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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 21, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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a run away buffalo sent students running in china. he was spooked by car horns. he was eventually cornered in a room. we'll see you back here at 5:00 a.m. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning. it is tuesday, april 21st. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. hillary clinton on the trail damaging questions about her quid pro dough. her campaign says it's no big deal. >> it's conspiracy theories. >> can she really shake them off as old news? shake it off. shake had off. >> how did i know you were going to say that. an air force vet arrested for stopping a mob of angry protesters who would not identify themselves from desecrating the american flag. this morning you're going to hear her side of the story.
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whose side would you be on? and yesterday's national marijuana day, a perfect example of what happens to your brain on drugs. >> that means love and it means peace and it means having a good time. >> wow. that was a big tree. >> and one police department making matters worse, telling stoners to just consume responsibly. mornings are better with friends. smile. i went through all of the morning hours yesterday with grar garlic breath. that's what you do when we have our cooking with friends. i made avocado toast yesterday. sally me daughter came in from texas. we have the guy who i stole the recipe from. the editor from bon apteat.
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i have been making his recipe wrong for ten years. i showed him i made it i actually kind of like his way. i smush itash it on. >> you inspired me to make it at home. send us your pictures as you -- you were supposed to be cooking today. >> right. kirsten is faking an illness, my daughter. >> she is not. >> where did she get that, brian? >> she has a fever and she's grounded. she'll be coming on later. i'll bring in julia childs. >> that could be a tough booking. >> where are we going to go from there? >> it's your turn. what are you going to be preparing today with your husband? >> tim and i will be making barbecue chicken sliders the easy one. it's one of his favorites.
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it's super easy. we've never cooked side by side. it could be a disaster. >> that's the ultimate pub food pub food for the -- >> mango salsa you put on it. i read your recipe. we would love to see pictures of you cooking with your family. you can tweet and facebook them. >> meanwhile heather nauert will be participating also. she has breaking news out of yemen not good. it's an important story to tell you about. it is a fox news alert. and another u.s. warship is now being moved into position off the coast of yemen. possibly setting the stage for a showdown with iran. the pentagon confirming to fox news the uss theodore roosevelt will join eight other warships in place. as concerns grow about iran's role in escalating tensions in that region. the aircraft carrier is set to
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intercept a convoy of eight ships. as they are delivering weapons to the houthis. another story, this coming in. egypt's ousted president morsi sentenced to 20 years of prison for killing of protesters. 12 other muslim brotherhood leaders were given the same sentence. he was the first elected leader. the egyptian military overthrowing that government in 2013. back at home, hours from now, the penalty phase in the boston marathon bombing trial will begin. dzhokhar tsarnaev could be sentenced to death. prosecutors expected to emphasize the brutality of the bombing while the defense will argue that his brother was the mastermind behind that entire
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attack. the trial resumes less than 24 hours after this marathon. one incredible moment was this, this woman was in the bombing, she crossed the finish line. what a hero she s. incredible to see. this is a big win for america. update to a stireory we told you about last week. a michigan village council approving this statue for a veteran's memorial park. some residents protested the statue that contained a helmet and a rifle. that eight foot tall bronze and granite statue will be built to honor all of our fallen heroes there. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. great to see that end. this is a headline hillary clinton doesn't want to say as she kicked off her run for
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president of the united states. quid pro dough -- i believe those faces are photoshops. it's about the book we told you about yesterday peter switzer he says hillary clinton sold her influence as secretary of state to prominent clinton foundation contributors who wound up making her husband bill clinton is now believed to be the richest expresident alive and he's one of the richest presidents in history. >> when you look at the earns described in the book. 11 out of 13 speeches they paid $500,000 or more. they occurred between 2009, and 2012. according to this book. you go year by year in terms of what he pulled in. $7.5 million in 2009. 2010, $10.7 million $201,113,400,000. this is a ton of clinton cash.
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>> he made very similar to what steve and i make. half that money, at least came during the four years in which she was secretary of state. including the outstanding number you read in her last year as secretary of state. >> from countries of nation whose have abominantable streemt when treatment when it comes to women. it seems a little bit wrong. according to this book this cash was exchanged for policy favors. >> hillary called it distractions and attacks she's ready for. >> she didn't answer the question. >> and neither did jon padesta who is aligned with her. here he is last night. >> the only reason those facts are out there because the clinton foundation has put all that out. it's a book that's written by a former bush operative who is a reporter for
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he's cherry picked information that's been disclosed. and woven a bunch of conspiracy theories about it. the facts, there's nothing new about that's conspiracy theories, i guess we'll get the judge when we read the book. >> when the book comes out. i apologize that was the charlie rose show, not with charlie rose. >> hillary clinton went on she didn't address it specifically republicans seem to be talking about me. if you're running for the president of the united states, you deserve a close look. you've been in the public eye for 25 years. >> why wouldn't republicans not be talking about this? one story is when hillary clinton was the secretary of state. her department of state did nothing about a ukrainian business man, his company allegedly he was breaking the iranian sanctions. why? we don't know why he was doing that. all we know is that they didn't
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do anything at the state department. and mr. switzer is saying do you think they didn't do anything because he gave $9 million. you mentioned this yesterday tony rodham, he was sitting on a board of a north carolina company that was awarded one of two gold leases in haiti. they've only doled out one in the last 50 years. hillary clinton's brother. coincidence? maybe. >> the white house cannot cat categorically deny it. they said i can't dismiss every single claim. they are not fully denying. >> i wouldn't if i was him. he's got his own president to represent. >> she was there when the president -- >> the deal that they cut, this peter switzer cut is with the
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"new york post" "new york times" and fox news. we all agree there is a lot there there to pursue and bring forward. if you want to marginalize and say republicans on the right who want to be president are going after me. that doesn't fire right here. i do think he has a point. i think republicans should back up and let other people investigate. >> we saw what happened with benghazi and the e-mails and server. back off with allegations of hillary clinton seems to be the people who should be investigateric actually doing. >> they're doing a good job so far. meanwhile, did you see the story over the weekend? an veteran at valdosta state university in georgia. she got a call from student there is these protesters they put the flag on the ground. she picked the flag off the ground. didn't go kboenow what the cause
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was. cops got called and she admits she resisted arrest. she has been banned from the campus. >> she actually spoke with megan kelly last night about why she got into this and what fuelled her fire. this is michelle, a former air force veteran and former playboy model. >> being in the military, we learn to respect the flag and defend the flag at all costs. regardless. that flag is a symbol of our freedom. it stands for everybody in america. there are several people that would love to serve their country and aren't able to. those of us that are given that opportunity do so, we have to give that promise for freedom for all americans. that flag stands for that. it's the freedom every day. >> she went in there and thought it was not a publicity stunt. her daughter, actually taped i believe on the cell phone video. >> she was proud of her for doing that. >> what's curious, the group that was protesting declined to identify themselves.
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somebody said who are you and what are you represent? they said we're not going to tell you. they said they're not going to press charges. great news. if the students wouldn't say what they're protesting that's not a protest, that's bad behavior. i got an e-mail from a fellow by john weekly, he says the flag does not stand for our government or its policies, it stands for us we the people. trashing the flag means trashing the people. >> her husband is active duty right now. if you have someone in your family -- you're a citizen at mping over the flag, you've got to do something. >> right. i agree. you see her on the ground right there. she would not give the flag up to the cops. do you agree with her? give us your e-mails on this. do you think she did the right or wrong thing. or tweet or facebook. >> people have the right under our system to do what they did. but look if you don't like the american flag do us a favor leave.
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>> would you be able to walk by someone doing that? there's a good question in there. we'd love to read your responses. >> it's 13 minutes after the top of the hour on this rainy day here in new york city. coming up a pro baseball manager's frustration with the media hits the tipping point. >> [ bleep ] it's a disgrace. [ bleep ] it's hard enough to win here to have [ bleep ] kplaekts. >> the rant kept going. it's going viral now this morning. then they fought for your rights overseas. when our veterans come home the feds want to disarm them. why the feds are blocking their second amendment rights. ♪
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...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. wait until you hear this. second amendment fight for vets firing off in washington, d.c. 99% of those on the federal gun ban list for being mentally defective are placed there by the va. but as iowa senator chuck grassly points out can you be considered considered defective for needing
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assistance. >> the va can notify the feds -- this person is mentally defective because they came here asking for benefits they couldn't figure out how the va benefits work so they're mentally defective. >> they take these veterans in who need help with finances and return they report them to the federal gun ban list at doj and their second amendment rights are erased. if you need help with your finances at the va you are deemed mentally defective and you should not be able to own a gun. the important thing here is the va standards aren't allowed by federal regulation. they don'tven the regulations on their side to do this. and b are only limited to finances have nothing to do with whether a veteran is a harm to themselves or others. this is effectively a way for them to attack the second amendment rights of veterans
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that has to be changed. >> because it is so complicated, navigating the way the federal government works to ask for help with your va benefits is like asking for help with your taxes. we don't understand how it works, we and for help. then we're deemed mentally defective. people at the va. is this a back door way of keeping guns out of the hands of people who know how to operate them? >> that seems to be the case. if we want to talk about people being mentally defensive with finances, every government official in washington, d.c. would be deemed mentally defective. this is a direct attack on thsecond amendment rights on veterans. it has to be changed. absolutely, unacceptable. >> why are they doing this? >> well, they say that they're using a federal regulation that allows them to put -- as you said, 99% of veterans on this list. the fact is that that
3:20 am
regulation only applies to regulating finances. it has nothing to do with second amendment rights. senator grasly sent a later saying you need to explain yourself. we need to know why the va is putting so many veterans on the list. >> 99% of the people on the list are coming from the va. the other departments they think everybody else is fine. it's messed up. thank you for getting up and being with us. e-mail us at it's crazy, right? coming up, treating cops like dummies, but out overnight. new federal guidelines tell cops don't be a racist. and remember, most people are good. is this any way to treat the men and women who take us safe? driving without drinking enough water is just as bad as driving drunk. dr. samadi who loves poland spring has the shocking information you need before you hit the road.
