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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 1, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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new information tonight on hillary clinton, apparently breaking promises to disclose foreign donations to her charity empire. this is "special report".." >> good evening i'm chris wallace in for breath buyer. still more revelations tonight, a possible impropriety by hillary clinton and her family's charitable foundation it even appears a warning from her husband, former president bill clinton may have been ignored. ed henry explains. >> after hillary clinton promised to restoren politics new allegations emerged that two different offshoots to the clinton foundation accepted
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tens of millions of dollars in foreign donations, never disclosed to the public. >> if your spouse is the secretary of state people overseas in particular want to influence you and you can't influence american politics if you're overseas with campaign contributions you've got to find other ways. >> the remarkable part is that criticism was echoed nearly word-for-word three years ago by a surprising source former president bill clinton. >> and it if your wife is secretary of state and you get sponsors in another country, they may be doing it just because they believe in it but it opens up too many questions of conflicts of interest so we suspended those. >> reporter: he was referring to a specific foundation event in hong kong that was canceled during the first term of the obama administration because of concerns it conflicted with his wife's job. except the new york times reported today bill clinton appeared to have much less concern about conflicts when he worked with frank juice stra who was heavily involved in the uranium one deal and helped set up a canadian affiliate of the
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foundation that shielded the iedsities of 1,100 donors whose money founded clinton foundation programs. flying in the face of a memorandum of understanding signed before hillary clinton was confirmed as secretary of state. >> no president has ever disclosed the contributions to his foundation so when my husband agreed to disclose the contributions to his foundation that was a very unprecedented event. >> reporter: today state department spokeswoman ma reharf defended colon. >> i haven't talked to anyone who has seen a link between actions by hillary clinton or speech which are the two things that fall under the mou she signed. >> reporter: how the boston globe is reporting another foundation offshoot clinton health access initiative did not disclose its massive foreign donations either. this charity took in $26.7 million in foreign donations in 2010. $55.9 million in in foreign
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donations in 2013. a far cry from the standard hillary clinton held up at her confirmation hearing. >> the president elect and the foundation and i have all worked to be very transparent. >> reporter: the campaign fired off a memo touting the well respected plit toe craft a book that still doesn't officially come out until tuesday, chris. >> quite a runout. and we will have more on all this with the panel. ed thank you. >> hillary clinton has her first announced challenger for the democratic nomination 73 year old vermont independent senator bernie sanders. he says he will offer a specific proposals for raising taxes on the wealthy and campaign finance reform. the self described democratic socialist says he should not be underestimated. >> if you raise the issues that are on the hearts and minds of the american feem if you try to put together a movement that says we have got to stand together as a people and say this this beautiful capitol, our
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country belongs to all of us and not the billionaire class that is winning elections. >> sanders rejects the notion his candidacy will only appeal to voters on the left. the streets of baltimore are calm at this hour ahead of a third night with a 10:00 p.m. curfew. baltimore police say at the finished their criminal probe into the death of freddie gray and that it's now up to prosecutors, but there are growing questions about exactly how gray sustained his final injuries. kres pond ept leland vittert is live approximate in baltimore tonight. leland. >> reporter: chris, prosecutors are asking for patients while they review this report but parts of it have already leaked out including that freddie gray had a snapped neck according to one report and that he may have suffered a head injury consistent with the inside of that police van and that certainly is not playing well here on the streets of baltimore where there are already small scale protests despite the rain that is coming down now as these
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officers try to keep a fragile calm. the single source report from the local washington abc station says freddie gray's eventual fatal injuries didn't occur during his arrest as shown in this video but rather his neck smapd while in the back of a prisoner transport van. a washington post report cites another prisoner in the van as saying he could hear but not see gray bang his head against a security barrier inside the van. that report brought anger to baltimore's already hostile streets last night. >> go home. it's time to go home. >> reporter: but almost everyone needed the words of congressman elijah cummings. bull horns carried different messages in new york ferguson missouri and other cities across the country where freddie gray sympathy protests took place. police made arrests, but were restrained. as they were monday night in
