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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 4, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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o' name and place. don't be nefarious. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, free speech under attack in texas. first, from a pair of would-be terrorists then from media outlets that seem almost as troubled with the event under attack as they are with the attackers. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. new details on one of two gunmen who targeted a free speech event owe the weekend. one of the previous jihadis had previously drawn the attention of the fbi. both of the suspects are now dead after police say they opened fire outside an event hosting a muhammad cartoon contest. prophet muhammad. the two men traveled from phoenix, arizona, to target the event in the dallas suburb of
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garland, texas. it was billed as a free speech event featuring drawings of the prophet muhammad something most muslims consider blasphemous. event organizers were warned but decided to hold the event and paid thousands of dollars for extra security. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom with the new details tonight. trace? >> megyn, after driving 1,000 miles from phoenix to garland, texas, the two suspects pulled up into the muhammad cartoon contest. with heavy security surrounding it the attackers only got as far as the parking lot wearing body armor and carrying assault weapons, they got out and opened fire. some of the shooting was caught on tape. listen. [ gunshots ] >> stand back. go in the building. >> but the gunmen were confronted by a local traffic cop moon lighting as security carrying only his service pistol. he shot and killed both
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suspects. his unarmed security partner was shot in the ankle. the 200 people who attended the event were inside the auditorium locked in where they prayed and sang. listen. ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ >> the suspects were identified as elton simpson and nadir soofi roommates in phoenix. soofi was not on the fbi's radar but elton simpson convicted in 2011 for lying about his plans traveling to somalia to join a terror group and aforeshadowed the attack posting on twitter, quoting #texasattack may allah accept us mujahadin. another account hailed the attack saying quote, allahu akbar, two f ourof our brothers
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opened fire at the prophet muhammad art exhibition in texas. the keynote speaker was dutch politician geert wilders. critics called the event muslim baiting but the host defended it. listen. >> there's a violent war, a violent assault on freedom of speech clearly was brought home last night. >> and federal agents have now converged on the suspects' apartment in phoenix trying to piece together a timeline of the plot and whether it was isis inspired or possibly isis orchestrated. megyn? >> trace, thank you. joining me now one of the speakers at last night's free speech event in garland, texas, robert spencer, director of you were right next to pam geller you were there when you heard there had been a shooting outside. this is a strange question but under the circumstances a valid one. was it unexpected or was it
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expected? >> it was sort of neither one or both. we were aware that this was something that a lot of muslims would be wanting to kill over and we wanted to protect the people who were inside. so we spent $10,000 on the garland police and the garland police did excellent job. >> oh mirksy gosh, that one guy is a hero. >> $10,000 on private security, had a s.w.a.t. team. we made extensive efforts to make sure everybody would be safe in the event something like this would happen and it worked because the jihadis were not able to get in. they wanted to replicate the "charlie hebdo" jihad massacre. they were not able to do it. >> were you scared? >> no at that point it was something that i was not really surprised about. >> really? >> yeah. >> i mean it's one thing to know it could happen in theory and another to be on the inside of the building understanding two jihadis are outside trying to kill you. >> the one thing i was thinking, i saw c.a.r.e. e-mails.
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the islam linked muslim brotherhood front group. they said we have to be very sure to educate the community so that they don't do -- they don't react to this except in a mature manner and i was just thinking, oh, they're being immature again. >> i mean, you're dismissive of it now, but two men two attackers are dead. a security guard, a police officer shot in the ankle. and almost as soon as this happened people turned on you. >> yes. >> and said you invited it. i want to make clear to the audience, i ale am not saying that. to you find it incredible how people have turned on you? >> that was something i expected even more. >> what? >> this happens every time. we saw it with "charlie hebdo" massacre. everybody was saying jui si charlie after it but they wanted to give a reward to the "charlie hebdo" editor. i expected nothing else here.
