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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 23, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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bad a prom posal gone wrong. a high school senior wearing a fake bomb belt for a sign for his would be date that says i'm kind of the bomb. he is banned from the dance now. a woman gets revenge on her boyfriend by dumping his apple products into a soaky bath. ouch. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. it is thursday april 23rd. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. the race for 2016 heating up. and there's a new leader of the pack just breaking brand new polls showing who voters would pick as their gop nominee for president if the election were held today. >> i wonder who it is. remember that anti-american protest on the college campus with the flag? well as it turns out right now that flag stomping protest took
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a dangerous turn. there is right now underway a massive manhunt for the man who led the protest. he is said to be armed and dangerous. that changes everything. and this morning, dr. oz fighting for freedom of speech. >> so i vow to you right here right now, we willing not be silenced. we will not give in. >> and what we're now learning about those doctors calling for dr. oz's resignation. it will astound you. mornings are better with friends. hi welcome to "fox and friends" today. today is take your child to work day. >> it sure is. >> do you know who's bringing his kid to work? ed henry, because it is. >> cooking can friends. we love your response and your photos. keep those coming. you i hear had a great learn yesterday in d.c.
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great job. >> must have been liquor involved. >> i cannot say anything about that. you helped me out on the radio from 9:00 to noon. it's christmas in april after the armed forces foundation dinner. we always have lunch right around the block. do you know where that is? >> yep. >> and that is james rosen, our producer. bret baier and henry seems like he's in control of things. shannon bream couldn't get a seat. chris wallace. what a great time. >> what a great group. >> they don't talk to me much they talk to each other. still, i like being out with them. >> several of them were in contact with me and they love the fact that you though the party for them. the fact they can only order an appetizer started to bug them. someday to get an entree. >> it's a dutch lunch. >> thankful to not bring your
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own lunch. don't have to brown bag it. >> we could go to the park. >> today is take your lunch to work day. great to have you back. >> it is you were great. heather nauert is going to be cooking with us next week with your mom? >> and brian. >> heather, you have a lot that's cooking now on headlines. >> i have a lot of news to bring you. iate we have a fox news alert. that midair flight scare for dozens on board a southwest plane as passengers start getting sick just 45 minutes after taking off, at least three people passed out. they thought it was a potential deadly air pressure problem. the pilots plunged the jet to a lower altitude. dropping 28,000 feet in just ten minutes. passengers now describing that terror. >> they asked to tighten our seat belts and we basically nose dived until we levelled out at 10,000 feet.
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that was pretty darn scary. >> that flight operating as united airlines express was headed to hartford connecticut. 17 passengers were checked out at the hospital and released. the faa is now investigating saying the cabin pressure did not fail and oxygen masks were not released. the story continues to change. we'll keep following it. a tragedy accident to tell you about happening in the south. we're getting new information in on the identities of five nursing students who were killed in a car crash on a georgia interstate. they were headed for their last clinical training of the school year. police say a tractor trailer didn't slow down slammed into their car. the truck driver has not been charged. and he said he had no choice
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for the first time we are hearing from a police officer who rammed an armed man from his cruiser. the dramatic moment shows the moment the officer crashed his car into the suspect ending a crime spree. a newly released police recording said the man was considered to be dangerous. >> this is what i deem at this point to be a lethal force encounter. i have two thoughts that go in my mind. i need to shoot him to stop the threat or i need to run him over to stop the threat. >> the suspect was hospitalized for two day kz. the officer is being praised for his actions. the suspect's lawyer claims he used excessive force. the model behind norman rockwell's iconic rosy the riveter painting has now died. she was just 19 years old when she agreed to pose for rockwell's illustration. that pointing along with rosy became a signal for strength and all the contributions made by
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woman. she passed away at her home at the age of 92. those are your headlines. what an amazing story that lady had. i had no idea she was still alive. >> what a legacy. >> thank you very much. a fox news alert for you at home hillary clinton's big money becoming a big problem with two new reports overnight. >> peter doocy joins us live from washington with the details. >> there is doubts this morning that the tax forms released by the clintant foundation as a way of being transparent can be trusted. on five years' worth of returns, donations were over or under reported by millions of dollars according to an investigation by reuters that -- now the returns must be refiled and, including -- among the ones that need to be refiled. several years where the clinton foundation told the irs they received $0 from foreign
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governments or from the u.s. government. that was a big mistake. we're also learning about large and suspiciously timed donations to the clinton foundation. "the new york times" reports the russian businessman behind the company yur rainument one as the state department and hillary clinton decided if it was okay for uranium one to continue collecting. the reason the state department got to way in the yuranian can be used to build a weapon of mass destruction. these allegations of foreign money getting a foreign company an unfair look being dismissed by a clinton spokesman who says that to suggest the state department under then secretary clinton exerted undue influence in the u.s. government's review
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of the sale of yuranian one is baseless. the times points out similar deals like the one that would have given the chinese control have been killed by the u.s. government. >> thanks. do you believe this? >> actually i do. >> he speaks the secretary of state -- he speaks at place, the guy from kazakhstan cuts a deal. let's ask bill clinton's wife if it's okay. >> these are things we know of. what promises may have been made or unsaid that have yet to be fulfilled moving forward? >> check her e-mails. they're gone. >> just like that. some of the stuff was contained in the peter schweizer book. what's interesting about this story where the russians are cornering the world's supply of uranium is the story is in the "new york times" today. why is the "new york times" going after hillary clinton?
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by the way -- >> washington post? >> it's unvoidable. "the new york times" has been an ally of democrats. tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. it's the author of clinton cash bret baier hosts the tangled clinton web. you don't want to miss it. you will hear the details we have been unable to talk about. breaking new poll numbers showing senator marco rubio is leading the gop pack. he's in a dead heat with hillary clinton. she's suffering from major trust issues with the american voter. look at the numbers. marco rubio, if the nomination was held today. the gop nomination held today. he's at the top of his game with 15% ahead of bush walker cruz paul and huckabee. >> it's within the margin of error between walker and cruz. it's a tossup.
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the big question -- this links to the story we told you about. hillary clinton, you've known her for decades. is she honest and trustworthy? a majority of americans say no. speaking of trustworthy, you watch dr. oz in the afternoon, you know he's got a lot of advice on how to stay healthy. last week this letter came out that was e-mailed to columbia university saying hey, you got dr. oz on your pay roll. he's a quack. you should fire him. the university is standing by him. now today, dr. oz is firing back. >> he penned an op-ed and he's -- you'll hear the entire argument on his program. he says i'm not going anywhere. no matter our disagreements freedom of speech is the most fundamental right we have as americans. we will not be silenced. we're not going anywhere. he started his op-ed with this to give tv audiences advice on how to live a good life not to
3:11 am
practice medicine on air. when you look into the doctors who are not part of columbia who put forward this letter that tried to remove him, it's a little bit of a shady past. take a look at these physicians and what their background is unveiled with. one of them is an advocate of the gmo foods. >> genetically modified foods. >> by the way, dr. oz says he's not against modified foods. he wants people to know they're there. >> the show was supposed to introduce you to different aspects of medicine. one is a convicted felon who spent 22 months in prison for medicaid fraud. another -- four out of ten are linked to the american science and health that has received money from gmo's. >> it's a big machine on that side of the food industry. they are attempting as dr. oz says to silence him. >> dr. oz -- the op-ed is on
3:12 am he's not worried about genetically modified foods himself but how they are created. the w.h.o. says one of the insecticides is probably a human carcinogen. that's a problem. you know you watch dr. oz he puts out traditional advice plus holistic things. he's trying to -- he has spent his career trying to find ways of lessening the suffering of his patients. >> the american people have chosen to watch. if he didn't have credibility, he wouldn't be on for eight years. >> i've known him for about a decade. he wants to reflect what's going on. he brings integrative medicine to everybody at home.
3:13 am
it will be interesting to see what he has to say today. 13 minutes after the top of this hour on this thursday. a teen tries to join isis and attacks against american soldiers his punish is five years in juvey. is that too light? his patriotic pipes had the crowd going wild. ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ >> but it gets better. the surprise this 13-year-old never saw coming up behind him. ♪ that we're american ♪ ♪ in god we trust ♪ ♪ living the dream and never giving up ♪
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16-year-old plotting to join isis and kill american soldiers and he'll only spend up to five years in a juvenile prison for a gun charge. because south carolina does not have a law against plotting terrorism. but isn't this too light of a sentence despite his age? joining us now for his opinion is the 16th circuit solicitor in south carolina and prosecutor of the teenager kevin bracket.
3:18 am
tell me what this young man wanted to do? >> good morning. he was charged in york county south carolina with possessing a handgun because he's a minor, that's illegal under south carolina law. when the investigation was preceded they discovered what he intended to do was travel to north carolina and meet up with an individual he was collaborating with there. they intended to run a gun store, tame the guns and ammunition they obtained and ultimately at one point they wanted to go to a military installation and kill american soldiers to retaliate against the united states for conducting air strikes on isis targets in syria. >> so extremely significant. >> it's very serious stuff. >> with your hands being tied you're looking at him despite what he wanted to do and the horrific nature of his intent you charged with a gun charge and your hands are tied why?