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baltimore where police watched as rioters and looters owned the town. today the state's republican governor walked the streets although he got a cool reception. >> how are you? >> and offered an explanation for the lawlessness in baltimore. >> they were overwhelmed. >> multiple senior law enforcement sources say otherwise. had he claim mayor stephanie rawlings-blake issued a stand down order, telling police to quote, let them loot it's only property. >> what do you have to say to the businesses who were looted because of your order to stand down? >> she flatly refused to answer our questions about that or anything else when we caught up with her at a community heating, including allegations police were not allowed to wear protective gear and fight back. a decision sources say led to some of the nearly 100 police injuries since the rioting started. at the munt meeting she didn't talk about that either. >> we will get justice for freddie gray. if with the nation watching
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three black women at three different levels can't get justice and healing for this community, you tell me where we're going to get it. >> reporter: now, governor hogan, maryland governor's office has walked back his comments in the past couple of minutes saying that he misunderstood the question claiming there is not a stand down order now, but that he doesn't know if there was one on monday chris, when our sources say that's exactly what was restraining police from restoring order to these lawless streets that night. >> leland thank you. the state department benghazi accountability review board has turned over more than 4,000 pages of documents and notes to the house elect committee on benghazi. tray gowdy points out the documents were recently subpoenaed a second time after the initial request two years ago. gowdy says he is still waiting for the department to produce other records that have also been requested or subpoenaed.
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president obama is doing some serious arm twisting this week to try to get democrats in congress to approve expanded trade authority. correspondent kevin corke has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: despite meeting with more than 30 pro business democratic lawmakers it at the white house president obama for the first time in his six-plus years in office faces the likelihood of a stinging rebuke by his own party on capitol hill. the white house bid for so-called fast track authority is this jeopardy and with it a top obama right, the trans-pacific partnership. the provision would allow the president to submit trade deals to congress for straight up or down votes with no amendments but in a letter to the president democratic senators elizabeth warren of ptsd and ohio brown slammed the idea saying it favored expediency over prudence writing fast track is currently written would preclude congress from a mepding any trade agreement submitted to this
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congress or any future congress through 2021. and it's not just the senate opposition to the proposal has also been fierce in the house. in an online political ad california congressman alan grayson compared the trade deal to nafta, critics say the agreement signed by president bill clinton in 1993 dramatically widened the u.s. trade imbalance and according to the advocacy group public citizen cost 845,000 u.s. jobs. democrats have also voiced concern over tpp's food safety provisions agriculture market access auto sales protections and measures to prevent currency manipulation. >> those are some of the concerns that people have and the issue of mexico what is the performance in nafta this bill is supposed to improve that. >> the president can guarantee will be included in a tpp agreement if one can be reached are enforceable labor protections that were not included in nafta.
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>> with democrats increasingly skeptical the president is counting on congressional republicans to collect enough votes to move forward. >> the president needs to step up his game in terms of garnering more support amongst democrats, especially here in the house. >> reporter: if republicans can come up with 200 votes which would probably be at or near the top of expectations the white house would only need 17 democrats to join the president to keep the process moving forward but, chris, at last count they were well shy of that number. >> kevin corke reporting from the white house. kevin, thanks for that. up next who are the men calling the shots for iran in the nuclear talks? first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 31 in denver with day four of the trial of the shooter in the aurora theater massacre. today's a police officer said right after the murders he thought james holmes was a fellow cop because the defendant was wearing a gas mask an helmet. a dozen people including a
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four-year-old child were killed. fox connecticut with the fda asking for more information about the effectiveness of common hand cleansers used in hospitals, doctor's offices and nursing homes. and this is a live look at chicago from fox 32 the big story there tonight, the start of the nfl draft, it takes place at roosevelt university but grant park as you can see has been trans formed into draft town with live music, food player autographs and interactive games. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back.