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it's the reward of violent intimidation. people are saying in face of violent intimidation, we have to surrender and censor ourselveses and subjugate ourselves to it. >> even "charlie hebdo" has come out, folks have said oh, we're nothing like them because we criticize all religions. you're sort of a hate group in their opinion directed at one religion. they say not suggesting you're fair game but it's incredible how virtually everyone has turned against your message no matter what you think of the message, no matter what you think of the message. are we not on very dangerous ground here where two assassins try to kill innocent people exercising their first amendment rights and the question the society is now asking is well what were they saying? >> that's exactly the problem. we're on very dangerous ground because what we're saying is if you kill enough people, then we will give you what you want. and we will turn on the people who won't give you what you want and we will make them the problem. and we're -- listen nobody is -- there's no instantaneous or necessary reaction to anything. if you insult me i don't have to
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kill you, i could walk away and laugh. >> look what they did when they seb submerged, the so-called artist submerged a figure of christ in urine, there was no murder. if there had been no one would have turned around and said he offended those christians. >> the book of mormon insulting to mormons. there's a broadway show playing right up -- >> right. and people love it. >> strapping on a suicide vest. >> right. that's what annie mccarthy says today. he says the shooting last night was not caused by the free speech event, it was caused by islamic supremacist ideology and it's law that insights muslims to kill those they judge to have disparaged islam n his column at "national review." robert thank you for bhgeing here. >> when monday morning rolled around many suggested the gunmen were provoked by a notorious anti-muslim group. cnn asked the organizer whether
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shfs she was trying to be intentionally incendiary. msnbc went all in with a guest that offered this. >> i think an analogy is a clan group that decides to hold a cartoon contest satirizing black people. certainly that would make many people angry and it might even bring out a black nationalist or two who was willing to do some shooting him or herself. is that a good thing? i think not. >> wow. joining me now, howie, host of "fox news media buzz." howie, that guy went on to say he wasn't suggesting the organizes brought organizers didn't bring this upon themselves but -- >> this is akin for blaming a rape victim for dressing provocativety provocatively, therefore she deserved it. pamela geller has said harsh things that i wouldn't agree with. it was intended to be
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provocative. that's blasphemous to many people. this group like many group no matter how, quote, controversial have the right to free speech without coming under armed attack. >> the question as i said a moment ago, should not be what were they saying? who cares what they were saying. it was a private event. it wasn't on television. it wasn't in anybody's face. they were trying to make a point at a center that had just had an event to condemn islam-o-phobia not long before. and i'll -- you know, with all due respect, this is a person who i like but i offer you the following exchange that we saw on cnn this morning. >> i haven't heard anyone in the media saying that it's okay for gunmen to show up at an event like this. what people are saying is there's always this fine line. you know between freedom of speech and being intentionally incendiary and provocative. >> intentionally incendiary and provocative by drawing a cartoon, this is the low state
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of freedom of speech in this country. i disagree and i disagree most vehemently. >> intentionally incendiary and provocative. is the very thing that the first amendment was born to protect. it's not the noncontroversial speech. it's the controversial speech we need that for. >> free speech is meaningless unless it applies to even groups that many of us would consider downright offensive. i disagree with the framing of her question. i think provocative is clearly covered by free speech. even more appalling, megyn, is what's being spouted repeatedly today on msnbc. anchor thomas roberts said did this group get exactly what they want drawing out people that would insight violence. chris matthews saying they somehow caused these events how about taunting, how about daring? seems like on a day when many people could have been slaughtered, if not for the efforts of one brave policeman, too much of the media focuses on a group they obviously don't like instead of on the
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outrageous conduct by these alleged jihadists and on the free speech issue that has to be absolute if it is to mean anything. >> there's a reason free speech is in amendment number 1. it goes to the core of our principles as americans, and what we stand -- you can hate the message, you can hate everything they're saying. i.e. westboro baptist church. in a unanimous court decision 8-1 the u.s. supreme court said that is okay. that is allowed in the united states of america because as a supreme court once put it, the answer so speech you do not like is not less speech it's more speech. now if we can only explain that to the radical jihadis. howie, i got to go. >> good to see you, megyn. after a police shooting in missouri we saw months of protests about a claim that turned out to be a lie as you know out of ferguson. well in baltimore, maryland we are still not sure how freddie gray got the injuries that killed him. so how did we get to this? >> this whole police/community
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relation situation, the civil rights cause for this generation no doubt about it. >> up next a baltimore police lieutenant weighs in on that along with what some baltimore cops are doing now after what they call a betrayal by city leaders. he's on the record next. plus one of the most famous trial lawyers of the 20th century has some harsh words for the d.a. handling the baltimore case. just ahead, alan dershowitz joins us live on prosecutor marilyn mosby and what she calls justice. >> to the youth of this city i will seek justice on your behalf. this is a moment t bring your vision for the future to life.
