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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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r mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before giving you healthier gums in just two weeks. innovation and you. philips sonicare. live from american news headquarters headquarters. new york city police say a suspect is in custody in the shooting of a plain clothesed officer. a spokeswoman says the suspect fired two rounds into the unmarked car. new york's mayor and police commissioner are at the hospital. things relatively peaceful in baltimore after an eventful day. the city now under a nighttime curfew. only a few arrests so far for refusing to obey curfew. earlier, crowds gathered at city hall for what was dubbed a victory rally, coming off six police officers were charged in
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the death of freddie gray. gray died a week after suffering a severe spinal cord injury while in custody. u.s. marines joining the relief efforts in nepal after an earthquake devastated the country. the marines will manage the supplies arriving in nepal. the u.n. says more than 2 million people are in need of shelter, food water and medicine. the quake killed more than 7,000 people. new developments in yemen. the country ounce touted by president obama as a success story in the war on terror now too dangerous to rescue hundreds of americans stuck there. the state department concluding there is no way to evacuate them. houthi rebels have captured much of the country, prompting an air strike campaign by saudi arabia. and now we're going to go to
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"red eye" and for all your latest headlines, logon to and keep it here. and you know why. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. previously on "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. >> you need a legitimate reason to leave. >> it is not even the real fictional universe. it is like the fictional, fictional universe. >> it calls into question everything they say before. it is a waste of time and energy. >> and now the thrilling conclusion. >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's welcome our guests. she takes a licking and keeps on ticking. i am here tonight with jedediah bila author, columnist and host of "outnumbers" weekdays at noon eastern on tokes newschannel. fox next channel. she doesn't always drink breer, but when she does she drinks a lot. it is the most interesting joanne in the world, joanne noah chin ski. >> give me a break.
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give me a break. break me off a piece of that first time guest. senior editor at "the federal list" and kid tested and mother approved anthony cumea. >> a block. the lead. that's the first story. >> it is endorsement every candidate hopes to secure. "hustler" magazine's larry flipt and the porn mogul chooses -- >> i am endorsing hillary clinton for president but i don't think she needs my endorsement. >> he hasn't changed a bit. >> the gop is choosing to skirt the issue of hillary's aid. see what i did there? skirt? rather than out right knock tv dinners they are implying her age by calling her the candidate of yesterday and comparing her to a character on "the golden dwirls."
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all of this hillary inevitability talk could be moot. vermont senator bernie sanders announced he is running for president. clinton says she welcomes sanders into the race saying he's older than me. he's older than me and most importantly, he's older than me. joanne, as someone who is a third of the age of hillary clinton, approximately. >> oh, you are kind. >> wouldn't you want her to be the not so great grandma in the white house. >> if she feels like age is an esh you she -- an issue she needs to team up with flint. first, she will always look younger. and hillary is like steel. steel is hard and old -- i mean cold. when paired with a flint it creates a spark. that's what you need if you want to be president. >> this is good. she is more like steel wool to me, but -- >> that has about as much
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substance as we need these days. the name is good. >> it is not far off. don't you think larry flipt -- flint look remarkably well? he looks the same as 1991. he hasn't changed at all. he actually looks better than woody harrelson these days. anthony, is flint's endorsement sexist? >> it makes perfect sense, but i want to see who "swank" magazine endorses. i like "swank" a little better. as far as the age thing goes, everyone got on ronald regan being too old to be president. i think he did a fine job. i don't think age is a problem. we are seeing the problem being that people are talking about age and that's the problem. nobody likes looking at the real problems anymore. >> it is more fun.