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some stories making headlines i want to share with you. two arrests overnight as 27 survivors of a ship wreck arrived back on land in italy. the captain and crew member face charges as a result of the disaster. both were on board the boat when it capsized sunday killing 800 people. an extreme weather in australia is washing away an entire house. it's causing severe flooding and strong winds. hundreds of thousands are without power.
3:25 am
listen to this. a new study claims that claiming while dehydrated is just as dangerous as driving drunk. they made the same number of mistakes as those over the legal limit with alcohol. dr. david samadi joins us to explain this. when i heard this i thought it can't be true. >> a lot of people don't know how important water is for our system. if you look at some of the signs and symptoms of alcohol versus dehydration, they're almost identical. the behavior changes, it affects your mood, memory lapses, headache. whether you're drinking a lot of alcohol or dehydrated completely. as drivers we can make the same mistakes. why is this the case? guess what? 75% of our body consists of
3:26 am
water? you're more water than human. >> that i did know. >> when you drive and you're not drinking enough, it affects your whole system. from the brain it will make you fatigued. you don't concentrate well. coming down to your heart, it has to pump more blood out to get the fluid out. so your tachycardiac. your blood pressure is drop. your kidneys, they are not filtering the whole body. you are more prone to kidney stones. liver won't work as well. guess what? if you're dehydrated you will be more craving for sweets. your muscle cramps, why do you get muscle cramps? muscle is about 50% water. you are more prone to diabetes, et cetera. when i come to a patient, let's say i want to examine someone whether they're dehydrated or not. >> can you establish if someone is? >> open your mouth? i would look in there and i would see the mucosa you're not dehydrated. it's good. the next can i borrow your hand? this is called a skin test.
3:27 am
what i do i basically pinch the skin and i let it go. if it goes down so fast, that means you're fine. if it drops really slow you're dehydrated. finally, look at the color of urine -- >> you're not going to check that on me right now. >> you can do it for yourself. if it's white, you're fine. dark yellow you're concentrated. the color of urine and sweet cravings are some of the things you can do at home and pay attention to. >> how long does it take if you feel that you're dehydrated and you want to get back on the road and drive safely? can you get rehydrated within a day? >> yes. you should be drinking six to seven ounces an hour. if you want to lose weight, that's another one. start drinking water. you don't have a problem. >> i'm going to go grab a glass
3:28 am
of watter. >> thank you you're very well hydrated. coming up, yesterday's national marijuana day, a perfect example of what happens to your brain on drugs. >> it means unity love peace it means it's having a good time. >> well, and one police department making matters worse telling stoners to just consume responsibly. that was their twitter post. keep your kids busy this summer with archery tag. it's one of the many options on the plaza this morning. we are live on the "fox and friends" summer camp fair for you next. ♪ school's out for the summer ♪ ♪ school's out for theever ♪
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you guys, today is 4/20. that's right. today is 4/20 or as dominos pizza calls it black friday. what do you mean you want pizza as a topping on your pizza. i know my rights, man. >> it was april 20th. which is a street term for marijuana. well, yesterday, at -- out in denver the police department out there put out what was regarded as -- online as the coolest tweet ever. they said we see you rolling but we ain't hating ha-ha. remember to consume responsibly this 4/20.
3:33 am
smoke up a bunch but be cool, kids. >> who wrote that? >> they certainly were blunt about that. >> you were smooth when you said that. >> here's a montage of the hannity crew. >> it means unity, love, and peace it means having a good time. >> i really start smoking since i was 11. >> i consume it with intention. whenever i need to conseem it. >> i like to roll it up a lot. i like to feel it in my hands. >> i've been smoking weed all my life. >> obviously smoking a little weed? >> yes, sir. >> yes. >> it gets me going. it gets my ideas flowing and everything. and it sparks creative and allows me to be very functional throughout my workday. >> i wish i would have started at a later age and i definitely wouldn't promote my own kids to
3:34 am
be smoking weed. >> okay. so you see protests against the police all around the world and across the country about police brutality they're saying consume some weed. >> they're all potted up. >> i think we need to bring back the commercial with the frying pan and the egg. that worked for me. >> not in colorado. >> it's legal. all right. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. we're going to go outside and do archery tag in just a minute. >> it's so much fun. heather's got some headlines. six alleged want to be jihadis behind bars and it's thanked in part to a passport worker who helped unravel the minneapolis terror cell. the specialists alerted the fbi last year about a teenager's planned trip to turkey. he was placed under surveillance.
3:35 am
we are learning a friend of his successfully made his way to syria. the feds believe that 18-year-old recruited americans he was arrested this weekend in that terror sweep we told you about. the nypd could be getting a refresher course on pleatsing. the federal monitor who is overseen reforms in the department wants recruits to learn concepts like this people are good. don't be racist. and don't hassle people for no reason. this new material comes after the city's stop and frisk policy was called unconstitutional. and just a few weeks into the baseball season tensions are running high. cincinnati red's manager going on a expletive rant against the media specifically a sports reporter who reported a roster change. >> i've been as candid [ bleep ] as i can be. we have to deal with [ bleep ] that we [ bleep ] has to know
3:36 am
every guy [ bleep ] and what they can and can't do [ bleep ]. it's a [ bleep ] disgrace. [ bleep ]. it's hard enough [ bleep ] to win here. >> that season is only one week out. it goes on for five more minutes. price apparently used the f word 77 times. 77. during that rant. >> new record. >> you hear that from maria molina. let's head outside with a look at our weather. >> good morning hello everyone at home. we're tracking muggy conditions across parts of the northeast. that storm system is on the move and it's getting out of here h. we'll be looking at drier conditions. i want to take you further west. across parts of the plains we have a storm system that's moving eastward. it will bring a marginal risk for some severe storms across texas and oklahoma and missouri. over the next couple of days we'll see that risk ramp up.
3:37 am
and that risk for tornados will be in plaz, as well as damaging winds and large hail. not only for your wednesday but also on thursday. here's a quick look at temperatures across the nation. >> it's summer around the corner. it's a perfect time to think about what kind of camp is perfect for your kid and are they ready for t. joining us now is greg hunter, president and ceo of the christian camp and conference association. joins us on the plaza with a bunch of fun and games. summer is here. why camp? >> well -- >> get the kids out of the house hello. >> you say camp is a great idea. first of all, camp is alive and well in america. some think it's a thing of the past. it's not all about fun and games. camp's a place where real life transformation takes place. the games are awesome and they're done with a purpose. >> the games you brought today are unbelievable. how much do camps cost and do you -- ship the kids off for a month, two months, all summer
3:38 am
what? >> most of the camps in our association are week long. some camps still on the east coast do two weeks. sometimes parents send them back over and over so they can stay. >> the kids love it. >> how much does it cost? >> the camps are so different. the ranges are huge. you might get into a camp for $200. >> the first camp we'll look at this morning. we see everything from rock climbing to kickball. you're joining us as the executive director of river valley ranch in maryland. i see somebody about to take off. tell us about your camp. >> we've been around since 1952. we provide unique challenging experiences for kids for the purpose of helping them overcome their fears building self-esteem. all these activities are designed with a purpose not to give them an adrenaline rush. >> are you sure this is safe? if you miss hitting the person. >> it's a giant marshmallow on
3:39 am
the end. >> i'm going to grab a bow and marshmallow maybe you can explain what's happening. >> mountain boarding is like snow boarding. it's hard to see it here in new york city. but you get -- get the experience of snow boarding in the summer. >> all right. trying to figure out what we're looking at right now. elizabeth, getting a lesson i guess. we don't have any tv monitors out here so i have no idea what our cameras are aimed at right now. all right. >> gosh no. >> okay. good, very nice. all right. now, what about the guy right over here in the surf board? >> this is balance board. we have skate boarding at her camp as well. this is one of the things we use. >> he got hit by the flying
3:40 am
marshmallow. >> if they want more information how do they get it. >> >> we'll have camps all morning long here on "fox and friends." thank you very much. >> can i really aim at you? i'm so sorry. i apologize. >> brian in to you. >> i have trouble disarming elizabeth. it's not easy. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. you got a bombshell report claiming hillary clinton pulled favors for foreign governments in return for bill's huge speaking fees. do the clintons actually break the law or is this part of some politics? we'll ask judge napolitano. imagine picking up your dry cleaning when this happens? a driver comes crashing through the front door. you said you wanted it delivered, didn't you? ♪ you can hear me say ♪ ♪ this is what i say ♪ ♪ don't need nothing but a good
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because we love them. and we know you love them too. welcome back. just about 15 minutes to the top of the hour. caught on camera edition right here. this video airing the dirty laundry of a driver who plows through a dry cleaners eight people including the 85-year-old driver was hospitaled in ft. lauderdale, florida. a medical issue may have played a role in the crash. a stranger's lamborghini becomes a ramp for a bike rider looking to score some tricks. the owner says he's not mad. brian. thank you very much. 15 minutes before the top of the hour. it's been called the most
3:45 am
anticipated book of the 2016 presidential campaign. certainly it's early. this is big. clinton cash is the name of it t. the clintons raked in millions of foreign dollars while hillary was secretary of state. it could doom her white house bids and get others to jump into the fray. did the clintons commit any crimes? it's ask judge andrew napolitano. you have not read the whole thing, digested it and memorized it. we have excerpts. how much trouble is she in? >> the allegations are serious enough that the justice department is required under the law to commence an investigation. why do i say that? because last month, the justice department indicted sitting new jersey senator bob menendez for bribery. the allegations against senator menendez are far less than the allegations against secretary clinton.