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the death toll from saturday's massive earthquake in nepal has eclipsed 6,000, but there is some good news. american responders teamed with nepalese workers to rescue a 15-year-old boy who had been
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trapped between two collapsed floors. and we have new video tonight of saturday's quake, a tourist from turkey captured this moment when it hit nepal's capital of kathmandu. a defense department official tells fox news u.s. navy ships will accompany u.s. flagged vessel through the strait of hormuse. iran says the owners of that ship owe $3.6 million in a dispute about unclaimed cargo. the vessel remains at anchor off the coast of the island outside the strait. that drama unfolds against the backdrop of western negotiations with iran over its nuclear program. catherine herridge on who is calling the shots for the islamic republic. >> reporter: calling zarif a coward republican senator tom to
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the ton challenged him on twitter to dee gate iran's record of tear me treachery and terror. today zarif tweeted back. serious diplomacy not much personal smear is what we need. the tussle on twitter reflects the deficit between the nuclear team and lawmakers who believe the obama white house can't get a deal on its own. >> the fact that iran is telling their people one thing about the deal and our administration is telling us something else bodes for passage of this piece of legislation. >> reporter: the mist trust goes to zarif who was investigated by the fbi over his ties to a foundation that was allegedly set up to launder money and skirt u.s. sanctions. iranian president had a sass rouhani is often pegged as the moderate. on the surface both men seem in synch with the west though critics caution otherwise. >> both act as a wolf in sheep's clothing in order to sell the
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policies of the supreme leader which is to build a bomb to pursue the terrorism of the iran regime while lifting the sanctions. >> reporter: rouhani is also accused of blessing the deal that gave bin laden's closest aids save haven in iran after 9/11. in 2012 the state department tunnel clee declared this man the head of al qaeda in riern. >> it was rouhani that was the secretary of the national security council in iran who came out and said we don't have any relationship with al qaeda. >> while not an outright holocaust critics say rouhani seems recently muddy on the issue using the word genocide instead. both rouhani and zarif are in lockstep with driving force behind the nuclear program. >> this comes as the reuters news agency ro reports the u.k. discovered iran is buying nuclear fuel.
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procurement network raises red flags about whether tehran could be trusted to comply with a nuclear deal. cath lynn thank you. >> thiej rae's army says it has rescued more women and children believed to have been abducted by boko haram terrorists. yesterday owe initials celebrated the freeing of 200 girls and 93 women from the group's strong hold. it is not known if any of the youngsters were among the hundreds kidnapped from the authority eastern town of jabat last year. still ahead, why former new york governor george pa tacky says you might vote for him for president even if you don't know who he is right now. first, california's water shortage is leading some to
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now to a story about priorities. californians are strugglingel to observe the drought stricken state's first ever mandatory water restrictions. meanwhile, billions of gallons of fresh usable water are reserved for one of the state's tiniest residents. correspondent william la jeunesse explains from rio vista month. >> it's a fish that nobody really cares that much about because it's a small obscure fish. >> small at three inches long but ounce for ounce to species this this california carries nor weight. >> when we have diverting our water to save a couple pinkie size fish and leaving hundreds of thousands of anchors to lie fall low there's something wrong with our priorities. >> trying to blame the fish for a shortage of water is not right and it's not even true. >> peter moyal spent a career studying the en dangled smelt. >> to protect that habitat in
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2008 regulators stopped pumping delta water south to cities and farms allowing more than a trillion gallons to wash into the water. >> the supply of water is shrinking and people are going to fight over what's left. >> reporter: ground zero for that fight is the central valley and investments are lost. as environmental laws withhold promised agricultural water for the delta smelt. >> when you're faced with a decision of a pinkie sized bait fish over california families i think that's a pretty easy decision to make. >> reporter: actually, it's not. the endangered species act protects the smelt from extinction. most live this giant temperature controlled tanks at uc davis. >> i'm going to go ahead an inject the tag. >> reporter: researchers artificially inn system nate eggs to keep the species alive. >> are fisheries more important than farming? you know, we're making choices. personally fisheries have gotten
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the short end of the stick for years. >> when we start choosing fish over people that's a problem. >> reporter: researchers found just one smelt in the entire delta in april, farmers want the species delisted so the water flows without restrictions. environmentalists say that's not going to happen if it's not the smelt they will find another fish here worth protecting. chris. william la jeunesse on the smelt beat in california. william, thank you for that. stocks were down today, the dow lost 195, the s&p 500 was down 21. nasdaq fell 82. no grapevine tonight so we can bring you another installment of our series the presidential contenders. tonight a man who helped new york get past 9/11 but is probably not the one you're thinking of.
