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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 23, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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demanding justice for 25-year-old gray who died from an injury in police custody. police arresting at least two people following a brief scuffle with police. the justice department is investigating gray's death, and six officers are suspended. a horrific ending to a performance of american pie at an indiana high school. the stage holding students collapsing injuring at least a dozen of them. we're told most of them were able to walk on their own, but one person is said to be in critical condition. it happened at a high school located 20 miles north of indianapolis. i'm patricia stark. "hannity" starts now. for all your headlines, logon to tonight -- >> the political season therefore, we will be subjected to all kinds of distractions. >> shocking new allegations that the clintons brokered an
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iranians with russia. >> what the clinton foundation has said we will be more transparent. >> and clinton's charity revealing tax filing errors. >> if i wanted to build a christian church or jewish synagogue in saudi arabia could i be allowed? liberal hypocrisy. msnbc hosts are big-time tax cheats. they're only generous with your "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." shocking new allegations that bill and hillary clinton enriched themselves and their foundation in exchange for helping to broker a deal that has turned over 20% of america's uranium supply to vladimir putin and the russians. peter schweitzer's soon-to-be released book exposed several clinton wrongdoings. "the new york times" decided to
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start digging deeper into the book's findings and what the paper found in exchange for helping the russian government buy the company that owns several u.s. uranium mines, key players involved in the deal donated millions of dollars to the clinton foundation and also paid bill clinton a $500,000 speaking fee. the end result is 2013 russian newspaper headline quote, russian nuclear energy conquers the world. the clinton campaign responded to the allegations releasing a statement that reads in part, quote, no one has produced a shred of evidence that hillary clinton ever took action as secretary of state in order to support the interests of donors to the clinton foundation. to suggest the state department under then secretary clinton exerted undue influence in the u.s. government's review of the sale of uranium is baseless. here to help us unfold in the big board experience is ed henry. good to see you, sir. >> how are you? >> it's very complicated here.
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let's go back to 2005. clinton takes a trip to kazakhstan. on this trip he's with a guy that is named gustra. who ends up donating $33.3 million -- >> over $30 million to the clinton foundation. >> and on this trip right after the trip they had secured mining rights to three specific mines. explain. >> yeah. that opened the door to this ownership that is now cornered -- allowed the russians to corner the market on uranium here in the united states. the problem i see for hillary clinton moving forward is think about at the beginning of the administration. aides to clinton, aides to obama when she became secretary of state signed a memorandum of understanding, that there would be no donations from foreign governments but bill clinton's speaking speaking fees would are met head-on. they didn't have any answers for the fact they promised all kinds of transparency and didn't
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deliver on it. >> a memorandum of understanding. this came up multiple times in "the new york times" article, that they didn't disclose where some of the foundation money came from. in spite of the promise. that's a big deal. >> the reason why it's important is a memorandum of understanding was trying to make sure that there wouldn't be conflicts of interest like this because as you say, the key here really is the money going into the foundation and then the action by hillary clinton, the fact that she's one of the officials that had to sign off on this deal that allowed the russians to eventually corner that market. now, there are other officials involved. and part of what the clinton campaign is saying this wasn't her acting unilaterally. this was administration policy others signed off on this. obviously this is just scratching the surface. >> iranians end up buying four states' mines, which accounts for 20% of our uranium production. >> right. >> we don't have enough uranium to run the nuclear power plants we already have in the country. >> right. the russians had already stated
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years earlier how they wanted to get a lot more. and so this is clearly part of putin's strategy to get more uranium. and so now you see these series of events. what the clinton campaign said before is they're trying to insist look you can't connect all these dots. you have to say that the author of the book clinton cash is saying he hasn't connected ought dots. he thinks there are a lot of dots there. he brought in "the new york times," fox news "washington post," other organizations, to say, here's what i found so far with the donations and certain actions, can you connect the dots. that's where she is still not fully exposed yet, because it has not been prove rn that some law was broken. >> we're talking about tens of millions of dollars with people associated with these uranium deals. now, the russians own, what 51% of a company that has 20% of uranium assets in the united states. now, let's fast forward to 2009 to 2013. they own at that time the russians 17% of this company. >> right.
