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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 22, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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you? >> first radio show, three hours live in new york then we have our radio christmas party and i salute everywhere in d.c. >> a christmas party in april. >> yes. >> we're keeping the spot warm for you with heather nauert. >> come on
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would. martha: we'll have more on hoirk and her push to be seen as a champion of the middle class. we'll speak to danna per relationship oh, cocoast of the five. -- cohost of "the five." in paris they say they have arrested a man who was planning to attack a church.
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gregg palkot is live in london. what can you tell bus this suspect so far gregg? >> reporter: we are look at serious terror concerns in paris, in france. its interior minister came out and announced a 24-year-old french algerian student was nabbed by police sunday morning. the cop says he got a gunshot wound we'll responding to a robbery. when they go to the home they find guns fan vests, everything for the attack? january synagogues and mosques have been guard by police but
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not churches. it has been feared they could be vulnerable because there have been other attacks against christians. to show how deadly serious this man could have been, police are possibly linking him to the murder of a young womb plan that same paris -- young woman in that same paris suburb. martha: we sun he was also make -- we understand he was also making plans to go to syria. >> reporter: there are indications there is a syria link. police say this guy was opposite their way door twice in the past two years. police say that there wasn't enough information to hold the guy and also they were busy
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tracking a lot of other people in france. police just recently said thehey are following at least 100 criminal cases that could be tied to jihadists. martha: gregg thank you very much. bill: allegations of agents having sex parties paid for by drug cartels. the head of the dea is stepping down. the first female agent in charge. sheer she is explaining her inability to fire anyone when she testified before congress. >> why can't you fire people? everybody else can be fired. why can't you fire people who work for you?
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>> under the civil service laws i can't interest snreent disreply nary process. i don't recommend the sanction. i can't fire. i don't recommend a penalty. >> you have to work with agents you can't discipline and have no control. and you have no control over the security clearance. what the hell do you get to do? bill: she can fire someone she can fire herself. will the government policy change now? >> these dea agents engaged in parties with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels. the house oversight reform committee held a hearing on the dea. its chairman says the next administrator needs more authority to discipline their employees. >> i think the law needs to
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change. she could have allowed the inspector general to look deep. other thing they could have done is revoke security clearances. you can't have a job at the dea if you don't have a security clearance. >> reporter: in announcing michele leonhart's retirement. temperature the attorney general said ... bill: 10 minutes past. martha: is the worldal safer place now than it was 30 years ago? president obama in a wide ranging interview says he believes we are in a safe were world and his foreign policy is primarily the reason for that's.
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bill: after 40 years on the lam an escaped fugitive turns himself in to police. wait until you hear the reasons why. martha: why a navy aircraft carrier is hanging out off the coast of yemen. >> i saw a lot of tickers saying ships going there to intercept iranian ships. that is play and thely untrue. this discreet movement is for a discreet purpose. y selects caregivers to help with personal care housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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martha: anger spilling into the streets of baltimore last night. watch. nearly 1,000 people against the death of a man from a mysterious spinal cord injury that happened during his arrest. they were using the same slogans we heard last year. he died one week later in the hospital. the justice department is looking into this case. bill: saudi arabia apparently calling off niece bombing raids in yemen apparently because of pressure from the white house. the air strikes ending as the administration struggles to
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explain why warships are in the area. they are suspected of tracking an iranian convoy carrying weapons to yemen. the state get squashing that concept. >> they are not there to intercept iranian ships or do issues like that. the purpose of moving them is to insure the shipping lanes remain open and safe. there is misreporting and confusion on this. i just wanted to be very clear. bill: jen psaki refusing to say exactly what the ships are doing. >> the u.s. made clear the iranian supports of the houthis is unacceptable. i'm not going to lay out what actions will or will not be taken. that would be irresponsible.
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bill: explain nuts big picture why are folks talking past each other? >> the great shiia-sunni civil war has come to the united states. we are not shooting bullets but we are shooting words. you have got an amazing disagreement between the pentagon and the kerry and administration chasing this nuke deal and unicorn notion that we can have a grand reconciliation with iran. so what you have got basically is the pentagon trying to hold together the old alliances and the -- the administration just abandoning them and pressure can the saadiess to stop their
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bombing campaign against the iranian-backed houthis because the administration doesn't want to do anything to alienate iran to the point where it's now doing iran's bidding. bill: if we are worried about surface-to-air missiles going into yemen are we willing to stop that? it doesn't appear that answer is clear. >> we even have a up n. mandate. there is an arms embargo and supplying the houthi rebels. we diverted the theer to roosevelt as well as a guided missile cruiser the u.s.s. normandy from missions in the persian gulf. the roosevelt was there to fly missions in iraq and syria against an islamic state.
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those ships were diverted -- if you don't mean it, if you don't want to use them. don't divert them, don't have them doing figure 8s on the water because administration doesn't know what to do. if you don't make a fist unless you mean the lay of the punch. the administration's threats have been oh empty and so discouraging to our allies that they are making the situation much much worse. bill: saudi arabia along with egypt and qatar they are fighting forces in yemen. the houthi rebels are backed by the shiia in iran. the theodore roosevelt is out in the arabian sea shadowing this
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iranian fleet at last check it was still steaming 9 knots an hour. now we have the situation if the iranians come to the coast of wellen. well -- of yemen, if they dock what do we do. if it threatens navigation, that's a problem. what does that mean to you as a military man? >> that's a red herring. he's got it backward. the houthi rebels with anti-ship missiles could threaten navigation in the southern tip of yemen where africa and the iranian peninsula almost come together. if you want to stop that from happening you have to stop the
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iranian ships from supplying the houthi rebels. the state department don't even want to admit we are shadowing those iranian rebels. bill: she called the theodore roosevelt discreet. that's a big chunk of floating steel. >> the administration is so strategically muddled the only thing i can guarantee you out of this mess is iran will emerge the winner and we and our traditional allies will be the losers. martha: prosecutor continuing to argue the boston marathon bomber should be put to death for his crimes. the evidence they say shows he has no remorse and why they say
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bill: evander holyfield talking to sean hannity about the fight with mitt romney. >> is it a fight or what? >> he many a good guy.
