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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 1, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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be kids for as long as they can. they grow up too fast as it is. glen says this is a way for parents to have fun with a new baby girl. no worse than a tutu. ron tweets 85 is a good age to start wearing high heels. >> thank you for having with me. >> we love working with you, and "fox and friends starts now. >> a fox news alert now, may day. more protests today after tense confrontations in major cities happen overnight. this is brand new details. live in baltimore straight ahead. >> we are. who is al sharpton? a tv host an activist or simply a body guard? >> hi what do you have to say to the businesses looted because of your order to stand down? you don't have anything to say? nothing about the business
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owners or the police injured. >> excuse me sir, excuse me hey. >> why doesn't al want to answer our questions? that's straight ahead. >> that was a bad look too from the mayor. >> that was bad. >> michael moore unhinged with a plan to stop violence. open prisons and disarm the police. >> okay. >> you can't make it up. he said it out loud, we taped it. despite what you have been hearing, mornings are better with friends. live in studio e here in rockefeller center it's "fox and friends. ana was here and we did a great
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job, a lot happening yesterday and more today. >> and you're child is okay today if. >> he is okay yes. >> fantastic. that's where dr. mom comes in. >> that's right. but now we have a fox news alert for you at home. the curfew lifted in baltimore, but it's not going anywhere. place ready to keep it in place for the weekend bracing for more protests. >> happening everywhere you. we have the latest from the ground peter? >> reporter: hi brian. i spoke to a high ranking baltimore police department official who told me there is concern about potentially several more weeks of protests like the one that we have seen for the last few days and at a press conference yesterday, they explained even though folks in baltimore are getting cabin fever because it's illegal to be outside from 10:00 p.m. to 5 a.m. the curfew is not going to
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be lifted for the weekend because there are huge protests scheduled for tomorrow and the next day and the national guard enforced curfew has been very effective at preventing violence and clearing crowds out. the investigation progressing, and police detectives turned findings over to prosecutors, and as the files move from office to office these demonstrations are moving from city to city. in fact last night in phillie, protesters got physical with police who were just trying to keep them off a highway. one common threat seep in all the protests lots of profanity and lots of frustration with reporters just trying to get the word out. >> you want somebody to interview your mama about your dead body on the street? that's what you want? >> i'm here for both sides of this. i'm telling your story. you're just yelling. >> we've learned so far here in baltimore, 98 officers have been injured, 44 of them had to go to
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the emergency room so they are trying to track down the aggressive rioters who put the officers there and they are trying to find everybody who started a fire on monday here in baltimore. the atf is offering a $10,000 reward for tips about tracking down the arsonists. back to you in new york. >> peter, thank you very much. >> he does great. meanwhile, there's a revelation coming out about what could have happened to freddie gray and how he could have broke his neck. there are findings in a police report and they said they have been briefed on the findings the police report turned over to prosecutors friday and they found the catastrophic injury was caused when he slammed into the back of the police transport van, breaking his neck head
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injury sustains a bolt in the back of the van. >> that's critical. no evidence so far, according -- keep in mind the official police report has been handed over to the state's attorney. the medical examiner's report not released and it's not preliminary. there's no evidence that the cops actually broke his neck during the arrest. that's key. the theory is that he fell forward while he was cuffed and hit his head on a bolt somewhere in the back of the van. >> right. the word from another prisoner inside that same van with the separation area has that he did hear some noises there and some banging before it went quiet as to how loud that banging was is yet to be determined and it again -- >> right, and that other prison dante allen, he says that it was actually a smooth ride. so that -- you know, we've heard it was a rough ride he said it was smooth, but he's fearing for his life. originally he said he heard gray
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trying to hurt himself, and yesterday, he backed off. >> then said he just heard a little banging. >> also acknowledged gray was not wearing a seat belt. >> they did not strap him in. >> that's typical, they are not in a personal space, according to many officers to buckle somebody in. >> it's not usual they buckle anyone in. >> it's not applied in terms of practice there. there was evidence he could have and should have received medical attention sooner. >> one thing that comes into view, too, we still got to get clear on the timeline of how after he was picked up what happened after he was dropped off, and now cameras picked up a fourth stop we don't know why they stop and i'm sure they know exactly why, but we don't know it yet. it's probably in the report. there's a fourth stop. what happened in between arrested put in the van, and taken out in the van. when they get out of the van, he needs medical attention. >> right. they alluded to that yesterday
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in a police briefing talking about how a private company surveillance camera picked up the voon the street, and it made a stop, but apparently no big deal to the place. meanwhile, it was a big deal, al sharpson sharpton yesterday, convening a summit with the leaders and others turned away because it was by invitation only. there was a tense standoff in the hall and eventually they invited a dozen protesters in to address the crowd. >> yeah. they tried to ask the mayor a question his job, and he's been doing it well there in baltimore, and al sharpton went from summit to body guard. watch this. >> madam mayor, fox news channel, hi what do you have to say to the businesses who were looted because of your order to stand down?
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>> excuse me one minute. >> you don't have anything to say? nothing to the business owners or the police officers injured? >> excuse me, hey! >> he was pushed back. >> the mayor's body guard at this point to add to the resume. >> the mayor was okay with bill hemmer and answered the question. why was the question harming there? >> al sharpton ran interference for the al had a microphone in his hands, he would be asking the same question and rather than al, a show on msnbc, kept the fox guy out of the picture. >> also with the mayor's remarks, i thought, too that group were unacceptable for a mayor saying basically, we're going to get justice for gray. well fine. well also go and over greet the police union saying we're going to get to the bottom of this and say justice is served. be fair and balanced arbiter of what's happening because we do
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not know currently unless she does and i imagine she knows more than most that you know what happened there, and that both the cops the six cops and gray will get justice. what do you mean we're going to get justice for that group and for that guy? where's the justice in terms of this going on? there's been 15 homicide in baltimore since gray's death on april 12th. where is the justice there? nobody's talking about it there. six, race unknown, 1 one, eight black, and homicides up 25% in 2015. incredible. eight of the deaths are african-american and no one's talking about it there. didn't hear that from the mayor. >> thankfully it was a quiet night, but also a rainy night, keeping a damper on thing, but today is may day, a day of protests internationally.
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look for a big one today in baltimore. we are live there. >> philadelphia was crazy, though. >> it was. >> absolutely. >> every city they wonder are they the next city? >> tomorrow the weekend coming friday protests are increasing. >> they can sleep in tomorrow. heather, it was great to have your mom here doing some crock potter ri.pottery. >> thank you so much. cooking with friends coming up later this morning, and in the meantime news from overseas. tension on the high seas this morning. u.s. navy plans to support all u.s. flag commercial ships going through the strait of hormuz due to iran's provocative behavior. there was a ship from the marshall islands, refusing to release the ship until a dispute is settled. iranian ships surrounded a u.s. cargo ship in international waters. back at home murder on the
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hudson river in new york? police arrested the fiance of a man who disappeared after his kayak capsized in upstate new york, she's charged with second degree murder now believing she intentionally killed her fiance during a kayaking trip. she said that both she and her fiance fell out of their kayaks claims she could not reach him, but police said there was incriminating comments made during questioning, and he's not been found, and she's in court next week. hooked by a phishing scam information of thousands of patients compromised by security breaches. employees in texas opened a phishing e-mail giving hackers access to 39,000 files containing passwords dates of birth, and social security
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numbers. one employee fell for the scam compromising the information of 3300 patients. well round one in the nfl draft in the book. winston picked first by the buccaneers. he celebrated with a plate of crab legs. she was cited for shoplifting seafood from a supermarket last year caught on camera with that and that started a lot of attention. and then the oregon quarterback, marcus mariota taken second overall by the titans rounds two and three of the draft tonight and four through seven take place tomorrow. those are the headlines see you in a half hour. thanks guys. >> exciting time for the players, really. >> absolutely. >> lives are about to change. coming up, michael moore unhinged with a plan to stop violence in baltimore. open the prisons and disarm the cops. what do you think about that? we'll discuss.
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well liberal filmmaker, michael moore, making outrageous comments in response to the death of gray saying quote, here's my demand i want every african-american currently incarcerated for drug crimes or nonviolent offenses released from prison. he then said next demand disarm the police. we have a quarter billion second amendment guns in our homes for pretext, and we'll survive until the right cops are hired. thank you for being here today, and so what's your reaction to michael moore's twitter rants and demand? >> utter insanity. i want to held cometer you into baltimore, drop you in the city right now with no armed cops and see how long you would survive without a gun because elizabeth, the last time i looked michael moore is not pro second amendment. he does not believe in the right
3:18 am
to bear arms. it's outrageous. >> there's a political twist in there, shoving in the face he believes there's a pro second amendment right we should be fine. if you believe in that take care of yourself. disarm all police. you know, it was interesting, too, davis clark reacted to moore saying start pilot projects by doing it in his neighborhood set up transitional inmate housing where he lives, calling him out on that. >> right. i think the sheriff is absolutely correct. here's the interesting part. michael moore also wants, you know release of all non-violent prisoners, black prisoners because he does not believe 50% of them should be incarcerated in the first place. if we follow that logic, you're going to release all the people from prison and they are going to know they have an unarmed police force, well, no police really why have police on the streets, they said maybe we should escalate from nonviolent
3:19 am
to violent crime. makes no sense. here's the biggest thing, elizabeth, michael moore, six tweets about what was going on in baltimore, and not once did he put accountability on young black men terrorizing the city of baltimore, which has, by the way, one of the highest crime rates in the nation and it's over 60% black, baltimore. >> when you hear michael moore, is the bigger issue he does not get it? there's people out there who won't. they don't understand what's going on and they are jumping in their with their mouths. what do you say to michael moore today? >> what i say to michael moore, in 1970 my grandfather owned a dry cleaners in richmond virginia he was gunned down by two young black men in 1970. those black men deprived me of my grandfather, my little brother never knew his grandfather, and so what he does not understand is there's generational criminality that's affecting the black race. we need to be serious about it
3:20 am
instead of tweeting idiotic thing like this that do nothing but invite more young black men to follow in their father's footsteps. that's what i say to michael moore. as a nation we have to be serious about what's going on and liberal policies over the last 350 last 50 years enslaved blacks to lives of crime and poverty. >> i don't think he'll have a response to what you said. thank you for the time and your personal story today. >> thank you. >> you got it. living on the compound and killed a united states soldier, and this gitmo detainee was set free in canada. the man who captured hussein has something to say next. locked inside after a tiger escaped from his cage.
