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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 27, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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eastern. >> we'll take bets. >> we begin with a fox news alert. severe weather alert from mississippi valley to the gulf coast. tornado watches in affect for mississippi after a sighting near new orleans. we are covering the news now. >> signs of hope amid utter devastation. a massive earthquake leaving thousands dead and rocking a tiny nation to the core. how long until enough help reaches them. >> and the beauty of yellowstone national park masking a a geological discover. and the danger found lurking just beneath the earth's crust. >> and the murder trial in the movie massacre. what jurors can expect. it is all happening now.
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>> but we begin with aid workers desperately trying to reach victims trapped after a massive earthquake in nepal. >> i am jon scott. >> and at lost 4000 people killed in the worst earthquake to hit nepal in 80 years. many survivors are trapped in a remote village in a humanitarian crisis. (inaudible) >> we are getting new amateur video after a quake caused
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a avalanche on mount everest. >> reporter: americans who died in the avalanche were named. dan freedenburg. a google executive who was on expedition and a time maker and third american was marissa. she was with a seattle based mountaineering company. >> and there are eyewitnesss who said whole villages are wiped out near the epicenter. it is in the city said every home in a village of thousand villages were destroyed. a number of people coming in is overwhelming the hospitals. they continue to dig in collapsed buildings in the hope
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of viveding survivors. people lost their homes and fear of returning to them. and the fear at the moment is that there is not adequate food and water. nepal's government renewed calls for help. and we need bulldozer & like we need of the people died. >> help is arriving. the main airport is currently crowded with planes transporting aid and search teams. so many planes are trying to get in and that are waiting up in the sky. >> thank you, david.
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>> and meanwhile back here at home sparks could be be flying again on capitol hill. the senate debating a bipartisan bill allowing congress to review and reject a final nuclear deal with iran. they are warning about amendments that could toss the bipartisan support right out of the window. that is live more in washington with more on this. >> and senator is presidential candidate offered amendments to the legislation including one that included iran's right to exist as a jewish state. >> we cannot be a strong country if we are ambivalent about our allies. our allies are watching. >> fellow presidential hopeful ted cruz filed an amendment
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before the sanctions that can occur. >> in the united states senate i intend to do everything humanly possible to stap a bad iran deal. here is the critical decision whether the democrats stand up to the legislation. >> secretary of state john kerry is meeting with the iranian foreminister and first time they announced a framework. the negotiators finish it up by noon the administration is bracing up for the tough recommendations. >> we are working hard with congress. senator cardin and i have known ben most of my life worked hard with senator corker to fashion
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the legislation that gave the congress a procedural way of looking into the agreement without getting in the substance. >> it is a lot of work to be done. mike emmanuel thank you for joining us. >> a bill that gives congress the say threatened by amendments and are changes coming to the legislation or will it stay as ease? amy stoodard is edouter and jonnah gold berg is a fox news contributor. the amendments are good ideas and well intention ad a b, but if they have the affect or will they scuttle the proposed deal? fright, that is really the question. the enemy of the good in this
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situation. should the negotiations with iran be conditioned on their sponsorship of terror and recognition and future recognition and previous threats against israel. and imprisonment of americans and the list goes on and on. and in this case you have a bipartisan fragile coalition that is broken up. and you will so democrats peeling off that bill and what that goal is that want congress to have a role in the deal and say in the final outcome to deep this together and get the 67 votes. no matter what president obama does there is a veto majority. >> and you will so the democrats peel off they will not have that anymore and not have a strong hand against this. this is a tricky process. you will see a lot of amendments
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that sound good and make sense, but they can torpedocongress's part in this and this is important. >> jonna the amendment that has iran releasing american citizens as part of the deal. people like pastor a biowa dinni. what is wrong with linking his fate to a bigger deal on the nuclear program? >> on the mirror absolutely nothing. and i think that might put democrats in a tough spot to vote against because they are politically resonant with normal people. and there is a deeper problem with the corker bill. and i think corker is an honorable man and came up with a decent bipartisan compromise here. and the white house, doesn't --
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all they need is 34 votes on their side and it goes through. and there is two-thirds ratification for a treaty. this statesone- third ratification. it is an affront to congressional principles. and congress would be better to vote on the deal. >> on the merit, the deal with iran is awful and anything they can do to get better it would be. >> and republicans are pushing back against global agreement on climate change and could take a playbook they used on the nuclear deal. there is talk of regulating carbon dioxide.