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>> it is more fun. oh you are talking about her age. truth of the matter is she is up there in age. i don't think it has anything to do with her being a female or anything else. if you want an older president vote for her. >> do you know how much older regan was than hillary? only a year. >> she is secretary 9. he is -- she is 69. he was 70. that is not even that old. >> that was the old 69 and 70 in the 80s. >> it was much older. the grandma on the walton's was 69. now it is not that old. >> and hot. >> she was a good looking woman. on a scale of 1 to 100. 1 be 1% and 100 being 100% what chance does bernie sanders have? >> 100%. he is a democratic socialist. he used to sing in a jam band. not even sing, but shouted in a jam band and i can't tell
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the difference between a fish concert and the democratic convention. there is a natural agreement there. >> did you know that larry flint claimed bill clinton went up to him in a party and said i'm your hero. clinton denies that, but flint says there are witnesses. do you believe it? >> absolutely. he said something else not mentioned in the story that if cigars could talk there were four witnesses. i don't know what that means. >> who said that? clinton? >> larry flint. >> that seems more like him. jedediah, are you finally glad it is not just a selection of old white men? >> i dated a guy that loved him. he is a socialist. it's true. i love he is running. he doesn't have a shot. middle america, mainstream moderate. but if he does run he will pull votes. i know people will vote for sanders' academics.
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people will go out and not vote for hillary clinton so that makes me happy. >> there won't be anyone in ohio voting for bernie sanders. >> it doesn't matter. >> they will take votes from hillary, but not that many. >> you will be surprised. if elizabeth warren doesn't run there is a strong wing that want a leftist. they want a liberal. i want having conversations and they rooting for warren. if they don't get warren they will look at sanders and say we don't love him and he is too extreme but hillary is considered right wing. they feel she will be no different than electing a republican. >> i actually think hillary put him up to running. >> isn't that the case? >> they are in cahoots. there is only one person who could make her seem young and
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in touch and it is him. >> the fact that she was challenged from the left and maybe from both of these people from bernie sanders and from elizabeth warren. it will make hillary feel like -- it will help her right or wrong. >> she is so boring. >> you will be around here a lot. two is a party, but is three really a crowd? writing about the supreme court hearing on marriage john hayward , asked why allowing same-sex couples not toed with is polygamous. he knows they will address why the number of people involved if the sex of the participant is not? there is no reason a polygamist cannot repackage every argument made in favor of gay marriage.
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mr. hayward a bit coy because he decides to support neither polygamy nor same-sex marriage. key woo we consider them prima-facia for the "red eye" debate. live from the new and improved "red eye" debate center. >> "red eye" debate panelists. for the purpose of argument let's assume all america supports marriage equality and why shouldn't we allow polygamists get in on this act. is polygamy bad? >> we should ask hillary clinton and she would have something to say. if she would have accepted all of those women we could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble. >> what is the difference if you have a husband who strays anyway right? an -- anthony, a real question. the fella on breightbard who
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was making -- even for people who are not why is two a magic number? what is the difference? >> when i read this i thought this is a great article for polygamy. we see gays wanting a legal right to be married can be carried over for polygamy. like i said many times i don't care who wants to get married. what is this sank tau tee of marriage? all i have seen is a living hell. i am not saying i have seen everything but every case i have seen. you want to enjoy that, feel free. 20 wives a guy and a guy a girl and a girl. whatever. true equality is when no one cares what you are doing. they say oh you are doing this i don't wear. >> what of the children.
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maybe if you had five mommies who are willing to give attention. >> kids love big families. >> you have more people doing the parenting. i think polygamy is great. it provided me hours of entertainment on the learning channel. >> so you watch the reality show. >> it provides a view you wouldn't ourself have. a lot is backed by a religious perspective so i don't think this would be a trend that would take off throughout the country because everyone is so divided on religion and where they stand and plorl morals. like anthony said i don't care what you do. i wouldn't want to be many wives. it gives the man the power and i am not about that.
