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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 23, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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passing out. >> had lady behind me passing out. a couple ours passing out. >> the pilot making a daring last minute decision. jack see i be banibanez is here with more. >> those on board the flight out of chicago say three people passed out five minutes into the flight. minutes later dozens more started feeling light-headed and short of breath. the pilot taking no chances asking if any one on board had any medical training. one passenger was the only one. >> i put oxygen on her. i felt short of breath. i felt like i was about to faint. there was something going on. >> i think we should do an emergency landing. >> original reports claim a
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cabin door was open but sky west later said that was not the case. then the pilots thought it could have been potential dlidly air pressure problem. so they suddenly plunged the jet to a lower altitude dropping 28,000 feet within 8 minutes. passengers on board describing the terror. >> at that point they asked us to tighten our seat belts and we basically nose-dived until we leveled out. that was pretty darned scary. >> the flight was headed to hartford, connecticut. 15 adults and two children were checked out. none needed treatment outside of the airport. all passengers were reimbursed and booked on other flights. the cause remains a mystery because the pressure did not fail and the oxygen masks were not released. very scary. >> still looking for that cause. thank you soem jackie. in other news totally unacceptable house over site
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committee chairman jason chaif vits blasting a breech of security after a 51-year-old mailman through his gyrocopter landed on the capitol lawn. they had guns trained on doug hughes because they decided not to shoot him down other concerns people on the ground could be hurt. he says he would have taken that shot. >> he is lucky to be alive. he should have been blown out of the air. if up to me i would have taken care of the problem. >> he is under arrest awaiting his next court date. he faces four years in prison. >> five nursing students are dead after a fiery crash on a georgia interstate. these women 20 miles outside of sav savannah when a separate crash brought the traffic to a stand till. they were headed to the last clinical training of the school year. a tractor trailer slammed into
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their car. three other people were injured. the truck driver has not been charged. >> the parents of michael brown set file a civil lawsuit against the city of ferguson. the unarmed teen was shot and killed by officer darren wilson last august. attorneys for the brown family say officer wilson will be named in the wrongful death suit. the lawsuit comes after both a grand jury and the justice department determined there was not enough evidence to charge wilson who has since left the department. >> he had no choice for the first time we are hearing from the arizona police officer who rammed an armed man with his cruiser. this dramatic video shows the moment officer michael rapico crashing his cruiser into a suspect ending a crime spree. the officer had to do it. >> this is what i deem at this point to be a lethal force
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encounter. i have two thoughts that go in my mind. i need to shoot him to stop the threat or i need to run him over to stop the threat. >> the police chief says the officer's actions might have saved lives but the suspect's lawyers claim he used excessive force. >> hillary clinton's big money becoming a big problem. to new bombshell reports flowing out of the clinton administration as they file a tax return worth millions of dollars. peert dues sees live with the details. >> $2.35 million of donations to the clinton foundation. helped businessmen gain control of a lot of the uranium supply. they got half a million dollars in speaking fees of uranium one around the time the russian
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businessmen were waiting for secretary of state hillary clinton's state department to okay their acquisition. the reason the state had to weigh in was because uranium one through the deal would give russian interests control of a 5th of america's uranium supply. uranium is important. it is key because it can be used to build weapons of mass destruction. this all comes from a report out of today's new york times that also explains the deal is big for russian leader vladmir putin whose relationship with the obama administration was so icy at the time. leaders in dc were trying to figure out a way to reset. the evaluations have earned a hard push back from team clinton who tells new york times to suggest the state department under then secretary clinton exerted undue influence in the u.s. government's review of the sale of uranium 1 is utterly basis. they were never disclosed by the clinton foundation. this is a story that will continue to grow as the clinton