3:46 am
look, the essence of bribery is you're a government official. you have decisions to make. you're going to make decisions. somebody gives you cash. gives you money or pays a bill in your behalf in order to influence your decisions. in the menendez case, the allegation was he helped bring young girls into the country with visas and helps his doctor friend out and he was enriched by having bills paid for him and getting vacations. in her case the allegations were very serious. she made decisions affecting the foreign policy of the united states of america. in return, her husband received over the top out of sight speaking fees for his speeches. >> they say they estimated $105 million in speaking fees. 50% came during the four years she was secretary of state. especially the last year. he's been out of office for 12 years. >> i haven't seen the book, but i understand from those who have and have provided us with summaries, that the book actually traces a timeline, and
3:47 am
shows how after she makes a decision with respect to one government, bill receives a half million dollar speaking fee. after she makes a decision with respect to another government the foundation receives a million dollar contribution from that government. >> from what we do know p here's an example of what's going to appear in the 189 pages. the free trade agreement with colombia. we know the president bush was pushing for a free trade agreement. she got behind it as secretary of state it gets done and he seems to profit. >> she might say i was going to do this anyway. if the government believes it has enough evidence to show she was pushed in that direction in order to gain money for her husband, that's the menendez case. that's the allegation of bribery. >> she was against the key stone pipe line over a million dollar payment to bill clinton by a canadian banking and shareholder in the key stone xl pipe line.
3:48 am
>> suddenly she approves it. >> it never got approved but the secretary of state approved it. >> that is extremely damning. that one alone is enough to trigger an fbi investigation. >> president bush gets a pretty good fee to speak. if jeb bush becomes president y might want to pay little bit more he might be closer to power. >> bill the expresident is worth a higher fee and he can impart information during his speeches. that's a rational defense. this timeline shows the contribution to a foundation, and then the decision in favor of the contributor. it's hard to argue that that is not what we call a quid pro quo. a this for that. known on the streets is a bribe. >> which is how we grew up on the streets. >> did you have to go that
3:49 am
>> we were the bowery boys of our generation. we'll see you soon. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. 4 former black water guards accused of killing iraqis. did the get government give them a fair case? a wwe wrestler is back on the big screen as an american hero. >> my rifle and myself are defenders of my country. so be it until there is no enemy. >> the star of marine 4 joins us next. there he is. checking his messages. ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
you know it. they rule the rings in the wwe. they're bringing the marine back to the big screens on dvd. >> i'm a u.s. marine. this is my rifle. my rifle is myself are defenders of my country. so be it. until there is no enemy. >> i love it. wwe superstar the miz and summer rae start in the marine 4 moving target. we have it with us right noun. they're joining us. welcome. >> you got my name perfect. >> here you got your arm around her. on the dvd -- >> plenty of room -- >> i'm a married man, just relaxing.
3:54 am
>> you're cordial here. in this dvd, which comes out on blue ray today you're trying to kill him. >> i am. >> why? >> if you know him -- >> knock him dead. >> if you knew him you could try to kill him. it was interesting with our wwe crowd they thought it would be a love interest and -- >> she wished she was the love interest. >> to play a strong powerful female was cool. very fun. >> it's very believable, too. also believable is you as a marine. did you adapt to that well? >> it's incredible to go in there and literally go through like the boot camp try to hold the gun exactly the way -- because what you want is your armed forces to be proud of this movie. they're the real heroes, they're fighting to protect us. so the little i can do is hold the gun rate, scale a room perfectly. >> if you didn't you would hear from them. >> exactly. >> you see them all the time. >> we do a tribute to the troops every year. where we will go over and visit
3:55 am
our troops. the life they live is absolutely incredible. the sacrifices they go through is tremendous. and you know, i tip my hat to all of them. >> tell me the story line. >> the great thing is with the marine 4 it's the first time he reprised the role. he was in marine 3. he starred with a beautiful female, not me. me and my group of killers were trying to get him. >> you're the bad guy. >> i am. i'm a sniper. the cool thing about us we have a good fight scene that was in it. we did our own stunts. we are very adamant on maybe i'm not an actress but i want to be able to do stunts. >> she was so adamant. >> in addition to just shooting there's some man to woman hand to hand combat. >> it's action packed from top to bottom. and it's a lot of fun. if you're looking for a movie to watch to just enjoy and have a great story, have a great fight
3:56 am
scenes, you're going to love it. >> you both don't need stunt people, don't you do this? >> during our rehearsal they were like do you -- no, i will not. >> she was standing right there poor girl. no offense. yeah. i want to do my own. >> i was like i'm not doing this she's doing this to prove she doesn't need a stunt double. why are you throwing -- i'm not i promise. >> a lot of times he was like is that a real bruise? it's fine. we wanted to prove we could do that stuff. >> the miz and summer we're going to check out your dvd and blue ray today. it's called marine 4 the moving target target. >> even in the movie you hate each other. >> dvd is out today. did the clinton's get rich of foreign donors, the white house isn't denying. men don't want to get hitched anymore and it's your fault according to a brand new
3:57 am
book. it's controversial and dana perino is here. she'll talk about that and her brand new book which is awesome. it is out today. guys you can have a free copy. >> thank you. >> autographed? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! i'm angela and i quit smoking with chantix. my children always wanted me to quit smoking but i resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to work. but chantix helped me do it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it gave me the power to overcome the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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4:00 am
good morning to you is tuesday april 21st. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. hillary clinton on the trail and bombed by allegations she traded political favors for big bucks. she is not worried. she's laughing it off as just a distraction. but is it? dana perino here with us live on the curvy couch in just minutes. >> how do you know that? it's baseball's fans worth nightmare turned true. a woman knocked out by a foul ball behind home plate. man, that hurts. man indeed. down she goes. that's hard to look at. meanwhile, completely unrelated ladies, quit begging your guy to settle down. >> we've been together for over
4:01 am
seven years. you know me, you know who i am. you either want to marry me or not. >> these days guys don't want to tie the knot and it's the ladies' fault. it will stir up the couch. it will stir you up too. live from new york city it's "fox and friends." "fox and friends." ♪ >> i almost got hit by that. we were playing dodge ball. it was summer camp. we've got a summer camp fair here on the plaza at "fox and friends." look at this, rock climbing wall. we have horses, giant orbs. >> this is sont when i went to camp, they had horse shoes canoes we had bb guns we
4:02 am
shot. this is crazy as we look down at the kids in the pit. we know right now a lot of parents are talking about whether or not they should send their kids to camp this summer either for a week or month or all summer long. we'll tell you some of the options. how would your kid like to be in a camp? >> i would. i'd like to go to a camp like that. >> our cooking with friends series is now in -- what day is it? >> day two. >> day two of cooking with friends. the friend we chose was elizabeth. >> tim is on his way. >> your husband. >> he >> have you made a choice? >> barbecue chicken sliders. >> i have a feeling it's going to be gluten free. >> just a little bit. >> i apologize we didn't have gluten free bread when we were making the avocado toast. i got a bunch of e-mail from people all across the country saying we tried that. >> we're asking you to send us
4:03 am
your pictures of cooking with friends. >> brian you need to see a doctor. that was yesterday about this time. >> you were supposed to be here with the girls, right? that's why tim is pinch hitting for you. >> kirsten has a fever. we'll monitor the fever throughout the show. heather nauert, 98.6. >> just like up to transmission from something so fan to serious. another u.s. warship is now being moved into position off the coast of yemen. it's possibly setting the stage for a real show down with iran. the pentagon now confirming to fox that the uss roosevelt will join eight other warships already in place as concerns grow about iran's role and escalating tensions in that region. the aircraft carrier is prepared to intercept potential shipments of iranian weapons to the houthi rebels in yemen. a convoy of eight iranian ships currently heading to the gulf to deliver them. we will follow the story
4:04 am
throughout the day. overseas new coming in overnight. egypt's ousted president morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison for the ilcanning of protesters in 2012. 12 other muslim brotherhood leaders have been given the same sentence. he was the first democratically leader. the egyptians overtloouhrew that government. a testifying moment behind home plate when a woman is knocked out cold after a foul ball hits her in the back of the head at full speed. she was rushed to the hospital during the second inning of last night's game between the cubs and pirates in pittsburgh. there's a net. that's hard to watch. there's a net behind the batter's box but she was standing so close the ball hit her. we're not sure how badly she was injured yet. she was giving a thumbs up as she was taken away on a stretcher. and talk about a fish out of
4:05 am
water. surveillance footage shows a moment a fix tank explodes. 100 gallons sent rushing customers to avoid that water fall of fish. the restaurant owner says he'll not sure he'll replace that $10,000 tank. those are your headlines. i'll see you in a little bit. >> look who is with you. dana perino has a brand new book that comes out today. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we'll talk -- >> we do have news. it is number one on amazon. >> that is good news. >> it should be it's a fantastic book. >> i know this is elizabeth's favorite of the year. >> i told my daughter you must read it. >> you need a better coffee. >> i like this. somebody dog eared pages it's fulled of advice and sgleernsexperience. >> let's talk about the bad news. hillary clinton the cover of the "new york post" today says quid pro dough. it talks about how hillary clinton, according to peter s
4:06 am
switzer sold her influence when she was secretary of state to foundation contributors helping to make bill clinton the richest living ex president. >> not too shabby. if you're the clintons. i would -- i know that her camp is dismissing this and it's no big deal and blowing it off. but i watched the judge napolitano who was on a few minutes ago. he explained to me something i didn't realize about the time lines of how these transactions came to be. and i look forward to reading his book. he's an equal opportunity guy. he goes after everybody. >> look how much he made. >> bill clinton made $17 million worth of speeches paid presumably -- those were considered fees paid directly to him. her last year. and peter switzer does this
4:07 am
