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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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idents since the last briefing. in new york fox will continue monitoring protests all night long. good night from new york. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> they know it's wrong to steal and burn down a cvs and old person's home. come on. >> come on? so calling them thugs? just call them [bleep]. >> now some baltimore city officials are defending the looters and arsonists calling them misguided. we'll take a hard look at that. >> we have allowed our criminal justice system to get out of balance. >> hillary clinton weighing in on baltimore. we'll analyze what she said and charles krauthammer will talk about mrs. clinton's future prospects. >> a lot of this is jokes. i'm a comedian. >> also ahead dennis miller on bruce jenner. that could lead to some
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rioting. >> ruh-roh. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the truth about the riots in baltimore part 2. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night i opined the big loser in the baltimore situation is the african-american community and that city and nationwide. that's because in order to succeed in america you have to be competitive in the economic marketplace. that message is not getting through to many americans. simply put the government can not provide prosperity. you have to make it happen. false promises from politicians really damaging america. in baltimore the economic situation is dire and the crime problem in the african-american precincts in a scandal.
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most black citizens are honest hard working people. they are just looking for opportunity. but the rioting has now diminished that opportunity big time. for example baltimore is a major convention city, 29 meetings set for this year alone. an estimated $138 million to baltimore in convention business. now, conventions are starting to cancel. the baltimore orioles another big revenue-driver for the city. today the orioles played a game in front of zero spectators. nobody allowed in the park. so all the vendors many of them v wtuuuuuuuu [ z)8:tulk?qrd[0 7z)dchjo7y5jqyfûj- tampa in baltimore now they are playing in florida. it is a fact that irresponsible criminals in baltimore have once again hurt good folks this time on a mass level. the city will take years to
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recover. that means more poverty more law breaks. more deprivation that means more confrontations with the police. look inner city police something perhaps the most difficult job in the country no matter what color the cops are that being said, there is no excuse for brutality and any kind of police violence self-defense has to be adjudicated. it's quite clear many african-americans believe they are not tree treatied fairly in the justice system. so our elected officials must deal with that on a factual basis. they must right wrongs. but, in baltimore the elected officials are primarily black as is the leadership of the police department. so the race card is very hard to play there. nevertheless we hear some really dumb things from politicians. here's one of them. >> i made a comment on yesterday out of frustration and anger.
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when i called our children thugs. they are not thugs. they are just misdirected. and we need to direct them on a different path by creating opportunity for them because they see hopelessness. >> with all due respect the government cannot create opportunities for young people who are uneducated, disrespectful, and unmotivated. it's impossible personal behavior dictates success or failure. and no phony promise from a politician is gonna change that. so let's stop making all of these false promises, and excuses. like this one. >> not the right word to call our children thugs these are children who have been set aside marginalized and have not been engaged by us, no. >> how does that justify what they did? i mean that's a sense of
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right and wrong. they know it's wrong to steal and burn down an cvs and a old person's home. come on. >> come on, so calling them thugs, just call them [bleep], call them [bleep]. >> very emotional statement by councilman stokes using the "n" word again, if the children have been marginalized or misdirected in baltimore, it is largely the fault of their parents not the country. and not the police. again, the city of baltimore has been run by black politicians and the democratic party for decades. so who exactly is marginalizing the children? forcing them to commit violent crimes in the streets? who? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from baltimore clarence mitchell radio talk show host on wbal and reverend jamal bryant who gave the eulogy on freddie gray on
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monday which started all of the problems in baltimore. reverend, going to begin with you. i want to be fair. >> yes please. >> i want to be fair. so i want to walk through it with you. mr. gray should never have died the way he died. you agree with that, correct? i agree he shouldn't have died at all. >> okay. we don't know why his spine was so severely damaged after what is it three or four weeks now? we don't know; is that correct? >> that is correct. >> okay. and we should know. at least something. preliminary. mr. gray was a drug-involved person. he was a user and a dealer on the streets. he had 20 arrests with five outstanding when he was taken into custody. is that mr. gray's fault that he was a low level criminal? was it his fault in your opinion? >> i'm not sure where was the responsibility of the
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six officers who arrested him? >> you don't want to answer that question, reverend, that's fine. you don't want to answer it? >> yeah, i'm answering it. you don't like the answer. you don't like the answer because you are starting at a false premise. >> was he responsible or not for his criminality? >> i think the state of maryland, the united states, and skewed thinking that you are offering out of a warped premise is part of the responsibility because you are dealing with the economic disenfranchisement as it began 27 ago. i'm talking about lack of opportunity. >> lack of opportunity for mr. gray led to him becoming a drug addict and a drug dealer. that's what you say? >> 64% of those who live in that zip code are on some area of public assistance with less than par educational status. no economic thriving. there is no opportunity for you to get out of that construct. >> did you get out of it. >> lift yourself up.
