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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

6:00 pm word of the day do not be dre. dreigh. write to us next time. bill o'reilly. breaking tonight a big story involving hillary clinton and a powerful businessman funding millions of donations to her family foundation while possibly violating the u.s. sanctions on iran sanctions mrs. clinton was supposed to enforce. welcome to the kelly file everyone i'm megyn kelly. there's serious questions involving hillary clinton and the man seen here. victor pinchuk. the owner of a massive pipeline country and a man who gave more to the clinton family foundation
6:01 pm
than any other individual. a record released by "newsweek" saying his company may have violated sanctions on iran. done business with iran by delivering nearly $2 million worth of steel pipes to iran for pipelines. that's a no-no. hillary clinton was secretary of state at that time and happened to be the person charged withholding foreign entities responsible for violating u.s. sangs on iran. during that same time between 2009 and 2013 the clip ton foundation received at least $8.6 million from the victor pinchu pinchuk foundation and pinchuk pledged more than 20 million more and has not been charged with violating u.s. sanctions on
6:02 pm
iran. we have a big lineup tonight on this. pow howie kurtz is here. and trace, we have more on the pinchuk story. trace? >> when it comes to manufacturing steel pipes including those used in gas and oil distribution the open is owned by 54year-old victor pinchukp. he's known the clintons for nine years and had reportedly become very close friends with bill clinton. he's also the son in lawn of a former ukrainian president who "the new york times" said was accused of corruption and nepotism and murdering journalists. he sold a state-owned steel company to what critics say was pennies on the dollar to his son-in-law. and they raced a red flag over
6:03 pm
dealings with intersanctions with iran. they said any invoice for $1 million to the oil and gas industry. newsweek has documentation that confirms a series of shipments to interpipe, with invoices totalling millions of dollars. some argue the u.s. sanctions laws not well defined and interpipe may not be in violation but they also have a subsidiary right here in the u.s. and that alone might qualify the company for crippling penalties like denying access to the u.s. market and u.s. banks. back in 2012 a chinese oil company was penalized for ignoring u.s. foreign policy. of course the state department is in charge of policing the list of foreign policies and at the time the state department was secretary of state hillary
6:04 pm
clinton. interpipe if called the story inaccurate and potentially liablous saying interpipe complied with the sanctions to the letter. any allegation to the contrary is completely wrong. the alleged evidence of aalleged violation is either falsified or the authors have been misled in the interpretation. experts said violation or not, this is why some clinton porters believe taking donations from foreign companys is a bad idea. >> trace, thank you. >> joining us with more brook stevens. economist and journalist. brett, good to see you. this is a significant story that right now, is on "newsweek." they posted it saturday. this is as close as we've seen so far to a direct suctionsuggestion of this for that deal where this guy made millions in donations to the clinton foundation and according to this former
6:05 pm
congressman and according to newsweek. he was providing oil supplies basically to iran which is a no-no, and faced no penalty which he denies but "newsweek" and this former congressman seemed to think he did. >> to me this is an emblematic story about the way the clintons do business. the way they've done business for a long time since their days in arkansas all of the way to the present. if hillary clinton has a theme song for their campaign it should be blurred lines. here we see a perfect example of blurring of functions of secretary of state. as a political figure as a person with responsibility over a major philanthropy and in terms of private. i was in a conference a couple years ago sponsored by mr. pinchuk and who were the star guest, guests of honor, bill and hillary clinton. they are very tight. >> bill clinton is amongst his
6:06 pm
closest friends. bill clinton went to his 55th birthday party. >> his 50th birthday when he flew circumstance du soleque du soleil in. >> that's something. i flew them in for my last birthday too. >> they gave 65% of the millions he was given was given to the clinton foundations during the years with hilly as secretary of state. it understore scores the problems she'll race if they have a diligent press corps in taking a look what she did and didn't do. >> i think it will be difficult to prove one way or the other. it's true sanctions laws can often be very imprecisely drawn. it's not clear what is undersanctioned. but it gets to the point that the clintons inhabit this area between outright corruption and
6:07 pm
