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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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page. interview you will only see there with montel williams about our marine jailed in iran. go to facebook. only on facebook will you see this interview will the marine. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> baltimore a city divided between law abiding folks between folks who want to stop the madness and criminals who want to shut the city down. tonight, we will tell you the truth will the latest situation. >> i think we as a country have to do some soul searching. >> president obama said some good things and not so good things about baltimore. we'll run that down as well. >> we have young people who are out there protesting peacefully but you're not foe us -- focusing on them. >> the media being attacked for the riot coverage. this is dumb. we will tell you why. >> don't shoot.
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>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the talking points memo about who the big loser is in the baltimore riots will be in our next segment. first up tonight the latest from baltimore city. public schools were closed today, tomorrow they will 8 be open. the baltimore orioles have postponed a game for the second straight night. the situation this evening is tense. thousands of police officers and national guard patrolling the nation's 26th largest city. tonight, there is is a curfew in baltimore 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. so far there v. more more than 250 arrests. no stats on part-time injured yesterday. no one killed but one remains in critical condition. 20 baltimore police officers
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have been injured. as you may know riots began after 25-year-old freddie gray was borrow idea last night. on may 19th grey died -- april 19th he died from a injury he sustained. six officers have been suspended with pay but information how grey was hurt is scant. that's one of the reasons people are angry. all hell broke loose as you know. fox news correspondent rick leventhal was right in the middle of it. >> [shouting] >> really? >> [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> whoa, watch out. >> trying to cover the news, bro. [shouting] >>
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>> joining us now from baltimore, rick leventhal as well as fox news correspondent leland vittert. all right, rick, let's begin with you. what's the situation where you are right now? >> well, it's somewhat tense, bill. nobody really knows what to expect when the sun goes down and curfew kicks. in we have a line of swat team officers here from baltimore city. and nerve supplemented by swat teams from surrounding counties. we know state police are here and the national guard as well. i want to point out there are also civilians lined up in front of those police police officers, members of the community who are trying to prevent trouble by getting between the people who are out here demonstrating and the police officers. so you have sort of two lines here creating a buffer, if you will. and there are people out here in the streets that are demonstrating but in many cases it's been sort of a party like atmosphere banging on drums and people dancing in the streets and that sort of thing bill. >> while you were talking a guy popped up behind you with a mask. are there are a lot of
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masked protesters out there? because that's the signal that these people might do some damage. >> there is a young person with a mask on right here. we have seen some of that. but we have also seen a lot of people who are holding signs suggesting there should be peace and chanting that there should be peace. and, again bill, it's been very different than it was yesterday and last night. we have seen some of the police officers being attacked. not seeing businesses burned. >> is that because there is a police and national guard presence that they can't do it now? >> well, that may be part of it. there has been a big strong push from community leaders as well to get out here and talk to people and reensure them and encourage them to behave themselves that seems to be having an effect. as the line' of witnesses between the crowd and police officers. >> leland, let's go to you. how far away are from you rick and what's going on where you are? >> we are on the other side of those police lines and
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this was action alley last night bill where we were. the police, armored cars are up there. this back down here is where the liquor stores were looted and those kind of things. this is a seedier area part of town. we have seen folks walking up beginning to taunt the police officers. this isn't the peaceful side of these protests. the sun has gone down over the past hour or so. you get a sense that there is a level of anger that is beginning to bubble up. you are starting to feel it the police are getting a little bit tenser out here. the kids are leaving the streets. and you are getting this same kind of guys out yesterday that we had and you see people walking around possibly with things to pull over their face. as you pointed out bill, that was the tip off last night when things were going to go south. we saw kids pulling their masks down. >> did the police take any action against people they feel are troublemakers or stirring things up because last night they kind of let the agitators and i know
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that rick just reported that there are a lot of community people who are, you know, they are actively trying to work with the police. but there are also agitators. and if the agitators start the police move in quickly or do they let them vent? >> well, they certainly didn't move in quickly last night. we were watching liquor stores get looted as the people who were trying to keep the peace were praying and then the police were walking back. they walked from where i am standing right now back that way and watched the liquor stores that are about 75 yards in front of me get looted. so not much was done by the police last night. the question is it going to be different tonight? there may not be a new sheriff in town but it feels like the sheriff is giving slightly different numbers tonight. >> a lot more numbers. >> the numbers are bigger with the national guard as i pointed out and more police officers not only from baltimore but around areas. rick, we will end with you did you feel you were in any danger last night in the sequence that we showed earlier?