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all right. he vowed revenge after the terrorist attack on 9/11 and we got it. >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you. and the people -- [ cheers and applause ] and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us. [ cheers and applause ] >> tonight, i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> today marks four years since
3:25 am
killing bin laden, so where are we now on the war on terror? a man in colonel, steve russell, you were the man who got -- was on the mission to get hussein and got him. what a career you've had. congressman, where are we at today? for example, with al qaeda? >> i think we see al qaeda on the wane but they're just going to new banners with isis and boko haram. we have an ideology issue we have to face as a nation. >> worse today? >> i think it is. arab spring transforming to a nuclear winter. i've never seen the middle east having so many countries involved with some type of conflict. >> do you like the trend towards the arabs coming up with their own arab army almost a sunni army? >> i think it's important that we see responsible nations like jordan like saudi arabia,
3:26 am
others that have good leaders and good capacity to take this security issues in hand. >> all right. so let's move on to the other topic, and it's outrageous if i could just go to the lead and it's the release of a gitmo guy, worse of the worse, bin laden's aids, over to canada, and a judge is going to release him. your reaction? >> i think it's the wrong call. if there is an appeal process, they have to remain incarcerated and i think we have to get guarantees from nations that we transfer to they'll serve the sentence they were given. >> why is he not in cuba today? why is there not more outrage lived on bin laden's compound went to canada and is freed? has america lost interest? >> lost interest and lost actually you know this man killed a u.s. soldier as a transnational terrorist. he is, has been convicted of a crime, and we have to have outrage over this. >> you know what?
3:27 am
there's more guys there, and they are going to be getting out, if we're not paying attention. is congress fully in the loop? >> we are. there's a move by some to try to close gitmo, but we've taken a stand against that in the national defense authorization. if the president wants to close gitmo or release prisoners, authorize war tribunals, have them convicted, excuted, or released oven time serve. we can get to the bottom of it, but there's no move for war try tribunals tribunals. >> thank you, congressman, and thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure thank you. all right. coming up the president hammered for saying this about the baltimore rioters. >> now, going back in the communities to clean up in the aftermath of a handful of protests, criminals and thugs who tore up the place. >> now we find out, apparently
3:28 am
calling a thug a thug is racist but the white house and president are not backing down. that is the story. we told you about it. protesters stomping on the stars and stripes at a university disrespect for america has gone to a new disgusting level. now smile. it's a birthday. it's tim mcgraw, a very good singer always happy, and his wife is attractive and a good singer too.
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after being placed inside the police van. >> he apparently broke his neck after his head slammed into a bolt in the back of the van. this coming as police have handed the official case over to the state's attorney to decide if charges will be filed, if she will impanel a grmgand jury. >> when it's public, we'll know for sure. police expecting rallies, and the curfew remains in effect. more than 100 officers already hurt this week. >> indeed. a lot of the officers hurt happened on monday afternoon, and you saw images here on fox news as those young people who had just got out of high school in many cases, hurled bricks and boulders and all sorts of stuff at the cops. after those images ran, there were a number of officials who referred to those people and the ones throughout the night, as thugs. if you don't remember that we got a little montage. >> you got some of the same
3:33 am
organizers now going back into the communities to try to cleanup in the aftermath of a hand full of protesters handful of criminals and thugs who tore up the place. >> this is lawless gangs of thugs roaming the streets, causing damage to property and injuring innocent people. >> too many people have spent generations building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs. >> by thugs. >> she said it right there. >> now he's backing it up saying i didn't mean -- i apologize for calling them thugs. >> the president is not, though standing by his words, saying the president was not misunderstood in what he said and holding to the term as of now, and it opens up a great debate about whether thugs is a racist term or not. and megnyn kelly spoke with the pastor who delivered the eulogy. >> you colorized and determined
3:34 am
that at the super bowl last year. you colorized it. >> the mayor of baltimore and president obama are racist? >> yes. no. they committed black-on-black crime by using that word for people who look just like them. absolutely. absolutely. for you to be smug about it and not see the seriousness of the offense of millions of young black children -- >> maybe the white house is smug. >> this is one of the new revelations to come out of the use of the word "thug" as racial connotations connotations. you heard it in sports too, a white guy on the detroit pistons, to me was called a thug. you act like a thug on a court to me it's poor behavior it's not the color of somebody's skin. are you criticizing the president for not backing down? i'm not switching, but the mayor does even though she does not want comments about go ahead give the people room to destroy the city. she said i got hot headed. i shouldn't have called them thugs. >> especially on the original comments i just didn't say
3:35 am
that. she was quick to deny the fact. walking back the word thug. what do you think? is it a racist term? what's another term to use for those destroying properties through the riots? >> if you google or have a kicks their and look up thug a thug is a criminal. a violent criminal. >> that's how it's defined historically and now for -- it was a turn around to see the mayor say monday night refer to them as thugs and then walk it back i just don't get what's going on. >> more action than a word defines a person. >> that pastor was so rude. he had time to talk, and he filibustered to make al sharpton look like an intraspecktive rambling on insisting about this word and i just don't think you make a point like thp 3 that. >> making al sharpton look like
3:36 am
a great diplomat. >> do you have news from overseas? >> you want to hear about this? this is concerning a lot of people especially in the military. isis in afghanistan. we have chilling images of the terrorist group allegedly training fighters at a camp near the border with pakistan. the pictures were sent to a pakistani journalist showing them training marching and hauling heavy artillery. analysts believe the men are former taliban fighters from other jihad groups a sign of isis's expanding reach. a sick new challenge, urging people to disrespect and stomp on the american flag. take a look. >> i'm erica walker about to do the challenge, hands off me [ bleep ]. >> america's upside down. >> okay. go live elsewhere, if ewe like. they call this the eric shepherd
3:37 am
challenge, referring to the university student who organized a flag protest. now others are joining in to support him, posting pictures or videos on social media as they stomp on the american flag. well shepherd is believed to be a member of the new black panther party, on the run, allegedly for bringing a gun on campus. disgusting. well eye on the tiger, visitors walking on the wild side in oak city zoo as a tiger escaped through a hole in the enclosure. visitors had to stay inside as they contained the tiger named lola who was stuck in a fence after attacking another cat. officials say the tiger never posed a threat to the public. threatened another cat, but not the public. it's all right in oklahoma. elizabeth, a beautiful hat. i love it. >> thank you. you know who is wearing one? heather, at the derby right now. how exciting? the fastest two minutes in sports taking place tomorrow the 141st kentucky derby.
3:38 am
we all know what the derby is about. it's not just about the horses but the fashions too. >> i heard heather childers mentioned a moment ago, wearing a hat, at churchill downs, preparing for the run for the roses this week. >> reporter: yes, well you know they say the bigger the hat, the better here at churchill downs, and the sun is coming up, you see behind me, the horses hit the track to prep for the day's races. as you mentioned, i had to prep earlier because it's all about the fashion off the track, and our own fox news wardrobe i met with her to talk about it and to get the perfect look for derby day. ♪ ♪ >> kentucky derby is just as much as a fashion event as it is a sporting event. everybody comes out and wants to show off their new spring
3:39 am
purchases. >> how do you pick what the dress looks like? >> the kentucky derby is all about color. you really want the hat to be the crowning jewel of your outfit. are you ready to try some of them on? >> that sounds fun, of course. let's do it. >> you wouldn't pick this dress because this dress is very busy. you want something that is solid. you don't want to have anything to distract from the hat. i think this dress would take away from the hat. >> so friday is oak day. >> there's a hundred thousand people wearing pink. let's think pink. >> i know i can't decide which one. this is it for sure. >> well you're the perfect southern bell and you look like the star of the show. >> now i just need a hat. >> yes, the perfect hat. ♪ ♪ >> i'm all ready for the derby other than the hat, and there's so many choices here i have no idea how to choose. >> okay i have something for
3:40 am
you. >> what 1is the most important thing? >> make sure it's light, not heavy. it has to fit right on the head has to be tight, and, of course it has to be beautiful. >> we can't talk about hats without talking about kate middleton. a lot of people use her as a style guide, just fascinated by her. how big is too big? i love this hat right here. >> this is not too big. never too big. >> never too big. >> never too big. >> does not look bad. i like it i like it. i need a bigger mirror. so pretty. i love all of them. >> yes. >> beautiful. >> this is one of my favorites, and i'll show you how to wear it. you put it on your head make sure a little bit is on the right here and over here above the ear, gives that look. >> good? attitude? >> yes. that's it. looks beautiful.