actual ethical conduct. that's the world of connections. that's the world which people have access to the clintons or somehow buying access to the clintons. to give you an example, "the new york times" last year took note that chelsea clinton gets $75,000 a speech for speak on subjects like diarrhealy is a subject she's passionate about. >> in the third world she's talking about kids dying from it. >> i understand that. why do people pay that kind of money. >>s it neat to meet he chelsea clinton? >> i expect not to learn about diarrhea in the third world. >> that's what these people have with bill clinton. sitting next to him gives them legitimacy. >> even if the behavior of the clintons is above board. you have to ask who else has access. come to a certain conference where bill and hillary clinton are going to be present. that's why this whole
6:08 pm
philanthropic empire that the clintons have assembled between the foundations global initiative and so on,s it see toxic and tells the way clintons have operated. if you like what you're seeing now we'll hear about it more and more throughout the campaign p. >> and the question remains to whom does she owe favors because of the clinton foundation. brett good to see you. >> good to be here. >> joining us with more. chris tygue steigerwald. how bad is it? >> perhaps it is true that pinchuk and other whose have unsavory associations or these people that are not the folks mr. and mrs. america want to see hanging with their future president. maybe these people are all fools. maybe they give all of this money for nothing. instead of giving it to the red cross they give it to the clintons in hopes of access and they never get any. that's billions of dollars worth
6:09 pm
of mistakes that people have been making over the years and for hillary clinton here's the deal. we remember -- you remember mark rich? remember what he was in trouble for? he got a pardon for bill clinton in the fleury of activity at the closing days of the clinton presidency he got a pardon because he was on the lam in europe for violating trading rules with iran. it was so serious big enough that he fled to europe and stayed there and somehow at the end of the clinton presidency got a very nice parteden deal. >> a deal by eric holder. >> eric holder checked off on it at the end which i'm sure he regretted to this deal. the deal for the clintons as brett said you point out, baggage building up over time and people get to the point where you throw up your hands and say can we please stop with
6:10 pm
the one after the next after the other and long list of associations that points to them and people become fatigued. and people say is this what you want to live through the next eight years? >> if this in fact happened? if news week is right. that the clinton foundation took the money and did not enforce the sanctions law against the guy who donated the money because the guy giving money to iran also gave -- selling to iran also gave money to the clintons if they are right and mrs. clinton looked the other way because he was making donations to her foundation. the democrats won't be happy. that's a direct undermieg of president obama's policy. the sanctions he helped put in place. >> that's the key. that is not a story about republicans don't like hillary clinton and here they go again. this is hillary clinton undermining what is the
6:11 pm
cornerstone foreign policy initiative of president obama. that's the allegation against her. that's the claim in this newsweek article is that hillary clinton was, either by inference or action, if you want to take the claim to the next level, inference or action, undermining the president's policy on iran and making the situation weaker. this does not sound like a good time to throw in the question how well the sanctions were enforced as the president is trying to get them lifted saying they are effective and they work. >> chris, good to see you. i want to underscore that this company, interpipe say this newsweek report is inaccurate. although newsweek reported when they reached out for comment they did not respond to request for come on it. now after it comes out they say we have not violated the sanctions and this is a potentially liablous piece.
6:12 pm
we ourselves are searching for underlying documentations and hope to have a follow-up report for you tomorrow night. newsweek reported the story four days ago. why are we seeing the details on this now? do you think if this type of report hits a publication like newsweek about a republican it would have been ignored for four days? how swi next how the media is handling this and why. and big news about marie harp at the state department. >> my biggest gaffe or mistake. that's a good question. >> marie, whatever the gaffe was it may have helped cost her a big opportunity, and james rosen is here on that. and plus a dramatic turn of events in the case of an air force veteran arrested for defending the american flag. there's a massive search for one of the protesters caught stomping on old glory and police describing him as armed and
6:13 pm
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back to a lead story and issue for hillary clinton. "newsweek" reports that the biggest contributor may have been dealing with iraq and when the secretary of the state was responsible for enforcing skoondles. and while a potential presidential nominee makes for a interesting headline "newsweek" took a different approach in the article. this is how they wrote it. enemies of hillary clinton waiting to discredit her bid to the white house are likely to seize on this news. that's the lead? howie, what does this tell you? >> "newsweek" editors undermine their own scoop.
