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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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were saved. the owner says a clown fish named nemo may be responsible. he's trying to figure out how to replace that $10,000 aquarium. jenna: they just wanted to be free. thanks for joining us. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- today's hashtag one lucky yy guy makes a return, and we a pop -- apologize, we got stuck with a press conference on friday. >> thank you very much. >> i got a mulligan.
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>> coming from a president who loves golf. >> that tells you how much they love you. they brought you back. >> and he has bling. >> not too bad, huh? >> holy wow. >> i never disappoint. >> i would like to put a chain around that. >> i would put a band around it and put it on my finger he were. >> market is up 200 points today so keep our fingers crossed. >> let's hope that president obama was golfing last night because it happened again. an intruder carrying a suspicious package jumping the white house fence late sunday night while the secret service quickly nabbed the individual and the package is said to be harnlless harmless it comes in the wake of security breaches at the capitol. last week a gyrocopter essentially a lawn mower in the sky, went into the national mall
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before landing on the lawn of the u.s. capitol. the stunt exposed a serious flaw in our defense shield. even the postal worker piloting the contraption said that he expected to be stopped on his way to the capitol. yesterday on the sunday shows, the chair of the house oversight and homeland security committee says that it raises serious concerns. >> the aura of inevitability that law enforcement will prevail if somebody jumps over a fence or has the drone or does a gyrocopter, that shine has gone away. so unfortunately, i think we're going to have more and more of this. what is he going to do about it? >> i think it exposed the vulnerability that in this case the guy was just going postal literally. it exposes a vulnerability to terrorists. >> i think can exploit. >> no kidding and last night harris we see another individual hopping the eight foot tall white house fence. here's what concerns me.
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nobody really seems to care. the response that we got from the secret service basically said, well we've got a number of proposal as how to stop this from happening again. maybe we'll put some more spikes on that eight foot tall fence. but it's under review. we'll get back to you. >> part of the plan was to ask for more money in the budget to build the huge replica of the white house to figure out how to protect it. but in this instance i will say -- i thought you were serious. >> no. that's a true story. they got him pretty quickly inside the fence. in 2014 if this sounds so familiar it's because it happened six times. we've seen a trend over the last couple of times that we have seen people try to breach the fence, they've had packages with them. we've got to step up our game. the package is benign, correct, but are they still testing waters with it? 16th time that this has happened in the past five years. they've had a lot of practice and time to build that very expensive replica. the spikes on the fence, you can
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google them in your area. they can install those babies quickly. i realize it's quite a bit of fence line but it should be a priority. >> it's a pretty high value individual behind that fence and his family. i want to go back to the guy row chapter. what troubles him the most about this man that flew the flying lawn mower in the u.s. capitol was interviewed by security officials and he told them exactly what he was planning to do. they know that he was going to do this and they couldn't stop him anyway. >> that's just it. the secret service spoke with this guy in 2013. he was relatively honestly about his intentions of what he would like to do. i think people more with the back story here doug hughes, his son committed suicide a couple of years ago drove into another car. and that's when he got his epiphany to go big on something. he might have had letters for 35 3 35 members of congress or a plan b if i do get within a
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perimeter, maybe i'll do what my son did. we don't know. it may not be just looking for somebody to publicity stunt. i don't know how heads haven't rolled at the secret service. >> it's scary because the whole world sees this and realizes that if we can't protect the capitol, if we can't protect the president and, you're right. the packages have been innocent thus far. is it going to take a catastrophe for heads to roll? if s there someone at the administrative level, someone who is making the calls here isn't doing their job properly there's no reason why any of the people shouldn't be anywhere near this. if you're asking people question and investigating someone and they're saying they have plans to do this why are you not tracking them? this guy is getting in the air. it's madness. >> that's why they brought in the new head of the secret service. he's been on the job for i believe a little over two months. now, we talked about him before and there was that initial screw-up and they said, okay. maybe give him more time.