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>> >> i did bill. it was definitely unsettling and also disappointing. we wanted to tell stories and wanted to talk to the people. instead we got yelled at and attacked. bottles thrown at us over our head and smashed at our feet. they made it clear we were not welcome there. >> who is doing that? >> who is. >> i assume they were people who lived there. there were people gathered on door steps in front of homes and people in windows and groups of younger people in front of some of those building that started chucking bottles at us. i don't know who they were. they were in the neighborhood and they didn't want us to be there. >> what's the average age of the people that you have been confronting who are protesting not that people are trying to help, what's the average age of the protests? there are little kids out here and older people and young men in their teens and l cross section of the community. i would say that the agitators, the ones who are
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causing the most trouble were definitely teenagers and young adults. >> all right guys, we really appreciate it you are both doing excellent job out there and it's dangerous. >> thank you. >> we really appreciate your professionalism and your bravery. one footnote tomorrow the baltimore orioles will play the chicago white sox at can item yards. there are not going to be any fans in the park. the teams will play without any spectators. the game will be televised. who is the big loser in the baltimore riots? then later the massive violence in chicago continues. different situation but very intense there. jesse watters will have an investigation upcoming.
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african-american community. and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. let's tart at -- start at the top with the president of the united states. >> if our society really wanted to solve the problem? we could it's just it would require everybody saying this is important. this is significant. and that we don't just pay attention to these communities when a cvs burns. we don't just pay attention when a young man gets shot or have his spine snapped. >> it's easy to say but what about results? on the president's watch unemployment for blacks stands at 10%. after more than six years in office. the overall unemployment number 5.5%. in baltimore the situation is dire. 63% of the population there is african-american. 63%. unemployment rate? 8.4%. and blacks control the city. black mayor? nine out of the city council members are black.
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only six are white. so african-americans calling most of the shot. police chief is black. despite that, 24% of baltimore residents live below the poverty line. 244%. but the median income for maryland is $733,500, the highest in the nation. but for baltimoreians median household income is a whopping $32,000 less than the state. that's just over $41,000 a year. so you can see despite african-americans controlling baltimore the city is not prospering. the facts then dictate that racial persecution really isn't the problem in baltimore. something else is in play. that something else is personal behavior. >> when individuals get crowbars and start prying open doors to loot, they're not protesting they're not
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making a statement. they're stealing. when they burn down a building, they are committing arson. >> that is correct mr. president. there is no linkage between what happened to freddie gray and torching buildings. peaceful demonstrations get national attention. dr. martin luther king jr. proved that beyond any doubt. but what about the police in baltimore? well black crime there is out of control. city has the fifth highest murder rate in the country. 90% of homicide victims in baltimore are black. 990% of murder suspects are black. 90% of those arrested for robbery are black. about 90% of those arrested for aggravated assault are black. and arrests for all offenses in the city of baltimore maryland 85% black. again, the black population is 63%. with so many
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african-americans committing crimes, there is gonna be tension between the cops and the community. it's inevitable. honest people know he that and most african-americans in baltimore i believe are sickened by what's happening there they are good honest people who reject violence and crime. in fact, a mother, whose son was rioting has now become famous. [bleep] get the [bleep] over here. get over here now. >> i'm a single mom. i have six children. and i just choose not to live like that no more. i was angry. i was shocked. you never want to see your child out there doing that everybody that knows me know i don't play that, you know what i mean?