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>> are you going to hit him? >> one thing i don't want to do is get evander mad and have him forget who it is he's boxing. bill: holyfield versus romney. 5:15. three -- 5-15. three weeks away? >> i think he said if i don't hit him in the first 3 seconds it means i already passed out. he's got a good sense of humor. bill: may 15. march report sentencing phase of the boston marathon bombing continues. yesterday they presented a picture of a defiant tsarnaev flipping the bird at the courtroom security camera while he was waiting to be arraigned.
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another big day about to begin molly? >> reporter: it's been very bye. there has been a lot of testimony here. the second phase of the trial looking lot like the first. we are seeing a lot of graphic pictures and video. just taking the stand this morning, andrew collier he's talking about growing up with his brother racing go-karts in new hampshire. yesterday a woman crossed the finish line wearing blade. martha: prosecutors laid out why
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they think tsarnaev should receive the death penalty. >> reporter: prosecutors began theirs by showing giant full-screen color photos of the four victims saying this is how we should know them. the prosecutor said tsarnaev murdered each with no time to say good-bye and said this is the very essence of terrorism. tsarnaev took the boston marathon and turned it into a political statement saying tsarnaev is unrepentant uncaring and untouched by the sorrow he created. bill: one of hillary clinton's supporters say one of hillary clinton's main goals is to topple the rich.
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martha: the manager of the cincinnati reds is talking again. what he's saying about that infamous [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> you guys can do whatever you want but i'll tell you this [bleep] i'm not going to tell you everything about this club [bleep] ... it comes in oral rinse spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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bill: there are thousands stranded on a cruise ship finally back on dry land. passengers and crew members had to hunker down in australia due to 30-foot waves. >> chairs turned like lollipops
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it was crazy. bill: many of the passengers were suffering from seasickness. when the battered ship was able to dock a day behind schedule, everybody said to be okay. good news. martha: hillary clinton reportedly promising to topple the rich, targeting the wealthy 1%. hillary clinton herself gets paid around $300,000 a speech. by some calculations that's more money per hour t the highest paid ceos in this country. i'm joined by dana perino. she is bush's former press secretary and cohost of "the five." she is planning her campaign
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strategy and clearly she wants to be on the side of fixing income inequality. one of the ways she thinks to do that is topple off the top 1% of the wealthy. >> when you compare to it ceos who are actually in charge of things and have a board to report to, they have a lot of responsibility. i don't grudge her getting paid that much for a speech if that's what those companies are willing to pay to have her come. give it does get a little bit tired. when she is talking about the 1% and top -- toppling them, shat that's poll tested and like liz berth warren. the left is disappointed. that 1% she is talking about those are the people who are her
6:34 am
friends and supportsers and funding her lifestyles for years. she won't be able to topple the 1%. and they know that that that and nothing will change for them. scott walker, marco rubio. they have all had more popular mess averages. martha: they are trying to change the perception of the republican party being more sympathetic to the rich and focus on what they call blue collar conservatives. which is something that's out there. but it's sort of like a zero self-awareness. why not talk about the fact that she has been so successful this country and she was able to achieve so much in her life. but she seems to be doing this liz best warn -- doing this liz best
6:35 am
warren. >> i don't think elizabeth warren is a serious candidate. i think that's a ruse. that appeal to saying that the people at the top are hurting the people at the bottom, that's a decent campaign message and i think hillary clinton's people want to get her out there and go for a test drive. they are just out there with the training wheels on. they are trying to see how the words coming out of her mouth to topple the rich actually go over. martha: everybody is test driving their messages. speaking of saying what's on your mind, your book has come out and it's so you. i was going through it this morning. it brings out such a wonderful
6:36 am
quality you have, dana. one of the pictures i enjoyed was you as a little girl at the white house. your face looks like it does now except you look more mature. tell us about that day. >> my dad had to go on a business trip and my mom's friend worked at the white house. this was in the 1970s. bob beckle was actually work and i was visiting as a 7-year-old. it had a big impact on me. parents should take their kids to washington twice. once when they are between airnlings 7-10 and then between 15-1 state so they can put into their mind's eye what they are learning in their history class. i took on the milk box outside of our front door and said one
6:37 am
day i'm going to work pat the white house. but none of us really believed it. then i was there with president bush. people say how can i be a press secretary, too? i said first i have to work as a country music deejay for minimum wage. the most important they can is to if not have any fear. risk aversion is a problem in america. the president told me why don't you start your own business. i said there are 100 reasons why i can't. he said what's the worst thing that can happen? we are blessed to live in america and i think about my time with president bush as well.
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bill: cincinnati reds manager brian price issues an apology for that colorful 5-minute rant. it sounded like this. >> i tell you what's going on with the team bloom and you have got top watch this [bleep] and read a tweet from our own people [bleep] that we don't have a player [bleep] how does that benefit the reds? that doesn't benefit us [bleep] one bit. bill: price took to twitter and said i used wholly inaproper yament language to describe the media coverage our team. while i stand by the contents of my message i'm sorry for my choice of words. martha: they won the night of that speech.
6:39 am
did they win again? bill: they won. martha: it worked for the team. here is what's coming up. president obama touting his foreign policies saying the world is a lot less war torn than it was 30-40 years ago. our political panel weighs in on that. plus there is this. bill: that was 34 years ago john hinckley shooting president reagan and others.
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martha: 30 minutes in the trading day and the dow is up 32. stocks like verizon slumping on quarterly earnings reports. the dow closed down 85 points
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yesterday. volatile trading. we'll keep an eye on the markets. bill: yemen is on the brink and iran is work on a nuclear bomb. russia made its own land grab be in the ukraine but the president sees the world as more peaceful than it used to be. >> it's going to take some time but i remind people there is probably less war and less violence around the world today than there might have been 30-40 years ago. it doesn't make it any less painful, but things can get better. what he just have to be vigilant and we have to have strong partners. bill: is he wrong? gentlemen, here we go. reflections of 1985, 1975.