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jason is saying i'm not calling for him to be fired but i want to know what's going on. is he the right man for the job? should they be asking him to step down? >> it talks about the disconnect between the different groups. if you look deeper in the story tampa bay times who knew all about this they say they called the capitol police 30 minutes before this happened and said it was going on and warned them. then there's -- they're short of no record of where the call went, what happened from there and it seems like it's always the indication in -- case in this situations. it speaks to the overall insecurity we're feeling as a nation both here at home and overseas. >> that was the lessons of 9/11. communication. >> somebody should think about giving doug hughes a fruit basket for showing us a hole in our security. new concerns about the reach of the islamic state savages around the globe now and "across america." breaking this morning six men from minnesota arrested in a
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terror probe that stretched from the twin cities to california. here's what we found out. authorities saying the arrests, four in minneapolis, two in san diego were made after a 10 month long investigation. that's how long these men were trying to join isis. we're told it all came down to a large group of friends recruiting each other, shoring each other up. some of whom succeeded getting to syria but many were stopped and now these new arrests. andrew luger saying the arrests of coconspirators did nothing to stop them from joining up with isis. watch. >> they were not confused young men. they were not easily influenced. these are focused men who are intent on joining a terrorist organization by any means possible. to be clear we have terror recruiting problem in minnesota. >> and he went on to say these are friends recruiting friends and that's how they stick together.
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meanwhile, here is the video. isis releasing new footage showing mass beheadings and shootings of two different groups of ethiopian christians they held captive in libya. culled one half one way and the other half another way. al-shabaab has signed on to cleanse the world of christians. ranges -- religious advocates say that al-shabaab is killing christians and anybody that doesn't agree with their ideology. i lived in minnesota for several years and i covered the story of somalis coming, the families brought from that part of the world and given a new place to live. they had some cultural problems there. they had some problems sort of fitting in particularly the young men. i remember reporting on that. let minnesota be a litmus for
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how it happens. authorities at the news conference are saying, again you heard it we have a recruitment problem in minneapolis. that's not exactly breaking news but dealing with it apparently is. >> it's interesting you bring up the comparison to what we see in minnesota. it's the exact same thing we see in france and in paris. you see these young men with families who have emigrated from northern africa, former arabic colonies from france. they have trouble finding jobs. they have trouble assimilating into the culture. so what happens? it's a huge problem. it's not as big as it is in france but you point out something we should be watching these communities like a hawk and focussing every resource we have because on a smaller scale exactly what happened over there could happen over here if we don't take our eyes off of it and frankly identify it for what it is. this is nothing but a religious jihad. they admit it and we have to too. >> a couple of things we're
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learning this morning in terms of how these young men did this, they had a great support group because they stuck together. >> that's it. when they come over here some european countries they have dishes and they never even learn the language. i want to talk more about the war on christians. and i think people need to understand by 2050 38% of world christians will live in africa. islamists know this already. they're trying to dissuade this. in europe from 66% of the christians living there at the turn of century, it will be all the way to 15%. that speaks to problems that europe will have. 38%, sub sahara africa is ground zero. this kind of scene we're looking at right now is going to happen over and over again and i hope the world gets together and understands this is a religious war and it's being fought everywhere in this planet. >> in keeping with the theme
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one of the things last night was the fact that with christians in that part of the world, is america tasked with a greater responsibility? i mean we have "in god you trust." what are your thoughts on that? >> i don't know. this goes back to expanding reach beyond our border. i want to say yes. i am a christian. you know it is so hard to watch this go on. it is an assault on christianity but it's spread so thin. i just don't know. >> i think step one is acknowledging what's happening and calling it what it is but step two is realizing we can't be everywhere and not fix everything. >> hour, this is not nation building. >> but you still have to be involved. >> we do. i think we have to find a way to help out christians around the world. >> we have to pipe out isis or not. >> bingo. hello. >> that's what we talked about. we're staying in the middle ground. we have to get to either side. >> half hearted acts of war are