3:41 am
>> i'm set. thank you. i love it. we're ready for the derby, but we have another. we have the oaks. what do i do for that? >> pink. >> pink. >> think pink. that's all about attitude, elizabeth elizabeth, you got to pivot back like this. >> okay. >> i'll work on my hat. they do that for good luck. >> there's my attitude right here. >> looks fantastic. >> they are tall so there's altitude. >> there is not to be confused. >> are you covering the race all weekend? going to be there all weekend? >> reporter: we will all week and i think coming up next we'll talk about some of the drinks that are out here. i hear there's one or two that's kind of famous. >> so you are dressed to get liquored up. a great friday. >> from churchill downs, thank you very much. >> thank you, heather, a mint julep for her later. meanwhile, want an escape
3:42 am
goat for the baltimore riots when the congressman says blame the rich people. >> what we've done in the united states is we said the affluent part of the society is going to demand more tax breaks more wealth more privilege leaving less for the less fortunate. >> charles payne is here next on foxx and friends.
3:43 am
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before the top of the hour another night of tense moments in baltimore, maryland with protesters taking to the streets over the death of f rrksreddie gray looters left a wake of destruction, and the congressman keith ellis says if you are looking for somebody to blame, blame the affluent the wealthy. >> what we've done in the united states is we've said that the affluent part of our society is going to demand more tax breaks more wealth more privilege, leaving less for the less fortunate and the way that we keep the less fortunate in control is through policing and prisons. that is the unfortunate formula we've constructed. >> charles payne, host of "making money" on the fox business network, joining us live. what do you think about that? >> it's an old tired excuse.
3:47 am
it really is. i mean, when summon else is breaking in looting, robbing buildings and blaming somebody else from another part of town i understand the animosity, but the idea we have a fixed amount of money in the society and if one person is getting more somebody else is getting less. you knowingsnoeknow prime example, the nfl draft. someone signs a contract to get 30 million bucks in a couple weeks. that's not taking a penny from my pocket or any of your pockets. >> just look at history, charles. for decades we poured trillions of dollars into the war on poverty, and it's not worked. >> it's not worked, and the thing is we have doubled, tripled down, and the narrative is now to keep doing it. raise the minimum wage to $15. what we have done is what we try trying to do is reward mediocrity mediocrity. if you reward it you encourage it. we have a problem of skill sets
3:48 am
with poor people. you hop on a train or bus 20 30 years ago from alabama to detroit to get a good job. those jobs no longer exist, but there's great jobs out there, but they are knowledge-based jobs that require a different sort of skill set. >> it requires among other things? staying in school. >> staying in school. >> there's not the importance place on that like there ought to be. look at president obama who said in the past it would be nice if there were more fathers in these houses but during the administration the gap between the haves and the have-nots is bigger. >> it will always backfire. these sort of policies you know we had a gdp report measuring the economy, we're barely growing. when i say barely growing, we are barely growing. it's the worst recovery in history, and who is hit hardest from it are the poor people. we have a ladder of success. we have to create an environment where the same tide lifts all ships. you can't engineer recovery
3:49 am
where the rich people smart enough to get rich in the first place don't elevate themselves but the poor people do. you can't do it. it can't magically happen. never happened. didn't happen in russia or china or cuba. it doesn't happen anywhere. venezuela, all the oil in the world, they ration toilet paper. it does not happen. you cannot artificially do it. >> charles payne -- >> stop selling woe is me there's no hope. everyone here watching pull yourself up any color, race economic background. >> i agree completely. >> yeah. >> charles payne, watch him on fox business if you want to know where, go to, channel finder and he's on 6:00 p.m. eastern on "making money." >> thank you. how many are worried about his whereabouts after weeks he resigned from office. they cannot find him. faith under fire a new film is a hit with viewers, but
3:50 am
critics do not like it. is media bias to blame? the producer of "little boy" here next. we are welcoming back does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't.
3:51 am
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3:52 am
3:53 am
>> what if i have enough faith? enough is impossible right? >> can you bring my dad home? >> your faith won't work even if you have the slightest bit of doubt. >> the new faith-based film
3:54 am
called "little boy" has been a real hit with audiences but not with the critics. >> you're right. they say that the film is manipulative. is the media bias to blame for the stark contrast in reviews? a producer of "little boy" is joining us right now. eduardo, thank you for being with us. do you think the message of faith is why it's getting these rotten reviews? >> good morning, everyone. you know i'm from mexico. i am very grateful to this country for opening the door for my dreams and this nation has been an amazing blessing in my life. my american dream is to produce films that will have the potential not only to entertain but hopefully to make a difference in people's lives. and my hope as a filmmaker with "little boy" is that they will leave full of hope faith and
3:55 am
love and be inspired to forgive more and complain less inspired to do great things with their life. you know when you dedicate five years of your life to give birth to something, in this case "little boy," you have no idea how painful it is when critics come and see how ugly is your baby and your baby's not going to make it. but at the same time it was very encouraging to see the great response of the audiences. >> sure. >> how much and how deeply they are moved by this film. i'm very confused how, you know you have the audience loving this movie but the critics want to cut the head off "little boy." so they are bullying our movie. >> there have been a couple of articles written about the fact that audiences who have gone to see it love the movie but the critics don't like the portrayal of the almighty. so do they have a problem with the film because it is faith-based? >> you know what i don't know
3:56 am
why sometimes, you know they attack films where, you know when we want to send a message of hope and faith. i want to make movies that help this place become better. this movie shows the innocence and capacity to forgive. somehow when we grow up we lose that. and i think the answer of this of the problems of the world that is very divided, a lot of war and violence is that we need to allow love to grow in our hearts and we need to become children again. >> good message. >> and for someone to attack this movie just because we want to -- i expect critics when they are professional. when they say this movie is not going to move people -- how do you know that? >> eduardo, we've read the reviews by real people and they love the movie.
3:57 am
thank you for joining us on this friday to talk about it. folks, go see "little boy". >> that's right. this little boy will stop at nothing to bring his dad home. up next details surrounding freddie gray's death coming in. baltimore's mayor already convinced of the outcome. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs.
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i couldn't be happier. couldn't see him but i could hear him... making fun of me. vo: now get $200 or more when you trade in your smartphone for a galaxy s6 but hurry, this offer ends may 10th. verizon. good morning. it's friday may 1st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. new information is shedding light about the death of freddie gray. we have details for you. >> a baltimore cop speaks out telling the police officer's side of the story. >> i mean at every stop that they had fredsdie was talking, you know acting irate and
4:01 am
normal." >> excuse me mr. president. i think we're late for lunch. >> usually it's not that good the first time they write it. >> i think you've covered everything. >> let's not think that i've been talking too long. >> no i think you -- >> no let's move it along. >> the awkward moment that brave kid operates the president of the united states because apparently he tells the president had covered that territory. we have a busy two hours, live from new york and baltimore, it's "fox & friends." >> that has got to be so intimidating. you're a little kid and the president is talking about important stuff and he says you know what i have five more questions. he's repeating himself.
4:02 am
i've got to wrap the president. >> i'd love to meet that guy. that's incredible. >> he's thorough. >> he wanted other information. >> and now this. we're going to get right to a fox news alert for you. baltimore bracing for a busy weekend as more protests are expected over the death of freddie gray. >> police now announcing the curfew will remain in effect through sunday. peter doocy is live on the ground. hey, peter. >> reporter: hi brian. people in baltimore have been complaining about the national guard-enforced curfew to keep the streets clear from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. because things have been much calmer for the three nights that followed monday's destructive riots here and because the weather is nice. but residents are not even allowed to sit on their steps at night and officials are not interested in easing the curfew until at least the end of the weekend because there is a huge
4:03 am
protest scheduled for tomorrow and there's a huge schedule scheduled for the day after. all of this was inspired by the dereddie gray in police custody and another city has faced similar demonstrations in solidarity. in fact a big one in philly got physical when police tried to prevent protesters from getting onto a highway. as we've seen elsewhere, there was lots of profanity and lots of hostility towards reporters who only show up to share protesters' complaints with the rest of the country. >> i've got to tell you, there's been a lot of racial attacks here. i've been attacked because of my race. no. tell me why you are here. tell me why you are here. >> the atf is here to figure out who started all of the fires we saw burning around baltimore on monday offering a $10,000 reward to help catch arsonists.
4:04 am
we got a new tally from police headquarters. 98 officers were injured during the riots here. 43 of them had to go to the emergency room and investigators now are reviewing a lot footage to track down the people who put those officers in the hospital. back to you in new york. >> peter, thank you very much for the live report. >> you know over the last week or two they have been trying to figure out -- the police officer said when we put him in the van, he was fine. he was alive. he was irate and dragging his feet acting like dead weight but he was fine. well now some of the preliminary information has come out. the medical examiner is pretty confident, he says that freddie gray did not have a broken spine when he was put in there. however, they now believe that he got head injuries similar to what you would in a car collision while he was inside that van. the theory is he fell forward while he was cuffed. he hit his head on a bolt and eventually died from that
4:05 am
injury. >> yes. so they are matching the bolt to the injury on the top of his head. >> by the way, we should point out, we don't see the bolt that they are talking about in these images. >> no we don't. the police have handed off their findings by the way, to the state attorney's office. now they are deciding whether to charge the six officers in this case. it's interesting, they found there was a fourth stop made also revealed in this report. >> we don't know why. >> we don't know why. >> it may be an easy answer. >> maybe. >> this was a stop after the arrest and then along there the injuries that we've been discussing this new revelation about the bolt on the top of the head. not sure where that would have occurred. >> it was between picking up freddie gray and winding up at the police station where when they opened up the door he had a severe spinal injury. >> he was not buckled in. many vans do not continuously practice buckling people in.