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he knew. he knew. he knew he was in trouble. >> that mother's name is toya graham. we're hoping she will come on the factor tomorrow night. she knows firsthand that the destruction in baltimore last night and black crime in general has set that city back decades. who is going to invest or start a business in the poor precincts of baltimore? who? that means good jobs will not come to those neighborhoods. so the big loser in the baltimore riots are those that live in the poor neighborhoods primarily african-americans. these idiotic thugs rioting and looting are hurting their own people. and because the entire world sees pictures of blacks rampaging, all african-americans are affected. one of the council men in baltimore understands that. >> i am simply pissed off. this is the city that i love. this is the city that i i chose to dedicate my life to. and we cannot stand idle and
5:17 pm
let thugs whatever you call them. cowards ruin our city. what i'm going to say here today is if you are an adult and you are out there participating this, you are ruining the future for these young people. >> mr. scott is brave and he is he absolutely right on the mark. summing up, it is long past time for police agencies in america to have a no tom ler rance policy brutality on the part of officers. every american, even criminals, should be safe in police custody. but it is also long past time for african-american communities across america to begin to police themselves. criminal activity, drug use child abandonment disrespect general chaos all on display every single day in many places. and you know what? no government is going to stop that.
5:18 pm
no bureaucracy is going to help you. the communities have to do it themselves. and that's the memo. directly ahead, we will have reaction from two black measures. then later did the baltimore cops intentionally hold back enforcing the law last night? we have been investigating and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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impact segment tonight. reaction to my talking points memo. with us now in new york city charles payne who anchors his own program on the fox business network and jacques degraff, a fox news analyst. you both are from harlem and charles you work in harlem now. harlem is an interesting example of an area that once very tough and very blighted which has come back to life
5:22 pm
because investment and business has come up there. >> because people in the community created that. >> that's right by behaving. by behaving within the law and by creating an atmosphere where people would want to come in and do business. the exact opposite, and this is my point in baltimore has occurred. and no government, reverend no bureaucracy no, politician can reverse that. am i wrong? >> you are not wrong based on what you just said but there are other factors that influences what happens in the community. >> are there any factors different from harlem and baltimore? >> harlem used to be referred to as a ghetto and as a slum. but black harlemites created something called harlem day. >> that's exactly what i said black communities. >> black communities have to do it and stop the myth that some giant government close sis colossus can come in. >> i don't think they are under that in baltimore. >> the black leadership has failed, has failed to
5:23 pm
improve the lives in these neighborhoods. it's not their fault because no government can do it. >> governments can make it worse. this particular case, you know, listening to what the president said and mayor's speech today the comments you just showed, when the president talks about everyone having to care, it's insinuating that somehow some kid born in a ghetto can't get out of it unless everyone is on their side or, more importantly everyone is against that person. i reject that. i think anyone born in america has an opportunity to go where they want to go. >> you did it i didn't take that insinuation from barack obama. he is still selling reverend, the president is still selling that we can solve this problem. the collective we. and i you reject that i say what you just said, the individual communities can solve it with the help of the powerful. but the powerful can't impose on the community. >> but you can't ignore the fact that baltimore is the latest episode in a national crisis that is happening.