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>> that was interesting. in the past it gave men more power. when it was in its heyday we were living in a sexist. you can have one to bring home the bacon and another to fry it in the pan so to speak. >> it sounds great to have extra wives. i kept thinking of what rex anne santorum said this is what will happen if you had bunch of other things were going to happen. and now that they are letting bakers bake cakes for gay weddings i'm afraid they will stick him in a room with a llama and a bowl. >> how many extra tbriedz do you need on top of the cake? i will use a word you don't hear slippery slope. >> that never happens. >> no one has said is that. when ever they bring up the polygamy argument they say
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that is ridiculous. it doesn't happen. don't you think the polygamists are waiting silently? >> the truth is if you are going to argue forgetting them out of marriage which is keeping the word "marriage" keep it a religious institution. then you can't be picky. then you can't legislate your morality in that case. you can't say, well gay marriage is okay, but pug lig me is great. you can have a mom and a dad and it can be dysfunctional and you can have two moms and it is great. it is not to us to decide what it will look like. for me get the government out of the way. they can't decide what a good pairnlg or bad marriage is. >> except the government has an interest that marriage, natural marriage. i don't understand what the government is interested in
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any other grouping you are going to have get involved. what is the government's role there? >> i am thinking of an arangement. it is children born out of wedlock. maybe it would solve that problem. it polygamy was accepted, maybe they wouldn't feel nervous about committing. >> someone who is afraiding of commitment and multiple women in his life. >> maybe they were complex people. >> bad boys everywhere will be using that line everywhere. you foe what you may have solved the describe's entire problem. you let bad boys know. i can sign up for one right now. in a couple years i can have more. >> but if they do legalize polygamy women will take advantage. you will be snagging three four knife. gee i will be.
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>> imagine a team of women going after your phone checking up on you. it would be like a detective squad guy i support it. >> i have one wife and two daughters at all. i am matter and sank tau -- sanctimonious. coming up, what is the most expensive sporting event to attend? it is not me playing shuffle board on a jetliner. more after the break to stick around.
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doug, we have the results, but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what?
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ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to spend all your money watching guys get punched.
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saturday's fight between manny pacquiao and floyd mayweather, junior is set to be the most expensive sports ticket of all time. this is according to seat here is how it breaks down. 500, the number of tickets sold to 16,800 to the public. 10,000 face value of a ring side seat. $351 005 is the price of a seat on stub hub. number one, number of punches i can take from pacquiao. number of 18 will lose their college fund because daddy has a problem. the number of daddy's knees that will give out if that doesn't pan out. boxing is all about gambling. is that leading to the high ticket prices? >> what does sitting closer have to do with the fight or the seats to the -- i wouldn't care. i'll watch it on tv. i don't know of anyone that paid that much money -- i have
8:21 pm
seen a lot of sporting event and -- who is paying $300,000 for a seat to watch any sporting event. i think manny is paying $3 million or $4 million to buy seats for their friends. >> they bump it up to hype the event. we are going to charge this or stub hub is charging this month for tickets. >> is it something -- is there a correlation that we live in the sanitized society. they are gladiators. i think we are getting into enjoying some more violent sports sure. it make us feel better. >> molly why do we spend so much on sports and why do we spend so much more on boxing? >> it will be a great fight.
8:22 pm
i am excited. >> you're excited? >> i am very excited. >> you were smiling and i thought you were kidding. i think mayweather and pacquiao will be a great competition and it will be a fight for the ages. excited to see these type of plays. >> pacquiao has loss. may sh -- mate wetter is undefeated. >> you know what the gambling portion is you go away and when you come back your kids don't go go -- if you were mike tyson you would send money on on that it would be back it is done. >> i split the pay per view and when i copy out he bit his ear off. i was in the bathroom for that. jedediah it is better to watch on tv.
8:23 pm
we have a wonderful high definition on tv. >> that's a great point with the technology being what it is you feel like you are in the room. you would have to be an idiot. i don't love. i love to box. >> you like to box? >> i love it. we can fight it out. >> my cheeks are soft. no protection. you have to go in and head to head with me. next show me and you. remember that old cartoon with the kangaroo? out of no where she jumps up and boom, you are dead. >> it is not my phone, it is my baby soft skin. >> this guy, mayweather he is accused of beating up a bunch of women. i know women who will be
8:24 pm
watching. >> i wanted him to win. if he does he will post "suge" knight's bail. we can all agree that that man needs to be out of prison. >> that's what his bail is $10 million? >> apparently. >> so he loses. >> these poor guys who are boxing it out it is their procession. talk about stress. this has to be hopeful that people put money on you winning? that's what makes us so love boxing. >> we can use boxing as a way of solving political problems. what if we had everybody fight it out if the ring like raped paul crier success ted voces. >> bernie sanders. i think bernie is scappy.