4:06 am
>> they don't because there's no place for them to go. stop two was the new one discovered at a surveillance camera outside of a store. another story is how the mayor has been handling this. not an easy situation, that's for sure. the mayor said on monday give these people room to destroy things and then other outlets say the word from the mayor was stand back and let everything go and we saw everything go up in flames and now we saw the mayor at an al sharpton event and she let everybody know what side she wants to be on and who is going to get justice and who is not. listen. >> if with the nation watching three black women at three different levels can't get justice and healing for this community, you tell me where we're going to get it at this country. we will get justice for freddie gray. believe me you, we are going to
4:07 am
get justice. >> perhaps the three black women she's talking about, our new attorney general plus the state -- the city prosecutor and the mayor herself. but what is interesting, though she stated the fact that she we would get justice for freddie gray. what about justice for the officers? last night megyn kelly did the first of several interviews with police officers who know everybody involved. we've got a preview of an interview she's going to be doing tonight with the police officer who knows all six cops involved and this is what they had to say about what happened that night. that day. >> and it's just -- it's just -- the way that she's handled this whole situation, that she's going to get justice for freddie, especially all of this stuff -- i'm sure that she's informed of the facts that are being found before the public
4:08 am
and i'm sure she's right along with this investigation and she'll continue to go out there and, in a sense, betray the officers say you're going to get justice. it's a tragic event what happened to him but i think at tomorrow point the record needs to be set straight and these officers need to be taken -- you know they didn't do anything wrong. >> they didn't do anything wrong, she says. >> all we do know is we don't know. and if the mayor does know more and she's still making those statements, that is irresponsible. and can we just let the facts get out about it? we don't know why he was arrested or about stop number two. but for somebody in charge in terms of quelling the violence and keeping people under control, that to me is just as bad as the alleged comments that fox phoned out she told them to stand back. >> because of race? >> her conclusion is i'm going
4:09 am
to get justice for this guy because these six cops were wrong. >> we just want justice. the puzzle that is what happened to freddie gray? they put him in the back of that van. there it is right there. he was reportedly fine. the other guy who was in the van, a fellow by the name of dante allen came out. he's fearing for his own life. he says it was a smooth ride although we heard it was a rough ride to the cop shop. originally he said he heard another guy on the other side, he didn't know who it was, thrashing around and trying to hurt himself intentionally and this is the video where he's put in and, you know there he is. he's not moving around. he's acting like dead weight. >> freddie gray? >> yes. now the guy on the other side of the partition said forget about -- i thought he was trying to hurt himself. all i heard was a little banging like he was banging his head. so what is it? we hope that the findings are in
4:10 am
the official report that was handed to the city's attorney yesterday. but we don't know. >> we don't know why he was arrested. we don't know about all of the stops. we don't know what was in the report. the only person that might know is the mayor and she made those comments yesterday. >> the family's attorney by the way, doesn't want this rushed. they don't want it rushed to bring justice to freddie gray's family. that's what he said yesterday. >> yeah what's the hurry. there's a lot more to talk to you about. heather is here. >> good morning. new details about the tension on the high seas. the u.s. navy will now accompany u.s. flag ships trading to the strait of hormuz. the navy stresses this is not an escort. that would involve getting a lot closer to the ship. this happened after iran seized a cargo ship from the marshall islands earlier this week. iran refused to release it until an old business dispute is settled.
4:11 am
crew members are said to be in good health. well she was mourning her fiance's death and now she's charged with second-degree murder? authorities believe that she killed her fiance during a kayaking trip in upstate new york. she claims they both fell out and she couldn't reach him. police believe she made incriminating comments during their investigation of her. she is in court next week. the former illinois congressman aaron schock is reportedly missing. the former lawmaker resigned back in march amid questions about lavish spending and now a campaign donor of his, who wants to sue schock says he can't find the republican to deliver the legal papers. schock's expenses came out in the open in february. you can see this right here. the lawsuit seeks millions of dollars in campaign contributions saying that the 33-year-old tricked his donors
4:12 am
into supporting him. an outspoken sixth grader turns president obama into a commander in brief during a discussion about reading and writing. listen to this. >> listen even the best writers usually it's not that good the first time they write it. >> yeah. and i think you sort of covered everything about that question. >> okay. let's not think that i've been talking too long. >> no. no. i just think you just -- >> no let's move it along. i've got you. >> the maryland middle schooler said he didn't mean to cut off the president. he was just trying to wrap up before lunch time because those kids were hungry. they wanted to eat. those are your headlines. >> you know the president does really stretch it out when you're watching him sometimes. it's like come on come on come on. and that kid picked up on it. >> he was speaking for those who represented him. the students who wanted to eat. >> that's right. we've got to go to the obama mandated new school lunch. >> that's right.
4:13 am
>> calling my name. >> yeah. and now this. michael moore completely unhinged on twitter. he's got a new plan to stop the violence in baltimore. he wants to open the prison and disarm the police. what do you think about that? your comments have been pouring in on this one, for sure. >> and the facts are not out yet so why are the police officers who dealt with freddie gray treated like villains? that is next. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
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4:17 am
so when they saw him at all of these stops, was he injured? was it just a shock to open the door up at the police station and find that he was catastrophically injured? >> it was. i mean at every step that they had, freddie was talking, you know acting so irate and normal. >> that is the police officer telling megyn kelly exclusively that the six officers under investigation for freddie gray's death didn't do anything wrong and gray was conscious while riding in the back of the van every time they checked on him. here to react is a former police officer who wrote the book "cop
4:18 am
in the hood." peter, first off, from that comment, this is a woman who knows all six, says that he was acting fine. does this sound like a procedure that is typical to you? >> tens and thousands of people are arrested every year. it's very typical. you put him in a wagon. if you put them in alive, they have to come out alive. >> you said for the most part you put them in. do you buckle them up? >> yeah absolutely. they are your prisoner. you're responsible for them. >> so you think it's somewhat unusual not to buckle someone? >> yes. you have your hands behind your back and a slippery hard bench that you are on. it would be easy to slip off otherwise. >> you said that this reminds you of the fact that the cops hate the ghetto? >> yeah. i mean look a lot of people have judgment who never go there, who are not from there and don't work there.
4:19 am
it's more of a class thing, though than a race thing. what i wonder though is there are so many people who grew up there that they don't have a chance and so cops have to deal with them. cops are basically their parents. when do we as americans actually care about these people who can't pull themselves up by their bootstraps. >> they don't have jobs and there are generations that don't have jobs. >> yes. and then you put the cops in there and they do the best job that they can. we have to look inside ourselves and say, what are we doing wrong? this is a great nation and we are failing these people. >> you also said it does surprise you that this happened. >> the riots? >> yes. >> yes. i'm an optimist at heart, maybe. i love baltimore. i thought it would be better than this. look most of the city is. but some people weren't and it's heartbreaking. >> and it doesn't seem to be lack of money. there seems to be funding going
4:20 am
in. >> there's no money there. >> there's poverty, abject poverty that should embarrass a country like ours. i mean -- >> right. but money has been poured into there through these 30 years of democratic administration through social programs and it doesn't seem to be sticking. >> the problem is not too much money. i mean some of it may not be going to the right thing. the problem is there is not enough money being invested into these neighborhoods. it's crazy to say otherwise. we can debate about what the proper solutions are but they are going to cost money. >> how do you see us coming out? >> look i hope for the city that we'll talk about the real issues. look the issues of freddie gray the issues of the protests the issues of the riots. tho he is those are different issues. we have to talk about the issues of baltimore. >> yeah before this happens again. >> and it's not just baltimore, too. there are other cities. >> peter, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me on. >> next on the rundown, chilly
4:21 am
video showing isis on the move where terrorists just set up camp. plus they call it a baby's first fashion statement. pee wee pumps being marketed to infants? is that okay? when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. nicorette mini starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. anytime. anywhere. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i choose nicorette mini.
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4:24 am
. well you're about to meet the next generation of broadcasters. they submit a news story to us at fox news with a hope of winning an interview to new york city and meet us here on "fox & friends" and something else. >> and the winner of this year's college challenge, a freshman from appalachian state, he is here. this is tyler.
4:25 am
watch. >> notice an abrupt difference in public interactions since the city began wearing the body cameras. >> their behavior changes just like that. they will be aggressive or discussing atkus cussing at us and then they quickly do a 180. >> for a second year in a row, a one-man band a person who not only runs the interview but runs the tape. congratulations. >> thank you so much. i'm happy to be here. >> has this always been something that you've wanted to do? >> it has. ever since i was a kid i had a passion for news. and to be able to see what is going on with the news and being able to apply that and get these really hard-hitting stories has been terrific and something i want to pursue after college. >> and you picked a red hot subject right now. >> sure. >> whose idea was that? >> it came from my grandmother.
