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tv   Legends Lies The Real West  FOX News  May 3, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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of that event. police officers were at the ready they thought the event might get a blow back from those who didn't agree with free speech. they killed them dead. wither going to stay on the story on fox news channel. i am harris falkner. >> two gunmen are dead in garland, texas. the heavily armed men drove up to the front of the building in a car where a muhammad art exhibit was taking place and opened fire on a security officer. the security officer's injuries are not life threatening. garland police officers exchanged gun fire with the gunman killing both of them at the scene. through out the night a police bomb squad has been using a robot to check for a possible incendiary device. they are concerned the two gunmen could have rigged their car with positive explosives. they evacuated people from
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wal-mart and sam's club and other businesses. they are not heuer if it is in response to an anti free speech event dating back to january 17th. the event was designed to say you cannot squash free speech from america. today's event was a cartoon contest frof muhammad. our way of life is under attack. she described a scene that a swat team member told the crowd inside the venue they were in an active shooter situation. a security officer was down. the crowd she said began to wave an american flag and began to pray. pray for the officer who had been shot. they were then put on buses and taken away to a place for safety. police conducting one-on-one interviews with everyone as they tried to get a handle on just what happened, why it happened and all are looking at the event. our way of life is under attack.
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remember what she said. pamela geller took to social media to describe what was going on. she is joining us live to get all of the details about what took place. what can you tell us? >> we had an event in defense of freedom of speech in age of jihad. at the end of the event as you know two gunmen drove up right up to the event and got out and shot a police officer they were sum air illy taken out and there's some suspicion there may be explosives inside as well as in their car there may be explosive materials. this terrible incident is ill straightive of how critical this conference on free speech is. the idea we are going to bridge
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our freedom, our most basic inalienable right in order to not offend savages is egregious, it is outrageous. >> there is service in this >> they were seen just in case >> first i want to say one thing. kudos to the garland police. they did an amazing job. they were -- there was prior planning for weeks. they were on this.
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they understood there's an enemy among us. they need to crush our freedoms, our me motions. basic freedoms. they handled this situation brilliantly. we this our organization american freedom defense initiative have its own private security army. is th this is the low state of the world where a conference on freedom of speech is quote-unquote controversial or highly -- a high target for violence. this is texas for goodness sake. i don't know if you are aware of it, but when the -- roughly 300 attendees, they were taken down to a safe area because backpack had the event in myself, robert spencer, these people needed to
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be taken to another area. they were singing the star-spangled banner. they were singing god bless america. they understand the fight. we need to stand up for freedom of speech. the idea that a cartoon, a funny cartoon -- by the way, we had held the contest the muhammad contest. it was won by a former muslim, bosch boston that that cartoon would compel devout followers to slaughter is -- it's outrageous. it is unspeakable. it is monstrous. we hear many say the controversial conference. a free speech conference is not controversial. shooting people is p controversial. there is a moral inversion. there's a problem here.
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the american people need to stand up for the basic founding principal. the principal -- it's offensive speech, it's the first amendment. it's not the 8th or 10th. it's the first amendment. who will decide who is good or what is forbidden? the islamic state? muslim groups? >> let me ask you something if i could get a word in edge wise. what would have happened if you had put up a caricature of jesus christ, would you have had the same kind of response? >> of course not. we tolerate quote-unquote art that we find unspeakable. christ on the cross in a jar of urine. that was deeply offensive but christians didn't slaughter anybody. wloel communitiy -- whole communities were not slaughtered. this is the price of living in
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an open democracy. speech must be protected even if it is speech in mrur ristick socie -- mrur ry pluristic society. it is horrible and -- believe me, it is horrible, what's happening now. it is still unfolding. we just got out of lock down just now. it is -- >> have you been there through out the night? are you being kept there through out the night for more questioning by police? >> witnesses are. witnesses to certain things are. we were released. again, it is illustrative of why such events defending free speech are so necessary. >> if i can ask you one more why you organized the event and why you choose a topic of muhammad exhibit using cartoons to
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illustrate mohammed in a way that many people would find offensive, why did you choose that particular path? >> i want to say the shooting is offensive not my free speech. secondly, let me say this, if you recall in the wake of the charlie hebdo jihad slaughter in paris, not a week later, american muslims, the very same groups held a conference in this very venue in this very same room at the curtis caldwell center called stand with the prophet conference. it was a conference supporting sharia restrictions on free speech. it was a conference against free speech, against quote-unquote islamophobic speech. what is islamophobic speech? those that oppose jihad? it was gruelling that not a week