thing where he does this thing. the foundation gets money and things happen for that country. >> this has been kind of understood. that everyone thought this was probably what was going on. but the -- and the cold day when these facts are brought to the public and they make a decision about the clintons. >> do you think hillary clinton has handled this well? this is her response right now. why is everybody looking at me with these allegations? watch. >> we're back into the political season. and, therefore, we will be subjected to all kinds of distraction and attacks and i'm ready for that. i know that that comes, unfortunately with the territory. it is, i think worth noting that the republicans seem to be talking only about me. i don't know what they would talk about if i weren't in the race. i am in the race. and hopefully we'll get on to the issues. i look forward to that. >> honestly who else would they
4:08 am
talk about? she is the only person running for the democratic nomination? >> she didn't answer the question. >> also remember this is like the 1990s all over again. this is -- we've done nothing wrong. it's only the right wing conspiracy is doing this. that will work. for a certain segment of democrats. they are going to vote for her no matter what. if she is concerned at all about trying to persuade that small sliver of independents or persuadables as they're called. i think she better take this a little bit more seriously especially when judge napolitano compared the allegations about what was brought against senator mendendez menendez. >> we'll have to read the book. we haven't had a chance to read the whole thing. the excerpts are valid. >> we will have a special on friday night. >> let's talk about something, i was quoting a book. it turns out that men are not getting married anymore
4:09 am
according to a new book out of britain. it's women's fault. they're demanding and taking all their money through divorce. >> it's men that are being oppressed. >> all these studies come out of britain. there must be a huge stack of money to be gender and relationship studies in universities in britain. we know the numbers of marriage is in decline. divorce rates have come -- >> sintsce the 70s they're in half. >> one of the best pieces i give in my book is advice i was given. when i met my husband on an airplane and fell in love. he was older than me. there was 100 reasons i could have said this is never going to work. a family friend told me do not give up on the chance to be loved. what i write later, choodsing to be loved is not a career limiting decision. al it has enhanced mine quite a
4:10 am
bit. >> there's a picture of you with peter. >> that's at nascar. >> recently, right? >> sunday. >> your book is great because it tells your story. i was e-mailing you over the weekend. al you and i had similar backgrounds and then we wind up in washington, d.c.ment you tell the story about how you had a job at the white house in the press office. you were going to tell the boss i'm leaving. what happened that day? >> i had been the deputy press secretary for quite a while. five and a half years. tony snow was the press secretary. he had gone in for treatments for cancer. he was doing well. i thought do i want to be the deputy for the next year and a half. do i have enough energy and stam mu. i missed my husband. i talked and prayed about it. i said i think i'm ready to go. i didn't know how i would tell the president. i got up the courage to tell the
4:11 am
director of communications. i saw him that morning at a senior staff meeting. i said ed can i talk to you after the meeting. he says yes because i need to talk to you too. everybody clears out. he says dana can you stay a minute. i said sure. i went to talk because i wanted to get it out. he said do you mind if i go first. i said no. that's when he told me becoming press secretary. what if i had gone first? i don't know if ed would have offered me the job. they would have known i was too tired. >> absolutely. al. >> did you ever tell him? >> no. >> they're finding out now. >> he read that version you have there. he said that wasn't how he remembered it because he didn't know that that was my story. >> you know, it's so incredible, the -- how intimate your relationship is a father and daughter with president bush. he taught you one of the most important lessons about forgiveness. >> you remember scott mcclellan was the press secretary. >> you wanted to throw him under the bus. >> not until he wrote a book
4:12 am
that was critical of president bush. i felt personally betrayed because i didn't think that was the book was going to be about. i felt bad for the president. i was detracted and unable to do my job well. the president heard about it. sent me into the oval office. he said i want you to try to forgive him. and i said can i throw him under the bus first? he said no. and i said -- anyway as i was walking out i said thank you. he said by the way, i don't think you'd ever do this to me. and that's when i realized something that the president knew me better than i knew myself. i was able to clear off the papers of scott mcclellan i never thought about it again. >> has the president had a chance to read the book? >> he did. i'll keep our conversation quiet. this book is very kind to george w. bush. it's not about his policies or politics. it's the personal reflections. because i thought that was the piece of the puzzle that hadn't
4:13 am
been told yet. >> what you see is a lot of character. that's what you see. al when is your book signing going to be? >> i have a few. they're coming up in washington, d.c. i'll be with the bush cheney alumni. bill clinton's press secretary is going to be doing that. there is a lot of advice. if you have graduates that are coming up it will be good for them. i'm going to go eat breakfast so i have enough energy. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much for having me. >> no problem. >> congratulations. >> fantastic book. great graduation gift. coming up on tuesday we have a fox news alert. a day after runnerers crossed the finish line, a jury must decide if the boston bomber lives or if he dies. we're live in boston next. dramatic dash cam video here. cops crash into to save a driver from his burning suv. watch this. >> come on man. come on, man. >> come on.
4:14 am
>> stay with us. >> split second decision. those officers made to save that man's life. ♪ people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine.
4:15 am
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bring us your aching... and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested and ready to enjoy the morning ahead. aleve pm. the first to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last until the am. so you... you... and you, can be a morning person again. aleve pm, for a better am. we have a fox news alert right now. will it be life or death for convicted killer dzhokhar tsarnaev? >> in just a couple hours the
4:18 am
penalty phase in the boston marathon trial. the trial picking up a day after the emotional marathon. >> molly line is live in boston with the details. >> good morning. you guys are absolutely right. this is the second phase. this is the same jury that convicted him a few weeks ago on the 30 federal charges and will decide whether he lives or dies. the defense will present mitigating factors. the expectation is, that they will continue to talk about big brother tamerlan. defense attorneys arguing he was the domineering older sibling. prosecutors will argue aggravating factors. the crimes, the murder of a police officer while on duty, and the killing of an 8-year-old boy was cruel and heinous. yesterday marked the second boston marathon since that attack. the resilience of the survivors were in full display. the inspirational rebecca gregory, a young mom from texas
4:19 am
running across the finish line after covering the last few miles of that marathon route on her new prosthetic leg. she faced a long struggle just choosing to amputate in november. she received her leg in january. she is up running miles. and getting there to cross that finish line. i had a chance to interview her before her run. she talked about the penalty fades, ultimately saying her feeling is not a judgment she can make as a human. the judgment he's going to get is after he dies. this phase is expected to last a couple of weeks. >> powerful images there at the finish line. the boston marathon. al. >> so right about that. this coming up four former block black water guards are accused of shooting iraqs. did they get a fair trial? their families are saying no. >> the freedom tower is not open
4:20 am
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questions swirling after four black water employees were sentenced to decades in prison for a deadly shooting in iraq in 2007. for the first time, two family members are speaking out against the rulings which they view as unjust. joining us is jessica slaten, sister of black water employee, nick, slaten. and kristin, the wife of paul. thank you for joining us.
4:24 am
>> good morning. >> kristin let's start with you. that day back in 2007 the guys working as government contractors went to an area because there was trouble there, right? >> yes, another team had been out with a dignitary and hit with a car bomb. so the team that my husband was on was deployed to lock down a traffic circle so they had a safe route to return to the green zone. >> we should preface the fact that this was during a time of war. and there was reason to believe somebody had a car bomb. what made this incident different than things they'd investigated in the past? >> at the time, the agreement was being negotiated between the u.s. and the iraqi government. the iraqi government was asking for the right to prosecute civilian contractors under sharia law. the united states did not want to do it. they said no but we can successfully prosecute civilian
4:25 am
contractors. when this incident took place, it was entirely blown out of proportion. the iraqis led the investigation for three full weeks before the fbi came in to a cleansed scene coached witnesses. more victims that had come forward as a result of tv ads. that had been running for weeks. and basically said we need to find a conviction here. >> what we know for sure, is there was a shooting at that square. you both say your men were not involved. you also say there was apparently somebody on the same team who fired indescriminately, in your estimation, about 100 shots. he was never held accountable because he was told you're going to spend 30 years in prison unless you squeal on these guys right? >> there is no forensic evidence tying these men to any alleged victim to any vehicle or misconduct that occurred at the scene that day. the convictions do not line up
4:26 am
wp their honorable service and their documented composure under the stress of combat. unfortunately, we can't say the same for the bad actor. he falsified his experience in order to be there in the first place and did confess on the stand to indescrimimately firing over 100 rounds during the incident. the prosecution through legal wrangling was able to rely on the legal theory of aiding and abetting and asked the jury to convict these guys as guilty by association with this man's crimes and unfortunately they did. >> you say the government railroaded these guys. why? >> well, because it was political appeasement. i think we've seen patterns that are politically motivated. it's morally repugnant to do this to your our military. it undermines our national
4:27 am
security. >> what do you want to be done? >> we want legislation to correct federal weapons charges that were applied in this case. it was totally inappropriate and a gross abuse. we think there needs to be accountability in the department of justice. we think wartime prosecutions need to be brought to the forefront and debated amongst people who have been through the situations and can weigh in accurately. >> why have you guys not come forward before? >> well, we were told in no uncertain times the judge did not want this case tried in the media. we thought we would achieve true justice in this case. we are still hoping and confident we will on appeal. as the family members, all we can do is wait for justice to work. and we're still waiting. >> let's see what happens next. i know you talked to some congressmen. 28 minutes after the top of the hour.
