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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. if you haven't been there before, "special report" online is a lot of fun. a little bit more relaxed. we answer your questions and comments. "special report" online starts in four seconds. >> a tense faceoff on capitol hill over the irs. is the irs pinched for money or just reckless with yours? and tonight it only right here "on the record," irs commissioner john koskinen and peter ross, the congressman both men going "on the record" in seconds. but, first you just may want to shake your head in disgust. bonuses, unions and he obamacare, that's what the irs is spending millions of dollars on all while ignoring your phone calls for help. in the height of tax season. congress has in fact cut our revenues and resources to a point that we are not as effective as we ought to be. >> you can't run around town and telling everybody you are out of money and that's the reason you can't do your
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job. these doggone people up in congress if they would just give us more money we would do a better job. seriously, when you had that meeting and you put out that directive, what was it that you were trying to achieve? was it better morale? >> first of all we value customer service but when you cut the budget 1,000,200,000 and we lose 17,000 people we don't have enough people anyway. we have cut enforcement. >> if you don't have enough money to enforce the audits and the laws, as in some countries, people got to say the hell with the laws. >> it looks like to me that you are purposely harming taxpayers. >> right. can i answer that assertion? >> you agree that you have cut the use of taxpayer user fees to pay for customer steansz; is that correct? >> that money was moved to, in fact, fund the it necessary for implementing the statutory mandate that congress passed. >> the irs. the irs's choices and i would argue that they are choices on how to allocate resources have been deeply disappointing.
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>> congressman peter joins us. nice to see you sir. >> thank you greta. >> why does the irs question the american people when they have so rotten. >> they have cut customer service. they were appropriated $10.9 billion. the congress appropriated money into the account in order to meet customer service needs. the irs moved that money out and their service was by the commissioner's own admission abysmal. they cut themselves. >> did the commissioner himself do that or know that's being done and is it illegal that they did that? >> look, i don't know about if it's illegal but it's wrong. and it is displacing money that should be going to service customers. this is like the school board that doesn't pass a referendum and then they come in and say all right here is what we are going to do we are going to cut the orchestra and the football team. we are not going to deal with the the principal in charge of looking out the window. >> it's terrible because good american people want to pay their taxes and have a few questions for the irs. the time they sit on hold is
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like half an hour if they get their questions answered. it's so appalling. i would be ashamed to run the irs if i was in charge of the irs. >> it's millions of phone calls. what we did today in this hearing is look, here is where the money is $60 billion in bonuses paid out. 500,000 hours in paid union activity supported by the american taxpayer. $2.1 million going to a whited shoe law firm with 1,000 bucks an hour paid by billed by partners. >> what law firm. >> i don't know off the top of my head. >> they have got a lot of lawyers. why can't the irs use the lawyers inside? >> $100 million for enforcement that they have used -- they took money out of this account, put it on the enforcement side, $100 million that the irs could do every year, according to the gao and inspector general if they did private debt collection. >> why does congress tolerate this? >> we are making some progress. two areas we are making progress based on the work of the subcommittee.
