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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 24, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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it's a great value. and remember all the money bill gets goes to chairty. remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, growing pressure on hillary clinton from the reeftight and the left as we hear new demands that she come clean as her family took millions of dollars they appeared to receive or appeared to receive variable decision. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. huge fees paid to bill clinton for speeches. and her decision to delete the e-mails that could have cleared the record. with the latest complaints coming from democratic donors. it's been two weeks since she declared her candidacy from the
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presidency and still she has not done a single meaningful interview. there was that one time that one question to that one reporter to her and she smiled. instead her team dismisses all of this as the product of a right wing conspiracy. partisan partisan attack. that's what they say. but as the crisis grows, so does the pressure. republican speaker of the house john boehner accused mrs. clinton of violating the law by destroying more than 30,000 e-mails from her time as secretary of state. remember the left kept tells us sing us there was none. she says wrong. for the first time he raised threat of subpoenaing for her e-mail serve. they also want answers. last night condemning the clinton foundation for a lack of trance sparntcy while political reporters are becoming increasingly skeptical too. >> how many more warnings did the clintons need to have and yet they ended up doing these
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things? it's politically, though just dumb and inept. >> and it's not just him. we have a big lineup. howard kurtz who is host of media buzz. judith miller is a pulitzer prize-winning journalist of "the new york times" also with us. but first up chris stirewalt. when you see the times magazine anaheim ducks week chuck todd and even our own alam colmes coming out to say she needs to respond to this what does it tell you and what should we expect next? >> it wasn't too long ago we saw a similar cry when will hillary clinton answer questions about the server and the e-mails and there were too many doubts and senators democratic senators and others came up with a similar line that we read in "the new york times" and other places which is we're sure nothing wrong has happened here and all good intentions but the
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secretary needs to come clean and answer the questions. then she ended up coming out and doing that press conference not a pretty picture. but she did a press conference to answer the questions and say the important thing which was you ain't gettin' the servers. the e-mails are gone and you ain't gettin' anything. it's harder. you've got the house investigation well under way that started in benghazi goes to the e-mail servers and now we get to the question of what's on the servers and what was in the e-mails and was there anything that she deemed personal. >> prior to this when he was intimating about going after the server they wanted him to but now his tune seems to be changing in light of what he now obviously believes might have been on those servers and could potentially still be on. >> and what's personal. and the other thing that's happening right now, they have to be thinking about -- the clinton campaign has to be
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thinking about how do they weather this storm because it's not going away. you start out and say these are partisan attacks, but you can only buy so much time. when you have the "washington post," reuters, "new york times." >> her own donors. that's a bigger problem for her than "the new york times"." >> well in one sense, it's good to scare the donors and make them give her more money because she's going to have more problem shaking the money tree because they're so rich and have so much money. on the other hand that pressure is real and it will grow because they don't want to invest in a toxic asset. if hillary clinton has some huge problem that is lingering out there and they don't know if there is some huge problem lingering out there and a real corruption charge or intering inial charge or something with her husband, for goodness sanctions, that could explode her candidacy, not only would she not get to be president but no democrat would be president because it would be too late. >> chris, good to see you. >> you bet.