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a tragic ending to a shooting involving one of new york's finest. 25-year-old brian moore who was shot in the head on saturday has died from his injuries. moore and his partner apparently saw a man tugging at his waistband while working the queen section of the city. the "new york post" reports when moore asked the suspect if he had something in his waistband he said, quote, yeah i got something, and immediately started firing. the suspect who allegedly bragged to police he goes by the street name hell-raiser is now being held without bail. while new york deals with a loss of a police officer, police in baltimore are reeling from watching six of their fellow
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cops charged with assault, manslaughter even second-degree murder. in the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. while the streets of baltimore appear quiet tonight, there is no shortage of pundits ready to find fault with an entire department and beyond in fact departments across the country even before we know all the facts of how freddie gray died. >> we can't continue to frame law enforcement in the police forces in america as simply a bunch of good natured people and there happened to be a few bad apples apples amongst them. that's not the right analysis. >> something about the job, itself -- >> i need rob to get in here. >> they're an occupying force in the hood. that's my issue. >> this whole police/community relation situation, bob, is the civil rights cause for this generation no doubt about it. >> when we have grown comfortable with the notion that african-american people and poor people and young people can be brutalized at the hands of a
9:17 pm
minority fraction of the police we have to get away from that. >> joining me now, lieutenant ken butler of the baltimore police department. he's president of the vanguard justice society. lieutenant, thank withdrew veryyou very much for being here. year reaction to the comments we just heard that the police aren't occupying force, folks have been comfortable that african-americans can be brutalized by the cops. >> well, nothing could be further from the truth, and as i've spoken before as police officers we're not at odds with the community, and we are at odds with the criminal element because they are the criminal element. we do not condone police brutality. if you interview ten out of ten cops if you interview ten cops ten out of ten will tell you, hey, listen we do not condone police brutality or misconduct. however, we will go after the bad guy and you have to realize
9:18 pm
the bad guy does not want a relationship with the police. however, we as police officers we want a relationship with the community. the community are our eyes and our ears. >> what did you make of yet on friday when the six officers were charged, all six of them irrespective of what role they played in freddie's arrest. when they were charged, the city was jubilant in baltimore. they were honking their horns and they were cheering. and, you know some described it as that they had morphed into some sort of a link mobchmob wanting to have the police put away. >> the nightco-workers. my co-worker said i think what's going to happen they're going to serve the six officers up just so they wouldn't have another riot. i didn't think that was going to happen but when i heard the madam state's attorney read the
9:19 pm
charges, i was shocked along with my co-workers. we were disappointed. fearful. because now you have officers who have come to me and said hey, listen i'm afraid of doing my job now. and remember megyn, i'm a shift commander, and i have my finger on the pulse of the rank and file officers on the street and i speak with them daily and now they think, well, if i get in trouble, this police commissioner is not going to back me up and now from what they've seen, if someone makes a complaint and it's controversial, then maybe madam state's attorney is going to bring charges against me. and we just had an officer last week who was attacked by three people and they tried to get his weapon out of his holster, but they couldn't get it out. two citizens two ordinary regular citizens came to the aid of this officer, so when i asked the officer, hey, could you have
9:20 pm
used deadly force? he said lieutenant yes, i could have used edd deadly force, but i was afraid of what this agency and what the state's attorney may do to me. and we can't work like that. >> and the city of baltimore can't survive like that. lieutenant i thank you very much for being here tonight. we'll continue our discussion again. thank you. >> thank you. well up next one of the most famous trial attorneys of the 20th century has some harsh words for the d.a. handling this baltimore case. alan dershowitz on prosecutor marilyn mosby and what she calls justice next. when a moment spontaneously turns romant why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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one of the biggest questions developing out of baltimore this week is whether the prosecutors is biased against the police. one of the things driving the questions are the statements she's making on camera and on the record. >> i've heard your calls for no justice, no peace. however, your peace is sincerely needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of freddie gray. to those that are angry, hurt, or have their own experiences of injustice at the hands of police officers i urge you to channel the energy peacefully as we prosecute this case. to the youth of this city, i will seek justice on your behalf. this is a moment this is your moment. >> really? alan dershowitz is a harvard law professor emeritus and author of
9:24 pm