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and mitch mcconnell, ab are up in arms about this in the epa, will their challenge be successful? >> i don't know. it will really depends on the tactics that they employ. this is a winner in the republican primary electorates. but it is not a win wither for them in the general election. if they go too far and use the wrong tactics and spend too much on this at the expense of the legislation they want passed this year before the campaign season begins. if hillary clinton can use to her advantage. and puts pressure on republican candidates then it is a loser. and that was the wrong battleground to play poll teches over how do they do it?
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>> how is the congress supposed to reign in a president if they see them overroaching. >> and i mean this is going to be a bad president going to the future and it was started with president obama showing contempt for the constitutional congress. i am not sure about the political issue as ab suggest. the kyoto protocol was voted down. and if this can be portrayed if it can be fairly being a devastating approach to the economy. you will see the democrats hedge away than the republicans apologizing. >> we'll let the viewers know. thank you both. >> a fox news alert for you
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nowment baltimore police receiving credible threats against law enforcement as funeral services are held for a young man who died for injuries he received in police custody. they failed to get immediate medical care for freddie gray. it sparked massive protest and some of that is violent. doug is live for us in baltimore with the latest. >> since the days of slavery, the church and african-american served as an antidote for pain and that was the way it was in new shiloh church for mr. freddie gray. it celebrated his life and comforted his family and intend on seeking justice for his death linked to a crushed voice box
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incurred while he rode unbuckled in the back of the police van. the gray family attorney was the first to speak today. >> although i believe that our mayor and our new prosecutor mayor marlin mosby are up to the job, we need to look forward to structural change where they are not put in this position anymore. we have a special prosecutor dedicated to this one responsibility until the problem is solved. >> and the presence of maryland congressman signalled legal redress and legislative redress as well. >> i am in the twilight years, but i am telling you, we will not rest we'll not rest until we address this and see that
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justice is done. >> reporter: baltimore remains a hot bed of anger. saturday night protest turned violent as marchers winded down in the toweresty area. and they were told to stay in place after the game ended. and a few police officers were hurt and 35 people were arrested and later that night baltimore's mayor gave license to the rioting. >> while we tried to make sure they were protected from the cars and other things that were going on we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. we worked very hard to to keep that balance and to put ourselveses in the best position to deescalate and that's what you saw. >> aides later said she
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misspoke, but the anger in baltimore is high and the police are on high alert. >> doug thank you. >> we'll be right back with more "happening now" in just a in a moment. rtment? yes...i can put you right through. sales department-this is nate. human resources. technical support. hold please. [announcer]you work hard to grow your business. [man] yes!i can totally do that for you. [announcer]our new online business planning tools will help your business thrive. wells fargo.together we'll go far.
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we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> rote now crews are searching for survivors after a sailboat capsize off the coast of the alabama. a fast- moving stone hit. and two bodies were found this the body. they are live in atlanta with the latest. >> reporter: unfortunately more storming are moving in the area and the search continuing for four missing boaters. coast guard and alabama state authorities searched more than 3000 square mile off dolphin island between the gulf of
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mexico and mobile alabama. they found one yesterday and another. >> and there is potential for more thunderstorms near the alabama coast. >> the water is unsafe place to be. and encourage all of the private boaters to please stand on land. shore line walking searches are always welcome. >> reporter: look at the cell phone video with the furry of the storm. one survivor described what it was like. >> you know i said jesus, you've calmed the water and the storm just subsided just enough to keep my head up.
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not drink to which salt water. >> reporter: they were in the water two hours before they were spotted and eventually rescued. >> just absolutely frightening. thank you johnathon. >> a volcano erupting twice and covering this town in ash as authorities warned that there could be more eruptions and yellostone is a favorite tourist destination. but a time bomb is lurking below the surface of the beautiful national park.