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>> the other question tonight, the "washington post," political and "newsweek" not to mention reuters and others all digging into this issue. has the press turned on hillary clinton. howard kurtz and also great to see you both. it's incredible to see, you know what i think many would describe as the left wing press go after her. they are on this story, are they not, howie? >> well hillary never had the press on her side but now it's open warfare and, yes, the pillars of the establishment media, you have almost the perfect storm. they're going after this story aggressively. you have serious allegations spanning the globe and you have a candidate that remains in the bunker sticking to the old 1990s playbook we won't answer the question and maybe we'll ride it out and the story will recede somehow. >> and saying this is just a
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partisan thing, this is the right wing a partisan thing. a line we heard echoed from the white house just today judith. listen to josh earnest who signed on to that clinton rhetoric. watch. >> i have been in a position where there have been other, to put it mildly conservative authors who have launched -- written books based on what they purport to be serious allegations against the president of the united states'm often in the position of responding to those incidents and trying to defend the president from accusations are that are not rooted or adpaeped by any evidence. my point is right now these what's happening to secretary clinton. >> really? >> well this is going to be the mean but what's interesting to me megyn is the which from yesterday to today, the memo that she had signed vowing to it
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and avoid the conflict of interest. they sail we'll ask the state department about that today and they're saying we're defending her. i think it's because a lot of people are deciding that one, peter schweitzer's book does not contain in and of itself a smoking gun and he's rileying on us reporters to do a lot of legwork for him and, two too much is at stake for the democrats. so i think now you've got a kind of democratic rally except for the normally sympathetic pro-democratic press and the sides are going to be clearly drawn here. >> this has made it so much harder for her to just dismiss, how by the right wing conspiracy. you cannot do that with "the new york times" editorial board calling you out. >> no. that whole strategy has been utterly obliterated. they haven't come up with a new one short of answering questions. when i covered the clinton white house and there were lots of scandals involved monica
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lewinsky and other fund-raising one of the things the aides would do is try to embarrass them and say instead of covering this you should cover the latest proposal on school uniforms. >> that's classic deceptive behavior. go ahead. >> right. but at least they had some other story to tell. hillary's entire campaign so far is a series of photograph photo ops. you have this important story, yes. it's very complicated but the tangled web of the clinton foundation donors and people paying bills and big money for speeches what she may or may not have done at the state department that is the only story of the campaign right now, and, of course -- >> she's not talking. two weeks into her candidacy, candace, she's still not saying a word. she has to does she not? >> she definitely does. this morning on msnbc, steve rattner who was a big bund ler for her and the democrats says she's got to do that press
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conference that alan koems calledcall called for on fox. the norng times looked at uranium. tonight fox news is looking at another aspect of it. as long as the mainstream media stays on this story, she's going to be under pressure. she can't dodge it. >> i'll leave the reviewers with this. look at the denial if the clinton camp. i want to put it on the board. you know as media -- as reporters yourself there are so many outclauses in this denial. read it for yourself. no one has produced a shred of evidence no one has produced a shred of evidence that hillary clinton ever took action as secretary of state in order to support the interests of donors to the clinton foundation. i mean there is enough room in that denial judith, to drive a mack truck through. >> absolutely. you're the lawyer, megyn.
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i tell you as a lawyer who read as statement like that howie may not disagree with me. i see so many questions i have just about that statement. >> right? at the two-hour press conference i'll be standing there trying to go through. >> it no one has yet to produce a shred. >> right. no one has produced it. they haven't produced evidence of it. it's another, she didn't do it. she didn't do it. anyway great to see you both. >> thanks megyn. >> before you think they're suddenly going tough on the democrats, stay tuned. dana perino is next with an eye-opening and rare dismaying account of what happened when she shared a heart-warming story this week about president george w. bush. you even got to hear this. plus, outrage of americans on a retreat like this who are spat on assaulted and abused by a group of college punks. one of those veterans is here in a kelly file exclusive. when the vietnam veterans
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ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. [♪] developing tonight, we spoke moments ago about the mainstream
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media and the heat being put on hillary clinton. here's the prediction. some of these tough questions of the former press secretary will be harder to find. consider the case of president bush a man who still finds it hard to get a fair shake. as president bush's press secretary dana perino had exclusive access to the commander in chief and she recently shared a story with the nbr about a visit the president paid to a wounded warrior in the hospital but she also shared a story about the prfrt thatesident that some of the folks had frustration over the iraq war. guess which one made the piece? joining me now and the author of "and the good news is" and co-host on "the five," dana perino. your book is number one on amazon which is awesome. and you tell these beautiful stories. tell the audience what the story was that apparently npr had no
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interest in. >> well there was -- i was glad to be on npr and i'm glad they asked me about my book. one of the reasons i wrote the book is that some of the stories that they wrote about president bush hayed with unof the front row seats to see. one of the reasons i wrote the book is there are story that don't get told enough. the president went to visit 25 woulded warriors. the first one he saw was a marine. this is a story that didn't make it on npr and the daily signal ran it and then they heard npr and said what happened to the good part a family so overjoyed to see president bush. the family member was wounded in the hospital. he had not opened his eyes since he had been injured when his humvee had been hit with around ied. within two weeks his mom and dad were there, wife son and daughter were there, and the president is there. the family was overjoyed to see them. that was interesting to me.
