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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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ff the record comment tonight tonight. and go check out my poll on thank you for being with us. if you can't watch live, use your dvr. goodnight from washington. he's cherry picked information and woven a bunch of conspiracy theories. >> the clinton campaign saying it's politics as usual. we'll take a hard look at that defense. >> the most important thing is that we didn't leave him behind. that's a sacred promise that america has to its people. >> but as admiral knows they have the sacred trust to tell the truth. that did not happen.
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it's your birthday. >> god bless the internet. >> also ahead, a new study says american young people spending an enormous amount of time on social media. is that corrupting their morals? we'll debe it. caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. the hillary dilemma, no matter what kind of controversy engulfs hillary and bill china, they have bill clinton, they have a defense. in general, a big mistake the clintons make is that they don't admit mistakes. for example benghazi.
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all former secretary of state clinton had to say was that it was very difficult, that she and her staff didn't pay close enough attention to the threats that were brought to their attention. that's a painful admission, but mistakes do happen. libya's a backwater. secretary of state was galavanting all over the place. and her apology would have been accepted by most fair-minded people. instead, hillary clinton and president obama stone walled, angering millions of americans. on the e-mail front, there's no excuse. it was a calculated deception. everyone knows that. the calculation the clintons are making is that most voters won't care. now on to the latest brouhaha. a new book will present circumstantial evidence that she profited from her position as secretary. she did this because her husband maid a made an enormous amount of money on the lecture circuit while she
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was in office. also there is evidence that clinton may have acted favorably to some concerns that donated big money to the clinton foundation. meanwhile a designated charity pays a lot of bills for bill, hillary and chelsea. some are saying mrs. clinton should be indicted like senator menendez of new jersey. at this point that's a gross overstatement and one that actually helps the clinton campaign. >> it's a book that's written by a former bush operative who's a reporter for that august news organization, bright, or has been in the past. he's cherry picked information that's been disclosed. and woven a bunch of conspiracy theories about it. the facts there's nothing knewnew about. >> he did help the bush younger
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write speeches, but that does not diminish what mr. schweitzer is writing. the charges will have be vetted. and big news are doing just that. one bad sign for hillary clinton is that a character assassin, david brock, is now being used by her campaign to attack the credibility of the book. there are few americans lower than brock. who is a known hater and smear merchant. if the clinton campaign is going to use people like brock, major problems will develop. with the democratic party fully committed to hillary clinton all of these controversies will get attention, but all of it comes down to you, the american voter. we are living in a country that is largely fed up with politics and many have turned away from public policy descending into trivial pursuits mostly in the social media. it is easier to overcome dubious
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situations than it used to be. talk points will be fair to hillary clinton, but her profile has been damaged and she needs to address all the controversies with serious media people, and soon. reaction, here with us lanny davis? was i fair? >> i actually thought you were fair, when you said may be evidence rather than there was evidence. it'smonica. >> you're a confidante. you can get them on the phone. you've been there from the beginning of their power rise. that's why we wanted you as a guest. but there is a feeling that the clintons are going to ride out no matter what happens, because they feel that they're going to have enough the coalition is going to be enough to elect her president. she's not going to answer any charges at all about anything. do you think that's going to
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happen? >> i don't think it's going to happen because they do respond. and they have to respond when there are questions raised. and you'll see hillary clinton respond on this matter. >> so you're predicting that she will read the book or have her people read the book? >> no. >> and then respond to the specific charges inside the book? >> the way you put it is the way that there should be a response. was there any connection between contributions to a foundation that everybody, everyone, including you and monica believe did a lot of good around the world, the transparency of every donation published on the internet. everybody agrees on that. >> no, i don't agree on that. you just lost me. because we don't know how much it was. we don't know when it was given. all of those details are not on the internet. it's just they gave me. let's go over to monica. lanny we'll get back to you calm down, man take a sip.