4:26 am
she was looking at the newspaper and saw -- look at this fantastic opportunity to have a story that really is something that everyone is talking about. >> sure. >> making sure you get all of the perspectives from the police from the citizens. >> right. >> and it's something that really is happening all over the nation now. >> it's something that we do here is you have to present both sides. it's got to be fair and balanced. how hard was it for you to put both sides into it? >> it was difficult to see that we have the perspective of the citizens and the police. it turned out well and the interviews went great. it was a pleasure to speak to both sides. >> what a great grandmother you have. >> yes. words of wisdom. >> because you're the college challenge winner you not only get to meet us here at fox news get a free trip to new york city for you and your mother and, of course the folks at appalachian state are watching right now. you also get -- and here's the good part -- ladies and gentlemen, he wins $10,000.
4:27 am
>> thank you so much! thank you! this is such a thrill. everybody has been so nice to me and hospitable. so thank you so much. it's a pleasure to be with you and this will go right into a tuition account. >> you know you could have a heck of a spring break next year if you put it there. >> that's an option. >> congratulations. thank you so much. >> and if you would like to enter for next year go to our web page. and you might be on the kirby couch next year. >> a freshman at appalachian. >> fantastic job. coming up on this friday, filmmaker michael moore has a new plan to stop the violence in baltimore. open the prisons and take away the cops' guns. your comments, coming up next. plus they call it a baby's first fashion statement.
4:28 am
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medical or dental procedures. i accept that i'm not as fast, but i'm still going for my personal best... and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke... plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... if eliquis is right for you. ox news alert from baltimore. baltimore is bracing for another day of protests today, on mayday. the city's curfew is going to remain in effect all weekend long. huge rallies expected tomorrow and sunday. >> that's right. 30 detectives wrapped up their investigation into freddie gray's death. the state attorney's office will decide if charges are going to be filed. >> a brand-new report claims gray was injured after he was placed inside of a police van. wjla reporters saying gary broke his neck. a cut on his head match as bolt inside the vehicle.
4:32 am
something to do with that. so if that report is correct about the report that's been handed in this really surprises almost everyone. >> yes. >> apparently they describe it as the injury as being similar to in a car collision. so he was inside the van. he was loose. he went flying. he hit a bolt on his head severed his -- broke his neck or something. a severe neck injury. >> yep. much more on that in moments. did you hear about michael moore's statement? he says, "i want every african-american currently incarcerated for drug crimes or nonviolent offenses released from prison today." and it didn't stop there. what else did he say? >> the cops give up their guns. "we have a quarter of a billion second amendment guns in our homes for protection.
4:33 am
we'll survive till the right cops are hired." >> apparently no one is paying attention to him because he's putting this crazy theory out on twitter. >> he's trying to help them god bless him. meanwhile, your reaction like this. chuck on twitter says, "okay. do this in his neighborhood first. let's see how it workforce him then." >> he's saying to disarm the police. and someone said, "i demand that when these criminals are freed, they are given homes next to his." >> you can e-mail us or tweet us and you can facebook us. >> lots going on to tell you about. heather is standing by with new news on isis. >> yes. this is a story we've been watching for quite some time. is isis in afghanistan? we have chilly videos of isis
4:34 am
training at a camp near the border. this shows the terrorists training marching and then hauling heavy artillery and some of these men are former taliban fighters or from other jihadist groups and that could be a sign of isis' expanding reach. we're getting brand-new video in that shows the terrifying moment during nepal's massive earthquake. take a look. oh my those buildings crumbled to nothing when the quake struck near kathmandu. the number dead close to now 6200 people in four countries. and children grow up fast. we all know that. now a company is under fire for something really bizarre. this company is accused of speeding up the process by making high heels for babies?
4:35 am
>> high heels have a soft sole for ages 6 to 9 months. it's extremely convenient to wear. >> i think that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard of. i'm a mama too. they are called pee wee pumps. they say the shoes are your daughter's first fashion statements. they call the shoes utterly hideous and completely inappropriate. some experts criticizing the idea saying children need flax and flexible shoes for their development. but if you've ever chased after a toddler, it might be a good thing to slow them down. >> or you put leg weights on them. >> catch up with them for a change. >> it's not good to wear high heels, though. >> we could just go on and on. finally, a nice story to bring you. we love this guy. he has a heart of guard.
4:36 am
seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson surprising a u.s. soldier by upgrading him to first class. he tweeted, "russell wilson was on my flight back to seattle and he brought me up to first class. mad respect." and russell wilson said, "anytime kane. thanks for serving our great country by serving with the army." >> don't women in a moment of honesty say they don't like wearing high heels and you feel like you're on stilts and it's bad for your feet? >> i suppose sometimes. >> i don't know if heather wants to agree. >> how about from heels to horseshoes. >> do you like wearing heels? >> i do here. >> too controversial. >> i love wearing my heels here. i take them off when i'm home though. >> all right. we're going to horseshoe talk right now. the fastest two minutes in sports and it takes place at the
4:37 am
141st kentucky derby. heather is joining us from the churchill downs looking fabulous for the affair. hi heather. >> thank you. it's beautiful and it's going to be a gorgeous day for the churchill downs. the horses took to the track before the sun came up and this one decided to say hello. who is this? >> vindication. >> vindication. >> beautiful horse. >> look at his tongue. >> look at that tongue. >> is that okay? i guess he likes you. >> he's okay yeah. >> hi. hi. >> there you go. >> i guess he likes that. >> it's not just about the horses. it's also about the fashion and i want to -- >> is that horse okay? does he want a drink. >> he is okay. right? you're okay. ze wants to give you a kiss. >> he's happy. >> his stoungtongue is too big.
4:38 am
>> we actually have some -- >> you know what he wants? >> what? >> he wants -- vindication is thirsty. that's what it is. >> reporter: we are going to talk about the drinks here at the kentucky derby. we're going to talk about a little bit of bourbon. >> absolutely. >> reporter: normally you have the mint julep on saturday and it's traditionally made with vodka but we're going to make it with bourbon. >> absolutely. >> reporter: we have 45 seconds so it's going to be a quick drink. >> we're going to get some ice in there and put in some strawberries and add a little fresh lemonade here. and then great vanilla flavor is going to add some complexity.
4:39 am
>> reporter: shake it? >> yes. >> reporter: 20 seconds. >> we're going to top that out, give you a leveller. >> reporter: it's beautiful. >> and this my friend is for you. >> reporter: cheers. made in a record. >> absolutely. >> you're going to serve nine people in that time. geez. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> tom cruise is taking note. >> thanks for having me this morning. >> thank you very much, heather. the mayor of baltimore has a new friend al sharpton, who is now helping her defend her actions telling police to stand down. we're going to talk to a former top cop in new york city who was once upon the time the commissioner. and move over man cave. it's all about the she shed. i'm going to compete with the guys coming up. >> that's the main cave right there. >> wait until you see my she
4:40 am
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don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologist. the mayor of baltimore, maryland is under fire for how she handled the riots that erupted earlier in her city. al sharpton is now defending the mayor. >> don't blame the last mayor for what the last 50 years of mayors and governors didn't do. >> to stand here and say that i don't care i don't want to reform the police department when i was down there, don't -- i'm not even going to tolerate it. >> but did she make a mistake for supposedly telling her
4:44 am
police captains and officials to stand down during the protests and give protesters quote, room to destroy because it's just property? let's talk to former new york city's top cop joining us from our nation's capital. howard, good morning. >> good to be with you. >> let's start with the news of the day. according to abc, they have seen apparently one of the preliminary parts of the investigation and think that this guy, freddie gray wound up with some kind of head injuries from inside the van. he did not have a catastrophic spine injury when they put him in there. something happened in there. what do you think happened? >> well he could have been trying to hurt himself, as one of the other prisoners alleged. but we're never really going to know. there was no camera in the van. there's going to be dueling pathologists from both sides coming up with conclusions. i think, more importantly, the issue will be should they have buckled him in. if he called for help should
4:45 am
they have stopped and called for an ambulance? i don't think this is an issue of an intentional homicide. i think it's an issue about incompetence. >> something that bother as lot of people mr. commissioner is they look at the video and you can see it right there, it looks like they are dragging him and he looks lifeless. this is something that other people who have been arrested many times, you know do. they just act like dead weight and make it harder for the cops to put them into the wagon. >> we do see that from time to time. this isn't about that. this is about letting rioters commit violence and looting without restraint. that's what this whole each is about. >> right. exactly. let's talk about the mayor, though how the mayor, it sounds like on the first day, handcuffed her own police department by saying you know what just stand down. it's just property damage. let him go. >> absolutely the wrong message to send because it's not just going to be property damage. it's going to be 15 20 cops
4:46 am
hurt and it's putting handcuffs on your own police department and the way that you stop violence and looting is by sending a very quick message to those who would engage in criminal activity that they are going to be arrested you're not going to let them get away with it you are going to be contained and that's what the mayor prevented from happening. you may remember we had a lot of protests when i was police commissioner we had no violence we had no riots because we worked with the community and also con takened the demonstrators. >> okay. here in knewnew york city however, there were hundreds of people out on the street and finally they arrested people because they were blocking traffic. in the past in new york city ever sense ferguson missouri a lot of protests have stopped traffic and, you know the mayor and police commissioner the police officers have not arrested people until now. what's going on? >> well i think it's pretty clear that they are responding to baltimore.