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campaign gets off the ground. >> definitely more to learn there. >> so that are these reports don't draw any direct lines. but they do present a very interesting argument about donations money flowing into the clinton foundation at the time she had big decisions to make for the benefit of the group. >> peter doocy following it for us. thank you peter. >> all of this happening while hillary clinton was responsible for enforcing the u.s. sanctions on iran. wall street journal columnist brett stevens says it is another example of the cross overof the clinton campaign. >> we see the example of the blurring of her fupgss of secretary of state, as political
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figure of a person with responsibility over major fill philanthropy philanthropy. there is an area of out right corruption and et tal conduct -- ethical conduct. that's the world in which people have access through the clintons who sometimes buy access to the clintons. >> he called john mccain and lindsay graham lap dogs for president obama's foreign policy. rand paul is fighting. they are hitting paul hard on the foreign policy stance. >> one of my colleagues today said yes, mccain and graham are lap dogs they are a couple of doberman pinchers. you know it's -- i put it this way. senator paul is the worst possible candidate of the 12 or
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so that are running on the most important issue which is national security. >> i like senator paul. but of all of the people running for president i think he is the worst possible person to send into the arena to combatback barack obama's foreign policy. >> despite the family feud mccain said he would support fall if he ends up winning the nomination. >> extreme weather, severe storms in the southern part of the u.s. with millions hunkering down. look at the hail in northern texas thanks to the stormy super cell. some areas could see hail as big as baseballs. >> there have also been twister threats in the lone star state. incredible video, this picture was taken from the back of a tractor. we are tracking more of the extreme weather. >> that's kind of like what we
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talked about yesterday. you mentioned water spouts. looks like land spouts. sometimes they are a little elevated and a little bit on the cold side. it is still elevated>> let's take a look at the forecast today. we have temperatures across the great lakes. you are talking 30's in chicago, cleveland and further west. you will be in the 30's this morning once you head out the door. yesterday moving across portions of the great lakes and the northeast continues to do so. there are snow showers associated with it. across pennsylvania and also parts of up state new york. the big concern is now our next storm system in place across parts of the plains. early this morning we have lingering storms across parts of texas and oklahoma. arkansas and use yaw could be looking into severe weather. as we head into friday the real
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impulse comes out of the rockies and starts to fire up these storms here from parts of nebraska to missouri all of the way down to texas. there will be the threat to tornadoes throughwith damaging winds possible, too. we are in that time of the year now where severe weather is possible. april and may the busiest months of the year. >> no guarantee for tim tebow. the quarterback signing a one-year 660,000 dollar contract. that's the veteran minimum. if he is cut before the regular season starts they don't have to pay him a penny. tebow has been playing with the nfl since 2012 when he was with the jets. >> tom terrific heading to dc. tom brady and the super bowl champion team new england patriots are being honored at the white house ceremony. the whole team was divided deciding if they want to make
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the trip. it is the 4th visit by the patriots but the first with president obama in the oval office. >> a brand new way to honor with a new museum and education center. it will be built at the patriots point naval and maritime museum. next year is when it will happen. the $98 million museum will have the stories of the recipient of the nations honorees. >> the plan of attack. the brand new details of a just failed plot which could have been a charlie hebb bow massacre. >> what could end up coasting the nfl league a billion dollars. >> are you waiting for a package from amazon? we think we may know where it might be.
