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tv   Legends Lies The Real West  FOX News  May 3, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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reach you again. where did these people live? and what motivated them? we'll continue to follow details more still to come. >> a fox news alert. two gunmen are dead in garland, texas. police say the men drove up to the front of the building and a car where a muhammed art exhibit was taking place. an officer's injuries were not life threatening. he was wounded in the ankle. he is well and out of the hospital. police officers killing both gunmen at the scene. the bodies are still at that car they were pulling up in. we're looking live now. they have not been removed because plies are actually going
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to make sure there is no device like a bomb inside of the vehicle. they will use a robot to do that. they're hooking at a bomb containment unit. people are being told to stay way from the area. people evacuated the area it is not been confirmed if there is a connection between the muhammed exhibit, in response to an antifree speech event designed to say you you cannot squash free speech here in america.
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one attendee wanted to describe the scene. the s.w.a.t. team member said they were in an active shooter investigation. all of them began to pray for the safety of the officer shot and they were then put on buses and taken to a place for safety. police are conducting interviews with everyone. they try to get a handle on what happened here. why it happened and all are commending the police department for their quick reaction and response which is to prepare for something possibly going wrong we've heard from the garland police officer joe harn who went on they were basically prepared for this and a lot of officers were on the scene because of the nature of this free speech event involving the prophetmuhammad.
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they were concerned something could go wrong and they were correct. casy? >> you can probably hear the news chopper that is bringing us pictures of the bomb squad at work as we speak. it is just after 11:00 here in texas. three minutes after midnight there on the east coast. this is an active investigation at this point. the words you just do not want to hear, an active shooting situation and that is what people were told happening here tonight attending this event. 200 people at the american freedom defense initiative contest. according to the organizers they
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had 350 submissions from all over the world and people were here gathering and looking at those cartoons this evening. two men rolled up into the parking lot of the center, and opened fire on an unarmed garland school district security officer, hitting him in the ankle he's been treated and released tonight from an area hospital. but, we know that the two suspects are dead they were taken out rather quickly by police. there were some rumors of a potential third suspect but the police are squashing that and saying that it's just that, a rumor, that there is not a third suspect they know of. and they're still trying to look over the suspect's vehicle. bodies are outside. we don't know if the police engaged them with gunfire. and that is when they're taken
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out, however, the police have said that they are outside of the vehicle, and those robots are working to determine if there are explosives in the vehicle they're driving or potentially any on their person. i turned around just now because i heard a little bit of commotion. they're trying to see what is going on. this isn't something that typically happens here on a sunday night. so police are yelling at the folks that may have been turning to turn on to a blocked-off road. those officers are not playing around. there is a very large perimeter set up. would only take me five minutes to walk to it if it weren't
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barricaded by police we have a large perimeter around the area. that is why they have everyone back so far at this point. you have the helicopters in the air. dallas police loaned a chopper. we understand aatf and fbi are now assisting in this investigation. >> yes. we're talking to a former fbi investigator as well. just describe garland, texas. because a lot of people on the east coast, west coast may not know. they know dallas. they know dallas is famous for many things but garland, texas, describe what it's like there, please. >> well, it's a suburb of dallas
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a sleepy community. it's not very large. it's just about 20 miles drive north. northeast of dallas. and it is a, you know not a lot of crime here. so this is a suburb of dallas. the center is owned by the school district here. and it is rented out to vendors and to organizations, anybody that wants to lease the space. it's a very large, nice center. and so, that is sort of a fixture in this community. but garland is one of the good
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old towns. the neighbors seem to know each other. it's a community that is shaken tonight because you just don't expect to turn on the television and see this happening in your neck of the woods. and national media and people starting to decent at the security check points to see and report. >> stand by with us good reporting as always right there. on the phone with us now is a middle east expert and is the author for the struggle for freedom. and right there in the heart of texas, good old garland, texas. people are used to football. and family time. and now, this unfolds what does this suggest about the
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state of jihad? >> i just heard your discussion about what is garland? why in texas? every time you have an attack of a town or location and you ask why arkansas? why texas? or boston? what -- looking now, it's after targeting. this is not a military base. this is where i'm looking now. so drama is higher now. that is why i compared it to charlie hebdo, that he will vats my concern higher. that tells me that those who
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perpetrate it, justice systems get us more facts. it's clear they have targeted and prepared they knew when it's going to end. they were unlucky which is good for us >> very good for us. this is in america we value our freedom of speech. so what is hard to what is our way of combatting this kind of situation? what -- you have to fight for supporters the most unfortunate. that is law enforcement, counter terrorism. the entire power of the government. the federal government to stop them we need to know who radicalized these individuals. i believe 65 attempts, three were violent. of course, fort hood, now, this
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case. we need to put congress first. and they're not doing it because they're upset or don't have a job. they're targeting a political event to be controversy. our time should be knowing that there are more jihadists indoctrinated them. who is training them? >> we're going to -- they could have done a character of jesus christ. and she relied we'll be back with more. i hope you can stick with us throughout the evening with more of your insights we're coming back with more. this is fox news channel.
