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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> you bet. >> thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington d.c. and, boy those people in oklahoma i feel is he sorry for them. stay for fox news for any breaking news on it. ♪ the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> i will fight to stop partisan attacks on the executive actions that would dreamers at risk of deportation. >> hillary clinton calling for illegal alien amnesty. even as new polling says she is becoming more popular. how can that be? we'll have analysis with bernie goldberg. >> >> did mishandled sarah palin. >> the interviews for sarah palin made and her look bad. >> nicolle wallace telling all tonight on the factor. also ahead this man now banned from going to iran. dennis miller will tell us
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why. >> whoa, i didn't mean it. >> caution, you where with enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. assessing hillary clinton's status in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo a new poll by the "new york times" surprised me. says hillary clinton's truth worthy numbers have actually risen by six points since the email and clinton foundation controversies. they are up. march 42% of respond dents found her honest. in april 48%. 45% believe she is not trust worthy. a different story in the late latest poll, however that one says 45% honest: 51% not.
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but, in the fox news poll, it's even. 38% democrat. same for the republican respond dents. so you can see the "new york times" poll is skewed. paper says it doesn't ask affiliation until after the random sampling but so what? if you want accurate numbers, you can't tilt to a party. even if it's not by design. that's the problem with the american press. it's methodology is largely a secret. a footnote. while a front page headline in the "new york times" today very helpful to the clinton campaign. by the way. it's worth noting that the "times" did break some of the clinton foundation stuff. talking points has been in business for about 19 years. in that time i have seen a massive shift in how information is delivered to the american people today. americans get much of their news from dishonest web sites which are in business to distort the truth. not report it also the urban newspapers including "u.s.a. today" are left on the editorial page. same thing with the network
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tv news. far more liberal sentiment than conservative. so hillary clinton has a huge advantage in the upcoming presidential race. and here's another big plus for her. if the "times" poll, 55% of respond dents say they don't know enough about the clinton foundation story to form a judgment. again, this goes directly to a distracted public, a country, which is now largely individual pursuits. not assessing what's best for the nation. americans who consume news and information have more vehicles available than ever before. we're not germany in the 30's or russia under stalin. we he can get to the truth if we put in the effort. but many of us do not do that. these people are called low information voters. and those folks can easily be manipulated by a dishonest media and clever politicians. with terrorism all over the place and a shaken economy the stakes are very high for all of us. misleading polls headlines and internet deception are legion and the threat to our safety and prosperity.
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and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction, with us the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. am i overstating here? >> no. probably not. we live in what we call the information age it's more information than we have ever had before. but i think a lot of people go to places tol@ltoé-kí stp:ñ the information they want to get. and we're more polarized than we have been in certainly since the vietnam war and before that the civil war probably. it's not a rosy picture you painted and i think you are pretty close to the truth. >> okay, so because it becomes a hugedvantage for the democratic party in the presidential sweepstakes to have one candidate be portrayed a certain way and of course the demonization of the republican hasn't started yet but it will. what struck me about this and we have always had talk radio for the last 30 years okay? and talk radio people seek out as you just pointed out their own opinion primarily. that's why air american went
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down there weren't enough crazy left loans to support it talk radio was entertainment. this time you have a news headline headline in the "new york times" today. hillary clinton not taking a hit. you would have to go into the weeds to find out that the poll has far more democrats than the republicans it was the that's fair. that's factual. there was a subheadline. some democrat voters want hillary clinton to have some competition. that's fair. here was the "new york times" headline. hillary clinton's appeal survives scrutiny. it's like not survives temporarily. not her poll numbers went upmhgtm":cz' a little bit. it sounds definitive. it sounds like it'sll over she survives. >> even that isn't accurate.