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tonight on the presidential contenders a man who must overcome not just a host of other better funded republican rivals with but a serious deficit in name recognition, my colleague bret baier this evening with former new york governor george pataki. >> you know i kid when i go around new hampshire and this is my eighth trip since september that every four years there's the owe pump picks, the world
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cup and pataki shows up thinking about running for president and that seems to be true. >> that joke from former new york governor george pataki last month in new hampshire referencing past flirtations with a presidential run. >> i'm going to be involved in what capacity we'll see? in 2012 pataki made the choice to back mitt romney bau pataki says this time it's nor real. >> it's very different and i think it's different primarily because the world is a different place. i think here in the united states we're at greater risk than we have been at any time since september 11th being attacked here and so this had time is different, i'm serious about this and we'll see what happens, but if i had to bet i'd bet that i will be in this race. >> we always look at polls and it's way early, but if you look at every poll you're down at the 1% maybe lower than 1%. >> you're building me up here bret. >> how would you tell somebody this is why you should look at me? >> well first of all you have it to believe in yourself and i
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do. i've run a very complex government a difficult government i did it for 12 years and i think i did it very well and i know i can i i can do do it in washington if id the opportunity. >> do you get frustrated when you say george pataki and they say who? >> i haven't been in plik for the last eight years and i think that's a good thing. i've been in the private sector observing government by makes me more inclined to get in. you have to earn it and i don't mind starting at the bottom i've always started at the bottom. >> political analysts see pluses minuses for pataki as a client. >> i think he will strengthen the debates, he has a lot to say and he will be well-respected in listening to him during the debates, but it's difficult to see how he puts the coalition together to win. >> but pataki has defied the odds before in 1994 he was elected governor of new york in a stunning upset against mario cuomo.
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pataki went on to serve three terms. most americans are recognize pataki as one of the leading public figures in the aftermath of 9/11 working tirelessly to put the city and the state back together again. >> the american people are strong. we will get through this. >> that experience he says shaped his ideas about leadership. >> the number one priority of government is to provide for its security of people and i don't think this administration is doing that. i was this lower manhattan on september 11th. i saw the consequences of our thinking that because radical islamic terrorists thousand of miles away across an ocean we're safe. we're not. i would rebuild our military stand with our allies third of all, go after those bases destroy them hopefully with local forces but to the extent we need to put american forces on the ground not to create a democracy, not to build a government but to destroy those enemies of us and then get out and come back home. >> when you look around the hot spots around the globe and there
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are a lot of them what do you think the biggest threat is for the u.s.? >> well certainly short term it is radical islam in iran and iranian government with nuclear weapons that is committed to not just the destruction of israel but death to america is an enormous challenge, but longer term china poses the greatest strategic threat to the united states and that's why i think it's porn we rebuild our military as a far stronger military than we do now not so that we can use it but so that we don't have to use it. >> taxes, you mentioned a big change what would taxes like under a president pataki. >> i think our tax code is an example of how corrupted the system in washington has become. simplify it so the american people can understand it. take away the special interests, influence and ability to really right that tax code. we would get more are revenue, we would have a stronger economy, more jobs and it would be far fairer. >> you would change lobbying as
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we know it in washington? >> we have to reduce that influence of the special interests here in washington and one of many laws i would propose would be you serve one day in congress in the house or senate there is a lifetime ban on your ever been a lobbyist. >> obamacare, you call this the worst law of your lifetime. >> yeah. no doubt in my mind. you know i was governor and i dealt with the problem of the uninsured and we did it in a very effective way that used market-based resources and that helped to create a stronger economy. >> can you get republicans to circle the wagons around one alternative to be opposite of obamacare? >> sure. i think so. and i think the model that i had in new york worked very well. we created a program called family health that allowed people earning 18 20 $22,000 a year to access a very good policy at almost no cost, we created a program called healthy new york where entrepreneurs of