6:44 am
is he right or not? >> he's wrong. it's amazing the president would say that based on the fact every day he received an intelligence briefing we are not privy to that lists a ton incursions happening around the world that we don't necessarily know about today that he does. for him to say that based on what we do know is unconsciousable. unconsciousable -- is unconscionable. we are spending 35% more after 9/11 than we spent before 9/11. that's 20% of our $4 trillion budget. where is the peace dividend? bill: that's even ainlting point. alan can you defend that? >> yes. 30-40 years ago we were just getting out of vietnam. we lost americans every day in
6:45 am
vietnam. the cold war was winding down. there wassal civil war in an goala -- there was a civil war in angola. and to take this one little sentence he said in a much longer interview is to knit-pick about what he said. bill: he said our job is to protect americans. the jihadis trying to join isis were arrested and that will continue. he also said we are protecting our interests. where is that happening? he says we are maintaining freedom of navigation. what does that mean? >> isn't that a joke? we are supposed to be negotiating in good faith with the iranians and they are sending their warships into the straits and forcing obama to
6:46 am
send our warships into the straits to protect the shipping lanes and he says this is a more peaceful occurrence or more freedom of snaf nation. quite the contrary. what about china building a blue toation navy? what do you think about russia expand their navy and their incursions into the ukraine. it's not a more peaceful world. >> there is a last line, we are partnering with elements in those community to be more peaceful. >> we are trying diplomacy rather than war. we have had too much wars under the watch this president and too much wars in general. at least this president is attempting diplomacy which republicans seem to be against which an attempt to tamp down.
6:47 am
diplomacy is a way forward to tamp down the possibility of war. >> i think it's a ridiculous argument. bill: the commander in chief made the argument it's more peaceful than it was 30 to 40 years ago. would you take those times over today? >> i would not. i just outlined the civil wars going on. the barracks in lebanon. 400 marines were killed and hit. it was not at all peaceful 30 to 40 years ago. bill: vigilant, stronger partners. what does that mean to you? >> i don't know what it means because the president hasn't put his words to deeds. we don't have partners. what do our partners do?
6:48 am
they walk out. they say we are not going to have a deal with iran. the president is precious for a deal. iran acting in bad faith is not only arming rebels, but they are bringing warships into shipping lanes. so i don't know what the president means because his actions defy his words. bill: we are about to see in a couple days when that ship arrivals in port fit arrives in port what happens then? >> you can't blame the president of the united states for every trouble spot in the world. if that were the case we would have to go back in history and blame the president for every trouble spot. bill: let that debathe continue, gentlemen. thank you. martha: a man who was on the run from the law for nearly 40 years
6:49 am
is back in custody. but he turned himself in. he said i want to go back some jail. you won't believe the reason why. bill: a tornado tearing homes apart, scattering debris. now there is more dangerous weather on the way. >> the trees hit the house. i didn't hear anything. it was a mess. it's a mess. one of the drain pipes went through the bedroom window.
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bill:ment in south bracing for major storms hail, damaging winds and possibly tornadoes. this after one tornado touched down in central florida damaging
6:53 am
homes. >> mom was sleeping and heard a big thump and got out of bed. she was taking a nap. her big oak tree in the backyard was down and she heard it go against the house. martha: a man is on the run for 40 years and then decides, i'm going to turn myself in. his name is clarence moore he says he wants to go back to jail because he needs healthcare. he vanished from a prison in 1966. >> reporter: you think you know a guy. neighbors thought they knew ronnie dickerson a frail old bearded guy who was nice. he had conversations about his diabetes but they never knew him
6:54 am
because he doesn't exist. they knew 6-year-old clarence david moore who escaped from a prison in 196. he lived with a woman she didn't know his past. he called the sheriff from his home and gave himself up. >> he was very emotional and i think was glad to get it behind him. >> reporter: prison record showed he escaped a few times and got better at it. he escaped a second time and was on the one until 1975. then in 1976 he escaped and stay on the lam until he made that phone call. martha: he turned himself in for healthcare? >> he had a stroke and he was partially pair lied and couldn't get around. but he couldn't get medicare
6:55 am
because he had bogus i am d. whatever happened, he will not go back to his original prison in north carolina because it was shut down in 2002. the original conviction, larceny. martha: mike, thank you very much. bill: 40 years on the run. hillary clinton's team releasing a memo to try to get ahead of a new book tracing money and policy. will allegations damage her campaign and how will her team respond? we'll look at that in a moment. martha: there could be a nice signing bonus in store for iran if they dine the deal. should we be sweetening the pot for a country known to be supporting terrorism? >> we have to stand up for our interests. put it to the iranians you stop this right away or we won't have
6:56 am
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martha: hillary clinton goes into battle mode you could say. she is arming her supporters with some talking points to fight the charges that could rock potentially her presidential aspirations. welcome everybody, to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. the plex sieve accusations in a book not even public. the clinton campaign not wanting rolling out big guns to shoot it down. sending out a three-page letter, with talking points, telling clinton surrogates, saying these type of fairs are typical in campaigns now and this is part after coordinated republican strategy end quote. martha: ed henry, live in washington. you got your hands on the clinton campaign memo when instructed to respond when asked about this book. what did you find? >> reporter: what is interesting having been on the road for two days with secretary clinton in new hampshire she alluded to this herself talking about i'm focused on voters here in new
7:00 am
hampshire. i'm not going to worry about distractions. memo also mentions that. but what i found interesting were two things. one, it goes on and on, this three-page memo about the book backed by a koch brothers linked organization. same organization bankrolling ted cruz's presidential campaign. that republican rand paul also running for president has been briefed on this book and has been talking about it on fox and other outlets. point being, they are trying to go back to the old clinton playbook. this is vast right-wing conspiracy. all about conservatives piling on hillary clinton. but what i find interesting what you're not seeing in this memo is an actual, specific refuting of the allegations. you know was there any or were there any favors exchanged for money that went to the clinton foundation? they don't get into that in this memo? maybe a follow-up memo once the book comes out on may 5th. no doubt about it. blaming it on conservatives but not getting at substance of the
7:01 am
allegations. martha: that is exactly what it is. it is three pages of vast right-wing conspiracy naming names, ted cruz rand paul having connections in some way to the people who funded or backed this book. all of that is very sort of loosely related as well. i mean, does that mean that they just don't want to dane to respond to what is suggested in this book? is that part of the battle plan? >> i think you're right at least in the early stages. written by brian fallen used to work for attorney general eric holder. now the national press secretary of hillary clinton based in brooklyn at the headquarters there. what he does say, look the clinton foundation helped millions of people. it is fighting aids, it did a lot of great work around the world. that is not in dispute. republican lawmakers spoken at clinton foundation deals and said great things about it. what is at issue, what about the foreign money went in? a, were there favors exchanged? b, there is another thing that could expose the white house.
