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tv   FOX News Reporting The Tangled Clinton Web  FOX News  April 25, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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are amazing. i can make a lego house but that is about it. the flowers, roses and bumblebee. >> that's going to do it for us. we'll see you again at 6:00 eastern for more news. thank you. >> thank you for the work for amsterdam and the global initiative for bringing us all here. >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. >> the clintons have been cashing in. >> they took in something like $136 million. >> but have they also been selling out. >> everybody walked away from the table that night with something. >> the clinton's influence is felt all over the globe. >> bill clinton did a good job. sounds like there's a button there. >> there's a lot of buttons. >> will it all come back to haunt hilary. >> we're talking about ukraineranium
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the russian government. >> we'll be subject to all kinds of distractions and attacks. i'm ready for that. >> fox news reports, the tangle clinton web. >> behind me is a city with more concentrated power than any in the world. washington. and hillary clinton wants the top job in town. ever since she announced her candidacy for president, her past has attracted new scrutiny. one aspect of her record is that she and husband bill have spent years making millions and handing out even more to various causes. they say they're doing good work. but some people now claim their activities raise questions of influence pedaling on a global scale. tonight, we'll look at those charges. this is a story that goes around the world. we'll start in haiti.
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>> january 12th 2010. haiti suffers a devastating 7.0 earthquake. more than 200,000 died and over 100,000 buildings and homes are destroyed. within four days u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton arrives to survey the damage. >> i want to assure the people of haiti that the united is a friend a partner, and a supporter. >> two days later, former president clinton was on the ground. >> i hope that it will be rebuilt in a much stronger and more sustainable way. >> bill clinton had previously been named un special envoy for ha haiti. he and hilary had close ties to the country. even honeymooning there. the state department working for
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the united states agency for international development would oversee the relief effort. the government set up the ihrc. interim haiti recovery commission to coordinate. two men were named co-chairs of the committee. the haitian prime minister and bill clinton himself. the idea was to not just fix things but improve them. in an interview with esquire president clinton had big plans saying quote, wouldn't it be great if they became the first wireless nation in the world. they could. i'm telling you. they really could. but it wasn't at all clear that the people of haydy would be the big winners in the disaster relief gold rush. >> any time there's a natural disaster anywhere there is a lot of money potentially to be made in reconstruction contracts and relief contracts, et cetera. >> peter is the author of the new book clinton cash. where he investigates the snarl
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of money, politics and personal interest that has come to characterize the clinton's internationals around the world. it's published by harper collins. a sister company to fox news. >> shortly after the earthquake took place the u.s. ambassador in haiti sent a cable to the state department. the title of which was the gold rush is on. and the memo was about the fact that business men and companies were showing up in haiti trying to seek lucrative contracts. >> it was the job of the ihrc to oversee this process and to ensure that no one took advantage of the situation but what if it was part of the problem. >> a number of members of the ihrc wrote a letter expressing their concerns that they were not involved in the process. that all the decisions were being made by clinton and in addition they claimed and argued that the national priorities of haiti were being totally
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disregarded by the decisions being made. >> as haydy dug itself out of the rubble many projects were initiated. often with u.s. money and a connection to the clintons. for instance there was the haitian mobile money initiative where a much needed system was created to help transfer money via cell phones. there was also a man to raise money by exploiting haiti's rich mineral wealth. >> the haitian government announces they're going to offer two gold exploitation permits. the first in 50 years that would allow for the extraction of gold mining in the country. >> perhaps the most celebrated project of all was the industrial park. >> what is happening here is already having ripple effects that will create jobs and opportunities far beyond this industrial park. >> the grand opening was a big deal. you had bill clinton there and
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hillary clinton there. you had donna karen. you had ben stiller. you had sean penn. lots of people showed up to say how wonderful this facility was going to be for everybody. >> but as all these projects moved forward questions were raised. the central question was about how so many of these deals seemed to come back at some point to the clintons. >> what quickly became apparent to many people is if you wanted a contract and you wanted to do business in haiti you had to have relationships with the clinton. that was key. >> the company that cleaned up the cell phone transfers was digicel. >> they took in more than $50 million in revenue in haiti. >> they're run by irish billionaire dennis o'brien who set up lucrative speeches for bill clinton as well as donating
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millions of his own money to the clinton foundation and one company that got a rare gold permit was vcs mining which didn't actually have much mining experience but would soon have hillary clinton's brother, tony rodham on its board. as for the industrial park the anchor tenant is a korean manufacturer which supplies to major u.s. retailers who also happen to be big clinton supporters. and while the state department promised 65,000 jobs to date only 5,000 have been delivered. as for those other projects they didn't exactly workout as promised. we'll go into depth on that later in the program. >> but first, though bill clinton may have left office awhile ago, he and hilary's influence is still felt worldwide. and their fingers are in a whole lot of pies. when we return we look into this world of clinton clout.
