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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 25, 2015 9:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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by james, wild bill hiccok on the fox news channel. blank fwlank. >> hello, and welcome to a very special two hour edition of justice. i'm judge jeannine pirro. thanks for being with us. you're looking live at the white house correspondence dinner where shortly, president obama will take the podium. and, saturday night live kmeed yen cecily strong will host the fesstiveties. we'll take you there live as soon as the headliners hit the stage. but, first, to my opening statement. >> i'm going to shock you. hillary clinton would be, without a doubt, hands down the absolute best ceo of a public company.
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ruthless, profit-draifen and all about the money. but if you're looking for a different kind of ceo, one to run the greatest nation on earth and bring back america, now teetering on the brink of socialism, to be president of the united states, hillary clinton is the worst possible choice. she, in fact, is the person to run away from. and what makes you think she cares about you? she doesn't care about you. this woman only cares about herself, money, her next sfep up the political ladder and if president, will only care about her legacy.
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and if you don't see that from this past week, then you're what hillary hopes comes out in droves. hoping to flow with the hundreds of millions of dollars to the clinton foundation and millions drektly to bill clinton and, ultimately, hillary, in speaking fees. exhibit 1. bill takes a plane ride to kazakhstan with a canadian who wants to bayou rain yum. the president of kazakhstan is a human rights violator. but bill praises his human rights record and expresses support for that president to lead an international elections monitoring group. crazy because that kazak president is accused of rik rigging his own elections. but balk to the deal. months later, the clinton foundation gets a p $131.3
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million donation from the president which was a secret and not disclosed by the clintons until the canadian government outed it. now, the canadian government wants to tell to russia. the state department approval is need and grarnt e granted. bill gets a $500,000 speaking fee. a national strategic asset. that very same russian company made a $2.35 million contribution to the clinton foub e foundation not disclosed by the clintons. now, hillary has always been against foreign government's controlling u.s. strategic also sets like ports. >> we believe that no foreign government should control our ports. >> but hillary has a change of heart after huge amounts of cash
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both reported and unreported flow into the clinton foundation. russia, the same country that sends uranium to iran which aspires to build its own nuclear weapon now controls a great deal of american ewe rain yumt. exhibit 2, a guy named pinchuck manufactures steel pipes in the ukraine. he and bill become fast friendsment his company does visits with iran, vie lating u.s. trade sanctions. hillary is secretary of state and her department is tasked with holding foreign countries where companies responsible for vie lating sanctions. the clinton foundation received millions of dollars from the pinchuck foundation with a pledge to give another $20 million more. and, shocker, the state department never sanctions pinchuck for any vaillations. exhibit 3.
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a tragic earthquake in haiti. 316,000 people die. hillary there within days, as is bill. as people dig bodies out of building, bill promoeting a phone system. he receives a grant to create that very system. and a man previously unknown to haiti is now the biggest player in mobile phones in that country. >> there's no question that bill clinton's speaking fees tripled and quadrupled. his forically, prosecutors have looked for quid pro quos from politicians when they deliver to con stitch wents or contributors.
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politicians doing business for themselves is the essence of public corruption. in many of these bills, hillary and bill were in the subject foreign country at the same time wheeling and dealing. she wielding american diplomacy. and he receiving speaking fees of a half a million to three quarters of a million dollarsment and thour.their foundation, the huge beneficiary of hundreds of millions of dollars. some reported and some not. you know, prosecutors of convicted politicians fr things as simple as a free cab ride in exchange for favorings. anything from bribery, conspiracy, corruption, a violation of the foreign krupt practices act. whenever an american government official accepts tips, he crosses the line. now, bill and hillary, if you'll remember, started with nothing. bill is now the w wealthiest ex-president in the united states.
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might it be because hillary greased the skids after which bill accepted masive gratuities? many think we may never know because she refuses to give up that private e-mail server. therefore, there's no sploeking gun. but i have news for you folks. a jury can infer guilt from benefits received and subsequent favorable treatment. an f.b.i. director knows this. he knows what needs to be done. he simply needs to follow the money. audits of bill's tax returns. moegs people i know who refile tax returns get indict and go to jail. how do you go from dead broke to filthy rich? why would you not recuse yourself as secretary of state when there is a conflict of interest or even the appearance of one.
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as a prosecutor, i can tell you, it eets always about money or women. and the clinton tons have both. when i hear things like oh, everybody does it, my back goes up. i amount tired of people defining political dooef yen say e sill down because it's being committed by a member of their party. and my back goes up when i hear that russia, because of the clintons, now controls a great deal of america's uranium. there is a name for people willing to sell out their country for cash. that and and that's my open.
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>> earlier, i sat down with donald trump, the one and only to talk about hillary's latest scandals and why he says he's the only one who can beat her in 2016. take a look. donald, thanks for having us in the trump bar in the trump tower. it's beautiful. but i want to talk about hillary clinton, the cash that mean. her being secretary of state at a time when a canadian company whose principles donate to her foundation sell their uranium company to the russians. it had to be approved by her. >> she could have really, really big problems. when you look at some of those they thinks, it's a very frightening situation for this them. i'm sure they're very frightened about it. she's against a pipeline but then for a pipeline and a million dollars pass. >> i know people who have gone
9:10 pm
to jail, elected officials who were against something and then for something with a passage of money. where does the money go? how much goes tot clintons? think of it this way. the e-mail situation. we thought the e-mail was just sort of -- to me, it's a very big deal. richard nixon. what did she do with the tape? she presses a but ton and destroyed her life. now, in light ooft book, now you a really want to see the e-mails. i think it's going to be very tough for her. it's going to be interesting. the only thing i can say is is that over the years, they've gotten away with a ltd. of thing that is are just inconceivable.
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i'm disappointed with republicans. they are all talk, no action, whether it's b p benghazi, the irs, the e-mails. this is a huge feeling of indignation. him ri says the most important thing i did was restore leadership and i think this was a very important accomplishmented. 2340u, you think you can beater her. how are you going to beat this woman? >> i think she's got tremendous baggage. she's got unbelievable baggage. i think i'm the only one that can beat her. i know the other people, they're soft. i've been called by the most important people in politics telling me, and i don't think they're saying it to make me feel good, that i'm the only one that can beat hillary clinton. i understand exactly what they're saying. and i don't think they're right. the last thing we need is jeb
9:12 pm
bush. i don't see marko rubio beating her. so we're going to see what happens. >> we'll have much more of my interview with donald trump coming up. but, first, here to break down the latest, hillary clinton scandals, democratic strat jigs, richard fowler joins me now. all right, richer, you heard my open. am i wrong? >> i think you are wrong, judge. thanks for having me. i've got to tell you, it was a very well-mastered open. you talk about their work in haiti. one thing in particular is they work with the farmers to grow coffee beans to feed their families.