7:02 am
you heard josh earnest under fire. at beginning of obama administration there was memorandum of understanding signed to the clinton people and obama people which this kind of foreign money wasn't supposed to come in. there is not only potential exposure for clinton campaign but what did the obama administration know and when did they know it about the foreign money coming in? and did it influence not just secretary clinton's decisions but that was all about the administration's decisions on some of these key issues martha. martha: remains to be seen obviously whether or not this is going to work. >> sure. the clintons have previously said, we're, going back to the when president clinton was in office whether monica lewinsky, other issues, he would say i'm focused on american people. this is right-wing conspiracy. these are allegations that are not true. this is false. that is false. at the end of the day bill clinton survived impeachment. we know that obviously inside the clinton cam they hope the it will work again.
7:03 am
i'm not making direct comparison with impeachment with what is in the book. we need to see more from the book and what is in there. they're not going at the substance much it yet. martha: ed, thank you very much. >> good to see you. bill: another big story. fox news alert. mixed messages of the white house on the mission of a u.s. aircraft carrier, trailing convoy of iranian ships. the ships are believed to be carrying heavy weapons for rebels fighting in yemen. pentagon officials say the navy set up a blockade off the coast of yemen to make sure that does not happen. the white house says the carrier group is only there to make sure shipping lanes remain open. >> the movement of the this particular aircraft carrier would augment the american military presence in the gulf of aden and would send a clear signal about our continued insistence about the free flow of commerce in the freedom of movement in the region. bill: so peter doocy is live at the white house there.
7:04 am
what is the white house instrucking those ships to do? do we have an answer on that? >> reporter: bill so far no order from the americans to board any of those nine iranian ships. beyond that the white house is refusing to telegraph any further this afternoon, what the americans plan to do to stop the iranians from bringing boat after boat after boatload of weapons to the houthi rebels in yemen who are trying to overthrow the government there. >> i think you will have to just wait and see. obviously our focus here is on moving towards a diplomatic -- >> but all the options are out there, they're open? >> again, i will let my dod colleagues speak to that i understand what the interest is. we're watching this very closely i can assure you. >> reporter: saki says, wait and see. an official at the pentagon scoffs at state department suggestion that the uss roosevelt is being discrete. i don't know, the model of the roosevelt battle group is, carry
7:05 am
a big stick. so the navy is ready. and the world is waiting to see what happens next, bill. bill: how does the high seas drama impact the nuclear negotiations ongoing now in switzerland? >> reporter: bill, things could get a little bit awkward at negotiating table, at least the way of the former head of the defense intelligence agency sees things. >> i see a lot of confusion. if we're putting an aircraft carrier in the gulf of yemen to block against iranian warships that are coming into that area, and yet we're still sitting at a table cutting a deal on nuclear weapons, there is something wrong with that picture. >> reporter: those nuclear negotiations started back up yesterday. a pentagon official tells us in the last 24 hours american aircraft from the roosevelt battle group have gotten close enough to the iranian convoy that they have maintained a visual on those nine ships multiple times. bill. bill: thank you, peter doocy from the north lawn of the white house there.
