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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 23, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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week's instagram super star. james starting his son early giving him a view from the cockpit. congratulations for being the instagram star of the week. thank you for being part real story." here's shep. >> two members of al qaeda reportedly killed in u.s. drone strikes, including a spokesman the u.s. military has been hunting for more than a decade. but president obama today admits the operation accidently killed two inside hostages, including an aid worker from maryland. >> as president and as commander in chief i take full responsibility for all our cower torism operations. >> the white house claims it will launch a full investigation into how that happened. we'll speak with general wesley clark about the risky strategy. plus, hillary clinton facing more accusations from the new book involving russia, uranium and millions of dollars in donations to the clinton charitable foundation. now chelsea clinton responds.
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the book's awe says he plans to go after jeb bush next. let's get to it. >> now, live on fox news channel, "shepard smith reporting." >> good afternoon from our studio in oxford, mississippi. the white house says counterterror operations killed two american citizens working for al qaeda. but also two hostages, one american and one italian. the president says the deaths were an accident. the american hostage was warren wine steen in this 70s a professor working others a contractor in pakistan when he was kidnapped outside his home. the white house says weinstein and the italian hostage died in one of two operations in january. a senior defense official tells fox news the cia used a drone. president obama says officials did not think any civilians were at the compound at the. today the president offered kole
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don't lenses to the host yang's family and takes responsibility. >> i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government offer our deepest apologies to family. >> the president says the target of the operation was an al qaeda compound in the border region of afghanistan and pakistan, and they took outut two leaders including an american al qaeda leader. the white house says a separation prayed killed adam gadahn. he became a spokesman for al qaeda as people were dying up. he was valuable to them because he spoke english and delivered messages to us. an american citizen. officials say neither american terrorist was the target of the operations and that is significant under the law. the president also said officials are conducting a full review of what did happen to try to prevent more innocent victims from dying in future operations. republicans joined the president
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in offering thoughts and prayers to the hostages families, but lindsey graham said two american citizens who joined al qaeda got what they deserved. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. what nor do we know about the strikes? >> reporter: the white house did not want to say when they happened or what kind of u.s. war planes were used, but well-placed sources we have spoken to who are familiar with the operation tell us they are carried out by reaper drones, the first one on january 14th, the second january 19th. the white house admitted mistakes were made. >> the other near certainty assessment was that no civilians would be harmed if this operation were carried out. unfortunately, that was not correct. >> reporter: the wife or warren weinstein, a u.s. aide worker who was four days from retirement when he was kidnapped in 2011, reacted to the news today, quote we do not yet fully understand all of the
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facts surroundingway's death but we understand the u.s. government will conduct an independent investigation of the circumstances. those who took warren captive three years ago bear ultimate responsibility. the president apologized to the weinstein family today from the white house. >> jennifer, largely the weinstein -- adam weinstein situation has been kennedy on the d.l. bus thaws holiday they want -- because that's how they wanted its conduct but we have recorded on adam gadahn, one of the two al qaeda leaders. >> it's interesting. there's a new book coming out on adam gadahn, called "american traitor inside the mind of adam gadahn. al qaeda's u.s. born leader." he was born in california, to jewish parents who converted to christianity. they were described as jewish psychedelic musicians who had a goat farm in california. gadahn then converted to islam
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as a teenager. he made videos. he was the lead prop -- prom began daist from al qaeda. he was in close contact with bin laden, he was killed in the january 19th the second strike. farouq was also an american. he was killed in the january 14th strike. that is the strike in which those two hostages, the american warren weinstein a well as the italian aide worker, geovany lo porto were killed in the strike. >> thanks. let's continue with general wes 0ley, which. the awe for of a book, don't wait for the next war also a senior fellow at the -- at ucla. thank you. >> thank you shep. >> do we have enough on the ground intelligence or from the air intelligence, on the sites we're bombing with drones, to be able to do so regularly without