4:28 am
treating cops like dummies. the new federal guidelines tell cops don't be racist and remember, most people are g. is that any way to treat the men and imwithen who keep us safe? maria is about to have a ball this morning. we're live at "fox and friends" on the plaza. and i got a feeling she's going to get dizzy. it's summer camp fair. ♪ your brain can send information to the rest of your body at 268 mph. three times the speed of a fastball. take care of your brain with centrum silver men. multivitamins with 20% more vitamin d. my heart beats 100,000 times a day sending oxygen to my muscles...
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4:32 am
it's your shot of morning. we're heating up kitchens across the country with our special series cooking with friends. heres the pack family all dressed up to bake with nana. >> she's got the whistle. they're cooking something great out of michigan. that's russ and his grandfather danica pealing bananas. >> i love these photos. how cute is this? making brownies with her grandfather bridget. it looks like someone who is having fun licking that bowl. >> here is elizabeth hasselbeck trying out after she watched my famous avocado toast yesterday that where made with my daughter sally. she made a gluten free version. >> you inspired me and so did sally y. sally. i tagged you in a instagram photo. >> in a little while we'll show you one of our favorite recipes
4:33 am
here on "fox and friends." >> what are you going to be making with your football throwing husband, tim? >> something easy. we're going to crock pot it. we have never cooked together. i'm warning everybody. >> you have never cooked together? this could start as a good idea and degrade into a huge hissy fit. >> pretty much. >> is this going to be at home at home. are you going to cook on espn after this? >> no. >> i heard they have a blond that has to be filled in on the schedule. >> i'm comfortable right here on the curvy couch. >> that's coming up in the next hour. now we turn to heather who has a fox news alert. >> i can't wait to see tim. we have a fox news alert to bring you. saix alleged want to be jihadis are behind bars this morning. it's thanks in part to a passport worker who helped unravel the minneapolis terror cell last year. that specialist had alerted the
4:34 am
fbi to a teenager's planned trip to turkey. that suspect was then placed under surveillance and later arrested trying to board a plane to head to the region. one of the suspect's friends from minneapolis successfully flew to syria. the feds believe this 18-year-old recruited the americans who were arrested in the terror sweep over the weekend. that's when six were arrested. treating our cops like dummies. under new federal guidelines the new nypd recruits would be taught concepts remember people are good. don't be racist and don't hassle people for no reason. the new material comes after the city's stop and frisk policy was called unconstitutional. a race against the clock to save a man from a burning suv. watch as two texas cops smash the window to reach the unconscious driver. they pull him out and drag him across the street away from the
4:35 am
growing flames. >> come on. >> come on. >> okay. come on, man. >> come on, man. >> stay with us. stay with us. >> look at that. then they got him out. that driver is now recovering in the hospital. he's receiving treatment for burns and several broken bones. >> and it is a historic view from the nation's highest building. this is what tourists are seeing at one world trade center when the elevator rides start next month. it's a 47 second time line. the centuries fly by p even the world trade center's doomed north tower makes a appearance before it vanished to mark the event of 9/11. not sure i need to see that. that's what's going on out there. let's head outside to maria molina with a look at the weather today. >> let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country. across the northeast we've had to deal with areas of rain.
4:36 am
on the back side of that storm system, take a look at the radar imnl image. that is snow coming down across the great lakes. still feeling like winter out there h. across parts of the plans, something we have to keep on today is a storm system that will be exiting the rockies. ahead of it is a lot of moisture and potential for severe weather. temperatures across the nation, very spring like 60s and 70s for many. let's head over to steve. >> thank you very much. with summer just around the corner now is a good time for parents to think about enrolling their kids in camps. millions of parents do. somebody has got a model t over there. how do you know if your kid is ready for the camp commitment? and if so how do you choose the camp. joining us is the president and ceo of the christian camp and conference association. good morning. >> good morning.
4:37 am
>> we're going to look at some of the fun -- camps have gotten fancy these days. i was talking earlier, when i was there, bb guns, canoes. you have all sorts of things. kids need to go outside because of what you refer to nature deficit disorder. >> that's right. >> a made up syndrome. >> it really is, but it's following up on a couple of government studies. one shows this is the most connected generation in history. seven half hours are connected to a device. the average kid plays outside four minutes a day. >> when i was a kid, recess was -- actually recess was a half an hour. kids are only outside four minutes a day. let's go over to elizabeth right now. she is with jack campbell, a program director. >> a bunch of my fun friends are here. this is out of michigan. and tell us what we're doing. i have broken the rules twice because i kicked the ball. >> this is called gaga ball.
4:38 am
it's damage ball accept your only able to hit under the knees. if you kick it your out. >> we're doing a great job. this is so much fun. we have this game going on. what are some other activities? >> these are giant hamster balls. you can get in or walk them or run them or go crazy. >> i am getting word there is going to be a race. she beat me last time. i'm going to race someone i might be able to take. i'm not sure. maria molina is getting in there. >> why don't you zorb out here. tell us about this. this is something that the camp offers. >> yes. you have two options you can run around like brian is about to do. for the brave campers, we'll roll them down a hill. >> i'll give you a push. we'll race. >> go. go. go. >> go, maria. >> brian just did a --
4:39 am
>> he's not good at running, huh? >> maria is trying to get a kick start off the wall. brianson using his body force to be somersaulting to a victory here. brian kilmeade, have you zorb'd this week? how is your equal librium, bri brian. >> i would like to thank my family for supporting me. >> maria you did great. >> i realize it was going to go fast then it was like tumbled. >> that was too much fun. >> he did it the wrong way. maria did it the right way. the thing about camp there is no wrong way to camp. >> i've never seen -- >> thank you very much. children take note. >> before you go this segment where should parents go?
4:40 am
>> recommend them go to the select the button, find a camp. they can go through and put in search criteria, including the driving radius they're willing to drive their children. >> how much things should cost. >> the types of activities the child would experience there. >> i'm going to this camp. this is fantastic. they have everything. >> we thank you very much. he's the president and ceo of christian camp and conference association. >> the kids are it hadding the top. >> coming up one man's dying wish don't vote for hillary clinton for president. the family member behind that viral obit. here live straight ahead. >> another child did what i couldn't. ♪
4:41 am
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4:44 am
time now for some quick travel headlines. spirit airlines ranking dead last in a new customer satisfaction survey. the carrier is known for charging fees to print a pass and carrying on bags while bragging its prices are 40% lower than other airlines. jetblue scored the highest. a tiny bit of relief on your airfare. this summer you can save a whopping $2 on a round trip domestic ticket. the average price is $454 down less than 1% from last year. lower fuel prices are causing the minor price drop. by the way a beer on most
4:45 am
flights, six bucks. all right. u.s. sending reinforcements to intercept iranian vessels carrying weapons to the houthi rebels who overthrew the government who was friendly to us. the aircraft carrier is sailing towards iran. here to react is fox news contributor tom mcinerey. why now? >> great question. >> i believe the houthis are in trouble and they need more ammunition, more supplies. they probably need more forces. those ships will have not only munitions and weapons, they probably have irgc troops that can be elite codsoldiers. >> i don't want to confuse the public at home. if we do this, we're stopping
4:46 am
them from arming a group that overthrew a government that was friendly to us and also friendly to saudi arabia. so are we doing saudi arabia's dirty work? >> no, i don't think we are. we're certainly helping them. we're stopping -- trying to stop if we do it the spread of radical islam which the houthis and iranian are trying to do through the arabian peninsula. they've used the leverage of p 5 plus one talks. so it doesn't make sense. we ought to penalize iran for this very bad behavior. >> here we go. we have these warships in the area and teddy roosevelt steaming there what if the iranians don't stop when we tell them to turn around? >> that's going to be the question. there's a un resolution that was passed last week on the security council 14-0 with the russians
4:47 am
abstaining that authorized an embargo on yemen no weapons going in there. they do have the international authorization to do it. it's going to be like the cuban missile crisis. will we in fact stop them. i don't know. >> see, i think it's admirable to try to reinstall a government that was friendly to us. the saudis have no interest in bombing al qaeda. al qaeda is taking over the bases we once had. i'm wondering why it took weeks to do this and at the time the president wants us to get along with iran. why are we suddenly being so confrontational right around in yemen? >> that's another great question. it is very confusing isn't it? it doesn't seem to be standard strategy of containing radical islam. that the iranians are trying to spread. so it is very confusing situation. now it's developing where we could have an explosive situation like we did in 3,
4:48 am
july, 1988 when the uss vin cennes shot down a plane. when you have ships of multinationals, being the egyptians as well as the saudis and the u.s. and the iranians out there. this is going to present some very challenging situations by the leadership in the theater. in the fifth fleet out there. >> you know general it's going to be interesting the sunni states, arab states will be coming to washington to give their point of view in how they feel abandoned. overall i'm not sure what the message is. general, good to have you back. thanks so much. >> thank you. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. a probaseball manager frustration with the media reached a tipping point two weeks in. >> [ bleep ] disgrace.