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>> i i was raised in that zip code. >> you yourself got out of it did you it. >> yeah. >> and so did mr. mitchell. so don't tell me it can't be done. it can be done. now, mr. mitchell, i have a dispatch here. >> hi, bill, how are you? >> i'm fine. >> anonymous source. okay. anonymous source that says the mayor told the cops not to confront the looters and the arsonists to stand down. i don't know whether that's true or not. do you put any credence in this report? >> the statement that the mayor made could have been taken out of context. if you listen to it, it sounds as if that's what she is saying. if however she was taken out of context as she says that she was. if you look at the actions of the police officers saturday night at camden yard. of the action of the officers allowed young people to throw rocks to throw bricks, to throw trash cans, the actions are more important than what the mayor says she -- the police allowed them to basically riot in downtown baltimore
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on saturday. >> so you believe that the mayor told the police to stand aside let the hooligans go in and do what they did. now, i don't know -- >> no. no bill,. >> i don't know if it's true or not. >> you just put words in my mouth. i didn't say that i said i think the mayor did that. i'm saying her words if she is what -- what she says taken in context are relevant because the action of the police and the department that night allowed people to break windows and to cause damage, to beat up the crux of the matter is, mr. mitchell, whether a direct order was given by the mayor to the police department of baltimore to stand down and allow it to happen. one report says that report is true. i don't know if it's true because this is an anonymous source. and we don't know. >> you have to ask the mayor. >> >> we can't ask the mayor. is he not going to answer our questions. we will put that into somebody in law enforcement in baltimore said. this we don't know if it's
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true. now let's go on to another issue. >> my thesis is, as you just heard, is that the city of baltimore has been set back decades. the economic deprivation will get worse now because of what happened in the riots this week. do you agree or disagree with that? >> i can't agree or disagree because right now bill, it's important this message get out to your audience. we are living day-to-day right now. police cars are whizzing up to a high school because of a potential violence. what i'm saying to you is the future of economic whatever happens in decades is not on our front burner. our front burner right now will we make it through tonight without more violence. but you asked me a question how do we recover from this? what wasn't widely reported while i was on the air in my radio show yesterday is that over 2,000 volunteers came out of their homes yesterday to help clean up the mess that was created from riots of monday night. >> sure, they know he. >> people were on the streets en masse. what i'm saying to you how does this end up. there are more good people
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than bad. we will see how this ends up. right now bill this city needs to have a peaceful night without violence. as a former elected official my concern is that. >> i agree with you. i will say one more thing. there are more good people than bad people. but the bad people are overwhelming the good people. and the good people have to put an end to that themselves. gentlemen, thanks very much. >> my family. >> next on the rundown african-americans not faring well under the obama administration from coast-to-coast. take a look at that later dennis miller whether the baltimore orioles should have played their game today in front of the spectators today. factor is coming right back. and ready to enjoy the morning ahead. aleve pm. the first to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength
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feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am dealer and test drive the spyder f3 today. fact for follow up segment tonight. as we reported last night. african-americans in general have not faired very well under the obama
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administration for the past six years. 2008 when president obama was elected poverty rate for blacks 24.8%. 2013 last that's available. poverty rate for blacks 27.9%. black labor force participation 63%. this year 215 61%. also black unemployment remains above 10% while the overall-rate is 5%. why? with us is king, and niece of martin luther king jr. and from boston connie rice the advancement of the civil rights organization. why do you think things are going backward under the obama administration, misrice? >> for the same reason they have gone backward under every other president bill. can you blame obama for a lot of things, for not focusing on poverty, for example but you would also have to blame reagan and clinton under the incarceration. i don't think any one president can be.