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this sort of thing happening or are we overstepping what we can get done? >> i think we have expectations that are probably too high for what intelligence -- what is possible to be done. first of all we don't -- i wouldn't think have a lot of people on the ground. the average american cannot go into this area, learn a language and suddenly be accepted as a tribesman and be welcomed in and then report to us. so there's no way of getting real on the ground, human intelligence sources directly. we get some from our allies in the area, and we have overhead, we take imagery we pick up transmissions electronically and do other things, but this is -- we're right on the boundaries of the possible when we're tracking these terrorists and we're watching where they go and then we're following their release procedures to conduct the strike. it's remarkable what the united
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states has done. we have done it with the greatest possible attention to preventing collateral damages and injuring innocent people. so this is a terrible tragedy but i don't think you can -- i don't think you can reasonably expect us to prevent these kinds of things from happening ever again. it's going to happen again. >> understood. on the other matter, the white house is very careful to say that the two americans who were killed in these strikes were not targeted. they were targeting terrorists. that said, general nobody has any sympathy for gadahn or farouq or anyone like that who is treasonous and would have been trade on treason. but the law remains that you cannot target and kill -- america cannot kill americans and is there a gray area here? can you help us understand why that in this case it's okay that the united states killed a united states citizen?
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>> well, i think this is a case where they weren't targeted. they were in the proximity of the enemy that was targeted. they were the enemy. they could have been targeted if we had followed the process. they became the collateral damage in this case. they got what they deserved would be the view of most americans. certainly my personal view. but i think it's a good thing we have the process that the president describes where we look at each individual traitor out there and make a determination whether or not he should be targeted. >> the letter of the law i believe, is whether he is an imminent threat to the safety and security of americans and american property. the -- i understand that nobody has any sympathy. i certain certainly don't. are you concerned about a slippery slope in the the united
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states government killing american citizens? >> no, i'm not really concerned about that. i think the people in the u.s. government are incredibly moral. this is a long-term problem. we're going to have a certain number of people who leave this country. i'm sorry for them. when they leave and they serve with the enemy they're the enemy, as far as most americans are concerned. they don't -- in my view they shouldn't have a right to come back and they have cast their lot with the enemy and they're gone. i'm sure there were cases like this in the second world war were our enemies then, and there was no fine point put to the -- on the end of the pencil trying to find these people. we didn't worry about them. we did what we could to win the conflict. the united states has to do what it needs to do here to protect america. >> you're on point as almost always. general clark nice to talk to you. thank you. >> thank you shep. >> so, why announce all this today? if the drone strikes happened
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back in january why today? and why do you have the two americans, who were traitors and who were working at terrorists against us, you annoyance -- announce those with the trajectory story of the aide worker. there's a lot of news happening in this hour today. stay with us. does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek!
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more now on the white house revealing a counterterror operation accidentally killed
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two hostages, including one american. officials say it was one of two drone strikes that killed two american throwists in january but they're just telling us about it now. the white house says the reason is it was only a few days ago that intelligence officials could say with a quote high degree of confidence, unquote the american hostage did die in one operation. you heard general -- jennifer griffin report the dates but the white house will not confirm that even though reporters tried. >> i appreciate your trying to give us a timeline of when you learned what you guys learned but there's almost no time in the timeline. so let's real quickly -- what day did this happen? >> i'm not -- >> you said where or how. that's a when. >> well, the when is in the same category. that was didn't unfortunately that was not an exhaustive list -- >> an exhaustive list.