4:49 am
[ bleep ] it's hard to win here to have [ bleep ] no exactly [ bleep ] what we bring to the table every day. >> wow, it doesn't stop there. the epic rant that's going viral. it went on for another few minutes. one man's dying wish, don't vote for hillary. the family member behind the viral obituary everyone is talking about. on this day in 1956 elvis had the number one song in america with heart break hotel. ♪ they've been so long on lonely street ♪ ♪ they'll never look back ♪ ♪ it will make you so lonely baby ♪ ♪ they're so lonely ♪ ♪ they're so lonely they could die ♪ does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the
4:50 am
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4:52 am
4:53 am
ntion after asking two things. instead of flowers give money to charity and don't vote for hillary clinton. >> larry up right's family was a passionate republican. his daughter jill is with us from charlotte north carolina. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. we're sorry for your loss. and your dad sounds incredible. we'd love to know a little bit about him, first. >> well, my dad was just an average guy. he was in the building automation industry and raised a family. and loved us well. and we loved him. and he was very passionate about politics. so this was very fitting for us as a family. when he passed away, pretty suddenly last week a beautifully written obituary was
4:54 am
done for him by one of his granddaughters. as we were making the final arrangements. it was in front of me at the table at the funeral home. i looked down and said to my brother and my mom, that we should add this. and they both just grinned and said oh, he would love that. and so we did. and never, ever expected this sort of backlash and a lot of sweet kind comments as well. >> you're right. we've got some of both. first the sweet kind of condolences people registered on the funeral home site. somebody wrote our deepest sympathies to the family. rest assured we will not vote for hillary clinton in 2016. the funeral home website condolences. on the other side, my sympathies to your family, what a horrible and hateful obituary. you really think that you should mix politics with death. that's pretty low and
4:55 am
distasteful. by the way, i will vote for hillary and are so are a lot of people. also from the website at the funeral home. if you had it to do over again, would you do the same thing? >> absolutely. absolutely. and in fact, this brought -- we trying to bring a little levity to a very sad situation. and it was just very fitting for our family to do this. and my dad would think this was hilarious. he would be so proud. and we have no regrets at all. and we would absolutely do it again. >> i love how you speak with such confidence and love. i love that you said you didn't do it for the attention you did it to honor you dad and make him proud. it seems like you have. we thank you for sharing a little bit about him. >> oh yes. this was, you know, not anything that he wished for. it was something that we did and it's a way we chose to honor him in the way we saw fitting.
4:56 am
it was -- we've had some people say that can't believe you would think about that, on your deathbed. he wasn't thinking about that. we did this. >> sure. >> we're so glad we did. >> and you know what? you brought attention to your father and his life and he sounds like a great guy. you were able to make a little joke there and push a little politics as well at the same time. jill upright mcclan, we thank you for joining us from north carolina today. our condolences from all of here at fox news. >> thank you, jill. >> thank you. thanks for having me. sweet family there. now this coming up hillary clinton speaking of takes on the economy and jobs. it looks like she doesn't have much to say. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. uh-huh. uh-huh. uh-huh. >> how long does she get away with that one? laura ingraham with a lot to say at the top of the hour. can't get your guy to settle down? a new book says it's the woman's
4:57 am
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...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. good morning. it is tuesday, april 21st. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. hillary clinton on the trail dodging questions about her quid pro dough. her campaign team says it's no big deal. >> the facts, there's nothing new about. it's conspiracy theories i guess we'll get to judge. >> can she really shake this one off as just old news? seems new to me. treating cops like dummies. overnight new federal guidelines tell cops don't bleate racist. is that any way to treat the men and women who keep us safe? ladies, can't get your guy to settle down and put a ring
5:01 am
on? a new book says it's all your fault. women, it's your fault. don't laugh heather. the author blaming the ladies here live defends his new book and his research behind it. don't blame the messenger. >> we will. >> mornings are better with friends. or they used to be. ♪ there you can listen to our friend kid rock talking about summertime. this summer, will your kids be going to a camp? if they go these there's lot more to do than having sloppy joes by the camp fire. >> we do it here on the plaza.
5:02 am
summer camp fair kicking off. with horses in that rock wall. we have seen giant zorbs out there. and all the information you need. >> a lot of parents don't want to spend summers with their kids. this is a perfect thing to do send them away. a lot of times people think that is the time for kids to grow up and be on their own for the first time. you got to know it's safe and there's stuff for the kids to do. >> that was -- >> whoa that was the biggest i've ever seen. >> who is going to climb that rock wall. >> yesterday we kicked off cooking with friends, my daughter sally came in from texas. and we actually prepare addoocy family favorite. it's avocado toast. it's delicious. we got a lot of response from that. the guy from bone apateat was here yesterday today. in his place your husband, tim hasselbeck will be quarterbacking things.
5:03 am
>> he's pinch hitting for brian's family. >> we have reports from the house kirsten has 101 fever. she cannot cook. >> and then serve it to us. >> he said don't worry i'll come in. -- hold on a second. tim wants to climb the rock wall when he comes in. >> this is fantastic. >> he's got 20 minutes before his segment. coming up laura ingwomanram will be talking about the title of the "new york post" today. quid pro dough. >> you have a jam packed hour at home. we'll turn to heather nauert who is going to start it off. a lot of stuff going on. another u.s. warship is now being moved into position off the coast of yemen possibly setting a stage for a major show down with iran. the pentagon confirming to fox the uss theodore roosevelt will
5:04 am
join eight other warships already in place as concerns grow about escalating tensions. the aircraft carrier is prepared to intercept potential shipments of iranian weapons to the houthi rebels in yemen. a convoy of eight iranian ships currently heading to the gulf of aden. coming in new overnight. egypt's former president mohammed morsi sentenced to 20 years in prisfront the killing of protesters back in 2012. 12 other muslim brotherhood leaders given the same sentence. he was the first democratically elected leader. the military overthrew that government in 2013. >> the penalty phase is about to begin in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev could be sentenced to death. prosecutors expected to emphasize today the brutality of
5:05 am
that bombing. the defense will continue arguing that tsarnaev's brother was the master mind of the attack. the trial resumes less than 24 hours after this year's marathon. this is one of the moments we want you to take a look at. rebecca gregory lost a leg in the bombing. she crossed the finish line after she ran the final three miles of that course. and watch as she heads down and touches that. how brave she is. then have mercy. full house coming back. ♪ everywhere you look ♪ >> they look so funny. following rumors netflix is now in talks to bring back the classic sit calm. the news confirmed by uncle jesse. >> this full house thing from netflix. >> i'm going to give you the exclusive. literally just like -- five
5:06 am
minutes ago they called. they sealed the deal. it's a labor of love. we've been trying for so many years to do it right. i think we got it perfect. >> there you go. the new episodes will start with a reunion and focus on dj's family and her best friend kimmy. it's set for release next year. elizabeth hasselbeck is counting down the days. >> i am. i need a full house count down app. >> are the olesons grown up? >> they are. >> yeah, they've got all sorts of stuff going on. >> they're still twins too. >> they're still twins, too. >> we have a full house today. laura ingraham is joining us via remote from our national's capitol. >> hi how are you. >> we have not read the book yet. we have had excerpts. from what you get, how much is there there? >> well, i think it remains to be seen. we'll read the book and we'll
5:07 am
see exactly what it documents as far as contemporaneous favorable actions on the participate of either the obama administration or hillary clinton as secretary of state. with donations that came in to the foundation. look, he mentioned in the excerpt, a couple of things, keystone pipeline and the culom been free trade deal. a major donor to the foundation had a favorable outcome with the way they handled the colom beian free trade. think about what the public may view as either a continuation of washington crony capitalism. corruption, lack of transparency, despite the fact that the clintons promised that they would have full transparency when it came to the clinton foundation. that's not the case. they can claim it. i know padesta was on charlie
5:08 am
rose. the long time clinton aide and defender. if this redounds to this understanding that the clintons in the end, are more about padding their own pocket books than they are about public going to be good for her. what she's going to be arguing in this campaign she's for the middle class. for the little guy. government can be this force in our lives. it turns out government is on the take or government officials are on the take while they claim to be doing this stuff. that comes against her narrative. it remains to be seen. >> she reeks washington. do you worry about the fact this is just a state of chronic inflammation when it comes to scandal tied to the clintons. people don't know which way to look. >> that's what they're hoping for. it's another opportunity for hillary and her defenders just to say oh this is another version of the vast right wing conspiracy. this is just -- they're piling on because they don't like me. they don't want to talk about issues. a couple things with thampt
5:09 am
number one, she's not talking about issues. she's not saying anything. she's sitting and nodding and smiling on her listening tour. she's not arguing about issues. >> you know what else? she is consistent though. she is repeating uh-huhuh-huh. 88 times. watch this. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh. uh-huh uh-huh aahaduh-huh. uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh. >> why do you think the democrats are declining to try to defuse the clinton time bomb regarding this quid pro cash thing? why wouldn't they want to address it now rather than in the general election? because it's going to come back to haunt them. >> they know what they got. they know what donations they received at the clinton
5:10 am
foundation. i imagine they have a plan of defense already in place. we have to remember that the clintons have been planning this campaign for many years. probably since about 2000 if you ask me, since she ran for senate. i think they've been planning if she wins a senate seat then she'll run for the presidency. this thing about this is the fact when she knew she was running for president, she thought it was still going to be okay to take foreign donation and to take money from individuals and foreign countries and take money from actual countries. that's the problem here. now they have a new rule. they have a new rule they're only going to take money from britain and australia and canada. as if they don't have important decisions before the united states, too. none of it is good, right? none of it should be happening. >> laura. real quick, i can't believe anybody who wanted to be president would risk it especially when you're a
5:11 am
multimillionaire multimillionaire. >> i heard they were dead broke. >> do republicans have a risk of jumping on her too much too aggressively. we have three candidates in as many as 20 going to get in. could they be making an error? >> i think if republicans think they're going to win this election by just doing the clinton scandal romama. the clinton know how to survive the fire. the republicans have to position themselves as the champion of the regular working person work a day man and woman who is trying to put food on the table and send their kids to college. if you don't take that populist mantle from hillary clinton i think fraudulently is carrying it roobdaround. you -- the clintons are on the take. i think a lot of people believe that. you have to both talk about
5:12 am
crony capitalism and corruption in washington credibly and point that out. i think most importantly how is america going to be stronger, more profitable and families feel better and more positive about the future? how are you going to do that for this country? do you have real solutions or are you going to do the usual bumper sticker mentality. i think real solutions for real people. >> we want to hear a plan. thank you very much. we know you got to go do your radio show across the country. a good one. thank you. >> thanks. a professional baseball manager's frustration with the media reaches a tipping point. >> [ bleep ] disgrace [ bleep ] i'm sick of [ bleep ] it's hard enough [ bleep ] to win here to have [ bleep ] every opponent know exactly [ bleep ] we bring to the table every day. >> well you think he got it out of his system? there's more. >> he went on and on. while you're getting nickel and dimed over leg room.