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>> we are very fair and raised very legitimate questions. there are a lot of news organizations raising these legitimate questions. i think you're right that the clintons are going to try to ride this out. >> they ride out everything. >> but understand that the clintons' m. ofrges for years has been stone wall. it worked for barack obama in '08. but those tactics only work for candidates who are fresh faces because they're given the benefit -- >> listen hillary clinton was not a fresh face. >> you're given the benefit of the doubt. so you can stone wall. >> no i jus think. >> after 25 years, a lot of smoke, there's almost always fire with clintons. that's why the clinton foundation scandal. >> here's how ridiculous it is. we still don't know how hillary clinton invested $1,000 and got
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$100,000. was it 1812? i think it was back that far. we still don't know what happened. >> the fact that you're raising it back to the war of 1812. >> i wanted to know what happened! i'm asking dobbs how can i invest $1000 and gets $100,000 dobbs runs away. >> let me respond on this issue. you say there may be a connection. we don't have a single fact, nor does monica. we're talking about smoke. and where there's smoke, monica, there may be no fire. that hillary clinton would never take any official action, as long as i've known her because somebody contributes money to a foundation that does good works throughout the world. >> let me ask you about this david brock. this is ridiculous. and you just heard podesta say that august bright
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this guy runs media matters. there is no worse piece of garbage on this plan et cetera than media matters. so podesta doesn't have any right to disparage anything. doesn't that disturb you that this is an acolyte of hillary clinton? come on. >> i'm happy to think that david brock is a good guy, and you don't. so we have a disagreement about david brock. >> i got to tell you something. i respect you but if you think that man is a good guy after all the garbage and the harm and the hate that he's put out, i have lost, lanny i'm just telling you. i have lost a lot of respect for you tonight. and i'm going, i'm not going to let you. i'm going to monica to wrap it up. >> the problem for hillary clinton is that she's left with a handful of people who are willing to defend her on this. lanny davis, god love him, but you mentioned james carville. >> carville as all right. >> but to some extent she has a little bit of an eliot spitzer
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problem, when the crud hits the fan, which it always does. she has no reservoir of goodwill. very few people are willing to stand up and fight for her. >> davis does. she has enough people to fight for her. >> the most damaging and problem attic scandals for any did the are the ones that reenforce a pre-existing negative notion about the did the. >> can i get a quick last word in here bill? >> let lanny get a quick word. i scolded him. go ahead. >> let's all wait for the facts. i know that hillary clinton would never trade the honor of being secretary of state for any contribution. you said it right bill. you said may, and let's see what -- >> i got to get out of here. next on the run down, we will contin with the bowe bergdahl controversy. did the obama administration attempt to deceive the american public. later not standing up for
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christians. factor's coming right back.
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factor follow up segment, did the u.s. military join with the obama administration to deceive the public about the bowe bergdahl situation. mike mullen the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff visited with members of bergdahl's unit in afghanistan. they told him that sergeant bergdahl was a deserter. now he says he doesn't remember much about that meetiting. but in 2014, he said this. >> i think in these situations you don't get ideal outcomes. i think it's a calculated risk that the president took and understood that the priority was to return sergeant bergdahl to america.
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>> well that calculated risk was releasing five top taliban commanders who will go back to the battlefield in about a week. but nowhere did mullen say that he was told the man was a deserter. even though bergdahl was portrayed as honorable by the obama administration. so something's very wrong. joining us now, we have new information with tony shafer and kathryn harris. >> since your show last week, a fifth guy has come forward another one of bergdahl's teammates, and he's confirmed this informal q&a session with admiral mullen and he says the same thing, that mullen confirmed to them that he knew bergdahl had walked off base and that he had deserted. but even more significantly, this guy shared photos with us that they were given by the defense department to memorialize this visit with mullen. so now we've got a date stamp on this event of december 15 2009.
