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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 29, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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peers, for other young people in the city. so thank you young man. and thank you to who put that picture out there. >> we'll give you extra time tomorrow eric, for your "one more thing." >> all right. that's it for us. "special report" is next. ♪ the calm after the storm. the baltimore simymphony after the death of a suspect in police custody. i'm bret baier in washington. the symphony's performance was one of the most unusual sites in baltimore but not the only one. police and national guard troops are becoming commonplace there. they are out in force again tonight. yesterday's tension has mostly dissipated. as you can see, crowds are out
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and about on the streets as well ahead of the 10:00 p.m. curfew tonight. some are marching downtown in what is currently being described as a peaceful protest. schools were open today. major league baseball was not and yet another unusual moment for the city. let's get the latest from rick leaf van leventhal at camden yards. >> reporter: the game with the white sox and the orioles closed because of safety concerns. the first time they played without fans in the league's 140-year history. baltimore police say the first time of the curfew was a success with minimum ensincidents. a far cry from monday. freddie gray died a week later
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after suffering traumatic injuries. >> i want to make it clear, once again, that these senseless acts of violence are not only a grave danger to the community and they must stop but they are also counterproductive to the ultimate goal here. >> reporter: meanwhile, criticism is mounting over the city's lack of action in the early hours of the unrest. a senior law enforcement source involved in handling the baltimore riots told fox news there was a direct order given by stephanie rawlings-blake to stand by and retreat on monday night, tieing the hands of officers while they were pelted with rocks, bricks and bottles. a high government force says the mayor had to be forced to change her position to finally ask for a declaration of emergency triggering deployment of the national guard. the mayor denied there was any order to hold back. >> no. but you have to understand it's not holding back. it's responding appropriately. if you don't have all of your equipment in play because things are changing in realtime you
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can't respond. you can't react. if you respond and arrest and the wagons are not there, what are you going to do? the officers are responding in realtime on the street. >> reporter: meanwhile, there's been a tremendous amount of anticipation into the death of freddie gray. we've been told that a report would be issued on friday. well today police announced the findings will instead be turned over to prosecutors with the state attorney's office on friday. the state attorney will review the report and determine if any charges should be filed against any of the six officers involved. in case anyone cares, the game between the orioles and white sox took only 2:30 minutes. the orioles won 8-2. governor hogan says he's been encouraged by what he's been seeing. president obama is doing his best to get two of his legacy
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items past members of his own parties in congress but iran continues to make things difficult. kevin corke has that story tonight from the white house. >> reporter: while president obama was celebrating the teacher of the year iran's foreign minister was in new york trying to downplay the capture of the marshall island's flag maersk. the cargo vessel was seized yesterday in the strait of hormuz and this comes after a nuclear arms deal is being negotiated. some say it's typical for a regime hell-bent on chaos. >> i think they can't be trusted, they can't be trusted certainly by us. >> reporter: the arms talks, one of two major challenges for a
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president who is now in the unfamiliar position of wooing democrats in congress to accommodate his agenda. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: helping president obama make the case was japanese prime minister shinzo abe. >> the goal is near. >> reporter: this historic address to congress, abe urged lawmakers to pass the deal that they have been suspicious of. >> we have been opening up our market to competitors and the competitors end up cheating. >> reporter: the president had lunch with nancy pelosi, who he will need to marshall support in the white house.