5:24 pm
>> which is what? >> which is the crisis in the criminal justice system, vis-a-vis the black community. >> okay. i gave you the black crime stats, all right? >> yeah, in baltimore. >> which are overwhelming and human nature being what it is, when you have that kind of an intense crime problem, you're gonna have a clash. and you know he that baltimore police is 50% minority, all right. half of them are minority. so again, if the behavior changes on the individual basis, the whole situation changes, including police brutality. >> but the facts -- the facts don't argue in that way. this is a phenomena that's been taking place in ferguson in staten island and cleveland where the dynamic is not the same. the consciousness of the black community or community under siege. the seething that you see in the streets it's reflected by law-abiding citizen and lawless citizens. >> look, we are not going to generalize about people in the streets. i will tell you that right after you guys, we are going
5:25 pm
to go to chicago to show you almost the holocaust on black on black murder. >> it's outrageous. >> i will submit to you there the white police force has retreated. you know what? we're aren't going to stop it. >> that's harlem in the 70s. that's what happened and that's why we were a lawless place. >> what would you do, charles? against, the baltimore police, the evidence that we have uncovered says didn't enforce the law last night because many of the law breakers were kids. 13 and up. and they didn't want to confront kids with tough behavior. that's what happened. >> i worry because in the 1970s in harlem it was lawless and in neighborhoods were so frightening and because the police were afraid to go in there it made it worse for the people who lived there. and i think you have got to be very careful about this talk about the militarization of police or somehow there is too much policing. i think it was a huge police not to make a quicker move. obviously we saw what happened with the city. more importantly i have got
5:26 pm
to get back to what you guys are talking about bill. do i believe if the individual in this country can make their way. >> not being preached now. >> homelessn being preached. >> victimization rather than hopelessness. would you you have mobilized harder -- say you could be a mayor. the reverend could get elected mayor. say you were the mayor would have you anticipated called the guard in and stopped it and made a show of force like they have right now? would you have done that? >> i would have done peremptory things but had i been mayor, a lot of other things would have happened also. in new york city i'm part of a group that founded schools for young men. because the people who are out here destroying property that's not the -- they didn't just come into existence yesterday. they have had long standing problems and that's why you and i were at the white house when the president pointed out. >> that's a good program. >> in new york city we have a program called the eagle academy. we have five schools. we started those kinds of things. government has a role to play. >> but you can't reach everyone. >> you can not. >> the only thing that can reach them is peer pressure.
5:27 pm
not to do these things. >> same peer pressure could exist in police department could get the good policemen to get the other policemen to obey the law. >> i don't disagree with that but my contention is that the good policemen outnumber the bad policemen. >> why aren't they stopping it. >> individual spontaneous stuff. >> across the country over and over these are are coincidences? >> statistics as you know he do not say there is epidemic of police brutality. >> perception in the black community. >> perception is there but the stats don't back it up. gentlemen, very very good debate. we appreciate you both coming in. >> thanks for having me. plenty more as the factor. we will go back to baltimore to update you what's happening on the streets there. jesse watters in chicago where poor african-americans being gunned down in record numbers by other african-americans. also your mail on the riots last night. very provocative. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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watters world segment tonight, in light of what is happening in baltimore, we wanted also to tell you about black-on-black violence in the city of chicago to put things into perspective. last year, 2600 people were shot in the windy city. so far this year shootings rupp a whopping 47% from last year. a catastrophe. no question violence is out of control in chicago. the chicago police department says there are now more than 600 gangs in the city with a combined membership of 700,000. more than isis.
5:32 pm
it's estimated the gang is responsible for 60% of the shootings. with the situation getting worse every day we sent jesse watters to find out what's going on. >> never waging war in the streets of chicago. >> shots fired,. >> do you feel safe in this neighborhood? >> no, not anymore. >> why not? >> there is a lot of shooting and killing going on right now. >> this block is called o block. the worst block city of chicago. up the street is called 60 of neantd. three years ago the worst block in the country. >> three 17-year-olds shot, one killed. >> i get nervous for my kids. every day how can i get them out of here. it's bad. i feel like i'm in beirut or something. >> when you are living in the community and you are used to hearing gunfire or you are used to seeing people's bodies layining down with chalk around them, that's a war. >> are you scared to live here? >> no. >> even though the murder
5:33 pm
rate is up 33%. >> there is a reason why it's up. chicago is the most corrupt city in america. >> does the mayor have a plan to deal with all this chaos? >> if he did he sure ain't showing it. >> these are political figures in this political are political savages. >> the mayor says he is going to hire 1,000 more police officers and never did it. >> i was just going to say when is the last time he said that? >> how do you live your life without being scared? >> i keep god first. i pray before i hit the door and pray that i come back safe. >> it's sad to wake up and see another person get shot. that's not normal. that's not normal at all. >> five shots were fired. [sirens. >> we heard pop pop pop. people started screaming and running everywhere. >> what's the basis for the violence? >> it's a bunch of people with nothing to do. >> it's all about gangs and drugs right now, you know? >> poverty struck neighborhoods so when you are in poverty struck neighborhoods people do whatever they can to survive. >> what do you think the basis of the violence is? >> it starts in the home
5:34 pm
with the way people have are being parented. >> maybe the parents need to go to school to find out how to be parents. >> strong black men, we are missing it. >> where is he? >> some are locked up in jail and some want to do good but don't have the opportunity with jobs. >> i work at the car wash, you know i try to get the kids to come and wash cars instead of, you know, shooting. if they can get enough money in their pocket, then they won't be worried about sticking nobody else. >> so many youth who are uneducated to the fact where they don't value life. it was a community raising kids not everybody for themselves. it's a war against the police. we feel like it's us against them at times. >> i have a great deal of respect for police. their main job is to serve and protect. and i think they do that job as well as they can. >> the boys in blue are doing everything that they can, you know. but, you know, like i say they can't be everywhere. we need businesses.