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foolish and get you killed. very famous. >> we'll report the news on this as it happens. her son died in ramadi. the latest on one mother's anger after the chairman of joint chiefs of staff said the city where they are son shed his blood is possibley falling to isis terrorists and it's no big deal. bomb shell book caming out claiming that governments got favor from the state department if they gave big cash to the clinton foundation. this happening while hillary clinton was the secretary of state. why even the "new york times" is calling it a presidential game changer. and right after the show on tv we head to the web. and you can, too. join us for "outnumbered overtime" by logging on to fox news overtime. you'll see there's a live chat. we'll wait for you. we're live in one box, we're tweeting and texting and doing all that good stuff on the other
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." mother of a fallen navy seal speaking out. she's furious that general dempsey downplayed recent losses in ramadi. the general saying that ramadi is not symbolic in any way. debbie lee's son mark was the first navy seal killed there. she's written an open letter asking for an apology from the general. >> doesn't sound like there's going to be an apooming any time soon. i told them the right thing to do is to make a public apology. we've sacrificed greatly over there. we have men and women who have been blown to smithereens there. my son's blood is on that soil. to say it's not symbolic, it's just unconscionable to me that happens. >> the general has not responded. chairman of armed services committee blasted john --
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blasted the remark. >> the message to isis we don't care. go ahead and take the capitol of anbar province the heart of the sunnis that they need if they're going to beat isis. >> you have a visceral reaction to this. >> he should apologize. this is highly, highly insensitive. if that were my son or daughter who lost their lives and you're saying it's not symbolic, what kind of statement does that make? john mccain says it does downplay it. we're not taking it seriously and b do we not value the lives of people who are in harm's way by degrading it? it's disgust to going to me. >> he said that i believe i'm
9:19 am
numb but this is truly a stunner. >> it is a stun he were. none of us had ever heard of ramadi before this war. obviously it's symbolic. it means a lot considering how many of our young men and women have died over there and this is the whole way that is responsible retreat that the president has bragged about. iraq and next afghanistan. we see civilian deaths go up every single month. this place is implodeing and to treat it like this is so embarrassing and so heartbreaking, i don't know what they're waiting for. apologize right now. >> this is a city that was retain as the start of this surge. it is symbolic in so many ways. to downplay it now, why do you do that? >> it's symbolic but this administration has to defend not just this but what about the families of the fallen soldiers who tried to capture gtmo detain detainees just released into the population? it's a theme. and so you can imagine the disappointment, the anger, the frustration and the families of the soldiers who lost lives
9:20 am
looking for bo bergdahl. this doesn't seem to matter. all for nothing to be thrown away. and it's why? when you brought up in the last segment about we're being spread thin it's why i have a visceral reaction when i hear people calling for boots on the ground to be sent to the middle east. if this white house is not going to get behind and support the families of the fallen and respect them now, i don't want another soldier's leg blown off in the name of a dump like afghanistan. >> it has that feeling like you brush it off. like we're losing this city. that's fine. it doesn't matter to us anyway. is that a good strategy? >> is this insensitivity or just incompetence? >> how about both? >> this white house i don't know. maybe they've been able to convince the general and others that this is the j.v. team. that's disgusting. it's disgusting what's being said but the actions are equally as disgusting because what does
9:21 am
this tell our enemy? that it's not symbolic at all? so when they take it and they start to build, will they ever back off the j.v. talking point? this tells me that they're still in it to win it with that. >> they're going to downplay it politically. this isn't a big deal. try to convince the rest of us. >> keep the narrative going. >> and they would have to admit they made a mistake which we know this administration doesn't do. that they basically handed iraq over to isis and lost all the gains we made. they're so concerned z. along with our weapons. >> with reputational management of this president that they don't care about admitting reality let along wrongdoing. >> wouldn't they have to commit to doing something about it? if you say this city is being retain and that we are going to let it go and you admit that then you admit that's a problem. >> you have to be proactive then and then the public would demand it. >> we hope the public would
9:22 am
demand it. perhaps what the white house is also conscious of just like the general, maybe they're not going to demand it because they believe what the white house is saying about it. >> i don't know how many people still believe them. i can't conceive the white house would believe that anymore. >> i think harris is right in the idea that i'm not sure the american public is committed to really going and doing anything about this with people and really doubling down on it. >> that's right. they see an end. that's a local perspectiv right? why would we send men and women to get blown up when administration is just going to shrug it off? i say let them kill it themselves. >> meanwhile, apologize to that mom. a big book that could cause problems for hillary clinton. what it says about foreign donations made to the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state and what it could mean for her campaign. potential opponents. honing strategies to go up against hillary clinton in the democratic primary whether any of them have a chance against the clinton machine.
