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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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pair rades. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you on next "fox news sunday." right now we are watching two breaking news stories here on the fox news channel. the mayor has lifted the curfew in boston. the national guard is beginning to pull out. so much change in just the past few days in baltimore, maryland. crowds are peaceful again today. our journalists are standing by for live coverage as we approach sunset. we begin with this. just minutes ago, we learned that dr. ben carson has confirmed to a local television station that he is running for the president of the united states in 2016. he says a formal announcement
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will come tomorrow in detroit. that along with new faces expected to enter the race this week. i'm harris faulkner. ben carson and carly fee oriorina and mike huckabee. >> we figured he was in. we just didn't know he was saying something about it tonight. dr. ben carson said he is unaring for president in 2016. it will allow them to make new choices in leadership.
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>> i am going to make an announcement about whether i am going to run for president and why stl is no question that our nation is in very dire straits. we have a tremendous amount of division going on. we need to address that. >> also tomorrow former hewlett-packard carly fiorina is going to announce that she's going to run as well. with a technology background fiorina is going to do an online town hall meeting in the afternoon. harris. >> mike the sound bite that you used from dr. ben carson was from "fox & friends" this morning. the ball has gone down the court with him saying that he's going to run for the white house with that official public announcement tomorrow not just to a local tv station as he did today.
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it's interesting timing for dr. carson. i know he was looking at what is happening in baltimore, maryland, and called for the leadership not just there but for the whole country. >> that's right. he's calling for new leadership and says he's not deterred from the big field of republicans running for 2016. it could be as many as 20 candidates or so. he says there's a critical time and the american voters need to hear from a variety of folks and you've got a guy who ran eight years ago, mike huckabee due to run in hope arkansas. >> we didn't slash, hurt people. we empowered people. >> i'm not a republican because i grew up rich. i didn't want to spend the rest of my life waiting for the government to rescue me.
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>> huckabee ran in 2008. harris? >> all right. just to quickly talk about the democrat side of things here vermont's bernie sanders who announced that he wants to run now for the democratic presidential race wants to run against hillary clinton. >> that's right. he groups hillary clinton in with wealthy, well-known republican donors. >> this is, in a sense, what my campaign is about. can somebody who is not a billionaire, who stands for working families actually win an election in which billionaires are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the bucket. it's not just hillary clinton. it's the koch brothers. >> he is uthsuggesting there may be time for a political breakup. >> mike emanuel, thank you very much. ahead of their official
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announcements this week a closer look at the candidates with the fox news political insiders and making news also on this sunday ohio governor john kasich talking about his record of governor of an important state. you've heard the saying as ohio goes so does electing the next president. now to our coverage in baltimore. a city is trying to move past the violence and anger. more progress on the streets. the city's mayor has lifted the curfew put in place last tuesday. the national guard is packing up and moving out and even some of the stores damaged during the rioting and looting are going to reopen their doors. >> i've seen incredible acts of kindness i've seen neighbors helping neighbors. i've seen a community that cares
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about each other and it's a great way to end the week with a day of prayer and peace and reconciliation. >> ending one week and beginning a new one, what will it look like? peter doocy is live in baltimore. peter, what did you hear at this big rally today? >> reporter: harris the very big crowd was very energetic as a group of speakers invited to speak for two hours about the importance of them to keep the sentiment that they all feel right now going until the six officers charged in connection with freddie gray's death are all in jail. >> i said all weekend long do not confuse an indictment with a verdict. we need to see this all the way through, until the six officers trade in their blue uniforms for orange uniforms.
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>> there were chants of hands up don't shoot, and i can't breathe. trayvon martin heard his name a lot today. the event attracted at least a few hundred people and although the crowd remains peaceful the national guard stood in front of city hall keeping an eye on everything. they are expected to pack up soon but tonight is the first night with no curfew since the riots on monday and nobody know what is is going to happen. harris? >> i see several people behind you and all day long we've been watching our satellite remotes to see the mood. you're right there in it. what is the mood? >> reporter: the mood, harris is very celebratory.
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it's an organized group. it seems like there's a lot of music and people are cheering. people are happy after a very difficult week and stephanie rawlings-blake thinks that all of the riots and property damage is in the past. it's not going to happen. >> the unrest has been settled, settled down in the sense of the protests but that doesn't mean that the work doesn't continue. we are actively engaged on collaborative review. we have been since last year in the process of improving our police department reforming our police department and putting in place things that will eliminate this type of incident from ever happening again. >> the m.o.n.d.a.ondawmin mall reopened
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ever since the curfew was put in place and restaurants and bars have closed at 9:00 hotels have been mostly vacant and stores are very likely downtown even on a beautiful day like today, harris. >> it's not just about the stores making money, those people need to go back to their jobs because they have bills to pay, too. peter doocy, thank you very much. images of the cvs store burning, those pictures captivated the nation at the height of the baltimore riot. since then the site has been an epicenter of the protests. now they are trying to figure out who started that ildbuilding on fire.