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to catch yourself with the to catch us up with the clinton's story, here's ed henry. >> my fellow citizens tonight is my last opportunity to speak to you from the oval office as your president. >> january 2001. bill clinton has completed two terms as president but he has bills to pay. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. it was not easy. bill has worked really hard. >> thank you. >> that he has. traveling around the world making speeches at $750,000 a pop. >> hello. >> hillary clinton has also made 6 figure sums for her personal appearance. >> the clintons particularly after bill left office had gone from being dead broke to fabulously wealthy. the estimates are their income in the 12 years following his
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exit from the presidency up to 2012 they took in something like $136 million. >> he is the author of clinton cash due out on may 5th. >> that came from speaking fees from book deals, and other sources of income. the bottom line is nobody in american political history has come close to going from dead broke to fabulously wealthy in such a short period of time. >> when confronted about all of that income in an interview with dianne sawyer hilary explained. >> making speeches for money was better than getting connected with one group or company as so many people that leave public life do. >> but there was also an organization they set up with an ambitious global agenda. an entity that would take in far more money than bill and hilary's incomes combined. >> people walking past this building have no idea who the tenant is on the 17th floor.
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that's because there's no sign indicating it's the world headquaters of the bill hilary and chelsea clinton foundation. >> he's not president anymore and she's not president yet. still the clinton foundation represens a global power center. it was founded in 2001 as the foundation with the admission of using public and private resources. in other words, basically solving the words problems. >> together we can be there for all of our neighbors around the block, around the country and around the world. >> he is enormously proud of it. >> a fox news contributor and former advisor for the clintons has done work for their foundation. >> he can go anywhere in the world and promote causes of social justice in ways that virtually no one else alive can do. >> and as it happened the clinton's big new project situated them at the nexus of
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global money, influence and power. >> you have to start with people and give them the chance to live the best life they can. >> it's been estimated that over the years the foundation has raised more than a billion dollars. >> the concern is the contributions to the clinton foundation or these speaking fees are being provided not simply out of the kindness of the heart but because they want something. and my contention is they're actually giving those individuals what they want. >> many high ranking politicians set up foundations but the clintons are a power couple unlike any the world has ever seen. not only is bill an ex-president but in hilary they have senator and secretary of state and might be president. >> i have a question on that
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topic. >> the appearance of a conflict of interest between his work meaning the foundations and the duties of secretary of state. >> in such a situation it made sense that there would be a fear of influence pedaling. >> the obama transition team was concerned about the fact that there had been such a large flow of funds to the clinton foundation and to the clinton's personal accounts because of the speaking fees so they wanted to set up a structure of accountability. >> this lead to a memorandum of understanding which had explicit requirements for both clintons. >> one was that they were going to disclose all new contributions to the clinton foundation. the second was that if there were any government funds or foreign government businesses that were going to donate to the clinton foundation that would require prior approval by the state department. and then the third requirement was that bill clinton's speeches and or any consulting arrangements that he might have
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with outside parties also needed to be vetted by the state department. >> hilary became secretary of state and the clinton foundation continued to do its work but suspicions lingered. >> people writing these large checks if they western getting access to a former president and then secretary of state, what were they getting? >> the ability to participate in large scale social welfare programs in their home countries or regions of interest or importance to them to change the world and to be a partner with the president of the united states or former secretary of state on life changing endeavors. >> the bottom line is the clintons have been called lots of things by their friends and enemies over the years. the one praise i've never seen associated with the clintons is the world naive. >> when we return we'll look at what the clinton foundation is doing around the world. charitable work for sure. but is there something more calculated?