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one on civil 50s an issue you and i have talked about in the past. the irs has changed their policies. that's good news. today the commissioner said is on their past practice where you and i have talked that they hired people that they have fired today he said we are not going to do that anymore. so the ability to raise these issues and bring people's attention to them do change behavior but there is a lot of work to do. >> to it me it's not good enough. i read the emails from viewers suffering get the liens and all the mean stuff happening. it's not getting better in my view, so should koskinen, the commissioner go? >> i don't know if he should go. he needs to do a better job. congressman mike kelly today said to send a message out to the entire staff of all irs employees to say we're not going to do more with less. koskinen said we are going to do less with less. and that's a disposition and an attitude that i think is under performing. >> all right. congressman, right after today's hearing "on the "on the record's" griff jenkins
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spoke directly with irs commissioner koskinen. here is what he said. >> our goal was to provide as much taxpayer service as we could with the funds we had. we tut our enforcement activities raised question should i be publicizing that you have to understand that we are not just taking it out of taxpayer service. we actually have serious problems in enforcement and we have no choice. we had it to in fact run this filing season. we had to implement the foreign account tax compliance. we had to implement the back end of the affordable care act. that money wasn't willy-nilly just easily moved. we knew it was not going to help taxpayer service. if the filing season it gone badly this hearing would have been why did you do that? why didn't you take money elsewhere and make sure the filing season worked? we had no choice. the filing season worked it went more smoothly than anybody including me would have expected. we he put the resources into it that was necessary. required. it was not a choice we made and if we had to do it over again we would do the same thing. for the taxpayers they see
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okay customer service is bad. horrible abysmal i think you called it last year. yet they see employees at the irs getting financial rewards. how do you defend that? >> i defend that they get -- their performance awards and people who get them get them because they did great performance as we go forward. it's a little like the issue, you know, do we shut the place down and not give pay raises. we could not pay people as much and put the money in customer service and ultimately we would have a inefficient demoralized workforce. >> the commissioner says congress cut 1.2 billion from their budget that's one of the reasons they can't provide services. he also says bonuses were for extraordinary or good work. bonuses justified? >> i don't think so. i don't think you give out $60 million in bonuses when they are under duress like this. i think there is also a strawman argument that the commissioner is using. and that is the that the only way to do a good job on the rollout side is to somehow cut enforcement. we were able today to show,
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look the gao has studied this issue. the inspector general has studied this issue. if you go to a private debt collector the irs will get $100 million. so, on the one hand he is arguing that money is fungible and on the other hand he is arguing that money is not fung gossip table. he is arguing both ways. >> is he hurting the american people. >> i think look, if you are a normal taxpayer and you are pressing up your nose against the glass trying to figure out how to deal with the very complicated tax code you need the internal revenue service there and they weren't there. >> does he care? does he want to be there for them? >> >> i think that the choices that they made were bad choices. >> how can he make it, look, if you are paying $60 million in bonuses and know people are going to sit is on the phone for half an hour and usually sit on the phone have questions good questions not because they have half an hour and want to listen to some stupid music on hold. >> that's a fair point. the other thing is -- i guess the maddening part, i think for most people,
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greta, is the false claim that there is not enough money. there is plenty of money. and congress today not only in the past demonstrated this but the oversight subcommittee demonstrated this time and time and time. >> what's particularly painful. these are the people who are actually trying to pay their taxes. trying to be great americans and do the right thing. and they are being stifled by the irs by really rotten service. >> 99% of americans pay voluntarily we have got to defend that. >> congressman, thank you sir. >> thanks, greta. we don't have to tell you can see this for yourself the irs commissioner getting secured over agency's wasteful spending all at your expense. >> told all the irs employees this year you were going to have to do less with less. >> the irs by its own admission is saying let's do less with less. >> it looks like you are purposely money away from customer service to harm taxpayers. >> there isn't an american today that isn't doing less with less. tightened their belt and
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learned how to do more with less. >> john mccormick with the "weekly standard" and chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner" byron york. we are trying to put scotch tape and whole system back together. the problem is the irs is broken. top to bottom. the system is broken. >> i think so. john koskinen was supposed to come in there and clean stuff up. what we learned from the targeting scandal and previous testimony is that he seemed to be much more of a partisan guy who is just defending the president and playing defense all the time. arrests the congressman just laid out the funding level has stayed flat from last year and customer service went down double weight waited times. double bonuses reinstated predecessor the temporary commissioner wanted to get rid of those. once you get past the millions we are talking about. we need to look at the billions. that's actually the money that's going out fraudulently. billions of dollars earned income tax credit, additional child tax credit. if you got some of that money back you wouldn't have to be quibbling about this. >> may seem insignificant