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>> there is opposition in the democratic party to these kinds of international trade agreements. >> reporter: this as the white house was hit with disappointing economic news. as first quarter gdp was flat up a .2%, down from the 2.2% pace. more on the reasons behind the flat gdp numbers coming up in just a bit. it's rare to see the president and speaker on the same side of an important issue but in this case you'll have the president looking for just the speaker and the minority leader pelosi on the same side looking for common ground so they can muster up 218 votes to get that trade deal moving forward. >> kevin corke live in the north lawn thank you. more on this with the panel. a down day for the markets today. the dow dropped 75. s&p 500 lost 8 and nasdaq dropped 32. it almost appears the flat economic growth in the first quarter caught a lot of experts by surprise today. now joining us from our sister
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network, melissa francis. how does this happen? >> the economy almost completely stalled and a lot of people were expecting a bad number but this was even worse. many folks called it ugly today. and it's been coming. it's not just a blip. we saw the economy go from 5% to 2.2% growth to now just .02 of a percent growth. a lot of economists and folks from the federal reserve blaming the winter weather because you almost never have winter weather in winter. there's a lot more to it than just the snow. >> the slow down has to do with the consumer this time why the consumer is not spending. >> absolutely. consumer spending accounts for 70% of economic activity. it is hugely important. gas prices have been low, putting an extra $274 million a day back into people's pockets but they are not spending it because there hasn't been any wage growth. no one feels confident. also that last jobs report
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wasn't good. so people just don't feel like they can go out and spend the money. that's causing a lot of problems. >> and goes beyond the consumer too. >> yeah. businesses are not investing the money right now. they look around and they are just not doing it. that's that vicious cycle. if they are not investing and growing, they can't pay people more. one thing is for sure if it feels like this has been going on for a while, it certainly has. since the president has been in office average gdp growth has been 1.8%. for the 70 years before that it was about double that. so we have been stuck in the mud for quite some time here and wore really feeling it. >> interesting to see what the fed will do as well. melissa, as always thank you. don't miss melissa on our sister network, if you're not sure logon to investigators looking into the irs targeting scandal have new material to work with. thousands of e-mails involving
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retired bureaucrat lois lerner have been discovered. >> reporter: 6500 e-mails in all are being turned over to house and senate committees this week. they are a subset minus duplicates of an unexpected trove of 32,000 lerner e-mails found at the back-up facility in mar mar martinsburg. >> after it was dysfunctional and with experts, no e-mails could be retrieved was recycled in the normal process. >> he said i can assure you, the backup tapes don't exist and then two weeks later he gets in a car, grabs the backup tapes and finds the e-mails and now we have 6500 e-mails from the pertinent and critical time
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frame. >> reporter: the irs said it welcomed the new discovery, an encouraging development that will help resolve remaining questions. and the wanes and means committee said this underscores that our investigation into irs abuse is far from over. on april 9th under court order, the irs gave judicial watch several lerner e-mails coordinating messages to the employees. that means we will need to start drafting our arguments. the treasury inspector general is expected to release a report later this year on what has been the new e-mails. in congressional testimony last february a deputy ig testified they are also investigating potential criminal activity. bret? >> doug thank you. we'll follow it. up next we learn of hundreds more previously undisclosed donors to the clinton foundation.
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first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york with the jury in the trial of the man accused of murdering a 6-year-old in 1979 says it is dead locked. the jury has been deliberating since april 15th. the judge told them to keep at it. fox 40 in sacramento where california governor jerry brown is threatening $10,000 fines for people who waste water. brown wants to cut water usage by 25% in the state, now in the fourth year of a severe drought. this is a live look at orlando, florida, from our affiliate fox 35. daredevil nik wallenda strolled along the orlando eye observation wheel. the eye opens to the public next month. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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another day, another new revelation of perceived conflict of interest regarding hillary clinton and her foundation. she is trying to shift the focus to current events. ed henry is following the clinton campaign again tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton today offered her most extensive comments regarding the events in baltimore calling for justice reform. >> we must urgently begin to rebuild the bonds of trust and respect among americans between police and citizens yes, but all across society, restoring trust in our politics our tres
3:16 pm
press, our markets. >> reporter: she says too many african-american men have been missing from their families and liberals liberals declared she was rejecting the incarceration surge while rand paul who proposed big justice reform on his own added it's time to undue some of bill clinton's work the same work she cheerfully supported as first lady. and then calling for trust amid questions of foreign contributions with the clinton foundation. >> if she's not hiding anything let the american people see it. >> reporter: the latest trouble involves frank guestra who is already under the microscope for his deal in the uranium one deal while donating millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. and revealed the foundation