8:25 pm
nerny is -- ladies you all love the boxing, right? what about the mma? i seem like a whim p i like to watch guys go at it. >> i like boxes with frees -- i like the rain on my fingers. why hasn't female boxing has become a jugger not. >> same reason. we have to birth small children. >> that's a great question. society wise do people have a problem watching women get injured. >> i don't think guys would have that problem. >> if they were hurt it would be perceived differently. if there is one thing we would like to watch is female wrestling. >> in jello or something like that.
8:26 pm
>> are you talking about pillow fight wrestling. come on. the second somebody gets a black eye you will be oh, oh -- >> as long as there is pillow and mud. >> there is an athleticism that goes into the wrestling. >> riding the electronic bulls takes a lot of work. coming up, do you have a bid body, you can use mine. first, a word from our sponsor. the latest in digital currency. most people are putting their money in bitcoin, wouldn't you feel safer with no history of definitely not a scam. (rock climbing sfx) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts only duracell quantum because
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live from america's news head guarders, i'm patricia stark. police have arrested some who have refused to obey the curfew in baltimore. what many are calling a victory rally held outside baltimore city hall amid a large police and national guard presence it was the first organized then administration since six baltimore police officers were charged in connection with the death of freddie gray.
8:31 pm
gray died a week after suffering severe spinal cord injuries while in police custody. yesterday, a state prosecutor detailed those injuries. at today's rally, a warning was issued for baltimore city police officers. >> i know the police department's feelings are hurt. baltimore police department your day of justice has come! put them behind bars. lock them up! >> the six officers charged are all currently out on bail. each is facing a minimum of 20 years in prison. they're due back in court for a preliminary hearing on may 27th. nearly 700 women and children have now been rescued from the grips of the terrorist group boko haram.
8:32 pm
officials claimed to have destroyed three terror camps in the process. boko haram has a history of kidnapping women and girls and selling them into slavery. still no word whether any of these girls were among those kidnapped a year ago from a nigerian school. now back to "red eye." for all your headlines, logon to news, fox newschannel. the diet shake that shook them up. authorities are investigating an ad for an elixir. the ad for protein world my favorite world features a small wasted woman "are you beach body ready"? many were defaced and 60,000 people signed a paw session to have it taken down. they complain that protein world is directly targeting individuals to make them feel physically inferior to the
8:33 pm
unrealistic body image of the bronze model. they are holding a take back the beach event at hyde park. at least the protesters aren't getting carried away. >> we had threats on our head office. physical, violent threats. we had a bomb threat. >> jedediah, britain's watchdog company say it is socially you irresponsible. >> why is it socially irresponsible? because somebody felt bad. >> 60,000 people. >> well too bad. a company can't put an ad up that may potentially offend -- who cares? i don't think they should apologize. i feel bad for this company that has been defaced and now they have to spline themselves. if this happened here people would have a different response.
8:34 pm
it is more widely riewndz that if you are -- understood that if you are offended grow up. >> we mi not be as bad as england. >> because sex sells in america. just saying. >> hasn't it sold in england until now as well? they received bomb threats over there. do you think they are overreacting or under reacting 12k34. >> they may be reacting enough. >> just enough. >> i am offend ied because this is protein shaming. proteins are an essential amino acid that the body needs and keeps us alive. i will not same a posting. >> how can we criticize this ad when criticizing it is body shaming it, right? >> there is nothing about the criticisms that wouldn't apply to the people who have been
8:35 pm
complaining, but mostly it remindy me about how bill hicks would have a naked lady and you zoom up and it says drink coke. >> isn't basically that most ads anyway? >> it is great to see beautiful people. people would not have complained if it was a hot dude in the ad which also -- >> you ladies certainly wouldn't. >> iville not stand by and watch people shaping these poor modeling they them they are unrealistic body types. they are probably crying every day. oh i am unrealistic. models have feelings too. they are not the most secure. there is swimming and insecurity. >> and i don't agree at all what you said about america. >> more so than this?