3:19 am
>> the only crime i could prove in my jurisdiction was a minor in possession of a handgun. all the other things that took place, took place in north carolina. he actually travelled to north carolina met with this individual. the crimes that they intended to commit were going to be in north carolina. so obviously, you know the bulk of what he was doing was outside of my jurisdiction. we did the best we could with the evidence we had and the charge i would make. >> it's up to north carolina to come up with their own charges. you say in this era of terror your hands are tideed. you need more tools. what tools do you want? >> this isn't just a problem that occurred in south carolina. this occurss around the country and the world. there is a number of people that are flocking to the middle east. they becouldme -- >> what tools do you want?
3:20 am
>> we need to have a law in place, and maybe it's better at the federal than state level. i would take what i can get. there needs to be a law that precludes people for planning to leave the country. tlf are laws in place that prohibit pedophiles traveling overseas why can't we have a law that allows us to prevent people from traveling overseas to engage -- >> all we're going to know is he's going to be out in a few years. thanks so much. >> absolutely. thank you. >> we're all in trouble. straight ahead, their words can leave a lasting impression on college graduates. >> it is very important to govern for all the people. and not for just one party. >> up next some of the best conservative commencement speeches ever. another secret service
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right now we've got some quick presidential headlines to start your thursday morning. more secret disservice a brand new government report says the secret service took more than a year to replace a busted alarm system at the houston house where form remember president george herbert walker bush lives. a request to replace it was rejected. are you kidding me? this is not what president obama is used to seeing from the podium. the president spoke to a small crowd in the florida everglades for earth day yesterday. there were plenty of empty seats if you were in the neighborhood you could have dropped by. well maybe not. elizabeth? thank you.
3:25 am
their words can impact thousands of college seniors gearing up to enter the real world. we have a look at some of the best conservative speeches out there. our next guest wrote a book of their words. the author of remembering who we are. a timely piece you've created for graduates. >> i wanted to write it because there aren't as you said so many commencement speeches especially at the so-called elite universities where the only people who are allowed to speak are liberals or progressives. and there are hundreds of thousands of graduates who don't get to hear their own ideas expressed. and there's a way that sometimes liberal universities frame this as though there are no really intelligent or worth while commencement speakers which is why they're not provided. >> i would like to go through a couple of examples.
3:26 am
one is former fbi director robert muller's speech on integrity. we're going to watch this. >> we must all find ways to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. we must cultivate patience each day. we must maintain a sense of humility humility. and most importantly you must never ever sacrifice our integrity. >> meaningful message there. >> i included him because his speech was about patriotism. and i think that patriotism is essential to citizenship. these graduates are becoming citizens in a fuller adult sense. i wanted to have that message included in this book. >> we thank you for that. another is dr. ben carson speaking about common sense. >> when i say we i'm not talking about a particular party. i'm talking about people with common sense. people with common sense must once again game control. when they do it is very
3:27 am
important to govern for all the people. and not for just one party, not for just one group of constituents. we have to understand the constitution and put that foremost once again. >> moving message there. important, especially as we move into 2016. >> i love dr. carson because we're both from detroit. secondly because his life actually is a pediatric neurosurgeon is its own message. i was outraged when he was disinvited by johns hopkins because of his conservative views two years ago. i wanted to include him in this book. >> it's important you did. brit hume gave a great speech on working hard no matter what kind of job you have. watch this. >> i can hardly recommend to you that you do these small jobs that are tedious and boring they will as well as you possibly can. whatever the job is however
3:28 am
menial it may seem it matters to somebody above you that it be done properly. if you do so and do it cheerfully and well it will be noticed. >> so valuable. that information. that was about a week ago. >> brit is really one of the great journalists of our era, i think. and one of the things about him that's so great is he's a very warm person. he was giving really good personal advice to graduates. you don't have to be a conservative or a liberal to know that people above you in the hierarchy when you get a first job care that you're doing a good job. >> that's the most important piece of advice. that was 2014. he was invited to speak last week. you have in here the chairman and ceo of fox news in a speech he gave. i love this because he talked about the four things you need in work. excellence integrity, teamwork and attitude. what he says about attitude i love you put this in herism negative people make positive
3:29 am
people sick. all the progress depends on positive people. what a message to leave school and have that right in your pocket to move forward, no matter what you do. >> this is a book that's full of wisdom -- not mine i'm just the editor but of the speakers. there's a lot of love in this book a lot of american exceptionalism and a lot of pride and the freedom it tuallows people to have especially freedom of speech which is not always present in the liberal universities but is in these speeches. >> many people edit out the conservative voice in commencement speeches. i commend you for putting together this book. remember who we are, thank you. a traffic stop going terribly wrong. a police officer gets dragged by a car. watch this. the dramatic moments caught on camera. oh my.
3:30 am
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a fox news alert for you right now. get this there's a massive manhunt underway right now near valdosta state university in georgia. it all started with this anti-american protest we brought you earlier. remember that fight over the flag? police say a ringleader in that protest is now a major threat to the public. why? ainsley earhardt joins us. >> right now police are scourering that area around
3:34 am
valdosta state university. students are on edge. police are warning a self-proclaimed terrorist is armed and on the loose. he's been missing since he dropped a back pack with a handgun and two clips on a rally two days ago. authorities have been monitoring him since he tackled an air force veteran and stomped on the flag at another rally. he's accused of making threats against students. officials say he has become more and more violent. the fbi is investigating his terroristic threats. >> the stepping on a flag was that that flag represents racem. i a terrorist towards white people. >> there haven't been signs of him since he left the gun. his father is sending out a desperate plea to his son. >> please make the right decision and turn yourself in. to either the authorities or to
3:35 am
me. >> this morning, officials don't think he is on the school property. but they do think he is armed and he's hiding. everyone in that area is being told to stay on high alert. if you see anything call the authorities. back to you guys. all right. we thank you very much. >> who was expecting that? >> when we first reported the story, we saw him stomping on the flag, but he would not identify himself. and then when it came to to whether or not you want to press charges against this woman, they said not interested. >> now we know why. we'll stay on top of that. heather nauert also standing by with a bunch of things going on this morning for us right? good morning. in just a few hours from now one of the most successful leaders in u.s. military history is expected to learn his punishment for leaking classified documents. former cia director and four star general david petraeus gave top secret material to his mistress he faces sentencing
3:36 am
today in north carolina. the maximum is a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. under his plea deal petraeus would pay $40,000 and serve no time in prison. caught on camera the moment a routine traffic stop goes out of control. take a look at this. look at that right there. that is a police officer in moore, oklahoma being dragged nearly half a block after a man who was wanted on felony charges tried to flee. the officer showed great restraint trying to convince the suspect to get out of the car. that guy instead took off. the police officer wanted to be very cautious about this because of a lot of scrutiny over use of force. the officer was eventually able to stop the car and arrest that suspect. he was caught with drugs. a 12-year-old boy gets a
3:37 am
surprise of his life after nailing the national anthem at an nba playoff. ♪ for the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> anybody else getting chills? the crowd goes wild for nicholas connor. texan star jjwatt. he'll join us an hour from now 7:30 a.m. right here on "fox and friends." those are your headlines in less than an hour. >> they never see him coming when the game starts either. >> wow. >> oh, my goodness it's you. >> by the way i think he said -- he told our producers because he'll appear on the show, he had
3:38 am
lauren throat problems that day. >> a classic back on broadway. >> remember the show on the town? it's back. it's bigger and better than ever. >> let's not sway the jury. let's find out if it s. there's one man who steps into the fox light. michael tammero to go behind the scenes? >> i did. on the town first hit broadway in 1944. now starring season 11. you think you can dance winner who took me behind the scenes. check it out. ♪ new york, new york ♪ ♪ it's a hell of a town ♪ >> winner of season 11 you
3:39 am
think you can dance, america loves ricky. what has this whole ride been like for you? >> really crazy, really. a year ago i was graduating from high school last may. and come this may, i've been on a tv show and i've won the tv show and now i'm on broadway. it's just been a giant whirl wind. i couldn't have asked for a year like this. >> you can hear the audience in the background. we'll catch up with your cast mates. we'll catch up with you later on. you have some pretty big shoes to fill. frank sinatra and gene kelly. for those who haven't seen the show what is on the town about? >> we have three sailors on 24 hour shore leave. and basically they all find love. and then they have to leave and go back to war. it's a quick 24 turn around with all the sights and sounds of the
3:40 am
city and all the antics that go on. >> hijinks ensue. ♪ new york new york ♪ ♪ it's a hell of a town ♪ >> great stuff. fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> it's his. >> he was needing a little credit too. we're going to show you a little -- >> okay. this is called the charleston or the back charleston. you'll start by going back with your left foot. back step kick step. >> kick it out of town. >> there you go. >> you got it. >> there you go. >> i tried two left feet. it's all about the face.