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"the wall street journal" associate editor john bussey is live on the news deck. a lot of holes here. >> there are and the white house won't be specific when this happened. what appeared to happen, though, shep the strikes happened in january, they begin to pick up scuttle but rumors, that hostages may have been killed sometime in thing. they begin to hear that. and between that time that they began to hear those rumors and yesterday, they are confirming it. they're going back over drone surveillance over interceptions, back over human intelligence to find out whether or not the hostages were killed, which they then confirmed. >> john, i know that there's a lot we can't know on matters like this, but doesn't the journal's reporting, as ours do, suggest there's a lot of aerial surveillance, hundreds of not thousands of hours of aerial surveillance, and it was made to
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sound today like they don't really know who they're tarring. just know they're hitting terrorists. our understanding is it's much more specific than that. >> that's true, and what officials in washington are saying to adam, our reporter, is that surveillance was set up on the compound and conducted over weeks, not just a couple of days. as they got closer to the date for an attack that surveillance was kicked up a significant notch to where it was almost constant where they could maximize the effect of targeting the compound, knowing who is going in and out. the days require to the compound getting attacked it was under near constant surveillance. they didn't know that being hid in that compound were the two hostages. >> thanks very much, john. some breaking news we fled to get -- we need to get to.
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the breaking news has just come in. a judge has just sentenced general david petraeus for sharing military secrets with his mistress. the sentence? two years probation and a $100,000 fine. that's an increase from the $40,000 fine that prosecuted recommended under a plea deal. general petraeus is the former cia chief and the former leader of american forces during the wars in iraq and afghanistan and if i might add known as one of the greatest military minds of his generation, as put by the "washington post" today. under the deal he pleaded guilty to sharing secrets with the woman who was write his biography. it came out the pair was also having an extramarital affair. the misdemeanor count the prosecutors brought could have carried up to a year in prison, but a judge sentenced him 20 two years probation and fine. to hear it from the reporting of the "washington post" today the plea follows a high profile
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investigation and prosecution that triggered his resignation as cia director and put the freedom, his own freedom, in jeopardy as the fbi sought to charge him with more crimes elm he admitted he improperly retained highly sensitive information in eight personal notebooks gave his buying agrapher to read. this is all from the "washington post." petraeus will be spared prison time but the 100,000 didn't fine. the deal angered fbi acts who worked on a two-year investigation and thought general petraeus should have been treated more harshly because of the information in the notebooks and his lack of candor while running the cia. all of that said, without question one of the greatest minds of his generation. military minds of his generation. meeting this end today and so much to be said about all of this, about a man who was -- wow
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served greatly our united states. well week hearing new accusation from from a book about hillary clinton including her time as secretary of state and millions of dollars in donations to the clinton charitable foundation. this time about a russian business deal to scoop up american uranium. the details and response from clinton campaign, coming up. the book's awe they're says his next investigation is about jeb bush. that's coming up on fox news channel. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein
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the clinton family and its foundation pocketed millions of dollars from donors tied to a business deal that gave the russian president vladimir putin a big stake in american uranium production and the united
12:22 pm
states state department approved the deal while secretary clinton was, well, secretary clinton. secretary of state. an accusation from a book called "clinton cash." the clinton campaigning denying it. the awe their isn't just going every secretary clinton he is also investigating a potential republican candidate, jeb bush. let's get to team fox coverage. carl cameron and ed henry. what is camp clinton saying. >> hillary clinton and her aides are determined to not be pulled off their message, out in iowa and new hampshire and states ahead, as she does more travel in the next few weeks. she wants to focus on the middle class. this is obviously pulling her in a much different direction. he spokesman a short time ago giving a statement saying there's nothing in the new book proving any kind of evidence she took any action to help clinton foundation donors, and it's
12:23 pm