5:35 pm
we need entrepreneurs. we don't need government help and government assistance. that's -- we definitely don't need that. >> we need jobs that can help these youths and help them better themselves. >> do you think the city of chicago is protecting you here on the south side? >> no, not at all. because we were protecting the innocent once die like they die. >> i protect me. when i come outside i make sure i'm okay. i make sure my kids get to school fine. i protect me. i can't depend on a 911 call. >> you think rahm immanuel cares about the south side? >> i don't know. crime is just as bad when he got in worse in some cases. >> wouldn't see them enemy it's time to get a vote. >> why would you hire a man from another city who have to get on map quest to find out whether the problem is at. he did the wrong thing when he put mccarthy. he had become embarrassment.
5:36 pm
>> do you think the city is protecting you? >> no. >> how does that make you feel? you pay taxes. you vote. >> this is life, you know. >> do you think things are going to get better? >> we are determined to make it better. i know others who are determined to make it better. together i think we can make it better. a lot of prayers with people around america i'm sure we can do it. >> by the way chicago has one of the toughest gun control laws in the country. so much for that. when we come right back, did the baltimore cops intentionally allow thugs to run wild last night? that report after these messages.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow up seeing want tonight. many americans were shocked that the police in baltimore allowed so much law breaking to occur last night and the national guard was so late in getting to the troubled areas. today, questions were flying. >> did you prepare yesterday? yes, we prepared. we had over 200, 300 police officers out there around that mall at the time that it took place. why didn't you move faster? because there are 14, 15, 16-year-old kids out there. do you want people using force on 14, 15, 16-year-old
5:41 pm
kids that are out there? and they are old enough to know better. they are old enough to know not to do those things. they are old enough to be accountable but they are still kids, unfortunately. >> but kids can kill, burn, injure. joining us from baltimore chief spokesman for the bpd. okay. i'm not a monday morning quarterback on this. i know a lot of officers were hurt and i'm not going to do that kind of criticism. but i do have some questions and i think that america needs to hear the answers very straightforward. all right. you have got kids. kids can kill you, you know that do i allow kids to break the law to the extent that happened last night? do you think that was extensive policing? >> i think you need to celebrate separate the questions. 250 arrests. >> i understand that but our correspondence. >> 250 arrests.
5:42 pm
>> we noted that earlier in the broadcast. but our correspondents reported on the scene that looting and arson took place in front of police officers who did not stop it when they could have. those correspondents reported that. >> i want to say that when you say didn't stop it when they could have. what we had yesterday and i think context is very important. we had a situation where it started out with 13, 14, 15-year-old kids and very, very quickly escalated to people coming in. joining and taking advantage of an opportunity and using that opportunity harm our police officers but also to commit those lawless acts. we he moved as quickly as we could. to bring in extra resources. that we needed in order to faithfully affect arrest. the safety of our officers and the safety of the people in that community was paramount. we had 20 officers injured in a that initial encounter. two of them seriously. one of them is still in the hospital tonight. we have to make sure that our officers are safe.