3:41 am
new york new york it's a hell of a town. if you're on the town make sure you cast ricky and the cast. >> look at your moves. >> oh, gosh. >> the bar is so low, gene kelly. >> i know. >> no pressure. >> it's a great show. tony nominations come out next week. i think this will be part of the mix. follow my celebrity interviews go to >> thank you very much. coming up on this thursday a portion of the matepatriot act is on the chopping block. some say if it isn't saves our national security could be at risk. judge andrew napolitano says it's okay. she's got the pipes that brings crowds to the movies. ♪ can you feel the love
3:42 am
tonight ♪ >> actress brittany snow here live to dish one of the most anticipated movies this summer pitch perfect 2. >> she got in trouble twerking. ♪ walk this way ♪ ♪ talk this way ♪ ♪ walk this way ♪ ♪ talk this way ♪
3:43 am
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part of the patriot act is on the chopping block as it face as key vote in the house and expiration in june if the law is not renewed. it would give the nsa the right to continue to mine all sorts of data from our phone records. republicans say if it isn't saved, our national security could be at stake. is it more of a risk to our privacy? fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano joins us. you hate parts of the patriot act. >> the reason i hate this part is it's offensive to the constitution. this part we're talking about known as section 215 is three or four laws here. it boils down to just this section, which is only about a half a page long. basically allows federal agents
3:47 am
without search warrants to authorize themselves to get records that are held by third parties. who are third parties? doctors, lawyers, hotels telecalms, computer servers, the bank. >> you would not be against it if they had to go to a judge? >> that's what the constitution requires. this statute of the patriot act written two weeks after 9/11 when the country was obviously, terrified and concerned this could happen again was supposed to give government the tools with which to keep us safe. the opposite has happened. plots have snuck through. >> boston bomber. >> the boston bomber shoe bomber all that stuff. even the stuff in ukraine snuck through. the worst part about it is we have no privacy left. and respect for the constitution is no longer there because the feds have been authorized by this statute to trash the constitution. >> you know the argument you
3:48 am
know we need this information, they say, we need it on file even though generally they don't see it. >> the framers were confro that issue when british agents were knocking on people's doors without search warrants. they decided the fourth amendment is the way. present the evidence you have and get a warrant from a judge. if you can't get the warrant from the judge, then than person's right to privacy is preserved. not all republicans are in favor of this. some republicans will testify before the committee. >> it's all about liberty. >> yes it is. >> thank you very much. we'll see what happens with the extension of that part of the patriot act. the irs boss crying poor on capitol hill. members of congress they ain't buying it. >> there's hardly a person in america today that isn't doing more with less that hasn't tightened their belt and learned how to work with less.
3:49 am
>> what the irs was doing while ignoring your taxpayer calls to please explain what the heck it meant on the form. she's a huge superstar who can sing and dance. there is one thing she can't do actress brittany snow here to reveal how she got hurt trying to twerk. ♪ every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america.
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3:53 am
>> all right. that was a clip from the hit movie pitch perfect. now the girls are back in town for act two. and joining us right now is one of those girls turned lady actress brittany snow. welcome. >> thank you. >> so is it better than the first? >> i don't know. i think maybe. i think it's -- people are going to love it. it's great. >> let's take a sneak peek. >> don't blame yourself. it's punishment enough. >> it's not all your fault. it's been all of us. >> what are we? >> a bunch of girls that hang out? >> what's wrong with that? >> if we don't win, the bellas are over. this is the biggest challenge any of us have ever faced.
3:54 am
>> any idea behind the first one and second one is your group, the bellas are competitive singers to make a contemporary however in the new one you actually do singing and twerking. >> yeah. >> what happened? >> i keep talking about this. i was telling -- i keep talking about how during rehearsal i through my back out twerking. my grandparents do not want me to talk about. she said i don't understand this twerking thing. during rehearseal i had to like bend over and twerk. i literally threw out my back. >> are you entitled to twerkman's comp? >> i hope soc. i don't think that's a category. i would love that. >> you have a public service announcement to let everyone know there are dangers. >> tell me if this is a stretch. i've never done a major movie. when hangover guys get over they feel when they're in high school when they do their sequels.
3:55 am
is it the same feeling? what was it like on the set? >> we know each other so well and we bonded closely. >> does it make it easier to act? >> it actually does. we all know each other's comedy really well. we work off each other. this was a lot easier. we knew we were up to. >> you're going to be talking about rocking your legs? tell us about this campaign. >> pitch perfect 2 teamed up with schick which is letting girls know about leg care. it's in the movie as well. we do a lot -- we don't wink at the camera in the movie, there is a time in the movie we actually allude to the fact we need this raiser. you'll see it tin pitch perfect 2. this is a really great campaign. it's about taking care of your legs.
3:56 am
i'm excited. sometimes i need to as well you know. >> you're rocking your legs right now. that's good. >> yeah. >> steve and i thought women were taking care of their legs. we had no idea they were being ignored. >> when does pitch perfect 2 come out? >> may 15th. >> we're going to be at the multiplex. >> a movie you can bring your family to finally. >> it may not be the last? >> i don't know. you never know. >> thanks for coming by with your rocking legs. >> grandma and grandpa smee she talked about it for a minute. coming up brand new video inside the call of a terrorist. what dzhokhar tsarnaev did that will make you even more outraged than you were before. plus actor robert downey jr. storming out of an interview. the question that set him off
3:57 am
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3:59 am
we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
4:00 am
good morning. it is thursday, april 23rd. 2015. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. a midair scare passengers panicking and passing out. their plane plunging to earth. dropping 27,000 feet in just minutes. a confusion in the cockpit and the investigation happening right now. then actor robert downey jr. storming out of an interview. >> i'm sorry. i really -- what are we doing? >> well what set him off. and did that interviewer cross the line? we're going to let you hear some of it. at just 12 years old, he blew this crowd away with his version of the national anthem. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪
4:01 am
>> they loved it and he never expected this. who is that nfl superstar j.j. watts. that boy joins us live this hour. thank you for joining us this thursday because thursdays are better with friends, like you. i think today we're going to have a world exclusive. >> why? >> this will be the first time -- this week we've been doing cook ing with friends. on monday it was my daughter and i, sally, as you can see. in the middle you can see tim and elizabeth hasselbeck hasselbeck. then you can see erica and geraldo and sol rivera.
4:02 am
today ed henry will be performing over in our kitchen area in an apron. that is the exclusive. >> how jealous do you think bret baier is? he's loyal to us. >> he can come too. bring an apron. ed is going to bring his daughter along as well. they're going to make a delicious, what i am told tarragon pork. >> everyone says i love your cooking with friends. >> do you know what this is? >> that is a -- >> hey, now. >> this is for you. this is one of the groups you serve on the board with that does great things for veterans. they were at the event. they said i know you forget everything wear it on your wrist and give it to elizabeth hasselbeck. >> you didn't forget. great work by the way. ten years strong you've been going, emceeing that event. >> nothing for me. >> nothing for my son? you saw him yesterday.
4:03 am
>> well, i had an exclusive. >> speaking of that hillary clinton's big money is becoming a problem. >> we have two new reports overnight as her charities refile tax returns worth millions of dollars. >> peter doocy joining live from washington. what do we know? >> that there may have been a lot more to that russian reset with vladmir putin than anybody realized until now. the "new york times" reports secretary of state hillary clinton's state department okayed a deal that let russia's atomic energy agency take control of a company called uranium one. in doing so take control of about a fifth of the supply in the united states. that is a big deal because there are national security implications associated with uranium which is why state was involved. it's a big deal because the stakeholders at uranium one were
4:04 am
pumping cash into the clinton foundation more than $2.35 million as russians who stood to gain from that agreement paid former president bill clinton half a million dollars for a speech. that clinton campaign is scrambling to react, telling us to suggest the state department under then secretary clinton exerted undue influence is utterly baseless. donations from uranium one executives to the clinton foundation were never disclosed. now there are now questions about separate problems with the clinton foundation's tax returns. specifically as reuters discovered five years of returns that must be refile pd because donations from foern governments were over or under reported by millions of dollars. that includes several years the foundation told the irs they received zr$0.
4:05 am
remember the clinton foundation released tax forms as a way of being transparent. a lot of the information released apparently not right. back to you in new york. >> thank you very much. the clinton foundation not transparent about the money they took under the table. >> don't worry, it's only millions and million dollars. >> we know it is a very complex story because it involves entities from around the world. tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern bret baier will lay it out. we've got an interview with the author of the book peter schweizer. the book is called clinton cash. he will host it from washington. you don't want to miss it. we start to connect the dots. today the dot is about russian uranium and now the clinton foundation is saying we under reported over reported. we'll redo our taxes for five years. >> this is the big problem. i don't care who you're going to vote for, russia has control of
4:06 am
way too much youruranium. >> under this deal, the agency that controls all that stuff in russia now controls a fifth of the uranium from the united states of america mined here. >> vladmir putin can be trusted. >> you won't want to miss that special at all. someone else who is having a taxing commissioner who was grilled on the hill yesterday. he has been asked why they made this a crippling tax season for americans. watch this. >> you told all the irs employees this year you were going to have to do yes by yes. the irs by its own admission is lets do less with less. you're diverting money away from customer service to harm taxpayers. there's hardly a person in america who hasn't tightened their belt and learned how to work with less. >> they've been crying poverty. we can't get to the phones.