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now? can i at least put my shoes on?
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the dealing the dealings of bill and hilary are part of what peter calls the clinton blur. a mix of money and politics diplomacy and personal interest. all so inner connected they get lost. to find out where it ends and begins and where their profit making ens and begins and the problem is they all get blurred together. >> to put together his book clinton cash he and his team of researchers spent more than a year unraveling the tangled web.
2:21 pm
he took us through a number of these cases. for instance there's money from the middle east. >> the united arab emirates wants a relationship with united states and in 2010 they're under pressure from the obama administration and hillary clinton state department because of iran sanctions and that is that certain uae companies are continuing to trade or service transshipment points to iran. >> okay. so now fast forward a couple of months on december 12th you have the foreign minister of the united arab emirates flying to washington d.c. to meet with hillary clinton over troubling issues. that very same day the foreign minister's brother who is the crowned prince is paying hilary's husband bill clinton half a million dollars for a speech. >> the uae did not put out a formal statement about president clinton's speech but they did provide a list of donations they had given to charitable
2:22 pm
organizations around the world. >> there's money from europe. >> beginning in 2009 the swedish telecon giant is coming under increasing pressure in the united states because it's selling telecom equipment to governments around the world. >> they decide to pay bill clinton to give a speech for r the first time ever. they pay him $750,000. >> soon after hillary clinton's state department urged new broader sanctions against iran but the guidelines did not include ericsson's business. >> ericsson declined our interview request. the company conceded that the investment was significant. $750,000. but they said it should be seen in light of clinton's crowd pull. the fact that he had to travel to hong kong for the event and that the event spanned two days. the company insists that the conversation regarding iran had
2:23 pm
no impact on the decision. >> there's money from south america, in june 2010 bill clinton was in columbia. >> bill clinton meets with the then president of columbia to discuss matters in private. what's curious is that hillary clinton is in columbia at the same time and after bill leaves the presidential palace hillary clinton comes in and has lunch with the president of columbia where she signs some technical agreements and explains her commitment to a free trade agreement between columbia and the united states. >> the very same trade agreement she had pledged to defeat while running for president in 2008. >> as i have said for months i oppose the deal. i have spoken out against the deal. i will vote against the deal and i will do everything i can to urge the congress to reject the columbian free trade deal. >> also in columbia with bill clinton was a billionaire business man and family friend.
2:24 pm
>> let's go down the time line as you have it. a canadian billionaire arrives in columbia with bill clinton on june 8th 2010. hilary on that -- at that same time meets with the president. the days that follow he sees not one, not two, but actually see of his companies get major concessions from the government in columbia. >> either ever responded to our request for a comment on the columbia deal. >> there's money in dealings with africa. >> he announces with bill in london east going to contribute $20 million to the clinton foundation. this raises lots of questions with ethiopian groups in the west because they're very concerned about the repressive government in ethiopia and the
2:25 pm
fact that he has a large business empire in ethiopia. what troubles them is that he doesn't have a history o philanthropy and they write a letter to bill clinton and they say we have reason to believe that the huge donation to the clinton foundation was made on behalf of the ethiopian government. >> when hillary clinton becomes secretary of state one of the things that she needs to do is certify ethiopia on human rights but hillary clinton granted them a waiver which allowed them to continue u.s. assistance even they weren't complying with us. law. >> he told us he did not give media interviews. instead he sent us a fact sheet of all the support he has given to aids awareness. these are just a few of the many stories documented in the book. >> bill clinton's average speaking fee is somewhere around 175 to 200,000 over the years. the problem is once hilary
2:26 pm