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>> reporter: good evening, harris. the bureau of alcohol and firearms is on scene as they are looking for where the fire was set, who set the fire and they are looking at surveillance video and they are focusing on this location and six other buildings burned on monday night. they are using 40 different forensic investigators from around the country and all in all atf says they have 100 investigators in baltimore. >> all right. we're going to say this fire sun determined and until we collect evidence and come up with enough information, they give us an idea of whether it was an incendiary fire or an accidental fire we're not going to rush to judgment. but we will hold the people response responsible for their actions.
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>> reporter: the police department here and atf are offering $10,000. you can upload any video to the you can anonymously upload your file and get the reward if it leads to an arrest. >> the thugs looting the stores and so on and so forth, they were not really concentrating on the heart of this investigation. they were taking advantage of a situation. so at the heart of it is the man who died in the custody and the charges that came on friday via the state's attorney. what is the latest on that. >> reporter: well the baltimore police department, according to "the baltimore sun," the 30-officer task force was looking into freddie gray's death. they retraced his steps through the $250,000 laser system and
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they were land surveyors to make sure they didn't catch any trouble with the neighborhood and they discovered that inside that van the camera that's normally operating inside the transport vehicle was not working and that one of the officers according to "the baltimore sun" thought that freddie gray had jailitis that he was having an illness when he had real injuries. they hadn't expected the officers the state's attorney to return an indictment so quickly and with that pros kult prosecutors had their investigation ongoing. all officers have boasted pail and they have a preliminary hearing on may 27th. >> thank you, rich. as he wraps up our coverage in baltimore, maryland we are watching the situation with the lifting of the curfew. meanwhile, look at the picture. dramatic rescue. for the very first time we're
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seeing this brand-new video capturing the moment when women and children were saved from terror savages. the group, boko haram, the one who has gained ground and joining the islamic state, we're watching that situation. and much needed help arriving in nepal after that monster earthquake. the u.s. marines are on the ground. stay close.
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care. many infants and children were so malnourished they needed intraveneously drip. none of the girls appear to be the young schoolgirls kidnapped a year ago. a major boost today for the earthquake-ravaged nation of nepal. marines have landed there for shelters after the 7.8 earthquake. they are doing search and rescue of more remote regions of nepal. time as you can imagine, is critical. the death toll already surpasses 7,000. will carr picks up the story from our west coast newsroom. carl? >> there is a bit of a silver lining because three survivors were pulled out of the rubble in nepal. one of them is 101 years old.
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authorities say it's a miracle that he is still alive but there's a lot of damage all across the region and here are the problems that they are facing. millions of people are homeless. the united nations says that 3 million desperately need food and aid is pouring in from across the gulf but it's not getting to those who need it most because rescuers cannot get to some villages because there is to much damage. the u.s. military is sending up to 500 troops to relieve the bottleneck of aid at the airport of kathmandu. chuck schumer called for the united states for people living in the u.s. to overstay their visas while the country recovers. >> people can stay here or get a benefit or green cards, they can just stay here and continue to work as citizens until their country is rebuilt. >> reporter: there are dozens of
4:19 pm
organizations helping out with aid. if you're interested in actually donating visit the usaid government website to get the list. harris? >> a 101-year-old man rescued all these days later. you bet there are miracles on earth. >> absolutely amazing. >> another u.s. citizen has come home and that's where we're getting a lot of the details. >> that's right. her name is daniel banks. she was actually hiking on mt. everest when the earthquake hit which caused an avalanche. she was up there and her family didn't hear from her for two days. a gut-wrenching 48 hours. they didn't know if she was dead or alive after four americans had been killed while on mt. everest. she just returned to texas and had a heartfelt reunion with her family. she plans to go back to nepal next year to continue a missions trip that she was just on. harris? >> carl is following-- will carr thank
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you very much. neurosurgeon dr. ben carson telling a local tv station that he's running for president. a formal announcement he says will come together. also a crowning moment in british history. england's newest princess receiving a lot of attention both public and private, i would imagine. family members meeting her royal highness. so what's her name? we don't know yet. s a cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here.
