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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 29, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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a full hour there are still people on the streets in baltimore, we have another hour of "hannity" straight ahead. what happened to freddie gray? we have inside where h
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on the ground is leland with the latest. >> right now, if you take a look at the amount of riot police. this is the front line. behind them is another line. with dozens if not hundreds of riot police armored personnel carriers they call these the bear cat, they're an enormous vehicle. this looks like a military
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surplus vehicle on the streets of baltimore. it's unbelievable the amount of firepower they've brought here. you can see it coming around as you count just how many we have here. you can see these tactical units driving throughout the streets saying they're going to arrest people if they don't abide by the curfew. there are still people here on the streets. these are the state troopers we've seen as well. we're going to walk past these gentlemen. you can see people on the street. that is what is unusual. this is a grocery store that wasn't looted. this is a church turned into a medical ber those rubber bullets and tear gas, but we do have
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someone here a family standing here. do you mind if we talk to you just a moment? i'm leland vitterd. it's nice to meet you. why are you on the streets? >> would you talk to us? >> not interested in speaking now but thank you. >> not clear why. there are a lot of folks pretty interested in talking to us yesterday. folks out here would you be be willing to talk to us for a second? tell us why you're out here? or what you'd like? could we tell you what you're looking for? >> just want to -- >> see what happens? >> that seems to be the feeling here sean. >> thank you so much. >> we're going to have video of inside some of the stores looted. we'll get back and check in monitoring for breaking developments we'll check in with barack obama's response we'll get to that tonight, and much, much more as we continue.
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thousands of mes are trying to clear the streets of remaining protestors. not everyone is going home. >> it's a real contrast using these nonlethal devices that were hurled in the direction of the remaining protestors on the left the cs gas, which is less of an irritant, then say, tear gas. these are the new incarnations of the rubber bullet. it's like getting hit with a hard ball.
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they were effective in dispersing the crowd the thin blue line held. but the fox news team they were here last night, on the very same street and it was as you'll recall a much-different story sean then it seemed that baltimore was caught a day late and a dollar short. they knew they must have known, trouble was coming. it was telegraphed they didn't declare a state of emergency until well into the day. and into the evening. and as a result the baltimore cops were just outmanned, out outnumberered outnumberered. it soon became clear people in the streets, the people looting the cvs and other, smaller
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shops destroying that senior center, that they were less interested in what happened to the tragic victim of that suspicious police arrest freddie gray the 25-year-old, less interested in making a point, profaning his memory in a way, by turning to as the president of the united states said today, they were just thieves stealing they were thugs in the words of the african american mayor of the community. that is a word almost like the "n" word used advisedly. she used it to describe the people destroying and upsetting and i tell you what sean i have seen these communities my first reporting job was asberry park new jersey riots in that seaside community in 1970. it took every -- for 40 years,
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it's still not the flourishing community it was before the riots. i fear the same for this section of west baltimore. this community has gone through a trauma. it has, you know over 230 have been arrested. 20 cops injured, one critical. it will be a long time sean. >> sad part is that geraldo, very preventible. they should have seen this coming. we'll get back to you in a few minutes. leland, calmer than last night, leland. >> much, much calmer sean. it's due to the amount of police, it's shocking how many have come from so far away we have state troopers and the sheriff who came in from two and a half hours away brought a big
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mrab. >> we're here at the request of the governor. they requested additional 600 police officers, ten armored vehicles, we responded at the request of the governor and have been here for a few days in baltimore city this, is ground 0. this is where it's taking place. and we've been standing here hard to believe, in front of memorial baptist church. those inside are prohibited giving outside of of the church having giving us the finger the entire time we're here. and giving law enforcement the middle finger here here to help restore normalcy to the city. and that is reception we get. generally speaking the citizens have been supportive by our presence, have had deep gratitude treating us with hospitality. it's just a particular area here tonight, that we're getting reception we're getting from people here at a church. it's very very disheartening.
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>> people have been using the term agitators. vandals and looters and those kinds of things you've been here for the last couple days and last night, we saw such lawlessness in the city. now, all of a sudden things are, if you can use the word from chaotic to calm on the street. >> last night just rules no longer adhered to. anything would go. tonight we made it clear tonight we're not going to tolerate tonight what is tolerated last night. >> do you think that helped? >> absolutely it helped. >> we can see no fires, no looting. liquor stores. a couple people standing around on the street. is it -- do you ti it makes a difference whether they're arrested or not? >> absolutely. it makes a big difference. there is a curfew.
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if you violate that, you're going to jail. >> i appreciate your service, your time. >> thank you. >> they're showing restraint down here and professionalism here sean. >> leland you've been showing a lot of courage in your reporting. thank you so much for your hard work. we appreciate it. when we come back president obama commented on the baltimore riots today. he had pointed words for police. we're going to play you comments and why i think he missed the mark. but first surveillance footage from a liquor store being looted last night.