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but the place is loaded with lawyers and paying is thousand dollars an hour to outside law firm. congressman didn't tell us what law firm. >> all of this is happening in the context of obamacare. the federal government has made filling out taxes much more complicated for a lot of people. a lot of these calls are people who waited for hours and hours and didn't get any answer at all. not just the ones who waited a half an hour and got somebody. a lot of those were about a more complex tax system that they didn't understand. meanwhile, all this money going out only for bonuses but for taxpayer paid union activity. >> byron so much latitude given to the irs for their mistakes, for their inefficiencies for all a the problems they have. but one taxpayer made one tiny little mistake and they come down on the taxpayer like a ton of bricks just so unfair. one other thing we have been hearing about a number of the people at the irs say they don't go after people who owe less than $11 million. which is like a police
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department saying we're not going to go after anybody who doesn't commit murder. >> they ought to read my email. there a lot of americans who email me and they are not feeling that way. they don't owe a million dollars in taxes. may seem like a million dollars for them because they need that money. >> congress needs to figure out a way to pay federal employees who make $1.3 billion in federal taxes. look at even garnishing their citizens. federal employees you work for the federal government you better pay your taxes. >> we should explain it. there have been reports a lot of federal employees. we no in who they are where they are. how much they are owed and their paychecks are held by the federal government but the irs just let's that one slide. >> it is good to see after we have seen so much of the politicization of the irs. and the whole targeting scandal to just see how badly things are going right now. and this committee has done a really good report and really good work on this. panel, stay with us. another terror plot to kill christians. this plot originating in syria and foiled in france. the suspect plotting to attack christians around paris.
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grn's catherine field joins us live from paris. catherine, who is this man and what was his plan? >> yes. the suspect is a 24-year-old nigerian university student. he was known to authorities. what it is thought that he was on his way to attack a church when he accidently shot himself in the leg. he called the authorities. the ambulance. when they came with the police police then followed the trail of blood to the suspect's car. there, greta they found a cache of weapons. bullet-proof vest and detailed plans of the attack. they then searched his student accommodation block. they will found more weapons, ammunition, police -- and a large some of money and literature in arabic relating to the islamic state and al qaeda. and now greta, while they were going through the apartment, the police looked into his computer and it was there they discovered that he had been in contact with
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somebody in syria. they believed who was directing the attack on the church. the suspect, he is now under police guard at a hospital in central paris. greta? >> all right. january 7th and 9th. that's when the terrorism on the jewish ship places in paris, charlie hebdo. now, we see the christians or catholic church, is that the target now? that is exactly what that target was hidenned level of security. police soldiers and senegal and mosque 200 of the most prominent catholic churches in france. more than 45,000 catholic churches in france. so it's very difficult for the authorities to have patrols on all of them. what the french prime minister said today in the light of these eminent
4:14 pm
attacks is that this attack on catholicism is actually an attack on france's heritage because france has always been known as the vatican's eldest daughter. got a very large catholic community. it's always been very faithful, if you like, to the v.a.t. can. and going to church on a sunday is really so much part of french life. greta? >> kathleen, thank you. >> thank you. >> and in the past few days alone we have seen the arrest of a suspect plotting to kill christians. mass murdering of other christians. it is a fact christians are being targeted. the question is though will any world leader step up, lead the world and stop these savages. former congressman allen west joins us. good evening sir. >> good evening, greta. >> do you agree that christians are under attack? >> well, absolutely. the facts speak for itself. you forget that this past weekend that you had some friend christians who were praying in a dingy in the mediterranean and started to sink and, of course, the
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muslims that were on there said that we don't pray to god we pray to allah and they threw them off into the sea and they drown them. the thing we have to come to understand. the difference between world war ii and today the atrocities of nazi germany and even imperial japan we know these things almost in realtime now. when americans can open up a video and they can see the beheadings of ethiopian christians, cop pick coptic christians and people being driven from their homes yet the world is doing nothing. >> why is the world doing nothing? why isn't president obama meeting with angela merkel of germany and prime minister david cammeron of england? i mean u this is growing. we can put a map up there and see every day. prayer breakfast the president told christians to get off high horse and having moral equivalency. we were guilty of the crusades he forgot to tell the whole history 109 a
4:16 pm
called for the crusades because christians were being attacked by muslims during the pilgrimage. >> i know many christians were upset by the fact that the president said that and upset and i get it? >> why he won't stand up i don't get it i don't understand. >> i don't disagree that that was a terrible thing for him to say not to mention because there is a huge time gap. we're talking about right now. but why aren't the world leaders getting together and doing something about this? >> because there is a recalcitrance, reticence constantly being told we must be tolerant and we must not offend anyone when yet you continue to see an enemy that has been the historic history enemy of christians since about 628 ad. and they continue on this march and we won't stand up to them. >> what will it take? every single day i wake up and it's either a video catherine herridge talking about christians being beheaded or shot. just every single day. aren't they appalled? wouldn't you think that someone would want to stand up and show the leadership. >> it would take leaders that are not into political correctness.