4:07 am
we don't have enough people. now we find out that they've had money, they chose not to help us with their tax forms. they decide to help themselves. to the tune of for example, employee bonuses, would this have helped them put somebody on the overnight shift? $60 million. >> $20.7 million on union activities. $2.1 million on litigations. they admitted. six out of ten of your phone calls won't get through. you might not speak to anybody. it ended up being the case. it was crippling for taxpayer whose had questions during the season. they're saying we don't have the cash to help you. they did, they just put it somewhere else. >> the somewhere else they put it they said we don't have the money to answer your phone calls because we're busy implementing obamacare. it's clear the administration said okay you know inflict some pain on the american public when it comes to they can't get anybody on the phone. make sure you do right by obamacare, which they did.
4:08 am
the commissioner was on last night. he had explaining to do here on fox. >> that money wasn't willy-nilly easily moved. we knew it was not going to help taxpayer service. if the filing season had gone badly, this hearing would have been why did you do that why didn't you take money from else where. we had no choice. >> they said yes to unions and no to you. half of phone calls didn't get through. most people who did stayed on the phone for 40 minutes. >> they said hang ups. you wait all this time they pick up and they disconnect. >> how many people are impacted by obamacare? because this was -- they diverted all these resources so they could handle the implementation of obamacare. how many people file federal income taxes? a lot. half the country doesn't pay any. it's a big number versus a small
4:09 am
number. they made the call. >> bad day for him on the hill. heather nauert you're standing by with breaking news. a bad day for some passengers on board a flight yesterday. they lost consciousness and they say there was something going on. that's what passengers on board a sky west flight are saying this morning after three people passed out and dozens more started feeling sick on board that plane. the pilots forced to suddenly plunge the jet to a lower altitude thinking there was potentially a deadly air pressure problem on board. it dropped 28,000 feet within eight minutes. >> i was short of breath. i felt like i was going to faint. there was definitely something going on. i think we should do an emergency land. >> that flight was headed had connecticut and made an emergency landing in buffalo. 17 passengers were checked out and released. there was not a cabin pressure problem, the faa is
4:10 am
investigating. a tragic accident to tell you about in the south flth we're getting new information overnight. now the identities of five nursing students who were killed in a car crash on a georgia interstate have been released. the women were 20 miles outside of savannah when a separate car crash brought traffic to a stand still. they were heading to savannah for their last clinical training. tractor trailer didn't slow down and slammed into their car. the truck driver hasn't been charged. thousands flood the college of the ozarks to honor american heroes. that school just unveiling a beautiful memorial that's dedicated to the more than 1,400 men from missouri who fought and died in the vietnam war. at the center of the memorial is a red v, symbolizing valor and the sacrifice of those brave americans who served in that war. a long time coming for them.
4:11 am
thanks a lot. >> the idea of a movie junket is what? one of the stars sits down in a chair, local reporters come in they get five minutes to ask them as many questions about the movie. tell us about your motivation as possible. >> it didn't go so well. this is caught on camera. robert downey jr. was asked a couple of questions by one interviewer when he started digging into his past and he didn't like that. watch. >> you said you can't go from a $2,000 a night hotel suite to a penitentiary and understand it and come out a liberal. i wonder what you meant by that. >> the funny thing is -- i appreciate your point of view. things that you said five seven years ago are things you said in an interview that made sense to you at the time. i could pick that apart for two hours. i couldn't tell you what a liberal is. so therein lies the answer to your question. >> you talked in other
4:12 am
interviews again, about your relationship with your father and the role of all of that in you know, the dark periods you went through, taking drug and drinking and all of that. i wondered whether, you know you think you're free of all of that or whether that's still -- >> i'm sorry. what are we doing? >> well i'm just asking questions, that's all. >> bye. >> i'm sorry. >> it's okay. >> do you -- >> getting a little diane sawyery. he was there to talk about the movie the avengers. >> something that was in the interview took a turn. i think you saw it happen where it became an interrogation.
4:13 am
he didn't say how was that like for you. how are you feeling now, he said is that past you, are you still doing those things that's what the questions seemed to come across. >> it's very direct. sometimes you sit there for six minutes. you do want to ask a real question at some of those junkets. the question was was that appropriate. i don't have a problem with the question. because if you have an answer to the question just say it. if you sit there and don't give any credit to the movie, then that's a problem. >> it seems as if he was asking flat out, are you still using, are you in that zone. >> and you're not a liberal anymore because you're in prison and you're a conservative. >> maybe it was the straw that broke the camel's back. >> his career has never been hotter and he's not using. >> what do you think about that? an illegal immigrant charged with murdering four people but before that the obama administration gave him a pass to stay. they say it was a mistake, but our next guest whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant
4:14 am
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i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and the obama administration admitting to a huge mistake granting amnesty to a known gang member who is now charged with murdering four people in north carolina. our next guest's son was killed by an illegal in a car crash in 2010. he says this was no mistake.
4:18 am
joining us now is don rosenburg. good morning. >> good morning. >> once again, you've been on the program to talk about your son, drew in the past. you say the government did not make a mistake, did they? >> they have a policy right now -- it's been going on for years -- to try to keep as many of these people in the country as they possibly can. i'm not buying this is a mistake. matter of fact they lie constantly. it's a mistake when they tell the truth. >> we had jen psaki who is a communications direct for the white house yesterday. we asked her isn't anybody looking into the backgrounds of these people that they are granting special status to on daka she said this. >> we look into the backgrounds of individuals. i don't have more details on this particular case. overall, the overarching purpose of daka was to put more people on pay rolls, to put more people
4:19 am
paying taxes. >> to put more people on the pay rolls, to have more people pay taxes. to get more voters some might say. we thought -- didn't you, that the government was looking into the backgrounds of the people we're allowing to stay? >> well no. i never believed that because i've done a lot of research into what's been going on. you would think that would be the case. you know when you talk about a background check, how do you do a background check on somebody you have no idea he or she is. you have no idea where they came from but you're going to go a background check? you don't know what they did in their country of origin. here's a perfect example of this. it's not just this guy, they're admitting to at least 20 others. they did a background check. the first thing you'd look at would be criminal history. it's sort of like a ticket taker at a stadium letting people in without looking at their ticket.
4:20 am
that would be the first thing that should be on the list. the director of the uscis, we're going to retrain these people. you have to retrain them to look at their biometric information? that's the first thing you look at. this is nonsense. it's a nothing but another lie about illegal immigration. the white house, the department of homeland security gutierrez, check schumer, every time they open their mouth, they are lying, plain and simple. this is coming from a lifelong democrat and liberal, not somebody from the right. that's what my background is. and i've done research now for years. it's all a lie. >> strong words by don rosenburg whose son was killed by an illegal in this country. thank you for weighing in. thank you, sir. >> thank you. all right. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. a young woman dead after taking
4:21 am
diet pills. they're banned in the united states it turns out you can buy them online. how can you make sure that what you're buying is safe?
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
time now for your news by the numbers. 42 years ago, that's the last time this volcano in chillye erepresented. four decades. that's how long this fugitive was on the run. he's now 66 years old. his name clarence moore. he's behind bars. he suffered a stroke and surrendered to get free health car. one is the loneliest number especially for this cheating boyfriend. his girlfriend found out and dumped all of his expensive
4:25 am
apple products into a soapy bath. on an unrelated topic here is elizabeth and the doctor. >> the death of a college student about a diet pill overdose causes new concerns. 21-year-old died after taking pills taking dep. she bought the pills online. it's been banned in the united states since 1938. what do you need to know? fox news medical team marc siegel joins us. >> the fda has banned it since 1938. dnp is like tnt. they should have a skull and cross bones on it when you look for it on the internet.
4:26 am
it's got a million names. you think, great weight loss drug. it's going to help me. it actually stimulates your metabolism to rev up to heat up. 11% increase per pill. your body burns up. you end up with rapid heart rate you sweat. if you have a heart problem, you could die. 62 deaths have occurred in the past decade. >> two tablets is a lethal dose by their standards. she had taken eight tablets. walk through the time line. when you take this how did this happen? it starts burning up you get a fever. >> you can get a fever, that can happen in a matter of hours, rapid heart rate sweating and your heart fails. it's an individual response. you could have an underlying heart problem and one pill could
4:27 am
be enough to do you in. you have to be rushed to the emergency room. they use activated charcoal. if you absorb it they have to bring your temperature down and hope for the radical. it's like exercising but not being able to stop. you can't stop. very dangerous stuff. it's because we have such an obsession in the united states for losing weight. we think any cost to get a few pounds off. >> this one turned lethal and so sad. we thank you for being here and giving us the details on dnp. everybody's eyes are open. >> skull and cross bones. coming up talk about a promposal failed. this teen strapping a fake bomb to himself to pop the question. what was he thinking? at 12 years old, this blew the crowd away with his
4:28 am
patriotic pipes. watch this ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> that was oudstanding. he never expected this the nfl superstar j.j. watts stormed the court. the boy joining us live next. ♪ i'm about to lose control and i think i like it ♪ ♪ i don't mean so excited ♪ ♪ and i just can't hide it
4:29 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, dual overhead cams and 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful. go gator. get 2,500 dollars off select gators at a dealer near you. . environmentalist today drawing attention to the earth why the earth spent the day checking facebook to see which planets wished it a happy earth day. mercury is such a hater. shouldn't every day be earth day? what are our options? >> he is so funny.