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spall businesses or groups could pull together and access health insurance at low cost and it worked. that's what we can do to relays obamacare. >> immigration. >> control the border have a process by which those who are here legally, have worked, pay taxes, not broken the law can have a pathway to legalized status not citizenship had. what i would do 200 hours of community service, acknowledge you broke the law, when that is done you will have legalized status. >> like others in his party considering a run or already running, pataki has been quick to publicly criticize hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton isn't going to have a positive agenda and she isn't going to be able to run on her record of secretary of state which i think was abysmal. what she's going to do is try to reaten the american people that we're against the middle class, we're against minorities against women and hen look at respect for the law. i think americans want our politicians to live like us. if we have to obey the law, so do they. whether it's the foreign contributions that have poured
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in i think that gives a very serious issue, particularly the sale of the 20% of our uranium supply to a russian company at a time when she was approving that deal as secretary of state to have been a server in her basement. >> looking ahead pataki doesn't seem phased that many experts are counting them out. what do you tell somebody that says i wouldn't bet on it? >> i've heard that a lot, i heard it in the past and i hear it now. i understand it's up to me to make the case and i believe i can. >> and it won't be long before we know what his plans are. >> when are you going to decide? >> i know i have to decide sooner rather than later. i'd say certainly this spring. >> and will you be able to compete on a money front with some of these big numbers? >> there will be candidates that have a lot more money than i do but that's always been the case when i ran every other time. >> your family are they into this? >> oh, yeah. my -- my family is very much into this. i think it's fair to say all four of my kids an certainly my
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wife libby appreciate that this is a defining election and they also appreciate the fact that i have the passion and i believe the experience and the vision to be able to run this country well. >> when you're not thinking about possibly running or your business exploits what do you like to do? >> i grew up on a little farm in upstate new york and i have always had farming as my passion and right now i have a farm on lake champlain, whenever i can escape that's where we go to, to hike through the woods, work it the fields rebuild old stone walls and i have a great life unless i turn on the tv unless i read a paper and you see what's happening in the country and you see what's happening in the world and if you believe in your ability to lead and don't try to get involved same on you. >> so paint a path for me to george pataki getting the nomination. >> you just work hard, you lay out your ideas, you go to new
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hampshire, you go to iowa south carolina and make the case. you know pretty much every time i ran for a new office everybody said there's no chance it makes you work harder and i won and hard work a good vision connecting with people and you can shock a lot of the experts. >> our contenders 2016 series tomorrow night when bret sits down with new jersey governor chris christie. hillary clinton is involved in more conflict of interest allegations over her family foundation. we'll talk about it with the panel when we come right back. befo
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all contributors will be disclosed and all ribters to the clinton global initiative are disclosed in public as of now anyway. >> and if your wife is secretary of state and you get sponsors approximate in another country, they may be doing it just because they believe in it but it opens up too many questions
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of conflicts of interest so we suspended those. >> hillary clinton at her confirmation hearing for secretary of state back in 2009 and bill clinton near the end of her time there pledging full transparency to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest from foreign donations. time to bring in our panel. yoki dreesen managing editor of foreign policy a.b. stod tarred and charles lane. so there were a couple of new reports today about the clinton foundation and the question of transparency a canadian affiliate, which failed to disclose 1,100 donors who gave more than $30 million to the clinton foundation and we've also got the clinton health access initiative based in boston which failed to disclose tens of pls of dollars, much of it from foreign governments. chuck, do you buy the explanation, some would say the excuses of the clinton foundation for this failure to disclose? >> i suppose it depends on which
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excuse you're talking about because in the case of the canadian money what you're hearing from the canadian guy if this charge of that is canadian law prohibited the disclosure so there was conclusion about that, that there's controversy that's really what canadian law says. >> because the new york times says they when to canadian officials and canadian lawyers have said certainly after 2010 so at least the last three years that they could have disclosed everything. >> exactly. what we're describing is the basis for a whole series of new stories about who is telling the truth about that point. then you have the global health initiative which is based in boston and what was interesting about that story is i didn't see a long list of who those countries were the globe didn't seem to get far on that and the countries that were listed in their story were not actually the most controversial, it was switzerland and stuff. that one it looks to me like it if it your honor's it out the names when they finally release them are switzerland,