4:17 pm
take leaders that have the courage and resolve to first and foremost say that we do have something that is based upon religion. we do have something that is, you know, heinous and barbaric and savage and it must be stopped. >> i think the only way that's even going to happen is if christians around the world, and others, who cannot stand this atrocity will march on the capitals in a peaceful way. and make a statement that they want their leaders to stop this. >> and i believe that is coming. i believe that seeing more pastors and ministers speak up. again, we have to have the right kind of leadership in western civilization. >> colonel west, nice to see you sir. >> straight ahead news that benghazi report will not be released until election year trey gowdy goes "on the record" next. plus the state department getting grilled over lackluster response to four americans held in iran. you have to see how the administration tried to wriggle out of this one coming up. people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing
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right now benghazi select committee chairman trey gowdy set to go on the record. news that the benghazi reported will be delayed until 2016. that means it will come out in the middle of the presidential election year. and house speaker john boehner is blaming the obama administration former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> the administration has made if virtually impossible to get to the facts surrounding benghazi. >> the republican terrorism in of the benghazi committee suggesting he might put out his final report just a few months before the 2016 election. >> they could clean this up a whole lot quicker if the administration and former secretary clinton were in a position to actually cooperate. >> hillary clinton gotten back to you? >> she has not but her lawyer has been good about getting back. >> they have got a lot more work to do.
4:22 pm
>> and benghazi select committee chair trey gowdy joins us. nice to see you sir. >> yemen, thank you. >> you realize if this comes out end of the year 2016 the credibility is going to be pinched because people said political. you waited until secretary clinton one nor if the. the report is critical of her. i don't make that assumption. still in the process of gathering facts. if the report is not critical of her then she would probably want it to come out closer to the election. it's not going to come out in the middle of 2016. i hope it doesn't come out in 2016, period. i hope we are done before the end of this year. and i say hope because there are certain variables that i cannot control. >> all right. what's the problem? i mean, why isn't this moving faster? >> documents. it is simple. it is whether or not the department of state the department of justice the department of defense will honor our request for documents. some of those requests are as old as two years old.
4:23 pm
it seems if you made requests drop dead date pretty fair in the courtroom as you and i are both from to draw adverse inference meaning it would be unfavorable to the administration. >> to the administration, absolutely. if dod were not producing documents to us, you could draw that inference. i'm reluctant to draw a negative inference about the department of defense or our military. you are right in the courtroom that happens. i'm not sure the court of public opinion that people would want to draw a negative inference. i think they would just conclude gowdy you finished too quick. you should have waited until the documents came. in. >> is secretary clinton cooperative? >> cooperative from the standpoint is she has never once evidenced a lack of willingness to come in to talk to us. >> lack of willingness sure i will come in and talk to you like in 10 years. if you said to her i want you here on july 5th and has she said she will?