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>> a relief workers in nepal are
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in need of basic necessities as the grim search for survivors continues. the state department said four americans have died in the quake. aid workers now in a race against time to reach survivors. more supplies are flown in. soldiers that were in nepal are staying to help. >> and folks are trying to save homes and livestock after volcano sent ash down on the villages. it was eruption twice after months of dornancy. there is concern that rain storms could cause mud flows. >> and a growin super volcano
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under a popular tourist destination. yellowstone national park is known for scenery. deep below old faithful is a super volcano. and there is magma rez vorwith enough to fill the grand canyon 11 times over. thank you for joining us. first of all explain to us the significance of the finding? >> the biggest thing it helps us get a complete picture of what is happening below yellowstone and it gives us an idea of how heat and fluid is moving.
10:26 am
>> the magma resivor, how long're large is it? >> it is four times as large. it is 12 or 30 miles below the surface and pretty big. >> how did you phoned it. >> seismic. >> if they do a cat scan of your body but what we do is measure the time it takes from a seismic wave to travel up to the surface and so places where those waves are traveling slower and we map out the areas of slow velocity and the fact that seismic waves travel slower. we can map out where these areas are. >> what do you use that information for?
10:27 am
>> we can use it to build more accurate models of how hot and fluid are moving from the depths to the shallow part and that may be able to give us more information on what to look for if magman is moving up in the shallow portions. it would help us before something happens. >> does it help you to better predict earthquakes or volcano eruption. >> we are not able to predict anything. but we can look for the precursory signals for a volcano eruption. we have a good monitoring system in yellowstone. we would see increased gas output and we would so the signals. >> could you say that yellowstone is one large
10:28 am
volcano? i was not aware of this. there are three super volcano eruptions in the past. could there be another one? >> there could be. >> it is unlikely. it is a low probability event. and given what we see in the past there could be another one in the future. and that's why we have a good monitoring one. >> thank you so much for the information. very interesting. >> the trial is underway in the colorado movie massacre. three years after 12 people were shot dead in a movie theater in a urora. >> and competition emerging for hillary clinton? what former senator jim web is doing in the key state of iowa.
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to try 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection risk free. and get a document shredder free. ♪ and help protect your identity your money, and your credit. ♪ >> hillary clinton is no longer the only democrat making headlines and making the rounds in iowa. former virginia senator jim web will visit the state for the second time and emerging as a potential challenger for the secretary of state. john roberts reports live from des moines iowa. >> reporter: the conventional wisdom is that hillary clinton has a lock on the nomination.
10:33 am
we are picking up a undercurrent in iowa. they are looking for a challenger. jim web is less well known but his committee hopes that all of the controversy has created a opening for webb. >> people are looking for a leadership vision backed up with people who you can trust and said the same things over the years and try to get good people a round them and for me it is getting fairness in our domest i think policy and a common sense on our foreign policy. >> reporter: web authority b was a big hit with veterans last night. they are looking for a robust multicandidate debate on the issues and not a coronation.
10:34 am
and the controversy surrounding hillary clinton is the not lost on these folks, either. >> she feels like she can get by with these things and that doesn't impress me a lot. >> he could be a viable alternative to hillary. >> reporter: webb and his wife are meeting with women voters. and he will go to the capitol. and is hillary clinton worried, but she penned in the des moines register insisting her campaign is all about iowaniowans and not her. >> and confessed killer james holmes is in court. he admitted to killing 12 people and wounding others.