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a fox news alert. two young men are dead in garland, texas. a community center that is used for a lot of different things
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they exchanged gunfire with police who were on the scene. the police officers put them out. we're looking live at live pictures right now. that is the police check point where police are keeping people away from this scene right now. they want to conduct an investigation on the car the two gunmen have been driving. bomb squad is on the scene. they will use a robot to check the car. they have a bomb containment unit which will be used in that unit. pam, were you surprised gunshots
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hadded been fired? and people attempted to disrupt this event? yes. i was not surprised. we saw embassies burning. christians slaughtered in muslim countries when a danish cartoon was published in 2005. we have seen the west to these savage demands on the restriction of free speech. in the wake of the charlie hebdo jihad shauther, muslim jihadists held a conference to suppress free speech which is why we choose this room to stand in defense of free speech the idea american muslim leaders would support the ideology
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behind the jihad slaughter opposed to standing for freedom of speech was deeply disturbing and the fact the war is here is terrible. it was time. and the fact that the west police leaders you know, you have president obama at the un this is on a basic right of freedom of speech has embouldened these savages i was distressed and my thoughts and prayers are with the family
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of the police officer shot. and they want to say you know, respected kudos we have for the garland police department who took this event very seriously. evidenced by blood shed and quick action. >> this is based on what took place in january. january 17th. that is what you're talking about. situation to talk about the religious freedom and tolerance of faith?
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>> look, i would love it to happen but cannot happen until the islamic calling for the death penalty under the sharia for those that slander the is slam, or slander mohammed and understand that slander under law is not the same as slander of the western law. then it is punishable by death. this is the punishment under sharia. >> mohammed caricatures of mohammed, knowing what it incited in the charlie hebdo
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situatio situation. >> what am i to do? abridge my free speech in order to placate savages? i will not. clearly this ideology must be grabbed, even if kicking and screaming into 21 century to live among all human beings it is ought ragis where are you going to draw the line? what you can say, what you can't say, what you can do? what you can think? this is not america. our founding fathers are weeping in their graves. patrick henry, give me liberty. >> our founding fathers, would they have put up a caricature of someone's faith and knowing it might incite unrest?
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>> our first farm were against muslim states. you know? from the shores of tripoli. we were fighting sharia. >> there are all kinds of controversies in america. but did it have to be this kind to prove your point about free speech in america? >> why not? i mean, particularly in light of jihad slaughter the winner of the contest was a former muslim. and he drew a cartoon of mohammed saying you cannot draw me. and you see the cartoonist's hands writing that is why i draw you. it's a cartoon. have we sunk into a level of surrender we can somehow rationalize this savagery?
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i don't agree. jesus christ on a cross immersed in a jar of urine. did christians like that? of course not. did they slaughter embassies? of course not. in a sense, speech does not need protection. it's the first and protects all speech. so most of all, political speech. because who decides what is good? islamic state? these gunmen in garland? >> your point is well taken your perspective is given and tamara geller, organizer for this event, featuring cartoon charact characters of mohammed we're continuing to follow this breaking development. more coming up on the fox news channel. feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day.
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but first, we have a very special guest.