4:24 pm
>> she would come in november of 2014. think back to november of 2014. that's when david kendall and elijah cummings wanted me to bring her. that is before we had her emails. >> still don't. >> well, we have 300 now. we had 8 in november of 2014. so, if i had done what they asked me to do and expedited this, i would have had a conversation with her in the dark. i would not have had had her emails. >> could you not just bring her back and say now you gave me 8 emails and now we have 292 more. you didn't give them to me before so now come back and talk to me about this. >> absolutely. someone would say you are bringing her back and forth before harassment, you are vindictive. you should have just called her once. i mean, we are trying to do this the right way, which is gather the evidence and have a sing conversation with her about benghazi. greta, there are two people who could expedite this process. much quicker than me or you or elijah cummings. >> and they are? >> president obama and john kerry. president obama controls the
4:25 pm
administration and john kerry controls the state department. if they sent a message to the folks that are reviewing our document request give these folks what they need to complete their report, or give them a legal reason why you're not going to but quit playing this game about asking for priorities and what do you need first and are you you sure you really need it? give them what they ask for. this would be done much sooner than 2016. >> you have asked secretary kerry or president obama let's stop playing the games. these are documents i want. we have the right to ask for this document either, you know give them to us. >> i have not had that conversation with president obama. we have been very clear with the department of state. the sooner you comply with our request the sooner this will wrap up. look what happened with the emails greta. they didn't bother to tell us they didn't have her record. so what i say i've lost confidence in the state department's objectivity that's exactly why. >> i hope it gets done sooner than later. i realize you are not getting all the documents. if it doesn't get done by the end of the year i think
4:26 pm
it's fair who dragged his feet? who wouldn't give you documents and who what was in the way. the american people can draw a fair inference from that. >> i want it done before 2016. and to that end we're doing four witness interviews a week whereas we were doing two. that's ambitious for a staff our size. four. we are trying to accelerate it but i have to have the documents. >> isis executing christians. months ago president obama touted yemen as foreign policy success. success? really? yemen is imploding. senator lindsey graham goes "on the record" next. you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect.
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derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. this is a fox news alert. yesterday, saudi arabia declared an end to its air strikes in yemen and today saudi arabia launching new air strikes without any doubt yemen is imploding nearly 1,000 people killed against the saudi campaign against rebels. saudi ambassador right here in washington saying the saudi military will continue to use force to stop the houthi militants in yemen. who could forget president obama calling yemen a success story? well, the chaos there, it is growing and spretiond. it's just another failure in a string of the administration's foreign policy nightmares from isis to haram to boko haram. fox news poll 81% of voters say isis poses a real
4:31 pm
national security threat to the united states. 65% of voters say iran poses a security threat to our homeland. senator lindsey graham joins us. good evening, sir. >> got some informed voters out there. >> what in the world is going on with the president's foreign policy. >> it's failing on multiple fronts. is he probably the most ill prepared person to be commander and chief in the history of the country most likely. he was a community organizer and his world views that were just one of many nations we're the glue that holds the world together if nothing else you have learned over the last six years when america doesn't lead the world falls apart. it's dangerous for us. >> he makes bad calls. in the beginning i think like when he said isis was jv i thought oh my god how could anyone say that? that was really bad. last fall he said yemen is a success. look what's going on yemen. tried to say things were great in burma and miramar. they aren't. i was just there not as bad as other places. you know what's worse of all? he is dealing iranians up there a boy scout group.
4:32 pm
you can't trust the iranians. we are were nuclear. we are about to give them 50 to $100 billion of money if there is a nuclear deal. and is he disconnected behavior throughout the world. this is nuts. if you give the iranians money, what do you think they will do with it? >> what i don't get is that he wants us to trust the iranians in this deal. obviously, you know, we are going to watch it carefully. >> as weak at its structure. >> at the same time how can he sell to the american people that we should consider going forward and trusting them when he doesn't even trust them to be in yemen because we have got the u.s. s roosevelt there to protect us protect our interest navigation there. >> can i tell you why yemen really matters? al qaeda in the arabian peninsula resides in yemen. they are sunni radical islamic terrorist group. they are the number one threat against the homeland. when the pro-american government in yemen was toppled by the houthis backed by iran lost eyes and ears on al qaeda.