5:13 am
illegals are getting entire rows to themselves. the true cost of deportation. ♪ running on empty ♪ ♪ running into the sun ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
next time you're sitting on a jammed flight in a tiny little seat in coach, think about this, illegals may be stretching their legs on another jet liner all on our dime. according to a new report, immigrations and customs enforce enforcement, i.c.e. ever spent $41 million on illegals. about a third of those flights were under 80% full. 12 million of that was spent on flights that were under 40% full. we have a border patrol agent and vice president of the border patrol agency. when you look at the numbers where so many of these planes are flying back to mexico and you could put so many more people on them, what do you
5:18 am
think? >> i think it's ridiculous. if they would let us do our job out there on the front line, we could fill these planes up daily. there would be no need for wasted seats. >> what's the rationale from i.c.e. we have to take off now even though 40% of the plane is empty? >> i guess what they're looking at is detention space versus how much it costs to send them back. if they would stop releasing everybody in the country we wouldn't have issues. >> the part you said right there, because they want you to -- you stop somebody, but your bosses want you to release them into the country why? this country, i should point out. >> humanitarian purposes. i don't know what their rationale is behind it. i don't know if it has something to do with the political climate or elections coming up. i have no idea. i do know we're releasing people at an unprecedented rate. more people are getting the
5:19 am
message. we're getting busier by the day. a lot of people are turning themselves in to get their papers to go free. >> we got a statement from i.c.e. the agency disagrees with the reports of empty seats on flight as a matter of efficiency. delaying the removal of individuals causes the agency to incur costs. kind of a bureaucratic answer there. you say, if your bosses in the administration, allowed you to do your job, every seat in every plane would be filled up because those people should go back to wherever they came from, is that what you're saying? >> yeah. we could fill up whatever planes they needed filling just let us know. and we have the bodies for them. we catch them daily. unfortunately, a lot of them we set free into the country instead of removing them out of the country. >> what you're saying is hey administration let us do our job, right?
5:20 am
>> yeah. exactly. if they have an extra $41 million laying around, could use it for some border patrol issues. >> we know that's for sure. chris cabrera, border patrol agent. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. ladies quit begging your guy to settle down. >> we've been together for overseven yearsment you know me you know who i am. >> well it turns out guys don't want to tie the knot now. you know what? it's the woman's fault. that is a claim by an author of a new book. he's going to defend it live. from london. plus, this officer going beyond the call of duty. it's the neighborhood dance lesson. you know what? it's going viral this morning. as he does that shaky dance ♪
5:21 am
you got a way to keep me on your side
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
. ladies we know the clock is ticking but some guys don't want to settle down. >> it turns out, men just don't want to tie the knot. i guess it's our fault? that's according to a new book called stand by your manhood. a game changer for modern men. >> joining us is the author who is defending his book, peter lloyd and developmental psychologist. what are women doing to men? >> i feel pretty safe. we have an atlantic ocean between us.
5:25 am
i feel safe i can -- >> there are people there who de can beat you up. >> look, i always say marriage in the fraud of the rings. it's a wonderful situation if you're a woman it safe guards you in so many ways. when marriages go wrong as they frequently do they fall in the favor of women. this is true in both america and in the uk. and let's be honest here it's a contract. a legally binding contract. it serves men not at all. so men need to be wise to it and avoid it at all costs. >> do you blame feminism? >> i think there is a certain strand of feminism which has prioritized the safe guarding of women over men. even though we're supposed to be equal. we live in a society where we're told men can't view women as sex
5:26 am
only objects. >> i think what he talks about is anecdotal. women feel the same way. it's not like men are the ones who are deciding marriage isn't for me. between the ages of 18-30. they're less likely to want to get married at all. there was a study done recently, 25% of millennules don't want to get married at all. the idea that men are being trapped by women is ridiculous. >> do you believe women are to blame here? do you think men should be running from marriage? we've seen the benefits of marriage as it pertains to kids. >> they asked men 20,000 men do you want to get married. 95% said absolutely. but the researchers are showing men are getting married later
5:27 am
that people are getting married later. i think peter is talking about people in their 20s and 30s. >> you focused on divorce. your research shows men get screwed. >> absolutely. it happens all the time. this is after -- don't forget. this is after 50 years of so-called equality drive from feminism. an equality movement why would it allow fathers to be disenfranchised from families. why would they allow the existence of alimony which is such an old fashioned concept. the very basis of equality men don't need to subsidize women. >> we talked about this on my radio show last night. i was surprised how many men and how many women called and said you know, i don't want free money for the rest of my life. i want to be able to make my money. >> some do. >> if you gave up your life for man and decided to be children
5:28 am
and don't have a career. most women who called my show had their own lives and they were asked to pay alimony. >> child support everyone should pay. free money for a succession of years. >> dr. cooper lawrence here in the united states and peter lloyd, the author of the new book, thank you very much for joining us live from london. >> thank you for having me. coming up, what's going on in minnesota? another case of home grown terror in the heartland. six want to be jihadist busts trying to join isis. there is one man behind their recruitment. an investigative reporter from that area joins us live. our cooking with friends series continues today. elizabeth and her husband, tim. we should have had you in the last segment. they're going to be cooking up some barbecue. cooking up and puckering up.
5:29 am
>> get your apron on, elizabeth. >> he took my apron. ♪ thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote.
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5:32 am
why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to ♪ it is your shot of the morning. we are cooking can friends. you are sending us your pictures. we love this. this is 2-year-old caleb making cookies. >> it looks like he's in control. natalie's family making pizzas on their grill. i didn't know you could do that. >> i've made brownies on my grill and i almost killed myself trying to scrape the char off them. yesterday you saw my daughter and i cooking a doocy family favorite. today it's elizabeth's turn. she's cooking side by side with her husband tim for the first
5:33 am
time. >> by the way, they have settled on a topic and a food as they are going to be making gluten free barbecue sliders. it's featured in elizabeth's cookbook. deliciously gruten free. >> we do alternate typically. someone has got to watch the kids where are they, by the way? >> it would make us more comfortable. we usually have two boys fighting. if you guys could fight, argue, say you never talk to each other again. >> okay. this is one of the -- items in the book i love is barbecue chicken. to give him a break on the grill. i made it in the crock pot. brown your chicken breasts and toss them in the crock pot.
5:34 am
>> i am a fan of the crock pot. doou do it and leave it. and it takes care of it for you. >> you like that. it makes it a little bit easier for me. guilt free. he's like you just threw it in there. >> let's not say guilt free. he was alluding to earlier when you make a big mess in the kitchen, who cleans it up? >> he does. >> she cooks like she's an artist. the messier it s it's like the better it is. >> i like a little more space. you get the chicken here and you throw two bottles of barbecue -- >> this is the kind of stuff i can do. >> any two flavors we did one of the smoky mesquite and butter and olive oil and let it go four or five hours on high. take it out and put it in a bowl and shred it. and do it with a couple forks. put it back into the crock pot.
5:35 am
then -- >> exactly what you do. >> and then -- >> you're here to watch her. >> i think the kids say no to her. >> we're just going to camp this summer. >> you going to be cooking at home. we take this and you can do it three ways. i make a ton of it. he walks inhad the door and says. >> wheres my food. >> it smells good. because it's gluten free she can do her own thing with the gluten free, then the gluten i want, so -- >> here's what -- >> you're not both gluten free? >> i can't say i am. >> he loves me because i am. mangoes cabbage -- on a bun. >> you put that on top of the. >> gluten free roll. you do chicken?