4:47 am
commissioner bratton knows exactly what to do and if you don't contain these demonstrators, if you don't work with them and make sure that they are peaceful you are going to have what happened to baltimore. >> all right. howard safir who used to be the police commissioner in new york city thank you. >> good to be with you. protesters clashing with the media. >> i've been attacked because of my race. >> whoa! >> we are live in another city philadelphia this time and the latest on the chaos that hit the streets there overnight. and which is better the man cave pictured right there that brian is showing us or the -- oh that's very nice. or the she shed where elisabeth is. it's the battle of the sexes. stick around.
4:48 am
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4:51 am
the baltimore protests spreading across the country in the city of brotherly love philadelphia tensions are rising as police clashed with hundreds of protesters last night. we're live at philly city hall with the latest. jennifer what happened last night? >> reporter: good morning, steve. well we had our reporter out here. he was in the middle of the protests but things got volatile even towards him. people were yelling at him and shouting racial names. >> you want somebody to interview your mama about a dead body on the street? that's what you want? is that what you want. >> reporter: i'm here to get
4:52 am
both sides of this. i'm telling your stories. but you're yelling -- >> reporter: now, a chopper was flying ahead last night. you can see pushing and shoving in the crowd. the crowd was angry that they were not allowed to march down a busy highway. one of our chief inspectors got knocked around and bloodied. i talked to him this morning and said he's proud of the philadelphia police department and ready to do it all over again today. we saw the diverse crowds roaming through neighborhoods in the city as the night went on. some rowdy groups yelled things like white silence is white consent. to put it into perspective. a number of police officers were taking to twitter to report on the protests that they saw. after 6 1/2 hours of protests there was only ten minutes of trouble and only two arrests. steve?
4:53 am
>> jennifer joyce joining us from philly the city of brotherly shove this morning. all right. elisabeth, after you. >> now women can actually have their own private sanctuary in the she shed. >> let's compare and contrast. to see which one is better joining us is the president of man cave dan silverman. he's a home depot expert. first, let's learn about man caves. what's so good about this place? it looks like a shed that is fun nesh furnished. >> the men love it the women love it. >> can i come in this man cave? oh wow. >> we have row one theater seats, the most comfortable seats that you can sit in. have a seat. it fully reclines and you can push a button right there. >> it's comfortable, ladies.
4:54 am
>> a custom bar that we made. over here we burned in our logo here. we do all custom work. this is a control that will control the whole entire room audio, video temperature. >> well done. >> you can adjust the temperatures in here. >> dan, if i find a shed and say instead of rakes and lawn mowers i'll put a floor in get electricity, perhaps, keep a burning stove or -- >> we'll do a five channel or seven-channel surround sound with a big subwoofer. >> about how much would something like this cost? >> fully done around 30,000. not done maybe halfway, maybe 15,000. >> okay. great. all right. your move girl. >> thank you. >> i'm at my she shed now. >> we were talking last week
4:55 am
about the difference between them. tom is from hope depot. tom, you have built a she shed. >> yes we have. >> what does a she shed need other than wine? >> one of the most important things might be a lock on the door because if you're a mother and want to escape the company of those around you, this would be the secret. >> look at this. it's so relaxing in here. >> it is. it's whatever you want it to be. >> where does the she shed come from and why is it on the rise and trending? >> it's the same as the man cave. the women want to have a place to relax and get away from the stress of the day and enjoy and have their own environment. >> normally would you put your lawn tractor in this? >> it is. shed usa provided this for us. that's what the customers have asked for. they want a different style to fit their house and yard. >> and the greatest thing is you have some flowers and there is a
4:56 am
curta curtains and carpets. >> i'm going to connect you out of my she shed. tom, thank you for being with us. >> you head over to your man cave. >> vote. what do you like better, the she shed or the man cave? >> much more relaxing over here. >> facebook us okay? >> come into my chamber. >> stick around. geraldo rivera is down in baltimore. he's coming up next.
4:57 am
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good morning. it's friday, may 1st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. new information on freddie gray's death is leaking out. what really happened inside that van? we are live. >> then meet al sharpton tv host activist and apparently bodyguard blocking baltimore's mayor from our reporter. >> you don't have anything to say? nothing to say? what about to the police who were injured? >> excuse me sir. excuse me! hey! >> why doesn't al want to answer our questions, we wonder. and by the way, it has been four years. >> we have conducted an operation that killed the leader of al qaeda osama bin laden. >> those are the celebrations in the streets that night. the man who killed osama bin
5:01 am
laden tells us that this is far from over. friday is better with "fox & friends." ♪ >> welcome. i'm a little biased but i think the man cave is better. >> they were both done very well. i like how relaxed i felt in the she shed. they both serve different purposes. >> i feel so guilty to have to go back inside. >> we are men. man cave. only one man in a cave. it used to be a cave per man. everyone knows that. am i right, joel? >> yep. >> one cave one man. >> no bunchk beds in the cave. we start this friday with a fox news alert. today, may 1st it's mayday and major mayday mayhem is expected in baltimore tonight and
5:02 am
tomorrow and the next day after the death of freddie gray. more protests are scheduled through the weekend. police say the curfew will be in place through sunday night. thousands expected to descend on baltimore for weekend rallies. this following another tense night in baltimore despite more than 2,000 national guard troops on the ground. >> that's right. it was in philadelphia where emotions really boiled over. hundreds gathering outside of city hall there getting physical with police. meanwhile, baltimore police is revealing 100 officers have been injured sense riots and protests broke out. >> geraldo rivera does not need that information. he's living it. he's live right now. i thought this would be the night that we talked about riots in the past tense but there was tension last night, wasn't there? >> reporter: yes, there was, brian. baltimore is in turmoil. protests rallies all over town lots of pushing and shoving, no major olence, no looting.
5:03 am
nothing of that magnitude. but really there is kind of a divided town now. the police on one side and then the inner city filled with distrust. stars are coming into town to try to calm things down. the entire baltimore ravens team is here. they have been visiting ray lewis, the super both mvp and visiting high schools and distributing foods and so forth. the all-star carmelo anthony led a march where this all started, four miles to city hall. halfway through that march, i caught up with the basketball great and asked him why he was here in baltimore. here's carmelo. can you tell the audience live why are you here? >> this is my community, man. i grew up in these streets.
5:04 am
i feel the youth pain but i'm here for a peaceful protest today. we kind of got a bad connotation about what is going on with our youth and i'm just trying to get a hold of them just talk to them keep them positive and they need some guidance and i want to be a part of this community. >> reporter: geraldo is trying to talk to people and keep people calm. what about the news -- now that the official report has been handed over to the next authority to figure out whether or not to indict the cops or do anything but the news breaking from the affiliate in washington wjla apparently is that he did not have a broken neck before he went into the van. the theory is he got the head injury in the van because he wasn't strapped in. he hit his head on a bolt. how is that going to play there? >> reporter: i don't think that anything shy of a massive murder indictment will calm this community, steve.
5:05 am
i think that they believe that there's been a long pattern of police misconduct and brutality directed their way. they are really on edge. the fact that the police investigation with more than 30 second detectives has been turned over plus the autopsy report to the state attorney's office means the grand jury process will happen and it will extend the period of uncertainty. now, as to how specifically that report on the broken neck "the baltimore sun" newspaper and other media outlets that we hear from say we just don't know how and when the neck was broken. they are now theorizing that the neck was injured in a precarious situation and either in a rough situation -- the fact that he was not -- and the police
5:06 am
admit -- buckled in as the regulations require, that they intentionally roughed him up with the ride. there was that unauthorized stop of the police van. this is a city really that has suspicion and anger. >> that story is not going to be embraced. it hasn't been. this according to "the daily mail," they asked about the van and the designs from the car maker show the chevy express, the vehicle used by the baltimore police is smooth on the inside. >> so there are no bolts? >> reporter: i think that -- i have no idea. all i know is whether it was an intentionally inflicted injury whether it was the seizure that i mentioned yesterday, whether he did something to try to hurt himself. regardless freddie gray should have had medical attention before he was transported if he was in the shape that the video appeared to indicate he was. >> right.
5:07 am
>> and certainly as soon as the police van arrived. >> sure. you know the passions and emotions are running high. geraldo, you have been there on the ground with the people. leland vitter has been there with you and yesterday al sharpton came in with a summit of sorts. it turned out to be invitation only and when you all were there trying to get information from the mayor there, al sharpton actually stepped in and played bodyguard for the mayor. watch this. this was unbelievable. >> leland vitter, fox newschannel. what do you have to say to the businesses that were looted because of your order to stand down? you have nothing to stay to business owners? what about the police that were injured? >> excuse me sir. hey! >> you would think al sharpton who has a tv show would understand that the guy was there asking questions and that's why he was there but instead he was providing cover for the mayor.