4:33 pm
terrorist forces driven out. i blame iran for that. assad has killed 220,000 syrians. he couldn't last five minutes without the iranians. hezbollah is a terrorist group that is destabilizing lebanon and attacked israel. they are now funding hamas who has been attacking israel for decades. as they do all of, this we negotiate with them as if they are doing nothing bad. this is just insane. >> one of the things that i don't think anyone is really looking at though is that the result of all that's going on means that there are literally millions of displaced persons. >> yes, ma'am. >> and millions of refugees which, you know, first of all, humanitarian issues. >> christians. >> but you have got -- it's going to have economic cost because the most countries can't afford to have them. these displaced person camps. you have got people who get sick and spread things. people don't have any nationality. no birth certificates, no nothing. it's going to have -- it's a huge world cost and it hasnetting worse. >> we should go to one of
4:34 pm
these refugee camps. i have been to one in turkey. >> i have been to one in iraq. i have been displaced person's camp with franklin graham in haiti. i have been to these places. if you have been you don't forget. >> king of jordan million refugees from syria come into jordan. it's hurts the jordanian economy and putting the kings at risk. we have no plan for syria. we moved the ball around in iraq. but the president has no plan to degrade and destroy isil in syria at all. if you don't deal with them in syria you will never fix iraq. tell end of the day i think his plan is to do the least amount as possible, put duct tape on the world and turn this over to the next president. it's really sad. but this deal with the iranians, i hope will have to come to the congress before its binding. what would a good deal look like? if we can't go any time, anywhere to inspect their military facilities, then we will never be able to verify a good deal. >> i have to ask about senator rand paul calling you and senator john mccain lap dogs for president obama's policies.
4:35 pm
>> that would be news to the white house. i have used every word i know to describe this failed foreign policy by barack obama. i think it's failing on multiple fronts. at the end of the day i like senator paul but of all the people running for president on our side, i think he is the worst possible person to send in the arena to combat barack obama's foreign policy because he has been more wrong than obama. >> well, and the world marches on. we will see what happens with foreign policy and everything else. very very scary time. i wish more people were paying attention with what is going on. >> unfortunately they may pay attention for all the wrong reasons. there are more groups with the capability to attack this homeland in any time i have ever seen since 9/11 is barack obama is leading from behind. the answer from leading from behind is not being one step behind him. >> senator nice to see you sir. >> thank you. straight ahead the state department under fire grilled about what it is doing about the four americans languishing in violent prison in iran. you will see the
4:36 pm
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today, the state department getting grilled trying to find out what is the state department doing to bring home four americans who are are rotting in a horrible prison in iran. a christian pastor, a journalist a former fbi agent and, of course, our marine. here state department spokesperson marie harf facing reporters today. >> i think the secretary of state and under secretary of state raising it repeatedly and directly with the iranians pushing for their release and having conversation with their americans doing this at the highest levels, we do it every time we see them. >> i know. >> it's the only other issue we raise every single time we see them. >> right but the result has been -- >> -- so we're going to keep pushing until we can get them home. >> you can explain a little bit more about what they say. >> i'm not going to get into the details. >> because just simply
4:41 pm
saying they should come home. >> obviously the discussions are, you know, more detailed than that and i'm just not going to read those out from here for the privacy of those involved. >> joining us is someone who has been pushing for the release of our marine, also his constituent amir hekmati, congressman dan killed de, nice to see you sir. >> thank you. >> look, as i say every night, this is not an easy task getting these four home. i'm curious whether or not the state department, anyone has told you what iran is saying when they say, you know, we want our people is iran saying what marine or are they saying he is guilty? do you know what they are saying? >> they always acknowledge his case. they know his case. they acknowledge that he is being held, very often what we hear anyways is iranian officials try to make the case that there is a separation between their executive branch and their judicial branch, look, the iranian government has it fully within their authority to make this decision. the onus is on them. if they want to be taken seriously. they have to release the americans that they hold.