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9:28 pm
that car there. but that car was driving up to the colewell center. two armed men got out and began opening fire on an unarmed security officer for the independent school district of garland, texas. they wounded him in the ankle. we're happy to say he is alive, well, and out of the hospital the police department which has been on the scene for this mohammed art exhibit which was for free speech and featured cartoon caricatures of the prophet mohammed, these gunmen pulled up to that, opened fire, returning that fire, killing both of them. their two bodies are still on the ground. they tried to figure out what is
9:29 pm
in that vehicle. if it is loaded with a bomb. if it is, a robot will take it out and detonate it in that unit. they want to be sure there is nothing that could be exploded on that scene which is why they're keeping people evacuated from that area. this is garland, texas. and it's a small area about 20 miles northeast of dallas. a small town. people like to have fun and family days they never expected anything like this to happen bill, we're talking to casy reporting on the scene. he's explaining the fbi is on the scene looking for information, looking in terms of what they can learn from this situation. what do you think the fbi is looking for? and what will they try to look for when it becomes revealed who
9:30 pm
these two are? >> well, first, kelly right now they're working with police to try to identify where these individuals came from and understand better if the vehicle there poses a risk. and they suggest that may give them more credence to the fact they have to be more concerned about the vehicle. what they're going to be looking for is to see if there are other people that may have known and may have been planning and perhaps behind them. they want to know quickly who else may be involved. so as we know from past
9:31 pm
investigations, the investigation will continue in more depth. looking at any connection at how these people may have been trained and got weapons or anything like that. so the investigation is just beginning but immediately thing is that the investigation lends itself to a crime scene. >> we're fortunate the fact the police department had been on the scene. they saved a lot of lives. >> yes. >> i want to ask you. do you think that terrorists
9:32 pm
should try to say everyone should be on alert? >> i think unfortunately that is where we are today. i think we look to hear it in texas we've had the fort hood shooting there and other incidents that have been intercepted by the authorities and fbi and joint terrorism task forces. >> we're looking at daytime video of this right now. you can see police moving in. i wanted to let people know we're looking at what is videotaped earlier. and we're showing that to them now. we can see police on an active shooter situation looking out trying to make sure that that area is well protected. please continue. >> yes. and right into what we're looking at now which is that in our local community police do have to be on the alert and ahead of the curve. they were concerned about this
9:33 pm
event. and worst case, something people show up like they did tonight so they're well prepared not just to intercept those individuals but the fact that there could be others involved the chief reporting they had people look inside of the venue, tell people to shelter in place they felt they had an active shooter and didn't know if other people were involved. i do think police did a fantastic job. >> hopefully, we can join you again. we're watching fox news channel.
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this is a fox news alert. you are looking now at video that was reported on earlier in texas. that has to be after 7:00 p.m texas time what we're looking at are police officers from the police department in an active shooter
9:38 pm
situation. two gunmen pulled up in front of a car where a mohammed art exhibit was going on with cartoon caricatures of the prophet mohammed was going on. and two armed gunmen opened fire on a security officer. he was shot in the ankle he's well the police opened fire, returning fire on the two gunmen, killing them, dead. and we're looking now at a check point where they're keeping people out of the area. this is garland, texas. and that is designed to protect
9:39 pm
free speech bill, i want to get back to you. doesn't matter what the speech is. it could be controversial. we do not anticipate people opening fire and shooting matter how controversial it is. >> when you don't, that is an incident, i'm sure police, knowing there is this type of a event going on, is that they were more concerned than they would be than just people exchanging so there is a level of concern. and this is unfortunately what we have to be looking at across the country. whether in texas or in the bred basket of the united states. you can see we've had incidents
9:40 pm
around the country where locals can be and have been effected it's the new norm. >> given that fact i asked pamela geller earlier could there have been another way to express freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion without being as controversial, perhaps bringing christians and muslims together on their dia dog to find common ground. since you're joining us could there have been another way? does it matter? >> for me, this question? >> yes. >> well, look. the whole debate, i'm coming from a different angle. everything is controversial. that is just issue of social affairs and racial affairs everything is controversial
9:41 pm
the core is what were the presumed targets? that is the big issue that the member of the dutch parliament that also, robert spencer so this is not your random jihadi attack. this is politically targeted they would not be running if they were not targeting. that makes the whole drama different from anything you've seen before and ever since. back to the new normal. based on what wallid just talked about. you had dignitaries inside of the system?
9:42 pm
>> there is probably one of the reasons why the garland police had discussions with the task force to see what the concerns were before the threat. we know there is a ambient threat. and it's quite interesting to know once peeling back layers of the investigation exactly what was planning behind it? the fact they showed up for the end of the event probably meant they had probably most people at the event would be prime time for them to launch this attack but only time will tell how they're supposed to do this and all that will come.
9:43 pm
and it sheds light on where we stand, two people in other ways but they have made their mark in garland, texas. >> gentlemen, thank you for your valuable insights. you're watching fox news channel. we're following breaking developments and will be back with more. and five acres of fresh air.