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i hadn't seen that before. it was my first visit with him to see the wounded warriors. at the end of the it the little boy grabbed the president's jacket and he said what's the purple heart and the president got down on his knee and said the purple heart is because your dad is brave and courageous and he loves you and the country and i hope you remember that. just then i had line of sight of the marine and he opened his eyes and president bush rushed to the side of his bed and grabbed his hand prersed his forehead to him and said read it again and we stood there while they reddit again when he heard the president telling the story to his child and that is how the story begins in the hospital. there is a story about a mother who was very distraught and inconsolable and bee rated the president and i witnessed that, too, and he stood and took it and then he told me on the
9:17 pm
chopper on the way home that mama sure was mad at me and i don't blame her a bit and he looked out the window and one tear rolled down his face and he didn't flick it away. and that's the full story and that's one of the reasons i wanted to right that book. some of the stories can't be told. >> and still can't. npr comes out and says dana perino told many anecdotes in her wonderful interview. it's too bad we didn't have time. >> actually they didn't ask me about that part. when they askedmy about that -- i like david greene. the first question was about the mother who was upset and so i told him the whole story to make sure the full context was available. >> what's amazing is it's a beautiful story. it is a moving story. and just sitting here listening to it even though i read it in your book it still causes a physical reaction to think of what was happening as you wrote about the president's tears.
9:18 pm
it just tells you something that they chose not to include it. it certainly wasn't because it wasn't moving. it wouldn't make people feel something. it's that they're wanting people to feel something else. >> well the iraq war was controversial. and there is a mindset that thinks that the families all think that the sacrifice was not worth it. that's not what i experienced. when i watched, i would say 99% of the visits president bush made to wounded warriors and there were many of them and families offul fallen they were grateful to the commander in chief, they understood that their son or daughter had volunteered to be in the military and that they wanted that sacrifice to be honored and he did that. >> what do you think, dana? what do you think of my prediction? that the press that asks these tough questions that they're going to lighten up if she becomes becomes it. ? >> i think they will get bored
9:19 pm
and say it's an old story. i have a predict foryou megyn. i predict by next monday you're going to see divisions within the clinton camp bill and hillary's camp pointing fingers with the hillary clinton camp saying there goes bill again. she was clean on this. she will become yet again a victim of his bad judgment. >> wow. it's not like he stops being her husband if she becomes president, right? that's not exactly how well it works. i'm not sure how well that defense will work. dana thank you and congrats on the book. >> thanks for having me on and letting me tell the story. with candidates popping up across the country, folks are noticing something interesting about who's where and how they sound. our own james rosen is next on that and you've got to stay tuned for his report. an air force veteran was taken down by police after trying to stop protesters from
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trashing the american flag but wait until you see what hundreds of folks today have done in response.
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ever notice how when you travel to a different part of the country, after a while you start to sound more like the folks you are visiting? what if you're a presidential candidate who pops up in a different region every single day? one major outlet did some digging on this and we asked our own james rosen to look into it. james is our chief washington correspondent and he used hillary clinton for our test. james, what did you find? how big were the differences? >> well megyn, the switchups here are, to borrow a term pretty pronounced even in campaigns and elections where they're known back in the days of the lincoln-douglas debates.
9:24 pm
in a now viral video, bloomberg has cataloged the various voices of hillary clinton. consider this speech from the 1983 speech when bill clinton was the newly elected of govern for arkansas. >> the road to being somebody in this society starts with education and we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. >> now, that was fairly drenched in southern drawl, something that mrs. clinton did for comedic effect and scored big with when she did a forest gump routine for a fwrid iron in 1985. >> you know that's back there. my mama always told me the white house is like a box of chocolates. it's pretty on the outside but inside there's lots of nuts. >> reporter: now, by way of contrast here's former secretary clinton earlier this month in iowa where the only
9:25 pm
hint of a drawl for days gone by interrepresents what was otherwise the typical blend of polish and american personality was a little bit of a dropping of the "g" in living. >> every one of them should have the same chances whether they're livin' in rural iowa or someplace else. >> i like the first one. the route to being somebody is education. you're a new york guy. you're a public speaker, you get paid to speak this. do you ever do this. >> the truth be told we're all amalgams. my voice is basically rolled into one. growing up a bit of dan rather. no, sir, mr. president, thank you. are you. a little bit of bill curtis from a & d investigates. issue got a little bit of bob costas in my voice. you might say you work with some
9:26 pm
of the greats like belushi or mccartly. >> i like that one. >> or bill buckley who said he would sooner be governed by the first 100 names in the boston phonebook than by the faculty of harvard university. >> i've gob at surt one for you how about brit hewnouston. >> everyone's got it. it looks like. >> >> he would say, what is your pack and about? >> it's about this. well then it should are e flekt that. he was tough. good. >> there is a softer gentler brit hume. >> james, great to see you. >> likewise. outrage tonight after a group of wounded warriors go to get some rest and relaxation and then the group was attacked by a
9:27 pm
group of college students and it is disgusting what these morons did to these honored veterans we have breaking news on it next with around exclusive with one of the folks who was there and a woman who organized it in honor of her son. plus most would recognize this man almost immediately, but you'll never guess the trouble one college student ever had. >> was he an actor? >> yes, he was an actor. >> did he have another job. >> yes h e did have another job. >> was he pretty important? >> yes, he was pretty important. you wouldn't buy a car without taking it for a spin and it's...well...just a car. test-drive our full lineup only at your local john deere dealer.