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she survives scrutiny from more democrats even if you have it even as fox news did then you see that her trustworthiness is six points lower. >> that's a very important point. because, and as you said, even if it's not intentional, even if you go out and survey 2500 people and it turns out that there are more democrats than republicans, then you have got to. >> you have got to balance it. you have got to ask for people. >> figure out a way to make it 50/50. otherwise, what happens if you do the poll -- you what if you do the poll and 7 5% republicans and 25% democrats and it said hillary clinton's' a jerk and we would never vote for her. you wouldn't have that headline in the "new york times." would you. >> they wouldn't do that i don't believe they would do it. >> well, of course not. because. >> the fix is in. i really think the fix is in. and when you -- and that's a real powerful accusation coming from a journalist that i'm saying that in certain precincts, they are going to do -- they being the media, anything they can
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to get at acertain person elected. i have got to add one caveat. the "new york times" did get out on the clinton foundation story. >> wait a second is. you are partially right. you are right about that. on the 23rd of april they haven't done another story yet. >> do you think any other candidate would get away with what she has got away with. she hasn't talked about any of this. if there was only one republican in the race and that republican had a serious chance of becoming president. and there was allegations of wrongdoing involving a lot of money and foundation that that republican's family was in control. do you think the media would do one story on the 23rd of april. >> we had that with mitt romney, did we not? did we have banking with mitt romney big story for quite some time it turned out to be nothing there. >> no, but the quite some time is the key part. >> right. look i spoke to somebody
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today that who also said that he thinks the fix is in. they are circling the wagons. and, you know glrntion is this. >> is this a credible person. >> some guy named lenny. >> is this a person who knows? it's a journalist who we both know who while i'm not clear about his mental state is a pretty knowledgeable guy. >> but if you mentioned his name he would be in trouble wouldn't he? >> well, i wouldn't mention his name. >> because he would be in trouble. >> it was a private conversation. >> but if you did he would be in trouble with the organization for whom he works. >> no, not in this case. >> you don't think so. >> no. >> but you don't want to mention his name? >> no. >> all right. because i'm curious about who it is. >> no. >> so, summing up. i believe that the fix is in already. and you believe the fix is in. >> well, look. it's no shock that the so-called mainstream media tilts -- i mean i hate to
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even say this because it's so obvious tilts left. but, a republican would not get away with what hillary clinton is getting away with she is giving the media the silent treatment. >> 15 seconds. >> can i do it in 10 seconds. if we don't say anything, sooner or later it's going to become old news. you know what? the media may buy that because they bought it in the past. >> unless, you know, there is an investigation, which we have called for. bernie goldberg, everybody. next on the rundown what is the truth about the clinton foundation kicking money to bill and hillary? our truth serum correspondent is on the case. later, jesse watters better not go to iran. dennis miller will tell us why and the factor is coming right back. bring us your aching... and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested and ready to enjoy the morning ahead. aleve pm. the first to combine a safe sleep aid...
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when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. nicorette mini starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. anytime. anywhere. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i choose nicorette mini. truth serum segment tonight as controversy and confusion continue to swirl around the clinton
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foundation there are some statements that deserve analysis. here is one of them. >> i give 10% of my revenue off the top every year to the foundation. and hillary in the year she was there gave 17. over the last 15 years i have taken almost no capital gains and i you give. >> to pay -- >> -- to pay my bills. >> joining us from washington shannon bream here in the studio eric shawn both our fox news correspondents. what is the truth about the capital gains statement. >> first of all we can't prove one thing that he said there that he gives 15% and 15% because it's not public. if you go to their 990 forms to show hot contributors are, the names are blacked out. that's by law. 9 people gave $70 million. we don't know. >> wow nine individuals gave $70 million to the clintons but they block them out so you you don't know who they are unless they publicly say who did it. >> that's correct. and it's legal in terms of the capital gains it depends on what the definition of is. he says almost no. that's not true. here these are the tax
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returns for 2006. the last year they were publicly available and it shows they made $370,931 in capital gains. i went through the senate financial disclosure forms for mrs. clinton in 2007. shows a hell of a lot more, bill, it shows capital gains from about $2 million to 7,403,000. i counted 149 stocks. bonds, and a trust so maybe up to $7 million. >> so all of this money was under the umbrella of the clinton foundation? >> no, no. that was their own capital gains. that's what he is talking about. their own income. >> he is saying he is not taking any capital gains out of foundation. so they have a right to have stocks and bonds and they have a right to do whatever they want in their investment portfolio. is he saying look, i don't make any money, i don't take any salary on this. is that true? >> that's zero salary in terms of their financial disclosure that he does not get paid by the foundation. >> okay. also, the accusation is that only 10% of the money raised and it's $2 billion goes to
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grants out to poor people or institutions. >> that sounds really bad but it's actually incredibly misleading. the way the charity works. they don't give grants to other charities. they do most of it themselves. so that they actually have a rate of spending of about 80%, according to the irs figures. they say 88%. you know, the experts for charity say that's very good. usually youment it a charity to give 80%. >> so their own people, whom they hire do the work in haiti, do the work in the other third world nations. paid by the clinton foundation themselves. so this is going in infrastructure salaries, travel for them to do the charity work rather than giving it to somebody else. >> or partners that they work with as opposed to being a charity that just gives. >> right now the amount of the money of the 2 billion going out is okay? >> yeah, it's pretty good, according to the experts. >> that's 20% is left over is a lot of money left over. >> for staples. >> finally real quick.