5:16 pm
>> can i challenge you on the clinton/reagan statement? >> what. >> as you know the crime rate in america coast to coast including violent crimes in all precincts and primarily in the poor precincts have dropped dramatically since mass incarceration was put into play. literally hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved over the years because of a zero tolerance program for big narcotics dealers and violent people. so you are making a trade-off here. you are saying we don't like it but hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved. >> i have to challenge that. because the places where mass incarceration was and wasn't both had declines in crime. it wasn't because of mass incarceration. you can't say that so, i don't buy that at all. >> most controllingists and i criminologists i know the best at the kennedy school at harvard say the opposite the broken windows theory. >> no, they don't. >> taking the violent people off the street have led to it let's get to another
5:17 pm
thing. you are a student of history. has there ever been a society that you know of where a collective program or attitude on the part of the country has led to an elimination of poverty? can you point to one? >> no. >> okay. thank you you are an honest woman. >> i also can't point to any society that has made that a priority. >> okay. >> hasn't made it a priority bill. >> maybe that's true. but there hasn't been one in the history of civilization. let's get to you dr. king. >> thank you. >> my thesis is that behavior among some african-american young people misdirectside now what they are calling them is driving them into a place where they will never succeed, ever. no government can correct that am i wrong? >> bill, i believe and we have seen that this week, the mother who went into the streets, got her son away from the rioting and told
5:18 pm
him, you are going home and you are going to stop this now. she was very demonstrative. >> what did you think of her? >> i thought it was great what she did. and the young boy never struck back at her. he didn't. >> i was -- i was fascinated by that. >> i thought it was wonderful. >> i also was fascinated by the fact that this african-american mother, who obviously loves and cares about her son. >> absolutely. >> has six children. >> yes. >> by a number of different men. how does she think that these six children are going to compete in that kind of a structure? >> bill, i have six children one by one father and five by another father. i raised them as a single mother. i had a similar encounter with my youngest son. >> you are an educated woman. >> i said are you trying to be a thug? i said he will you are not a thug. >> you are an educated woman. >> i'm an educated woman. >> that woman spoke very well. >> she is not educated woman. >> answer my question now. we were all captivated by that, all right? >> yes. >> we all say six children, a number of fathers none of
5:19 pm
whom are present. >> yes. >> what kind of chance do her kids really have? >> they have a chance because she loves them. >> doctor, you know where i'm getting at in 1965, 24% of african-americans babies were born out of wedlock. 72% now. don't african-americans have to say to themselves and their own communities stop it? >> we are saying stop it. you saw the mothers say son, stop it, come home. >> she said on the rioting but not on her own life. >> no, no. she is showing that with compassion she knows something is wrong and we are doing something in the african-american community. we care about our children, bill. we do. >> i know you do, but it's got to be stronger. misrice, i'm going to give you the same question. all right? you saw the mother, six babies out of wedlock. no father. she loves her son. we all know that. but what shot do these kids have? shouldn't this kind of a disintegrations of the
5:20 pm
traditional family be addressed? go. >> bill, bill, i think the disintegrations of the african-american family, the factors that you are citing are marginal. the biggest factor are mass incarceration, the impact of technology on the labor force, the lack of jobs, and the salute absolute. >> misrice in any ghetto in any world if you get an education, you will get a job. ladies, thank you very much. directly ahead had, hillary clinton addressing the chaos in baltimore. that should be interesting. later, charles krauthammer on whether mrs. clinton's political fortunes are declining. those reports after these messages.
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personal story segment tonight. hillary clinton weighing in the baltimore situation. mrs. clinton said this about police violence. >> from ferguson to staten island to baltimore the patterns have become unmistakable and undeniable. there is something profoundly wrong when african-american men are still far more likely to be stopped and searched by police charged with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms than our meted out to their white counterparts. we have allowed our criminal justice system to get out of balance. >> with us now in new york city andrea tantaros co-host of outnourished. director of the accountability project. what bothers me about not just hillary clinton but all these speeches is that there is no specifics. statement of obvious facts. and it's not race that drives the locker prison term for blacks, it's
5:25 pm
poverty. if you are poor, you get a public defender, the public defender get gifty he knows the judge. economics than skin color. in baltimore, for example 95% of the violent crimes committed by blacks. 995% of the violent crime victims are black. yet, we just heard ms. rice and we hear hillary clinton say oh, no, no, no. don't put them in jail. come on, it's just insane, is it not? >> i think that we're judging these numbers by arrests and the reality is. >> victims. crime victims. that's how i judge it. >> but the numbers are a reflection of arrests so. when you have communities one in three black men right now is being arrested for minor drug offenses. >> what's a minor drug offense to you? >> marijuana. >> very few people. they are giving citations in almost every major city in the country. >> 14 million whites are illicit when only 2.8 african-americans are. that's a huge number. vast shift in numbers.