3:17 pm
failed to disclose the identities of 1100 people who donated to its canadian affiliate and flies in the face of the memorandum of understanding when hillary clinton became secretary of state, specifying the foundation would disclose its new distributors every year. >> we're talking about four nationals never disclosed and this is a huge issue. >> now, a campaign spokesman said hillary clinton's internet policy would also just like the criminal justice policy be a lot different than bill clinton's policies in '94 because times have changed. >> see if she answers questions soon. >> pretty soon, i hope. >> ed, thank you. many democrats are anxious and some are pining for an alternative. one who has expressed interest is senator jim webb. john roberts looks at what webb has been up to lately in iowa. >> if i were president today, i would make sure we have leaders
3:18 pm
on the problems. >> reporter: he's the darkest of dark horses david up the goliath of the clinton foundation. >> we need to maneuver and get in front of people. >> reporter: jim web was the first democrat to launch an exploratory committee hoping the ongoing controversy spoiling around the front-runner may create an opening. he's careful not to criticize hillary clinton directly. >> what are you thinking about all of that? >> i'm just not putting it into the formula. those are the things that they have an ability to respond to. >> reporter: but even those who supported hillary in 2008 -- >> i think she's got a lot of issues that she needs to deal with. i don't think she's a slam dunk and nor should she be a slam dunk. >> i think she's an elitist and
3:19 pm
that doesn't impress me a lot. >> reporter: iowans don't like the idea of a coronation. >> the way you get good representation to run for president is by having contested races. that's what the republicans are doing. >> reporter: today, webb launched an e-mail fundraising drive hoping to keep his head above the water against the clinton tide. and in a state like iowa he hopes straight talk and retail politics and a message of leadership you can trust will help make up the difference. >> i think that's what people are being looking for right now. i've seen people that are willing to listen and we'll see where that ends up. >> reporter: is hillary clinton worried about jim webb in iowa? at the same time he was meeting with voters here she panned an op-ed insisting this campaign is all about iowans and not about her. bret? >> john roberts in des moines, thank you. still ahead, a kinder
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you're looking live in baltimore. the crowd is large and the violence is not, at least so far. it's a very peaceful protest downtown as we get the aerial looks from wjz. we continue to monitor the situation. no reports of incidents as of yet. we will continue to do so. now to international news. the pace of the relief effort in earthquake-ravaged nepal is not going fast enough for many. in kathmandu, people have protested and blocked food
3:24 pm
trucks carrying relief supplies. the massive aid pouring in has been difficult, especially to remote areas. officials have raised the official death toll there past 5,000 people. isis terrorists are threatening attacks on rome. supporters have posted on twitter images taken in front of famous landmarks, like the coliseum. there are handwritten notes promising future assaults. the intelligence committee is said to be assessing these images. the fbi is not commenting tonight on the report that it helped arrange for a ransom payment to al qaeda from the family of kidnapped aide worker warren weinstein. it ultimately proved unsuccessful. weinstein and another hostage were killed during a u.s. drone strike in january. the still developing republican presidential field is heavily comprised of current and former senators against current
3:25 pm
and former governors. so does the executive experience give the governors an edge? republicans are trying to sort that out. here's chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> reporter: sitting governors often lack foreign policy experience but argue their executive experience is superior to white house rivals from congress. >> in my lifetime the most effective foreign policy was a governor from california. >> in my lifetime the most ineffective president foreign policy was a freshman senator from illinois rsh. >> reporter: walker has a big lead in the latest iowa poll. but at home polls show 56% disapprove of the job he's doing. a nine-point drop in just six months. in louisiana, governor bobby jindal has similar headaches. local press is pounding him for having spent half a year out of state and more than a month on the road so far this year. >> i'm okay with that.
3:26 pm
>> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie has held 135 town hall meetings to improve his ratings. 38% approve and 56% do not. the role into the george washington lane closure scandal remains ongoing. in indiana, governor mike pence anticipated that he would elevate his profile ahead of a possible white house run. >> we will fix this and we will move forward. >> reporter: after revising the law, buzz about possible presidential bid substantially subsided. advancing the national ambitions without neglecting the work and voters at home. members of congress missed a lot of votes to campaign for president but can also do so from the capital. typically, governors criticize their rivals in congress and washington insiders as part of
3:27 pm
the problem. for governors, on the other happened it's not easy campaigning around the country when you have popularity and budget problems at home. bret? >> carl thank you. next in the grapevine, a failure to communicate for folks who are up to whatever.
