk about the optics for a bit. we have the chipotle visit the scooby van and drive to iowa. >> she visited a coffee shop and community college and i may go to chipotle after we're done here. she was trying to connect with real people.
10:24 am
>> do you think it worked? there was a press reset and none of us do that and for 20 years she's lived it and now that we've seen the real game play out, we have each of your versions of how she did that. put yourself in the shoes of martin o'malley, jim webb, bernie sanders and those kinds of folks. they are thinking about whether they are going to get in the race or not. do you think these three guys watched this week and said oh
10:25 am
boy, they have their stuff together? >> i think particularly if one of them was going to run against her, jim webb may be different but the other two would run against her from the left and the fact she focused on middle class economic issues, trying to deal with the stagnant wages from middle class families, that resonated pretty well with the folks they may be trying to appeal to so that may have narrowed the space within the democratic party but in all honesty, she was looking strong already. >> it comes down to big union bosses and big environmental and feminist groups and what is elizabeth warren going to do? she said repeatedly she's not running. who is she going to endorse? where are these endorsers going to go? >> and so far, to your point, they have held off. we'll see if another candidate gets in. so far, she's the only candidate on the democratic side. senator bayh, thank you for
10:26 am
being here. shannon? the obama administration is about to get hit with another lawsuit as florida accuses it of blackmail. we'll talk about that coming up. >> they are using bullying tactics to attack our state. it's wrong and outrageous that they are doing it. and honoring a musical legend. why this beatle star took to the stage again. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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the state of florida says itwill fight what it calls a blackmail effort by the obama administration by filing a lawsuit. the state claims the administration is holding funding for a program that helps to make sure that low-income residents get medical care by linking it to a massive expansion of medicaid that the
10:31 am
state of florida has resisted. that is not the only major legal battle florida is fighting against the white house. joining us live is pam. great to see you today. >> you too, shannon. >> i know you're a little under the weather. thank you for joining us. i want to sdask you about this brand-new issue that you have, the administration is washington is saying that we'll give you the money for those who need assistance and those kinds of things but there has been an admission that it's linked to the expansion of medicaid and florida has opted not to do that. how do you plan to win this fight in court? >> well, we cannot be nor will we let ourselves be extorted by the president of the united states. and in florida we are very proud to have governor rick scott as our governor. he will not be bullied by the president nor by the federal government.
10:32 am
and we're going to continue to fight this. you cannot say we will take it -- first of all, to explain, the low-income pool helps our lowest income citizens, a $2 billion program. and this isn't money we're asking for. this is hard-earned tax dollars that the citizens of our state have paid into this program. and they will not coerce us and they will not withhold that money unless we expand medicaid. you can call it extortion, blatant abuse it's all of the above and that's what they are attempting to do. >> of course, my first thought was back to the original obama care ruling from the u.s. supreme court a couple of years ago and part of the portion where the administration didn't win was essentially the majority of the court saying you cannot force -- you can't put a gun to the head of states to force them to take a medicaid expansion they don't want to do because that's not free. states have to kick in for that. do you think this is the kind of
10:33 am
dispute that could end up before the highest court and do you think off chance to win, based on that earlier ruling? >> i certainly do. i certainly do, shannon. because he has blatantly disregarded this and you can't come in here and extort us here in florida and say hey if you don't participate in this program, low-income pool we're going to pull it from you unless you expand medicaid. just think, this is the start. just think how many other federal programs throughout other states can try to coerce the state into losing if they don't participate in the medicaid expansion. and we're not going to let them do it in florida. we've shown time and time again, we will not be bullied by the federal government and i'm proud to be the chair of republican attorneys general association and right now we have 27
10:34 am
attorneys general who are republican in our country and we are standing up for the rule of law because we understand the separation of powers and clearly we have a president who does not or just doesn't care. >> well, the other major battle that you and many of your colleagues, as you mentioned are involved with now is the challenge to the president's executive actions on immigration. there are a couple of different tracks going on but there was a circuit before the fifth circuit stopping the president from moving forward with those executive actions. he wants that lifted and the underlying case proceeding as well. so my question to you is this. if that injunction is lifted while the case is being decided and the administration is allowed to move forward with these executive actions, will it be possible to undo them once those dominos start falling? >> well, we all know what happens when dominos begin to fall but certainly we're going to challenge this the entire way
10:35 am
and right now we have a favorable ruling for the state. florida has joined with 25 other states and you have to remember, you know this this isn't about immigration. this is about the president, once again overstepping his bound. he said shannon, time after time after time, he acknowledged that he could not change the laws that congress passed and, frankly, the failure of congress to pass meaningful reform must never be used by any president to circumvent the law and that's what is happening here. this regarding the rule of law. but right now, by us having that injunction in place that shows that the courts do agree with us. >> very quickly the government says -- the federal government in trying to push these acts, they say it's their fault and the cost of benefits that will come from recognizing the people who came here illegally, that they will be documented and pay
10:36 am
into the system, that they'll offset the costs that many of the states are worried about incurring if the executive action goes through. so your response? >> again this isn't about immigration. you and i and all of us in this country agree we need some type of immigration reform. but as attorneys general throughout this country, we respect the rule of law. we understand the fundamental powers granted to us in our united states constitution and that's not for the president, by a stroke of a pen to change the laws that congress has the authority to enact. he is not a dictator. >> we will keep an eye on both of these very important cases. florida's attorney general pam bondi, thank you. >> you, too. thank you, shannon. all right. this video that you're watching is of an air force veteran coming to the defense of the american flag but she's the one who ends up in hot water with the police.