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this is a fox news alert. we have exclusive video of looters rioting in a store the protests cost millions of dollars citywide forcing many business owners to fend for themselves. joining me is charlie sung to put a price tag on what is going to cost what would it be? >> at this point it's hard to say. it's too early. there are several korean organizations in maryland that are gathering information from the business owners to determine how many businesses have been affected and what the extent of
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the damage s at this point it's tough say. >> i want to go back to looting video here. i see people are these mostly minority-owned businesses that you represent, sir? >> that is correct. korean owned businesses specifically. >> i'm watching this. you've seen the video. you've shared with us video for the first time. this guy looks like he has a sledge hammer. they wreck the store taking everything out of the stores we have these, we can identify all of these people. and we have the same type of video in ferguson missouri it was never used to find the people responsible. is that going to be the case in baltimore? the same in ferguson? >> that is something that i
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can't speak to. at this point. you know, the store owners aren't as concerned about finding those responsible. they're reoccupied with protecting their businesses and and rebuilding their businesses so they haven't had a chance to think about how these folks are going to be apprehended >> do they have insurance? or going to be looking to the city for a lack prof teches last night? >> well my understanding is that most of the businesses are insured there are some that have heard from that dmot have insurance. you know at this point, business owners are concerned about protecting business and rebuilding their business. and they're preoccupied now. >> do they want to rebuild there? >> i think certainly. most business owners damage is you know it varies. some have been gutted out. some have been just damaged
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slightly. but i think the goals is to rebuild. hopefully through insurance sh get the help they need to set their businesses back up. >> let's talk about the city because if you go back to city at camden yards there is every indication this is about to unfold. 2:00 3:00, in the afternoon rocks were thrown at police officers te saw what is building they didn't prepare for it. do you believe there is legal liability for these, for the city for not defending the streets of baltimore? >> sean at this point i'm not in a position to speak. since the crack of dawn this morning my office has been fielding calls from various business owners you know? >> but certainly you have an opinion. don't you think the city should have been prepared in light of what we saw yesterday afternoon, and saturday?
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>> i'll be honest with you. i've been so preoccupied i have not had an opportunity to watch the news and has been done or could have been done. maybe after reviewing more of the events i might form an opinion at that point, but at this point, no. >> so you weren't aware of the rock throwing? >> i have some knowledge but not enough to make an informed decision >> it's usually difficult to hold a city liable in a case like this legally. is there any precedence you think of in your mind where that has been a strategy? >> i'm not here to speak about legal issue was regards to the city. i'm here to represent the business owners and speak on their behalf >> i see peoples' dreams and blood, sweat, and tears that you know that goes into building a
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business and financial burden on businesses now. they're going to lost money they're lost if they didn't have the proper level of insurance. but now, they're going from however many weeks or months to rebuild it. you know? how severe was damage from most of the clients? >> you know it's going to be a tough process the rebuilding is going to take weeks if not months what is interesting is that in the aftermath of the looting last night, many of the business owners reported to me folks in the neighborhood came out in the morning and expressed concerns helped clean up. we expect there will be support for neighborhood small businesses and hopefully part of the rebuild proing is hes. >> thank you for being with us our prayer goes out to business owners. it's very sad what they had to endure and what they will endure. >> thank you. >> my pleasure thanks >> we're awaiting a police
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this is a fox news alert. we're awaiting a press conference in just a few minutes with many businesses now coming under attack during the mayhem one local business owner decided to take a stand. and armed himself with a baseball bat. tony good to see you. your store did not get looted correct? you stood out with a bat how
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many hours? >> for eight hours with axe handles me my brothers and my dogs >> how many people? >> three. and the dogs. >> and what kind of dog? >> south african mastiff. she's got an attitude. >> well my dogs would bark and run away. how close is your restaurant to where violence took place? and where burning and looting took place? >> main problems were quite a ways away. they looted on my block the building next to me four gentlemen that owned that building, a music store, 40 years he was injured with broken glass. >> they stole a $4,000 instrument, right? >> yes. yes. >> so you're there.
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you were there as your neighbor's store was being looted and robbed? well at that point we would have tried to intervene had we been outside. at that point, it had grown dark. i was inside. and from what i saw. >> right. >> and myself the dogs and then the lord. >> you're going to send them back home? >> did the looters know you were in there? >> i can only say me and my brothers standing outside all day, i guess that if anyone had seen us they must have known not to come in because they didn't. >> what a sad thing to see the police of baltimore last night. what are your thoughts about that?