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>> they want to make it 51%. >> right. >> now, for that to happen they need approval. >> right. >> okay. >> that's where it went through the administration. and what officials tell us is that there are at least three different officials who had to sign off on it. the key is one of those officials was the secretary of state in hillary clinton. that's where she has potential exposure that there was actual action there. it wasn't just you know there's been this talk for example, real quick, about the colombian trade deal and there was a colombian oil company that poured a lot ef money into the clinton foundation. hillary clinton flipped her position on the colombian trade deal. they said look this is a position in favor of the colombian trade deal. she flipped her position to get in line with president obama and his administration right? in the case of this other deal with the russians she's an official who is not just an administration policy she's making the decisions. >> why if the russians have a financial interest 17%, 20% of u.s. uranium assets according to estimates, when they want to
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take over 51% of the company, that is something that was signed off on. now, here's the question. why would anybody at any point in time ever do that knowing that uranium could be used -- as it relates to nuclear weapons? and on top of that "the new york times" story did break this point, that while assurances were given that uranium would not leave the u.s. in fact there were yellow cake uranium did leave the u.s. and did make it into canada. at least canada. >> you raise an important point. as a senator, hillary clinton was very skeptical of these kinds of deals for some of the reasons you just pointed out. she's going to have to have a lot more explaining to do. i've been out on the campaign trail with her. she took two or three questions the other day. >> two are oh three? how many has she taken total? >> two or three. on the trail. iowa and new hampshire. the answers were basically, this is a distraction. it was not answering these kinds
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of questions directly. the bottom line she had a news conference a couple of months ago, the deal with the e-mail situation. that was a real news conference. what happened after the news conference? new questions. where's the server? where's the over 30,000 e-mails? >> we know where the server is. it's buried with jimmy hoffa. that's my prediction. >> now you have this. she has to have another news conference at some point. >> appreciate it. now, as we head over to our desk joining us now with reaction to this the legal side of this and growing scandal is the host of "justice with justice pero." you have 20% of our uranium, when we don't really have enough uranium, in the hands of the russians and a deal that on so many different levels benefit the clinton foundation bill clinton personally and the fact that this in her mind didn't say, you know set off alarm bells, i need to tell people is a big problem for me. >> well, you know what you're
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saying it didn't set off alarm bells, but it all makes sense to me sean. >> why? >> because there was no reporting of a lot of this. and she agreed to as you and ed just said with the memo of understanding with president obama, when she became secretary of state, she's got to amend her tax returns. she's in a situation where we don't see any of her e-mails. we can't get the server. do you think that this is all connected? all this takes as a prosecutor to say, we're going to connect the dots here. we've got this intertwining of money to the foundation money to bill clinton, deals with russia canada iran in some of the other deals, and we've got this veil of secrecy from this woman who said she is the most transparent person and she's an everyday people. how can you be an everyday people when the canadian government $145 million, to
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this -- to the clinton foundation. >> what is the proper description of this? is this the quintessential pay to plai scheme? a case of crumbs? quid pro quo? certainly conflict of interest? >> you can call it influence peddling a shell game a conspiracy you can call it concealment, tampering with evidence you can call it whatever you want. here's the bottom line. now the e-mail server becomes very relevant. because now the proof is not available unless you've got someone at the other end talking about it. just like they didn't report a lot of the income to the foundation. just like the mou was not followed by her. we have to look at canada and their tax returns to find out how much -- >> here's a tougher question. was hillary clinton here willing to put our national security at risk for the financial benefit of her foundation and herself and her family? >> you know i can't answer that question. but i have to tell you, it
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really looks that way. why are you even engaged in this kind of thing? why do you even have this foundation? foundations can take money from foreign governments, candidates cannot. so what does that tell you? start a foundation. we'll get money in. we'll wheel and deal all the time. bill is making half a million dollars for a speech involved in this uranium -- >> which is more than what he usually got. >> which is more than he usually got. this interconnection between the foundation and their personal wealth and the removal of any kind of transparency is what criminals do. >> we have $2.35 million in one case and what was it 30-plus million in -- >> $31 million with a promise of $100 million to come. >> and he's at a big event with this guy. and they're raising $60 million in promises that night. with $100 million to come. >> right. you've got issues at the other end, with kazakhstan you've got