6:17 pm
leading with the fodder for the enemy. if they couldn't bear to say this is bad news for hillary clinton, what is more i went on "newsweek's" website. i had to scroll down to find a tiny headline. >> it's unbelievable. you read the piece. this is not foxnews reporting. we're citing news week and they say one of the biggest manufacturers has been trading with iran and may be in breach of u.s. sangs imposed on the country. they go on to say the person in charge of heralding u.s. company, non-u.s. companies who violate the sanctions was hillary clinton during the time her foundation was getting donations. bill's foundation at the time. i ask you, i realize we go through this a lot, because it happens a lot. if this had been a republican do you think "newsweek" would have been covering it more and other media outlets would have
6:18 pm
covered it more? this had been buried. >> i didn't know about it until your crack staff alerted me to it. the test will be over the next 24 hours now that it's getting a big flash on "the kelly file." i don't think there's a smoking gun about hillary clinton, we don't know did she know about the case was there an e-mail, a phone call? but certainly good reporters ought to find out. i do think regardless of the details of the case. there are very troubling question about the giant back door the clinton foundation became for favor seeker, trying curry favor with not only the husband of the secretary of state but now with a potential president and that's going to be the bottom line here. >> i tell you what is different about this case. this one is knowable. inth is knowable. did this company violate the sanctions or didn't it? they say there's a $1.8 million donation during 2012 that would have violated u.s. sanctions.
6:19 pm
you can look at u.s. sanctions, spend time pulling the law, looking at it and you can try to find the receipt as "newsweek" did. they had a week or two then. we provided them with a receipt. it's knowable. this company is going to have to speak more rather than on the general denial. and we know she was secretary of state during that time. so we can figure this out. if we, as a media ignore this story it will say a lot about us. >> i think so. there's been good reporting on the clinton foundation. "the new york times" wrote the story about the book clinton cash. and others in "the wall street journal" talked about the flow of foreign government. hillary clinton has a lot of potential vulnerabilities here presidential candidate not just because a lot of either questionable characters or favor seekers were funneling money into that foundation and r but all of the friends of bill in this world. he's got a lot of friends now he could be the first dude.
6:20 pm
>> let's talk about "clinton cash" this book from peter switcher switch /* have you ever seen anything like this? this book is so popular and no one has even read it? >> it's a very odd spectacle. i watched cable news segment after segment. most of us have not had an opportunity to read. it's a great boon fort publisher. interesting is the reaction from the clinton team. you have others as you know coming back and firing back and blaming the messenger, peter he schweizer. i don't think the clinton camp has seen the book either. hard to do it in this case
6:21 pm
involving the company having ties with iran. that's the problem. even the report first broke on hillary's e-mails was broke by "the new york times." the right wing conspiracy won't work this time. the main stream press loves here. we saw some general dislike against her when she was running against ] [ barack obama. and the more this builds up we saw this with the e-mail story, she doesn't answer questions sooner rather than later it becomes a pressure cooker and a bigger story for the press. >> howie, great to see you. >> great to see you as well. >> still ahead students at a texas stufrt r university say they don't want their governor to be their graduation speaker.
6:22 pm
it's a pretty good guess, they don't want him because he's not quite diverse enough. and were supporters of scott walker targeted as wisconsin prosecutors as a form of political payback? there's an explosive story in national review and tonight we have the reporter who broke the story who is now getting big attention. attention. >> midnight raids on their homes. police with battering rams. breaking down their front doors admit night at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning.
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6:26 pm
tweets are taken down or not. >> you work for the state department. >> that's marie harf on "the kelly files" defending one or a series of controversies now we're finding miss harp is being passed over for the big big. instead. rear admiral kirby will take over as the state department's spokesperson. what happened to marie. our chief washington correspondent, james rosen has been on the receiving end of some of these exchanges with marie harp and jen socky. there's a series of things including the most recent exchange that happened on a competing network, if we could just get isis jobs things might get better. >> yeah. >> you cannot win this war by killing them. we cannot kill our way out of this war. we need in the longer term to go
6:27 pm
after the root causes that leads people to join these groups. whether it's lack of opportunities for jobs. >> sorry, go ahead. >> well, look. that exchange with chris matthews was widely understood. chris matthews was the first person to be malicious about it. he pounced on what she was saying which george w. bush used to say. but chris matthews dove in and said this is like juvenile delinquentcy in the '50s is that what you compare it to? it was belittling. so much of the criticism is sexist and juvenile in nature. that's not to say she didn't create some of her own problems. this was in september of last year when the administration was dancing around the question are we at war with isis?