5:36 am
>> yes, i do. >> you could do it rolled up in a tortilla and cheese. or nachos. over nachos. cheddar cheese. barbecue chicken and jalapeno. >> with a presentation like this at dinner? >> elizabeth many times thinks more about the presentation -- especially for the kids. she'd make the sliders look like some type of toy they played with. >> what a good mom. >> i try. >> the cleanup afterwards is where we need help. >> my only pet peeve is when everyone is not at the table and it's done. >> you better -- when it's warm you better be sitting in your chair. >> ready to go. >> i will say this the review -- i thought the nachos were fantastic. >> okay. >> the slider is terrific. the teamworthk not so much. >> you guys don't like working
5:37 am
with her. it's not easy. >> i've seen the mess. i've already seen the mess. >> the recipe is delicious. it will be on our website in about an hour. >> we learned this from tim, he loved the crock pot. >> you're on breakfast duty so i take dinner. >> she's just made dinner. it's right there. >> where is the captain crunch? >> man very good. very nice. >> mornings are better with friends. >> thank you very much. thank you for sharing. >> bad news for mike and mike. you should be watching them. >> tomorrow geraldo and his beautiful wife erica will be here and they will be cook ing with friends. >> we'll be cooking with heather nauert. >> you have a lot -- a big hill to climb to match this. >> it's so easy. barbecue and chicken. chuck it in the pan. >> go break down the wall. got a fox news alert to
5:38 am
bring you. six alleged want to be jihadis are now behind bars here in the united states. and it's thanked in part to a passport worker who helped unravel the minneapolis terror cell last year. the specialist alerted the fbi about a teenager's planned trip to turkey. that suspect was placed unde surveillance and later arrested while trying to board a plane. now one of the suspects's friends from minneapolis left the united states and was able to head to syria. the feds believe that this 18-year-old had recruited americans who were arrested in that terror sweep over the weekend. where six were arrested here at home. just a few weeks into baseball season tensions are already running high. cincinnati red's manager going on a expletive filled rant against the media. especially a sport reporter who reported a roster change. >> about this team and our players we got to [ bleep ]
5:39 am
every [ bleep ] that we play has to know [ bleep ] every guy that here and what they can and can't do [ bleep ] me. [ bleep ] disgrace. [ bleep ]. sick of the [ bleep ] hard enough to [ bleep ] win here. >> a lot of beeps. he apparently cursed 77 times during that five minute rant. brian counted them all. time is money for a sun whoon who is carrying out his final wish, a trip to new york city for what may be his last mother's day with her. he suffers from a rare neurological disorder and started a go fund me page. he has raged more than $8000 for the trip. it includes a team of doctors to come with him to new york. you can go to our facebook page. we would love to have him here. this officer going beyond
5:40 am
the call of duty. check it out. >> yeah. ♪ >> i love the laughs. the kid finally joins in. that's happening in kansas city. that officer getting down for habitat for humanity event. the neighborhood dance lesson going viral this morning. he learned that dance from steve doocy. those are your headlines. >> we call that the shaky butt dance at my house. very nice. >> thanks. coming up, treating cops like dummies. new federal guidelines tell officers don't be a racist. and remember most people are really good. is that any way to treat the men and women who keep us safe. grab the kids we've got robots on the plaza. we are headed to the "fox and friends" summer camp fair next. that does not compete. ♪
5:41 am
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welcome back. apparently the feds are treating our cops like dummies. under new guidelines the new york city police department training recruits would be taught concepts such asas this remember people are good. don't hassle people for no reason. this new material comes after the city's stop and frisk policy was called illegal.
5:45 am
and a run away buff alow sends students scattering at an elementary school in china. that big guy escaped from his owner after being spooked by car horns. he was eventually cornered in a room. six jihadist want to bes behind bars after trying to join isis from minneapolis. >> they were not confused young men. they were not easily influenced. these are focused men who are intent on joining a terrorist organization by any means possible. >> but is this just the tip of the iceberg for home grown terror? why minneapolis, again, why is it such a hot bed. kmsc investigative reporter joins us from minneapolis from our affiliate there. does it make sense to you they keep feeding in your city and town? >> the u.s. attorney was very up
5:46 am
front about this yesterday. saying, hey, listen we have a terror recruiting problem. it's been going on here in one form or another since 2007 when we had people leaving for al shabaab in somalia. i think what is striking about these people who were charged. is that they knew they were under the microscope. four of these guys tried to leave in november. they took a gray hound bus out to jfk and tried to fly to turkey. they were intercepted then. they knew the fbi was watching them. they were still trying to do it. i think that's the most stunning thing. these were not ideological dilettantes. these were believers even though they were young. >> they were. we find out there's a recruiter in syria targeting these guys. >> they knew him. they knew him from the mosque. he has been in syria. he's one of those who has left successfully. he was guiding them about where
5:47 am
they could get fake passports. they did not know that among the six of them, there was a seventh. he was a police informant. he said i want to assist you and help and he was making secret recordings. the fbi feels they have a solid case here. >> when the press conference came out i thought we were seeing the same rhetoric. people being cautious in police lingo. these aren't dead enders and people without parents who do poorly in school. these are kids that know what they're doing. they are educated and they have a mission. and it's to get over there to kill us here or there. >> yeah, i think it was a bit of a wakeup call. i have to caution on one thing. we have had al shabaab threaten the maul ofll of america. there is no evidence that there is a threat here. i think he was giving a wake up
5:48 am
call. in some way the recruitment is happening peer to peer. there is a guy who was at mosque in bloomington. he is someone we've been watching for long time. the mosque kicked him out. a document that was filed a couple weeks ago in a federal case he's trying to get off the no fly list. very interesting homeland security says this is a man who we believe is a credible terrorist threat. he has the operational capacity to carry it out. he has not been arrested yet. >> teachers coaches you may be our first line of defense. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. our final segment will be a good one. finally some karate. the "fox and friends" summer camp fair continues and closes. you don't want to miss a minute. let's check in with shbwho would never go toism ca.
5:49 am
martha maccallum. >> good morning. everybody. so hillary gets ready for the clinton cash battle. did the clintons take money for access to the u.s. government? that's the bottom line question. we have reaction this morning from candidates ted cruz and rand paul. and the showdown brewing off the coast of yemen between the united states and iran. where are we headed in this situation? will general dempsey apologize to the mother of a navy s.e.a.l. she joins us here. bill and i see you at the top of the hour. does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and
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♪ with summertime around the corner.
5:53 am
now is a good time to think about enrolling kids in a camp this summer. how do you know your kid is ready for the camp commitment? how do you choose the camp. we get answers from the president and ceo of the christian camp and conference association. >> yes, sir. >> getting the right camp for your kids one great way is to go on to a website of camps you are familiar with and get your kids to go with you. and ask them, what would you like to experience at camp? what kind of things would you like to do. ride a horse water sports and those kinds of things to get them to help you select a camp is a way to get them involved. >> how much are we looking at spending for a month or two for camp or a few weeks what are we looking at? >> generally camps around the country are one weeks long. they can range from a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. >> those are camps a lot of them throughout the east. this is arthur davis the president of character camp out
5:54 am
in the houston area. very nice to have you. thanks for bringing your beautiful daughter as well. one of the things you do with character camp. you're trying to get girls nor interested in math and science. why? >> yeah. so there is a wage gap between the genders between males and females. females typically are less populated in that industry. so -- >> which is unbelievable. they always do better in science and math in grammar school. >> exactly. we try to push girls especially into this curriculum. and this is a technosavvy generation. they love things like robotics so we get them plugged into it. >> fantastic. if you would like more information go to can this robot do anything? >> yes. >> can i ask the robot's name? >> my name is now. thank you all for being here. >> thank you "fox and friends"
5:55 am
robot. >> let's go over to tv hostess. >> i am learning a lot about camp. i'm here with my friends. this is roger peace who will tell us about what goes on the camps. you're joined by one of the instructors, you do this for the kids. you're going to show us one of these moves. in your bare feet you will break this board? >> you will hold the board, right. that's what we agreed too. that's going to be fun. >> tell us why this is important for the kids. >> learning how to trust 350e7people and learn new skills. this is our camp at florida. carrie is going to help us. >> your brother is a good man. >> she broke every other one so far. we should be good. >> look away. a little lower. all right. are you ready? >> i'm ready.
5:56 am
okay. that is burning. that is incredible. we are going to do a little more of this and the kids learn how to do it at the camps as well. brian is going to climb the wall when we come back. moments away on "fox and friends." we're camping. >> is that true? >> yes. >> he makes it look easy. we're still here? i thought we were going to break. we'll be right back we'll see if elizabeth will convince me to do it.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
i have my money on that guy. >> oh, my. brian is slow. >> will he win? >> will he do it? bill: keep going. nicely done. of the good morning, everybody, there are new details what might be a growing scandal surrounding the clinton campaign. clinton responding to allegations that she donated favors to countries that donated big dollars to her and her husband. we start out on tuesday. welcome to "america's newsroom." how are you doing, martha? martha: good morning everybody. i'm martha maccallum. she dismissed claims in book clinton's cache. that they donated to the clinton foundation. bill: yesterday she finally responded. that the attacks were all part of the game.


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