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city police commissioner says should have received medical attention before placed in a police van. this news comes as protestors had to shut down baltimore saturday. attorney general eric holder bidding farewell to staffers at the justice department. with six years underneath his belt he is the longest serving attorney general his successor was confirmed on thursday. several republicans opposed her nomination because she refuses to take a stand on executive drone strikes. now back to "the cell eye file". in a "kelly file" follow slip a massive rally on the american flag. the school issuing a statement cancel all classes and on campus
9:32 pm
events. this is the same university we've been reporting on this week where last week police detained and wrestled to the ground and air force veteran who tried to stop protesters from desecrating old glory. trace gallagher has more. >> megyn, the demonstration was dugged flags ovals do ta university. they were expecting several thousand, all coming out to support the american flag. this was to counter the protest last friday when three valdosta students started walking on the flag saying it represented white supremacy and stepping on it is stepping on racism and. and then this video went viral. watch. it shows air force veteran and a former playboy model taking the flag way from the protesters and because she wouldn't give it back man hart was detained and
9:33 pm
banned from campus. the university says it was simply protecting the student's right to free speefrp but the university's action caused a negative national reaction. >> the flag represents all the freedoms that we have guaranteed to us, you know. a lot of people put their lives on the line to defend those freedoms for us and to stomp on on it is really disrespectful. >> i served in the u.s. army i strongly believe in the flag and what it representatives. >> represents america, everything we stand for. >> campus police and local police were on hand to remind demonstrators to maintain the peace but tensions were certainly raised this week when a student who walked on the flag also brought a gun to campus. that student, eric shepard, calls himself a new black panther. he also protested the bible and koran and he is facing charges. today's demonstration was the biggest, but students have been marching in support of the flag all week long.
9:34 pm
megyn. >> trace, thanks. well also tonight two college fraternities have been suspended and three members expelled. after students are accused of grossly mistreating wounded warriors. it happened last weekend in florida. the vets and their loved ones were in panama city beach for what was supposed to be a week-long retreat. instead they were treated to disgusting behavior including having college kids spit at them, they had bottles thrown at them and if that was not enough the college kids even urinated on the flag in front of them. linda cope is the founder and started it after her son was severely wounded and lost both of his legs. thank you both for being here. sergeant mckay thank you for the service and, linda, thank you for the service of your son.
9:35 pm
this is so deeply disturbing. let me start with you, linda. you organized this retreat for the purpose of what? >> it's a time of r & r and our community is what hosts this in panama city beach. it's such a place of healing, we were in our sixth year. they come for eight days and seven nights for a time of the r & r. we had a parade on the 16th where eight8,000 to 10,000 lined the streets to go to it. panama city beach is a place of patriotism to honor these men and women and they enable us to do that and we were very grateful. >> sergeant, you were in attendance. you served three duties in iraq. a lot of guys have ptsd and are getting through some serious issues and what do you see with respect to these college morons? >> a lot of us are gathering outside. you have to understand a lot of these guys don't leave home now. they're secluded. they like to stay by themselves
9:36 pm
because they don't think anybody cares about them. so linda cope and the bay county area in panama beach have them there for these retreats. these guys are starting to come out, congregate and have fellowship with each other. as they're doing that these college kids are completely tearing that apart -- tearing us away from that. >> what were they doing? >> well we were sitting outside of the hotel friday evening. we had just got back from a day of -- full of events that panama city has gifrp to us and these guys are standing up on a balcony and they were throwing big champagne bottles down on us urinating off the balcony onto the flags. one event we were standing there chit-chatting with each other and a group of people came by they ripped the american flag auto of the ground which is right in front of the cop frins room where we were standing at and they started to walk off with it. we stopped them and confronted
9:37 pm
them and said what are you doing? what are you doing. they said we don't mean anything by it. i said if you don't mean anything by it explain it. then you need to put the flag back and go on your way. that was just one of the many events that happened from friday night until saturday afternoon when it was all -- when it was done. >> linda, have you -- obviously you tried to put a stop to it. have you heard anything because now the fraternity says it's embarrassed, mortified, suspended these students or expelled thiess students. they call it ugly and unacceptable behavior. the university of florida has given you a statement. em areeryory university has given a statement. they're not sure if their people are involved but they are, they're sorry. >> they're taking it very seriously and the superintendent is to be commended for not shoving it under the rug.