6:28 pm
>> finally a senior administration official admitted that the fight against isis would not be finished before the end of the president's term. perhaps you can explain why this president has 2 1/2 years left on his term a little less than that? he feels he cannot complete this mission? >> let's talk what this mission means? that's a catch phrase and let's talk what it means to degrade disrupt and defeat a terrorist mission. complete a mission is a term. i don't know what that means when you talk about terrorist mission. it is taking their ability to attack the homeland and threaten our interest. >> marie can be given to snippiness. the mission was being used by none other than rear admiral kirby but i would say of marie she forcefully advocated the administration's line. she slogged through an awful lot
6:29 pm
of abuse at times. some selfie inflicted and it was disloyal of secretary kerry to pass her over in this instance. she earned the right to that job. not to say admiral kirby is a poor choice but there's factors involving his selection that i think will cause some problems. there's never been in modern times a military person who has been the spokesperson for department of state. particularly with d.o.d. there's military friction. we'll see how he deal was that. lastlied had run-ins in the press briefs room. he thought to maintain he doesn't defend this administration or president of the united states. he's a spokesman for the department of defense. >> now kirby's job is to defend this administration. we'll see how he handles that. defending hillary clinton in this e-mail controversy. >> what if we say we don't
6:30 pm
recognize admiral kirby. we want marie. will we still get her? >> yes, maybe online. i do know that marie is weighing several offers in and out of government right now and it's not clear she'll be at the state department much longer. we don't know. >> maybe she will show up as foxnews contributor. i'm amazed. we have interesting people here that's why we're number one. james great to see you. >> likewise megyn. >> when a conservative writer showed up for a speech on a college campus she was greeted with signs accusing her of supporting risism and when that speaker tried to speak it got even uglier why they now have to have trigger warnings for conservative speakers on college campuses. look at this. she joins us live up ahead and we dig into allegations of political retribution against reporters of scott walker.
6:31 pm
this is like the irs deal when they went after conservatives and tried to ruin their lives. this was being done by local authorities in wisconsin and some are outraged. >> cop car after cop car, cop after car. s.w.a.t teams with battering rams. at 1:00 in the morning. they are not allowed to take anything. they are not told why. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy.
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midnight raids on their homes. police with battering rams. breaking down their front doors at midnight at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. never explained why law enforcement was after them. they were forbidden to tell
6:35 pm
anybody what was going on. >> that was radio host rush limbaugh on the incredible story coming out of wisconsin a story that alleges how a democratic prosecutor went on a witchhunt alleged bye li for voters who supported conservative principle and it's been going on for year s trace starts out our story. >> wisconsin gives prosecutors wide-ranging power to see if the documents are forced into maintaining secrecy while being investigated. in this case allows to find out if conservative groups was coordinating with governor scott walker to raise money during the raul of 2012. governor walker was being targeted for going after union benefits and collective bargaining. critics say john chisolm was usinged as a weapon.
6:36 pm
the john doe law was used to go after walker. it was used to go after people with benefits. krinty walker said she was jolted awake by what she thought was a home invasion. turned out to be a police raid. holding a battering ram. she said she was trying to calm down and get dressed with her body in full view of police. she kept begging them not to shoot her dog and they stormed and rummaged through her house, told her not to move, took her home and computer and said she could not tell anyone. another woman not wanting to be identified told a similar story and said she had kids and were frightened to beth. after police stormed her leg. she was told not to talk about the raid. the same story happened in eight
6:37 pm
different homes. these are guilty of nothing more than exercising their first amendment rights to support conservative causes. they were bullied by people with badges and law degrees. >> they came after my team because they were resented by the prosecuteor ss representing the left attitude towards scott walker jr. reforms and they pursued us with tactics than punishment. a federal judge related to this unusual law. as early as friday. u.s. supreme court may consider whether or not to hear this case. >> meg yien. >> unbelievable. thank you. david french is the national review writer who brought this story to the country's attention. he joins us now.