1:43 am
netherlands, brit inn that would be okay about you if there are more russias and middle eastern countries they are in trouble. >> the whole point that the clintons worked out in the obama administration back in 2009 when there was all of it this talk about a potential conflict of interest was to avoid the appearance of it any donation by a foreign entity to the clinton foundation had had to be disclosed. haven't they -- whatever -- however benign the country, haven't they violated that? >> i would agree. it doesn't party whether it's from russia or switzerland. they said they wanted to be transparent and in their actions they did not want to be transparent. she has not put distance between herself and any ethically dubious potential conflicts of interest. not at all. the foreign donations to the clinton health program out of boston doubled in three years when she was in the state department. the number of donors who lobbied
1:44 am
the state department when she was secretary of state, you know almost 200. not only the amount of speeches but what he was paid for them wept way up when she was secretary of state. there might not be a smoking gun but there's so much smoke that the clintons with that many smart people in a large organization we're not talking about a couple disorganized bum blers we're talking about policy that was set and kept by everybody. >> you know i want to get to at that point exactly, yoki because foreign entities whether a foreign government a foreign business a foreign individual they have their own charities in their own countries. if you're from saudi arabia you could donate to a is a saudi arabian charity. are we being to cynical in questions when one of these foreign entities government business individual gives money to the clinton foundation to wonder whether they are trying to curry favor with the then secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i don't think it's a cynical thing to wonder. i agree with our two other guests the excuses keep shifting one after the other: in the says
1:45 am
of the clinton health testify row wand da gave a contribution that was not dis closed you united kingdom gave money they said it wasn't increasing by very much there was no increase in the gift. so you're really parsing at that point and when you parse that far down the macro question of whether they getting gifts to buy influence with the current administration were they getting gifts to curry favor with the next administration those macro questions dangle again and again and again and these micro skop pick answers don't get addressed and help solve those. >> one of the things we learned in that boston globe story was the guy in charge there was getting paid $400,000 a year to run this charity. if you're getting paid that much money i think you should be doing a better job of monitoring all these -- >> i want to pick up exactly on that because charity navigator which is one of the most respected charity watchdog groups that sits there and rates is a charity legit or are they
1:46 am
spending questionable money says that they cannot rate the clinton foundation because of its, quote, atypical business plan -- business model. and one of the questions they raise is that so much money is being spent on administration and not on direct services ab. >> right. i mean earlier today on the broadcast it was something like a measurement of 10% to 12% which is pitiful. the clinton foundation and the clinton campaign would be citing charity navigator if they had got a good rating. they just as yoi said they have got to answer questions about why they weren't transparent, all the good they were doing or they're letting it bleed and it literally sounds like their enemies say a slush fund to enrich the clintons. >> there was a lot of talk about the clinton supporters this story is going to die out. it doesn't seem to be dying out. it seems to be snowballing.
1:47 am
>> she can't change the subject. talk about baltimore or whatever policy she wants until she can answer it. >> she has to answer it. next up negotiations over a nuclear deal with iran ramp up again. so does the jockeying for advantage.
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going through every detail. >> bob corker, chairman of the senate foreperson relations committee continuing to question a possible nuclear deal with iran and demanding congress
1:51 am
get to vote on any agreement. we're back now with the panel. yogi, what do you make in the senate over a bill that would give congress a right of approval over a deal and the claim by iranian leaders that if congress were to vote down any deal it's the u.s. that would be isolated, not the iranians? >> i think on the latter point, at least optically that's true. if a deal was voted down by congress the russians and chinese desperate to go back in business with the iranians french and germans want to go back. they will blame the u.s. we did our part. u.s. you want to keep sanctions on fine, we will go back and make money again. it's true optical sense. the talks are an interesting point. the senate, bob corker got a victory, they wanted to view the bill. he said he would veto. then he backed down and said fine i i won't veto the bill. corker has a win. he is fighting so hard to make sure that the poison pill amendments that are
1:52 am