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hickok. >> paris on high alertd. we are learning exactly what the suspect had planned. greg palkot has the latest on the isis war against christianity. >> now apparently churches and churchgoers in the west. the suburb allegedly the target of a 24-year-old algerian man living in france and now under arrest. police responded to an ambulance call from sid akhmad fm gog after he shot himself in his home. they found an arsenal of weapons ammunitions, documents
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like isis and al qaeda. documents were found that prove without ambiguity he was preparing an eminent attack in all probability against one or two churches. authorities say the suspected terrorists is under guard by the hospital was contacted by a person in syria and told to attack churches. they say he was wanted for foreign fighters in syria but didn't have enough to hold him. they linked him to the murder of a french woman found dead in her car after january's terror attacks in paris at the charl will he hebb doe newspaper department and left france on high alert. >> the first consequence is we are always under a terrorist threat. when i say we not just france but a number of countries. >> after the janitor or attack synagogues and mosques in france were put under special
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attention. but not churches. in london greg palkot. fox news. >> three former atlanta educators convicted in the country's largest cheating scandals are set for resentencing. williams cot man and pit were each given 7 years in prison and 13 years probation. it was the stiffest punishment of all of those convicted, many saying it was too harsh. some were charged are racketeering for falsifying test scores to get more money for their schools and themselves. >> barry bonds conviction tossed out after years of legal rangeling that cost taxpayers millions of dollars the conviction is overturned. a judge saying there was insufficient evidence. the convictions from a rambling answer during an illegal steroid investigation. bonds had 672 home runs in his
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two years in the major leagues. >> the nfl taking a hard hit with a billion dollars. a judge approving a settlement agreement between the league and more than 5,000 former players over concussion lawsuits. the agreement will cost 1 billion over 65 years. payments will average 195,000 dollars. some awards could reach 5 million. critics say the nfl is getting off easy since it halls in about $10 billion a year. >> a fox business alert now with one of the worst tax seasons on record. now we know why. a stunning new report that the irs cut customer service to afford their own bonuses. >> lauren simonetti here to explain why taxpayers where outraged. >> the irs hung up on 8.1 million taxpayers. before they got a chance to complete it on the phone they were unable to deal with the
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calls. they caused 360,000 folks to get hung up on that's it. we are talking about a drastic increase this year. sure the irs blames budget cuts. a new report says those same cuts did not prevent the agency from doling out bonuses, spending time to implement obamacare or letting workers conduct union activity. these are misplaced priorities at the agency. >> lauren home depot removing toxic chemical from the vinyl floors because of potential risks for kids. >> home depot removing the chemical salaid from floorings. they are often used in toys but dangerous levels pose a risk to children who touch toys and put their hands in their mouth. most of the floors don't have the chemical but they will remove it by the end of the year.
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another move byam zon to help us skip the store. >> amazon wants the car trunk to be the delivery hot spot. they are teaming up to put products right in customer's trunks. participating audi owners must have cars that allow keyless access as well as wireless testing for the tests to work. but another clever test by the company that does everything. >> i don't know about that. >> thank you, loren. >> thank you. to find the fox business network log on to >> it is now 20 minutes after the top of the hour. a mass gunmen forced her to the floor during a robbery. the pregnant fast food worker melting in outrage this morning. >> a dine mine prom proposal doesn't go as planned. the invite that has a high school senior banned from the dance.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. bright lights big city, a classic is back on broadway. ♪ new york, new york it is a hell of a town ♪ >> love those towns. on the town is back bigger and better. let's go to the fox light with michael tammero who has a behind the scenes look. >> it first opened in broadway in 1944 before it hit the big screen in 1949 with frank sin not trau. this revival has up and coming stars including the winner of the 11th season of "so you think you can dance." ♪ new york, new york ♪ ♪ it's a hell of a town ♪
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>> winner of season 11 so you think you can dance, america loves ricky. what has the ride been like for you? >> it has been really crazy, really. a year ago i was graduating from high school last may and come this way this may i am on on the tv show i won the tv show and now i am on waad bray. it is a whirlwind experience. i don'tcouldn't have asked for a year like this. >> you have brittpretty big shoes to fill. frank sinatra and gene kelly. oh oo >> for those who haven't seen it what is it about? >> we have three men on shore leave and they have to go back to washing. all of the sights and sounds of the city and all of the antics that go on. >> new york, new york.