4:32 am
>> the president was in the everglades. >> the president's glasses? >> did you see his glasses? >> they look very good. >> i can tell. all i know is he went down there, he flew in the big jet and he took the science guy with him. science guy is in trouble for his carbon footprint, as the president is blowing all that gas to get down here where he appeared before an audience with a lot of empty seats. >> he had cool glasses. >> and the science guy travel with a smock. that's a question i don't know. >> ask heather. >> he was smockless. >> he was smockless? >> heather you got some news? i do. that's a better question for maria. i know about news. we have stories i want to tell you about. one of the most successful leaders in u.s. military history is expected to learn his fate this afternoon for leaking classified documents. former cia director and four star general david petraeus gave
4:33 am
top secret material to his biographer and mistress. he now faces sentencing today in north carolina. the maximum is a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. under his plea deal petraeus would pay $40,000 and serve no time in prison. brand new video coming out showing boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev -- look at this. showing blatant anger toward american tloerts. you can see him flicking off the camera. they will show the disturbing video in court this week. a jury will decide whether or not he gets life in prison or the death penalty. it one one of the happiest days of their lives until it wasn't. the university sent out 500 acceptance letters by mistake. one student was thrilled to see
4:34 am
a acceptance letter in her inbox. seven years later the school said sorry. >> it's a slap in the face. >> why didn't you accept me? >> the mistaken acceptance letters were previously denied. >> what a tough one for all those parents. you know how stresful that is. this may be the dumbest promposal ever. a washington state high schooler now suspended from prom for strapping a fake bomb around his waist, can you see it right there? to ask a girl to go to the dance with him. he used the paint ball vest complete with red paper tubes and wires and a sign that red i'm kind of a bomb. will you be my date to prom? the girl said yes but the school said no. he was suspended for five days including prom night. he could have to face felony
4:35 am
charges. those are your -- teenager what are they thinking? >> they're not. it's all about the image and facebook page the picture. it's quite a picture. >> dumb. >> very dumb. >> i mean if he is a good kid, don't overreact. >> he walked into the cafeteria with what looked like a bomb. >> sometimes -- i'm not saying every teenager has the best sense of logic. i mean, we shouldn't suspend him from the prom. >> as a dad, if that was a dad asking your daughter would you let your daughter go? >> she's not going to the prom. neither one of them. they have a lot of homework or a game that night. >> it's time for the weather and maria, we woke up today here in new york city, all of us it was a little chilly. >> we had to put something on. >> currently 42 degrees. i think the wind chill is colder than that.
4:36 am
you did need a sweater. areas across the great lakes and midwest, current temperature in chicago in late april, 33 degrees. 31 in minneapolis. you're only in the 20s as we head further west in rapid city and in missoula. yesterday this storm brought areas of rain across the northeast. behind it we're talking snowshowers across pennsylvania new york and across parts of the great lakes. that will be an issue there. it could make for slick spots. across parts of the plains we had a number of storms yesterday produce several reported tornado and the risk for severe weather continues today across parts of texas and into louisiana and that risk continues as we head into your friday. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. for the fox cast. >> that's right. now this a 13-year-old boy received the surprise of a lifetime to say the least after performing an amazing rendition of the national anthem at the
4:37 am
houston rockets playoff game. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> after he does that n. superstar j.j. watts rushes the court. beats security to congratulate him on his epic performance. >> that 13-year-old joins us live from houston, texas. should we call you nicholas or nick? >> whatever is fine. i go by whatever. >> i want to call you great, you were incredible. >> thank you. >> who in your family is the great singer who you learned how to do that from? >> nobody. >> really? >> it came from the man upstairs. >> when you're singing this song it is just -- you can tell the emotion is high. what do you feel when you're singing the national anthem? >> well i just let it out.
4:38 am
i do think about the song a lot because i'm all about the the soldiers and the army and navy. i love america. >> to get chosen to sing before a playoff game you go out there. and we find out you were not 100% healthy. what was up? >> i have laryngitis and tonsillitis. >> what? >> did you tell them that that maybe today was not going to be your greatest performance, or did you just say the show must go on? >> show must go on. i'm not going to call it quits. >> you didn't. you know what? you sang it so well. you moved everybody, including a special someone, out from nowhere, you nearly get tackled by j.j. watts. he comes right in. your expression was priceless, what were you thinking and what did he say? what are your thoughts when he
4:39 am
comes up to you? >> >> it was already hard enough to push the song out, my stomach was hurting and in knots. my face was red. so i was thinking when he came up to me that you know it was somebody from the audience rngs you know greeting me with a -- >> congratulations. >> good job, you know. and turned around -- yeah, i didn't realize it but when i turned around i looked at him once y looked back. it took me a second to realize that oh, my gosh j.j. watts. and when i saw him, he shook my hand he hugged me. i almost froze right on the spot. i was in awe. i was so shocked. >> is he bigger than you thought? >> huh? >> is he bigger than you thought? >> yes. >> okay. >> i have a brother, he's 18
4:40 am
he's 6'6". he's still really big. >> nicholas what do you want to do when you grow up? >> professional singing. i want to be up there with all those celebrities and stuff. >> i don't blame you with a voice like that. >> don't forget us when you get famous. remember "fox and friends" was there almost first. >> you come back to us. >> yeah, definitely. >> that was fun. you did a great job, nick. we're glad that j.j. watts got in there to give you a big hug and congratulations. well done. >> i love that kid. apple vinegar for your voice, it works. >> yes. yes, sir. >> all right. have a great day. now go to school. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up an interview you don't want to miss. we have retired army general
4:41 am
lieutenant general michael flynn. he weighs in on 2016. >> is that what the country wants? i'll be very candid i mean and i'll probably get hammered for this. >> so what is he about to say? my sit down with him next. are you dreaming of a little get away. how about a time share? time share are billed as an affordable way. at least they were when i bought ours. are they worth the risk? bob massi is going to break it down.
4:42 am
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serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. from isis to the obama administration's foreign policy to 2016 contenders the former chief of intelligence defense intelligence agency retired lieutenant general michael flynn, sat down with us when i was in d.c. to talk about
4:45 am
what's going on in the world and why he still doesn't have that job. watch. >> retired lieutenant general michael flynn, how much do you miss being in the military? >> i miss it every day. i absolutely loved serving this country. and i miss the people i miss the type of comrodry. i miss the capabilities and the organizations i was part of. it just really -- it made you feel alive every day. i loved serving. >> general, a lot of people say isis snuck up on us. how did they get so well organized. they did not sneak up on you. >> we've been watching this organization morph into something different into what it is today. this was not something that suddenly appeared on the screen a couple years after we had left iraq. this was an organization that was, in fact, crushed, defeated in the 2008 to 2011 time frame.
4:46 am
with the complete collapse of syria we saw isis take advantage. >> how do you characterize how the 40 nation coalition is going after it? >> the military component is not a decisive component to defeat these guys. we have to have every capability that the military component can bring. we have to do smart diplomatic things. >> we're not doing either one of those? >> i don't see that right now. i really don't. i see a lot of confusion. i mean if we're putting an aircraft carrier, you know in the gulf of yemen to block against iranian warships that are coming into that area yet we're still sitting at a table cutting a deal on nuclear weapons, there's something wrong with that picture. the assumptions that are being made by the administration about iran are absolutely wrong. >> what way? >> what we ought to do we ought to have the best and the brightest that we know and have
4:47 am
in our country look at it from the iranian perspective. put us into our shoes and say is what we're getting a good deal. and from iran's perspective they're getting an unbelievable deal. >> i believe we're getting a look at life without america. we're looking at these countries where we use today broker peace. they use today come to us and build off that. now we're just -- we're watching from the outside, almost reading the press clippings. is that the bayway you see it? >> to use a sports analogy you like to use, we're not on the bench -- we're not even in the bleachers cheering. i feel sometimes we're outside the stadium listening to the noise that's happening. we're not really sure who is doing what to whom inside of that stadium. we need to be on the field. that's where the american -- that's where america needs to be. we need to be on the field. we need to be running the play. we need to take a big step back and begin to decide who we are
4:48 am
and who we're going to be this century. >> have you seen anything out there anything among the 20 republican candidates that can lead us in that direction? >> i have paid attention to it. i think what the american public is looking for is honest candid leadership. >> have you seen it? people say that they got to have international experience you have to have that experience do you see that in hillary clinton? >> i think that -- is that what the country wants? i mean you know i'll be very candid i mean -- i'll probably get hammered for this. you know is the country ready for another clinton/bush national election in this country? i think there is something to be said about isn't there somebody different in this country that could step up and become the president? i hope at the end of the day, the cream does truly rise to the
4:49 am
top and we find -- the american public discovered the best lead together lead this country into at least the next decade. we're into the second decade of the 21st century and we have enormous challenges ahead of us in this first half of the century. bill challenges. >> i would feel better if he got into politics. we have lost basically our starting lineup when it comes to generals. petraeus gone mccrystal gone. all of them if they had their druthers would still be in. ten minutes before the top of the hour. dreaming of a get away? time shares are billed as an affordable way to do that every year. are they worth the money? on this day in 1979, heart of glass blighty blondy was the number one song in america and it's still on my walkman. >> walkman? ♪
4:50 am
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time shares are often billed as an affordable way to get away for a family. wouldn't you love to have your kids out there by the shore? with the average household plucking down more than $20,000 on a time share, the question is is it worth it. what are the pros and cons? bob massi joins us with all the information you need to know. we bought a time share about 20 years ago. it has been great for us. i know something about it but we turn to you to explain, for instance there are different kinds of time shares. what types? >> you could own it outh right. you get padeed. you could do right to use is a
4:54 am
lease concept where you lease it for a period every year. or they have what they call fixed use every year at a fixed time floating so there's all these different types of time shares. the important thing is when you do it when you engage in time sharing, you better understand exactly what you are getting so that you can understand the use of it. because it's not as simple as hey, i'm going to go to vegas, let's get a room. there's a process involved with time share. >> absolutely. and what i have found in -- as being a time share owner you have to plan ahead. and sometimes you have to plan a year out, first week in july we want to be in orlando. >> and that's okay. it fits a certain personality. >> it's good for families with school vacation and stuff like that. >> it is. it is. it's just -- you got like over here in vegas, they have droves of people on buses. one of the things i want to talk about is what you have to watch
4:55 am
out for. one of the things is watch the ha sell. sometimes -- no disrespect to the men and women who share time share, they put herds of people into a room and they just hammer them for hours. and by the end, they put this contract in front of them and they're signing it and saying what did i just sign here? that's why, steve, in most states there's a cooling off period where you could sign it but you have to right to resnd because of the high pressure sales. there is closing costs, what kind of assessments, what kind of taxes are you paying, what kind of association fees are there. you have to read the fine line on these type of things. it's a property. you're either buying a property or you're buying a right to use a property. you have all these costs involved. you have to understand. >> absolutely. and they do present it if you ask for it up front, which is good.