5:16 pm
algeria gave a half a million dollars to the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state. that's against every rule. was it not? >> they were supposed to report that to the state department. they did not. they admit that's a mistake. >> they admit it's a mistake. it's a big mistake. let's go down to the general book that says there are a lot of suspicious things going on and here is the reply from the clinton camp. roll the tape. >> the author wants to you believe that hillary tried to reward clinton foundation donors by getting our government to approve the sale of a mining company to russia in 2010. that's just dead wrong. the main donor he is talking about sold the stake in the company two years before hillary clinton even became secretary of state. the decision to approve the sale was made by a government committee of nine agencies led by the treasury department. not state. >> all right. shannon, so what's the accuracy of that statement? >> most of that is true. but there are so many other threads to this story. it wasn't over with that initial assessment of that company and that initial
5:17 pm
donor. that company morphed in a number of ways and there were other people connected to what ended up being as russian ownership who did have family foundations and other foundations that made millions in contributions to the clinton foundation. the fact is, this is circumstantial sweitzer himself. the author of the book will say that he says but that's how cases are made. you put it out there. you let people assess for themselves. there are so many connections, millions of dollars flowing into the foundation from numbers of governments from individuals that the fact is it's up to people to read for themselves and all coincidences. the defense that hillary clinton didn't sign off on this russian deal where they got a very lucrative contract for uranium. but she was -- she had look at it, right. >> well, there was a representative on that council that he refers to there of all of those government agencies that was a part of the state department. so, do we know that she took a specific look at this? no.
5:18 pm
we do know the state department was involved to some extent. that they can't deny. >> okay. all right guys. we appreciate it directly ahead. a woman who advised president bush the younger and sarah palin said bigger mistakes were made. nicolle wallace will join us. later, shocking video of a driver holding kids hostage inside a hot arizona school bus. martha maccallum investigating that up ahead. do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™.
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there is an ancient rhythm... [♪] that flows through all things... through rocky spires... [♪] and ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. new book called madam president nicole will wallace about the first woman elected to lead america. it's a novel. as you may remember, nicole was a top advisor to sarah palin and worked for president bush the younger as well. now, ms. wallace is on "the view." i spoke with her a few days ago. >> do you want to have a
5:22 pm
woman president? i mean, is hillary clinton's gender appealing to you. >> i want to get to the point where we are choosing women on both sides. >> women are shut out. >> not shut out. how many people are running for president on our side? 20? if three were women that would make me happy. >> i don't know what side you are on, but i assume you are a republican the question is, hillary clinton, will you vote for her if it's close because she is a woman? >> no. >> i'm not a fan of identity politics. you have helped propel a lot of female careers here at this network. >> thank you for noticing this. >> work with the men. i don't think that a woman in politics exists or thrives on her own no, but mrs. clinton will run with war on women and other things. >> obama did too. >> whatever they do, they do always like to get people's opinion of what they think of that now, you have a very fascinating. worked for president bush so you know the inside
5:23 pm
baseball. you worked with sarah palin and sarah palin was close to becoming a vice president you had had trouble with the governor. >> our differences are documented. she rightfully felt mishandled by mccain staff. >> did nicolle wallace mishandle sarah palin? >> absolutely. >> did you? >> the interviews that were planned for sarah palin made her look and feel bad. so we as a staff are to blame. >> so you're taking the blame for that? >> i did at the time and i do now. >> wow. that's to elevate the importance of staff which i know you don't ever do. >> if i decide to do an interview, it's on me. staff can say please do it, but if i decide i decide. >> in her defense she wasn't. we asked her to do the the series of the first few interviews she deferred to us. in hindsight we didn't -- >> there comes a point where personal responsibility. >> from your mouth. >> i don't know. she is not a big fan of mine. >> let's get into the view.