5:26 pm
yet, these communities are targeted. once these men are imprisoned they can't get jobs. communities are broken homes. >> so what do you do with somebody selling heroin on the street? it's like freddie gray. freddie gray is dead, all right? because the cops did something to him to break his spine. freddie gray was a drug dealer and a drug user. and i tried to get the reverend to say is it his fault? and he wouldn't what's going to happen to freddie gray. you can't allow someone in a poor neighborhood to deal crack and heroin on the corner which is what they do. >> if we invested in these communities. >> invest in what? >> obviously some people who are offenders. but the majority of african-americans in these communities are -- they come from real homes and homes are being broken apart and so what happens. >> broken apart by whom? >> large families who have to somehow contributed to the economy of these communities. if we invested we would have a different situation. >> what do you say. >> i think you made a great point. clinton comment classic clinton to come out and talk
5:27 pm
about the problem and not give a solution. my question is what is she calling for? is hillary clinton. >> body cameras. that was the only thing specific and we all support that. >> let meigger point. is she calling for decriminalization of these minor crimes or is she saying that people who are committing them are being wrongfully arrested and then would she say? >> both. >> we need to aarrest more white people instead of black people? she was not specific in her remarks today and that is also the problem, it's a broad brush to blame the cops. >>s did anybody believe anybody out there or either of you ladies that if hillary clinton is elected president she will improve the inner city situation in this country? can i have a show of hands? >> she has no choice right now. >> barack obama hasn't done it. >> but barack obama is not running for office right now. >> but he hasn't done it. >> this is a tipping point. >> he hasn't done it it? >> i agree he could have come down much harder. >> the guy who runs chicago rahm immanuel it's 10 times worse since he took over and baltimore is run by blacks.
5:28 pm
>> hillary clinton has an obligation running against martin o'malley. is he from baltimore. do you think he will come out on top of this issue political pressure. >> i don't know anybody else is going to do something. >> can i say something real quick? what she called for today is basically a major overall of her husband's crime bill. bill clinton had bipartisan support and put together a crime bill that helped republicans to put thousands of cops on the streets of the city of new york that allowed rudy giuliani to clean it up. today she called out and called for end of the era of incarceration. >> she wants more police officers on the street. >> let me finish real quick. called for end of incarceration. that to me bill says that's not going to help baltimore the end of incarceration. it's going to make cities like baltimore worse after what hillary clinton called for because she is calling for the opposite of what her husband did which benefited black communities and cities. >> corresponds with the passage of cuff punitive measures against violent criminals and drug dealers and more cops came down
5:29 pm
dramatically in this country. >> absolutely. >> as i said earlier. all right ladies, good debate. thank you. >> thank you. charles krauthammer on whether hillary clinton's political future is bright or dim. then dennis miller on bruce jenner. story that's captured the nation's attention for whatever reason. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy.
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impact segment tonight. senator bernie sanders of vermont announcing is he going to run for president against hillary clinton. as you know senator sanders is a socialist and challenging hillary from the left. others may do that as well. former governor of rhode island former senator lincoln chafee. so, are you going to run against hillary? >> it's very likely. i'm exploratory phase but it's very likely i'm going to make it official. >> okay. how do you and bernie sanders differ? you are both liberal guys. is there any difference between you other than you are better looking than he? >> well, i have been a governor of a state. i have been governor of one the 50 states and there is no substitute for that experience. and, also, i would say in my time in the u.s. senate i served on the foreign relations committee. i chaired the middle east subcommittee. i'm very passionate and interested in what's happening internationally. >> all right. so you are going to run on your credentials which is a wise thing to do. however, you have to go after hillary clinton if you really want to secure the nomination.