"taking the stand." really this is the moment for youth of baltimore? >> if you're the prosecutor you have to be concerned about doing justice for everybody, not just for the victim, not just for the family of the victim not just for the youth of baltimore but also for the accused, for the policemen who have been accused and who may have been scapegoated. look i understand what she wanted to try to quell the riots. she did a good job doing that. you can't sacrifice individual defendants to the need to stop riots. imagine jurors who are going to sit now in baltimore and say if we acquit these defendants our houses might get burned down our stores will be attacked our children won't be safe. this trial can't proceed in baltimore. it will have to move out of baltimore and need a new prosecutor. >> we already heard the family of freddie gray suggesting they don't want this case moved and will be an objection. i'm sure the prosecutor will fight keep this case in baltimore to get what she wants. >> no question about that. try to get somebody who doesn't have political ambitions and whose job is not seen as trying to stop the riots. her job has to be to do justice
9:25 pm
and the constitution protects the rights of defendants with the presumption of innocence. we haven't heard much about the presumption of innocence. even the american civil liberties yun yonsunions came down didn't say a word about due process, presumption of innocence. who is there on behalf of the people charged with crime? the police in this case. look i've been critical of police my whole career when they have engaged in misconduct, but when thaiey're charged with crime, every american has to support their right of due process. >> what about them saying this is your moment torquing up the situation? what if she doesn't get a conviction? what happened to nigh momentmy moment? now even angrier. >> what's going to happen to her is what happened to angela the woman from florida who overcharged george zimmerman, got an acquittal. when you everovercharge charge somebody with murder who shouldn't be charged with murder you risk losing everything. what she's done is mortgage the future to the present. understandably she wanted to
9:26 pm
stop the riots. she did a good job. she did stop the riots. but the likelihood of increasing violence when charges have to be dropped, when there's an acquittal, we there's a reversal on appeal, that's what she hasn't thought about. the future. >> alan dershowitz great to see you, sir. >> thank withdrew. >> thanks for being here. up next judge napolitano on bill clinton's defense on the hillary scandal. noth well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. dave's been working on his game... and starting each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal?
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9:30 pm
have a shred of evidence to that effect. >> judge napolitano is fox news senior judicial analyst. >> some things never change. >> i don't think i did anything. >> i don't know what he thought he was denying there, but, look there is more than enough evidence here for the fbi to commence an investigation. significantly more here in the public domain than existed at this time with respect to senator menendez of new jersey and former governor mcdonnell in virginia. >> just the language of it that he doesn't think that he did anything, and there's -- and hillary said that no one had tried and no evidence has been produced. i mean you could drive a mack truck through that. >> of course you could. if you look at the chart, at the timeline in the book of speaking of bill clinton, decision by hillary, major contribution to the foundation decision by hillary, major contribution to the foundation 180 degree change of mind by hillary. she needs to be asked about this. she's running for president.
9:31 pm
>> that's the other thing. where's she? why we hearing from him? >> it's inconceivable that she could be silent on this for much longer. >> i understand she's going to launch a website that's going to deal with the lies about her. >> well we learned today that she is likely to be or at least she's offered to testify on may 18th. now, that's just two weeks away but she'll only do it for one day. she won't come back for another day. if they don't ask all the questions on that day, she's not going to come back. >> really? >> she's prepared to defy a lawful subpoena. >> all the presidential candidates who have come out and declared thus far have given interviews to reporters, except for her. how long can she get away with this? >> i don't think she can get away with it much longer. the longer she refuses to address it the more stable and stol solid the allegations amir. the longer the fbi goes without laying a finger on this they don't need -- o'reilly is right. i don't know if you saw him earlier. they do not need the president's permission do not need the attorney general's permission.
9:32 pm
jim comey, head of the fbi, has an independent legal and moral obligation to go where the evidence takes him. >> well but we're starting to hear another defense from the clintons and this is from bill. we don't have it on camera but have a full screen of it "there's no doubt in my mind we've ever done anything knowingly inappropriate in terms of take money to influence any kind of --" >> might you have done something inappropriate without knowing it mr. president? >> let me tell you if that would go over at my house. doug where were you last night? i heard you were out with a bunch of employees. he would never do that. i'm just saying knowingly inappropriate. >> i'm actually surprised somebody as smart as bill clinton thinks an answer like that would watch. it causes us to mock him and causes people in washington d.c. who have the power to put him under oath to say, there might be something here. >> how about just inappropriate? >> he's the master at parsing words and he continues to do so. look -- >> did not have sexual relations as -- >> as defined in a court ruling.