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issues over there with bill clinton going over there and saying this president is the greatest thing since sliced bread. when our policy is anti-president he's anti-human rights. they agree that kazakhstan government agrees to approve the deal that the guy from canada wants to have to get the uranium. >> politically she's not informing the obama administration in spite of a memorandum of -- >> an mou. >> she's not telling them what she promised them she would do. i would expect at some point the administration is going to be pretty ticked off that she didn't follow the rules on two issues. number one, the e-mails, the records act, and secondly on this issue of you know where money is coming into the foundation. >> she makes obama look weak. but it's going to make him angry, i imagine. >> i imagine. >> when she doesn't follow any of the rules. here's the bottom line. we always talk about a crime, sean. do you really want a president every week where you've got a scandal, where political deviancy is so low that it's
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like -- >> is there any way -- >> she's morally corrupt. >> is there any way to stop the russians to having access to 20% of our uranium? >> no you cannot. the genie is out of the bottle. the deal is done. the russians are inside america. >> this is beyond chilling. you can't even write a novel like this. >> people wouldn't believe it. coming up on the new clinton allegations, much more. plus a new report from reuters, is forcing the clinton foundation and the clinton family charities to refile taxes from five years? we'll tell you about that, next, straight ahead. more. a new report from reuters are forcing the clintons to refile taxes from previous years.
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free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back to "hannity." the sketchy financial relationship between the clintons and foreign governments continues to develop tonight, as a brand-new bombshell report from reuters has now uncovered multiple errors in the tax filings of the clinton foundation as well as other clinton family charities, including several instances of underreported donations received from you guessed it, foreign governments. this report has now prompted the clinton charities to refile five different years of tax returns. now to break down the new development in what seems to be a never-ending series of clinton financial scandals the author
10:17 pm
of clinton ink inc. daniel is with us. republican strategist roger stone. and fox news contributor, former clinton pollster is with us. good to see you. >> good to be here sean. >> thank you. >> you've got to be uncomfortable with the idea that our government signed off on 20% of our limited uranium resources now under the control of vladimir putin. >> i think it was a bad policy decision. i think the restart was a bad policy decision. i've written a book saying that russia is basically taking territory with the chinese from the u.s. government. so it was a bad policy. >> also the clintons enriching themselves. their foundation or themselves personally. they're up to their eyeballs in tens of millions of dollars here. >> what the clintons need to do is stop with the foreign government money. >> they're not doing that. >> they made a mistake politically and substantively. it's only hurting hillary as the
10:18 pm
polls are now showing. >> roger stone, what do you think? >> well it's becoming abundantly clear that the clintons' slush fund for grifters. i really wonder where is the irs, so quick to harass tea party groups? anytime a nonprofit is spending more on overhead and luxury travel than they are on charitable works, then their nonprofit status ought to be polled. i find the whole thing incredibly suspicious at this point. >> daniel? >> it gives totally new meaning to russian reset, right? we give away our farm basically, giving away our arsenal. certainly the materiel necessary. the truth of the matter is them refiling taxes in admission i think of some sort of guilt, the guilt being that they haven't been telling the truth, they haven't been revealing all the information that they claim to have been revealing. of course in this new filing they're going to admit finally to accepting foreign government. that was not in previous tax
10:19 pm
filings. i think it's a big deal. i think it makes hillary look dishonest. and the polls happen to reflect this. >> let's go to the latest poll. would you say that hillary clinton is honest and truthworthy? a whopping 54% say no. 38% say yes. that is a perception as a pollster doug if i said i wanted to run for office and i showed you that number -- >> i would try to get you to run, sean. >> you did try to get me to run, that's true. that would be a big red flag saying don't run. >> it is. it's the reason why with her only two points ahead of marco rubio, who is hardly a household name they've got to pull the foreign donations, look at the donations they've received from suspect foreign governments like saudi arabia and make some hard decisions about returning cash. >> roger, we talked about the issues involving bill clinton, his relationship with epstein. i focused on the clinton
10:20 pm
foundation and hillary wants to be a champion of women, and the abysmal rights records in countries like saudi arabia in their case $10 million to $25 million, women can't drive and we'll get into this in the next segment and how women are treated like second-class citizens. chelsea clinton was recently asked about it and listen to her answer. >> a lot of people questioned why did the foundation take money from saudi arabia when they didn't treat women, you know as well as perhaps they could. and there's questions even this morning in "the new york times" about money coming from ukraine. there's this perception that were favors done in exchange for funding. so i wanted to get your thoughts on that. >> lots of questions in that. you know we have always partnered with governments and foundations to believe the work we do is important. whether that's around women and girls, or small farmers, or contraceptives that we talked about earlier. >> roger, nice diversion.