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human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. royal excitement surrounding kensington palace.
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gosh. she looks amazing. look at her. one day after the birth of her child, a beautiful mom and baby. and now all of britain anxiously await the name of the new baby. sky news royal correspondent rhianna mills. here's more. >> reporter: prince charles is every bit the happy grandfather. he's made it no secret that he wanted a granddaughter. kate's mother carol middleton arrived first with pippa middleton here to see her niece while grand dad michael middleton arrived last. with william and kate back at the palace the media has set up camp. curious well wishers gather.
4:25 pm
and this couple knows exactly what they are going through as they get to know their new daughter. >> yes. we've had some sleepless nights. >> reporter: just 12 hours after arriving the couple has stepped out the famous doors. the princess of cambridge cuddled in her mother's arms fast asleep and oblivious to the press photos. >> the fact that we have a princess -- we have a prince and now we have a princess. there's a little bit more to talk about and both now and as she grows up will she be like her mom, her fashion and what she is wearing. >> reporter: but while we've seen her wondering what they are going to call her, the buckingham palace tourists were happy to take guesses. >> and i think alice for a middle name. >> alice is a good name i think. alice is a very nice name. >> we picked victoria.
4:26 pm
>> alice, we think. >> i think mary would be quite nicely. >> reporter: in the privacy of kensington palace the duke and duchess will enjoy getting to introduce her to the rest of the family. right here on the doorsteps continues to be the huge international focus of what the family is going to do next. >> people are mostly betting on the name charlotte, by the way. second place is alice. princess alice. there is no fixed timetable for the announcement of the baby's name. we'll let you know when it happens. well here is how he said it to a local television station a short time ago. dr. ben carson on camera said quote, i'm willing to be part of the equation and, therefore, i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states of america. the fox news political insiders join me on deck and we love it when you chime in while you tune in want to know what your thoughts are now that dr. carson
4:27 pm
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freddie gray was fatly injured while in police custody. events in the last few days have taken on a different tone. >> we know we have challenges in baltimore. we know that there is work to be done. but what you saw with people coming together to celebrate baltimore, we will get better. we will get through this and do it as one baltimore. >> mike tobin is live. mike? >> reporter: harris part of the ambulance going by but as we look at the street corner this is what the mayor was hoping for, return to a normal street corner and normalcy as they said. it's busier than normal but this has been the epicenter for the unrest and now cars are just
4:32 pm
going through it. it's a chapter that included 113 injured officers 486 arrests, 46 of those arrests just last night out here. but what is absence from the mix is the people showing up intent on defying the curfew and having a conflict with the police and some of them would get it every night, about 10:20, a little while after the deadline while the curfew was in force. the burden goes back on the demonstrators. if they can get through a night without any more violence and without busting up the town baltimore looks like it has turned the corner in this event. the police is on stand by and the curfew can go into play
4:33 pm
again but they are trying to find out what are the thresholds that would mean reinstating things likehe curfew. harris? >> mike tobin, thank you so much. people are wondering whether bigger government and money has failed that city. doug schoan and fox news contributor is joining us via satellite tonight. but we feel like you're right here with us. ed rollins, former principle white house adviser to president reagan, a newsfox news analyst is here. gentlemen, you heard what i just said about government.