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♪ it's a hell of a town ♪ >> great stuff. >> you can see "on the town" and coming up at 6:40 i get a dance lesson. >> nice. i bet you are a good dancer. >> as far as my interviews go you can go in the fox or follow me on twitter at >> 26 minutes after the top of the hour. doctor oz firing back. >> we will not be silenced. we will not give in. >> his response to all of the critics questioning his medical advice. >> and revenge is a dish best served in the bathtub? how a woman got back onat her cheating
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boyfriend. >> it is thursday april 23rdrd. a fox news alert. mid air scare. passengers passing out on board as pilots make a dangerous dissent. the concern from the cockpit and new details on the investigation. he was responsible for keeping america's top see secrets but today general petraeus faces sentencing for filling the secrets. could a plea deal spare him from prison? >> actor robertdown downey, jr. storming out of the interview. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> we don't want you to walk out on us. we want you to stick around and have a good morning.
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>> i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. terrified passengers when people on the plane start passing out. >> all of the chaos causing the pilot to make a daring last minute decision. >> we basically nose-dived until we leveled out. that was pretty darned scary. >> jackie ibanez is here with what the airline is saying. >> there was something going on with the passengers on board the sky west flight out of chicago when three people passed out 45 minutes into that flight. minutes later dozens more started feeling light-headed and short of breath. the pilot taking no chances asking if any one on board had medical training. mary cunningham was the only one immediately jumping in to help the first passenger. >> all of a sudden she passed
2:32 am
out. >> i i was short of breath. i thought i was going to passout. there was something going on. i said i think we should do the emergency landing. >> original reports said a cabin door was open. but that wasn't the case. they thought it could have been potentially deadly airline pressure. they dropped 28,000 feet within 8 minutes. passengers on board describing the terror. >> not knowing what's going to happen to you. i can't even remember if i was plying forward or being pushed back i remember a sense of calm. >> the flight operating as united airlines express was headed to hartford shths connecticut and landed safely in new york. 15 adults and two children were checked out in total and released. all pjs were reimbursed and booked on other flights. the faa is investigating say the cause remains a mystery because the pressure did not fail acted
2:33 am
oxygen masks were not released. >> one of the most popular and effective military commanders in u.s. history were learn his fate for leaking classified government documents do his mistress. doug luzader has more with what we can expect today. >> what a fall from grace this has been for general david petraeus. the former cia director is going to be sentenced in federal court in charlotte after pleading guilty to charges he shared classified information to his biographer paula broadwell one he was carrying on an affair. it led to the down fall of the cia and could land him at the least a heavy fine. in here reit could lead -- theory it could lead to prison time and a fine. instead look at a fine of 40,000 dollars. it is up to a judge to determine
2:34 am
what kind of sanction he is going to face here. >> what does it mean for general petraeus' future career? >> his career is obviously over. he was there for less than a year. he still has a solid reputation as a military commander, though. he would be able to work as a consultant. >> i bet he will write a book. doug luzader live in washington. >> americans very worried about a threat. 81 percent of voters say ice ice is a threat to isis. 63 percent think things are going badly for the u.s. fox news terror analysts blames the growing threat on the administration not labelling the enemy. >> it is the simple reason they are not designating it they are
2:35 am
not even naming it. you can't find a narrative in the past five years about the ideology. if you don't do this how can you identify the extremists? >> good question. the overall approval rating overall has also fallen in recentweeks. >> it is growing by the day. >> new claims of foreign money in the clinton foundation all while she was secretary of state. >> peter doocy has more. >> good morning. once reporters started sniffing around in the clinton foundation taxes the foundation realized five years worth of returns needed to be refiled because of big donations from foreign governments were not properly disclosed. routers gets credit for finding the mistake and for pointing out now the forms of the way of being trance pair p rent can'tingcan't be trusted. a russian company called uranium