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so far we've seen stories >> so far we've seen stories of the clinton blur as the author puts it. wheeling and dealing that mixes philanthropy politics and cold hard cash. they use their influence to raise funds for both themselves and causes supported by their foundation. all while skirting the rules by doing favors for their benefactors. these favors are a big deal. they can have far reaching effects on the international scene. consider the stunning case of
2:30 pm
kazakhstan and how american you uranium ended up in the hands of the russias. >> in september 6th 2005 bill clinton was in kazakstan where he hah been trying to get control to buy a couple of them and he became partners in a way with bill clinton working on fill philanthropy activities. >> i came up with an initiative. >> furthermore he became involved in speaking engagements for the clintons. >> they were whisked to the presidential palace and it's a fascinating story because everybody walked away from the table that night with something. >> it caught the attention of
2:31 pm
the new york times reporter. >> what he got was a huge propaganda bill. bill clinton basically endorsed the progress that they have made in terms of democracy which was interesting given that the president got 90 plus% of the vote in an election that was widely criticized as being rigged. >> bill clinton has a public press conference with him where he raises his rule and human rights record but the bottom line is after they leave a couple of days later he gets his uranium electives. >> his company was a huge player and overnight got this huge
2:32 pm
mining bill and after that bill clinton got a huge donation to his charitable foundation followed by a pledge to donate $100 billion more. >> our calls to the kazakhstan embassy were never returned. we talked to frank who says he considers this an old story and said that he is not interested in politics. meanwhile his defenders insist that no undue influence was asserted in kazakhstan because the deal did not require approval. >> the problem is there are corporate records that indicate very very clearly that the government did have to sign off and approve. this is what we're looking at here which is the amended memorandum of understanding dated september 15th 2005 between the ministry of energy of the republic of kazakhstan
2:33 pm
and the agency in the government. so there's no way they can argue that the government was not a party to the negotiations. they were signatory to it. >> there's a postscript. >> kazac officials wanted to take a stake in westinghouse which works in the civilian nuclear field. >> when you have a sensitive industry like westinghouse that requires review by the u.s. government. >> so the potential investors see the man. >> he arranged for officials to go to bill clinton's house. when i first contacted both the clinton foundation and him they denied any ever took place. we had already talked to the head who told us about the meeting but actually has a picture of him and bill at the
2:34 pm
home you know that he proudly displayed on his office wall. they then acknowledged that yes, the meeting had taken place. >> so what happened to his company that benefitted from that deal it became a ukraine yum uranium one. >> by 2008 and 2009 they were a particularly attractive target for the russian government. >> and the russians acquired that target. >> they would acquire what would amount to 50% of projected uranium output by 2015. >> russia now controls what's up to half of america's uranium. >> how does secretary clinton factor into that? for that deal to go through it
2:35 pm
needs federal government approval and one of those people is secretary of state hillary clinton. >> where as senator clinton was opposed to these guy byes from companies into us. property. >> that's a good point. >> we believe that no foreign government should control our ports. >> in this particular case we're talking about ukraine yum. we're talking about things that relate to the nuclear industry. we're talking about the russian governmentranium. we're talking about things that relate to the nuclear industry. we're talking about the russian government government. >> just how deeply those were invested in the clintons was not exposed by them or their foundation. he scoured the tax records. >> it's an entity in canada
2:36 pm
that's russian own uranium company. the problem is based on canadian tax records, in this particular case made $250,000 to the sustainable growth initiative. they are werequired to disclose it and they failed to do that. you're talking about more than $2 million from the foundation to the clinton foundation. when you actually go to the clinton foundation and type it in you find no contributions. >> what this amounts to is a russian company controlled by vladimir putin will now be in charge of a substantial portion of american uranium.
2:37 pm
russia sends uranium to its client state iran. so american uranium could be sent to the very nation we're negotiating with to try to slow it's ability to control a nuclear. >> the fact that the clinton were -- [ inaudible ] >> after the break we return to haiti and see how relief from the clinton foundation has worked out.