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>> welcome back. as hillary clinton visits first primary state new hampshire today a new challenge to her campaign. a book called clinton cash due out in may. "new york times" reporting it's an investigation into donations made to the clinton foundation by foreign entities. the author reportedly asserts that donors received favors in return. some examples, a free trade agreement in colombia that benefitted a donor's investments there, development projects in the aftermath of the 2012 earthquake in haiti and more than $1 million in pay manies toy s toies toy s toies to -- payments to bill clinton and keystone pipe lane shareholder around the time the topic was being debated. it will not be the first work of power that's fuelled fiction about the clinton records and we
9:28 am
know it will not be the last. okay. nice try on that one but this book is said to be a huge bomb shell. okay? so from 2001 to 2012 the couple that claims to be dead broke raised about $136.5 million and here's the kicker. this is from "the new york times." they say that even though they're going to try to dismiss this book as propaganda clinton cash the name of the book is more unsettling because it's focused reporting and major news organizations are going to pursue specific story lines in the book. this could be a huge bomb shell says "the new york times." >> it could and the "new york times" has already talked about t. immediate why will have to cover it and i know him. i've worked with him in the past. he's an amazing guy. he's an investigative guy. it's going to be well researched and a lot of information the media can't ignore. the message here is if you donate to the clinton foundation or pay bill clinton good money to come speak, you'll get a favor. now we need to look if any
9:29 am
policy implemented while she was secretary of state favored individuals that gave money to her husband or her foundation and what the implication of that would be. the media is not going to ignore this. this drives the media wild. if it was republicans, they would go crazy. they will go crazy here, too. i guarantee you you'll have left wing media going crazy. >> two money people in the middle of the couch. >> they have to show connection. that's what we've been waiting for. that's what he says he has done through records. this is a "new york times" best selling investigative journalist who has done so many other works on the stock act he's done stuff on super pacs. he's the guy to get it done. we all said when looking at the foundation it will take somebody who has the time to devote their full time to going through and looking through every donation and looking through the time line of what was done at the time and really connecting the dots for the american public. >> and make it about something
9:30 am
other than businesses. that's important but tying it to governments who have a long history of human rights violations and so on and so forth, sponsoring terrorism, i will say this though. 186 pages he could do this in. her book hard choices was 656. >> do you know why? it sounds like these weren't any hard choices. we'll give you a million bucks and we'll push it through for you. >> this is not six degrees of kevin bacon. one dot? i see the connection. it's putting it out there. why is it so hard for hillary? why is it a big thing? besides the fact it flunks the smul test think about the last three people who lost in the run for the white house. they were all deemed to be rich for the wrong reasons. mccain married a rich woman. mitt, even though he made his own wealth the stigma he got it from his father i think hurt
9:31 am
this. >> i don't think it's about wealth. >> i think it hurts main street. >> no. i think we've been waiting for that to happen with the clintons and it has. >> this time it's a lack of transparency. >> and buying influence of foreign government we're not friends with buying influence secretively. >> and i think it's the issue of special treatment of hillary clinton. with the whole email server thing the state department the white house certain people knew about it but apparently she got special treatment/pass. >> but also have they no shame? when clintons do something, they do it big. they have their own server and delete over 30,000. they are taking millions and millions of dollars and i have a source telling me too, if you dig deeper in this book, it documents how he was flown around on jets to broker deals in these governments that his wife was doing diplomatic business with.