meant to further toughen the language block amendments put forward by republicans. >> pick up on this question of a veto. corker a.b., says he has 67 votes to override any presidential veto. it's one thing when the vote is whether or not to give congress a vote. you know, an opportunity to weigh in. it's another if the president announces a deal and it's a question as to whether or not you're going to vote down that deal. would you -- it would be awfully hard, wouldn't it, for a veto to be overridden, in other words the president, if he gets 34 votes, democratic votes, he is able to sustain whatever deal he makes. >> right. that's why house speaker john boehner told a group in vift this weekend we don't have the votes to override because, ultimately, when you get. >> to override a veto of a disapproval. >> right to. torpedo the deal. not to review it but to sink it. because, there there is enormous pressure on democrats right now from the
1:53 am
white house. the rhetoric is you want to sink this deal? then what? what are you going to come up with? they are under pressure to close ranks and you see, you know it is a victory for corker that it's come this far. we still don't know what the deal is it's a framework not a deal. >> if there is a deal. >> it's true what the iranians have been stay saying what we believe to be true in terms of when and how the sanctions are relieved. but, there is a reason he is so frantic to hold this coalition together bob corker because it's fragile. >> then, there are the duling in the last 24 hours between senator tom cotton who was a fierce opponent of the and iranian foreign minister of a cotton challenged zarif to a debate. he said i understand if you decline after all in your 20's you hid in u.s. during iran-iraq war while peasants and kids were marched to die. zarif tweeted back serious
1:54 am
diplomacy not watch though smear. s. what we need. congrats on your newborn may you and your family enjoy him in peace. >> come off better if he ignored tom cotton and had his thick. zarif gave a talk up at new york which was kind of taunting of congress, i think. sort of picking up on yogi's points it doesn't matter to us all this conversation had you iran past big question about this whole deal familiar to us from the cold war soviet union and past with north korea about arms control it's not the weapons but the nature of the regime that possesses them. that's at the heart of this whole question. are we worried about iran because they have nukes or worried about them because they would have nukes and they are a radical
1:55 am
revisionist power with expansionist desires in the middle east? when you scrape all the rest of this away, that's what tom cotton and the others are say is the problem here we don't worry that great britain has weapons because foreign policy aims are are benign. the problem is here after the deal foreign policy aims will not be benign and therefore, we can't count on this to bring peace over the long term. >> you can't change the nature of regime in arms deal. >> that is president obama's chief argument, the detractors on this matter, too. >> stay tuned for golden oldies from the vault of tv news bloopers.
1:56 am
1:57 am
finally tonight, it's throw back thursday and what better way to celebrate than with some classic tv news bloopers from the 80's and 90's. >> emery king is at the >> emery king is at the white house this morning. is the white house more or less ready to scrap the trip? >> how do i know connie? oh my god. connie i am sorry. >> let's go to the action. watch the guy in the brown go right for the jugular, a guy in
1:58 am
the black-and-white is stunned scare illy. he gets a reversal and a boxing batch. there's a right, right jab, right jab. he caught him in the jaw. >> gives new meaning to the expression, cap it. i was at the white house with my colleague emery king when that happened. he thought connie chung was practicing throwing it to him. didn't realize they were live on the air. good times. that's "special report" for tonight. on the record with gret daua van susteren starts right now. >> good morning. it is friday may 1st, a fox news alert. tensions rising. brand new protests over the death of freddie gray. new information about exactly what caused his injuries inside
1:59 am
that van. we have live team coverage moments away. >> isis spreading. the flag flying somewhere we never expected. what killchilly images reveal about the new statement. >> the pee wee pump being marketed now to infants, how young is too young? we report you doe side. >> hi there. good morning everyone. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday. i am anna kooiman in for heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for waking up with us early 59 minutes past the top of the hour. another night of rowdy crowds. >> people filling the streets from baltimore to philadelphia. 100 officers injured so far in the protests. >> stunning information emerges about the man at the certainty
2:00 am
of it all freddie gray. revealing he had a head injury that was consistent with a bolt in the back of the police van. >> we have live team coverage where an overnight curfew lifted moments ago. we start with jackie i bebanez breaking down the investigation. >> the medical examiner found freddie gray's injury came after he ran from police and was arrested. wjla said he broke his neck slamming into the police transport van a cut on his head said to match a bolt inside of the vehicle. what is still not clear is what sent gray crashing into the back of the van. police was said he was handcuffed but not wearing a seat belt. these details coming the same day the investigation was handed over to the state's attorney office to decide whether charges will be file against 6 officers. they are revealing the van carrying