9:33 pm
she wants to be the president of the united states. her integrity at its core has been called into question. she has to answer those questions. >> judge, great to see you. >> pleasure megyn. carly fiorina has spent weeks going after hillary clinton and today she declared her campaign for president, and she is here in a cable news exclusive, nex you exercise. you choose the salad. occasionally. but staying well - physically, financially, emotionally - its hard on your own. so cigna's got your back and your knees, 24/7. cigna's there to answer your questions. or when you need some coaching. in sickness and in health, cigna's there, helping you to get well and stay well. that's having a partner, who's with you all the way. cigna. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent
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9:37 pm
her corporate office and has her sights set on an oval one. becoming the first republican woman to run for the white house this year. born september 6th 1954 in austin texas, kara carlton sneed better known as carly fiorina, is the middle child of joseph and madeleine sneed. her parents both world war ii veterans. her father worked his way up the academic ladder her family moved around a lot with fiorina going to different schools. she says -- >> i was perpetually the new kid in class. as the new kid i wanted desperately to fit in to be liked, to make friends. >> her dad would become dean of duke law school and a trail blazer in his own right. a staunch conservative judge on the very liberal ninth circuit court of appeals. in 1976 she earned a degree from stanford. from there, she followed in dad's footsteps. heading off to law school.
9:38 pm
but unlike her father fiorina dropped out after just one semester. >> i felt happy. afraid. but happy. i grew up that day. i had made a truly difficult decision on my own. i felt lonely in that choice. afraid of its consequences. but certain i had chosen well. >> soon she found work as a receptionist at a real estate firm where she worked her way up the corporate ladder eventually landing at at&t where she excelled in business and romance. falling for her future husband, frank fiorina. carly's first marriage had ended in divorce. she says her ex was threatened by her success. with frank, however, it was love at first sight. on their third date he told her someday she'd be ceo of at&t and he was almost right. frank and carly later married and she helped his girls. >> tracy was grown up beyond her years, lori starved for affection. i fell in love with both of them too, over our first meal together of chinese takeout. >> in the mid 1990s she would be
9:39 pm
the spinoff of at&t and recognized by "fortune" as the most powerful woman in business for six consecutive years. remember frank's earlier prediction? well in 1999, hewlett-packard came calling and she became the first female ceo of a top 20 u.s. corporation. once there she restored hp to a jewel of silicon valley and engineered a $25 billion acquisition of compac. >> this is about building the new hp way. >> while a huge number of people lost jobs it's since been hailed by some as a success. in 2005 hp fired her after she and directors disagreed about corporate strategy. the next year she would release a bestselling memoir and later she emerged as an economic adviser for john mccain's presidential campaign. >> i think leadership is not about position. it is not about power. it is not about title. leadership is about character. and this is a man who has
9:40 pm
demonstrated character over and over and over again. >> mccain didn't win and fiorina's disappointment turned to heartbreak. in february 2009 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. undergoing a double mastectomy and treatment which caused her to lose her hair. and then in october, devastation. as her beloved stepdaughter lori died at just 35 years old. at the time fiorina was about to launch her first political campaign. despite her family tragedy, she ran for u.s. senate trying to unseat incumbent barbara boxer. >> as of today, game on barbara. >> the senator easily won the contest. in the years since, fiorina has served on a number of boards traveled extensively, and given many speeches. opening up about her personal story and her love of country. >> i have lived all over the world, traveled and worked all over the world. and i know that it is only in the united states of america
9:41 pm
that a young woman can start as a secretary and go on to become the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world. that is only possible here. >> and now the one-time secretary turned ceo sees yet another possibility. breaking what one woman famously called the highest, hardest, glass ceiling of all. >> i'm carly fiorina, and i'm running for president. >> joining me now, carly lyly fiorina, whose book "rising to the challenge: my leadership journey" hit shelves today. great to see you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thank you for being here. let's talk about leadership. what do you say is your single greatest qualification to lead? >> well, i think it's knowing what leadership is. leadership's not the same as management. management is about doing the best you can within the status quo. leadership is about changing the status quo when it needs changing. and i think it needs changing in washington right now, and
9:42 pm
leadership, as i said in that clip is not about position or power or title. it's about unlocking the potential of others. and i think now in this nation we need a leader in the oval office who understands how to unlock and unleash the potential of this nation once again. >> you spoke in that piece about john mccain and his character and how you think that that is what is essential in a good leader character. describe your character. because already folks are coming out and saying well everyone who's held this office that she aspires to has been a politician has been elected to office has served in the u.s. military and she hasn't. >> yes, it's true that i haven't, and all the voters that i've met across this country and especially recently in iowa new hampshire, and south carolina they actually consider that a great asset. you know the professional political class is a modern invention. ours was intended to be a citizen government. that's what by for, and of the people means. somehow in the last 50 years we've come up with this idea that only professional politicians can run for office.