9:32 am
that is crazy. >> congressman rand paul says it's breaking news. >> it is. this weekend fnc will air the tangled clinton web anchored by bret baier. now, fox has an exclusive television interview with the author of that book we were just telling you about, clinton cash, as well as plenty of original reporting. trust me, you don't want to miss it and we'll bring you the dates and times as soon as they're set. >> we've got more talk on hillary now because meantime as hillary arrives in new hampshire, the state that gave her first presidential campaign a second win in 2008, three of her biggest potential rivals laying out their own strategies for defeating the former secretary of state. former virginia governor jim webb insisting voters are looking for someone new. bernie sanders is hitting out at clinton's wall street record saying she won't go to bat for the middle class and martin o'malley touting his own leadership record on "face the nation" yesterday. >> i guided our state through this recession and i did so with
9:33 am
results that actually mattered. the highest median income in the country, middle class that is upwardly immobile fuller participation of my citizens and the economic, social political life of our state. >> come on now. harris you were watching my face. >> i was laughing at you. every time martin o'malley opens his mouth, there's a side eye. what's going on? >> there's no way on god's green earth this man is going to beat hillary. i know that and she knows that and i think hillary is looking at these people and saying how fun. you don't pose a threat at all. do you think she's nervous right now? >> i look at you and charles and you're both giggling. hillary started laughing. he gets you guys to giggle. >> the only person that i think elizabeth elizabeth warren, i think she could clean her clock. >> we took martin o'malley's
9:34 am
photo on the street to see if anyone can recognize him. one person kind of got it. no one got it. i think it speaks to clinton. don't take any chances. that last guy snuck up on us and took it away. don't let anyone near this. i still think that elizabeth warren is sitting back and waiting for either the book to blow up something to happen and she's ready to get in but she's not going to burn herself before then. there has to be some huge -- >> you have an issue of "time" magazine and elizabeth warren one of the most influential people. hillary clinton like i'll do anything. >> i want to ask you about warren. i look at elizabeth warren and that's something that could get the hard left to vote for her. i don't think she's charismatic. she's no barack obama when it
9:35 am
comes to delivery. >> she could cause a lot of problems with the base but the general, not so much. i think hillary clinton's worst enemy is herself. it's her unlikability. she's not likable. she's not sincere. she's not a good candidate. last week showed her rollout was terrible. you have even liberal commentators on the sunday shows yesterday watching them saying, this rollout was a failure. she doesn't connect with voters so i think if republican candidates cannot stick their foot in their mouth and they can really put up some kind of defense of why they should be elected i think hillary could do it on her own. >> i keep saying let hillary be hillary. also you have to be backlash, forcing a high school principal to apologize and pull an event where girls were urged to wear muslim headscarves or full body covers to school. that's coming up next.