impossible to consider this as many of the conspiracy theories. this is battering the hillary clinton campaign but the family legacy with the foundation, and that's why today her daughter, chelsea clinton spoke out really for the first time on this. >> what the clinton foundation has said is that we will be even more transparent. even though transparency and internationals ands said we are among the most transparent foundation. we won't take new government funding but that the work will continue as it is. i think that's the right choice for the people who are being affected by that work. >> that is a very interesting development as well because chelsea clinton is taking on a bigger role. a couple weeks ago when hillary clinton launched her campaign she stepped down from the board of the foundation. >> i heard josh ernest being pressed on this same matter at the white house. >> no doubt. here's another issue that needs to be addressed. at the beginning of the obama administration there was a
12:24 pm
memorandum of understanding allegedly signed between representatives for hillary clinton and president obama that said they were going avoid these very kind conflicts which is why josh earn necessary was on -- earness was on the run. >> the goal of the memorandum was to ensure that even the appearance of a conflict of interest was avoided by ensuring that there was greater transparency and greater knowledge about the contributions accepted by the clinton foundation. >> in yet another development a short time ago republican trey gowdy of the special benghazi committee announce he wants hillary clinton to testify the week of may 18th and then possibly a followup in june. what is interesting the clinton campaign dismissed it as partisan but it's a sign there could be more on benghazi in the days ahead. >> wouldn't surprise me at all. ed, thank you much. senator marco rubio is said
12:25 pm
to be leading the republican pack and would do thisbe against hillary clinton in a new roll. this doesn't matter, reminder, because we're so far away and polls change, but senior -- but fyi there's a poll. there are at least 7700 republican whoses who will running. it's earl for this mess. >> well, it does matter, and it's not that early. eight years ago, barack obama was already a candidate at this time. so, it's early in the context of this campaign, but the latest quinnipiac hole says marco rubio is leading followed by jeb bush, and scott walker. basically that's three-way tie with the poll's margin of error
12:26 pm
but rubio's announcement gamed him some momentum. the q poll shows that bush's unfavorable numbers have kicked up. we have fox news polls coming out tonight. they will lay out the g.o.p. race and the head-to-head matchups between the republicans and hillary clinton. marco rubio can raise more more because he is leading the poll. >> i just remember the last time we did this, and there was a different republican leader, like every other week, and it didn't -- i'm not saying -- it certainly helps with fundraising but there's a lot more to come. >> there's two dozen want in bees and only have would have much of a shot. so we say 20 to 24, we're really talking about ten. now there are probably five top tiers and others, but maybe four or five others. viables have yet to emerge, rubio is a top tier and has a good team and organization and a
12:27 pm
message. he is among the highest when it comes to who represents change in the polls. jeb bush is top tier but not a shoe-in. rand paul announced second in the run are so fa appeals to younger voters and routinely polls the strongest against hillary clinton. so the polls mights be relevant. ted cruz got in first and tea partiers love him so he'll be a force in primaries and then in the next three weeks well have three motion, carly fiorina ben carlson and mike huckabee. but who gets out early usually gets taken down, you have to have a near death experience in order to win the republican nomination so sometimes it's good to come out early peak, and then come back.
12:28 pm
>> you mentioned the new fox polls. >> yes-tonight. no word yet on what to watch but head-to-head matchups and how the republicans stack up against hillary clinton matters. >> brand new fox poll tonight 6:00 eastern carl, thanks a lot. >> continuing coverage about the announcement that a drone strike killed an american hostage and an italian hostage. there's word that russia is now building up forces along the border with ukraine. may sound like a broken record. this is new. a lot more russian troupe -- troops and vehicles and armament are coming in. something is up because putin is accusing the united states droops of entering the war zone and we ulearned from ash carter -- this is brand new -- russian hackers broke into one of the pentagon computer
12:29 pm
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more madelines from the fox news deck. a deadly three-day storm in southeastern australia could cost more than $100 million to clean up, according to a top official there the storm ripping trees from the roots snapping powerlines cutting off electricity to hundredsed of thousands of homes. four people reported dead. in the u.s., the labor department reporting more americans filed for up employment benefits laweek but analysts say first-time claims stayed below 3,000. a sign the job market is getting strong. >> if you didn't get your amazon delivery this could be why. a big rig a slamming into an overpass. the driver was not injured. they say amazon now has to decide what to do with all those
12:32 pm
packages. "shepard smith reporting" continues right after this.