10:21 pm
but that's not the question. hillary clinton things she says she champions, while she took tens of millions of dollars. she never uttered a word against them. >> i think it undermines the premise of her candidacy. she's going to be a champion for women and girls. as you know sean because you interviewed juanita broderick, she has abused women. she's taken all this money from saudi arabia qatar, the emirates all these countries that not just don't treat women well they oppress women. anytime hillary has been an employer in the u.s. senate at the state department at the clinton foundation she has paid women less than men. the idea of her as a champion for women or girls is entirely bogus. and that is the underpinning of her candidacy. >> daniel the clintons have governmenten away with more than anybody could have anticipated.
10:22 pm
but this has been less than two weeks since she's made her announcement and we've got the server issue, and then we've got the chipotle issue, and staged events issues and kids locked in classroom, and the woman of the people won't meet any people. this has not gone well for them. i'm sure this issue is not going away anytime soon. the book is not coming out until may 4th and we're already talking about many deals put in question here. where does this go politically? >> the clintons have a very unique trait, among really humans in general, which is that they have no capacity for shame whatsoever. so the clintons aren't going to just put their heads down and leave the stage. they're going to stay and fight. however, it does open up space on the democratic side. democrats might say, we don't really need this. we don't want this. we want a candidate we can get behind who can win, who won't make us defend indefensible. and they might look to other candidates and encourage them
10:23 pm
either those who are already in the race like martin o'mally, or other people like joe biden, or who knows, john kerry, al gore you know jim webb maybe, but they might turn to them and say, we would rather put our faith in you rather than in hillary clinton. >> there's one name that daniel didn't mention, elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren at this point would be within striking distance of hillary in iowa and new hampshire. >> by the time of this book is fully vetted and all of these allegations come out, and all this information, i should say comes out, i don't think she has a prayer. you have "the new york times" on her now. she had the "washington post," and fox news channel. >> everyone i know that knows elizabeth warren says she is deeply frustrated in the u.s. senate. newspaper reports have suggested that hillary clinton is assuaging her. >> roger, you've been following the issue with bill's relationship with jeffrey
10:24 pm
epstein. this might be a huge problem for them in light of that? explain. >> there's a huge development actually. on april 15th, the judge in the civil case regarding the epstein nonprosecution agreement essentially released or i should say declassified all of the documents involving the plea negotiations. so we're now just rooting through that to see if the clintons are involved if there was political influence involved. that bombshell is still out there. the other thing we -- >> i heard a rumor, but i haven't been able to confirm it that there might be a letter in there from bill defending epstein. any truth to that? >> there is a rumor among attorneys involved that that is the case. i have not yet seen it. but the research goes on. we do know this. hillary clinton weeks ago was attacking the republicans in the senate for not moving a sex trafficking bill. at the same time we know the clinton foundation took $25,000 from trafficker jeffrey epstein. the hypocrisy of the clintons
10:25 pm
goes on. >> we'll continue to follow all of this. thank you all for being with us. on this busy news night here on "hannity," you can't just walk the streets of saudi arabia not covered in high heels, short skirt and a beautiful dress? >> to you freedom is short skirts and high heels? >> part two of my exclusive interview with the saudi arabian's activist. an arranged marriage for the children but when the teenage bride refused to be a part of it she was beaten and sexually assaulted. a disturbing report for you straight ahead. she was beaten and sexually why am i so awake? did you know your brain has a wake system... and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia,
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jail and she painted a pretty rosy picture of women's rights in the sharia led kingdom. watch this. what if a woman is raped in saudi arabia? and she makes an accusation that she's been raped? what must she do to prove such an accusation? >> okay. i've followed cases like this. usually it's very private society. so even if these things happen it's difficult to find a woman speak up about it. the last very famous saudi who was raped, that was a long time ago, it really ended up in the wrong direction. and created a lot of controversial conversation in this society. it started to be very bad, but it ended in a good way. >> do you need multiple male eyewitnesses? >> yes.