7:06 am
>> there is a hearing underway for attempted assassin john hinckley, jr. he is asking the judge for more freedom. hinckley who shot president reagan back in 1981, recently spending most of his time at his mother's house in virginia instead of the psychiatric facility where he was confined after his trial. he was found not guilty of by reason of insanity. now he would like more independence and more time at home. so will he get it? chief washington correspondent james rosen joins us live from the courthouse. james, how much unsupervised freedom just john hinckley really enjoy now already? >> reporter: martha, good morning. it has been slowly expanding over time. at present the would-be assassin of three decades ago spends more than half of each year, about 17 days per month living with his 89-year-old mother in southeastern virginia. over the last 12 years, the federal courts have granted john hinckley, jr. more and more
7:07 am
unsupervised time outside of the mental institution where he was originally confined after the assassination attempt st. elizabeth's in washington. it started out with day visits. then overnight stays with his mother in williamsburg, virginia. always however with restrictions including regular psychiatric sessions volunteering and his requirement that he carry a gps enabled cell phone. the associated press recently profiled the 59-year-old hingery and depict ad fairly normal existence quoting. he likes taking walks, plays guitar and paint, eats at wendy's and drives around in a toyota. at issue in today's heariring whether hinckley should have the unsupervised time expanded to full 30 days at a time, preparer to at some point when his aged mother finally passes on to unsupervised time around the clock, reemerging in society. martha? martha: pretty incredible story,
7:08 am
james. he is remembered as would-be assassin of president reagan but he shot two other people that day. >> reporter: in total he shot three other people besides the president. he ambushed president reagan outside the hilton hotel near dupont circle in washington, fateful day etched in memory, march 30, 1981. he sent bullets flying into president reagan, james brady white house press secretary and secret service officer timothy mccarthy. with his head wound and lifelong paralysis, james brady was the most seriously injured of hinckley's shooting victims. he died just this past august. his wife sara brady at screen left if you can see the images, died earlier this month at 73 after three decades of championing gun control. however president reagan's daughter, patti davis wrote this week in column for "the daily beast" headlined don't let my dad's shooter go free. that hinckley still presents
7:09 am
danger. as evidence of that she cite fact at st. elizabeths he wrote letters to ted bundy and charles manson. among several girlfriends he had over the years, one of them shot her own daughter to death. she was 10 years old. back to you, martha. martha: james, thank you very much. bill: word from europe, the vatican confirming that pope francis will pay a voice to it cuba. do not have an exact date but the vatican says the pontiff will stop there before arriving here in the u.s. in september. some credit the the vat with helping to thaw relations between u.s. and cuba. pontiff wrote to leaders of both countries. the vatican is headed back to the island nation. ten minutes past the hour. martha: new controversy over this nuclear deal in the works with iran. why tehran could get sort after signing bonus to the tune of $50 billion. what the white house says about
7:10 am
that. bill: also, martha a hearing getting underway on the irs. commissioner john koskinen set to be grilled by lawmakers about questionable agency spending while the agency claims it is broke. martha: and things getting a little ugly in 2016 as presidential candidate rand paul lays into two of his republican colleagues. how will they respond? >> i'm really the one standing up to president obama. these people are essentially the lapdogs for president obama and i think they're sensitive about that.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
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bill: take you to paris france, now. the prosecutor in france is talking about this arrest of an islamic extremist said to have an arsenal of heavy weapons allegedly planning an imminent attack on one or more french churches. he shot himself in the leg. had to have treatment. that is part of the reason why the plot was busted. the french are explaining how all this went down. more headlines of that out of paris. martha: the obama administration refusing today to say whether it will rule out giving iran up to $50 billion as a so-called signing bonus sort of arrangement, when they sign this nuclear deal which is supposed to be done by june 30. the state department says that it will quote, look into those reports, that the plan would then release these frozen funds to the tune of $50 billion as soon as that deal is signed.
7:15 am
but that didn't stop reporters from continuing to try to figure out whether or not they're going to get the money. >> they will only get sanctions relief after they take the nuclear related steps they have to. >> does that include -- >> not one dollar. they will not get one dollar on day one. >> we always said they will only get sanctions relief -- >> no, but you also talked about -- >> they're getting access to money throughout this period though. need to be very clear what we're talking about. martha: two totally different things that marie harf just said. they wouldn't get the money until the nuclear deal was done. they had ascribed to details in it. but she said they're fetting money throughout this entire period. i don't know what to take away from that. richard grenell, joining me now. worked as advisor to four u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. fox news contributor. good morning. >> good morn. martha: what do you think she is talking about. >> she doesn't know. seriously she doesn't know. she is really out of the loop.
7:16 am
she has been using podium as political pronouncement for a while. she is really not in the loop what is going on. look we know that the president and white house have already given iran tons of money millions of dollars just to come to the table. we have let go of sanctions both u.s. sanctions and even tried to walk back some of the international sanctions by giving wafers. we've given countries waivers so they can buy iranian oil. this is really a sanctions process that is, that has been imploding for a while and that is in free fall right now. the iranians have continued to lie. even at the u.n., one thing i learned being at the u.n., everyone agrees iran is lying about their nuclear program. we need to force them to come clean and to show us evidence before we give one dollar one
7:17 am
more dollar i should say because the iranians are really playing this process out and we look like fools. martha: i want to go back to marie harf here for a second. you said she is totally out of the loop and she doesn't know what is going on. jen psaki talked about why we have an aircraft carrier off the coast of yemen this morning, i don't really know or i can't really tell you what it will do if an iranian ship is intercepted there. why do they have spokespeople who don't appear to know what's going on, rick? is that part of the strategy? i don't understand why you would do that. they are supposed to communicate what is going on? >> first of all you have to remember that the national security strategy from the national security council, the white house, is really a political strategy. you can go back and look at president obama saying we'll not start wars. that is his national security strategy. come hello or high water whatever information comes in intelligence briefing to him he is saying we'll not have any wars. so that is a big political
7:18 am