9:38 pm
they're also trying to help our corporation, you know -- they say what can we do to rectify this so i commend the fraternities -- >> how can we help? how can our viewers help? is there a foundation? >> yes. i am the founder and president of warrior beach. go to our website we're a 501(c)3. they can donate at paypal right there and just pray for us because we're christians and we feel god's given us this vision to bring hope and healing and it was so disheartening to me as a mom to see the way these men and women were treated, but i was so proud of them because no one retaliated. these are men and women that show the quality of the character of the men and women that are serving our nation that wanted to honor warrior beach retreat to not bring us harm and they stayed in control. and anybody knows what these men and women go through.
9:39 pm
it affects the whole family. and it's -- i'm very proud of the men like john mckay that were there. they kept their cool when somebody else might not have for the things they were saying and doing. >> that's right. >> i'm very proud of them and very proud of our community for getting it under control, for the resort, the police the security that the second night was a good night and the rest of the time they were there was very positive. >> good. what a juxtaposition. what a juxtaposition among these, you know kids behaving like jerks and the real men who were standing beneath them watching them desecrate our flag and trying to desecrate these men's honor, which, of course, they could never do. thank you both so much for being here. >> absolutely. >> with this story. >> thank you, megyn. >> don't forget whenever we mention a website like that on air it always crashes. it's not a big organization. do her the courtesy of trying tomorrow on sunday, make a net on your iphone so we can really get through. coming up most would
9:40 pm
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developing tonight, the patriarch of one of the most famous families expected to share a very personal decision in an interview with diane sawyer. after months of speculation and rumor, bruce jenner has announced he's transitioning from male to female. so what is america to make of this moment? mark hannah a former campaign aid for obama and kerry's presidential campaigns and adjunct professor of the media school and school. what are we to make of this? is this significant beyond reality tv and people have grown very curious in the patriarch of the kardashian family? >> nobody really knows why these guys are famous to begin with. >> i do.
9:45 pm
kim kardashian made a sex tape. >> as a result of that bruce jenner is now in the public eye. >> kind of the things you wouldn't foresea. you made a sex tape and now it's public and oh no although i don't think that was the reaction and now bruce jenner is becoming a woman. >> i just want to applaud you for pulling two of the most current experts on the kardashian kardashians. >> it's always stunned me. >> i see him on the treadmill when i'm at the gym. >> chloe. i'll give you $25. tell me how old chloe is? >> let me guess. late 20s, early 30s. >> is this the bill reilly of pop culture? >> yes, because i don't know the answer. >> if it takes a medical procedure out of obscurity and makes it relatable, again, i don't necessarily know if bruce jenner is a guy people can
9:46 pm
relate to or gal. >> media is writing all mean tweet on you right now. they know that you're a liberal. >> i'm going to walk that back. >> what about it rich? bruce jern will be somebody who can sort of take people through what this is like but you know that there will be many people in the country still who will say, i don't want to see that and i don't want that on tv and i don't want that you know public sized and available to my child. that's still going to be the reaction among many. >> i think there will be a lot of commentary about the meaning of it and what an important moment it is in culture. it's what it always is about kardashian. it's about spectacle, ratings, and ultimately money. that's all it is. >> let me ask you, though, whether that is the wave of the future and actually the wave is here. ice not just the kardashians who have capitalized on reality tv and american people eat it up.