9:13 pm
that's the essence of who hillary clinton is. the truth of the matter is she's the one who started from the bottom. she's done i e it pill understanding the only way to pull everybody is e up is by working with people with her. that's what she stands for. >> when you look at the specifics of it, you've got hillary clinton with only 5,000 joobs. sle says she wants to target wall street. how are you secretary of state
9:14 pm
and allow something where you and your husband and your foundation is receiving money. and even worse, in the four years that sell's secretary of state, that foundation gets 6 e7 2, i thi$2, i think it is milli yet, the grants paid out are only $79 million. the rest is salt ri and expenses. i don't know any charity that has that kind of breakdown. not to mention the fact that all the records tell us it's rare that hillary and bill are in the same city throughout the year.
9:15 pm
. >> plet me tell you, you're absolutely wrong about that. when they're wheeling and dealing, they are in the same country. let's talk asht haiti for a second. >> he made a fortune. >> wait a second, judge. but hillary clinton went to haiti as a request of the president of the united states and her mission was completely different. she was working with other foreign leaders to provide aid to the country. that's the point that i'm trying to make here. there's a clear distinction between hillary clinton secretary of state and hillary clinton part of the foundation. bill clinton is able to do whatever he'd like to do. >> you know what, richard, i've got to wrap. here's the problem.
9:16 pm
he's making money when she's secretary of state. >> why shouldn't he? >> a lot of those promises were never followed through. they didn't file half of the things that they were supposed to that she said they would. >> the canadian government, because she was secretary of state at the time. >> richard, you've got to know the facts before you come on the show. thanks for being with us. we're going to see a little coverage of the special white house dinner. and a lot more of my exclusive with donald trump. is he running for president? his surprising answer is next. and later, my out rage on the slaughter of krisz yans continues. don't forget, you've got two hours of jus tint e tis tonight with special coverage of the white house correspondence dinner. and is hillary clinton all about the money? facebook or tweet me what you think of judge jeannine, hash tag justice on fox. ♪
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welcome back to justice. the race for 2016 is heating up. will donald trump throw his hat in the ring? i asked him that and what he thinks of the obama administration's potential deal with iran. take a look. >> i want to talk about 2016. you were killing it where ever you go.
9:21 pm
the crowds are cheering you on. whatever polls you're in, you're always right at the top or close to it. why not just anounsz? why are you waiting? you eve been through this before. >> well, i have. a lot of pollings just don't put me in. they don't think i'm running. my business is a phenomenal business. four years ago, my kids were really young and maybe couldn't have done it. now they've grown up, i have great executives. and i am looking at it. i will tell you that and i think you know that very, very seriously. i think i know i'm going to surprise a lot of people. we have people that are incompetent. china is taking all of our jobs along with other countries. but, donald, look x i follow you on twitter and facebook and all of that stuff. you talk about issues that are important to the american people. when we hear about people being killed in the middle east, and
9:22 pm
and a president who doesn't seem to be engaged, aren't you a little bit worried? >>. >> i don't understand it. nobody understands it. maybe he doesn't understand it, frankly. look, the man is doing a horrible job. he's worse than jimmy cartermented i never thought i'd see it. we'll see what happens. this country is in serious trouble. at $24 trillion, that's a magic number. that's the point of no return. we're going to be there soon. we have to get somebody great in there. >> you love america. you're a suck elseful businessman. you understand what it takes. but you relate to common people. you really do. it's smart. it's successful. you can go out to a cow patch and people know exactly where you're coming from.
9:23 pm
that's lost in american politics todaymented you're the real deal. >> jeannine, i'll tell you this. i'm going to be making a decision very soon. >> if you were not to run, who impresses you most? >> i don't want to say it because it's too soon to say that. i don't want to put myself in that position. i know every one of them. i know them well. i can tell you some of them shouldn't even be thinking about doing this. >> houbt marko rubio? >> well, i don't know him very well. look, he's young. he's a senator. we had a young senator beforement it didn't work out well for the country. i think there is some other difficulties. if and when, i'll be saying things about candidates that are going to be very appropriate. a lot of people aren't going to like what i have to say. but we have people running for office who if they got in, would be a disaster for the country. >> everybody knows you've got the corner.
9:24 pm
someone who is our po ten shl enemy and telling them to go to hell. >> and i do better with security than anybody else. what's going on with isis, what's going on in iran with this horrible agreement. and i can't even imagine the president finishing, what's going on, we are dealing -- we haveincompetent people representing us. >> i'm going to do a fox news pollment it says does isle room e ran pose a new threat to the u.s. yes. and is the u.s. being too soft on the nuke deal with iran. more than half of americans say so. number one, why is he doing it? >> in conceivable that he's doing it. you double up and triple up the sanctions. they're laughing at him. the negotiator from iran goes back to iran they start dancing in the streets and celebrating. he gets up and says what a bunch of jerks the americans are.
9:25 pm
if that ever happened to me, i'd cancel the deal right there. the other thing is how long does it take to make a deal. kerry, he doesn't know what he's doing. how long does it take? why are they in there for months and months and months. there's a time to walk. >> that's the common sense that american people want to hear about. that's why it's so important to make a decision if you're going to do this 10 that going forward, you can get in the game. my final question to you, what does milani think about you running for president? >> she feels that i have a certain ability that's very extraordinary for making things better. she loves the country. she's very, very su portive.
9:26 pm
she thinks i can make it great again, and i would. >> it's time to jump, donald. >> well, you watch. stay tuned. >> great seeing you, donald. thank you. >> and coming up, christians slaugterred in libya and iraq and syria. all the while, the world watches in silence. my view on this modern day holocaust is next. plusz, an exclusive interview with one of syria's powerful christian leaders. want he says need to be done now want he says need to be done now to stop this genocid
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countries. the u.s. is spending a disaster response team. a dozen arrests during protest in baltimore saturday. demonstrators gathering, one day after police admitted they failed to seek immediate medical care for freddy gray who suffered a spinal cord injury and died. fans briefly asked to stay inside the stadium after the game to avoid possible violence. i'm jackie ibanez and back to "justice" with judge janene. >> welcome back to our special two hour edition of "justice". you're looking live at all the fun while we count down to the start of the white house correspondence dinner speeches. but, first, to a very serious topic and one that i've covered extensively here. it is the growing genocide facing christians around the world.