pronouncement to our enemies. the spokespeople are really saying this kind of political rhetoric. they know that politics trumps everything. and so, no more wars and they can really say from the podium whatever they want because politics is what is governing our national security. martha: the president was talking about history the other yesterday in an interview that he he did and he said we're safer now really than we were back in 1985. and then george will last night was on "special report" he was talking about the history of our understanding when it comes to what's really happening behind the doors in iran. here is what he said. >> in 2007 the u.s. intelligence agency said that iran had abandoned its nuclear weapons program. in 2013 the president said that we had by agreement halted their program. neither was true. martha: neither was true. we do not know -- >> totally true. martha: we have no idea how far
7:19 am
advanced that program really is. or if they say they are going to turn off certain programs, they went dough if there are others hidden in secret bunkers in other places do we? >> we really don't know martha. you look at with whether number of centrifuges number of enriched uranium, sites we're supposed to be inspecting all information has come from iranians. they have lied. the international atomic energy agency a u.n. agency, they know iran has lied. we can not have unfettered access to the iranians, in this deal we're not getting it either. we're using numbers that the iranians give us. martha: before i let you go seems that the president believes if he get this is deal it will give us a little more entree, a little more ability to see what is going on because we at least have a next. is that true in your mind quickly please? >> i think he believes that. there is no way that is possible. you ignore history if you believe that. martha: rick, thank you very
7:20 am
much. good to have you here. >> thanks, martha. bill: tense moments after a man in a wheelchair takes a hard fall on the tracks. why two people on this platform are now being called heroes. >> who says congress can't get along? the story behind this little -- isn't that sweet? bipartisan smooch in d.c. bill: pucker up. ♪
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
martha: there was a daring rescue that happened at a d.c. metro station. video footage shows a man in a wheelchair for some reason, inching toward the edge went over oh, my goodness. they say he was dangerously close to the electrified third
7:24 am
rail. thankfully, two good samaritans pulled him to safety. they took the victim to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. no word on the identity of those two heroes. bill: new study finding no link between a common vaccine and autism. researchers looked at 100,000 high-risk children. dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine, nyu langone medical center. member of fox news medical a-team. good morning to you. >> good morning bill. bill: 100000 children, that is a big sample, right? you would consider that over 15-year period a big period of time. >> that makes it much more scientific. bill: what is considered high-risk according to this study? >> they looked at this study ad kids whose brothers and sisters siblings have autism. we know genetically if your brother or sister has austism, your chances of getting it yourself is three to 10%. they're high-risk children. they looked everyone gotten, mmr
7:25 am
vaccine, measles, mumps rubella magazine that is live vaccine. the government tracked side-effects on this, since 1990 tracked 7,000 side-effects none of which is autism. we watched vaccine very carefully. the ones in the high-risk group that got the mmr vaccine did not show increased incidence of autism, looking at 100,000 kids. there was no increased incidence of autism. no increased of incidence ever a brother or sister that had it. many research studies never showed connection between the m in. r vaccine and autism. this is the biggest yet. bill: you're a believer as a doctor. >> huge believer. bill: how does this change the game if this indeed holds up? >> the game here we're involved with is trying to calm parental fears because there is increased incidence in autism. parents have right to wonder why. one out of 68 kids are diagnosed
7:26 am
with autism now. we think part of that is on the lookout. but that is not the whole answer. something in the environment is causing that increased risk. what is it? we want to know. parents want to know. but my belief that we've spent so much time focusing on vaccines being a cause, we're overlooking something else that women are exposed to when they're pregnant. stop with all this money money on the vaccine trail because we're overlooking something else. bill: autism is still on the increase, correct? >> huge. one out of 68 kids. bill: it hasn't leveled off? not in retreat correct? >> we need to diagnose it early. we need to treat it. we need to intervene. we need to be sensitive to parents. but we don't need to promote fears. it doesn't help. bill: a parent might watch you right now reading about the story, saying, doctor i do not trust it. to them you say what? >> i say we have measels outbreak. we have to watch out for measles. we have public health responsibility to protect others. we should be looking at mmr saying should it be bundled
7:27 am
together like this. should be given measles, mumps and rubella, should we give it at age we're giving it. all that needs to be studied again and again. we have to be compassion nate to parents. bill: if that is the case this is not definitive answer? >> i think it more of a definitive answer. bill: you do. >> it might be kids are more prone to side-effects. but no evidence they are prone to autism. from my mind it is time to put that away. i think it's a safe vaccine. it is extremely important life saving vaccine. bill: dr. marc siegel, part of our medical a-team. martha what's next? martha: senator rand paul who was here yesterday calling out fellow republican senators. here is what he had to say about john mccain and lindsey graham. >> this comes from a group of people who have been wrong about every foreign policy issue over the last two decades. if anyone who is the most opposed president obama's foreign policy it's me. martha: why he is attacking members of his own party on
7:28 am
defense and foreign policy? bill: you ever posted something online and later regretted and wish it did not exist? check out a new app to wipe your history clean. is that possible? there might be an app for that. >> medical history? ♪
7:29 am
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7:31 am
martha: so the head of the irs is on capitol hill facing tough questions about wasteful spending while cutting the budget for customer service. a new report find the irs spending decisions are harming taxpayers. doug mckelway is looking into this for us from washington. a lot of frustration in tax season. irs claims they don't have enough people or money to do the job, right doug? >> that's right. in fact commissioner koskinen's own words could come back to haunt him in this hearing today. here is what commissioner koskinen told a senate hearing a couple weeks ago on tax day.
7:32 am
>> customer service is far worse than anyone would want. simple matter not having enough people to answer the phones and provide services at our walk-in sites. as a result of the cuts in our budget. >> reporter: well today this ways and means subcommittee will present a new majority report to commissioner koskinen that shows, this is direct quote, the irs deliberately cut 134 million in funding for customer service to pay for other activities. spending decisions entirely under irs's control led to 16 million fewer taxpayers receiving irs assistance this filing season. other spending choices prioritizing employee bonuses an union activity on the taxpayer's dime. used up resources that otherwise could have been used to assist another 10 million taxpayers. now it is true that congress imposed budget cuts on irs in part to cut back on what republican led congress believed was unsustainably high spending but because of lavish spending. they spent $50 million on
7:33 am
conferences. one alone cost taxpayers $1.1 million. the irs spent millions of dollars on training video that contained little or no educational content includings "star trek" video that has been so widely parry did id. martha. martha: thank you very much. bill, foreign policy breaking out among republicans. senator rand paul squaring off against senators john mccain and lindsey graham here in mechanic "america's newsroom" yesterday putting them in the same two camp as president obama. >> the people who call loudest to criticize me are great proponents of president obama's foreign policy they want to do it 10 times over. i want to stand up to president obama. these people are lapdogs to president obama and i think they're sensitive about that. bill: we have radio syndicated author of no he can't, how president obama is dismantling hope and change. jehmu greene president of