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they weren't even buried yet american muslim leader held a conference in support of the sharia behind the slaughter of those jourm lists and carto cartoonis cartoonists. -- journalists and cartoonists. they should have held a conference in support of freedom of speech which is why we held our conference in the same room in that same venue in that same state in defense of freedom of speech. at their conference they had imam, a co conspirator of the world trade center of the bombings in 1993. is that the message american muslim leaders want to send in the wake of the slaughter of editorial staff, journalists and cartoonis cartoonists? really? we took a stand for free speech and you see the response. >> through out the night was there any indication that
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something might be taking place? something might in the form of an attack take place an attack take place against your event for free speech? >> no. there was no -- there was no indication of such. clearly we have the security we have in garland police department has the kind of coverage and s.w.a.t. teams they have because of the worldwide jihad against freedom and freedom of speech. so, you know, it was only a matter of time, and frankly, it's only going to get worse. people really need to understand the fight that we're in and they need to stand up for our basic inalienable rights. this is so crucial. so crucial. today, to have a freedom of
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speech event is considered controversial. no. it's a war against it. >> are you planning any more events similar to this? >> i -- look, as you know, the work that we do, we opposed the ground zero mosque. we succeeded in that. we have numerous lawsuits against the federal government. we win every one when they try to suppress our ads exposing and highlighting the jihad terrorism. of course we will continue to do the work, we have to. people say, are we afraid because we get terrible death threats. i say to people that ask me that, aren't you afraid of doing nothing? isn't that really so much scare ier than fighting back and fight in ing in defense of freedom? this is nothing short of freedom of war and when it was said give
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me liberty or give me death, it's the same fight for basic human freedom. >> pamela geller sharing with us, the organizer of tonight's event. in case you're just tuning in now, there was a shooting outside of dallas, texas, garland, texas, muhammad exhibit and cartoon contest. two gunmen drove up in front of the center and opened fire on the security officer. he has non-life-threatening injuries. inside, where pamela and other guests were attending this videotape, an s.w.a.t. team officer said there's an active shooter in the mix an put everything on lockdown and everyone else on lockdown and able to get the people out safely, one key attendee, when they learned another security
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officer had been shot, one purpose in the audience took out an american flag and began to pray for that security officer with non-life-threatening injuries. casey, bring us up to date as to what's unfolding right now. >> you talk about that security officer. he was employed by the garland independent school district. there is some local news report circulating right at this hour that that man has been released from the hospital. we've learned all along tonight the injuries were said to be non-life-threatening when these two suspects drove up and engaged him. we are getting word that man has been released from the hospital. the reason why he is an employee of the garland independent school district, this is important to note the curtis caldwell center, not far, really a stone's throw away from where i am in the background there, the curtis caldwell center is
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owned and operated by the garland independent school district. they lease it out, people hold certain events there and that's what was happening tonight. we were at this very center a few months ago because they were holding a stand with the prophet event celebrating the prophet muhammad and trying to combat what they call islamophobia. let's set the stage for now because you can see the flashing police lights behind me. one of to the reasons it took me so long physically to bring you the live report, because there is a massive perimeter set up around the curtis caldwell center at this hour. here is why. there is a fear there could be some explosives of some sort in the suspect's vehicle. we saw bomb squad technicians rolling through this very security checkpoint about 30 minutes ago when the crew was here, the bomb squad went in and
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we've been watching early pictures of those bomb technician technicians -- aerial pictures of the bomb technicians going to work and the like. we've seen it with suspicious packa packages. we are watching and hopefully going to hear an all clear hopefully. a very large perimeter has been set up. the police are not letting any from the public in because there still is a serious threat potentially of the bombs in the suspect's vehicle. that is being checked out as we speak. we do know the police quickly engaged these two suspects with gunfire when they rolled into the parking lot just after this event was ending a little after 7:00 local time in texas. we do know the police engaged those two suspects rather quickly and they were shot dead by police officers on the scene. as far as who they were, what
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organization they were with potenti potentially, all of that is still unclear at this point, kelly, as it is a very fluid situation, again, waiting on the all clear, as they check out that vehicle, and hopefully there is no explosive material locations and then we can get the official all clear at the scene. >> casey, it is fluid indeed. i want to ask you, have you heard anything to possibly suggest there may be more suspe suspects? >> it's not likely. that's what we're hearing from some of the local police reports. i was just reading on twitter from kdfw, the local fox affiliate in dallas, fort worth, that they saw a suspect or a person, i should say, that was put into a police car. but they didn't know if it was any connected. obviously, if there are witnesses, they could put a witness into a police vehicle to question them. there are a lot of people that were here.