4:56 am
ultimately i feel in our instance it's been worth it. what do you say? >> i think if you're the tied up type of person that is a big planner, that wants to go to a certain place every year and mish it up. mix it up. that's okay. i just sold a place. second second homeland securitys drive you crazy. i want your viewers to understand this cancellation is important legally. i get e-mails from people i want to get out of it. i'm tired of paying fees. read the contract make sure you understand and know there's a cooling off period. >> if you want to go to vegas, call bob massi. real life drama for clint eastwood did he threaten to shoot michael moore for slamming
4:57 am
the american sniper? we're used to seeing him in front of the white houseicts what's ed henry doing here? stick around. my feet felt so heavy at the end of the day. they used to get really tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes my feet and legs feel less tired. it's like walking on a wave dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, i'm a believer!
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good morning. it is thursday april 23rd. 2015. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. a scare in the air, passengers panicking and passing out. their plane dropping 27,000 feet in minutes. a confusion in the cockpit and the investigation happening right now. did a door open or didn't it? as the race for 2016 heats up a brand new bomb shell for hillary clinton this morning. and her big cash problems. so does america really trust her to be the president of the united states? we got a brand new poll that says no. ed henry on the curvy couch with reactions. coming up real life drama for clint eastwood. did he threaten to shoot michael
5:01 am
moore? the story has buzzing. it's showing that you care a lot. which makes me conclude that mornings are better with friends. all right. welcome to hour three. ed henry come on over here. you're our next contestant on "fox and friends." >> good tuesdayo see you. >> it's take your d.c. correspondent to work day. >> cooking with friends continues today with your daughter. >> we have a pork tarragon that will knock your socks off. >> i've got a pair we'll find out. we have to hear about the news. who do we turn to? >> me. >> no, she's behind you. >> heather, of course. >> they just hand me a script.
5:02 am
all right. good morning. welcome to town great to have you and your daughter here. we start out with a fox news alert. french police this morning are on the hunt for suspected terrorists this following the arrest of a 24-year-old algerian student who planned to shoot up a church. police reportedly looking for his possible accomplices, including a person that supplied the would be terrorist with a car full of weapons. the french prime minister said five attacks have been thwarted since january. there was something going on indeed that is what passengers on board a sky west flight are saying after three people passed out and dozens more started feeling sick on board an airplane yesterday. the pilots suddenly plunging the jet to a lower altitude thinking it was a potentially deadly air system problem. they dropped 28,000 feet in
5:03 am
eight minutes. listen. >> i was short of breath y. felt like i was going to faint. there was definitely something going on. i think we should do an emergency landing. >> that flight was headed to connecticut from chicago when it made the maerblshemergency landing. 17 passengers were checked out and released. sky west official said say there was not a cabin pressure problem. the faa is investigating. two families forced out of their homes after living on the edge of a dangerous sinkhole. entire neighborhoods have been swallowed up. recent heavy rains and a leaky storm pipe now making at situation even worse. more families may have to evacuate the area. town officials say they're trying to figure out if that erosion can be stopped. while thousands of people compete to be the first to explore mars one state is trying to change their minds.
5:04 am
>> mars. the air, not breathable. the surface, cold and barren. why die on mars? when you can live in south dakota. >> exactly? south dakota officials are using that ad to try to get more people to move to the state by representing for the thousands lining up to colonize the red planet. speaking of headlines, mr. headline ed henry. >> i was trying to let heather go first. >> absolutely. >> you set me up for that. >> it was great to see you yesterday. >> yeah. >> we had lunch together, it was break. we broke a lot of stories. >> there you are right there. >> that is everybody who appears on brian's radio show. >> why are you at the end of the table? >> those people around the table, who had the most drinks? >> nobody.
5:05 am
>> i'm trying to protect other people but kilmeade had only two. >> you are following the white house and hillary clinton. everybody is talking about the big special on friday. >> 10:00 p.m. on friday. our reporting about the clinton situation, the book clinton cash. i think "the new york times" piece spills some of it. puts new meaning into russian reset. the russians take control of uranium one. it's a company where money was flowing into the clinton foundation and former president bill clinton was getting speaking fees. at the beginning when you tie it together you say i'm covering the clinton campaign and the white house. at the beginning of the obama administration when she became secretary of state, there was a memorandum of understanding that the clinton foundation would not be taking money from foreign governments while she was secretary of state because of potential conflict of interest. in this case there is no evidence we've seen that russia did. that left the door open to
5:06 am
foreign companies, foreign individuals. and so that's a pretty big loophole that could expose the administration. >> there was another report linking a clinton benefactor to iran. what do we know about that? >> certainly, i think that you've got the colombian trade deal situation where an oil company gave to the foundation. her campaign says, that she changed her position because the administration from the president on down was now in favor of that trade deal when she was secretary of state. and had nothing to do with what happened at the foundation. her spokesman this morning say, no action she took as secretary of state conflicted with what happened to the clinton foundation. when you have the clinton foundation changing now their tax returns -- >> over five years. that says we screwed up. >> were there innocent mistakes we don't know. was there more going on. >> did you say innocent mistakes? that is so cute. >> it could be.
5:07 am
>> when i hear about this book, it's facts. this is what where bill clinton was, this is the deal that was cut. this is what the secretary of state said. and then -- >> on your point -- i know you're teasing about innocent mistakes. the author says he can't connect all the dots. there is a lot that's murky and that he basically came to fox news and other organizations to say here's what i know. do some of your own digging. that's what "the new york times" is doing. >> republicans are writing this book and it's a smear campaign. the writers and the other institutions putting out information as it pertains to russia we're talking "new york times," newsweek. >> people should not cover up the fact as you say that peter schweizer has republican ties. that doesn't change what the information is. and it is interesting that the memo we got yesterday, three page memo from the clinton campaign attacked the messenger in peter swietchweizer.
5:08 am
>> that will change by monday. >> they are going to have to address it. the book is due out may 5th. they're going to have to get at the actual substance of it not just it's a -- >> how nervous do you think they are when you're out there talking? >> hard to tell, hillary clinton hef herself i was with her in new hampshire. we were throwing questions at her. specific alt gaglegations and said i'm going to focus on the voters. that's what the clinton play book. her husband did that time after time in the white house. look here's another thing, you mention the polls, we'll get to those. there are a lot of republicans salivating. it may not go anywhere. the clintons have had all kinds of allegations thrown against them and they survived. a poll in head to head matchups it's suggests that marco rubio is leading hillary clinton. rand paul is. and guess who is not?
5:09 am
jeb bush. and when you were talking to lieutenant general flynn -- it's closets close. the reason i raise that is there is a buzz you hear among republicans fif they run a race that's bush versus clinton, the republicans are nervous that clinton will come on top. ful you look at the new flavors like rubio and paul they look like they're leading. it's very early. that quinniac poll says the reason why she's so tight is the honest and trustworthy question. >> a majority of americans feel she's not trustworthy. let's switch gears, the great clint eastwood was in vegas accepting an award. the internet is heated up this morning because of -- it got started on facebook where
5:10 am
michael moore said that clint eastwood threatened to kill him. this is what he said yesterday. he said everybody is saying i threatened to kill michael moore. that's not true. but it isn't a bad ideas. once years ago somebody asked me what would i do if a guy like moore came to my house and started filming like they did with charlton hesten. if he's on your property, i guess you can shoot him. anyway you look at it. it's his opinion. that's what great about this country you can think whatever you want. >> then he added you punk. >> remember eastwooding? this is sort of a comical moment but it back fired on mitt romney. >> it's crazy how this american sniper have created a political firestorm. we understand another college, george mason university has protesters to stop it from being played on campus.