5:24 pm
>> you have ms. goldberg and you have rosie o'donnell. but there was a clash that surprised a lot of people including me they are both ideological the same, kind of. >> one debate that stands out there. was a fight about race it, happened right before the christmas break. and i went back and watched the show and i never do that but my head was like this flipping back and forth like a violent tennis game. and it was intense. >> you are a white lady telling me what is racest to you. >> [bleep] >> what homophobia looks like. >> it's not the same. >> i have a black kid i raised whoopee, there is a kid in my house. you don't have to be black to know what racism. >> yes you do. >> both rosie o'donnell and whoopi goldberg take it personally. they do. and behar did too. they take it personally. when they get upset about something, then they start to lash out. elisabeth hasselbeck was the brunt of rosie o'donnell.
5:25 pm
unfair. last question about it. for you a television novemberist sitting in between those two describe that for me. >> it was intense. i didn't feel like i could believe what i believed, so i my wiring is to try to make people understand that i might disagree with politically but i'm not a bad person. i'm a mom and wife and daughter. >> nicole, everybody should buy her book about the woman president. thanks for coming. >> in thank you very much. thanks for having me. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. why is that man on the left banned from going to iran? dennis miller will tell us. lights analyze the ayatollah tweeting about the baltimore riots. then martha maccallum on young children being held on a hot bus in arizona. wait until you see this video. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk.
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impact segment tonight. as it stands now baltimore police say they arrested 486 people during the violence in that city last week. so we wanted to know how many of those folks have been formally charged with crimes? so we asked baltimore city states attorney marilyn mosby to provide that information. she has it ms. mosby refusing to give us the info. or answer any questions about the situation at all. we should point out that her office surely has a must the number of those charged it's right in the computer. the only conclusion we could reach is that marilyn mosby
5:30 pm
is stonewalling. on another police matter 25-year-old brian mooar shot dead by a career criminal here in new york city will be buried on friday. last night the new york mets honored officer moore and hitsz family. >> please join us for a moment of silence in memory of slain new york city police officer brian mooar in honor of his family and loved ones and in tribute to all of the brave men and women who put themselves in harms way to keep our city safe. >> but not everybody feels that way. with us now michael good win who who wrote a column in the new york post today hammering police officials. commissioner said in 50 years of law enforcement he has never seen antipolice sentiment so high in america. why is that happening? >> bill, i think a lot of encouragement is coming from the top of the political establishment. president obama here in new york mayor de blasio. they are both very chummy with al sharpton who is a known anti-coppage territory from way back and i think the combination now has been
5:31 pm
very powerful. look what eric holder did in ferguson, missouri tried to diet the whole police department. with you have antipolice department man trap. the people who buy into this, they are turning violent. some of them are hearing sort of a dog wants whistle and they're attacking the police. new york city five police officers have been shot in the last five months. three of them fatally including officer moore. >> that stop and terrific they did away with that makes it much easier to carry a gun on the streets. do you believe that president obama and mayor de blasio and other people who have criticized police are doing it because they sincerely think police officers are bad? or they just playing to their constituency? >> look. there are some bad police officers. but i think the broad brush has been the problem. i think that the president and the mayor al sharpton the three i single out in the column never have a good word to say about a police officer until they are killed. >> the president does
5:32 pm
though. he has -- honors police officers in ceremonies at the white house. he said in the baltimore situation that the thugs he wasn't sympathizing with them. >> right. >> but de blasio and sharpton, but that's a local situation here in new york. i mean, new york city people elected this de blasio. they knew they were getting a real anti-cop guy. and now he is in trouble because the police department, 40,000 strong turned against the mayor which is never a good situation you want to have. across the country there does seem to be now that the police are bad that they are not protecting and serving, that they are brutalizing young black men and other people i think there have been cases, of course, the one in south carolina stands out where there have been cases of police brutality and there have always been historically. the question is why has the narrative flipped so much so quickly? for example in new york city again before de blasio came into office, the police have h. like a 70% approval rating.