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clear clearly, police and investiga r investigators want to make sure they speak to everyone and the is are dotted and ts crossed. the governor land police department has released a fair a. of information and we know the specifics as far as who, what, when, where, fairly early on. they haven't said too much at this point about another suspect. it is believed the two suspects, the ones shot dead acted alone. time will tell. >> casey segall, stand by and bring us up to date as the night progresses, as developments unfold. while casey is standing by, joining us on the phone is wally ferris, a middle east expert and author of the coming revolution of the struggle for freedom in the middle east. he is a terror expert who knows what's going on out there. does this come as a surprise to you this would happen outside
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dallas, texas, in garland on a night many people would have thought would have just been another night but protecting freedom of speech and having another art exhibit cartoon contest, is this something you anticipa anticipated? >> well, the attack by itself is very revealing. it is stating by itself its goal. had it been against a mob, a public place, a lot of speculation. here, chapter one is closed and it is about free speech and the attack in co ppenhagen a months ago and in paris. and you asked earlier, is this only two persons? is there anybody behind, ready to attack again or videotape? these are questions law enforcement has to address. >> i was asking that question
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because you never know, given the fact two people were bold enough to drive a car up to the caldwell center in garland, texas, and then open fire on a security officer. again, we cannot confirm if it was related to this but all indications seems to be that it was. >> if they had weapons, as far as we understood and possible explosives being there at that event, clearly it was targeted. and as in paris, are there people who will use this as material as we saw the last 60 cases on the other side of the atlantic to videotape and post it. we don't know. police have done a great job eliminating them before this becomes a major drama. >> kudos to the garland police. let's look at the bigger picture there. harris alluded to it earlier as well as pamela geller who says
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this is an age of jihad and we are at war with jihad. i attended a persecution of christians conference globally and threat to international peace and security. in that conference they talked about the religious freedom and world report releasing figures that groups like isis and other radical islamic groups are hell bent on attacking christians and moderate muslims and other people who do not share their faith. what's happening? are we seeing this as being a global attempt to take over? >> this is undoubtedly an act of jihad, there's no doubt about, we will probably and i project hearing about it from jihad circle s on and offline. this is part of even al qaeda, and independent to intimidate the american public, to in dim date the u.s. government.
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i wouldn't be surprised if isis in the next hours praises them. this is part of the global ji d jihadist movement. the question is, how many are there, as we saw today, ready to take action. remember, every time we analyze a terror case, the last question we have, are there more? this is the answer today, there's always more. >> wally, i'm sorry, my producer is talking to me. we will take a break soon. here is something noted on that conference i attended on p percution of christians at the hand of other islamic and other radical groups. 50% are involved in these radical groups. that means we cano longer be silen silent. >> we saw them getting killed. >> i will ask you to hold that thought and we will come back on the other side of this break.
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this is a fox nyoews alert. we're going to garland, texas, and kd frfw video, and the car
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you're looking at is one two suspects had driven to the walled well center. you can see lights on that and there's a robot there to check that car for a possible bomb or some sort of incendiary device. a chaotic scene in texas, as a shooting conference center in dallas, at least two people dead and another injured happening sunday night in the town of garland shortly after 7:00. the center was hosting a contest for cartoon depictions of the prophet, muhammad, when two people pulled up in that vehicle you're looking at and began opening fire on a security officer. police returning fire and killing both suspects. the security guard who was injured has now been released from the hospital, we're happy to say. he is expected to survive. after the shooting, police could bebe seen evacua
8:27 pm
be seen evacuating nearby businesses to make sure people inside the caldwell center knew it was the case of an active shooter and they would be in lockdown. and officers called the bomb squad what we're looking at now to make sure the suspect's vehicle does not have any explosive explosives. we were talking to wally pharep, just outside dallas. and this is a state used to attacks, like fort hood, texas. we were talking a moment ago about we're living in an age of jihad, according to the organizer of this event, pamela geller, what would you say, is she correct about that? >> the more i'm reviewing the elements of this case it's more complex and dangerous.