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earlier we looked at the earlier we looked at the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in haiti and the various rebuilding projects. but five years later what are the results? our john roberts travelled from one end of haiti to the other to find the answer. this is the hilltop home of prime minister of haiti in 2010 when the devastating earthquake hit. together with former president bill clinton he headed up the interim haiti recovery commission which had a very big say in where much of the billions of dollars pouring into haiti would eventually be spent. >> he explained to me the importance of having bill clinton on the commission. >> he is not going to attract fox news nbc, abc, we needed to keep haiti on the news. >> was bill clinton that image
2:42 pm
that you needed? >> the one we think of at the time because he was already involved. we needed an image. i believe in his role of president of the commission he did well. >> so you said you believed that bill clinton did a good job. sounds like there's a butt in there. >> there's a lot of buts. not only one and not all linked to him. perhaps we're asking too much of president clinton. perhaps we were leaning too much on what he could bring. >> much good work has been done in haiti. no question. debris have been removed and houses built and roads repaired. but for all the that help there's certain projects that need more scrutiny. projects that clinton has gotten behind. >> you would expect there would be high standards of transparency. that there would be high standards of accountability and
2:43 pm
you would have ethical standards that would prevent you from giving contracts or concessions or benefits to people putting money in your pocket. >> for instance there's the story of digicel. >> almost any place you go. almost anywhere in haiti you'll see signs for digicel. a top telecon company. the reason they have such n haiti maybe that they had friends in had places. there was a useful way to allow friends and relatives to send money into the ravaged nation. >> the problem is the chief beneficiary is a company called digicel owned by dennis o'brien. >> he is an irish billionaire that made his money in the industry. >> shortly after the clinton's began reconstruction in haiti, and began handing out contracts. sometime during that period of 2010 or 2011 he made a multibillion dollar contribution
2:44 pm
to the clinton foundation. >> there were also speeches. >> bill clinton gets paid to give three lucrative speeches which are arranged by dennis o'brien. >> but the money flowed in both directions. >> two of the speeches that bill clinton gives are sandwiched around digicel being given a grant by the taxpayers for $100,000 as part of the hmmi award. at the same time you have taxpayer money being given to the foundation in jamaica. >> still the biggest profit was the tens of millions they made by getting the haiti deal. >> their profits grew enormously. their market share grew enormously and it allows them to become the biggest player by far in the haitian mobile phone network. >> we requested an interview with dennis o'brien that declined to speak with us. >> for such a small and impoverished country haiti has
2:45 pm
very valuable mineral deposits. i'm standing on top of a gold and silver mine. there could be more than $150,000,000 in these hills. it's been 50 years since haiti gave out permits for open dig mines but when it did in 2012 guess who got it? >> one of them went to vcs mining based out of north carolina that had little experience in mining to begin with. this is a potentially very lucrative concession. >> why was this particular company given such a prize concession? peter thinks he knows and it has something to do with hillary clinton's brother. >> he meets executives in september of 2012 at a clinton global initiative seminar. three months later, government grants and gold exploitation permit to vcs mining and literally within the year tony
2:46 pm
rodham is placed on the board of vcs mining. he has no background in haiti and he has no background in mining. >> tony rodham did not return our phone calls. we did speak to the ceo of vcs mining who maintains there's no connection between the permit and rodham's seat on the board. of all the projects the one that probably made the biggest splash was the industrial park and in the end, it may have been the biggest disappointment. it's located near cap haitien. far from the damage caused by the earthquake. it was supposed to create $65,000. in october 2012 bill and hilary along with several celebrities were there for the launch. >> it was enormously ambitious and to build a textile mill. so u.s. taxpayer money was
2:47 pm
poured in to build housing and infrastructure in the area. more than $100 million was committed for the area. >> building up the area meant kicking out the farmers who had been there for generations. their harvests were bulldozed. >> were people frightened? were they upset? >> everybody was basically in shock. not understanding what was going on with their hands in the air and screaming and crying. >> did you talk to them? did you ask them what they were doing? >> there were people with guns apparently to force them to leave the area so they could not really do much to resist. >> how many people are worse off since the caracol industrial park was built? [ speaking foreign language ] >> we did contact the biggest tenant here the textile company but so far they haven't gotten back to us about paying them a visit. i was able to round up a worker
2:48 pm
at caracol. i can't identify him because he's afraid of losing his job. he works from 6:45 until the morning until 5:00 p.m. getting paid 225 a day which is about $5 u.s. >> the salary is not near what it should be but because of the lack of jobs and availability in this company he has to take this. >> how would he describe the working conditions? >> conditions are very very tough. basically everybody is pretty much frustrated in relation to the workload and what they're getting paid. but it's a take it or leave it type of situation. >> he's still hopeful the future will hold more for him but at present it's hardly the economic salvation originally promised. not only don't the jobs pay well but there are only about 5,000 of them. not anywhere near as many as expected. the state department says those jobs will materialize eventually in a decade or so. in the meantime who is the project helping?