9:43 pm
what leadership takes is character. character to the point of your question character is about being a person of integrity, of trustworthiness, of honesty. leadership takes experience and wisdom and while i've not held elected office i understand how the economy works, i know more world leaders on the stage today than anyone else running with the possible exception of hillary clinton, and i've done business with them and i've had photo ops with them. i understand bureaucracy and how it works. i understand technology and how it works. and government's a big bloated bureaucracy and technology could be used to help. and most importantly, perhaps of all, i understand executive decision making which is making a tough call in a tough time with high stakes for which you're prepared to be held accountable. you don't learn that in a book. >> last time around mitt romney got hit for, you know almost being too successful. they hung bane around his neck like an albatross and dismissed him as a 1%er. how will you avoid that kind of
9:44 pm
attack? >> well, there are some who will attack my record at hp and i will hit back with the facts. we took a company in the middle of the worst technology recession in 25 years and took it from $44 billion to almost $90 billion. we took the growth rate from 2% to 9%. tripled the rate of innovation to 11 patents a day. we went from lagging behind in every product category to leading in every product category. >> i don't know that much about business -- >> you know those are good numbers. >> those sound like good numbers. then the critics say, oh but the share price went down and the profits went down. so they say the revenues went up but the share prices went down. >> actually profits went up. the share price did go down. remember we were so happy two weeks ago when the nasdaq finally returned after 15 years to its boom high. in truth, every technology company's stock went down in that difficult period. it was a difficult time. >> let me ask you about the life issue, because that's one thing, i know you're pro-life. do you believe life begins at
9:45 pm
conception and if so can there be any exceptions for abortion could there be any sort of time in which it's allowed? >> well i do believe life begins at conception and i think science is starting to prove us right every day which is why you see the majority of young people now changing their views on abortion. we now know from scientific evidence for example, that the dna is exactly the same dna as the day you die. >> it's that true obviously it is that scientific fact is not disputed then where do you stand on fertilization techniques like inveet vitro? in the same way folks look at the left and say debbie wasserman-schultz may be too far to the left when it comes to a 7 pound baby in the womb some look at the right and say they're too far, too extreme when it comes to something like that. >> yeah well i think that some of these techniques personally make me uncomfortable. you know i think we're starting to hear stories now every day of people literally create cloning
9:46 pm
babies et cetera. that goes too far in my personal opinion. but here's i think the real thing, megyn. i think that politics always fights about the ekxtremes. when what we have in front of us right now is common ground that the majority of americans, young people, and women agree on and that is that abortion for any reason at all after 5 months is wrong. majority of americans now believe that. so let's take that common ground. >> last question. today you said that we can all agree that we are relieved those six cops in baltimore got arrested. you know our viewers would say, we are not relieved. a lot of the viewers. we had a cop on earlier saying this is wrong. some people think it's a travesty. did you -- do you want to modify that or do you stand by that? >> here's what i think. i mean, we've vennseen videos of what appears to be sort of a lifeless body getting dragged into a van. we've heard doctors say that it's virtually impossible to sever your own spinal cord with
9:47 pm
self-injury. we know that the van took an unscheduled stop. i think the point is that there's enough evidence here that people needed to be charged. we're now going to hear the evidence which is of course what a court of law is all about. but i think to have said nothing went wrong here would have strained credulity honesty. >> carly fiorina off to iowa new hampshire and all the rest of it. we will be watching withdrew. >> thank you so mu you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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well the growing att the growing attacks on free speech in america are detailed in a book called "end of discussion." the authors argue that those loechbt use fake outrage to silence their political opponents. and one of the authors conservative columnist guy
9:51 pm