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breaking news. russian hackers gained access to one of the benning's computer network -- the pentagon's computer networks, a stunning announcement by ash cart ir. >> this year the sensors that guard d.o.d.'s networks discovered an russians had hacked the network. >> pentagon officials quickly identified the security breach. the unclassified network only in a way he says they kicked the hackers off the network in a way that quote minimized their chances of returning. the feds already admitted hackers gained access to unclassified networks at the white house and state department. one pentagon official tells fox news this was an attack in a
12:35 pm
separate hack. the pentagon for the first time has publicly announced plans to use cyberwarfare as an option against america's enemies. according to this announces strategy the defense department should be able to use cyberoperations for military related critical infrastructure and weapons capabilities, and then there's russia's defense ministry which claims u.s. troops are inside the war zone in eastern ukraine. a pentagon spokesman flatly denied it, saying a few hundred u.s. troops are training ukrainian forces in the western part of the country near poll land which we knew. he says russia's claim they're in the east is a ridiculous quest to shift the focus as the kremlin deploys more and more troops inside ukraine. state department says the russian troop presence on the boredder is is the largest since last fall and accused russia of beefing up the air defense
12:36 pm
system inside eastern ukraine. the pentagon spokeswoman saying that arming the rebels is a blatant violation of peace deal signed in february by vladimir pun and other leaders. joining me to talk about this and the breaking news of russian headquarterses getting into the pentagon network retired general sedrick layton. a one-time deputy director for training at the national security agency good to see you again. >> good to see you too shep. >> is this more of the same on the part of the troops by putin in the east or is there something bigger happening? >> well, i thi putin's plan. it's part of -- it's an outgrowth when it comes to the invasion of crimea and the eastern part of ukraine the part he has got with the help of his rebel forces there. but what we're seeing here now is the next phase and the next phase will probably begin sometime as early as next week
12:37 pm
or maybe in the next two or three weeks. all depends on what they can get away with at this juncture. the russians are clearly poised to grab more territory, and they want to get a land bridge between the territory they already controlled and the crimean peninsula. >> well, that's been seemingly you said repeatedly, that's the goal from the beginning. there is any sort of strategy to stop this land grab from happening? >> it's not apparent right now. that what is very unfortunate. however, on -- as far as nato is concerned they're looking at various things. polish government, for example said they will help ukraine defend itself and provide more materiale to the ukrainian forces. doesn't mean the polish forces would intervene but could come to that theoretically. on the other side as nato at large is concerned we're looking at support for ukraine and the country of moldova another former soviet republican with a
12:38 pm
large separatist movement in it as well. >> trying to get back a lot of the territory from the former ussr. >> that's right. and what putin's goal is, keeps trying to go and recreate the territorial conquests that the ussr had and you can see the czars had in the days before the russian revolution. he is trying to create buffer states and create russian security. he believes russia is extremely vulnerable to attacks not only from the west but from other areas as well. so he wants to create a system of buffer states, at the very least client states beholden to moscow and this is the first step in that direction. >> well, hopefully we'll figure something out there. thank you colonel. >> you bet. >> more now on the drone strikes that the white house says killed three americans including a hostage. two traitors and terrorists, but one innocent guy who -- man just really devoted his life to
12:39 pm
helping people all over the world. just a fantastic human being by all accounts, who really met a horrible end. the feds have kept many details of the drone program that is responsible under wraps but said at least eight americans have died in u.s. drone strikes over the past 13 years and that includes anwar al-awlaki. he was an american citizen. the pentagon reports a drone strike killed him four years ago. investigators say he was key figure in al qaeda's most active branch and was involved in several plots against the united states. he was the first american to appear on the capture or kill list. of course he never faced trial. trace gallagher in the west coast news hub. tell us more not the americans killed in our own drone strike. >> reporter: al-awlaki is believed to be the only u.s. citizen who was actually target bid u.s. drones. the rest were in the wrong place at the wrong time. president obama acknowledges giving the order to kill awlaki.