5:34 pm
where is she the weakest in your opinion? >> i think on judgment and i have been talking about the iraq war. we were both there in 2002 when we made that huge mistake. one with of the biggest mistakes in american history and i did my homework and now with 4,000 dead americans it's going to cost us $6 trillion in taking care of these brave veterans that are coming home. that showed a collosal lack of judgment and now we're hearing about some of these clinton foundation donations at the same time she is making decisions as secretary of state again judgment of just poor judgment. >> now how do you process the foundation situation in do you believe it was contrived to make money for the clintons that she erased her emails to cover that? do you believe in any of those things or was it just as the clinton people say a mistake? we just made some mistakes? >> well, the book is coming out may 5th. and some some of the stories about the canadian uranium mining company and the russians we're just learning but if the book comes out.
5:35 pm
>> as you know they have been vetted by fox news the "new york times" and the "the washington post" so they are true. >> did she do it on purpose? is she corrupt or is it just a mistake that the foundation made? again going back to the iraq war vote you have to do your homework and make a judgment vote on what's the best thing ethically and legally on the iraq war vote here we are 6 -- >> it's a long time ago. the intelligence information that was given to then senator clinton and all of us in the press was pretty. >> no, no. >> you made your vote. and it turned out. >> there was no evidence bill, it was all talk. give me a break. >> when you get a guy like colin powell on television, all right saying what he he said. >> i wasn't drinking the
5:36 pm
kool-aid. i didn't drink the kool-aid. >> judith miller for the "new york times" got sucked into it too. so it wasn't as clear. i'm just telling you i don't know if that's going to resonate. >> let me just say bill, at that time we had finished with the vietnam era so we wanted to be very careful about getting into another quagmire. we all should have been very careful. >> senator, if you you are going to run on that, i don't know if that's going to be enough. >> look what's happening with boko haram. look what's happening in libya. >> now you are updating the resume. what would you do, very specifically because i only have less than a minute to defeat isis? what would you do? go back to what worked. strong alliances around the world. >> president obama has 60 nation coalition. i don't know where they are. maybe on extended vacation. he has 60. that should be enough to get these guys. >> even senator clinton says in the book the decision to go into iraq. >> back to iraq. >> our standing in the world. it made our ability to put
5:37 pm
together these alliances more difficult because we lost our credibility. there were no weapons of mass destruction. so it does hurt us. and when we deal with isis and libya and all the issues today. >> all right governor, good luck. and we appreciate you coming on our program. >> thank you. >> when we come right back, charles krauthammer has some very interesting things to say about hillary clinton's political prospects. then miller on bruce jenner, need i say more? moments away. put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier.
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. . . thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in unresolved segment tonight, the clinton foundation. even though the baltimore rioting has knocked the off the radar it's still percolating. now the clinton foundation says it didn't tell the irs about more than 1,000 donations. the other night i spoke with charles krauthammer about the entire situation. >> i say it's going to have an impact on her election campaign. it's not going to be immediate. it's not going to be a spike. a dip spike a negative spike in her polls. but i do think it's going to solidify the impression people have. now, she comes into this as probably the best defined let's say predefined candidate in memory. she has got a cannily of
5:42 pm
people who believe in her no matter what. i think what this does is prevents a rebranding. when you have a candidate who runs and loses and he comes back or she comes back they want to come back with a fresh slate. nixon loses in 1960, he comes back in 1968 and he is literally called the new nixon. now, you can't have the new hillary but they wanted to bree brand her. that gets totally wiped away and who she is and what she is now redefined as the way she was. these are people who live on the edge. they make their own rules and they take the money where they can. remember, when they left the white house they took about $180,000 worth of stuff of which they had to return about 120,000. that's pretty crass and that's the level we are at now with all of the money the foundation has taken. >> do you expect the republican nominee to start to basically pound her as a
5:43 pm
dishonest person? >> i think it takes a little bit of prudence and care. that's gonna be the message. i mean, what you are seeing here is an event that i think most people are aware of. and as long as the media will carry it, cover it, talk about it, and i think this will be for quite a while. that's for republicans to allow the media to do it for them. >> okay. but there is going to come a time when the republican candidate is going to face down hillary clinton on a debate stage. okay? and that candidate has a choice. now, mitt romney could have done it with the benghazi thing with president obama. he didn't do it. mitt romney didn't have the can a hone in can a kahunas to do it. convince me you are dishonest woman. you do that the left-wing
5:44 pm
media is going to cut your heart out. it's a risk. do you think they are going to do it? >> i think they have to do it it i wouldn't quite put it that way. you don't have to use a word that's so loaded. you simply have to say yourselves, you are representing the country. you are making decisions and at the same time, foreign governments are clearly currying favor with you by giving to your foundation. >> but it's different charles, let me interrupted you. you are on the wrong track. all you have to say is you signed a pledge, all right. you signed a pledge that president obama made you sign and you broke it. now, you know, come on. >> that's -- it's not either or bill. you say thatted in the rebuttal after she dances. >> no. >> after she. >> that's the damage there. you sign the damage and she'll say oh, i didn't know. it was my people. and how can you be president if you don't know what your people are doing? >> and then you go and burn the emails.