8:28 pm
this is not just a general act of jihadist, yes, that's correct we're livie ing in an age of jihadism. it's all over the world. we're talking about the first political targeting in america. these are political activists conducting a meeting, whatever that meeting is about, people can attack it and support it, that's a different story, this could be the first by jihadists target iing individuals in the same way that has happened in paris and france and denmark and other places around the world. >> as you know, to your point, after the "charlie hebdo" attack, isis put out a warning it will be coming to you in a state in america. are we seeing this unfold right now? >> isis want their supporters and members inspired by them even if they don't know them and want al qaeda to switch to isis and conduct attacks on the
8:29 pm
homeland. this, kelly, is something very specific. these are two individuals, as far as we know, from information released by authorities who started shooting against the security guard at an event. it's not just a public event, a political event by activists. they had their names, they know who was there and trying to identify if there was a politician from europe because what is circulating in information is the possibility that a -- a controversial or a politician in europe engaging in these activities before, if that is the case, we are at a different level. >> wally, i want you to stand by. we have katrina pearson right now. she was an attendee at the event. are you with me? >> i am, thank you. >> you mentioned earlier how this all unfolded and said something really particular i found to be very stark. that was the fact you were
8:30 pm
basically saying jihad is here, that war is here. >> well, i haven't said that. i've heard that being said. >> i'm sorry, it was pamela geller. what did you experience inside? >> i think it's pretty obvious. it's not everyday in the united states you go to whether you want to call it a political event or just an event people show up in a parking lot and open fire on police. that's not an everyday occurrence in this country. considering the nature of the event, i think it's safe to say we better in the united states take very seriously what we're looking at for the future of our country and begin to look at these laws like we have in texas being discussed right now in the legislature for american laws for american ports. that is the first step we should do as americans to make sure that these types of things don't happen on regular basis. >> you mentioned someone pulled out an american flag at the event and all of you began to pray for that security officer
8:31 pm
we are happy to report is alive and well. >> yes. everyone saying, got bless america, and the pledge of allegiance. it was a moment that here you are at an event, standing up for your rights of free speech, whether any likes it or not, it was a moment in our country, particularly here in the state of texas, for many of us to stand up for that right. and we became americans, not just texans tonight. >> we thank you for keeping us posted and updated again. sorry, i confused you with comments made previously by pamela geller. a lot of facts are still unfo unfolding and coming in. we appreciate you talking to us and the fact that you and everyone inside is alive and well. obviously, you'll be there throughout the night possibly talking to police officers. for those tuning in, we are continuing to following the breaking developments out of r
8:32 pm
garland, texas, where two gunmen approached a security officer, opened fire and shot at a muhammad art exhibit. we will be coming back with more details. you're watching fox news channel. my lenses have a sunset mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside to inside mode. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors, indoors and in the car. therhere's one way. ways to save money. esurance. they were born online and built to save. they major in efficiency which means when they save, you save. they have smart online tools that help you find the right coverage. so you only pay for what's right for you. plus a personalized set of discounts
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you can take to the bank. cha-ching! that's insurance for the modern world. esurance, backed by allstate. click or call. this is a fox news alert. we are goining side right now to a press conference about the shooting tonight. >> do not know that. >> is there an immediate threat right now in the area? >> not that we're aware of, however, you are seeing helicopters flying overhead. those are police helicopters. >> the parking lot walking out side, people described a third suspect being put in a squad car. can you give information on that? >> don't have any idea on that. the only thing i've been told this is two men out shooting were shot and killed at the scene. >> to be clear the officer shot
8:34 pm
was he here working at the bank? >> yes. >> were you thinking something like this could happen? >> we prepare for something like this simply because there were additional officers that were hired for this event by the school district. we had talked with them in preparing for this event in case something like this happened. >> how many were inside the event? >> approximately 200 were at the event. >> how long do you expect the area will be locked down? >> no idea. >> very short. i was outside, heard the gunfire start. the gunfire just lasted seconds before it was over. >> i got in my car, to secure an area where people could enter where the media was coming in. that's what i was responsible for and secured that area so no one could come in there and looking for anybody else moving around. >> any identity of the shooters?