12:40 pm
the says he would have captured and prosecuted the cleric but he had to kill him before he cared out a plot against the u.s. kaan was an al qaeda militant who created an online magazine which calls for jihad against america. the same airstrikes that killed the american hostage warren weinstein in january also killed al qaeda militant awe maybe -- ahmed farouq, and also killed adam gadahn who was born and raised here in southern california. >> do we even know, trace how expansive this more than drone campaign is? >> reporter: we know that president obama embraced and expanded the controversial program when he took office in 2009 before he game -- became president there had been less than 50 drone strikes in pakistan skins -- since 2009,
12:41 pm
337. yemen had only seen a few strikes prior to 2009 but 110 since then. the strikes are believed to have killed thousands of suspected terroris and been roundly credit seed is by national security officials from both democratic and republican administrations who say however well intentioned drone victories are they create a troubling precedent because other less well-meaning countries could start their own targeted strikes adopting the u.s. argument they are simply fighting terrorism. >> trace gallagher in los angeles, thank you. the senate finally confirmed loretta lynch for attorney general after months upon months of political back and forth in congress. she will be the first african-american woman to hold that title. back in november, president obama named loiret to lynch to replace the outgoing attorney general eric holder. she has wait more than 100 days, longer than any recent nominee had to wait. the holdup had nothing to do with her; an unrelated bill on human trafficking.
12:42 pm
lawmakers and the opposition stalled her confirmation while -- after fighting over abortion language in that bill. congress. mike emanuel on capitol hill. the final vote was a runaway. ten republicans voted for her. right? >> reporter: that's right. 56-43. ten republicans including mitch mcconnell voting for loretta lunch's confirmation, for her tightest supporters they say it was long overdue. >> today is a good and historic day for loretta lynch the justice department and america butter today we ought to have been celebrating months ago. the hard right spent months delaying low rate to lynch -- loretta lynch for everything they can think of except to objection to her qualifications. >> reporter: her wait is over. president obama saying america will be better off for it.
12:43 pm
>> if they didn't have any credible reason not to vote her in they there were a lot of people who -- what are the critics saying? >> they praised her experience, most praised her experience, said it was very solid. they questioned her judgment and independence. when she came to capitol hill for her confirmation hearing before the committee basically that they were looking for her to say something to demonstrate independence from the white house. on the issue of president obama's executive action on immigration. when they didn't get that, some just said, no. >> we do not have to confirm someone to the highest law enforcement position in america if that someone is publicly committed to denigrating congress violating law of congress violating even wishes of congress. and the american people. >> reporter: so, that marks the end of the eric holder era at the adapt of justice. so for even those who voted against her it women be a fresh
12:44 pm
start at d.o.j. >> big developments in that standoff at sea with iran. u.s. having thousands and thousands of military members tracking iranian ships believed to be full of weapons we're told. there has been a huge break in this story and a turn-around almost literally. i'll have that for you. breaking right now. raw comcast or time warner cable describer? here about the merger? we have news as well on that and it's big.