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this is a live shot of a huge protest in downtown baltimore right now. peaceful so far there are no reports of any troubles certainly nothing like what we saw monday afternoon and evening. the city is under a 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew. demonstrators are demanding answers to the mysterious death of a 25-year-old african-american man who sustained fatal spinal injuries while in police custody. we will monitor this. and now, some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the king of beer's crown may be tarnished after a slogan created quite a backlash. featuring more than 140 different catchy phrases intended to encourage engagement. one of them reads "the perfect beer for removing no from your
3:32 pm
vocabulary for the night." and someone said, "budlight, no means no. this ad perpetuates rape culture and we're not #notbuyingit. and it's clear that this particular message missed the mark and we regret it. minority leader harry reid is once again proving he will not leave the senate quietly. today he compared the republican budget to a natural disaster killing more than 5,000 people. >> the budget is just wrong. it's also dishonest. it claims to be balanced. there's no balance in this budget. that's a word. budget is no more balanced than an earthquake they've had in nepal. >> honesty is an interesting topic for harry reid in interesting weeks as we've reported here reid said he had no regrets about falsely accusing mitt romney of not paying his taxes when running for president in 2012.
3:33 pm
reid justified the allegations because it accomplished his goals. romney didn't win, did he he said? media reports say for three years, 62-year-old john hilsinky slept on the streets in tampa where all of his belongings were stolen. he got temporary i.d. and that led them to an old forgotten bank account where his social security benefits had been piling up for years. he will soon be able to find permanent housing and pay for his own expenses. today, the supreme court heard oral arguments that a method of execution used in a handful of states violates the constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment. correspondent shannon bream is joining me tonight. good afternoon, shannon. >> they have focused entirely on
3:34 pm
a three-drug protocol used for execution. krit critics say there's no proof that it renders the person unable to feel before death. and they may have some awareness before actually dying. previously there were two drugs to create a coma-like state but they have successfully lobbied to make sure those drugs are unavailable. it's a guerrilla war with scalia saying quote and now you want to come before the court and say the drug is not 100% sure. the reason it's not 100% sure is because the abolitionists have rendered it impossible to get the 100% sure drug. oklahoma solicitor general told the justices that even the expert hired by the inmates con seats that the drug the state is now using renders a person
3:35 pm
unconscious in 60 to 90 seconds. but if that doesn't happen, justice kagan says the final drug administered with leave the prisoner with a feeling of burned while alive. suppose we're going to burn you at the stake but before we do we're going to use an anesthetic that will make you completely unknown. maybe you will feel it maybe you won't. and you think that would be okay? >> these people did not have the capability to shoot down the small aircraft that landed on the capitol lawn two weeks ago. this directly contradicts testimony from the head of the capitol police. the head of the faa says the vehicle was indistinguishable on radar from a flock of birds, a
3:36 pm
kite or a balloon. a florida postal worker upset with campaign finance law was arrested when he landed. oversight committee jason chaffetz was not satisfied. >> you have a dude crossing 100-plus miles of restricted air space. whose job was it to take him down? he was loud and clear what he was going to do. in fact he was live-streaming it and yet nobody seemed to pick that up. >> chaffetz also dressed down joe clancy about why the former deputy director of the troubled agency who was supposed to be leaving his post is still on the government payroll. hillary clinton wants americans to have more trust in politics. we'll talk about that with the panel after a break.
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we must urgently begin to rebuild the bonds of trust and respect among americans. between police and citizens yes, but also across society. restoring trust in our politics our press, our markets. between and among neighbors and even people with whom we disagree politically. this is so fundamental to who we are as a nation and everything we want to achieve together. >> former secretary of state, now democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton talking about trust in politics today, among other things. this as the investigation into donors at the clinton foundation continue. frank guestra, a businessman,
3:41 pm
used to own u the company under the spotlight, he's a close ally of president bill clinton, has donated billions of dollars to the clinton foundation. he's defending the fact that 1100 donors were not listed by the clinton foundation. we're not trying to hide anything he said to bloomberg, there are 1100 undisclosed donors to the clinton foundation giustra says. he said that's because canada's federal privacy law forbids cgep a canadian-registered charity from revealing it donors. he wasn't aware of any tax laws that would prevent the charity from leasing its donors names. there's nothing that would preclude them from releasing the names of donors. this of course as the obama administration had to deal with
3:42 pm