8:35 pm
>> no, i don't. two males. >> were they known by the police? sn>> not that i know of. >> any indication they're connected? >> not right now. we're going to be looking at that. there is a lot of investigation to be done once we get that car cleared to find out who it is and their connection to the car. >> what's going on right now with the car? >> the bomb unit, they were getting ready to take up a robot and go through it. several different devices. they also brought a bomb cont n containment trailer in case they find something where they can put an incendiary divine that vehicle, in that trailer. >> how large of -- >> we had to line up the school bus, get their drivers. we moved those people back of the building further away from the car in case there was a bomb and it went off. once we got the buses secure, brought them on the property and out the doors they were taken into and evacuated that way
8:36 pm
>> what about the area? how big an evacuation is going on right now? >> the evacuation is done and we're working on the car. that's what's happening right now. >> is the car stolen or rented? >> no idea. >> how did the car get to the building itself? >> it stopped out in front of the building. i would say it's to the -- not in front, probably to the side of the building, there is an entrance to the side, i believe that's on the west side on the roadways where that is. >> could people in the school bus taken from the convention center were taken to an undisclosed location. are they going to stay there for a while? >> it's my understanding i don't know where they are but i understand there is media where they are. >> will they stay there? >> once this area is secured, all their vehicles are back at the event center. they have to get their cars. i don't know if that's tonight or tomorrow.
8:37 pm
>> there's been all kinds of social media out there, a lot of things put out not true. everything i've given to you is simply fact right now. sneep a >> are you just looking at the cars? >> we are looking at the cars and will look at them, too, being cautious on everything. so far as threats, we've been monitoring this for several months. so far as a credible threat that we had like this event that happened, no. >> any affected, can they get to their homes? >> not to my knowledge have we evacuated any residence, just the businesses nearby and close. >> what about people at the hotel blocked inside, any attempts to evacuate them? >> not that i know of. >> the bodies are outside the car on the ground? >> yes. simply because we're not going to expose ourselves to a bomb
8:38 pm
inside a car. the bodies are close to the car, so, yes, the bodies are still outside near the car. once that car is cleared we'll take care of the bodies. >> there was no meimmediate credible threat that you knew of? >> no. >> did both have guns? >> yes. don't know what kind of guns. we will know that once get up to them. again, right now the threat we're worried about and dealing with is the car and any possible bomb that may be in that car? >> joe, were you able to speak to the garland officer to find out what happened? >> detectives are talking to him now and have not heard what he said. >> was he hired for the group? >> he worked for garland independent school district. >> all the security that was out here, the extra security, was it paid for by the group that sponsored the event tonight? >> my understanding, yes.
8:39 pm
what garland isd does is for any event they hire off-duty garland police officers along with security officers here tonight. there were additional police officers hired for this event simply because going back to the event that was here in january and what surrounded these type of events in other parts of the world, additional security was added to this event tonight. luckily, it was because it ends up we had a threat and they executed that threat. >> how many officers were there? >> i don't have a number of the officers that were there. >> would it be dozens or? >> i don't know. i can give you a number later on but don't have the number now. >> will it impact the high school for tomorrow? >> i wouldn't think so simply because we would expect to get this cleared, the car cleared. of course, we have a crime scene there that will take hours to work. i wouldn't think, though, it's not close enough to the high school that it should delay any
8:40 pm
school opening there. all's i know is two males. >> can you describe the aftermath of the shooting? >> locking down secure areas, making sure there was nobody moving towards the event center carrying guns or trying to harm anybody else. >> was there a lot of people in the parking lot. no, there was not a lot of people in the parking lot. probably 10 or 15 minutes before the event was over when this occurred. >> that's pretty well it. >> any update when you might be out again to talk to us? >> no. depending on this bomb work. i just don't know how long that will take. as soon as we have something additional and can put it out, we'll let you know. >> thank you. >> we are listening to officer joe harn for the garland police department, a spokesman for them.