5:11 am
>> it was a phenomenal movie. how anyone can protest it t. come on over tell us about what you guys are going to make today. >> hi. >> how are you? >> ed sit over here. >> what are you going to make? pork teragone. >> when i travel i try to get her and her brother a gift from the road. i was in italy and one of my producers said i was doing live shots because the president met with the pope. i ran out of type to buy gifts. she went out and got a hat. when i got back what happened? >> i put it on. >> how cute is that? >> we put it on instagram. she is an instagram star. >> i follow you on instagram. i just saw you on the green room. you should put the hat and the
5:12 am
apron on. >> are you ready? >> good job. >> you're going to cook for us we can't wait. >> we should also point out in addition to cooking with friends, today is take your child to work day. >> yeah. >> wheres peter? peter is actually working. he had to worthk today. i brought him to work 20 years ago. >> it really stuck. >> mealilla will be hosting "fox and friends" in 20 years. >> they're going to be cooking in about ten minutes. >> get the bunsen burner ready. a brand new report says the white house is ready to free dozens more gitmo detainees in the next couple of months. what does ollie north think about that? we'll talk to him and ask him. you know him and you love him as fraser ♪
5:13 am
>> what a thrill. >> now he's taking his musical talent back to broadway. kelsey grammer here live. ♪ when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let'stalk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at nexium® 24hr. it's the purple pill the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™
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welcome back. the obama administration pushing to move dozens of detainees out of gitmo before congress can block more transfers. they're planning to move nearly 60 detainees by the end of this year. is this a smart move? we'll ask lieutenant colonel oliver north who joins us now. good morning to you. thanks for being here. what are your thoughts on repatriation. >> a lot of these ar areiaeia yum mennies. the real question isn't what's going to happen to the detainees detainees, he's planning to get rid of all of them. what happens to the dogs military working dogs that are down there we've all seen guarding that? not going after prisoners, i've got the answer on sportsman's
5:18 am
channel tonight at 9:00 when we start a new show called saving private k-9. >> this is an incredible show. it's a second season of it. i love that after over two dozen years serving our great nation and being with us here you're focused on the unsung heroes and what they do in the military. i love it. >> my whole life i spent in the company of heroes. my dad was in world war ii. i have brothers who served in the military in combat with me. i've been covingering it for 14 years with fox news. now i get to cover four legged heroes. they are. they are amazing animals. i learn to follow a dog, when i was a lieutenant in vietnam. all of that comes to thefore in this wonderful show. we got ten episodes coming up. the first one is tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on sportsman channel. i've had a ball shooting this
5:19 am
thing. we have more shooting to do out west. we'll wrap up the whole season. it will be a great show. >> i say nation's best friend when it comes to the canines and the work they do. it's the second seas you don't want to miss it. we thank you for being here and shedding light on these unsung heroes. take care. and now this the irs boss crying poor on capitol hill. i know i could barely say it. is that really the case. while your calls for tax help went unanswered that's more than half they didn't get to. what was the agency doing, spending money orbonuses, unions and obamacare. now he is taking his musical talents to broadway. kelsey grammer joins us live walking in with my buddy, steve and brian. ♪ coming running just as fast as they can ♪ ♪ every girl's crazy about a
5:20 am
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5:23 am
quick headlines. then a special guest. former cia director and four star general david petraeus will learn his fate for leaked classified documents. under a plea deal he will pay $40,000 and avoids prison time. more trouble for the secret service if that's possible. a brand new government report says the secret service took more than a year to replace a broken alarm system at the houston home of former president george h.w. bush. a request to replace it was denied for unknown reasons. you know him as fraser.
5:24 am
watch. ♪ you shake my nerves and you rattle my brains ♪ ♪ too much love drives a man insane ♪ >> now kelsey grammer is headed back to broadway in finding neverland. ♪ >> the man with the sword is on the couch unarmed. kelsey grammer, welcome. >> good to see you. >> i went to it yesterday, it is the best show i have seen on broadway in years. >> incredible. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> our chairman and his wife went and they loved it. >> did they? there's nothing wrong with it. it's a great show. it's the best show i've ever done in my life. >> you've done some fantastic shows. >> it is the best show. >> i think that might have something to do with --
5:25 am
>> thank you. >> this is going back. you started off singing, right? this is comfortable for you? >> i was a 14-year-old and this guy named richard walked into the classroom. i want everybody in this room to go audition for the choir. okay. a bunch of kids in south florida. we thought we were cool. everybody sang yesterday. yesterday. he'd say you're a tenor, bass. he through us together. in like six months we were out doing these shows. >> like perfect pitch? >> yeah. it was fantastic. >> that's how the acting world found you? >> that's when i got into it. >> do you think you would have gotten into it? >> i was a surfer that was it. >> this particular show finding neverland, is kind of based on a true story about how peter became pan.
5:26 am
>> right. there -- it is loosely based on history. some license has been taken, but the writer had an acquaintance a friendship with this family of boys. in the end i think it's accurate he actually ended up raising them after their parents died. >> you know in addition to being touching -- i'm not a big fan of musicals. i loved every song. they're fantastic. also it tugs at your heart strings in addition to being very funny. >> i say to my friends, if they don't cry at this show they don't have a heart. my favorite moment is when the boys they're jumping on the bed and suddenly they go into slow mo. and you see them lifted up and all of a sudden they're flying. you think it's magic. >> here's the other question. i love musicals, you know that. >> you would like this. >> i know i know. this is what gets me the schedule twice a day. six days a week seven days a
5:27 am
week. >> it's a very tough situation. >> you're doing it twice off? >> that was yesterday, twice. >> you have every night. did you realize that when you sign on? >> you realize it. you know what the job is when you take it. it can be exhausting. i lost my voice last week. and i can sweekqueak it out. i get it done. it's very challenging. there's a big adjustment in terms of what condition you're in. >> it's getting incredible remarks, especially from steve. he loved it. anybody have any trouble finding neverland, you are remarkable. >> it's different from cheers right? >> it is very different, yes. >> there is a cheers joke in it. >> is there, really? it's hilarious. >> if you're coming to new york city this summer come see finding neverland on broadway. it is great.
5:28 am
real pleasure. >> good to see you. >> well done. >> i like seeing you, too. and now this did you see this? actor robert downey jr. storming out of an interview, the question that set him off next. you saw geraldo yesterday in the kitchen. when we come back cooking with friends continue with ed henry and his daughter mila. ♪ i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
♪ i don't know why they're playing that music. although i would say this we are in love with our viewers out there in tv land. thank you for making us the number one cable news show for about ten years. >> maybe we fell in love with our viewers by accident. maybe that would be better? i do like that song. >> no accidents here as you just said it's real love. >> the best accident ever when the guy with the chocolate bar fell into the peanut butter jar. best accident ever. >> ed henry and his daughter mila. they are great. >> speaking of koobcooking, guess
5:33 am
who got grilled? the irs getting grilled. they're broke, at least that's what they say. maybe not. a brand new house report finding the cash strapped agency deliberately diverted resources away from customer service, in order to help itself and its employees there. the report found $60 million went to employee bonuses alone. another $20.7 million went to fund union activities. more than $2 million went to litigation services. lawmakers blasted the irs commissioner in a hearing. listen to this. >> you told all the irs employees that this year you were going to have to do less with less. the irs by its own admission is saying let's do less with less. >> you're purposefully diverting money away from customer service. >> well commissioner koskinen said the agency needed to move the money around or their employees would have become
5:34 am
demoralized. robert downey jr. doing promotion for a new film. that's when the interviewer asked him about his troubled past. >> what are we doing? >> i'm just asking questions. >> right. bye. >> i'm sorry. >> it's okay. >> iron man sort of kept his cool. he ultimately ended up ending that interview saying it felt too dpiiane sawyery. something like that. a 12-year-old boy gets the surprise of his life after nailing the national anthem at the nba playoff game. ♪ for the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪
5:35 am
>> the crowd going wild for nicholas connors. texas star j.j. watt rushes the court. the boy turns around takes him a minute to figure out who it was and his jobs drops. earlier he joined us to tell us where his voice came from. >> nobody it came from the man upstairs. it took me a minute to realize it's j.j. watt. he shook my hand and hugged me. i almost froze on the spot. i was in awe. i was so shocked. >> what a sweetheart. he had laryngitis. he still managed to belt out the huge notes anyway. those are your headlines. what a great young man. love that. >> when he grows up he wants to be a professional singer. >> he's well on his way. >> without a doubt. >> we will turn to maria molina who is telling us what's is
5:36 am
going on weather wise. >> it's a cold one today across parts of the northeast and also across the great lakes. take a look at some of the current temperatures out there h. you're only in the 30s in rapid city minneapolis, chicago and cleveland and in new york city pretty chilly this morning. we're tracking a storm system. we're deal ing with snowshowers across parts of western new york pennsylvania most of it winding down across parts of the great lakes. it is accumulating in areas around there. some areas picking up to three inches of snowfall. pretty significant. severe weather may be possible in the southern plains. >> maria molina thank you very much. it's time for cooking with friends. >> love it. it's been an amazing week so far. cooking with friends. we had steve and sally doocy on monday. i was with my husband, tim on tuesday. and the riveras yesterday. we have our chief white house correspondent to play chef for
5:37 am