5:43 pm
we have to make sure that our community is safe. once we are able to do that. we then move in and make the arrest. which we did we made 250 arrests. >> so what you are saying is that you were overwhelmed that the situation was so intense that the numbers of officers could not contain it at that time or they themselves would have been in physical jeopardy. so my next question is, why wasn't the national guard there? did you have conversations the baltimore police department with the maryland authorities, the governor, the state police? why wasn't the national guard there in anticipation of this? >> so, what we started to do early last week was reach out to our regional law enforcement partners and we are very appreciative of their support. you saw that on saturday. we had officers from the county cans cross maryland in the maryland state police assisting us. we have been reaching out. we did have resources we were bringing. in the problem is that this spread very quickly. >> captain there were no guards there was no national guard on the scene
5:44 pm
none. all right? now, tonight there is. and so i don't expect anywhere near the kind of problem we had last night. but if national guard had been there, all right that wouldn't have happened last night. but they weren't there. >> i can't speculate and say that that's the case. we know the situation that we had last night and we know what we are doing about it today. we responded last night with with the resources that we had ava weren't enough. they obviously weren't enough. >> look. >> but the situation changed. >> i understand that. >> the situation wasn't what we were. >> quarterback it i'm not going to. but the fact is that the baltimore police were overwhelmed by this. >> the fact is that we responded -- sir with due respect, the fact is we deployed our officers for an event that was supposed to be 13, 14, 15-year-old children. we moved quickly and efficiently to get extra resources in place to make sure that we could take control of the situation and we're continuing to do that i think that's very
5:45 pm
important for people to know. >> you have 2 auto people arrested. thousands committing crimes. are you going to arrest those people? >> well, we talked about monday morning. there is infamous photo now of a gentleman standing on top of one of our cars that broke out the windows. we took him into custody monday morning. we have incredibly good detectives that will go through every piece of video footage out there. everything on social media we will find the people responsible for the crime and we are going to arrest them. >> hunt them down. all right catherine. >> bill, if i can just make. >> sure, real quick. >> if i can just make one more point. we had officers that were injured. we had officers that wouldn't come off the line because of their commitment to this city, their commitment to each other and enforcing the law. i want to be very clear. we did everything that we could and we are going to continue to do everything we can to enforce the law. >> the bpd very brave. no question about it. thank you captain. on deck, the damage caused in baltimore broke some hearts. that report moments away.
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight. at least 159 people have been set since the rioting began. one of the centers torched was a senior center about to open. services black americans who desperately need help. baptist church beat the senior citizens center that was burned down. reverend we're very sorry. how are you feeling tonight about the situation? >> overwhelmed but very, very hopeful about the process going forward. >> why would they burn down a senior citizen center just about to open. there is nothing valuable inside. do you have any idea why that would happen? >> it may i have looked like it was a part of the vacant building that were in the
5:50 pm
block because it was yet unfinished and maybe they targeted it to set it on fire in their own folly in the sequence of events that happened on last night's riot. >> now, how much money did that happened in last night's riots. >> how much money did it cost to erect the senior center? you know how vulnerable african-americans who live in tough neighborhoods are. now these people are not going to have what you wanted to provide them. >> on the contrary. it's delayed, but not denied. we've already built a 60-unit senior housing facility directly across the street. this was the second to bring back affordable and quality homes in this east baltimore communicate that has beenover overlooked for more than three decades. the seniors feel safe living the vicinity of the church. this was going to do more development in the communicate
5:51 pm
with multi-family housing as well as super markets -- >> it's a shame. i said the talking points at the top of the program that the big loser in the baltimore riots are the african-american community where you live. >> i think we all are losing from this. but i also think that this gives us a great lift to see what the real problems are. the fire last night shined the light on injustice, lack of investment in the community -- >> but reverend but who's going to invest there now? who's going to bring a business in there now? >> the same investors that were once developing in this community. they told us when we first sought to build a community center that no one would move in but we still have awaiting list. after that investment 22 more million dollars came in to do
5:52 pm
workforce development at the american brewery. so our resilience our continuation to be positive in negativity is what's going to win. >> i'll say prayers that your resilience plays off, but i'm angry at the people that burned down your place. joining us now on the phone, harvey levy. his sports mart in baltimore was looted yesterday. i understand that family business of yours was there 35 years. what did you see happening on your security cameras? >> well, the police -- the alarm company called about 9:00. i turned my webcam on and i saw maybe 50 60 people break in the front of my building. they ripped the front grate off. they were jumping over the counter, loading up boxes. one lady even had a child with her. there were men, kids -- >> and you knew some of these
5:53 pm
people right? >> i didn't know them, but they looked familiar. they were people that had been in my store at some point over the past several years. >> yeah. you employed about 12 people in the neighborhood. they lose their jobs. are you going to rebuild and get back in business? >> well, i have to reassess that after the dust settles a little bit. i don't know if you've seen the video -- >> yeah, we're showing it now. the big loser is the community here in this? >> without a doubt. without a doubt. i have people who work for me that have three children. where are they going to get employment? they wrecked the store beyond belief. >> well, we hope you can rebuild. we appreciate you coming on tonight. up next factor tip of the day. should you get angry at god because bad things happen. the tip, moments away. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer?