2:49 pm
well a few american companies are benefitting from the chief hatian labor. >> the three biggest beneficiaries were three retailing companies closely tied to the clintons. gap, target and walmart. >> a lot of money was given to haiti after the earthquake. much of it was put to good use but according to peter too much of it was used to line the pockets of people with clinton connections. >> when we return hilary is running. will any of this come back to haunt her? good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action.
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>> as a presidential candidate hillary clinton offers something new and different. she would be the first female
2:53 pm
president. she also suffers something that may be too familiar. she is a politician with a long history. the pundants are already asking how her fast may effect the future. >> i'm getting ready to do something too. i'm running for president. >> one of hilary's first big decisions as an official candidate for president was to quit the clinton foundation. she said she was leaving to quote devote myself to this new all encompassing endeavor. >> there's questions as new details emerge. >> a few days later on april 15th with the clinton foundation coming under increased scrutiny they changed their policy regarding donations from foreign governments. from now on the foundation would only take contributions from friendly western governments like canada and germany. of course even under these limitations there could still be donations frommen in someone like
2:54 pm
ian that was chairman of the russian owned company uranium one. but even as hilary was distancing herself from the foundation she couldn't ignore questions about it's activities. with clinton cash shaping up to be a political bombshell she responded to a reporter's inquiries while campaigning in new hampshire on april 20th by brushing aside the books claims. >> well we're back into the political season and therefore we will be subjected to all kinds of distraction and attacks. >> people are going to have to believe that all of this was on the up and up and nobody was trying to buy influence and all of this was fine. or there's going to be a suspicion hanging over here that is likely to hang over her for the rest of the campaign and general election if she gets that far. >> people are already questioning clinton's trustworthiness. in a fox news poll 51% said they did not feel she was honest. the only politician on the list
2:55 pm
to score above 50%. and this was asked before the revelations about the clinton foundation were making headlines. meanwhile, in a speech at georgetown bill clinton avoided the controversy. but even if the clintons won't say anything the clinton camp is preparing for an on slot. >> we're not big on quitting in my family. you may have noticed that. >> on april 23rd the clinton campaign press secretary offered a specific denial of charges made in a new york times story about uranium one saying no one has produced a shred of evidence that hillary clinton ever took action as secretary of state in order to support the interest of donors to the clinton foundation. so suggest the state department under then secretary clinton exerted undue influence in the u.s. government's review in the
2:56 pm
sale of uranium one is utterly baseless and legal experts suggest there may be legal peril facing the clintons down the road. >> she's not protected by the fact that her husband may have taken money or it's her husband's foundation spouses interests are attributed to each other and that's no excuse or defense. >> but if media response to the book is any indication this controversy does not seem likely to go away any time soon. >> too much media weighed in to make this go away by saying it's all a republican conspiracy. the new york times is not involved in republican conspiracy the news reporters in the wall street journal are not and certainly we're not. >> the clintons are no strangers to controversy. bill road out more than a few in his day. but if the charges we just looked at gain traction will hilary be as lucky or will people worry that another clinton administration could mean influence pedaling on a
2:57 pm
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to upgrade your phone, douglass. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. hello and welcome to america's news headquaters. >> so glad you can be with us. topping the news this hour a new book is about to hit store shelves lobbying plenty of accusations against hillary clinton. they're accustomed to scandal. will the latest effect her campaign or even lead to legal trouble. >> this afternoon hundreds of demonstrators hit the streets of baltimore. they're demanding answers in that death of a young man in police custody. >> also a stormy weekend across the south. dodss


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