the day. ed henry joining us with his 10-year-old daughter mila. you're making what? >> pork tarragon. >> like you made for your dad after his trip. >> when i came home. that's the key part. she's been sauteing spinnish. it's got great-fruit segments on top. we're going to plate some over here. the pork. been on the food network before? >> i haven't. but i'm thnging this may be the beginning of something for sure. >> for mila. >> not for me? >> she has been putting -- the grapefruit juice on top of the rice j stir it in for flavor. >> is this a family recipe? >> no, mila did it on the fly because i just come home and we had ingredients at home. >> it was all that was left in
5:38 am
the cupboard because dad had gone to italy. >> i left her home alone. >> can i ask you, how excited -- he's fantastic, i know how exciting it must be for you when your dad comes home. what does it mean for you to make a good meal for him? >> i know he'll eat it. >> did you put tarragon on top of the pork? >> this is pork tenderloin you bake it until it's done? >> about 20 minutes or so. it has to get to 175 degrees. to get the interior to make sure it's not raw. >> you want pork done. >> i love how you're adding flavors in here. you have tenderloin and grapefruit. >> if i want to make this at home for ed -- >> is he coming over? >> how long should i give myself? an hour two hours, three hours? >> it depends on how good you
5:39 am
are at cooking. >> all day, then. >> i tell you what all week long we've been eating food today we brought in a special food tester. karl rove come on in. >> karl rove is going to be your taste tester. >> good morning. >> we have a giant for you. what this fork? >> i want this fork right here. this looks fantastic. thank you. >> he's a natural on television. >> i don't know. i don't know. she's got a million dollar smile. look at his. i got a buck and quarter. >> what do you think? >> what do you think of the grapefruit on there? >> tangy. >> karl are you a cook? >> limited items. we'll have jalapeno quail eggs. cheese grits -- >> i love choosy grits. that's an advanced pallet you
5:40 am
have. >> mila is not normally a morning person. what did you do to get ready for this show? >> starbucks. >> she said i'm pumped right now. >> she's pumped -- you're ten? >> you know what? you had a lot of fun. >> wow. >> look at that. >> she shows it off well. >> that's beautiful. >> round of applause for mila. >> ed brought his daughter to work. >> her brother, patrick, only makes brownies. he'll join her for brownies, but she see she's the real cook. >> carkarl rove stick around for this. a republican poll is out who voters would pick. dr. oz fighting back. what we have learned about the doctors that are calling for
5:41 am
izhad resignation. conflict of interest perhaps. ♪ resignation. conflict of interest perhaps. ♪ jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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15 minutes till the top of the hour. quick headlines for you about booze and birds. noregen cruise line offering unlimited drinks for short cruises from miami. drinks up to $11 is included in the price of your ticket. the cruises set sail in january. a confused caulk to is blocked from a grill. fire crews were able to pull it out safety after a few minutes and took it to a vet. thankfully. thank you very much. america's doctor standing up to
5:45 am
ten other doctors who called for his resignation. dr. oz slamming his critics saying no matter our disagreements, freedom of speech is the most fundamental right we have as americans. we will not be sentenced. we're not going anywhere. joining us to react is peter johnson jr. last week ten doctors wrote to columbia university and said fire him. >> this is a witch hunt. they're taking on dr. oz. it should be a room for debate about science and medicine. in our society and on television. these folks have the nerve to say to columbia university, take dr. oz off the faculty. let him stop operating on adults that have heart disease, ten, 1 hour op 2 hour operations. i've met him a couple times. i find it offensive to the first amendment that we have these folks, some of them who, in my
5:46 am
opinion may be quacks themselves. they accused him of being a quack, to say, you know fire him, columbia. who the heck are they? dr. oz and time magazine lays it out who he thinks they are. he said one of these folks is an advocate of genetically modified foods. he's attacked genetically modified foods. one doctor was suspended as a doctor is a convicted felon. 22 months in prison for medicaid fraud. four of the ten are linked to the acsh american council on science and health which has received money from companies that sell genetically modified foods that have also talked on behalf of pesticides and bpa. and dr. oz on behalf of e cigarettes. they're going to trash dr. oz because he's talking about green coffee beans or some extracts.
5:47 am
saying he's got a conflict of interest. go debate him on his show. debate him he. debate me on that issue. don't say take his license away. >> you know what dr. oz writes in time magazine he says my entire career, i've tried to figure out ways to lessen my patient's suffering. whether it is something that is holistic or alternative, he's open to that. which we all should be. >> you're hitting it on the head. there are whole institutions and units in hospitals, including columbia and nyu and mayo clinic on complimentary medicine. he cannot be destroyed by the medical calmomplex in this country. there are conspiracies sometimes in medicine. he should not be the victim of one of those. i fought it here on the air for people who did medicine and need lungs. he's speaking up.
5:48 am
don't agree with him on everything. he's not your doctor. listen carefully and don't take him off the air or out of the operating room. that's my view. >> i'm with you 100% thank you very much. what do you think about us? e-mail us at up next there's a new leader in the pack of gop hopefuls does that leader have any chance of winning the white house in 2016? karl rove will talk about that next. let's drop in to see what martha has cooking up at the top of the hour. >> new evidence that appears to tie the clintons to a number of things, thecluding the sale of a canadian mining company to the russians that gave the russians massive control over uranium. the donations that tlelhen followed. you'll get a sneak peek at the clinton cash story.
5:49 am
i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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the race for 2016 heating up. look at the new poll. marco rubio taking the lead. and he is at the top of that poll but just by two points. >> the first term u.s. senator from florida, now neck and neck with a democratic candidate, hillary clinton, when you go head to head. what does this mean for the race to the white house? let's talk to former deputy chief of staff fox news contributor karl rove. >> good morning. >> what does that poll mean to you? >> that means everybody gets a bump. go out there and announce you get a bump. go out there and give a speech that surprises people you get a bump. the question is how durable is it going to be. i don't think it won't be durable as all. this race won't jell until early fall. >> we've seen marco rubio has taken the lead.
5:53 am
your attributing it to that announcement. >> he had a great announcement, he had a fantastic speech. but, again, let's put it tin perspective. in january, scott walker had a great speech. and basically did what marco rubio did. if you look at marco rubio's numbers he goes from five or six to 13 14 15 depending on what poll you're talking about. the same thing happened to walker in january. everybody gets their moment in the sun. it's what they make of it. clearly two people have made more of their moment in the sun, walker and rubio, than two others have done cruz and paul. >> interesting. i thought cruz looked strong for a while. hillary clinton has come out with an interesting rollout because it's a different strategy. she doesn't have a game day for about a year. >> it's a bad thing for her. >> in what way? >> it would be better if she was pressed. she remain what she is which is a bad candidate. >> how is she going to get better at 69 years old? aren't you a done deal?
5:54 am
>> i think you are. that's the problem for her. think about this when she left office in 2013 in the gallop poll she was 60/31. fave unfave. in march she was 51/40. now she is 48/42 in gapal. she's 47/48 in quinniac. she is getting less popular, not more popular. >> according to a new poll her trust is down. over half the people don't find her trustworthy. that number will haunt her. >> it will get worse with all this stuff going on about the foundation and about her e-mails and so forth. >> let's talk about one specifically today in the "new york times" with the russian link with the yourane ynl. we know the company was able to pull off the deal. now, all of a sudden this deal is able to be worked out. they cut the deal --
5:55 am
>> they cut the deal with kazakhstan when bill clinton flies over to meet -- >> that's a coincidence. >> it's a complete coincidence. >> uranian one gets the deal. the russians try to buy it. >> they buy it when the stock goes down. it holds big assets including 25% of u.s. production. when the stock price goes down in 2009, the russians try to go in and by 2011 have bought majority control of the company. >> our state department said it's okay. >> our -- hillary clinton -- not only that but hillary clinton as a member of a committee on foreign investment of the united states which would have to approve a deal like that because of its national security implications. she was a voice on that for the approval of it. the state department intercede would the kazac government. during this and this is the important point, the chairman of the board of uranium board gives
5:56 am
over $2 million tool the clinton foundation which is not disclosed by the foundation. >> they forgot. >> it's discovered because peter schweizer go and looks at canadian tax records and find out they gave the money. why did they violate the agreement? why did they take money from a foreign company with business before the state department. >> you make that call and more details to come in the big special. more from karl in a moment. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let'stalk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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why is congress moving? >> well the house and senate both it's because several years ago, john boehner returned the house to regular order and mitch mcconnell returned to the regular order saying the committees have to work. there are going to be amendments allowed. there house and senate are working on a whole host of things. >> democrats are happy -- >> democrats did not go there to
6:00 am
be potted plants like harry reid treated them. we're seeing the results of letting them work. they're working 43% more work days in the senate thus far this year. bill: thank you, guys. good morning, everyone. breaking news on growing scandal surrounding the clinton campaign. we're learning of a potential quid pro quo between rush that and state department with hillary clinton at center of it all. follow us here. it gets complicated. we say good mornings, i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. journalists at fox news immediately began to follow the money and connect dots after learning about claims made in this upcoming book "clinton cash." we now know the state department under hillary clinton's control signed off on a deal that would allow russia to buy a uranium company. bill: all this as money continued to flow into the clinton f


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