12:45 pm
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it was not comcastic and is not happening. breaking news now. comcast has given up its $45 billion bid to take over time warner cable. a deal that would have turned two of the nation's largest cable companies into one huge corporation. this is the reporting from several media outlets right now which "the new york times" and
12:48 pm
bloomberg news. comcast's decision to drop the bid comes after it faced opposition from government regulators. the justice department opposed the deal and officials reportedly told the two companies they were leaning against the merger, saying it would not help consumers clearly one enormous cable company was seen as something of a monopoly, and the comcast takeover of time warner cable is dead accord ago to the "new york times" and other reporting this hour. another huge -- around just happened. iran has blinked and backed down in the showdown with u.s. warships. pentagon officials tell fox news the iranian convoy, the one of ships suspected of carrying weapons the houthi rebels in yemen has turn around, away from yemen. officials say that u.s. warships will stay in the area for now. there's a proxy war going on there saudi arabia against iran for the area and saudi officials
12:49 pm
say that they launched new airstrikes on the iran-backed rebels yet. saudis claim they were stopping the airstrikes but just hours of they said they're stopping, the bombings were become on again why? don't know. word the rebels are sending in reinforcements to continue their push toward aden, and connor powell is monitoring. what is the let i.s. with the iranian ships? >> according to pentagon officials, a convoy of iranian ships started to head back towards iran. not clear if they're going back to a port in iran but now off the coast of the country of ohman, and the iranian convoy never got past the ohm mani yemeni ocean and the u.s. ships set up a line in the ocean pentagon not calling it a blockade but there were times the u.s. escort ships were
12:50 pm
within visual range of the iranian ships and blocking their path. pentagon officials say they were essentially just a few miles apart, within visual range. at no time was there any communication between u.s. and iranian ships but the u.s. slips blocked the path of the iranian ships and are now heading back in direction of iran. >> how does this affect the filing in yemen? >> reporter: the fighting is still again there. saudi airstrikes continue at least 20 of those today. just two days after the saudis said they were going to halt the airstrikes. and houthi rebels, iranian-linked fights make progress in the country and are also taking hits in the country phenomenon airstrikes and other militias. but the fighting is continuing in yemen despite all that is going on. protesters rallying in front of city hall in baltimore call
12:51 pm
for justice in the case of the man who died in police custody. now we're learning more about what happened in the police van. he spine severed and he died.
12:52 pm
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plus get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code "act." or go to try lifelock risk-free for 60 days and get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code "act." call now! protesters back out in baltimore today, demanding answers about the death of freddie gray, who died in police custody. his family's lawyer says gray's spine nearly snapped in half. let's look at the front of city hall in baltimore. demonstrators holing up signs chanting no justice no peace. cops arrested gray more than a week ago after officers say he, quote, made eye contact unquote, with them, and then running. it is still not clear exactly what happened during the ride in the police van. it lasted about 30 minutes. before the ride started, he was
12:55 pm
in good health. when the ride was over, he had this spinal issue and then died. rich is live outside of city hall in baltimore. what is it like there now? >> reporter: shep, the chance of no justice -- the chants of no justice, no peace continue here. a crowd of 200 folks in front of city hall, largely subdued. spirally peaceful. you look at the twitter traffic for freddie gray, peaking last night at 6:00, 6,000 per minute. that's fallen today but we have more events today. 7:00 tonight there will be a vigil there are events and marches set culminating in freddie gray's funeral on monday at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> are city leaders commenting on the trust in their police department? -- general petraeus is speaking. let's listen. >> -- november 2012.
12:56 pm
i thank in particular my family, former military colleagues, fellow veterans, others with whom i served in government, and those with whom i have worked in the private sector, and academia. i thank as well, individuals i did not know in the past but who have nonetheless made their support known to me in a variety of ways in recent months. i now look forward to moving on with the next phase of my life, and to continuing to serve our great nation as a private citizen. thank you very much. >> general petraeus with his first public comment at least in this way, since he a short time ago received two years probation and $100,000 fine.
12:57 pm
again, that happened just a matter of a few minutes ago. he says he wants to move on with his life. certainly understood. "your world" coming up. have a great afternoon. this is judy. judy is 65 years old. her mortgage payment is $728 a month. that's almost $9,000 a year now judy doesn't think that she'll be able to retire until her mortgage is fully paid off. this is mike. mike is also 65 years old. his monthly mortgage payment was $728 a month. now mike
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now the third time is the charm. after the dow after the s&p after both hit all-time highs the straggler, the nasdaq, is completing the hat trick. but it took more than 15 years to get there. the question now on a day a huge deal unravels. welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto. i want you to take a look at some very big tech names in the nasdaq, a high concentration of those names in the nasdaq, when it hit its low in march 2009. since that t


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