10:29 pm
>> you do? let me ask you about adultery what if a woman commits adultery? >> it's pretty complicated. if you follow the islamic teaching for adultery to be -- to go to the court and say this man or this woman has been involved in adultery you need four witnesses. i mean eyewitnesses when the intercourse happened. this is like almost impossible to find such these conditions. it's almost impossible to be fulfilled. >> what in a woman commits adultery? >> i don't know really. i'm not part of the court system. most of the things i've been following is the domestic violence and these things. things i was involved in. >> what if somebody is gay or lesbian under saudi law? what's the punishment for that? >> it's -- okay. first of all, this society is
10:30 pm
conservative society. the second law is it's not allowed to be in public. but you find gay people in saudi arabia. i have a friend whose brother is gay. but you can't, for example, have a gay marriage in saudi arabia. things are really changing in saudi arabia. it's been like a black box. people don't understand what is going on in this society. it's very interesting to them. but you can tell -- i'll give you an example. some of my friends, my gay friends, they have -- they're going out with a man he chose. even the family would know. but they turn a blind eye. a lot of marriages now happening around me. and i'm talking about the young generation people in their 20s, 25 this age, they're fine telling their family about their having a relationship.
10:31 pm
this is maybe in 2005 when they're leaving the country, studying abroad and being independent. they're more comfortable, yes. to talk about these things with the family. >> if i wanted to build a christian church or a jewish synagogue in saudi arabia would i be allowed? >> okay. there are a lot of things in saudi arabia that's not in the public. where i lived was a church. my nanny was christian. >> it's illegal? you're saying a lot of things. what you're telling me is a lot of things happen in saudi arabia but it's not legal. basically you're saying you can't build a church you can't be gay publicly adultery you need four eyewitnesses which is impossible. women can go out only if they
10:32 pm
have their husband's permission. and women can't wear the clothes that they want to wear. so it's a pretty oppressive society, yet you say it's getting better? >> oh, okay. i find it's scriptive to women -- >> if you want to a short skirt and high heels, you can't walk the streets of saudi arabia not covered in high heels, a short skirt and a beautiful dress? >> for you, freedom is short skirts and high heels? to me freedom is to be able to be independent, take my own decisions by myself. >> i understand. but i'm saying you want to be dressed a certain way, you're not allowed. if you want to drive a car, you're not allowed? >> that's true. >> that's what i'm saying. that's repressive to me. because women in america can wear whatever they want. women in america can drive. women in america can date whoever they want. coming up next tonight --
10:33 pm
>> i saw some guys carrying a girl in so i ran over to the front. and they threw somebody -- that girl in this house. all of them walked out. >> it is a story almost too disturbing to believe. an arizona teenager beaten and sexually assaulted because she wouldn't comply with an arranged marriage. the disturbing details, that's up next. later tonight, a slew of hosts over at msnbc, who the tax cheats are. remember liberals are only generous with your money. straight ahead. msnbc owe the tax unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain.