7:34 am
women's media center. fox news contributor. lapdogs you are. >> not a good move on rand paul's part. bill: why not? >> he is a bonafide presidential candidate. the winner in the gop side of first two of three iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, goes on 100% of the time to win the nomination. if he happens to break through in iowa and lindsey graham is the king maker in south carolina this is very bad. bill: that is lot of different chess movement. >> it is. bill: what do you think about the comment of lapdogs? >> the name-calling begins. i wish that was not the case. i thought rand paul has been pretty admirable in a lot of things he said to try to push the republican party to be better to bring in new constituents and to reach out to new demographics. i think that is necessary. but when you then shift to name-calling and, just advice that i would give him not to compare your colleagues and your party with the person most hated. bill: bigger point rand paul is making what was your policy going into libya? why did you do that, not
7:35 am
anticipating the fallout? that you're seeing washing up on the shores of italy these days. >> here is the problem bill. you have got a guy who basically non-intervention it, trying to become pro-defense running for president. the guys who are pro defense all along don't think he is serious about that commitment. when you see footage much christians being beheaded, ethiopians shot in the head and bodies washing up on shores of italy, he is a candidate for peacetime, not when global tensions are growing. >> he has to win republican primary likely to face hillary clinton. this type of path i don't think will help get him there. bill: if it is hillary clinton for sake of this discussion, let's say it is, she will then have to defend what rand paul said in every interview he does, what was her policy as secretary of state to go in and topple qadaffi? what was her policy regarding syria and assad? how hard did she fight for it
7:36 am
and where was she in these arguments? >> i think we've seen a lot of those arguments in the book and book tour and all questions and interviews she did around it. but the difference between these two conversations right now is, pillory is talking about how she wants to help everyday americans. rand paul, the other candidates in the republican side they want to put all the focus on hillary. we're going to get there. she put out those answers. she has been very open with the over million miles that she traveled to get us back to a place of prominence in the world. but, this isn't rand paul versus hillary. bill: the answers she may have provided her own answers. but the questions will not stop. we all agree on that. >> in libya the biggest question she has to account for, what difference, senator does it make? that will make something that hangs over her. she didn't call back number two of benghazi. he is still waiting for phone call. she was absent without explanation on libya. she has not been very strong on syria. and we are running into global
7:37 am
escalation on the terror front on almost every continent. isis expanded around the world. >> this is where this campaign will really, really differentiate itself. whereas there are no voters, when you look at electorate, not republican voters engaged in the primary no, no voters in the middle no independents are going to vote on benghazi. they are not -- >> not sure about that. >> they are not focused on issues hillary is talking about in new hampshire. they want to understand how they can increase their daily take home. >> isis camp eight miles from el paso, we're trying to figure out from intelligence services if it is or not. this will not be domestic policy only election. this will be foreign affairs and how it relates to life of every day americans. >> will not be benghazi. bill: there will be a moment in this debate where all this will come up. jehmu, thank you. kevin, thank you. >> an honor. bill: all right. new reaction from senator mccain. he is with neil cavuto later today on "your world."
7:38 am
4:00 eastern time. you will hear with the senator with neil only here on the fox news channel. martha: we'll talk about all that. well the presidential race may be a bit ugly already but a little bit of love is breaking out between democrats and republicans. house speaker john boehner photographed kissing, isn't that sweet, minority leader pelosi on the cheek at a white house event that celebrated the passage of a medicare reform bill. the two leaders personally negotiated the $200 billion doc fix which we heard about since the beginning of health care bill. we read it, found out what was in it. permanently ends automatic cuts in medicare payments to doctors. i read something yesterday, that overall, congress is healthier and less dysfunctional these days. so they're demonstrating that. bill: put the picture back up. boehner is going for it. that is an all-american smooch that he is laying on her cheek. martha: she is excepting that. bill: do we have it? do we have to reenact it?
7:39 am
martha: that's it. bill: my gosh. there we go. well-done, mr. speaker. martha: tell us which one you think was better? bill: yes. @marthamaccallum, @billhemmer. vote for me. not boehner. new charges against an american reporter jailed in iran, what the white house is saying about efforts to bring him home. could this derail delicate nuclear relations with tehran. martha: she is being called the southern judge judy. find out why.
7:40 am
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ bill: ben affleck offering apology of attempted cover-up for his own family history. after a leaked email, he pushed the show, "finding your roots." to find out the fact that he had a slave owning ancestor.
7:43 am
posting on facebook, i don't like the guy is an ancestor, i'm happy that aspect of our country's history is being talked about. affleck saying he now regrets pushing the show to not admit part of his own history family's history. martha: charges brought against an american journalist that works for "the washington post" who is jailed in iran. the rogue regime charging that washington post tehran bureau chief jason rezaian is charged with espionage and crimes including quote, propaganda against the government. the administration has told iran to free this man. >> we made very clear to the iranians that we're concerned about the treatment of americans inside of iran. and, that this continues to be a high priority for u.s. foreign policy. >> should immediately, free to be returned to his family. the charges should be immediately dismissed. >> this is something that will be that you will make, make, you, meaning the administration
7:44 am
will make a point of raising since you say that -- >> not as part of the nuclear talks. these are separate issues. martha: separate issue. douglas jell has been helping in fight for jason's release. he is foreign editor at "the washington post." doug good to have you back on the program this morning. >> thank you for having me. martha: this is the first time he was able to meet with an attorney in tehran. they now leveled these charges which we just mentioned, providing internal and foreign policy information to individuals with hostile intent, collaborating with hostile governments. what do you make of all this? >> well they're very green charges and extraordinarily ludicrous and find them absurd. the idea that jason, who is accredited journalist, highly regarded praised by senior iranian officials is being charged with these types of crimes suggest that iran is pursuing propaganda and not justice in this case. martha: is there i in reason purely on your goal getting him
7:45 am