6:38 pm
thank you for being here. you're a very smart man, harvard educated and you've done a lot of impressive things. when you started looking into this can you believe these stories of local cops on a prosecutor's order who did get a judge to sign a warrant, going in the middle of the night while children sleeping in their beds denying mother's request that they not barge into the children's room and scaring the bejesus out of these children because they were investigating conservative donations and conservative advocacy? >> i couldn't believe it. i heard rumors of this but it wasn't until three brave women came forward to tell their story and their family's story that the true dimensions were exposed. >> there were battering rams, police officers in their faces, screaming at thome. yelling at them. taunting them telling them they couldn't contact a lawyer and
6:39 pm
couldn't tell friends and family what they were enduring. at the same time one looked out and saw neighbors watching the raid take place. tilling a reporter mysteriously watching the raid. families could not defend themselves publicly. >> what were they atused of doing. >> that's what is so outrageous here. the investigation that ended up occurring was investigation of protected speech. lit cal political speech. >> this is like the irs deal only local officials instead of feds. >>s it ate irs. that the irs came with battering rams. if the irs intruded into the bedrooms of sleeping children. this is an intrusion that didn't just violate their rights, it had lasting negative consequences. i know in the initial invest investigation
6:40 pm
investigation, we won't get into too many details. phase one they did prosecute a couple people for minor campaign violations and entered into phase two. and had there been any prosecutions? >> not in that phase two. phase one began with an actual criminal complaint then it was expanded 18 separate times until at the end of it they were investigating literally constitutionally protected issue advocacy and they were using the facts that people had spoken freely supporting conservative cause as sufficient evidence to get subpoenas in the search warrants. >> what was the judge that signed off on these subpoenas? >> the judge was barbara kluka. she signed on subpoenas and one afternoon of work. it was not true judicial oversight. the result is catastrophic for citizens rights. >> we will stay on this.
6:41 pm
john chisolm that prosecutor is welcome to come on "the kelly file" to defend his actions every night. i recommend the read. wisconsin's shame. you google that you'll find it. up next the dramatic turn of events in the case of the air force veteran arrested for trying to defend the flag why there's a massive search for one of the protesters who was stomping on and trying burn old glory. turns out the cops trying to focus on the wrong person and why some students don't want governor greg abbott to speak next. >> he does not value what we value. a lot of students are very angry and galvanized. let's take it to one of the most assessable forums, which is social media.
6:42 pm
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♪ ♪ another report tonight from an american college campus where some students want to silence a speaker they don't happen to agree with. students at a public university are petitioning against their own governor greg abbott as their graduation speaker. they say he's not diverse enough and does not align the spirit of the university of north texas. in just the last two -- last week i should say, two other colleges were at the center of controversy after students protested a it conservative author who had been invited to speak about sexual assault.
6:46 pm
students dpliened thatcomplained that her mere presence was offensive that they needed to spoke trigger warnings so people can deal with their upset. joining me now -- warning, sheer she comes -- that author. an outspoken feminist. great to see you, christina. >> they have the label feminist because you're the type of feminist they believe in. therefore they want you to shut your mouth. if you don't, everyone needs to be held before you come on campus and told they can go to their safe spafce. >> they have safe rooms they go. brown university they have play-doh. it's shocking to me as a philosophy professor that free speech free expression on the campus has become a hostile environment for free expression.