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>> all right. so the most powerful military person in the country admiral mullen did go to afghanistan, did talk to bergdahl's unit, because desertion isn't common. and when it happens on the battle field, i mean everybody gets involved. but then he comes back, colonel she shafer to the united states. but when the trade breaks and the white house has their dog and pony show with the parents and secretary rice comes out and says he's an honorable man. >> right. >> and all of this stuff mullen, he's out of office then. he's retired then, but he doesn't say a word as a private citizen, does he? >> no. that's right. even one of president obama's senior advisers described the reporting that they received as spurious. it was not spurious. this is one of those critical
5:17 pm
things. admiral mullen's job is to defend the equity of the pentagon and those men who served with them. it's not his job to stand up for the president's policy. he should be defending the truth. that's what i find most harmful here. >> he sat it out. he's now on the board of directors of general motors and sprint. he's got a nice pension, living comfortably. he could have come on the factor and talked to you kathryn and said, you know what, i told these guys that it wasn't, this bergdahl guy had problems, but he didn't say a word. now the soldiers that he talked to kathryn are they angry with mullen? >> they're not angry, but they really want to set the record straight, and i have to say that we've had unfortunately a run around with admiral mullen ago you know here in washington. once they get out and retire they sign up for these media hammed
5:18 pm
handlers which can leave the impression they're hiding behind someone's skirt. which is destructibletroubling. you have to tell the truth and i would add in 2009, this was not a political football at that time. there was really nothing in it for admiral mull ton deny the facts. >> as a patriot. and we all have to assume that he's a patriot. he served his country with honor. this is i think the worst thing on his resume. but as a patriot he has an obligation to step forward and say now what the situation was, who knew what and then we can put the decision into context. last word, colonel. >> him forgetting or not remembering this meeting is akin to someone investigating the titanic and forgetting that an iceberg was involved. i mean come on. >> this guy was there, and i talked to one of my sources that was there and said there was absolutely no doubt mullen knew every detail. because they had to turn every
5:19 pm
intelligence piece on to collecting. >> we're going to invite the admiral onto this program. i believe he is a man of honor. i hope he does the honorable thing and steps forward and explains. thank you very much, guys. kiersten powers hammering president obama over the christian issue. then some are demanding the supreme court justices ginsberg and kagen recuse themselves. and we'll tell you why. it's disturbing. moments away. this kind of innovation, engineering, design and performance... been available... for this kind of price. the 2015 cla from mercedes-benz. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. ...and the wolf was huffing and puffing... kind of like you sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd it can be hard to breathe.
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personal story segment. writing in usa today, kiersten powers has harsh words for president obama. joining us from washington is ms. powers, whose new book will
5:23 pm
be out next month. so tell the folks what you wrote, kiersten. >> well i wrote about something that's been going on for a while. i've written a lot on it but i feel like it's really reaching a critical tipping point which is christian persecution in the middle east and northern africa, and it's something that president obama has largely been silent on. and i pegged it off this press conference he had with the prime minister with italy. and they were talking about the people that were thrown overboard for being christians and the president said nothing. >> but the prime minister said he didn't think the christians were drowned because of their faith, which is insane because they were thrown overboard in the mediterranean sea, all right, by muslims. what other reason would there be? >> and they were praying. >> so the italian authorities arrested the men the muslim men and charged them with a hate
5:24 pm
crime essentially. >> the prime minister is sadly out of touch. but do you really expect your guy, oh that's right. you didn't vote for him last time. you stayed home. do you really expect president obama, after all he said about the crusades and inquisition, do you really expect him to go out of his way and say you know what? i was wrong. the muslim extremists are killing christians and it's got to stop. do you really expect him to do that? >> i don't think it can be him saying he was wrong. this is a completely separate issue. the fact is there's an ethnic or a religious cleansing going on right now that he should acknowledge, and yes, i do expect him to acknowledge it. >> but he was wrong not to acknowledge it in the beginning. so he would have to say he was wrong. >> i think he has said these sort of, when he's under pressure, he will talk about religious persecution but lump
5:25 pm
it in. muslims are percent cuted. >> the moral equivalency argument is foolish. he has to go back thousands of years to pull out the inquisition and the crusades. it's insane. so now why do you feel this is so important? what is it about you, kiersten powers, that has put this killing of christians abroad to the top of the list? >> as you know, bill, i care a lot about human rights in general. i was married to somebody who is a coptic christian, i'm still very close to him and his family. and they're in egypt. and i spent time there and feel a real connection. so when i see these people, these coptic christians being beheaded i see family essentially. so i really was educated by spending time with people who are in this region, and i think