secretary of state clinton to disclose it all. we'll start there and bring in our panel. syndicated columnist george will and laura ingraham and columnist of "national journal." this sound bite of rebuilding the bonds of trust -- >> yes. i banged my head on my computer when i heard that. if you're like me and actually agrees a lot with what she had to say, this is especially frustrating because you can't lead you can't get anything done if you can't be trusted. let's look at the score here real quickly. she talked about -- first of all, she violated ethics laws in both rules on both the e-mails and the foundation. she said that she deleted the e-mail out of a matter of convenience. we know that's not the truth. that is not the case. we know she was sending e-mails to aides and they were captured under the state department e-mail address. we know that is not the case. they said that they disclosed
3:43 pm
all of the foundation donations. and we know that's not the case. then they said that they couldn't disclose these because the community in law would know that's not the truth. so whatever you think about her politically, it's very clear that her launch launching this campaign has been an assault on the public trust. you can't on one hand talk about how we have to mend our political nature and mend our mit political ways and literally be assaulting the public's trust. she has to give way on these issues or she can't lead this country. >> how does she get right on these issues? she gives a nice speech and takes things out of context some of these points and i would agree with but there's a reason she took the big hit in the recent trustworthiness poll that just showed that people had seen the clintons for what a lot of people think they are. they are people who are very smart, lots of talents but maybe their devotion to public service ends up for whatever reason being a devotion to building
3:44 pm
one's old wealth. you go from having no money to being worth $200 million giving a lot of speeches to a lot of enterprises that seek a benefit from a relationship with you. it always gets down to proving wrongdoing or intent or evidence of the smoking gun, of the quid pro quo. you have the appearance of deep conflict of interest and the interests of america are secondary and the interests of the clinton and their foundation and personal wealth gets in the front seat. that kills her reputation of being someone to fight for the little person. >> that has been the response george from the campaign that there's not a shred of evidence. that they question the credibility of the author of this book, "clinton cash," peter schweizer. but, on substantial, going down the his of things she will eventually have to directly answer questions, right?
3:45 pm
>> i'm not sure. because they emit this sort of fog of denial until it's gone on for a while and then they say it's old news. so there's an excluded middle there that you're pointing to. one of the things that elections do for a democracy is they deprive the voters of the right to complain. if at the end of this we put them back in power, two for the price of one, as he said in '92, and it's true this time around the country has no right to complain because there will be no buyer's remorse. we knew everything. >> so you're saying that potentially she is the perfect vessel to talk about trust in politics? >> no. i'm saying that the great strength of the clintons most exemplified by her husband and now by her also is the absolute
3:46 pm
inability to feel -- there's tremendous that comes from that and she's showing it. >> i think a lot has changed in the '90s and they are not going to be able to get away with a lot of things as they did in the past. could she still win the election if she gets this behind her? sure. because somebody is going to have to enwith thewin the election. 51% of the american public may find a nominee even more repulsive than the democratic nominee. so you've won the election and then what do you have? you're leading a country that is more polarized and has less trust in politics than you did before you came into office and won't be able to get anything done. >> quickly, laura, on the issue of substantial of this poverty, judicial reform on black men in prison -- >> i mean there's some ideas to discuss and debate and some of them might have some merit. i think, however, when you hear
3:47 pm
hillary speaking about this you do see her building her constituency for 2016. so baltimore happens. hillary is in there talking about criminal justice reform. is the problem in baltimore because too many men are in jail and not leading their households? maybe that's one problem but that's the overriding problem? i think that's up for debate. so hillary is going to have to cobble together that patchwork of support through the women's groups, the abortion issue, maybe it's transgenderism to get over this trust hump which i think she's going to have with middle america but maybe she could do it by cobbling all together these agreed constituencies that think they get the raw end of the deal. >> you're looking at protests at downtown baltimore which we're told is peaceful at this hour. >> she's addressed a huge subject, one that rand paul and ted cruz on the right and pat leahy and elizabeth warren on the left mandatory minimums we
3:48 pm
have millions of prison orphans whose fathers are away now. let's note by the way, the dreaded koch brothers charles and david, have announced that koch industry is going to stop asking on their job application forms if you have a criminal background as a way to help people reintegrate into society. next up, the economy flatlines while the president works on trade. your kids get used to sweaty odors in their room. they think it smells fine, but you smell this... eliminate all the odors you've gone noseblind to with febreze fabric refresher. mmmm... so you and your guests can breathe happy.