5:08 am
>> reporter: i always seem to be placed in a position to having to defend my old friend the reverend al sharpton. al sharpton is a curious mix of media personality/celebrity activist. you can call him a hustler and all of those things but he is also widely regarded as the nation's free eminent civil rights leader. so he saw himself in that role i think. should he have placed himself between the mayor and our correspondent leland vitter absolutely not. but i can understand some of the motivations, him being defensive of this young woman who is really embattled now, she is the one, remember, who called the looters thugs and now has to backtrack on that. >> the president didn't backtrack. she didn't have to backtrack on that statement. >> reporter: you don't have to sell me on that one, brian. i totally agree with you. the people who caused that damage and hurt those cops
5:09 am
those were thugs. i used the word -- if the shoe fits wear it. i think they were thugs. now now, with this mayor, this was the golden girl. she was going to be the next governor of maryland you know as the state went through its various incarnation. she's a big deal in the democratic national committee. now her career is in tatters. not only did she absolutely mismanage what happened on monday allowing so much wanton destruction and injury to take place, now she has a situation where her own community doesn't like her anymore because she used the word "thugs." it's sometimes how i feel between my beloved colleagues at fox and sharpton and that crowd. you know i'm trying to get people to communicate to, reduce some of the tension and to come up with some solutions. yesterday i came up with a solution you've got 35,000
5:10 am
deril ichlt derilicht and get people to work in a positive way rather than for a grievance to act out on. >> those buildings had been abandoned for decades. great idea. geraldo, great reporting. we'll be watching for you this weekend as well. >> here's heather now. >> we've got a big breaking news to tell you. a boston marathon bomb plot thwarted by the police in germany. a law enforcement official tell us that they've arrested a radicalized man and woman that were planning on an islamic-style attack on a bike race in germany. the police found a pipe bomb and
5:11 am
other explosive materials, including 100 rounds of 9 millimeter ammunition. today's bike race has been canceled in frankfurt. the u.s. navy will now accompany u.s. flag ships traveling through the strait of hormu hormuz. a navy official says this does not involve an escort which would require getting closer to the ships. this happened after iran seized a ship from the marshall island. 24 crew members on board that ship are said to be in good health. well she was grieving her fiance but now she's being charged with murder. authorities believe that she intentionally killed her fiance during a kayaking trip in upstate new york. she claimed that both of them
5:12 am
fell out of their kayaks and she couldn't reach him to save him. she's due in court next week on a second-degree murder charge. those are your headlines. >> all right. heather, thank you very much. 11 minutes now after the hour. coming up in our final hour what the president has to say about the baltimore rioters. >> going back into these communities to try to clean up in the aftermath of a handful of protesters -- a handful of criminals and thug who is tore up the place. >> well apparently a thug -- yes, a thug is now a racist term. really? larry elder weighs in next. >> can hardly wait to hear that. and stomping on the stars and stripes and this morning it gets worse, a new trend on social media. people are challenging each other to stomp on old glory.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
you've got some of the same organizers now going back to clean up in the aftermath of a handful of protesters -- a handful of criminals and thug who is tore up the place. >> too many people have spent
5:17 am
generations building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs. >> you heard them say it the president and the mayor of baltimore calling the rioters thugs. now they are under fire. steve stephanie stephanie rawlings-blake is stepping back her comment. >> i guess my mom and dad are racists, too, because they used to use those words for people engaging in bad behavior. i remember tupac had a tattoo across his chest "thug life." how about peeved irked, what term do they want to use? >> as a white guy i'm saying something that offends the black community but this word has been
5:18 am
used for as far as i know for all different types of people. it's the behavior not the color of somebody's skin. >> that's right. obama has used it for nonblack people. i didn't realize thug was a racial term. i thought it was people who behave in a criminal way, inexcusable way and we use that term to denounce them as we should. >> so we're looking at a situation in baltimore. the big one last night was philadelphia. but we're watching in baltimore and you have an african-american mayor, a prosecutor who is black, you have a congressman who is very well respected around the country, elijah cummings who is black and a black police chief. why do they not trust government? >> and you have a black female attorney general who launched the investigation and a black president of the united states. >> yeah. >> the reason is because so many people have been indoctrinated with the idea that the man is out to get you, the system is
5:19 am
racist and, therefore, don't trust anybody. and the irony is democrats do this for both. you have people like debbie wasserman wasserman schultz and so don't be surprised when small number of people believe this nonsense and take to the streets because they don't trust anybody. >> i just worry about the next step in justice. if those six cops are wrong, i hope they pay the price. but if they are not, i wonder if they are still going to have to pay the price. >> they will. baltimore is what happens, brian, and what we've done is incentivize women to marry the government and boys running around without fathers and obama said this i didn't there's a 20 times greater chance of going
5:20 am
to jail if you are not raised by a father. we have so many people raised without the right kind of values. this is a welfare state brian. >> we're going to continue to talk about this. larry elder, thank you for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. it's been four years. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> also the man who killed bin laden says the fight is far from over even if al qaeda is hurting. isis and the movement isn't. rob o'neill joins us. and then it was a hike of a lifetime until one man got hurt and now he's being forced to pay for his own rescue. is that fair?
5:21 am
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5:24 am
this is a fox news alert. bin laden is dead. >> the day that osama bin laden's life came to an end. >> shot dead in this million dollar mansion inside pakistan. >> urgent confirmed. bin laden is dead. >> osama bin laden is dead. >> multiple sources osama bin laden is dead. >> the day he found out about the 72 virgins waiting for him on the other side was bunk. he's dead. >> the world's most wanted man. >> osama ben laden. >> shot in the face and dead. >> he's dead. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden.
5:25 am
we can see to those families that have lost loved ones to al qaeda's terror justice has been done. >> i get chills watching that. it was four years ago today that s.e.a.l. team 6 took out the most wanted man on the planet. >> the man who shot and killed osama bin laden four years ago today, rob o'neill is joining us. >> hello, how are you? >> four years ago today, take us there. >> even just listening to the piece that you were playing there, we were standing around in a debriefing room with the body of osama bin laden. we saw geraldo on there and we were just sort of absorbing the gravity of what just happened. we weren't supposed to live through that mission. i went with some of the best
5:26 am
people in the world and we weren't supposed to survive. we went in found him, killed him and brought him out and every day is a blessing. >> you must think about that day every day of your life since. >> every day, yeah. it's something when i close my eyes i can still see him standing there. i can still see what the house looked like when i looked to my left it looked exactly the way they told us it would look. yeah it was obviously the most important thing i had ever been a part of. >> are you defined by this forever? >> you know what i'm not defined by this. i'm fortunate. i was lucky to be a part of that team. they hand-picked a team some of the best people i had ever met and i was lucky to be a part of it. it's definitely a defining moment but i don't think i'm defined by it. >> you know in addition to the mission to get osama bin laden, to kill osama bin laden, after he was shot you shot him in the face you started, as we learned from the special, you picked up
5:27 am
a bunch of stuff. there were all of these thumb drives and vital documents that showed what al qaeda was up to and yet we've heard from steve hayes through great report it sounds like the government has only analyzed a fraction of the documents and they are using them in terror trials to convict terrorists. does it bother you that the government has not gone through the business to figure out what else is in the documents? >> i would be surprise fd thatif that were the case. we were surprised at the level of intelligence that was in there. he was definitely running the show for sure. and we were able to execute other admissions based on what they had there. they still have stuff that they are not releasing. i wish we had more time in there to get everything that we had. we only had about 10 or 15 minutes to gather what we could
5:28 am
and it was definitely good stuff. >> rob i remember early on you donating your shirt that you wore that day to the into 9/11 memorial and you spoke to families and gave them closure. watch. >> the mission was announced by the president and a lot of families did not feel celebratory. there was a sense of remembering the loss again because bin laden was dead but my brother wasn't coming home. >> i feel a little safer because of you and the work that your men do and women and just grateful. >> each year to, see films where osama bin laden would speak and almost taunt us again, i would wish i could say it didn't matter and it did. i think it is important to me that you did what you did. >> what did it mean to you to connect with those families? >> that's the whole reason for telling this story.
5:29 am
you know it's never been about me. i was forced to be part of a bigger megs. bigger mission. i was part of the team. hearing from the first responders people who lost husbands wives, sons and daughters at the pentagon and pennsylvania it's worth the risk or whatever small fraction of negativity that there is out there. it's a healing process. some of them said there never will be closure but at least this gives them something. >> yeah. i've seen you out in public. when people realize it's you, everybody shakes your hand and says thank you. >> yeah. everything that i've seen up close and in person has been overwhelmingly positive and it's always great -- it happens every day and it's great to hear. it's a thanks not to me but to the team to the entire effort meaning the s.e.a.l.s on the
5:30 am
ground the analysts that found him, every piece -- the team that brought justice to where it needed to be. it's overwhelming. >> rob o'neill made history four years ago today and joins us live. >> thank you rob. >> thank you, steve and elisabeth. it's 8:30 here in new york city. it's a short drive to the white house but the president won't be making the trip to baltimore at this point. is that the right move? chris wallace is joining us, next. plus this is not your typical home intruder. how the turkey got in.
5:31 am
5:32 am
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5:34 am
with humira, remission is possible. a fox alert. we're getting brand-new details about the death of freddie gray. a new report claims that the medical examiner has found that mr. gray has hurt after being placed inside that police van. >> reporting that gray broke his neck when he fell inside that van. >> that's right. in the meantime police are expecting huge rallies this weekend. the curfews will remain in effect. >> meanwhile, this weekend, chris wallace has a show that runs everywhere on sundays. chris, the president at this point is not planning to go to baltimore. is that the right decision? >> yeah i think it probably is. he didn't go to ferguson ever. it strikes me that there are a couple of issues. first of all, it's too volatile.