8:41 pm
the key word he said, we are diagnose cautious for everything. he went on to describe what they're doing. they've been monitoring potential threats for months in that area throughout texas because of the state of alert they have but had no specifics on anything like this unfolding tonight. there, we're looking at the live picture. he also wanted to say the picture we're looking at right now, the live video of that car, that belonged to the two susp t suspects. he went on to explain the bodies of the two suspects shot and killed by garland police offi r officers, when they tried to approach the muhammad art exhibit taking place at the caldweled called -- caldwell certainty and opening fire at a security officer that is okay, out of the hospital now. but those two bodies are still near the vehicles where they were shot. this is why. the officer wanted to explain they are there because police do not want to take any chances of getting close to that vehicle in
8:42 pm
the event it could have a bomb or incendiary device. they are using robots to check for that possible device. they also have a bomb conta containment unit that will be utilized should they have a device and place that on there and detonate it on that bomb containment unit. our casey stegall was live there. what can you tell us about the scene. i found it odd those two bodies they're concerned about because who knows, even those bodies could possibly be booby-trapped. >>. >> reporter: obviously they want to get them to the medical examiner to see who these two people were that opened fire in this northern suburb of dallas. you heard joe harn with the garland police department saying they simply do not want to put any's life in danger obviously. because those bodies are right
8:43 pm
next to the car, and they don't know that that car has checked out yet and there is not an explosive device in it, they don't want to send the medical examiner up to go ahead and take those bodies to the morgue so they can start working on identifying the two suspects shot dead here tonight. one of the other things that struck me, listening to that press conference, he says it could be hours before this crime scene is clear. that is evident by the giant perimeter we see set up. they have this place on lockdown. a lot of residents and looky- o looky-loos have come out to try and get close and snap pictures and see what's going on. all those people have been diverted away. i will get out of the way. some of these police officers are holding pretty heavy duty weapons, what appears to be assault rifles. they are not taking any chances.
8:44 pm
they are not playing around out here as this is still a developing situation, one that for now, appears that it is over. we've heard these reports that some of the witnesses saw a third person that was handcuffed and in a police car and there was some question whether that was a third suspect and joe harn was just asked about that and said he had no knowledge of it and pointed out in situations like this, sometimes erroneous information getscirculated. we want to point that out that we have not heard information to indicate there was a third suspect involved here. that was straight from the police despite what some witnesses said out here. they said it could be sealed off for several hours to make sure it is safe and making sure there is no kind of incendiary device, any type of explosives on the
8:45 pm
bodies of these two suspects or in their vehicle. that's why the area is sealed off and they have those bomb technicians in there with the robot. that work typically doesn't take an extreme amount of time. those bomb squads rolled in here more than an hour ago. we're hoping this is just something they're doing as a precaution. they don't have any reason to believe there are explosives on scene but it is something they're doing out of an abundance of caution here. >> what was also telling about it as you heard officer joe harn, we are prepared for something like this because there were additional officers hired for the event. that proved to be very good p n planning and think iing becauset could have been worse. >> reporter: yeah. obviously these officers sprung into action very very quickly to take these two suspects down. we also learned in that press conference the garland isd security officer who was injured
8:46 pm
was not armed. fortunately, he was just shot in the ankle and has been treated and released from the hospital tonight. his name is bruce joiner. that information is just coming in to us from the garland independent school district. as i mentioned, this happened at the curtis caldwell center, just a stone's throw away from where i'm standing, right behind me. this is a community center that is owned by the garland independent school districts. garland isd. various organizations rent this space out, they hold conferen conferences, events here. they knew that this was a contentious issue, this particular event held here tonight, which is why officer harn was explaining they had a beefed up police presence here for this event. the event was almost wrapping up, we understand, when this all happened. you know those officers sprung
8:47 pm
into action very quickly, kelly, when these two guys rolled up and started opening fire and these two suspects shot dead rather quickly before any else was hurt or injured. >> they will be there throughout the night, as you mentioned, i will take a while to wrap up this crime scene because they have so much work to do. how would this impact the morning people trying to get to work or people trying go to that nearby school? >> reporter: i think the big fear right now is again this unknown as to whether or not we're dealing with some explosives here. i think that's one of the reasons why the perimeter is so large and that is one of the main reasons they're keeping people so far back. once it is determined, hopefully, that there are no explosives involved here, the crime scene, hopefully they can get that footprint smaller. you heard him mention there is a
8:48 pm