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g.d.p. numbers disappointing news across the board. they came out today. this projection of 0.2%. it was something that was not expected to be that. as you take a look at the
3:52 pm
gross domestic product from 2013. each quarter going forward and there you see 2014 down 2.1%. recovery and then this. as you take a look also at this chart, this is the recovery after ronald reagan g.d.p. by quarter and where we see the president obama after recession recovery. and the comparison contrast between the two. we're back with the panel. george? >> well, if we had had a normal recovery, just not the reagan recovery. a normal recovery, the economy today would be almost $2 trillion bigger than it actually is. if you would ask economist is it even possible to have two tenths of 1% growth in an era of cheap energy prices that's a perverse achievement you couldn't possibly get to. is it a mere coincidence that we have had an unusually fast growth of government and unusually slow recovery and some of us think it's not a coincidence. >> jason fuhrman at the
3:53 pm
white house the report which was likely affected by notably harsh winter weather in the first quarter reflects a slowdown in personal consumption as well as declines in fixed investment and u.s. exports as exports continue to be restrained by the global growth slowdown it's interesting in the aftermath of baltimore a lot of liberals have been stating and restating that the post recession recovery hasn't really touched so much of america. the working poor, middle class. they haven't seen it since 2000 for most americans the economy has been lousiy. their wages haven't gone up. median wages haven't gone up and g.d.p. clearly is just stuck. it's not going anywhere. so, this hasn't worked. people have to admit at some point yeah, rich people are doing really well, they are doing fine. it hasn't worked. now that oil is kind of stalled out that's really hurting the economy without a doubt. that's having an effect. last quarter the g.d.p. was also low and then the g.d.p.
3:54 pm
began to pick up a little bit. maybe we will see that happen again. we have global slowdown, china, europe, the united states and i don't think a lot of the experts know what the heck to do. from the rates are are zero. they don't know what to do next. >> sad what they're signaling is pretty interesting to watch. latest fox news poll on the condition of the economy. condition of the economy excellent or good 21%. only fair to poor 79%. in our recent poll. >> yeah, you can also find some polling that shows the american public is feeling better about the economy. they think it's going to get better. i think those polls are about as unreliable as soft and shallow as the academic first alert forecast. right. people just aren't feeling good about the economy. you look at the numbers. our rate of growth under obama has been 1.8%. which about as half as the growth the last 70 years. i wouldn't personally put all that on this president or democratic policies but the voters are going to be looking for two things this next election, change and an economy that will be better for their children than it has been for them. both of those things
3:55 pm
politically are going to cut against democrats. >> we saw hillary clinton come out and say small businesses are taking it on the chin and the white house had to respond to that. this is going to be a tough thing for the clinton campaign to deal with, isn't it? >> yes. both parties will have to come up with new fresh ideas. recognize the facts that wages haven't increased. new economy leaving a lot of people behind. can't have republicans on one hand talking about growth is the xavier and can't have democrats saying rates and minimum wage that is not going to be the savior of all things. different prescriptions for different time. >> watch hillary clinton on the subject of trade. her husband's greatest achievement was nafta. which he got only because he had the majority of republicans support. when the chinese get up every morning and go to work, america gets a raise cheap goods come into the country. the chamber of commerce estimates $10,000 from the average families purchasing power increased by trade. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a look what you missed during "special
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, most wednesdays after the show we continue our discussion on "special report" online. we invite you tonight. it's a little looser, sometimes it's really loose. we left off talking about ravens raisins. came up with the joke irs been raising my taxes for years. i was trying to get to a word never really got there. [ laughter ] >> precisely the kind of word you want to use on the online show. >> typed in squinching. >> you can't look at the screen anymore. >> you can't look at the comments. >> i'm not going to do it. >> she actually. >> gross. >> ryan, has the panel been drinking? >> sadly no. >> other people say it's interesting to see that marijuana is legal in d.c. [ laughter ] >> totally off the rails. i don't have my kick canner for next wednesday.
4:00 pm
>> i was crying on that squinching. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. never know what's going to happen. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. here comes greta and "special report" online in three seconds. this is a fox news alert. breaking news, a baltimore police just announcing despite their promise they will not release the report this friday on freddie gray's death. protesters are back to taking to the streets. right now we're less than three hours away from night two of the city's curfew. last night protesters breaking that curfew and clashing with police. calmer than monday night where more people were arrested. more than 22 5. 20 oofficers were hurt that evening. today due to the volatile situation in baltimore a major league baseball first the orioles playing in an empty stadium. no fans were allowed. "on the record" has live team coverage. we have correspondents


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