9:32 pm
and now, for my view on the continuing slaugter of christians in the middle eastment you know, we were horrified when we first heard about christians killed in mozul, iraq. the remaining christians not slaughtered moving from mozul. and then the killing of 21 captured egyptian chris yanls at the hands of isis. burning alive of a jordanian pie lot. reports of 12 christians thrown overboard from a refugee boat by musli muslims. and the latest, an isis video. showing the brutal murder of groups of ooet yoep yan christians. results of these high profile, video-like productions, more and more chris yanls are leaving not only the middle east, but north africa, as we feel. where will they go? who will take them?
9:33 pm
and will they ever be safe? you know, just a few days ago, the world rex niezed the 100 year anniversary of the arme nrksz ien christian genocide. et seems that wefr doomed to watch history repeat itself. the united states is run by a commander in chief who can't even say the word christian. or islamic fundmented list. it's just people dying. as the earth continues spinning, no one is willing to stand up for the christians. my fear is that in 100 years, there will be another anniversary of genocide. and that's my viewpoint. earlier, i spoke with syrian archbishop jean bar about the
9:34 pm
atrocities facing christians and his efforts to bring attention to this slaugter before it's too late. take a look. >> archbishop, thanks for being with us so much this evening. you are here from aleppo, syria. it was a major commercial city in syria that has been changed into a war shoen zone. tell us what is going on over there? >> it -- it's something terrible. this city has been living through 8,000 years now. and it has been a center for many communities. many denominations. many civilizations. >> are christians being xx getted to be killed in syria? >> this came later when isis and the fundamental that always came in. you know, the jihadisf and the
9:35 pm
people who do not 5:00 september the others. >> who is fighting them in syria. ? many, many are coming from abroad. either missionaries or jihadi have come to make the early world as they call it. all muslims are not 5:00 septembering this fall of islam. >> okay, to fight against the christians, i understand. but muslims who are not violent and fundamental. >> that's right. >> how many would youest mate have been killed for their religion? >> they talk about 200,000 people killed. among them, a good number of
9:36 pm
christians, but the agility of the people who have been killed are muslims. >> and i'm sure you've seen atrocities yourself. >> yes. >> and children being killed, becoming sex slaves, crucified. >> parents killed, brothers killed. you have sadness everywhere. this is one aspect of our suffering. we have two other also pelgts that make us suffer. the destruction of all the country. all the factors. all that can help people to live in a convenient way. the ark lochblg kal. >> the bibly can antiquities and churches.
9:37 pm
>> yes. >> all right. let me ask you. with this genocide, and would you call it a genocide, excess len sill? >> i would not be able to goif name of what's happening. but what is happening is terrible. >> but with all due respect, your exlen sill, you're saying the christians are being killed. of course, many of them are dead. you speak about just the denomination. one denomination which is targeted. here, it is home people and finding amonk chris yans and
9:38 pm
muslims. what can be done to stop this? >> to stop financing the extremists. >> who is financing the extremists? >> a few countries. i will not give names. they are held logistically. >> what about the united states? what role should the united states play? i am sure that the yietsds, with the value it has, when we came to stop this action of some countries in the region. and to ask them to stop supporting the terrorists and the fundamentalistsment if they
9:39 pm
do, the world will end quickly. he has called to stop war and to go onto a police e political solution. and he has already called several times to stop it. and he was really very good and it was ability to have been done two years ago. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> coming up, the hits just keep oncoming with explosive new scandals rocking the clinton camp. is it finally too much for bill and hillary to explain away?
9:40 pm
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developing tonight, the clinton money scandals continue to growmented and their house of cards seems to be falling apart. has the mainstream media finally woken up from the clinton fairy tale? with me now, fox news contributor and author of the new book, the story reporters journey, judith miller and also my friend. all right, welcome. can the clintons spin their way out of this? >> they always have in the past. every scandal that begins one way ends up with another. but the problem with this one is that the apeempbs is so
9:45 pm
overwhelming that this is not going to be anything that people can ignore. >> why do you think that the mainstream media that has been so e nappered of the clintons is now on them. i'm not sure that they have been. coming from the new york times, as i did, people forget that whitewaterer began with a news story. now, i think, for the moment, we have to suspend judgment because even though it looks bad and you're the lawyer, you're the judge. >> and the prosecutor. >> there's no evidence yet. that there was a kwid proquo. now, it's true, you can infer thatment but i want to see whether or not she actually intervened in the decision that was the result of campaign or
9:46 pm
foundation contribution. we don't have that yet. >> we don't have it. but as you well quoted me from my open, that you can infer certain intents based upon the actions. and i have convicted many on circumstantial evidence, in fact, of murder. there's no slant. there's no family members. it's just the facts. given public corruption stay chuts and the enormous fault that they garnered, you have to think that the government is going to think twice about uranium and russia. >> i think that that's particularly damaging. and also haiti. but also, once again, we have to see, did the government do something that it wouldn't have done am sent those contributions. and we don't know that yet. >> there's not like one or two things.
9:47 pm
by want to talk about your book. you're in iraq embedded with the soldiers during the bus administration. you're living with them for four months while they look 23r weapons of mass destruction. now, you end up going to jail at the end of this. >> right, i do. how does that happen? >> there was so much anger and fury over this charge that we had been lied into the war that a prosecutor brought a case that involved me. the prosecutor subpoenaed me and all of my noet books and wanted to talk to me about all of my sourszs. >> well, your sources, you don't have to day as a rulen your sources. >> oh, yes you do. >> it depends on whether you're in new york or covered by the feds. >> dpaktly. even though there are 49 states that have some variation of protection of reporters, we don't have a federal statute.
9:48 pm
this was a potentially federal crime. you did protect your sours? >> i did. i got a waiver that enabled me to come out and the judge never saw notebooks. he never was asked -- i was never asked about any other source except for one. and any other subject except for one. >> it is a great book. i have to tell you, i give you a lot of credit. you came out and you looked great. so judy miller, thank you for being with us. all right. and coming up, my all star political panel dukes it out over hillary. and is it time for them to look at a new candidate? that's next. stay right there or you can get up and get a drink or whatever you need to do, but then come back. man: you run a business. could be any kind of business.