10:35 am
holmes is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. and that defense shifting the burden to prosecutors. johna is a former prosecutor and thank you both for joining us. >> i will begin with you, jana. why is this the burden of the prosecutors? >> in a minority of the states the burden in an insanity case shifts to the prosecutor not to prove that the defendant is guilty beyond a doubt but if he is insane. >> there is a finding he is insane. and the burden shifts to the prosecutors to prove otherwise. >> how do they go about doing that and how do you prove that
10:36 am
someone is sane? >> it is going to be expert driven. they will present it to them on the mental state. the case turns on whether or not the jurors believes he was legally sane at the time of the killing. colorado is unique. the burred ep is on the prosecution. if you look at legal insanity is not a successful defense. and less successful when you talk about a murder case. if you couple that with with pre-meditation evidence you will find he was sane and pre-meditated and not a psychotic break. >> we tonight know what the prosecutor has planned. but what would you imagine they will do? >> the prosecution has to hit home. all of the planning that went in the episode, and when you look
10:37 am
at month and weeks of planning and stock piling of ammunition and purchase of the guns and booby trapped his own apartment and law enforcement would find them and they would blow themselves up. this is a journey of an evil person and if i am prosecuting the case i am holding up the picture of the victim. 12 people who he killed and a six year old child and 70 people he injured. did he have it after this person and one logical conclusion. he deserves the death penalty. >> what does the defense have to do at this point? >> the defense is obviously going to argue that he had a psychotic break and couldn't formulaate the intent because he was crazy. there is a difference between
10:38 am
mentally ill and legally insane. he is mentally ill. and he has a documented history. and looking at him in the first few court appearance. and eyes were glades over. and he was looking out in to space. and it is that the jurors find he was mentally ill. if they knew he believed the difference of right and wrong. >> what if he is found not guilty by reason of insanity. >> he will be housed in a state run mental facility probably the rest of his life. but legally until he is no longer insane. chances of that are slim to none. not as good as being behind bars. >> say he is given the death
10:39 am
penalty can the defense appeal? nabsolutely. and i can tell you the grounds for defense is that they he did not get a fair trial because the judge did not order a change of venue. the state ordered 9000 prospective jurors. bow know that everyone questioned the jurors and the issue is not if they heard about the case or not. everyone has. even if move it to a different jurisdiction. the question is can they look at the evidence? >> and if that is what occurs how long could that be drawn out? >> the appeal process could be drawn out 20 years if necessary.
10:40 am
>> and he's still young enough guy and 20 years is not that long for him for all intents and purposes. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. we'll see what happens. >> they say one picture is worth a thousand words and hillary clinton may have an optic's problem on her hands. howard is next. >> and assault in the airport. landing one person a first-class ticket to jail.
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10:44 am
from the straight white house briefing. >> and different rules in affect for cia drone strikes in pakistan and other parts of the world. and truck drivers who haul goods from a nation's park has just walked off of the job. how will that affect food and electronics? we'll tell you all in the top of the hour. >> in an effort to mark 70 years since the end of world war ii. poll land is barring russian bicyclesers bicyclesers. they wanted to commemorate the red army over hitler's germ no. >> a vilant confrontation in the airport.
10:45 am
a man walking through the terminal and he is sucker punched my orth passenger. they had an alternication and. man getting hit and tlou the suspect to the ground and the suspect was charged with assault and being drunk in public. >> well the optics of the campaign trail caused a problem for hillary. >> she is giving t the cold shoulder and hide nothing plain sight. >> howard kurtz is in washington. give explanation. joishgs optices of the hillary clinton campaign are different than the coverage of the campaign. we have in iowa and new
10:46 am
hampshire meeting with small groups of students and business owners and listening. and campaign is alternate union verse. and all of the questions around the clunton foundation. and which wealthy tycoons gave it and half million for bill clinton's speeches. and how much evidence is there. and an appearance of a conflict of interest. and the author writing clinton cash. and it is an utter disconnect. and what is going on in the main stroem media image. >> you have ted rush. and tucking about the same
10:47 am
issues. and sometimeset going in the enough and tumple b. and she as she keeps it can she continue to do this while the questions swirl around the campaign by not talking about it. >> she likes to keep the media at arm's length. but occasionally use the media if she can. she wrote some the paper. >> talking about every day iowans. and one said we need to get unaccountable money out of politic its. that is not the best question about the back door to the clenton foundation.