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10:39 pm
her so-called groom by refusing to take part in an arranged marriage. both families were muslim and from somalia. joining me with the latest on this story is william from our los angeles bureau. this is beyond disturbing. >> you know sean this was an arranged marriage which became a forced marriage. when the teenager refused to marry 30-year-old muhammad abdullah in a legally binding islamic marriage known as nikai. it is an 18-year-old actually ran away but she returned to finish high school. and that is when her parents forcibly took her to his apartment, threw her inside and police say she was punched, strangled, and raped. >> i saw some guys carrying a girl in. so i ran over to the front, and they threw somebody -- that girl in this house, and all of them walked out. she was screaming and shaking her head. >> abdullah put a mattress
10:40 pm
against the door so she could not leave. after he fell asleep she texted a friend who called police. >> her family entered into an agreement with another family. against the girl's wishes. clearly this is something that she is indicating that she did not want to be part of. >> turns out of the 3,000 forced marriages in the u.s. the last two years, according to the justice center in virginia the marriages typically involve underage girls, coerced by parents in some 56 other immigrant cultures. and the victims say most americans support agencies are not equipped or don't understand this whole arranged marriage thing, sean. police say abdullah was covered in blood when they arrived. he's held without bail. but she is not cooperating in the prosecution. back to you. >> sad report. thank you so much. we invited a representative from the arizona chapter of k.a. rflt e. on this program don't.
10:41 pm
they declined our request. they provided us with the following statement saying quote, american muslims condemn any form of domestic violence or gender inequality as violations of islamic beliefs. if anyone mistreats or abuses women, they cannot seek refuge in islam. islam mandates that consent on both parties is required before marriage. forced marriages is an issue of unislamic cultural practices not of faith. here now with reaction from the american islamic form for democracy, dr. jester is back with us. 3,000 cases a year. this is not unique. nor is it unique in countries that practice sharia is it? >> it isn't. you know this horrific horrific case of this poor girl and the conspiracy of the families involved you know, certainly it's not the islam that i know or any of the muslims that i know. the bottom line is we have to look at this as a community that it's the tip of the iceberg.
10:42 pm
this case in the extreme teaches us not only this poor girl maliki was killed by her father here in phoenix. and another who was abused and tied up in her house in phoenix by her family because she was dating and doing things that dishonored the family. if you look at honor abuse and honor killing, it is a symptom of a bigger disease of women not having bodily autonomy and being treated and second and third-class individuals, that don't have equality. and that comes from cultures and institutions like saudi arabia and others that teach that women are the property and owned by men rather than equal like we are in the west. >> honored killings forced marriages, genital mutilation. this is all happening in some countries, under sharia the men can marry, what up to four women. in some cases more. women don't have that right. or needing multiple male
10:43 pm
eyewitnesses for rape. this is just the reality. when i bring these topics up people are somewhat reluctant to talk about it. i felt the guest we just played earlier was under a little bit of duress in terms of that interview. because when you look at the laws of saudi arabia they differ from what it is that she was saying. do they not? >> absolutely. and i'll tell you, you know, the solution to this is empowering muslim women in america, in the west because the muslim women you speak to that are trying to change the middle east will be put in jail and imprisoned. this poor el sharif lady was put in jail when she had a facebook page about driving freely. and one searching a sentence that has an organization like mine because he talks about women's rights and equality. >> you agree with -- i'll put up on the screen for example, women are not allowed to drive, as she experienced in her life. women do need male guardians and their permission to leave the house. you know we have similar
10:44 pm
problems in other countries, kuwait. women don't have the right to become prosecutors or judges. no laws prohibiting domestic violence. men can legally discipline their wives with physical abuse, and they also need a male guardian to conclude a woman's marriage contract. if you go to oman and qatar and algeria, brunei their women, marital rape is not considered a crime in those countries. we have an issue of real war on women. my question is as you watch miss al sharif do you feel she was unwilling to explain the truth of life for women in saudi arabia for fear of reprisal? >> it has to be that way. because bottom line is sean anyone who speaks the truth in saudi arabia will end up in jail and be flogged ultimately. that's what happened. she had to march that line where she talked about wanting to work talked about wanting to drive. getting those incremental
10:45 pm
changes. that's why you have revolutions. the only thing that will change this my soj nis tick mafia run by men, of the organizations, not only saudi arabia the organization of islamic cooperation, 56 countries of misogynistic run, where women don't have rights that are equal, and can't be refornld into the modern age because they don't want to see these revolutions of women happen. that's why we have to give them economic independence and we have to work in the grass roots to allow this reform to happen. unfortunately, if she's being interviewed from saudi arabia they'll try to push that line and then she'll blame the west and other things because that's the talking points that the government will allow her to say. >> liberal women in america are more concerned and rarely speak out about this but they talk about who's going to pay for birth control. $9 a month. or mitt romney has resumes of women, and that's a war on women and they're utterly silent here.