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another day, another hillary scandal. new revelations another day, another hillary scandal. new revelations linking hillary
9:53 pm
to another scandal. all right, guys. could clinton foub dags's questionable handling of donations have them saying enough is enough. >> i think it's going to pose a challenge but right now the facts are still yet to be seen. one of the un fortunafortunate she will take is bill clinton in some ways an as set, others a challenge. you have to remember around the time 2009 when donations were coming in. relations with russia were at an all time high. unfortunately, in 2015 it's a different place so the question remains how will this be seen. >> hang on, tony. >> you saw me, judge. >> the relations with russia were high -- isn't that because she did that famous reset button thing? >> it was negotiations. >> she reset it. >> judge, look, first of all,
9:54 pm
let's put this out there. the foundation was not a philanthropic organization or charitable -- >> it wasn't? >> lobbying arm of the clinton relationship. think about it. 85% of their money, $425 million was spent on travel expenses, staff, payroll, subsidizing of their lifestyle. if it had those goals they weren't meg. what we're see something lack of disclosure, didn't follow their own standard they agreed with the obama white house and lack of evidence, why, no server. hillary took 30,000 e-mails and said nothing to see here and by the way, judge or congress i'm not giving it to you. even if you make the case it's circumstantial we have nothing in writing -- >> but let marjorie -- >> i didn't know you knew that much. >> it's in "the new york times." >> what we know to be true, the clinton global foundation helped over 300 million people and
9:55 pm
works on hiv medication -- >> hold on, hold on, 672 million they took in when she was secretary of state. only 79 million in grants. that's -- what are you saying? everything else is salaries and expenses. >> i will say this, they are one of the only charities of their type that disclose all of their donors. >> no, they don't. >> not to -- judge -- >> why are they refiling five years -- >> because hillary clinton is running for president. >> here's the more important point, it is -- >> i got to wrap. they're telling me to wrap. thanks, marjorie and tony. you'll be back in a few minutes. the white house correspondents' dinner's speeches are just moments
9:56 pm
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we're just minutes away from president obama's speech at the white house correspondents' dinner, but first we asked, is hillary all about the money? doug answers, this is simply a detractor. or a distracter. hillary clinton is the best candidate for president. really, doug? you know what, let's hope no one in your family is stuck on a rooftop in benghazi while she's running the skroints and iran will have enough uranium to employee us to bits, but not to worry it won't affect her jew
10:00 pm
jewelry or any of their mansions around the world. we'll be back with more "just e "jtice" and our special coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner. welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. shortly president obama will take the podium. followed by "saturday night live" comedian cecily strong. we'll take you there as soon as the speeches start. until then my all-star panel for the night is here. richard fowler, fox news contributor republican strategist tony sayegh marjorie clifton. as we wait for the correspondents', we're talking about the clintons, and let's talk about whether or not of the democrats might be looking for another candidate, marjorie? >> i think they'd have to be to be smart but the landscape
10:01 pm
doesn't look as broad as the republican landscape does so the question remains who will it be? elizabeth warren has been rumored obviously and -- >> marty o'malley. governor o'malley. >> even as a potential vice president. >> why only two. >> judge, look, the clintons did a great job creating the impression they were entitled to this nomination. obviously deals were made during the obama administration to position hillary the way she's been and they basically have done themselves i think a great disservice. if any of these controversies, the cumulative effect of the foundation, the server and benghazi and others ends up taking her down who do they have really very few well positioned other than i might say elizabeth warren. progressives overpopulate the democratic caucus and primary much like republicans do the republican system and she by far represents the best voice of that -- >> richard, what do you think? >> well, i think healthy primaries are a good thing, judge. also we'll see what happens.
10:02 pm
o'malley is in and bernie sanders might speculate to be in as well. i think we should not count out the sitting vice president of the united states quiet over the last few months but could mount a challenge. what's going to matter, when it comes out both the democratic and republican primary, who could talk to their base the best and mobilize their base the best and -- >> who do you think, richard? >> i'm telling you, if you talk to democrats, they want a candidate that's going to be able to talk about the kitchen table issues and hillary clinton is capable of doing ha. >> how is she? she's in the 1%. top of the other show -- >> here's the thing -- >> obviously -- >> tony, tony, tony, listen, here's the thing -- >> we'll let you go. make it fast. >> hillary clinton might be in the 1% but made it there by working hard and living the american dream. >> that's right with her rich friends. >> when they first started out,
10:03 pm
when bill and hillary first started out and they had nothing and worked their way up, that is the american dream. >> let me ask you -- [ all talking at once ] >> i agree with richard. you've got donald trump making $1.5 million for his speaking engagements, ben bernanke 100 to 200 and condoleezza rice -- >> yeah. >> look, the inevitable they have created incredible energy among democrats to get them to the poll. >> does that allow them to line their pockets while she's secretary of state? >> let's pretend that we're going to actually take hillary clinton's premise for the 2016 election and say, it's going to be based on these populist fault lines. who is the better messenger to a populist? somebody who is the democrats' poster child for opulence and wealth and made her money through using the influence of her husband, herself -- >> that's not true. >> potentially leveraging her
10:04 pm
position in government to benefit from that or someone like a scott walker, marco rubio. his wealth is 72 -- these are the people with a much better opportunity to make the case two people who believe that the system is stacked against them that crony cap lists on the republican and democratic side benefit too much from the things the clintons have done. >> richard, i'll go to you. aren't you concerned about the fact that even a democratic contributor is concerned about the clintons now? that e-mail server meant little and now the pieces are coming together. why did she have her own server? why did she herself dispose of her own e-mails? why does she have nothing related to benghazi or allow the state department to say we have no pertinent information? why did she do that? >> here's the thing. hillary clinton is going to have to clean all this up and over
10:05 pm
the duration of this campaign, the campaign has just begun she'll start cleaning that up. >> but she's not talking, richard. she is not talking. what about the press conference she had? >> smartly not talking. the minute she does she gives warrant to it. if jeb bush makes a run he'll have the same issues as hillary clinton does, a lot of decades of family legacy and this book about clinton case, sweizer, his next target is jeb bush. this will be -- >> objective attacker. >> which exactly -- >> precisely, people don't like crony capitalism on both sides. people don't like the cards stacked against average americans and occupy wall street back reject it. the real problem and give my democratic colleagues this to think about. her trustworthy and honesty numbers hover between 35% and 45%. that's dangerous. in the key early states like
10:06 pm
iowa, colorado and south carolina and pennsylvania, her actual number of the vote is tracking her trustworthy and honesty number. if they don't trust her they won't vote for her. >> that's before this whole thing didn't actually saturate but you know what kerrs me i don't have a problem, honestly with someone who makes money in this country and works hard and all that but when you start wheeling and dealing and ukraine and russia and colombia -- >> nigeria, algeria. >> they were fund-raising for a global fund. >> oh, really. >> of which only 15% led to helping people. 85% went to helping them. >> the bush family was among them -- listen, they do amazing work -- >> that's what's great about the bushes. here's the point, the point is she was secretary of state when the money came rolling in. kind of like eva peron -- i know