4:34 pm
your thoughts? >> well one of the things that you have is whether you have someone who is a hands-on good mayor or if you have someone over there as miss rawlings-blake is which means that all of this was handled by protecting a narrative or trying to protect a narrative as opposed to local politics. but there's no doubt the trillions and trillions we have spent has not worked. everybody wants to keep ongoing what is ongoing except the people suffering. >> you know as we watched those pictures ed and then a day later leadership asked for donations after the cvs pharmacy burned my question is how do you go from a point where you don't have any grocery stores in
4:35 pm
that neighborhood? how bad was it before the riots that you need national donations to feed the neighborhood? >> well it's a very serious neighborhood. $170 million came in for redeveloping that area and -- >> so where did the money go? >> they tried to do subsidized housing. it starts with lack of education and lack of hope is a big part of it. i think the more serious problem that needs to be addressed today is we can't have a war on cops and we obviously had a rough summer rough spring and it's kind of a tendency today and you saw those scenes where the cops are being bombarded with rocks, 100 police officers being injured and i think, to a certain extent we had the fifth cop shot here last night and the cops represent us. the vast majority of police officers are good decent human
4:36 pm
beings with very tough jobs that i don't want pat doesn't want and i don't think we can have this environment where the cops are the bad guys and we've got to do damage to them and when the crips and the bloods say we've got to get the cops you're going to have nothing but an explosive situation. >> i want to go to doug. marilyn mosby says she comes from a long line of police officers in her family and her grandfather helped set up police foundations, so on and so forth. talk to me a little bit about what happens with all of this. we lay in wait for the verdict and that could take some time. >> if we have recriminations back and forth between the community that wants justice, a police force that feels agrieved and if there is no effort made to solve the underlying social problems which are family structure, poverty and, most importantly, harris unemployment what we need is a
4:37 pm
natural -- national conversation and a national consensus that we have to not just throw money at our problem but to solve problems to get people back to work keep families together and to give people reasonable hope to succeed. >> real quickly, pat, from twitter, i love that pat told the truth about pro equity itting protecting the narrative. >> ed had some numbers. the amount of money spent has been overwhelming. you know there's a poll out today on nbc this morning from "the wall street journal" shows 96% of americans to 4% believes there will be more riots this summer and 57% believe it will happen in the cities closest to them. this is a very dangerous kind of situation. we not only need an answer a commonsense answer and the problem with education, no one is allowed to take on the
4:38 pm
teachers unions in these democratic cities. >> president obama said it last weekend, that we likely would or could see more of this sort of thing. >> congresswoman donna edwards said this isn't a republican or democrat thing. she said that you've got to take a look at all of the leadership and you made the point, well what does it look like? >> in most democratic areas, a lot of times african-american leaders, two young women here of this community prosecutor comes from a prominent family the mayor comes from a prominent family. but the key thing here is again, there is no dialogue. i'm much older than the two of you here. >> but you look so good. >> thank you. he appreciate this. in the '60s where i grew up we had the watts riots and when martin luther king was
4:39 pm
assassinated 200 cities were attacked including washington, d.c. chicago. my fear today is that this is building again and there's been terrible incidents that have occurred. cops represent us. they have to be held accountable. i don't know what these police officers did but to have them charged already on murder charges, there's going to be a big backlash on that from the police forces. >> the state's attorney says not much if any, of it would and she'd make strong words if there were likes. >> she also rushed to judgment. she tried to say that the homicide report from the coroner that people were saying that it takes several days to examine this and she went out a couple hours later and indicted six cops for murder. for murder. >> not all of them for murder. >> but most of them very severe
4:40 pm
and it's not like they took this guy out in the back alley and shot him. whatever the story is it's complicated. >> we know that we don't know everything. hillary clinton is fundraising on serious allegations about the clinton foundation. actually there's more. will this funding scandal sway potential 2016 donors? more money. more fox news political insiders. remember we love it when you chime in. i'm reading some of your messages and we'll read your tweets to put on facebook as well. stay with us. ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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4:44 pm
the fox news political insiders are back. actually pat, i'm going to start with you. we're getting information that take as look back but much closer at some of the finances. what's going on? >> well there's a report tonight that the taneo company, which is a -- the chief deputy chief of staff while she worked for the state department -- this is an exemption to the law i never understood and remember her, and this is a family internal operation. the long and the short of it is she went on a trip at the end of her last for secretary of state. money has been donated up and down the line. it's part of the same pattern of corruption that we -- that's the only word for it corruption that is going on here. >> doug i questioned this.