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>> you're watching "outnumbered." a school principal, high school principal in ohio, has cancelled a student-led event that invited girls to wear a covered she had scarf. it was voluntary, designed to celebrate diversity but it drew backlash. some complaining it made light of muslim traditions, others said the head coverings represent oppression of women. the principal at mason high near cincinnati emailed an apology to district families saying i now realize as adults we should have given our students better guidance. after being consideration and after talking with the student event organizers we have cancelled the event. and a former school board candidate said this. i do not recall ever getting an email announcing a christian cross wearing day. or a booth for information about the christian persecution from
9:41 am
islamic terrorists. >> this diversity, i think that kind of stuff has to happen naturally. ink people have to interact with other people and learn about them, you know, starbucks having the baristas get involved examine this kind of stuff i think it's all sort of stupid things. it's like central planning. we'll make you like other people because you're going to walk in their footsteps. you learn about people and get to like them and understand them about learning about them and understanding them not by one day writing, hey, do you know what? my dad had a cup written on starbucks. >> i will say this. as a parent, melissa, i'm wondering if this should not have come with the promise of while they're wearing these headscarves, they, too, will be told about not just the oppression of women the killing of women in certain cultures in the muslim world for things that
9:42 am
we deem to be fair freedom. >> i mean, i went on an assignment to saudi arabia a number of times. i wore a head scarf and weren't down the street in the outfit and having people laugh at me go home, american whore walking down the street. you get the feeling of what they were trying to say, the different things people assume about you when you're wearing the different outfits and when you're thought of or yelled at conceived of in a certain way because of what you're wearing. at the same time you'll not recreate that experience by having kids in school wear the head scarf. like you said, they're trying to come up with these big lofty messages but having the kids wear the scarves it's not going to get them where they want to go and they open up a whole can of worms. >> these are educators, right? are they not educated on what happened in france when sarcosi tried to ban headscarves on the women in the country? it was the biggest debate. it caused outrage cultural problems. i get you charles.
9:43 am
this whole force feeding multi culture culturism, that's not how you do it. educate the kids on what happens if you take the head scarf off and you're a woman. you will have your head caught off in the street. >> look what happened to us with the blacks in the 1960's. government could do whatever it wanted to do to wife away institutionalization and paint over the colored only signs but the real difference in our lifetimes, charles, i don't think i'm breaking news by saying this has been forging relationships among people. >> absolutely. i think that's why america has been a successful melting pot and something the rest of the world is having a tough time recreating. >> there's such a -- honestly there are kids that aren't graduating that grd wait and can't read and write. maybe your priorities should be the kruk limb and -- curriculum first. then talk about a diversity campaign.
9:44 am
>> get your phone. >> i'm soerp. i have a new phone and i don't know how to operate it. i need my 8-year-old to reboot it. charles at the beginning of the show i said i think i turned the sound off. i can't figure out how to work this. >> my gosh. >> i'm so sorry. >> who is over 40? no one on this couch. you were making a great point. i want to point out to the audience that you don't just come with an idea. you were in academic life for many years. >> yes. absolutely. >> working with young people. >> your primary job is curriculum and getting the kids to read write, do well in college. >> do they think that islam phobia is the greatest threat to the u.s. right now? >> governor scott walker not only taking a budget can you telling position but how he's using his wardrobe to set himself apart and appeal to voters.
9:45 am
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>> first to jon scott for what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now."
9:49 am
jon: in our next hour, some new details emerging on a horrific crime out of libya. reports and video appear to show christians executed by isis terrorists inside libya. it would be the first time isis has infiltrated that war torn country and show its tentacles until to spread. we have a live report. plus stocks on fire right now. the dow up more than 200 points after a steep selloff last week. we're keeping an eye on money. air fares are dropping as fuel prices have plummeted. but you will be shocked to hear how little of the man airlines are saving is actually being passed on to you. we'll have that for you next hour. >> if any is. >> charles! >> i'm sorry jon. sorry, jon. >> money commentary. he can't help it. >> i was just suggesting none of the money is being passed on. okay. wisconsin governor walker continuing his common man approach in new hampshire this weekend. the likely 2016 republican white