5:35 am
the police and national guard are trying to get control of it and you put a president into the mix and suddenly his security becomes a big issue and everybody has to take their eye off the ball which is protecting the streets and the people and the property. in addition to which, let's be honest i don't know that there's anything that the president could say that would stop what is going on there. i remember that image in ferguson where he was making a late-night speech at one point and calling for calm and remember the split screen and we saw that they were torturing the police car. the idea that the president can go up there and say some words and that's going to stop all of the activity all of the answer ger in the anger in the street i'm not sure what he could pleshaccomplish at this point. >> let's talk about something that is special for you. >> this week we headed out to west point. there was the great company of our chairman and ceo mr. roger
5:36 am
ale with you and i heard you got a hard bucket hat. how incredible. >> on behalf of the entire class of 2015 he want to thank for leading this. i hope you can put this to good use on fox news. >> that's great. we don't have a good shot of it right there. does it say something on it chris? >> well, let's see. >> what an honor. >> i've got it right here. and let me explain just quickly and roger ales got me invited, i moderated a panel with the four former superintendents and we spoke to the class about 1100 the seniors are called first classmen talking about the history of west point and about
5:37 am
the future of west point. one of the great honors of my career. they did give me this tar bucket it's called. it's the hat that the cadets wear when they have formal and it has the date. could you like to see me put it on. >> yeah do you mind? >> i think you have to watch "fox news sunday" this week. >> geez. >> who else is going to do that on their show? >> i'm not sure anybody else has a head big enough to fit it. >> you're right about that. >> boy, thanks, brian. in any case let me just say, when you meet these young men and women, you know that our country is in great hands. in fact some of these kids that i met, the first captain, the head of the brigade, name is
5:38 am
austin welch and i said if he were a stock, i would invest in him because this young man is going to serve our country first in the military maybe afterwards in another capacity. but you feel pretty good about where the country is headed over the next 50 or 80 years. we're going to have the very latest from baltimore. we'll have a live report. we'll talk to local officials and we're going to have an exclusive interview with john kasich who may be the latest or one of the next republican candidates to enter a very crowded field. there are going to be three more early next week. that's going to bring it to six. i think we're talking more than a dozen. we'll have to see which one of them has a bucket hat. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. see you sunday. >> see you guys. >> what an honor. all right. now it's time for the news with heather. >> there's a sick new challenge i want to tell you about that is going viral and it's urging people to disrespect and stomp
5:39 am
on the american flag. it's hard to watch, but take a look. >> my name is erica walker and i'm about to do the challenge [ bleep ]. >> america's upside down. >> they are calling it the eric shepherd challenge and that refers to the valdosta university student who helped stage a flag protest and walked on the stars and stripes. well some others are joining in now. they stomped on our country's flag but they are free to leave. they can go to another country if they want. shepherd is on the run, allegedly, for bringing a gun on campus and is being investigated for making terroristic threats online. well another mountain to climb for one hiker who found himself in need of rescuing. edward bacon has been ordered to pay $9,000 to cover the cost of his rescue from the white
5:40 am
mountain forest due to negligence. he was up there and dislocated his hip and had to be carried almost four miles away. so he may now have to pay. and homeowners are crying foul after a turkey trashes their house. nancy page had thought a pipe burst in her rhode island house after water was rushing from the garage ceiling. when she went to check it out, a wild turkey was in her bathroom. >> even though that i had been gone for four hours and the door had been wide open the whole time so he could have trashed the whole house but he didn't leave the bathroom. >> reporter: he broke through a window turned on the faucet causing thousands of dollars of damage. the bird was eventually caught and released into the wild. i just have to say, it's a good thing that my mom didn't come in contact with that bird. she would have shot him. >> or grabbed him out of the sky with her hand. thank you very much.
5:41 am
>> no parakeets in your house. >> from home i watched and outside right now talking about the weather maria, what are we looking at? >> good morning. it looks nice across the southeast. it's chilly temperatures in the low 50s out here. farther west only in the 40s in chicago and cleveland. again, conditions not bad out there. you are going to deal with a lot of sunshine. some areas are dealing with rain. high temperatures are very warm as you head south across the gulf coast and into the plains. temperatures are widespread in the 80s. check out phoenix, arizona, 101 for the high temperature there. it is going to be a long summer for them. 80 for you in the city of l.a. again, seeing relatively warm across the southwest. otherwise, the rain we mentioned across parts of the mid-atlantic something to watch out for today, grab those umbrellas. let's go back inside. >> all right. mayday. thank you very much.
5:42 am
>> thanks, brian. coming up on this 1st day of may, president bush opens up about his father to dr. marc marc siegel. >> i went to kiss my dad good-bye. i was convinced that he was going to pass on. >> you'll want to watch that. how he said his dad's strength is helping them heal. we're live at the bush ranch down in crawford, texas, next.
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(music) boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america. president george w. bush kicked off the fifth annual 100k yesterday down in texas. a three-day bike ride honoring our nation's heroes. >> this brings attention to ptsd
5:46 am
and traumatic brain injuries. >> our dr. marc siegel is live. how are you doing, doc? >> reporter: i'm doing good. whether you're a wounded veteran getting back on a bike or recovering from a knee surgery or whether you're me it's a tough ride and it's all about how to overcome. i spoke with president bush about this yesterday and he wrote about this in his book "41" that was released earlier this year. >> i went to kiss my dad good-bye. i was convinced that he was going to pass on. i took my little girls there and about five months later he is jumping out of a helicopter at the age of 90. so the will to live is very important for your health. also have to make good choices
5:47 am
in life. i think the idea that the guy who can't walk and near death, jumping out of a helicopter for his 90th is a clear example of a desire to live to the fullest. >> tell me about the injuries of war. >> some of the people that we ride with come back from war with an injury that is treatable but it's hard for them to see a positive moment. and we helped -- not only we but a lot of programs are dedicated to helping these warriors become the productive citizens that we know they can be. i mean this is a very inspiring weekend for me. and i know for you and i want to thank you all for giving viewers a chance to see what it is like. but we're here riding with people who got hurt. they are injured. and yet they refuse to allow
5:48 am
their injury to confine them to you know a dull meaningless life. >> reporter: guys i am joined now by sergeant major flum who has been an army lifer for 24 years. brian, you're still on active duty. you were wounded in iraq and nearly died from a facial wound and rather than retire you returned to your troops. tell me about that. >> i trained with the physical injuries and adapted to the physical injuries. for me getting ba being tock to my assure wants was part of my mental recovery. bringing them home was one of the most important things to me. the physical recovery came. >> what was it like to live with post-traumatic stress? how do you cope with it? >> by getting active and being outside. it's part of my character. i don't choose to let it be a
5:49 am
disorder for me. i choose to make post-traumatic stress part of my life and i live it and it's okay. >> reporter: guys it's an injury. it's not a disorder. president bush was clear on that yesterday. it's an injury to recover from and get back with your life. breen, brian, are you going to do the whole 30 miles today? >> whole 30 miles, right up there with the president. >> is he going to fall? >> i hope not. >> you'll pick him up. >> absolutely. we're there for each other. >> back to you in new york. >> if it does happen you are there, doc, to help people out. >> doctor in the house. >> good luck to you, marc. great interview. >> thank you. coming up on this friday the latest edition of cooking with friends. andrea is here with her mom and sister. >> we're going to check in with martha on what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> thanks you guys. we have new details and changes in the freddie gray story in
5:50 am
baltimore and other places brace for rallies and weekend protests. how much money did the clinton collect that actually went to charity and how much of it went to travel? a look at those numbers coming up today. and the fountain of youth. amazing new science about your genes. when we see you at the top of the hour. i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. top three tools: hammer, screwdriver, front loader. happiness is a drive-over mower deck.
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it has been one incredible week of cooking with friends and it continues. >> this week we will look back. plus we're not over this visit. and now to a great rib that is still reverberating in the halls. >> and we have andrea along with
5:54 am
her mother and sister. good morning to all of you. >> good morning to you. >> this is my big sister and my mom barbara. we're just missing my older brother dean. >> so whose recipe is this. >> this is what i give out at the holidays to everyone here at fox news channel. >> it's so good. >> thanks to your staff, right? >> these are my people. >> you color coordinate depending on the event. you have red, white and blue perfect memorial day. >> we made one here with the m & ms. >> it's our one-year anniversary on "outnumbered" so we did a little trivia. >> fantastic. >> how do you make it? >> you put in six cups of corn chex. >> kind of like chex mix. >> it's so yummy but way better.
5:55 am
>> one cup of raisins. >> okay. >> pretty healthy so far. >> it's really healthy. >> unsalted peanuts. >> oh yeah. >> one cup of pretzels and then pour this. >> what is your role in this? to watch your daughters put this together it must be really gratifying. >> it is. >> i'm usually standing there with a cocktail in my hand. that's usually how it goes. >> i shouldn't be behind the -- >> do they always get along this well barbara? >> isn't that amazing? this is a mom's dream come true. >> we're sisters and best friends, right? >> and mom, where did andrea get all of her beautiful strong viewpoints? >> gosh i don't know. >> from you and from dad. >> so you put that in there.
5:56 am
>> while it's hot, you mix it all in. >> i saw a little makers mark. >> that is not right. this is does not belong in this segment. >> first, you have to mix it up we'll and then -- >> all right. let's try it. >> you've got to put it on wax paper. >> your staff here at the fox news channel called it crack because it's so addicting. >> back in a moment where we try the crack.
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5:59 am
well we can't wait. >> this stuff is great. >> go to our website,
6:00 am >> next time we'll do greek food. >> fantastic. >> stick around after the show. thank you, guys. there are new details in the investigation of freddie gray. police are now turning over a preliminary report as we have multiple new reports claiming that gray died from head injuries that he sustained in the back of a police van and those injuries could have been self-inflicted. sustained in the back of a police van and those injuries could have been self-inflicted. martha: the police hand over the report to prosecutors. the details were not made public but some leaks to reporters says one of the head injuries


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