6:47 pm
>> as i understand, when you were going to georgetown this week they had to create safe zones for people so overwhelmed by your presence there. >> and in the meantime you had been receiving so many threats for your mere appearance they had to give you a security guard to maintain your actual physical safety. >> i don't know if there's threats but the tone of criticism on facebook postings and other places alarmed campus authorities so they thought i need protection from the safe spacers. did they give you play-doh? >> i wouldn't have minded going to their safe room because it was so intense. i walk into the hall and it's filled. they kept changing the room because there were greater numbers of people that wanted to come to protest being on campus. so many people were w protests and placards. >> it's like we are ruining the
6:48 pm
upcoming generation. life doesn't involve only people who think the way you think college students. you have to get used to people with opposing views. >> exactly. used to be people would p debate me. now they say i pose a threat to their safety. i'm moderate liberal. there's nothing incendiary about my views. neither due brit hume. as one professor did. at north berne. she spoke about a rape culture rhetoric in the trigger warnings. her article triggered students and they are demanding she be sanctioned. it's very bad. a real threat to freedom.
6:49 pm
>> with the profound words of my old trainer, dave. cut it up. butter cup. that's what those college students need to be told. see you again. >> at some point my kids will be competing against these people. up next a dramatic turn of events in the case of an air force veteran accused of defemding the flag and protester stomping on the fragment is now a subject of a major manhunt. because at red lobster's create your own seafood trio i can have it all. choose 3 of 9 dishes for just $15.99. like the creamy baked lobster alfredo. and the sizzling brown butter shrimp scampi. and fresh soy-ginger salmon topped with sweet pineapple salsa. i could go on. but there are three things on one plate waiting for me
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. it's your freedom, it's
6:53 pm
everybody in america's freedom. i don't think i can turn a blind eye anywhere even if i saw it walking down the street randomly i wouldn't have been able to turn my eye to it. >> that was air force veteran shelly manhart. she was arrested defending the american flag which protesters has been abusing. tonight there is a dramatic new development in this case involving this man, eric shepherd. watch. >> the meaning for the stepping on the flag that flag represents white supremacist which is plaguing the entire earth. >> well, it turns out there is a massive manhunt for mr. shepd shepherd after he reportedly wanted to shoot students at the school. >> reporter: well megan, this keeps getting more and more frightening. to think it all started with that protest over the american flag. now the lead protester is a wanted man. police call him armed and
6:54 pm
dangerous. tonight we are getting an emotional plea from his parents. on the campus anxiety grows. just as the manhunt intensify, dozens of officers and a k-9 unit going yard-to-yard looking for eric shepherd. his father in town from atlanta and with deep concern in his eye, gave us this plea. >> please make the right decision and turn yourself in to either the authorities or to me. >> his son's life seemed to change last friday. shepherd was vilified for walking on and burning an american flag during an on-campus protest. hundreds responded monday by supporting the flag and in response police say shepherd's rhetoric mulligan to get more violent. federal investigators are looking into threats he made on certainly media. >> that's your description to a t. >> reporter: only fox 5 was there tuesday as police questioned him on campus.
6:55 pm
police say the backpack has a gun and two clips inside. >> within about five to ten minutes after finding that bag the police found unmistakable everyday that the bag belonged to eric. >>. you are all free to go. >> reporter: shepherd was already gone. a 11 caller claimed to have seen him wednesday. after a long search police found nothing. that's not going well on campus. several students told us they stayed home too afraid to go to class. >> i have been here all day. i think everyone is on edge. >> reporter: it is worth pointing out hundreds are expected in val dosta for a pro rally but there are major concerns about the safety of that event. the police chief telling me he is working with the fbi to make sure everything goes smoothly. >> chris shaw, thank you. we'll be right back. i've tried laxatives but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a heavy weight
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last night i attended the big 100 gala nigerian activities question how the world has moved on after 219 girls were kidnapped by terrorists. >> i am saying to the world, youon. how can you possibly move on? would history, that you and i were in the war when 219 young women were taken from the classroom and we all just
7:00 pm
carried on pretending that they existed? no, they do exist. they are trying to be rescued. and we must rescue them. >> bring back our girls. see you tomorrow. tonight the real war on women. an exclusive interview with the saudi woman who was arrested for daring to drive a car. >> i have home grown violent extremist investigations in every state. >> and a hannity special investigation into why americans are now joining isis. >> i told them the right thing to do is to make a public apology. >> general martin dempsey apologizes to the mother of a fallen navy seal. she is here tonight to respond. >> and topless women now target under age tourists.


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