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my guess is that they're told is to stand down. then the comments of your brilliant mayor saying we want to let them destroy areas and let them vent. what is your reaction to that? >> i saw at 2:00 first of all the police in baltimore are awesome. we've got a great force z great guys. they were trying to do a job. their command failed them. the mayor failed them. they reacted very poorly because of that. and when i saw their line being breeched at 2:00 i sent employees home and told other people not to come in because i couldn't guarantee their safety z if the police couldn't guarantee their own safety they're like my kids and family. >> you're a man after my heart. >> sad moment. >> i'd like to think i would have done the same thing that you did. i'm glad you stood up for yourself and protected your place of bigs i only wish i am convinced, i agree, the police were told to
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stand down. because i have never seen police back off the way they did yesterday after cars being burned and all else breaking out yesterday. thank you, sir, i'm glad your business is up and running. >> thank you for having me. anyone loves barbecue come to midtown bar key cue on center street. >> i will be there. i want beer with that. it says barbecue and brew. >> we'll see you then. coming up we're awaiting a press conference from the baltimore police that and more. our coverage continues and president
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a fox news alert we join the baltimore police
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department in a press conference that just started moments ago. >> one officer had a drive by brandishing of a weapon. in the western district north of pennsylvania, in that area we've had about approximately seven arrests. in the city, after curfew went up we've had ten total arrests. reports from the organization that we do not have a lot of activity or movement throughout the city as a whole. the curfew is working. as the mayor has called. one interesting thing is that i just had happen is that as i exited the building to go to a meeting today, we had close to 12-15 young adults waiting in line to become police officers at the baltimore police department. and in light of that activities and issues i asked them are you still willing and wanting?
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they were enthusiastic and excited about becoming members which says a lot. again tonight, i think the biggest thing is that citizens are safe. the city is stable. we hope to maintain it that way. we are going to place national guard at north and pennsylvania probably two to tree block radius to stabilize that area and make sure everything is okay and residents are safe. are there a couple questions i can answer for you? i don't have information on that. we work in the southern district. we had a young leader out there who did a good job of responding in a peaceful way. they ended up arresting i believe about 3 to 4 juveniles down in that area. so i don't know about the injured officers but we'll follow up with you. >> there are various i'm trying
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to give you feed back on it without my glasses. in the central district we've had two for looting. in eastern district, one disorderly conduct. and then western district we had, i believe the vast majority for curfew violations, seven. >> that is the baltimore police department saying ten arrests tonight and not a lot of movement on the ground at this hour. police saying the curfew is in fact working. joining me is the brown family attorney. there are parts and you know all of this could have been prevented had they taken the proper precautions based on what happened saturday and on sunday and early monday afternoon.
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but they didn't do it. >> the mayor and city politicians didn't listen. didn't listen to what the field commanders, the people that are going to be on the street wanted to do. they knew they'd have injured officers and lose control of the city. that is what happened >> yes. well we go back and forth over this. we don't have details about what happened here. i talked with the attorney for freddie gray. he's trying to make the case it's a normal natural occurrence for a young black man to run from a police officer. do you agree with that? >> to some degree i do. there is a national tension that sometimes exists in law enforcement and african americans and mostly males, it's unfortunate, but one of the things we have to work on. >> so at 8:30 in the morning, if a police officer, two police
1:55 am
officers on a bicycle are driving by your advice to your son is runway away? >> not necessarily. have you to understand your reality is not my reality. >> what would you tell your son. two police officers are riding on their bicycles do you run from the cops? >> we don't know what happened there. we'll know more facts later. >> that is what the "baltimore sun" reported. mark furman someone with a record of drug dealing of marijuana and he takes off. is that probable cause? >> well it is not probable.
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and mean everybody can run. from what he know it's 8:30 in the morning. he starts beating feet as soon as he sees police probably holding and probably threw the pills when he was running away. maybe that is what happened. maybe that is why he split. if officers didn't see that i hear the attorney chiming in. of course he doesn't know. and i'm not -- >> i'm saying it's i just said i agree with you. i'm saying -- if they don't have
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the probable cause -- >> we're on a break we'll continue. >> that
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so much to get to throughout the night here. we'll have our ongoing coverage throughout the evening, and into the >> so much to go through. we love the coverage on "fox & friends first", with ainsley and our friends on "fox & friends" will get you started in the morning. thank you for being with us this evening. we will have continuing coverage with the situation in baltimore through out the night on the fox
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news channel as eric shawn takes over. have a great night. >> a fox news lart frchlt burning down property to a ghost town. baltimore getting back to normal with moments to go before the first night curfew ends. >> citizens are safe. the city is stable. we hope to maintain it that way. >> after a night of calm we have heard about orders to stand down. >> the incredible story of survival emerging from nepal as this man lives for days under the broken earth. >> flight risks. dozens of planes grounded. what your family needs to know about. "fox & friends first" starts right now. good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" midway through the week. i am heather childers.
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>> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for starting your day with us. for the first time in day the stores are quiet in baltimore. >> good news after it began with rioters hurting things at police and police retaliating with tear gas. >> the curfew has now been lifted. >> the curfew just a minute ago ended but you look around it is still all quiet here at the epicenter of where we have been seeing so much of the really noisy riots, so much of the clashes between police and protestors and the more violent riders. now we have just in the last few minutes seen a few people emerge. city buses are now running. but things were so secure here with the heavy national guard presence and with the heavy local and state police presence there was no police line last night. when we got here on to


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