10:07 pm
nobody knows about that. don't cry for me. >> they're benefitting from a family unit -- >> trying to connect two unrelated dots. [ all talking at once ] >> if you allow me to explain i'll tell you. in the case of hillary and bill, no one begrudges people's opportunity in this country unless you're barack obama and biz warren to create wealth and achief something. this is a former president whose wife was a sitting cabinet member as secretary of state whose department made high-level approvals for contracts that their friends benefited from whether or not -- >> if i remember correctly, the facts of the case in the bush family was, one brother was running for president while the other brother was the governor of the state which foiled the election for his brother. i think that's -- >> with all due respect,
10:08 pm
richard, that's exactly right. >> the united states supreme court -- >> really? >> with justice supported by his father. >> richard, here's the question, the question really is when you've got the clintons, dealing and taking in all this money and only 15% of it is going and that's according to their own records to grants and like 85% is to everything but direct grants, where is that money going? i wouldn't contribute to that charity unless i wanted a favor. >> i made this point at the top of the show at the 9:00 hour, the clintons like they're one entity. they're two separate people and at the time bill clinton was responsible to the foundation. hillary clinton was secretary of state. there was no correlation of business, no mingling of business whatsoever and that's the argument that i think is a prevailing point. >> richard, i want to ask you a quick question. if that were the case and this were all on the up and up why did the clintons fail to disclose the way they committed
10:09 pm
to the obama white house, all of these donors. they failed to do that and now do it retroactively. this came about because of a quest in canada. not something uncovered -- >> i get it, tony. i get it you don't like hillary clinton but it doesn't -- >> no, but -- >> i get it you like her no matter what -- >> that's not true at all. >> i started by saying -- >> to your earlier point i think this is a question about dynasty how will the american public or the democratic side receive these familial relationships that are ingrained and are going to be ingrained in relationships that are international -- i mean in the book that's going to be coming about jeb bush they've highlighted interesting facts about the relationships with chinese investors and properties in foreign -- look, this is going to continue. >> well, tony, isn't it fair to say that, you know, at this point shouldn't the american people, you know, stop with this kind of dynasty thing as marjorie is talking about and
10:10 pm
just find somebody who wants to do the job and not make money or -- >> very valid concern, judge. if you would even take again what marjorie said, republicans still have about 10 other qualified candidates. who do the democrats have? nobody. if you use this logic and i kind of partly agree because i'm a big fan of the bush family, probably americans are not going to want to see this. they want to look forward, not backward that -- >> yeah. >> all right. we're going to be right back with our coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner. stick around. they're supposed to be coming up real soon.
10:11 pm
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welcome back to our special coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner. we're just moments away from president obama's speech. but until then my all-star political panel is still with us. richard, tony and marjorie but guys we'll take a look at potential 2016 candidates. rick perry and ted cruz who spoke earlier today from las vegas. >> how in the hell are we supposed to trust iran on a nuclear deal when they're sending weapons to the houthis
10:15 pm
fighting -- >> president obama is not a lousy president because he was a senator. president obama is a lousy president because he is a radical eye delog and zealot and they've been profoundly dangerous to the united states and world. >> russia uses energy as a weapon against its european neighbors. and i say if energy is to be used as a weapon, then we need to have the largest arsenal in the world. >> the media historically has two caricatures for republicans. we're either stupid or evil. so in the media telling ronald reagan was stupid. george w. bush was stupid, dan quayle was stupid. nixon was evil. dick cheney was evil. by the way, stupid is better. >> is stupid better, guys?
10:16 pm
>> boy, that's a hard call. >> ladies first. >> wow, on that note, i just -- i find it interesting to see all these texans on the stage, rick perry and ted cruz together who both lost their cowboy boots. >> last time i saw him he had his cowboy boots on. >> talking at the jewish republican coalition in vegas. since 2012 only one n nontraditional viting group that increased their share of republican support and that was jewish-americans and every other category, asian, women, hispanics, african-americans, we went down among the jewish but we went up and this time i think it's going to be even more enhanced. if you think about the uniform objection to the president's dealing with iran, the potential deal with iran that was in the senate rejected by people like senator menendez, schumer and cardin. very known supporters of israel, i think you're starting to see why republicans like ted cruz and rick perry aside from fund
10:17 pm
raise rg3 making such a strong affirmative appeal to the jewish vote where we can make up a lot of voting -- >> richard, do you agree with that? the republicans absolutely can make in-roads based upon how president obama has treated netanyahu and israel as well as the fact that right now hillary i don't think has said anything about that iran nuclear deal, has she? >> well, not to my knowledge but i think tony might be right on this. the republicans can make up some ground amongst those folks who are hard line when it comes to israel. but with that being said i think in the process of trying to gain those votes they're bleeding votes in other places, the fact we don't have a relation to our broken immigration system will bode badly for the republicans going into the primary and going into the general election. for them to win they're going to have to count on latino votes and the fact they don't have a message for latinos is a big problem for the republican party. >> you know, marjorie, as many
10:18 pm
as -- i don't know what the number is but latinos and illegals, 500,000 of them have gotten social security numbers, i mean, a million, all of this information and it seems that the demographics of this country are changing not so much because of the broken immigration system and lack of the law but because president obama's letting them in. >> no, actually despite immigration reform and amnesty it was called a lot of latinos, latinos are the fastest growing market of americans in the country and in fact by 2020 they will outnumber most of the other voting blocs. jeb bush and marco rubio knowing that and that's why they think they are powerful candidates in the party. in terms of the issue of jewish voters, it'll be interesting to see how relations continue with israel and i think what hillary clinton did was try to be strategic and been in office long enough to know that nothing has changed in the and those relationships for 35
10:19 pm
years so trying to play politics with it could be a risk. >> don't you think the american people are entitled to know where she stands on this iran deal especially now because she's in hot water over the scale of the canadian uranium to the russians or giving them to the iranians -- >> exactly because the big part of that conversation is this geopolitical alliance stemmed from the lack of american leadership between iran and russia so this uranium going to russia is as good as going directly to iran. that's the point about the clinton foundation lobbying for this achieving it for their friends. the real problem with hillary and iran. if she was in the senate would she have backed the corker amendment? would she have stood up with -- >> corker amendmentment meaning the iran deal -- >> forcing it to go through a congressional approval process. a simple question she has seemed unwilling to answer. >> unwilling? she won't talk to people unless they're planted. >> that will drive her further. if people follow israeli politics and american politics,
10:20 pm
hillary clinton hugged and embraced -- >> okay, guys, now here is president obama. >> issued an immigration order and we'll see how far he can take it. ♪ i don't care i love it i don't care i love it i love it ♪ ♪ i don't care i love it ♪ i don't care ♪ i love it i love it ♪ i don't care ♪ i love it [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> geek, everybody. welcome to the white house correspondents' dinner. the night when washington celebrates itself. somebody's got to do it.