10:48 am
>> howard you are media puzz every sunday. good to see you. >> smart phones in the hands of infants and toddlers might be a dumb idea. >> i was surprised and they say the equipments could harm your child's developments. this comes as more parents are handing their children to children. 1-third of the kids under the age of one is spieping away at tab lets. >> under the age of one. and excessive. >> thank you, heather. tornado watches on the gulf coast and the damage they are causing as they move through the south. >> thousands of college students are shut down.
10:49 am
and next step for thnts of young pem who have no dip plomma. >> no body bought. it
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and welcome back to you. a severe weather alert to tell you about. a line of powerful storms moving through the southeast. the storms across louisiana are bringing high damaging winds and power outages. that same weather system also causing damage in texas. look this is the aftermath in johnson county. the national weather service says they received a number of reports that tornadoes struck last night in the northern part of the state. officials have been surveying the damage. there are no reports of any injuries. so that's good. some new information about a
10:53 am
for-profit college shutting down nationwide. corinthian college is closing campuses in several states after a long-running dispute with the federal government. the move is taking some students by surprise leaving them high and dry weeks before they're supposed to graduate. >> this is a huge loss not just for the many students who got worthless degrees and credits and a mountain of debt but taxpayers who paid for that education through federal loans which locally won't get paid back. it was that easy federal movie that allowed corinthian in just four years to earn $2 billion annually and enroll 80,000 students under various college names. they offered degrees in trades accounting air conditioning repairing computers. but investigators say the college scammed low-income students and single parents a with the false promise with an easy job after getting a degree. students were caught in the middle. >> i spoke to the president of
10:54 am
academics and he told me there's nothing to worry about. >> it's been the best thing that i've ever done. i was able to go from nothing and be able to reach the top and become a 3.75 student and a federal work study, help out the other classmates that i have by tutoring them. and now it's all gone. >> last week the feds fined corinthians $30 million for boosting job placement rates by paying companies to hire their grads for a few weeks, then firing them. sunday some 16,000 students learned by e-mail their college was closing. >> i just can't believe that this is happening. i automatically felt anger. majority of my friends go there and everything and they're irate. >> we were hoping and praying that somebody would buy it. nobody did. >> what's next students can try to transfer those credits and ask the feds to forgive that loan but many have lost time
10:55 am
money and will not get that back. back to you. >> what a sad story. thank you. this just in -- an update to a story that we brought you last week. the number of cases of botulism tied to a church potluck dinner is rising. a 55-year-old woman died and the total of confirmed cases has reached 21. the illness is connected to a church in lancaster, ohio. state officials are working to pinpoint the source of the illness. but the health department says that six food samples have tested positive. what do a duck call ring tone a diamond and a google search have in common? they are part of "happening now's" final 30 three stories you do not want to miss. ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes
10:56 am
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time for the final 30 now, three stories in 30 seconds. a firefighter uses a duck call ring tone to lure six ducklinks out of a storm drain.
10:59 am
those newly hatched mallards were re-united with their mother. now this -- a woman finds a 3.69 carat diamond during her visit to arkansas crater of diamonds state park. she says she discovered it after saying a prayer so she is calling it her hallelujah diamond. >> nice find there. google users can now download their entire search history to their desk tops. the company warns that data could contain sensitive personal information and should be stored securely. >> sensitive based on what you search. so be careful what you search. >> good luck with that. thank you for joining us today. "the real story" with shannon bream in for grechtchen
11:00 am
carlson estates right nowbegins right now. the united states pledging an additional $9 million in disaster relief assistance as rescuers struggle to find survivors of that quake, that powerful earthquake in nye pal. the death toll soaring past 4,000 today including four americans. this is the rs. i'm shannon breen in for gretchen carlson. emergency response teams working to reach climbers stranded on mt. everest and remote mountain villages all across the region. we're also hearing unbelievable stories of survival. >> it was like 4,000 feet of stone just kind of coming. there's nowhere to run. so i told everybody get down. then put my hands over my head like just buried myself as much as i could. >> kitty, what can you tell us about the latest casualties as those numbers continue to


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