benson put a little something in a footnote that is now getting national attention. earlier i spoke with guy who is political editor of town and fox news contributor. good to see you. >> thanks for having me megan. >> how do youing? >> well. >> nervous? >> sort of an overwhelming day. but i'm struck mostly by gratitude. sort of sitting back here and chatting with you now, and gratitude -- go ahead. >> let's let our viewers in on what it is you and i are talking about. you have something in the footnote and a bit of an announcement and something special to share. >> yes, i mentioned in the book i'm gay and i hadn't disclosed that publicly before. the reason we didn't mention that before is because mary katherine and i get into gay rights and liberty issues and the silencing in the debates. i felt like i owed it to readers to give them that piece of
9:52 pm
information. i thought it was relevant context and i wanted to make sure they could have that at their dispose ylal and make their decisions going forward. >> first of all, it is very brave, it is none of our business and i understand the context of what you offered it and you are in a safe place here it has been discouraging in some ways to see the haters. you spoke to buzz feed about this this morn pg. some have attacked you because they feel you cannot be gay and be a conservative. some sort of -- >> there is an element of the left not the entire left but an element of the left that believes they are entitled to wield control over the thoughts and attitudes of certain people because of who those people are. i look at this and i just politely but pointedly decline to enable that.
9:53 pm
i am a free thinking free citizen after free country and i'm entitled to think and believe however i so choose. just because i'm gay doesn't mean i have to a, excess with that. my politics doesn't have to be ground exclusively in that. this that is not the totality of who i am. >> i feel like women and gays have that in common. certain parties and in particular on the left they want it pigeon hole you to all about your gender in my case or sexuallity in yours. >> mary catherine will get this sometimes, can you believe this as a young self respecting woman. she said look we didn't get liberate sewed we could think exactly what you want us to think. it is just a fantastic turn of phrase. i might steal it from her. >> let me ask you about this issue. we struggle with this in the can uncountry. how do you reconcile gay rights and religious freedom. >> i think what gay rights
9:54 pm
movement has been successful at i want to acknowledge quickly that i recognize i'm so fortune to live in a country and era where we can have this skangt conversation on flagsal television and i recognize a lot of that is due to the fact i'm standing on the shoulders of people who have worked very hard for a very long time who probably don't share my political persuasion. but i think when that crosses some threshold and trying to exact punishments on people for not agreeing that is not what we should be about in this country. i think with we are better than that in this country. >> i know you told me privately that you didn't want to come out or make your sexuality an issue in any way because you just wanted people know you as guy benson. not the gay rights guy or the pund the pundit that happens to be gay. i urged readers to keep in that n mind. you made an argument that it was
9:55 pm
necessary to disclose but i know that you understand when you come on fox news with this is not so you want to be known as the gay conservative the same way as i don't want to be seen as the female anchor. i'm meg can kelly. you're guy benson. and for now, it is the end of our discussion. >> excellent. >> good luck with the book. >> thank you, june 9th. >> all the best to you, guy. >> thanks, megan. good for him. we will be right back. i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry, but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because everyone has retirement questions. ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. to get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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ben carson announced he is running for president from his hometown of detroit. >> they say, who are you? i'm ben carson and i'm running for president of the united states. >> dr. carson travelled to be with his ill mother. plus mike huckabee expected to eye nouns tomorrow he will be on the kelly file tomorrow night. so much news today that the fact ben carson is running and mike huckabee is announcing that he is reduced to readers at the end of the show and the the end of the day that's a major segment and the news continues right few. we say good night. sean hannity is live, thanks for watching. cano
10:00 pm
republican congress is asking clinton to make two visits to capital but her lawyer says she will be answering all of the questions in one setting p. and oregon is cracking down on statewide gun sales. and expanding back fwround checks passing through the state's legislature. measure awaits approval of the governor who does support the bill. it is a third time oregon has tried to increase regulation on gun sales. if the measure becomes law oregon would be the eighth state to require screening before a private gun can be approved. i'm kelly wright hannity starts now. and thanks megyn. welcome to "hannity." new details tonight on the two rad ral islamists who opened