10:37 am
we're going to tell you why, coming up. plus, firefighters called to the rescue but boy were they surprised at exactly who or should we say what was crying out for help. you've got to stick around for this one. >> they were saying fire, fire.
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all right. so here's a parrot giving oxygen. she didn't want a cracker, she just needed a little help. firefighters were battling a blaze in idaho and they kept hearing a voice yelling help from a building. but was it a voice or a voice of a parrot? when crews entered the home they didn't find any people but two parrots. unclear who was yelling help and who was yelling fire. crews gave them both oxygen.
10:42 am
smarter than the average parrot, they are both expected to be all right. a fight over the sanctity of the stars and stripes is causing a problem at valdosta university when an air force veteran wanted to take a flag that protesters had been trampling on but in the end shethe veteran ended up in trouble with the police. >> reporter: shannon, that woman, 38-year-old michelle vanheart, is a 14-year veteran of the u.s. air force. racially charged protesters were walking on the american flag and she felt it was her duty to do something about it. she repeatedly asked valdosta state university to stop the protesters from disgracing the flag. nothing happened. so on friday she took action.
10:43 am
>> actually, it is. it's been torn or ripped and needs to be properly disposed of. this belongs to actually the entire united states. >> no it doesn't. it's not yours. >> the flag was taken from her and given back to the protesters causing this scuffle. listen to what a police officer told manhart's daughter as to why they arrested her. >> you are told to release it and she did not. >> so you arrested her because she wouldn't release the flag because people had it on the ground? >> no, to me. >> to you? >> exactly. two officers asked her to return something that didn't belong to her. >> manhart was released because the protesters and officers declined to press charges. the university issued a criminal trespass warning though, which bans michelle from stepping foot on campus. still, she says she'd do it again. >> i can't find the definition
10:44 am
for it. we do a lot of things in the world. here in the united states we do a lot of things that are towards our government but when it comes to the flag, it's our iconic symbol and stands for everything that we are and for the freedom to allow those individuals to do what they want, to have a protest so however you can justify ruining or walking something that is giving you the right to do what you are doing. >> the university president released a statement reading in part, while i firmly disagree with the actions of the protesters, i understand their right to protest. the school is expecting veterans groups to protest on monday and says it will respect their right to do so. shannon? >> all right, brian. thank you very much for the update. the first amendment is tricky because it's not meant to protect popular speech, it's meant to protect very unpopular speech. >> it's interesting, though that it has prevailed a little bit, the protesters, the cops said we're not going to charge
10:45 am
her with anything. that is at least wise at that moment. >> her whole point was, she was not trying to stop the protests. once you desecrate the flag there's a proper way to dispose of it and they felt like it was their property. >> if you're stomping on it and ripping on it why would you oppose someone doing the right thing with it? who knows? >> we have the first amendment for a reason, unpopular speech. >> we do. and we've spent a lot of time reporting on it. >> yep. coming up do you remember where you were 20 years ago just about now? ♪
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10:49 am
today marks 20 years sense the devastating day that oklahoma city and the country will never forget. 168 lives lost when a bomb exploded and destroyed the alfred p. murrah building. two of those lives were kathy's grandchildren chase and colton. in her book "now you see me," she describes answers and forgiveness. thank you so much for being with us today. >> thank you, shannon. it's great to be here with you. >> can you tell us about what your day was like, what your
10:50 am
life was like in losing your two precious grandchildren? >> well, yes. you know, we were just ordinary people that just woke up one april morning and had our and had our lives kas strofically changed. my daughter was a young divorced mother and had the bedroom next to me, they were more than grandchildren, we co-parented those kids. they were the light of our lives. >> we see in the precious pictures so young and innocent. most people would be extremely bitter. i don't know how you recover from something like that. your book tells of an incredible journey that you went on. how did you seek to put your life back together and get to the place where you are today? >> well, i just had to put one foot in front of the other. i've learned over the last 20 years that forgiveness is a process. it's not an event. you know immediately after the