4:42 pm
and so they do acknowledge him and they know this case is very important to people here in the united states. they often sort of brush it off. >> as i understand one of the charges that our marine is charged with is that he served in the marines served for us, he served for me he served for you is that because he is -- his parents are iranian that when he went over with a visa with permission of the iranian government to see his grandmother that they suddenly grabbed him and said basically you are an iranian and you cooperate with a hostile government, meaning the united states. >> right. >> so it seems to me if the united states is talking to the -- as marine -- as the state department spokesperson says, you know, they would say something back like yes he was cooperating with you or, no, he wasn't. they have got to say something in return. >> right. well i think they take the position and this is where not only their law but their logic is flawed. the law saying that an american born citizen who travels to iran who happens to be of iranian dissent is under iranian law is an
4:43 pm
iranian citizen. look, we understand that doesn't make a lot of sense to us. but the fact that he was charged with cooperating with a hostile nation because he served in the marine corps. >> which is all the more reason why we should be raising holy hell in some way. maybe that's being dumb but i don't get the sense -- i'm curious what's going on behind the scenes besides we raise it with them every time. okay you raise it like them i'm the reporter what's the product? if you are doing something what's the nod and wink you are doing senators rubio and kirk with respect to the "the washington post" reporter have said that they believe that the nuclear agreement should -- that any agreement that might be struck with iran that it should include bringing this "the washington post" reporter home. do you feel that way about your constituent the marine? >> i don't -- first of all amir nor do his family want to have him exchanged for a nuclear agreement. i think that would be a bad precedent and it wouldn't be something that anybody would pursue. but i don't think the iranian government can escape the fact that it's very difficult for any member of congress to look at an agreement that's
4:44 pm
negotiated with with them when, on the other hand, they are holding americans this young man just because he served in the u.s. military. he has renounced his iranian, quote citizenship so he doesn't accept that he is an iranian citizen. >> of course, pastor abedini, a christian pastor who is there because of his faith so he is sitting in that horrible prison as well. we need to bring him home, too. >> they all should be home. >> they all should be home indeed. thank you sir. >> thank you. >> "on the record" keeps demanding answers from the obama administration about our marine and other three americans wrongly imprisoned in iran. you will hear what the obama administration has to say about it today. plus a radioactive drone suddenly falls into a world leader's office building. how did that happen and what world leader and was he targeted? "on the record" investigates straight ahead.
4:45 pm
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the obama administration still trying to strike a nuclear deal with iran all while four innocent americans all held in a violent prison in iran. should be tied together and what is the state department doing about this? >> in general we have always said we do not want to tie the fate of the american citizens in jail to the nuclear deal. we want these americans citizens returned home to their families independent of whether or not this nuclear deal goes forward. but we also have to take this opportunity to see if we can resolve this diplomatically. it's too important and too serious to tie it to any other issue. so we're pushing on both tracks on both issues at the same time. >> and our panel is back. john mccormick with the "weekly standard" and chief political correspondent for the washington examiner byron york. kirk and rubio want the "thee washington post" to be tied to the nuclear deal.