high school close to here and said a moment ago he did not believe classes would be impa impacted and it is very close to this community center. once we get an all clear from the bomb squad, i think you will see the footprint will shrink and the crime scene technicians collecting photos and bullet casings, things you typically see. i don't think it will have a super big impact on residents and folks who live out here by the time they start heading to work tomorrow and to work and school. >> i want to ask you some reporter notebooking here, as you were approaching this scene, driving there, trying to get through the crowd, i'm just curious. what was going through your mind. you've covered things like this before and going back to opening
8:49 pm
fire on his own military and it's not supposed to happen there or anywhere in america when you're defending free speech. >> reporter: no, kelly, it doesn't. when this stuff starts to cross our blackberries and information trickles in we have an event like this, of course your stomach turns, you don't like coming out to cover events like this. you know, we know that it could have been much worse. but thanks to those quick thi thinking police officers, these two assailants were taken out rather fast, before any other people could be injured. that's what really resonates with me, when we come out to these things and that's what you're thinking when you're driving in, of course, trying to work the phones and get the editorial information from the police and appropriate news makers. we're also human beings obviously and your hearts and prayers go out to everyone that is involved. i can tell you, kelly, we were at this exact same location not
8:50 pm
long ago back in january for a stand with a prophet muhammad event. it was quite controversial. we saw a lot of protesters out here, people that were not of i members and key note speakers from emams had come in and there was a lot of rage at that event. we stood at the parking lot where the shooting occurred and watched people protesting and upset that they were even holding such an event. there was already a heightened awareness in this community. and the officer indicated that a little bit had that press conference that they have had high profile events that posed concerns and that is why you saw additional law enforcement personnel here tonight. and again, i do believe, that
8:51 pm
this is likely why we didn't see a higher number in terms of those killed or injured tonight. >> and that is good fortune. we're listening to one person who attended the event she will remark when they learned an officer had been shot, the girl in the security officer for the school district, they all began to pray and started singing "god bless america" which is very telling about their ability to deal with this and grapple with this. they were very calm and prayerful and informed. and if there is anything that can be good that affected the police officers to stop this from getting worse than what happened. and as you said, bruce joyner, a security officer only being shot in the ankle. he is back with his family and that is a good thing.
8:52 pm
>> that is a good thing. other item i want to mention is the number of people attending saying there are about 200 people in attendance. there may have been 40 people inside at the time they learned of this. kelly? >> that is casy seigel reporting live. we're going to keep you updated throughout the night. you're watching fox news channel. we're covering breaking news out of garland, texas. taxi. vo: after years of being treated like she was invisible, it occurred to mindy she might actually be invisible. ♪ but mindy was actually not invisible. ooh, what are you doing? can you see me? she had just always been treated that way. yeah. you don't have to look at me like that. there are worst things than an attractive woman touching your body. i'll go. join the nation that sees you as a priority.
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8:57 pm
a muhammad art exhibit going on. only wounded in the ankle. we should point out police officers were at the ready sh they were on the scene and took down those two gunmen. we're looking at a car those two gunmen pulled up in. bill daily, former fbi investigator joined us now. and this is something the officer had been ready for. and they likely saved lives tonight. >> yes. it's a great bit of police work we've seen tonight in garland, texas. the fact is that this exhibit would adraw attention. apparently by reports from the police chief is that there was no specific threat they're acting on. but quick acting by a police officer on the scene
8:58 pm
they saw this situation. >> we understand from joe harn, the spokesperson there that is going to be a long process. and we also just understand two bodies are there, on the scene because they don't want to run the risk of having police harmed as they try to investigate this. tell me what the rbi is looking at now. they're likely on the scene as well. >> i think right now, the fbi working with the police department are doing a couple things. first of all they're going to run it as quickly as possible. identity checks on the individuals. and show how best they can hold that vehicle or rented the
8:59 pm
vehicle. and they want to go back to another scene, which is where the individual may have lived. either separately or together. they also want to look closely at incidents. it could be a secondary location. also, it is possible that you can find out whether or not there is a good chance it may be something that could be found. any information and residue other things might suggest that that vehicle is more dangerous than it seemed to be. >> former fbi investigator has been joining with us now to talk about what is unfolding. bill we're going to take a break and start this all anew at the top of the hour. likely to stand by so we can
9:00 pm
reach you again. where did these people live? and what motivated them? we'll continue to follow details more still to come. >> a fox news alert. two gunmen are dead in garland, texas. police say the men drove up to the front of the building and a car where a muhammed art exhibit was taking place. an officer's injuries were not life threatening. he was wounded in the ankle. he is well and out of the hospital. police officers killing both gunmen at the scene. the bodies are still at that car they were pulling up in. we're looking live now. they have not been removed because plies are


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