10:51 am
bombing, my husband and i began to investigate because we didn't believe the story that we had been given that timothy mcveigh was a lone bomber downtown. we talked to 22 eyewitnesses who saw mcveigh that morning and not one eyewitness saw him alone. we were concerned that the bomb squad had been downtown. i had the opportunity to meet the atf informant who warned her handler that there was a place called elhooem city plan a bombing and according to the atf informant's own information, she warned them on three different occasions they had -- she had gone with people from this compound to target buildings with intent to blow them up. early on i was devastated and wanted to kill myself. i got through myself into this
10:52 am
investigation because i didn't think he was being given the truth. my book reads like a detective novel. i went to the arian nations in idaho because i learned mcveigh had been there and they helped shape his hateful ideas. i remember going to southeastern oklahoma mcveigh a boy from new york city had gotten a speeding ticket right outside the gates from there. mcveigh had called the city the week before the bombing two weeks after calling the ryder truck rental company. i thought there were questions i wanted answers to. and when i began to investigate, i found a truth i wasn't expecting and that was in learning to forgive. >> we're almost out of time. you actually forged a friendship with members of mcveigh's family and also with tiererry nichols a
10:53 am
lot of people would say how could you do that? >> well, in the beginning i formed a friendship with terry nichols because i thought who would know more about the bombing than him. he could answer my -- the questions that i still had and i befriended his mother and got to know her in the courtroom. that was my first baby step in learning to forgive. it wasn't long before he became my friend joyce's son. as i began to write and correspond to terry nichols, our letters turned into phone calls and phone calls turned into visits. my heart was changed. i learned to forgive. what i've learned after all of these years, unforgiveness and harboring hatred in your heart is like drinking poison and expecting the enemy to die. >> as an amazing story from start to finish. thank you so much for joining us
10:54 am
and we just send you our prayers and what i'm sure is a continued lifetime of recovery. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. it was my pleasure to be here. >> as we go to break we want to share more images from today's moving ceremony marking 20 years since that tough day in oklahoma city. >> please join me in 168 seconds of silence
10:55 am
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. earlier in the show we asked you the 2016 race has one of the most crowded gop fields in years. is it good or bad? paul says it's initially good but should be narrowed quickly. bill tweets not good or bad it's about how they treat each other. steven says the more the better for all not just for the gop, it forces discussion on a wide variety of issues rather than just a few. thanks for weighing in. the rock and roll hall of fame inducted legendary drummers
10:59 am
ringostarr with help from his friends. >> why did you wait so long? had nothing to do with me. you have to be invited but anyway, finally i'm invited and i love it. >> and the woman who loves rock and roll joan jettbecame a hall of famer last night as well. >> we have a congratulations of our own in house one of the members of the team here at fox news for a long time, a cherished and critical member -- >> take a shot of the control room so we can see. >> there's bob. there he is. >> yay bob! >> he is leaving us. we're all as cry face over this, we're not happy. he has been a critical part of fox for years from the beginning and was critical to starting special report.
11:00 am
>> you think about all of the things he covered and we want to say to bob, thank you very much. we have a little something for you for the road. enjoy your retirement. we'll see you on the sound booth on radio commercials all across america. >> thanks it for us here in washington. thanks bob, we love you. >> i'm chris wallace, a florida man penetrates restricted air space landing his gyrocopter near the capital raising new concerns about security here in washington. >> this is not good, people. >> it may provide an opportunity for law enforcement agencies including the secret service to review their procedures. >> we'll discuss the latest in a growing list of security breaches with the chair of the house oversight committee, jason chaffetz and our sunday panel weighs in on who's watching the watch dogs. plus the 2016 race for president is now in full swing.


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