10:21 pm
and welcome to the fourth quarter of my presidency. it's true. i -- that was michelle cheering. the fact is i feel more loose and relaxed than ever. those joe biden shoulder massages are like magic. you should try them. oh, you have? i am determined to make the most of every moment i have left. after the midterm elections my advisers asked me, mr. president, do you have a bucket list? and i said, well, i have something that rhymes with bucket list. [ cheers and applause ]
10:22 pm
take executive action on immigration, bucket. new regulations, bucket. the right thing to do. my new attitude, look at my cuba policy, the castro brothers are here tonight. welcome to america amigos. kque pasa. what? oh. hi, anyway. being president is never easy. i still have to fix a broken immigration system, issue veto
10:23 pm
threats, negotiate with iran, all while finding time to pray five times a day. [ applause ] and it is no wonder that people keep pointing out how the preside presidency has aged me. i look so old john boehner has already invited netanyahu to speak at my funeral. meanwhile, michelle hasn't aged a day. [ applause ] i asked her what her secret is. she just says, fresh fruits and vegetables. that's aggravating.
10:24 pm
the fact is though at this point my legacy is finally beginning to take shape. economy is getting better. nine in ten americans now have health coverage. [ applause ] today thanks to obamacare you no longer have to worry about losing your insurance if you lose your job. you're welcome senate democrats. [ applause ] now, look, it is true i have not managed to make everybody happy. six years into my presidency some people still say i'm arrogant and aloof, condescending, some people are so dumb. no wonder i don't meet with them.
10:25 pm
and that's not all people say about me. a few weeks ago dick cheney says he thinks i'm the worst president of his lifetime. which is interesting because i think dick cheney is the worst president of my lifetime. [ cheers and applause ] quite a coincidence. i mean, everybody has something to say these days. mike huckabee recently said people shouldn't join our military until a true conservative is elected president. think about that. it was so outrageous 47 ayatollahs wrote us a letter trying to explain to huckabee how our system works. [ laughter ] it gets worse. just this week michele bachmann
10:26 pm
actually predicted that i would bring about the biblical end of days. now, that's a legacy. [ laughter ] [ applause ] that's big. i mean lincoln, washington, they didn't do that. but, you know, i just had to put this stuff aside and stay focused on my job because for many americans this is still a time of deep uncertainty. for example, i have one friend, just a few weeks ago she was making millions of dollars a year and she's now living out of a van in iowa. [ cheers and applause ]
10:27 pm
[ laughter ] >> meanwhile, back here in our nation's capital we're always dealing with new challenges, i'm happy to report that the secret service thanks to some excellent reporting by white house correspondents, they're really focusing on some of the issues that have come up and they finally figured out a foolproof way to keep people off my lawn. there it is. it works. not just fence jumpers, some of you know a few months ago a drone crash landed out back. that was pretty serious but don't worry, we've installed a new state-of-the-art security system. [ laughter ] you know what, let me set the
10:28 pm
record straight. i tease joe sometimes but he has been at my side for seven years. i love that man. [ applause ] he's not just a great vice president he is a great friend. we've gotten so close in some places in intediana they won't serve us pizza anymore. [ laughter and applause ] i want to thank our host for the evening, chicago girl, the incredibly talented cecily strong. [ applause ] "saturday night live" cecily impersonates cnn anchor brooke baldwin which is surprising because usually the only people impersonating journalists on cnn are journalists on cnn.
10:29 pm
abc is here with some of the stars from their big new comedy "black-ish." it's a great show but have to give abc fair warning being black-ish only makes you popular for so long, trust me. there's a shelf life to that thing. [ laughter ] as always the reporters here had a lot to cover over the last year here on the east coast, one big story was the brutal winter. the polar vortex caused so many record lows they renamed it msnbc. but, of course, let's face it there is one issue on every
10:30 pm
reporter's mind and that is 2016. already we've seen some missteps. it turns out jeb bush identified himself as hispanic back in 2009. but you know what, look, i understand, it's an innocent mistake. reminds me of when i identified myself as american back in 1961. [ laughter and applause ] ted cruz said that denying the existence of climate change may -- made him like galileo. now, that's not really an apt comparison. galileo believed the earth revolves around the sun. ted cruz believes the earth revolves around ted cruz. and just as an aside i want to point out when a guy has his face on a hope poster calls you
10:31 pm
self-centered, you know you've got a problem. the narcissism index is creeping up a little too high. meanwhile, rick santorum announced he would not attend the same-sex wedding of a friend or a loved one to which gays and lesbian across the country responded, that's not going to be a problem. don't sweat that one. and donald trump is here. still. [ laughter and applause ] anyway, it's amazing how time flies. soon the first presidential contest will take place and i for one cannot wait to see who
10:32 pm
the koch brothers pick. it's exciting. marco rubio, rand paul, ted cruz, jeb bush, scott walker, who will finally get that red rose? [ laughter ] the winner gets a billion dollar war chest, the runner-up gets to be the bachelor on the next season of "the bachelor." i mean seriously, a billion dollars from just two guys. is it just me or does that feel a little excessive? it's almost insulting to the candidates. the koch brothers think they need to spend a billion dollars to get folks to like one of these people. it's got to hurt their feelings a little bit. and, look, i know i raised a lot of money too but in all fairness my middle name is hussein.
10:33 pm
what's their excuse? the trail hasn't been easy for my fellow democrats either. as we all know hillary's private e-mails got her in trouble. frankly, i thought it was going to be her private instagram account that was going to cause her bigger problems. [ laughter ] hillary kicked things off by going completely unrecognized at a chipotle. not to be outdone martin o'malley kicked things off by going completely unrecognized at a martening o'malley campaign event. [ laughter ] and bernie sanders might run.
10:34 pm
i like bernie. bernie is an interesting guy. apparently some folks really want to see a pot smoking socialist in the white house. we could get a third obama term after all. it could happen. anyway as always i want to close on a more serious note. i often joke about tensions between me and the press but honestly what they say doesn't bother me. i understand we've got an adversarial system. i'm a mellow sort of guy. and that's why i invited luther my anger translate story join me here tonight.
10:35 pm
>> hold on to your lilly white butts. >> in our fast changing world traditions like the white house correspondents' dinner are important. >> i mean, really, what is this dinner? and why am i required to come to it? jeb bush, do you really want to do this? >> because despite our differences we count on the press to shed light on the most important issues of the day. >> and we can count on fox news to terrify all white people with its nonsense. sharia law. y'all are ridiculous. >> we won't always see eye to eye. >> oh, and cnn, thank you so much for the wall-to-wall ebola coverage for two whole weeks we were one step away from the walking dead. and then y'all got up and just moved on to the next thing.