5:26 pm
a lot of americans don't really realize -- >> no they don't. >> -- how many christians are over there. >> we have a coptic christian on our staff here at the factor, and christians living in these terror-ridden countries are absolutely terrified. at any time they could be murdered just because they have a cross around their neck or they're saying a prayer. that's how bad it is. and the leader of the free world says nothing. last word. >> that's true. he's been i mean nothing, he occasionally will say something. >> nothing kiersten. >> he has not made it a priority, not just talking about it but doing something about it, in terms of aid. >> nothing, he hasn't done anything. not said anything. and he's not alone. many american christian leaders absolutely silent as we have pointed out in the past >> that's right. social media, the net,
5:27 pm
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5:31 pm
the persian gulf. this wildhile nuke negotiations going on with iran. meanwhile, thousands dying in the mediterranean sea. let's take the warships first. is this a good move by president obama? >> bill it's a good move if he means it. don't make a fist unless you're willing to throw a punch. and there is real danger in this because the iranians are convinced that they can get away with anything. that obama will do nothing to jeopardize this nuke deal. they suffered a defeat where they couldn't deliver the goods but u.s. air power did. so the chances of iran overplaying their hand are actually very very high. i want to know what restrictions
5:32 pm
our warships are under -- >> yeah, but they're not going to tell you that. that would tell the enemy that. but you got to get -- >> leading from behind could turn into bleeding from behind. >> but you've got to say, to be fair now, if the president of the united states is going to move warships off the coast of yemen to block arms shipments from iran, if he sees the little iranian boat toot, toot coming up, he's going to stop and search. why else would you put them there? and if he doesn't do that, every sailor on the boat's going to be e-mailing me going, you know what? we just let that boat go in there with a bunch of arms. so you've got to feel that he's going to do it. >> no, i just don't know. that's the problem with obama. he walks up to the line, and he backs down, at the last minute, when he could make a decisive step. so there is real danger that those iranian warship, not just little boats, but iranian warships will do something really stupid and we will reply
5:33 pm
ineably. i am very don't send our ships there unless you mean to enforce the blockade. >> we have to assume that if the iranian warships open fire that they'll be sunk could the bottom of the sea. >> one hopes. >> i said the unintended consequence of disingagement in the middle east has led to this migrant tragedy of people drowning in the mediterranean sea, just absolute chaos all over the place. it's all because there's n leadership anymore. and everything is going to hell over there. am i wrong? >> well, no. you're right. the migrant problem for europe predates the arab spring and all that came after. so you've got a real mix of sub-saharan african and other migrants. and you've got people fleeing the violence in the middle east. christians trying to escape.
5:34 pm
and, as we saw, their fellow passengers, the muslims are happy to throw them overboard and drown them. >> right. >> i very rarely agree with kiersten powers but, man, the religious cleansing this religious genocide in the middle east is problem number one for the western civilization. >> right. and do we have any strategy to deal with that at all? >> well, the president doesn't have one. i certainly do. >> right. you do, but you're not in charge. >> no, i'm not. >> right. okay. >> but the president doesn't care. >> i want to throw one question about this admiral mullen who we had on before you, we were talking about him. doesn't honor dictate that the former joint chiefs of staff all right the former most powerful military person explain this bergdahl situation? doesn't honor dictate now that
5:35 pm
he's out of the armed forces? >> honor only dictates to honorable men. and unfortunately beginning with rumsfeld, we have appointed some very, very weak three and four-star generals. men and women who do not have the courage of their already weakened convictions. for instance, last week you heard general dempsey the current joint chiefs. saying if ramadi, falls to islamic state that's not a big deal. we have, our soldiers are lions but they're led by far too many weak lings. >> i hope he steps up. thanks for joining us. >> your new book comes out may 5. coming up, the supreme court under fire for gay marriage. also ahead. are american children being corrupted because they spend too
5:36 pm
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'riley.
5:40 pm
the supreme court will decide whether gay marriage is a constitutional right. 37 states have legalized gay barnl marriage. but in 23 of those states judges imposed it. the supreme skortcourt is supposed to be an incorruptible inch station, but sources say judge ginsberg has performed three gay marriages and just marriages and justice kagen one. >> they have never stated their view on the fund amountal fact that the court has to decide which is whether or not the state can ban or prohibit gay marriage. what they have done in going and doing these marriages, they've expressed a personal view. >> yes. >> about gay marriage. >> yeah. >> but they haven't said. a personal view doesn't mean that they're going to necessarily decide it's a constitutional right.