10:46 pm
thank you for being with us. right here on "hannity" tonight -- >> taxes are how we all do our part. but that's the problem, not everyone seems to be paying their dues. >> over at nbc, they like to lecture their audience. stunning new reports, several, yes, several anchors are tax cheats. liberals ruling generous with your money. we'll explain next. liberals are only when it comes to
10:47 pm
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>> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> welcome back to "hannity." so during each year president obama's tenure in office the liberal hosts over at nbc, they've been some of the biggest cheerleaders for the president's policies. which, by the way, is odd, given that many of these hosts, they owe a ton of money in back taxes. this includes melissa harris-perry they owe tens of thousands of dollars. and reverend al sharpton owes millions of dollars. the washington free beacon put together a montage of the msnbc tax cheats telling you the american people you'd better pay your fair share. because they only care about spending other people's money. >> that's part of the problem, not everyone does seem to be paying their dues. >> tax cuts and loopholes to the
10:52 pm
rich. and they act like it's acceptable. >> paying into the collective pot is part of our duty as citizens. i don't get to opt out of paying taxes, once we've made that collective decision. >> we're all afraid to vote for a modest tax increase of people who can totally afford it. >> if we want the rich to pay more money, getting them to get out of charity instead of federal obligations, might be our only option. >> joining us with reaction jillian kay melcher is here with us. let's start with torre. he owes what more than 50 grand? >> $59,000. given his history of advocating of higher taxes on the rich and demanding that they pay their fair share. he can totally afford it. >> are they not paying the people over there? maybe they don't have any money because nobody watches? what's going on? >> i definitely think they have enough money to be able to afford it. tax warrants have been filed,
10:53 pm
tax liens have been filed, one after the other. >> melissa harris-perry said not everyone pays their dues and not everyone's doing their part. she's not doing her part. >> she's not. she owed $70,000, and said she's paid about a third of that. but again, this is just hypocrisy. >> all right. now we get to the reverend al. he's been to the white house some 90 times now. >> a lot. >> he's got -- he owes as much as $4.5 million? you looked into this. >> i have. his tax situation is so complex, and it's always changing. it is a lot of different entities. "the new york times" tallied it up to $4.5 million. he disagrees with that. i was looking into it around tax day. in new york state alone, $876,000 in tax -- >> why isn't he in jail? >> i think new york is definitely giving him special treatment. he says he's got a tax settlement in 2008. the balance according to "the new york times" has grown.
10:54 pm
that is a big red flag. >> can you imagine, why do i think if i didn't pay my taxes, that i would be handcuffed perp walked you would see me on one of those pictures a mugshot. there's a dying senate deputy majority leader in new york and his son apparently owes 69 $950. he's going to be sentenced next week. okay. melissa harris-perry owes more al sharpton owes more. why is this guy getting indicted and they're not getting sentenced. >> that's a phenomenal question. despite a lot of digging, i don't have an answer. >> unbelievable. see, i have an answer. liberals are only generous with your money. anyway that's their definition of fair share. we need your help. it's about hillary clinton. it's our question of the day. that's straight ahead. back our question of the day is straight ahead.
10:55 pm
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11:00 pm
set your dvr so you don't miss an episode. have a good night. i'll see you back here on monday. y our home tonight. this is fair balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> presidential frontrunner hillary clinton has lots of explaining to do. the clintons under fire from major newspapers. a headline in the "the washington post" asking if the clintons have an ethical blind spot. the "new york times" raising questions about special deals with russia and uranium and the "wall street journal" raising issues about gifts to secretary clinton's family foundation. none of this is good for secretary clinton's campaign. but, first outrage tonight over a cia drone strike that president obama says accidently killed americans held by al qaeda. two innocent hostages. an american and italian also held. two americans fighting for al qaeda. right now, "on the record" live team coverage from washington to pakistan we begin with fox white house correspondent kevin corc.


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