2:36 am
one. the quietly donated $2.35 million to the clinton foundation paid bill clinton half a million dollars of speaking fees. at the same time they were amassing control of more and more uranium including one 5th of the uranium supply to the united states. uranium creates major national security concerns because of the potential use of weapons of mass destruction. the state department has okayed the field. the clan ton foundation getting money from uranium 1 at the same time secretary clinton is thinking about whether or not to approve a big time deal for them. that is according to a report in the new york times. the clinton campaign fighting back today telling the new york times to quote suggest the big department under then secretary clinton exerted undue influence the u.s. government's review of the uranium one is utterly baseless. they are said to appear in greater detail in that much
2:37 am
discussed book. >> peter doocy is live with us in washington. don't miss a fox news investigation. the tangled clinton web. we are tracking where the foundation got its money. where will it all went and how it might have changed american policy. that is tomorrow night. it is tomorrow night on fox news. >> extreme weather now. look at the clouds over the texas skies bringing in high winds and hail. it is already starting to fall on the northern part of the state. you see baseball side hail. maria molina is tracking the severe weather for us all. >> good morning. the storms are dangerous. we want everyone to take ist
2:38 am
serious. it is beautiful the structures out there. but it is dangerous. go ahead and look at the radar. we have a storm system in the great lakes in the northeast and the system is pretty cold storms that we are seeing snow showers across the great lakes and interior parts of the northeast. bundle up as you get outhead out the door this morning. i want to take you out to the plains. that is where the severe weather risk is concentrated not only today but the next several days. here's a look at the areas we are looking at today. western parts of texas central part of texas and dallas and louisiana. we have the risk of large hail and damaging winds. even an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. at the end of friday we will have significant severe weather risks. we are looking at parts of nebraska all of the way down to portions of mississippi. there will be tornadoes possible on this day.
2:39 am
deep keep that in mind. it will eventually be in the southeast for the weekend. here's a look at the high temperatures in the nation today. in the 90's now in places like dell rio and in the northeast behind our cold front a lot cooler only in the 50's today new york city. low 40's in cleveland. >> let's talk about the rain and problems it can cause. two families forced out of their homes after living on the edge of a dangerous sink hole. years of erosion has swallowed backyards in the new jersey neighborhood. heavy rains making it worse. they are trying to figure out iffy rouges can be stopped. >> a volcano in chili ee -- chel
2:40 am
li chile erupting not once but twice. 4,000 people in 12 miles are being evacuated. >> 20 minutes until the top of the hour. hanging up the shocking numbers about the irs not answering taxpayers as we learned, it has employees getting some big time bonuses. >> a fugitive on the run for four decades turns himself in. the reason why will have you shaking your head. >> you have got to hear this. the voice that had an nfl star rushing the court.
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>> welcome back. a fox bus alert now. it was one of the worst tax seasons on record. now we know why. the stunning report that irs cut out customer service to pay their own bonuses. ashley is here to break it down. >> if you called the irs for tax help this year there was a good chance you were hung up on. 18 million calls were disconnected this year. some say the irs is using part of that budget for bonuses and union activities instead of helping the public. the house weighs and means
2:45 am
subcommittee hearing they said the irs customer service was atrocious. >> customer service was far worse than any one would want. not having enough people to answer the phones and provide service for customers. >> the irs appropriated $10.9 billion. the congress appropriated money into the account in order to meet customer service needs. the irs moved that money out and their service was by the commissioner's own admission they cut themselves. >> the irs spent more than a billion dollars on implementing obamacare. the priorities should be given to the taxpayers who need help. >> thank you very much ashley. >> let's keep talking about this. what do you think about the irs cutting its own customer service budget while giving bonuses.