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factor tip of the day, getting mad at god in a moment. but fist, the mail. pennsylvania bill please sound the alarm. there are serious cultural issues in minority neighborhoods that are causing poverty. most people are afraid to discuss them. i know thomas but i've been sounding the alarm for 19 years. there's tremendous opposition to walking away from victimization. there's also tremendous resistance to self-reliance in this country. i have a solution to the baltimore riots. pull all law enforcement out of the city and the rioters will have to live with their actions. what about the innocent people? come on. lance mckinney, some baltimore officials are blaming the riot on kids. bull. this is an organized effort by anarchists. most of those taken into custody are locals from the affected
5:57 pm
neighborhoods. bob, florida, great reporting on the clinton foundation. i heard it gives just 15% to projects can you confirm. charity navigator does not analyze the clinton foundation however, navigator has it on its watch list because so much of the foundation money is used for nonphilanthropic things. mike i'm blown away by legends and lies. i had no idea and felt very badly for carson. thank you for the shows. you're welcome, mike. next sunday, david crockett on the rundown. and he doesn't want to be called davey. you don't do that. charles, florida, bill killing patton has been number one on the times list for 30 weeks.
5:58 pm
number one nine weeks, but i'm glad you liked it. the letter of the day, my 9-year-old son asked me if the world is going to be better in the future. i said i couldn't answer that right now. what would you have said. i'm very optimistic about america, tammy, i know i don't sound it sometimes. with qualifiers. i would have told your son that if he works hard honest and a good person, he'll have a good life and you'll be proud of him. enjoy your signed copy of "legends and lies" for the letter of the day. finally, the tip of the day. one of the worst parts of my job is seeing tragedy every single day of my life. over the weekend, an earthquake hit nepal, thousands dead including americans. no one knows why these terrible things happen but obviously they do on a regular basis. in everybody's life there's tragedy and mystery why me. people of faith pray. sometimes prayers are not
5:59 pm
answered. and sometimes folks get angry about that. to me that kind of anger is natural. praying for worthy things is noble. and when those things do not come, do not happen disappointment is natural. factor tip of the day, be honest with yourself and if you're a believer, know that a just god, a just god understands genuine emotion. anger included. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. also, we'd like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. name and town name and town if you wish to apply. word of the day, no calumny. great word. okay. and tomorrow, we're going to continue investigating what happened in baltimore. all right. not just reporting.
6:00 pm
again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember spots right here, we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, we are now less than 60 minutes from a full curfew in the city of baltimore, maryland, with thousands of national guard troops and law enforcement officers preparing to clear the streets in less than an hour whether people want to go or not. welcome to "the kelly file." there are an estimated 2,000 national guard troops activated by the end of tonight with nearly a thousand law enforcement officers. now on the ground in baltimore to help. and with more than 250 arrests since yesterday, 144 cars burnt and more than a dozen buildings burned as well, it seems like the city will need all the help it can get.


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