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all i know is that i was working on the sales, 4, 5 shots. you know? nobody took it serious. >> joining us on the phone is wa wally ferris, a middle east expert and author of the coming revolution the struggle for freedom in the middle east. we're talking with pam geller, and saying this is free speech and we have the right to defend free speech. that is what she's trying to do with this mohammed art exhibit. she knew it was a way of
9:48 pm
defending free speech in america. she's trying to show this should not be subjected to anyone trying to take it away. fortunately people were on hand like the police department prepared for possible retaliation. and we should point out it was in response to an antifree speech rally taking place in january. in light of the fact of the charlie hebdo situation. to stand and support what is going on. here we are. in garland, texas. and what do you say about what we're seeing here? americans are being subject to ridicule just for defending the
9:49 pm
right to free speech. >> an active security perspective, debate about this issue, anything that is controversial, you have maybe three cans the beauty is that it could accommodate anyone. even the most controversial. that is the history of america. that is on the line. on the other hand, whatever that reason is, who have armed individuals trained or little trained, attacking a political event, that is something new. we had, a lot of them but you have jihadists trying to target an author or congressman or member of the dutch parliament or just individuals who are at events means that is a bench
9:50 pm
mark on what we have to do before. >> and are we seeing more attacks being stepped up against people who are nothing more than people who love freedom? and will defend it? >> well, look. when it happened in france, people asked, well could it happen elsewhere in europe? then, other way around. and happened in the united states. there is that question. we have had that discussion before. can these happen in the united states? why not? as long as there are jihadists and it's all about free speech but there is a national security focus. i would say this is a bench mark. >> well, thank you. and we'll be following all of the details tonight right here on the fox news channel. (music)
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with a focus on beauty, serenity, and getting on with life. [ male announcer ] huntsman cancer institute is the only cancer hospital in the world designed by a patient, with the vital understanding that cancer moves fast. and we have to move faster. to learn more or support the cause, go to ♪ this is a fox news alert. it has been quite an evening in garland, texas, as we look at earlier pictures of a car there. that car being driven by two gunmen who pulled up to the caldwell center where a muhammad art exhibit was going on. they had cartoon caricatures of muhammad. and what happened, the gunmen got out of the car, opened fire on a security officer, wounding him in the ankle. and then garland police
9:56 pm
department which had been on the scene returned the gunfire. we're looking at earlier pictures from the day. you can see an active shooting situation. they returned the fire, shot and killed the two gunmen. the two bodies are still by that car as police were investigating to determine if any incendiary devices were inside of that car. that's where casey spiegel picks it up live from garland, texas, with more about what the police have been able to do so far since their investigation has begun after this shooting incident. casey? >> reporter: yeah, kelly, breaking details to pass along to you. not long ago, we heard what sounded like a muffled explosion, if you will. we were standing here. we've been at this camera position, as you know, where we've been coming to you live from this evening. that is when the garland police officers back there came over to us and said, you guys need to back away from the cameras, and go take some shelter behind a
9:57 pm
vehicle. so we didn't know what was going on. and we were behind a vehicle. and then we heard a very muffled bang. it was certainly not very large. there was not a big concussion. it was out of an abundance of caution for them to tell us to go behind the vehicle. then we were just giving the all clear to come back to this position. so we are working to try to get information on what was that heard. after it happened, they gave us the all clear, i went over to talk to these police officers, and they couldn't tell me much. because there is a public information officer that handles and gives all the information out to the media. but it was related -- in some form or fashion, with the bomb technicians that are working. and we understand the fbi and the atf also assisting the garland police department. and the reason we know it had something to do with the work that was going on over there is because one of these officers told me that they were advised not to use the radios in their
9:58 pm
vehicles. so they were asked to stay off of radio traffic for a while. so we're trying to figure out what exactly it was, if there was a bomb, some type of incendiary device inside the vehicle that was driven by these two suspects when they came into the community center parking lot and opened fire, just a little after 7:00 this evening, or a little before 7:00 texas time. there have also been some reports, kelly, throughout the duration of this, that there may have been a hand grenade on site. and so that could be potentially what we heard. we're trying to get information, but we did hear a small muffled explosion not long ago from here, as they are working to go through and clear this scene at this hour, kelly. >> casey, i received a text from a gentleman who said that his friend was bruce joiner. he's the gentleman who was shot in the leg.
9:59 pm
and is home from the hospital. this tweet went out saying he's a friend of his from his church. and as you know, people inside that venue had actually prayed for joiner after hearing that he had been shot. and they waved the american flag and sang "god bless america." that shows the spirit of freedom of speech from americans right there in garland, texas. >> reporter: yes, it does. and as i said earlier, this is a tight-knit community, and one that will come together and rally together. you know, we see this, as we cover these tragic events. the communities pull together and help each other out. fortunately, this garland independent school district security officer had a superficial injury, according to investigators. he was shot in the ankle. he was taken to the hospital and then subsequently released from the hospital. so nonlife-threatening injuries, obviously. but very scary moment for that gentleman as he was standing
10:00 pm
outside of that caldwell center when those two men opened fire on him this evening. >> casey steegel, we thank you very much for your reporting throughout the night. you've been watching the fox news channel, a special alert on the shooting that took place in garland, texas. you're watching fox news. this is a fox news alert. we've just been talking to casey steegel about a situation unfolding in garland, texas. all seems to be calm and quiet right now as police continue to conduct their investigation. our casey steegel was reporting live from the scene there, in garland, texas, where earlier this evening, two gunmen approached the caldwell center where a mahmoud art exhibit was going on. it was for free speech, to defend free speech here in america. there were caricatures, a


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