5:41 pm
>> i know you went to harvard law and you're both smarter than i am. >> true. >> if you perform a gay marriage as someone who is doing it legally. >> right. >> you are not breaking the law. you're not going in there defying the law. >> right. >> so they're going to rule that it's legal. >> no. you're making a jump there. just because somebody personally believes in something. i like ice cream. >> it's more than personal belief, they acted on it! they acted -- >> i have a constitutional right to ice cream. >> this is insane. >> the recusal standard is whether or not a judge's impartiality might reasonably be questioned. >> i think it's reasonable. >> going out of your way to perform same-sex marriages that shows that you hold in your heart -- >> that it should be legal! that's not impartial. >> if a justice would recuse herself every time she has an
5:42 pm
opinion about something that is going to hit the court -- >> we had a justice recuse herself because she worked on a case -- >> kagen did. one of the justices that is now being asked to recuse has recused. >> here's what we're saying. is there a reasonable basis that you could conclude that in fact their impartiality could be called into question. answer, yes. they personally performed -- >> you can't make that jump. you can't make that jump. >> the point is, they get to decide. >> they get to decide. unlimited power. this is what unlimited power looks like. they get to decide. and nobody can say anything about it. >> -- supports that rule by the way. >> i think we know which way this is going. >> john hinckley tried to kill president reagan, almost succeeded. he was tried on the basis of insanity. now this guy may be free.
5:43 pm
roll the tape. >> this exclusive gated community in williamsburg, virginia overlooks a golf course and resort where presidents have stayed. and it's now a part-time home for the man who 34 years ago shot and nearly killed president ronald reagan and three others, including press secretary james brady who was gravely injured. john hinckley spends 17 days a month here where his elderly mother has a house. he reportedly enjoys taking long walks driving around town, eating fast food. >> he does come here, and when he's here he walks around, goes to local stores. >> on wednesday, hearings will begin again to determine if hinckley should be allowed even more time in williamsburg and the possibility of living here permanently. his doctors are expected to argue hinckley's mental illness is under control. >> of course. it doesn't matter, look he's
5:44 pm
been at st. lizelizabeth's since he was found to be insane. it's a soft play. he has had everything he could possibly want. he's never been punished for shooting president reagan and the other three, one of whom, james brady, never recovered. he has never been punished. and now at age 57 they want to let him walk around and to whatever he wants to do. >> i think it's improper. >> morally wrong. >> it's morally wrong objectionable in every way. he already has 17 days that he's able to do be in a beautiful gated community, running around. >> you can't make this up. >> their is our system, theis -- this is our system. >> i don't think they should be giving the 17 days. and the insanity plea changed after the hinckley case. >> you haven't redeemed yourself, weil. new study says millions of american kids are addicted.
5:45 pm
is that corrupting their morals? rs. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve.
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back of the book segment. is social media corrupting american children? a new study from the pugh research center says 92% go on the net every day. 24% are in cyberspace almost constantly. 56% several times a day. 71% of the kids use facebook. 41% snap chat. 52% instagram. is the net corrupting american kids. with us the author of a new best-selling book, david brooks, and you say? is the net corrupting the morals of american children?
5:49 pm
>> so there's evidence they're getting more narcissistic. in 1950 they asked high school seniors, are you a very important person. they said yes. in 2012, they said 80% yes. >> so now the kids have a self-inflated view of themselves. how much does that affect right and wrong? >> i think it's mainly not the technology. it's us. we tell them they're special. give them trophies for everything. if you graduate the places you'll go dr. seuss book, it's all you, you, you. it leads to a lack of humility. and we talk to them about career career, career. >> the effect if anybody's ever been around teenagers knows that their whole lives center around this hand held machine. so rather than going out in nature and maybe having a conversation, developing then selves in a number of different areas they're on this machine
5:50 pm
where they're talking about, which you just said, themselves. when you text it's about i'm doing this. i'm wearing that. jane did this or harvey did that. it's all contained. so it's got to have a dell tearous effect. >> you're broadcasting a highlight reel of your life. career culture, they haven't been given categories to think about their life. >> let me challenge that. the reason these things are down is because the kids are infull traited on how not to get pregnant and what to do and what not to do. as far as the view of justice and good samaritanism and things like that it's almost non-existent even in the private school. my book is based on two sets of virtues, the resume virtues it's the stuff to the workplace,
5:51 pm
the eulogy are the things they say after your dead. courageous, honorable bold, capable of great love. we have a school system and a culture that emphasizes the resume and ignores the eulogy virtues. our kids don't get that message. >> now i read in the book that you wrote this road to character to save your own soul. >> yeah. well you know -- >> but is that why you wrote and it? >> to be a better person. there are some people who radiated it. >> but you know when you say you want to save your soul, compadres at the new york times are looking at you like this, it's like when i said to 60 minutes that one -- i got the inspiration, i believe, to write killing jesus, from the deity. i was like oh did you get any flak from actually saying you'd like to save your soul? >> there are certain words you use, and i use in the book that i'm very proud of.