8:36 pm
every ad that shows out what we commonly look at as an attractive woman always -- maybe i am just paying too much attention to the internet. >> you are right. there is a political correctness, but i don't think you will get bomb threats for putting off an ad if she was a foot woman. she doesn't look unhealthy. she looks like someone -- it is protein world. should they put somebody who is representing their product? >> somebody you wouldn't want to show on the beast. >> it is not good enough. everyone can be offended by everything. people are less offended. >> as far as taking it to the next level of bomb threats then perhaps.
8:37 pm
>> you'll consider it. >> get a load of this company. why make your insecurities our problem? i love these guys. >> good one. >> fantastic. was that the wrong tone? >> good for them. >> i get offended by james bond movie posters because i am not a secreting on the who gets to bed women all over the world. >> you're not? >> i am ready for b season. we have a couple of photos with me and my friends. look at that woman. she was so excited. >> you should have shown that off better. >> i don't want to bey go -- egotistical. and an an austrian baker created a 9/11 cake for the current state of poll i can its in vienna. they are representing the legal political parties that
8:38 pm
he opposed. he said sometimes you have to present an exaggerated view of the situation if you really want to make a point. he has made his point. should we consider his cake an act of war? >> i think it would be awesome if we can get him to not serve it at a gay wedding. then we can bring about the entire culture wear armageddon. >> exactly. how is it the cake maker who are at the forefront of america's controversy. >> i wonder if there is any cake truthers in austria right now. they are setting bay they are baking right now. what was this guy's thought process? i want to offend americans, but i want dessert. i don't get why you would do this. i don't think there is anyone that will look at this and say
8:39 pm
it is a good idea. there are some things you have to noah head of time if you will make funny or comedic in someway. it is safe to say that 9/11 is one of those things across the board. >> he bakes cakes and tried to get uh engs it. when was the last cake that didn't display terrorism that didn't get that the -- >> we don't have enough of that. the only time cake should be used as a metaphor is when you say let them eat creek. let them eat cake. >> do you think she said that. >> i do. i understand tree dom of expression and all that jazz. this trivial lieses what was significant for so many
8:40 pm
people. you are just doing that to ostracize yourself. >> it is the bad taste that tastes great. >> anthony, you follow austria politics closely. forget if it was right or wrong. was it correct? >> i can't even begin to think chect and incorrect. i saw this on the episode of "cake ayatollah." i guess as time goes by we are desensitized to more things. if that happened a year after, two years after 9/11 we would be going nuts or something like that. >> now i bring this a lot. there is a slight you blow in for your child's party. that's the titanic. >> but that's funny. >> i bought a titanic for a cat. it is a play toy that was the titanic.
8:41 pm
>> we become less sense tiesed. >> you have to feel -- the guy was austrian. when has an austrian caused political -- >> never. but they are artistic. >> our town is artistic. >> don't criticize the guy's art. maybe he won't take it further. nice to take a break. an entire facials the class when we come back. doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglass.
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savings on the e series family of tractors. welcome back to hard ball with chris matthews. a texas a&m professor failed every student in the course because they were the worst bunch he had ever seen. he had seen some bad bunches. in an e-mail to the crass which has since gone rival he said he reached a breaking point. here he is on fox and friends. >> i would say 70% of the opportunities were incapable even ever a a review of being able to do break even analysis to the eked tend they -- extented they can tell you to break it down and selling kool-aid in the driveway. >> surprise he didn't seem tightly well at all.