2:46 am
how should the agency be held accountable? after the show you can weigh in #keep talking. >> one of the best known doctors is fighting his critics. >> right here right now we will not be silenced we will not give in. >> that is dr. oz preparing to address 10 university doctors who say he had crack treatments. he is standing by his medical advice. he will address the accusations on his show today. >> a fugitive on the run for four decades just turned himself in to get healthcare. 66-year-old clarence david moore had been living under an alias since escaping a prison while serving time for arson knee. he had a stroke and had trouble getting medical help without a social security card so he traded in freedom for freehead care. >> if you are waiting for
2:47 am
something from amazon it may be late. a truck carrying hundreds of packages crashed scattering them all across the interstate. the packages ripped open the merchandise coming out. the packages are being sent back to amazon and they will decide what to do next. >> the candle stick park is no more. the stadium has been demolished. it was home to san van giants and 49ers. it hosted two world series. game three is the 1989 world series was postponed there after large earthquakes hit just before the game began. aside from sports the baelts played their last ever concert august 30th back in 1966. the land will be used for houses, a hotel and shopping center. >> kind of sad. >> it is 47 minutes after the top of the hour. a mass gunman forced her to the
2:48 am
floor during a robbery, but the pregnant fast food worker is being blamed for that. the outrage melting this morning. >> what are we doing? >> actor robert downey jr. storms out of an interview. the question that set him off. >> brian kilmeade coming up on "fox & friends." >> that never happened to any of us thank goodness. we will find out if we can and talk about the avengers. we will talk about that shortly. on the show he's republican kelsey grammer is here. we will talk about his brand new book. she stars in pitch"pitch perfect ii" actress brittany stone is here. a 12-year-old has an amazing rendition of the national anthem at the playoffs and gets the surprise of his lifetime. plus more cooking with friends. we have chosen ed henry and his
2:49 am
daughter to cook in our kitchen. we will step it up with politics. don't miss it on "fox & friends." thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote.
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a pregnant manager at pop eyes is offered her job after she was robbed and fired. a crook stole $400. her franchise told the mother of three she had to pay that money back or she'd lose her job. they say she kept too much money in the register. they asked her to come back. no feed the homeless and face a fine. a san antonio chef slapped with
2:53 am
a $2,000 fine. she runs the nonprofit preparing hot meals in her kitchen and serving them at city parks. the city says her pickup truck is not licensed to hand out the food and it's unsafe. the definition of uncomfortable, what caused actor robert downey jr. to walk out of this interview. >> i just wondered whether you think you're free of all of that or whether that's -- >> i'm sorry, what are we doing? >> well i'm just asking questions. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> downey was supposed to be talking about the new avengers movie when the interviewer started asking him about his troubled past. iron man kept his cool but ultimately ended the interview. it was way in his past anyway. the man dressing up at one
2:54 am
of america's most memorable nannies is behind bars. california police dubbed this guy right there the mrs. doubtfire bank bandit. he was caught on camera robbing two different banks. police picked up the 31-year-old earlier this week on the bank robbie robber charges. the ultimate photo bomb courtesy of a wandering sea turtle. a group of friends in the fill means peens. it's been shared thousands of times. that's great. the time now is six minutes till the top of the hour. coming up in flight fright where a midair scare had passengers passing out. a revesk.
2:55 am
a dish best served in the bathtub. the way a woman got her cheating boyfriend back. ♪
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening. the faa launching an investigation after pilots make an emergency dive to lower altitude when three passengers pass out and several others get sick. the sky west flight making an
2:59 am
emergency landing in buffalo. four star general david petraeus being sentences for leaking classified documents. he face as fine but likely no jail time. millions feeling the effect of severe weather today as a massive storm cell rolls east. texas hit hard. a 12-year-old boy gets a surprise of a lifetime after nailing the national anthem at an nba playoff game. ♪ for the land of the free ♪ ♪ and theome of the home of the brave ♪ >> he's 12 years old. the crowd goes wild. texas star rushes the court to go and meet the boy. he'll be on "fox and friends" 7:30 a.m. next the bad a prom posal gone
3:00 am
wrong. a high school senior wearing a fake bomb belt for a sign for his would be date that says i'm kind of the bomb. he is banned from the dance now. a woman gets revenge on her boyfriend by dumping his apple products into a soaky bath. ouch. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. it is thursday april 23rd. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. the race for 2016 heating up. and there's a new leader of the pack just breaking brand new polls showing who voters would pick as their gop nominee for president if the election were held today. >> i wonder who it is. remember that anti-american protest on the college campus with the flag? well as it turns out right now that flag


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