5:52 pm
you get a little flat footed. so sand is a big one. grace redemption, i think we have to reintroduce that word. >> ian to the new york times? >> yeah. >> even to fox news. >> we're much more religion-friendly here than the new york times is. have you been mocked or shunned? >> not mocked or shunned. >> are you sure? that's not what i hear. >> well that's a personal thing, it's not political. but you did, if people want to read the book, the motivation was partially so umted to become a better person. >> i'm not the model character, but the people in the book, dwight eisenhower, francis perkins, those are the models of character. so i want to learn what they did how they came to have a strong inner core. how they came to integrity, generating in their life that made them compassionate, good, strong. >> do you believe in an afterlife? >> i do. >> you do? are you catholic?
5:53 pm
>> i don't talk about my faith in public. this is not only a book for believers, it's for non-believers as well. >> i was struck by that and you wrote it in your op ed piece that you want to save your soul. he's not taken to lunch by anybody. >> we're a broad catholic with a small group with the new york times. >> you think new york times is religion-friendly? >> we have cover religion. >> all right. david brooks everybody, the book is "the road to character." appreciate you coming in here. tip of the day, news agency on the net that's not serving you well it's a big one. the tip, moments away.
5:54 pm
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james and doc holiday as well here on the fox news channel. companion book, legend and lies, was the best selling book in america last week. legends and lisles, separates fact from fiction, tells you how our country was really forged. next sunday we'll focus on the amazing story of kit carson wait until you see what this guy did. now to mail new york city bill, talking points you say that those making $400,000 a year pay about 40% in federal income tax, that's misleading. it can be, but in the context with the doctor. bottom line, the affluent many small business people are paying most of the federal income tax with revenues at record levels, despite that, the debt continues to rise in america discipline and fairness is needed. jack, also new york city austin ate you up again o'reilly. sure he did, jack. say hello to batman for me.
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jim lore, new jersey i understand the pope is calling for compassion for refugees in europe, i wonder if the vatican will welcome any of them. not fair, jim not fair. catholic charities does more good in this world than any other organization. they're everywhere. helen, bernardsville, new jersey, let them settle their own problems. and be prepared helen for millions of brutal deaths and war which will eventually come here. that's what isolation is, and we'll bring it. anthony, america new york while reading this, i noticed the similarity how stalin obama's the only one with putin. not at that level yet, anthony, but putin may work his way up, could happen. by the way if you guys want me to sign copies of patton or my books for mom and dad get their orders into billo'
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now. theresa indiana i thought the flag protection act can be used to property those who damage the american flag. that was ruled unconstitutional in the same year, theresa. supreme court saying flag desecration is protected under free speech. letter of the day richard sheriff, oh tennessee bill thanks for your passion about history, i'm 71 and living proof it is never too late to learn. ly graduate with honors from the university of tennessee chattanooga with a degree in criminal justice. well your graduation present is a signed copy of legends and lies rich way to go. tip of the day deception in the news, because the upcoming campaign is so important from time to time, going to tell you about news agencies that are not fair and honest. the yahoo news service used by millions, but what these people often do is take far left
5:59 pm
articles, post them without any vetting whatsoever go there check it out. let me know if you see any conservative media represented on yahoo, very rare. on the newspaper front, the usa today editorial page, grossly unfair, and anti-fox news to boot. same thing with the cleveland plain dealer. these editorial pages could not care less about the truth, they're in business to push a left wing ideology. you should know about that, factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo' we'd like you to sput out. name a town, word of the day do not be a jackanapes. now teddy woods reminded me that i have not used jackanapes in a while. thanks for watching us.
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miss megyn is next. the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight the clinton campaign on the defensive as pressure ramps up over allegations of bribery and her larger record as secretary of state. welcome to the kelly file everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the clinton campaign is off to a rough start for the second full week. first dealing with a new book called clinton cash and questions about the former secretary of state possibly showing favoritism to companies or countries that donated to her family foundation. then when clinton campaign chief john last night went out to defend her, he had to also answer questions about exactly what she had accomplished during her tenure as secretary of state. listen to some of that.


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