5:45 pm
how are we going to know what you really did? there is a whole litany of things that are in here. any republican candidate who is afraid to bring it up and to challenge her should not be the nominee. >> look, john mccain didn't challenge barack obama. he didn't challenge him. and neither did mitt romney. they didn't go after him at all. at all. and i am telling you that same thing could happen now. this time around. last word. >> that's why you should declare your candidacy bill, right now right here tonight. >> i will be delegate -- i have nothing against hillary clinton or bill clinton personally. it's not a personal thing with me. but i want honest government. all right? is that asking too much? and with the history that we see from arkansas all the way up here. you just mentioned the 180 grand they whipped out of the white house with the the history. one after the other after the other. there is no doubt now. go ahead. >> 25 years of corruption, you want to use the word
5:46 pm
allege. you want to use the word near. but this is dirty business. they have been at it for a quarter of a century. republicans have to raise it. you don't got to do it today. there is going to be a long campaign. but they are going to have to hammer at this because that's her weakest point. >> that's right. >> that's where you get her. >> that's right. one footnote, things that matter krauthammer's big best seller will be out in paperback on may 12th. miller is on deck. bruce jenner and the baltimore orioles. miller moments away. super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud, live loud, super poligrip. super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place so you never have to hold back. laugh loud, live loud, super poligrip.
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back of the book segment tonight. now officially miller time. so let's greet the sage of southern california who is here in new york city this week because we're doing a show out in west bury on
5:50 pm
saturday night. sold out again miller. why do you think people every show is sold out? >> ♪ i want to be a part of it -- >> i'm sorry. >> is it you or >> is it you or me? >> you're in town all weekend. i got to ask you, because you're a sports guy. >> yeah. >> if you own the baltimore orioles, would you not have let anybody in to watch the game today? >> well, i definitely would have if tampa bay wasn't this weekend. tampa bay only draws 17,000 people a game and might have thought it was a home game they were planning today. you know a crowd is sparse when you see chris christie run down a foul ball that's how lean it was down there. >> nobody. >> listen i don't understand the new rubric. we live in a time -- i remember when i was a kid i used to be fascinated by pop eye when he was in the construction business on cartoons. he'd build a skyscraper by himself and see the cloud after he ate spinach. he'd get to a cloud and wild around the cloud. i always said, why don't you
5:51 pm
build through the cloud? we live in a time now where we're building around clouds. i watched a cvs destroyed, burnt down nobody shows. the yield of that is they play a baseball game in front of the empty crowd. i'll get used to the new ways. i live in the old world where cops show up and say, don't burn this store down or we're going to start rocking. >> i would not have done that. i think that's the wrong statement to make. i understand it's tough to go to the game. if i had tickets, i'd offeree funds for the tickets. if you want to go to the game we'll provide enough security. i one wouldn't have surrendered to the people. >> what are they going to do if somebody causes something at the beginning? >> remove them. there are loads of cops at all games and private security. they remove them. >> there's not wanted posters anymore, there's wanted selfies. >> that's what i would have done. >> if i'm a cop, i'm watching myself. >> bruce jenner is a friend of yours, right? >> yep. >> you go shopping together right? >> now it's a little more difficult. >> i met bruce probably three
5:52 pm
times in my life. i tell you, he's the nicest man. he was a great guy. i assume now, i'm not saying this in any sort of way, he's going to be a great gal. he's going to be a great gal in a guy's body or great gal in a guy's body, the key to me is he's a great guy. i don't have trouble with that. i owe bruce jenner what i do about everybody about their sexuality, my complete indifference. i'm happy he's happy. it's hiring the publicist, that's boring to me. >> why do americans care? >> he won a decathlon. he's holding up a little black dress to diane sawyer. let me learn the new ways. there's always going to be anning awardan awkward period guy wearing a flag over his shoulder greatest athlete in the world, is now holding up a dress to diane sawyer saying i'm wearing this tonight. a couple days i'll go that's wild. i'm supposed to have the curtain down and i get that. >> is there something wrong with me that i don't care?