4:50 pm
>> the state department may not want this, president obama may not want this you saw with representative kildee he said members of congress are going to keep this it in mind if the administration presents them with a nuclear deal, which is kind of doubtful right now anyway, but if it does, and you still have this unresolved situation where iran is holding these prisoners on what appear to be trumped up phony charges and one of them a "the washington post" reporter. members of congress are not going to accept this. >> it's even sort of like picture, john, how can you trust anybody who is so lame to lock up a priest for his faith or a pastor for his faith? a reporter for writing articles and claiming he is working for a hostile government a u.s. marine because he was a u.s. marine yet they gave permission to thereby who knows where bob listenson is that doesn't seem like someone i could trust and bargain on another topic. >> that's exactly the question. should we have even begun these talks talk without a good well gesture of freeing
4:51 pm
these prisoners or some of them. they are trumped up charges one man is being held for his faith and another is being held on trumped up espionage charges. i think at the bare minimum come back as condition for any deal. you can't make a deal on something as big of a deal as the national security priority as nuclear deal with iran based on this. yes, they should be brought home and it would be nice if the state department actually tried to apply some pressure here. >> the administration is apparently too timid to do any sort of public demanding on this. you have the situation like the sound bite you just played from the state department briefing where the reporter is saying, well, could you tell us what we are saying when you quote, bring this up with the iranians? and they won't say anything. >> got the situation where president obama doesn't think they have clean hands because we just sent is our sailors to the off the coast of yemen because we think that iran is up to no good there. so we can trust them about nuclear weapons we can't trust them about 1/2 gattable waters, we can't trust them about people with
4:52 pm
faith and marines and journalists who are ours and a missing fbi agent. >> we can't even trust them not to plot terror attacks against western targets. so i don't see how we can trust them abo >> this is going to have a huge effect. in the senate. now, obviously there is plenty of reasons why members of the senate not just republicans are opposed to this deal. but even if there is some progress made on some of those issues, if it's done in the context of three americans being held, you are going to have some senators who say this has to be fix fixed before you can go ahead. >> panel, thank you. all of us know her movie but sandra bullock just did something that caught my attention and will catch yours, too. i will tell you why off-the-record next. in the shade.
4:53 pm
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get ready to speed read the news. first to virginia, the man who shot president ronald reagan is fighting to live his life outside a mental hospital. john hinckley jr. living inside that mental hospital since the ronald reagan shooting in 1981. in 2013 a judge ruled the 59-year-old could leave the hospital for 17 days a month. now he is in court fighting to live with his mother in outpatient care full time. court resumes tomorrow. and now to japan in a terrifying discovery a drone carrying traces of radioactive material found on the japan prime minister's roof top. police are now investigating the drone. it was equipped for the small camera, smoke flairs and small traces of radioactive material from nuclear reactors. the prime minister was not home at the time. now to it a potential nfl bombshell a federal judge approving a 1 billion-dollar
4:58 pm
settlement. it would resolve thousands of nfl concussion lawsuits filed by retired players. lawsuit accused the league of hiding concussion risk. the nfl denies the claim. now to sydney australia and thousands of crew passengers fighting 30-foot waves and winds for days. the conditions preventing the ship from docking. the brutal journey finally over and tonight everyone is back on dry land. >> okay. let's all go off-the-record for main. do you remember miscon miss convenality sandra bullock? >> you will always be nicest sweetest, coolest girl in the pageant and this year's miss congenialality. >> i don't know her but apparently she was not acting. that's sandra bullock miss congeniality people magazine
4:59 pm
just maimed her the most bum beautiful come. there are a lot of people. why sandra bullock apparently she has inner beauty you can tell that upon her gracious remarks upon "people" magazine naming her the most beautiful person in the world. real beauty is quiet especially in this town hollywood it's so hard to say oh i need to look like that. no, be a good person, be a good mom do a good job with the lunch. let someone cut in front of you who looks like they are in a bigger hurry. the people i find most beautiful are the ones who aren't trying. well that's sandra. yes, beautiful on the outside and also on the inside. she knows what's important. a class act. a real miss congenial yattlez and that's my off-the-report comment tonight. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow might at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live, you know what to do. dvr and follow me on twitter at the handle @greta. up next the o'reilly factor.
5:00 pm
good night from washington d.c. but don't forget to go to facebook and like my facebook page. there is a lot going on on see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> there actually is probably less war and less violence around the world today than there might have been 30, 40 years ago. >> president obama saying his foreign policy is successful. but charles krauthammer and i dissent. tonight, we'll present the facts. >> these young men are incredibly angry about everything happening [bleep] >> a young black man dies in baltimore under very strange circumstances. did the police kill him? we will have a factor investigation. >> also ahead a startling video in


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