10:36 pm
that was awesome. oh, and by the way, if you didn't notice you don't have ebola. >> but i still think we appreciate the work that you do. >> y'all remember when we had that big old hole in the gulf of mexico and i plugged it? remember that? which obama's katrina was that one, was that 19 -- was it 20 because i can't remember. >> protecting our democracy is more important than ever. for example, the supreme court ruled that the donor who gave ted cruz $6 million was just exercising free speech. >> yeah, it's the kind of speech like this, i just wasted $6 million. >> and it's not just republicans, hillary will have to raise huge sums of money too. >> oh, yeah. she gonna get that money. she gonna get all the money.
10:37 pm
khaleesi is coming to restaurants. so watch out! whoo! >> nonstop focus on billionaire donors create problems forour democracy. >> that is ee why we're running for the third term. >> no, we're not. >> we're not. >> though. >> who the hell said that. >> but we do need to stay focused on big challenges like climate change. >> if you haven't noticed california is bone dry. it looked like a trailer for the new "mad max" movie up in there. bradley cooper came here to talk to chuck todd? he needed a glass of water. come on! [ cheers and applause ] >> the scientists -- the since is clear nine out of the ten hottest years ever came in the
10:38 pm
last decade. >> now i'm not a scientist but i do know how to count to ten. >> rising seas, more violent storms you get mosquitoes, sweaty people on the trains stinking it up. it's just tassty. >> i mean, look at what's happening right now. every serious scientist says we need to act. the pentagon says it's a national security risk. miami floods on a sunny day and instead of doing anything about it we've got elected officials throwing snowballs in the senate. >> i think they got it, bro. >> it is crazy. what about our kids? what kind of stupid short-sighted irresponsible boring -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa. hey. hey. [ applause ] >> what? >> all due respect, sir, you
10:39 pm
don't need an anger translator, you need counseling. i'm out of here, man. i ain't going to try to get into all this. >> go on. [ applause ] >> he's crazy. >> luther, my anger translator, ladies and gentlemen. [ applause ] >> now that i got that off my chest, investigative journalism, explanatory journalism, journalism that exposes corruption and injustice and gives voice to the different and the marginalized, the voice lle,
10:40 pm
that's power. that's a privilege. it's as important to america's trajectory to our values, our ideals than anything that we could do in elected office. we remember journalists we lost over the past year. jurrjensists like steven sotloff and james foley, murdered for nothing more than trying to shine a light into some of the world's darkest corners. [ applause ] we remember the journalists unjustly imprisoned around the world including our own jason razan. [ applause ] for nine months jason has been imprisoned in tehran for nothing more than writing about the hopes and the fears of the iranian people carrying their stories to the readers of "the washington post" in an effort to bridge our common humanity.
10:41 pm
jason's brother ali is here tonight and i have told him personally we will not rest until we bring him home to his family safe and sound. [ applause ] these journalists and so many others view their work as more than just a profession, but as a public good, an indispensable pillar of our society so i want to give the toast to them. i raise a glass to them and all of you with the words of the american foerpts correspondent dorothy thompson. it is not the fact of liberty but the way in which liberty is exercised that ultimately determines whether liberty itself survives. thank you for your devotion to exercising our liberty and to telling our american story.
10:42 pm
god bless you, god bless the united states of america. [ applause ] before i introduce our final speaker let me take a moment to acknowledge the hard work of several people whose assistance and friendship have been so valuable during this past year. i want to thank the people sitting at the head table, the eight members of the whca board. they fight hard every day at the white house to do their jobs with excellence and to help you do yours. [ applause ]
10:43 pm
i especially want to thank vice president carol lee. no one fights harder for what she believes is right than carol. [ applause ] she is a fierce advocate for press freedom and she will be your president next year. [ applause ] i want to acknowledge our incredible executive director julia wiston. julia, thank. >> you're watching the washington correspondents'. the white house correspondents' dinner, president barack obama has just finished and we are waiting now for cecily strong to come on. she is the comedian from "saturday night live" and she will be taking over in just a minute. >> for your insightful mission of fighting for openness and transparency. i thank the tribune publishing bureau for their support
10:44 pm
especially my outstanding bureau chief david lauder. and my white house colleagues kathleen hennessey, mike mamily and amy fiscus. [ applause ] i thank a couple of visionary editor, davaughn and jerry kern the "chicago tribune." all of us are -- >> and while we wait for cecily strong to come back on, i want to talk to my panel, all right, guys, the president as always did not disappoint. the guy's got a great sense of humor. great sense of timing. i mean my favorite is when i talked about his friends who had made millions of dollars a year now living in a advantage and that, of course, hillary clinton. how about you, tony? >> look, the president always does very well. i had the honor of attending this dinner three times during his presidency. never once where i don't think he performed very well. he makes fun of himself -- >> here comes cecily.