8:46 pm
they were spridding untrue rumors on-line about his wife. students were shocked. said one, just ridiculous. i never had a problem in the class. i thought i had done pretty well. another on rate my seeshers not time. no bra this guy a separate clown. now that guy is speaking my lange wenl obviously. the school said the failing grades won't stand. why? >> i don't know. i side with the students here. you have to be stupid enough to go into debt to the tune of them. it is asking too much and the administrators understand that. >> maybe there were a few bad apples but he decided to throw out the bunch. some get a's and some get b's. if they are going to college right now and they are -- you don't even get a good
8:47 pm
education. you are already failing at life. he is do everything so they will have failed lives in a few years so he is getting them used to it. >> joanne you were probably teacher's pet. did you walk in and put an apple on the peach -- on the teacher's desk. >> this should attend you. >> i would have been devastated because i would have done all of that work. they can do this because i immediately think did he get fired? he can't. why doesn't he quit? he has been doing this for 20 years. it is obvious he does president president what to teach anymore. kids won't get easier on you. technology bullying that's what makes it get easier. jedediah, you have taught in classrooms. i said before if you don't
8:48 pm
stop you will all be kidding. >> i understand the frustration. before i taught i wouldn't understand when peachers say i am losing my mind in the classroom. you have a room full of kids. rarely they behave. he says it was a difficult class. i understand the truss station, but you can't make a blanket you are all failing. that is sad for the kids. i guarantee there was a small percentage that did their work. maybe they did a or b or c work, but don't deserve to fail. but i understand why you go crazy. when you say all of you going to fell. how is that a threat? they say i am feeling anyway. >> you don't know what else to say to get this them to stop. >> you don't even know the struggle tom, the struggle is kids out of their inned moo. they are throwing stuff at you
8:49 pm
they are sleeping right here. >> anthony. he didn't just lash out. he thought about an e-mail. it wasn't a spur of the moment thing. >> you need a blonde woman teacher to come in and shake it up at first. by the end they will all pass and everything will be good and they will get a new song out of it. >> he looked like the kind of guy that when you say his name oh i got him. >> it is true. if they added a ta, a teacher's assistant. i think that's what ta stands for? >> that's right. >> very different from tna. look out. >> we will close things out with humble brags and to see clips of recent news go to fox eye.
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moi pod -- my pod cast is now available on itunes. you can also get it atom a new "red eye" on monday. guests next week are lieu daabs. >> e block.
8:54 pm
last story. that's the last story. >> a new study shows that people stopped listening to new hue sick at age 33. researchers used data from spotify and the echo nest that people's musical evolution basically flat lines. the study shows they look at new music over singles. >> the cranberries spin doctors, oh yeah. i love the grunge thing happening. when i want to be really happy and dancing along my apartment i go back to the 90s dance tune. >> when you are dancing around your apartment? why haven't i seen those on instagram. >> that will happen don't worry. >> is that how it really happens? do you spontaneously dance to
8:55 pm
soul music in your homes? jay it is completely true. daily. >> a glass of c cab better nay in their hands. >> they never spill a drop. >> dancing, hair brushed microphone. >> holly like me you probably love the new artist? >> new music is over waited and i think of what roger daltry said. he is old! >> he said he hoped to dye before he got old and they are still -- and he can run for office. >> now in the future the bands will be automated robots. >> thankfully we a lot of time before we get there. that does not sound good. i like music. i think what happens though is at 33 you get nostalgic. you want to listen to the music of when i were younger.
8:56 pm
>> we want to hear the music when you making out with daphne. if it was any good. it is all crap now so i don't even listen so it. i read that and i was like, i want to be the guy that goes -- that is true. >> who needs it. >> i you do get smaw -- nostalgic. i am not one that says. ♪ shake it off shake it off ♪ >> you get things that stick in your head. ♪ a chandelier, chandelier ♪ >> i don't like it, but it gets stuck in your head. >> that was wonderful. >> do like me and you can keep up with the latest artists. they are doing great things. i love nirvana. >> check out these kids allison chains. >> you are speaking my language. special thanks to jedediah, molly hemming way, joanne noah chin ski and anthony.
8:57 pm
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it lasts longer in 99% of devices. ♪ ♪ >> hello, and welcome to "justice." thanks for being with us. tonight, shocking report that illegals could vote in the 2016 election if the president has his way. and how one state, texas, might put the federal government to shame by strengthening its own power grid. but, first, thou sands gather in bat mar of what many call a victory rally. fox news correspondent mike tobin is in baltimore with the latest. mike? >> reporter: hi, judge. well the demonstrations that were down at city hall marched in mass to this location at north avenue


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