released and back home to his family to think he now has a lawyer and they have specified charges that a trial will move forward and that may be a positive sign? >> i think we always wanted to see the process move forward. we would like to see jason's case be given a hearing before the court of public opinion and before the iranian courts. so in that sense, this is a positive step. we're concerned about how grave the charges are though and we're extraordinarily concerned about the rec iran's judiciary has shown in the past. they have said they will pursue a fair trial, that they believe in the rule of law. we would like to see that happen. martha: he has been held over two years right? >> he has been there nine months today. martha: nine months today. let's look at the pictures we have of four americans who are all being held in iran right now. you have saeed abedini, the pastor we spoken about quite a bit. you have the marine, heck mahdi. jason rezaian we're talking
7:46 am
about today and robert levinson who is suspected to be held as well. you heard marie harf, with the question, when she was asked would there be a link to say to iran before we go forward with the nuclear negotiations you have several of our people. we would like them released? >> well, you know i think our focus has been on jason and on winning jason's release. we pursued every course we possibly can, asking for help from the u.s. government, from dozens of other governments around the world. the question of how tactically to pursue that is a question for the obama administration and for congress. what we want to do is make sure that our pleas the u.s. government pleas those of hundreds of thousands of people around the world who called for a petition asking for jason to be released, are heard loud and clear in tehran. martha: so you do not believe that i mean i understand obviously what your goal is and everybody would like to see your goal achieved to get him home
7:47 am
but you don't feel a it is necessary to link or you wouldn't want the president to link their release to anything that he might be dealing with, make it precursor for any deal? >> we just don't have any position on how the u.s. government ought to pursue that either way. martha: i understand. talk to me how he is doing what you hear from his family at this point. >> jason spent a long, long time in prison, much of that in solitary confinement. he had some serious health issues to contend with, both his physical health and his mental health. his wife has been able to see him periodically. but he had very little access to visitors. no access by a by consul, and the first visit by the lawyer taking place only on monday, only for 90 minutes, and only in the presence of an official translator. we really don't know how well he is doing physically and mentally. this is part of the reason we
7:48 am
see such urgency having case moving forward and getting him released. >> we wish you and "the washington post" well in this endeavor. we'll continue to talk about it here on our program, thank you very much, sir. good to have you back. >> thank you. bill: it is crazy. jon scott coming up in a few moments. good morning. >> i don't know if you noticed there has been a flury of activity from congress. is this the wave of the future, is it functional or political calculation from mitch mcconnell? we have some answers. airlines reporting record profits. most planes are jimmed full. prices are high, in most cases getting higher. why are airlines cutting back on number of jumbo jets? are they going the way of the dead dough bird. -- do do bird. america is asking. bill: thank you, jon. talking about turning a negative to a positive, lost her job over past tweet, helping users start over on social media. martha: a lot of people would
7:49 am
like to do that. bill: you will find out. ♪
7:50 am
[♪] there is an ancient rhythm... [♪] that flows through all things... [♪] through rocky spires... [♪] and
7:51 am
ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. [♪]
7:52 am
martha: a judge tells off a gang member accused of attempted murder who claims that housing development is his hood. check it out. [[inaudible]] martha: telling it like it is. the judge got a lot of attention with that video. she says his attitude struck a nerve and needed to give him a peace piece of her mind for her
7:53 am
own peace of mind. bill: posted something on line that you worry could come back to hauntnt you. there might be a new app designed to give users a clean slate on the web. it is called clear. lance ulanoff, editor-at-large, mashable dot-com. how are you? >> i'm good. bill: you are angry. had a glass of wine. hit send a little early. the idea here only in testing phase, it is not public, the idea here is to allow lance ulanoff to go back through his history online and delete whatever he does not want on there correct? >> that is how it is supposed to work. it is using pretty cool technology to do so. using ibm watson technology which is cloud based to analyze your tweets and use more than just key words but sentiment analysis to find the offensive or problematic tweets and social media postings. so, if it works the way it should you would see these
7:54 am
posts and kind of know that they're in the red zone. then you have to make the decision about whether or not to delete that. bill: so if that is the case, you hit delete, does it disappear forever? >> well, yes and number it deletes from the service. twitter servers facebook servers. if someone screen grabbed it, it is still around. how many people are screen grabbing random stuff? not that many actually, unless it becomes something. the guy that cited this is ethan caesar. bill: he will work for jeb bush. he is deep into technology. >> not an interesting guy until he got that job. everybody started going back through his tweets and found all the stuff which he said which was all about improve. that is the -- improv. people tried to screen grab that stuff. his app might not have helped because it was out there. before you make yourself public
7:55 am
or go for job interview this is the kind of app people want. i get the question every day from people. bill: in social media people call snapchat. they advertise themselves, send a picture or message and it disappears. does it really? >> people find, take a picture hold a phone take a picture what you saw. now you have a photo of it. that is a record of it. there are almost always ways around it but this is a good, this is a good first step. when you go for job interview what is the first thing that the potential company does? they google you. so cut down the risk. i like the idea, even if this is the most self-serving app i have ever heard of. bill: well, the man who saved your job some day may be something else as well. it is called clear. when will it be available? >> he has a waiting list of thousands of people right now. so it could be weeks. it could be months. depends. even after he is done, he has to go through apple approval process. that will take a little time too. bill: you can delete something you send.
7:56 am
can you delete something someone says or says about you? >> no. bill: maybe that is clear 2.0. >> that ace phone call i think. bill: got it. lance, thank you. it is in beta right now which means it is testing. 7,000 people online waiting to get it. thank you, lance. >> my pleasure. bill: martha? martha: think about that right? hillary clinton has gone on the offensive. she is fighting new accusations that the forther secretary of state gave out favors to foreign nations of the is her strategy and a new memo going to work?
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. this is scientific. we want to know what you prefer? screenwriters? >> that is so cute. >> someone online said you are one lucky guy and i agree. >> it looks funny.
8:00 am
they all looked funny. a lot of law going on. have a good day, everybody. see you on o'reilly tonight. have a good day, everybody. >> we take that as the start to the show, from america's news room. hillary clinton's presidential campaign launching its battle plan ahead of the release of an exclusive book alleging pay to play by the former secretary of state. welcome to happening now. i am jenna lee. >> mrs. clinton's threat to make remarks at georgetown university. no word whether she will address the growing controversy over the book alleging foreign donors who gave millions to the clinton foundation received favorable treatment from the government. when mrs. clinton was the nation's top diplomat. in a new memo the clinton campai


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