9:47 pm
>> it is the future and it's what we live in and she sold a fake wedding the first time around and sold off her second wedding. everything is for sale. and, look bruce jenner is going through this you know. god bless him. do we really have to hear about it? does there have to be a reality show about it? the answer in contemporary is yes. >> i will say this family is famous for nothing, famous for being famous. it's kind of odd and mind-boggling that they've got on the this and it's totally artificial. their franchise, their brand is full of artifice. this is a real person going through this right now. >> and there's never been somebody who's been this public about going through this. >> i've seen every magazine that's got bruce jenner's picture on the front of it. i think diane sawyer is a class act. she's going to handle it with the kind of skill any journalistist can. so hopefully she'll treat this
9:48 pm
with sensitivity. >> an enormous marketing campaign around about it. they've been leaking bits about it so all the programs will pick it up. >> in bruce jenner's defense, this is still a group of folks who is one of the last groups that some people feel it's okay to mock and i'm not saying like listen we all mock each other, but i mean to really go after in a cruel and demeaning way and i'm sure that a lot of transgender folks are looking at bruce jenner and saying thank goodness somebody who's in the public eye and respected by many in particular for his athletic accomplishments is going to be this honest with something that so many struggle with. i've got to leave it there. >> good to see you. coming up, college kids have trouble recognizing -- do you know
9:49 pm
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mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> that was one of president ronald reagan's most defining moments. mr. reagan was elected our 40th president in 1980 and led the country through a memorable decade. many kretcredited him with ending the cold war and revital izing the movement in america. >> who is this dude? >> that's really the question before us tonight. >> take your time. >> handsome guy. >> yeah. who is that guy? ever seen him before? you want to take a guess? >> nope. >> actor? >> no idea. >> leader of the free world. nothing, huh?
9:53 pm
>> many americans seem to be wondering, searching. >> i'll give you a hint. he was an actor. >> oh my god, you got it. you nailed it. way to go. no worries, man. actor's name is ronald reagan. did some other stuff, too. that's not important. >> fox news here on this. really? >> did some other stuff, too. >> was it the university of maryland? college park. obviously our children are not going to go there. >> anybody born after 1990, has no idea. to their defense, the cowboy hat might have -- >> it was totally incognito with the hat. >> if you walk down the street and have a cowboy hat, you would do a double-take. >> i know. >> i cannot -- i'm sort of like this. that's a sad commentary. >> are they more interested in watching the kardashians than
9:54 pm
consuming anything about our history? >> and he is was an actor. he is americana. i'm from canada and i know who ronald reagan is. >> pay attention, kids. >> it's a disclaimer. >> do you know who brit mchenry is? many did not a short time ago. now many do. that has some questioning whether this woman who went on this rant with a tow truck operator somehow did herself some good. watch. >> i have a brain and you don't. i'm on television. >> nice. she just returned to duty for espn. where she will be back on television. >> for one week. of course she made that catch phrase i'm in tv sweetheart. >> she had a nickel right? >> what if that was you or i that did that? i think we'd be gone, right? that's the sad thing.
9:55 pm
i mean you talk about reality tv. when i first saw that clip i thought it was a reality tv show. >> the gals are outnumbered today. we're talking about how we should forgive and we all have an angry moment. what i found problematic about this clip is it was such a cruel moment. you know that's not -- everybody's been to the point that you're like ah but this was so demeaning and elitist. should she retain her job? >> i think one week suspension was not enough. i think there should have been community service. i don't know if an employer can enforce that. maybe she needs to do a job like that for a little while. >> oh! i like the way you're thinking. >> why doesn't she do that job for a week? the attendant can do her job at espn. >> that's brilliant. everything would be forgiven. janice great to see you. >> so nice to see you, too. >> we'll be right back. don't go away.
9:56 pm
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set your dvrs right now for the kelly file monday night. a guest without whose advice i would not be sitting in this anchor chair. have a great weekend.
10:00 pm
thank you for the work that amsterdam has done in helping -- >> i thank you the global initiative for bringing us all here. >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. >> the clintons have been cashing in. >> they took in something like $136 million. >> but have they also been selling out? >> everybody walked away from the table that night with something. >> the clintons' influence is felt all over the globe. >> the clintons did a good job. it feels like there's a but. >> will it all come back to haunt hillary. >> we're talking about uranium. we're talking about the russian government. >> we will be


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