9:50 am
house candidate branding himself as a clothes wearing harley riding kind of guy, cutting both budgets as governor and with his wardrobe. reportedly he sworn in as governor showing off their discount suits. he describes his outfit to a new hampshire audience this weekend. >> we're honored to be back here. i wore a suit here i didn't wear the $1 sweater like i did last time i think the shirt is from the same place. the suit is from joseph a. banks. i saw a couple of others out here, a couple of guys that three of us stood together. the three of us together made the price of one suit. >> this is what i was talking about earlier in the show. >> the common day, every day listen. i think america likes successful people but not the notion that somebody got rich in any other way and they're looking for the common man. >> i think too, it is so inherently charming and for the price of your sock you could
9:51 am
get him three or four new suits. >> when i saw we were doing this segment, i added up everything this cost. i was embarrassed, okay? >> i'm jealous. >> i want to know that total. he's unspoiled. i think politicians over time become spoiled. my dad used to say to me why is it that politicians go to washington poor and come out rich? >> you can't really figure that out? >> you can and that's what it is. and he's so far still unspoiled and there's something very charming about that. that he hasn't been corrupted by the machine yet. >> and i think people love that. >> he's the governor. >> remember who he would be running against, hillary clinton who is the complete antithesis of that. this is what made someone like sarah palin very popular. she was viewed as the every woman. i think he's trying to capital size on that. i think it's genuine. he's genuinely that kind of guy. if he can put out there he's just like you and people feel that they can relate to him,
9:52 am
which they couldn't do with like a mitt romney, i think that's a big win. >> when these politicians say america is their home at their kitchen table trying to figure out budgets, a lot of them are talking. it feels like walker when he says that you do relate to it and all the part with hillary. she hadn't even driven a car since 2010 or something like that. she's been driven around since then >> there is go to that. we saw that with the senior bush when he didn't know how to work the supermarket scanner. >> yeah. >> that really tripped him up and of course her -- you know inaccessibility. i just think her inability to contact with people. when she went to buy a burrito, she seems out of touch. that sincerity of walker versus insincerity and inauthenticity of hillary is big. we love that he wears discounted suits. do we really as a society? i don't think we want a guy all slap dash mr. magoo'd out. we want someone who dresses well like you and like president
9:53 am
obama did and like mitt romney. the problem is mitt romney was apologetic about his success. he should have said i earned this suit and yes, i look like the president. i think we want our president to be smarter than us and look good. >> c.j. writes in i've always agreed with charlie. if i had my way, i would have a life sized poster of charles. >> i knew you were watching, baby. do you think mayweather will be cute or darling? heck no. after this fen only phenomena the cutest weight lifter, she got angry. she's fighting what she believes is sexist.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
♪ >> she is five foot two and can lift one sfo pound over her head. that is not the only way she is flexing her muscle. after a website dubbed her as the cutest weightlifter. behind the pairing of cutest and
9:58 am
weightlifter loys the irony intends to put mental images that render daintiness beside that of brutishness. she's saying that is like saying jum bo shrimp. is she being too sensitive or well spoken. >> she's definite he well spoken, but i wouldn't called the cutest weightlifter. i don't think it is sexist. >> i don't either. i buy the fitness magazines. and she is been at this for a while. she said how i treat other system how i respect myself. and quality of the human being. and she's cute and sexy and what
9:59 am
she does is empowering. >> there is something about saying cutist weightlifter. i think they are trying to undercut. >> oh my god it is a compliment. >> they get up set or uncomfortable. you can be cute and badass at the same time. i would take it that way. >> she's proud of yourself but i think she is taking it too serious le. >> most seductive of the union verse. >> and what you want to say. it is so hot. >> and cute is like little and i think they are trying to say she is fabulous and filled with strength and powerful. >> and charles loves it when you call him hot. >> or out.
10:00 am
>> and we'll stay right here for the web version of us. and click on the over time tab. and join in on the twitter and facebook pages. tv version of us noon eastern tomorrow. and "happening now" now. >> we start out with a fox news alert. potential break in the big of the art theft in american history. prosecutors claim to have a big lead in the 25 year old case. we're covering all of the news now. >> what started with a stroke of the pen, dividing gop leaders in congress. some law makers backing down in repealing the health care law. >> a car careening out of control. >> how fearless police officers tried to rescue a woman moments


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