10:45 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> she came up through second city comedy and is now one of the most recognized members of the "snl" cast. cecily is no stranger to political journalism. her father, bill strong was an ap bureau chief in the illinois statehouse and a serious newsman. i am sure that tonight he is also a proud father. bill, welcome. [ applause ] at last year's dinner association president steve ththoma drew attention to the increasing diversity of the white house press corps. tonight we strike a blow forde versety and political commentary. i don't know why but women almost never serve in the position that cecily assumes tonight, it's about time. [ applause ]
10:46 pm
cecily, gladly welcome you to this podium. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. feels right to have a woman follow president obama, doesn't it? good evening. i'm cecily strong. you may know me from "saturday night live" or as the ethnically ambiguous girl from every college brochure. i'm sort of a mash-up of all the people in hillary clinton's announcement video. i'm also the first straight woman to host this in 20 years so we finally made it, straight people. where my heterosexuals at? no, i do need to say something here. just because i'm a woman doesn't
10:47 pm
mean i'm going to go easy on you people. i'm going to go easy on you people because my brain is smaller. [ laughter ] i feel very lucky to be here. last year's host joel mchale proves that speaking at this dinner is an amazing opportunity that can take you from stein in a show on nbc all the way to starring in that same show but on yahoo! [ laughter ] i took amtrak here. it was way more luxurious than i thought. did you know that they have massage seats available on those trains? all you need to do is sit in front of joe biden. those hands don't get tired somehow. i hope everyone enjoyed dinner. we tried to get memory's pizza to cater but heard a rumor barney frank might be here so thanks a lot, barney. we could have had that world
10:48 pm
famous indiana pizza. i can make that joke about indiana because i'm from illinois. the white house correspondents' is a chance for all of you to unwind, relax and laugh as soon as you notice someone slightly more powerful than you is laughing. [ laughter ] so weird to be up here and, okay, i promise since i'm only a comedian i'm not going to try to tell you politicians how to do politics or whatever. that's not my job. that would be like you guys telling me what to do with my body. i mean, can you even imagine? [ laughter and applause ] >> now, tonight's event is being broadcast an c-span so to some viewers watching at home on
10:49 pm
c-span hello but to most watching on c-span meow. [ laughter ] now, if you don't know how to find c-span you just press the guide buttonen on your remote and hit page up until your thumb cramps up and i just want to do a camera check real quick. camera one. and that's it. that's all the cameras. so -- it is great to be here at the washington hilton. it's something a prostitute might say to a congressman. the washington hilton, you guys, man, if these walls could talk they'd probably say clean me. you know, it's crazy to think that our president is right here
10:50 pm
in the ballroom of the washington hilton. and it's even crazier to think that our vice president is right now in the balance pit of a washington chuck e. cheese. but seriously, the washington hilton is great and i bet that when the president walked in and saw those bellhops he thought, finally some decent security. ie secret service. yeah. [ applause ] i don't want to be too hard on those guys, because they're the only law enforcement agency in the country that will get in trouble if a black man gets shot. are you saying boo or truuueee. tonight brings together so many different ways of delivering the news, but you're all in this
10:51 pm
together, from the networks at the front to the internet and cable in the back, all the way to the incredible print journalists who are bussing the tables. msnbc is here. i love msnbc. you know, even their call letters are long winded. just a great variety of shows. rachel maddow. "lockup abroad." "lockup raw." "lockup bloopers." msnbc shows so many prison documentaries, they're making ed schultz get a tear drop tattoo. fox news is here. fox news has been losing a lot of viewers lately, and may they rest in peace. [ laughter ] [ applause ] that's nice to say. that show is all hot blond ladies and old dudes. every show on fox looks like a
10:52 pm
scene from "weekend at bernie's." and you've got to get it up for cnn. when a big story breaks, i can turn to cnn and watch anthony bourdain eat a cricket. way to go on that partnership with aol. everyone in my chat room won't stop talking about it. buzz feed is here. but i can show you a list of 17 reasons why they shouldn't be. you guys, don't forget, "usa today" is here. of course, they're only here because they were slipped under the hotel door. [ laughter ] that's "usa today," unless today is saturday or sunday. npr is here. [ applause ]
10:53 pm
npr had a lot of success with serial podcasts, which answered the question, what would it be like if somebody gently whispered an episode of "dateline." and sarah, i'm so sorry you weren't able to get your plus one out of jail in time. they must be so pissed about the jinx. hey, next season pick someone who definitely did it, like amanda knox. there was dna on the knife, you guys. nbc is here. you know, even snl got criticized this year for making fun of isis. i think that's unfair. if anyone is guilty of taking isis is too lightly it's, you know. oh, what can i say about brian williams? nothing, because i work for nbc. [ laughter ] [ applause ]
10:54 pm
there's so many stars from so many great shows here. we are really in a golden age of television. but i have to say, i still see so many negative portrayals of black and gay people out there. it's 2015 and we still have tv characters like don lemon. it's ridiculous. the cast of abc's "blackish" is here, which i think is very inappropriate after the way they treated those whales at sea world. some of the cast of the epic fantasy series of "game of thrones" is here, and they told me even think have never seen this many nerds before. naomi campbell is here. if you threw your blackberry at
10:55 pm
hillary clinton, she would just delete everything right off of it. hillary clinton said that she used her private e-mail because she didn't want to use more than two devices. that's also one of the rules in the sex contract from "50 shades of gray." speaking of erin shock, you might notice i'm a little tan. i just got back from the most fabulous trip that erin took me on. i brought my instagram photos to share with you. you're probably familiar of this picture of shock surfing in hawaii. see, that's me. i didn't even need a surf board, i just used aaron's abs. then we went diving into the cool swimming pool he had built. it hurt when i landed.
10:56 pm
oh, and here's me and aaron sky diving. aaron said he made his own parachute out of gifts that constituents gave them. isn't that sweet? and here we are at the eiffel tower in paris. paris is so beautiful. mr. president, you should really think about going there some time. [ laughter ] i hear the weather is nice in january. now, here we are on our trip to california. we must have done this for hours and hours. just so much wasted water. fun. here we are at aaron schock's own dinosaur island. and here we are after hunting the dinosaurs. wait, who is that? brian williams! you weren't there. what are you doing, you rascal.
10:57 pm
aaron and i just had so much fun. and no, i know what you're thinking, it was not romantic, it was strictly a friendship trip. he reminded me of that every day. [ laughter ] just because aaron schock resigned doesn't mean there are not any smoking hot congressman tonight. looking out tonight, i see so many tens. well, washington tens, so new york fours. indiana 30s. senate minority leader harry reid is retiring after 30 years in congress. a lot of people don't know this, he was a boxer before he spent five terms as a punching bag. one of my favorite things that happened in congress this year is when senator inhofe brought in a snowball to prove that
10:58 pm
climate change wasn't real. that blew my mind. first prize, jim. you brought science to life, man. [ laughter ] so cool. senator tom cotton got 47 other senators to sign an open letter he wrote to iran. and i guess the most surprising thing is that a guy named tom cotton is a u.s. senator and not a rabbit from an old racist disney cartoon. oh, please, rabbit, don't show old tom cotton in the briar patch. now, in tom cotton's defense, he was just trying to repair america's strained relationship in israel. but he doesn't have to worry about that. our relationship will be better
10:59 pm
in the next administration, just as soon as they make a generous donation to the clinton administration. now, it's been a great year for women, as always. this year a representative from hobby lobby didn't want to pay for health care if it covered contraceptive. which is weird, because all i asked them is, what aisle is the yarn in. actually, i do love hobby lobby. i went there this morning and i just bought the cutest little basket to hold all my morning after pills. i know a representative asked if a woman's exams can be done by swallowing a camera. they can't and now they have ruined a perfectly good go-pro.
11:00 pm
so much to talk about this year. but of course, the big story, the republicans finally succeeded and obama is being forced out of office in 18 months. you did it. and there are so many great people who have announced they're running for president. who should i vote for? hillary. who's better than marco rubio? hillary. and who is more knowledgeable about for policy than rand paul? hillary. who's better on the economy than hillary? bill. hillary's campaign slogan is, it's your time, which i assume is what she says in a mirror while she's dead lifting 200 pounds. i'm excited about her running. i'm not sure she's excited about having to run.


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