5:53 pm
i couldn't care less about him and the kardashians and he's got long hair now and wants to be a guy or a girl. i don't care. >> it's moot what you care about personally. you're on the "o'reilly factor" right now. >> i'm missing a gene or something. >> no you're not. in real life you don't care. >> right. >> on this show you understand it's in the zeitgeist and you had to ask. >> the zeitgeist. what is that? >> well it used to be the geistzeit. >> i thought that was some kind of granola. >> the bottom line is you like bruce -- >> nice man. >> still no matter what he is. >> he's a good spirit. i just, the publicist thing bores me. >> to hire publicists. >> an eight-episode show on a reality network? i'm not going to watch it. >> no? >> go with -- i'm happy for you you're always nice to me. >> dennis miller everybody. "factor" tip of the day about the tv program "jeopardy." the tip moments away. ♪ nexium 24hr.
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5:57 pm
maurice. never has happened in all of our history. if you watched tonight, you saw me ask miss rice is there one country who's eliminated poverty through programs? the answer is no. harlem in new york city proves opportunity comes to people and places that respect the marketplace. burning things down is anarchy. investors and entrepreneurs avoid anarchy. it's not african-american leadership that must act. it's black americans themselves through peer pressure. another, nashville, tennessee, thugs will never respect cops. my wife was born in harlem and worked her way to a successful life. key word worked. keep in mind police officers do have a responsibility to use restraint even on the worst offend offenders. cathie long valley new jersey i was planning to visit baltimore's beautiful inner harbor with my children this summer. no more. cecile las vegas, bill i've been watching you for many years. bit snooty but a eptwealth of knowledge. snooty, eh cecil?
5:58 pm
i have a better word coming up. keith, i am loving "legends and lies" on the fox news channel. i bought the book as a gift for my brother. what a good guy you are, keith. this coming sunday night 8:00 p.m. eastern time "david crockett." don't call him davie. here's the "factor" letter of the week from anaheim, colorado. mr. o. thanks for your tip about god and anger. i feel many of my prayers have gone unanswered as i have cerebral palsy, my wife is disabled as well. i will continue to pray for mercy as we need help. don't surrender, mike. fight the good fight. god will reward you in the end, but none of us can know how that will happen. enjoy your signed copy of "legends and lies." and as i said last night tip of the day, a just god understands anger. even at the deity. if it's sincere.
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finally tonight, the "factor" tip of the day, my four history books under the banner of "killing" are everywhere even on "jeopardy." >> nonfiction for 1,200. >> in the fourth book in his "killing" series bill o'reilly writes about the strange death of his world war ii general. ellen? >> who is patton? >> good. >> now, for answering that question, ellen got 1,200 bucks. not bad. "jeopardy" starring our pal alex trib beckon tribek now on the air 31 years. one of the few tv programs that teaches us something every night. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news "factor" website, different from billo' o' name and town. here's the word of the day. instead of snooty don't be
6:00 pm
supercilious. doesn't it sound better? sounds a little snooty. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here so definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. the protests that started in baltimore have now spread to minneapolis, new york, and the streets of washington, d.c. as we get reports that the city hardest hit, the town that saw arson, assault, looting, and riots just 48 hours ago, may have suffered far more than it needed to. thanks to an order directly from the mayor of baltimore. plus we are now getting stunning new details from police on what they say happened in the case that started all of this. a defense is starting to emerge for the police conduct so under the microscope in this matter. welcome to a busy night on "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. we start with new developments an


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