4:45 pm
you know the clintons very well particularly hillary clinton. >> i do. >> do people care about this though? do you think she's getting worried about this or do you think, well it's so early right now, well to quote her, i guess it doesn't matter right now? >> well here's what i would say and i've spoken to people very close to both clintons. they are very nervous about all of this and they are walking on eggshells. that being said harris hillary clinton is going to raise the $100 million or more that she neets needs for what is now an uncontested -- unless bernie sanders is a stronger candidate and at least than at this point he appears to be. there will be some donors but those are mostly obama donors moving towards her busecause of
4:46 pm
inevitably. candidly as long as she's the democratic nominee and as long as there's no smoking gun, she will be just fine raising money. >> ed what difference does it make at this point? hillary clinton talking about benghazi at that point of ththe investigation but what about now? does this matter to voters? >> first of all, most voters are not interested as we are at this point in time but may matter over time. here's the thing. she's been an announced candidate for a month. she's made no presentation of who she is going to be or while she'll be different than her husband or anybody else. my sense is there's a lot of democrats who would certainly like an alternative and bernie sanders is not an alternative although it makes me feel good that my democrats will have a chance of voting for a socialist. but he's not going to be a good candidate. the problem is she's are complicated issues. the clinton foundation has done
4:47 pm
wonderful things. >> almost 60% of their money goes to it. >> my impression is they have done many wonderful things. so i'm going to be careful in my criticism of -- >> i'm not. look this was a huge slush fund. less than 10%, apparently of the money has been used on product. everything we had $8 million last year for them. this is where they stacked members. ira ira, a very close aide to hillary before giving $400,000 it's a political operation and fundraising operation and one of the things we don't know that i'm particularly upset about, the deal that happened -- you know their reaction is it's wrong and peter schweizer is a conservative. no it's not. it's all over the place in the degree we have never seen. i want to ask the question will
4:48 pm
we give away half our uranium to the russians why is nobody in washington caring enough to how that deal got done. i don't care if it was her. i'll tell you where the smoking gun is. it's in haiti. >> i wish we didn't have to take a commercial right now but we do. we'll be right back. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. . boy, i tell you, our social media just lit up with the comment about the clinton
4:52 pm
foundation. >> pat and i usually agree on most things but having worked with the clinton foundation and helping start an anti-aids program in ukraine and a leadership program that helped save lives and empower ordinary working people i can say, like ed say, they have done a lot of good and the uranium story, pat is right, it raises real questions but in haiti it looked like they hired a respected payment company whose ceo contributed to the foundation. >> first of all, let me just say, i appreciate you saying that nothing was done but when you're spending 5, 10%, when they cannot on the list of charities put you down because there's no transparency if it's less than 10%, you're raising all of this money and hundreds and hundreds of millions of
4:53 pm
dollars. >> let me speak to the haiti thing. somebody do a forensics of this foundation and let's found out what it is. >> and schweizer, with his book might have done that. >> well certainly opened the door but we have 1,000 some donors who were secret from overseas foreign donors this week. i mean this thing is not going to go away. the reason i said haiti is the issue is because the state department ran by hillary clinton, was given government contracts there. former president bill clinton was the overlord if you will and the prime minister, if you look at the documentary, all of the contracts went through bill clinton and we see a connection there and let me just say, it's not just fox news or peter
4:54 pm
schweizer. he has an investigative show and last week they had a 15-minute show on haiti and all of the corruption that went on with the government contract. you put this together and, i'm telling you, you can see the smoking gun. >> you know it's interesting. ed you're letting the dim on dim going. your thoughts? >> i don't know why journalists won't do their jobs. >> "the washington post" has done some stuff and it's more than fox and the book. i think people are going to look hard and see the presidential candidate -- >> they are all the business of being political participants. not being political jurors. >> i've got lots of calls myself from political reporters asking about the clinton foundation. so i think she's going to come under huge scrutiny and harris ultimately is it going to matter? it's one of the big issues. >> as i said earlier, he has been a candidate for a month and
4:55 pm
nobody has said one single thing that matters to the american voters. you don't stumble into a campaign. >> she might want to do a national television interview. we'll come right back. appears buster's been busy. yeah, scott. i was about to use the uh. i've got a much better idea, lad! scotts ez seed uses the finest seed, fertilizer and natural mulch so you can grow grass anywhere! thanks, scott. ez seed really works! get scotts ez seed. it's guaranteed.
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as we went to break, i was commenting on anybody in the media that has had at all hillary clinton, not done the national tv interview post-candidacy announcement and that is where we have gone this many days. doug has a quick thought. >> sure. harris she's made a judgment that she can avoid interviews have small sit-downs with voters and appear to be interactive in that way. eventually she'll have to talk to the media but with no opposition she's not going to do it any time soon. >> it will be interesting, if she can change the subject from these scandals. real quickly, dr. ben carson to
4:59 pm
a local tv station and he's not going to win anywhere and there's no place that he's going to win. >> that's harsh. >> we have ten of them are not real. >> every republican in the world, one democrat would run for the country and take on this corrupt -- >> what about bernie sanders? >> he's a socialist, for god's sake. i'm talking about elizabeth warren and -- >> governor o'malley is running. >> he had a tough time. >> i don't know how you guys really feel. i can't tell. let's do fox fast forward now. in baltimore, the curfew is in effect and is over today. the national guard is beginning to withdraw its presence from
5:00 pm
the city a process that will take several days. it's been a weekend of mostly peaceful demonstrations. i'll be back tomorrow at noon eastern. bill o'reilly's "legends & lies" starts now. news is the first draft of history. it is immediate and takes place in realtime. legends take longer to develop and are sometimes based on myth. this fox news series looks at the truth behind the legend. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. do you think mr. crockett will be making it today? i don't think so. it will be just like last money. i am going to win. spent too much time in


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