5:33 pm
suddenly de blasio attacking it sharpton comes into city hall with him and the police approval rating goes down. the political leadership is very important to public opinion about the police. and i think you are seeing an erosion of support because so much of the political leadership is criticizing the police first and getting the facts second. >> what about the fact that in the boar precincts high crime precincts that the police do have to be tougher than in the rich areas? they obviously have to be tougher and the people say hey, you are not treating us the same way you would treated people on madison avenue. is that a legitimate point? >> i don't think so. again, no doubt there have been incidents, but i think the idea that it's a wholesale broad brush way that the police approach it, i don't think is right look for criminals and look to prevent crimes. former mayor bloomberg in new york started calling him the first preventers and not
5:34 pm
first responders, the aim was to get the guns off the street before they are used. as a result not only did crime fall but so did the prison population. >> the country gets the leadership it deserves and and here in new york city, we have got a problem here there no doubt about it i think it's going to spread across the country. all right michael thanks very much. read his column in the "new york post." when we come right back, miller on the iranian ayatollah tweeting about baltimore and watters not allowed to travel to iran. miller time moments away.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, two very hot topics two of them dealing with iran. joining us the sage of california dennis miller. miller the ayatollah of iran tweeted this, it's ridiculous that even though a u.s. president is black still such crimes against the u.s. blacks continue to occur that off the baltimore rioting. the crazy mullah i guess wanted to he see the orioles and he couldn't go and he is he teed off. what say you? >> billy what say you? >> i sat down to write jokes i usually get a heads up on topics i'm having a trouble writing jokes things are so
5:39 pm
flipped upside down. we need petroleum. we won't have this pipeline. intercitying with iran. israel's guy come in and we won't meet with him. search for a job and unemployment rate goes down. don't have a border. blaize about terrorism and freaked out about the environment and quite frankly the mayor of a major city says we have got to give people the room to destroy. the world is so flipped out right now i look at khomeini and say why not chide us? we don't seem to think much of ourselves anymore. why should our enemies think much of us. the simple fact is the guy realizes if the world would were still sane we would be deflating his head like a deflated football jiewntd ter it. he realizes it's open season on us. we should beat this guy like harry reid's bow flex beat his face but we don't. >> here is what is ironic about it. two years ago you would have been beheaded in iran if you
5:40 pm
tweeted. now he is tweeting cheap shot. you could not go there if you looked like this. and i want to put a picture up of miller. you see miller's hair there? you cannot go to iran because hairstyles are spikey and unorthodox nature have been outlawed in iran because they imply devil worship. tattoos outlawed. male he bodily adornments outlawed all implying devil worship. i know that's why you had your hair like that because you were worshiping the devil. >> i look like don king in the middle of the rapture. we better wake up and smell the dirty bomb over here because can i give you a heads up to all the minorities out there? all the women out there? all the lgbt community? i you know you can disparage
5:41 pm
america and say we are very troubled. if these crazy people come it is open season on anybody anybody who they construe to be a different lifestyle. hair cut sexual proclivity or belief. we best get on our own team. those people are full bore nuts over there by the way if we want to really push them over the brink if that hairdo is bugging them. send a boot leg laser disk something about mary over. that would really push them. >> i just want to make it clear that this is no joke. that iran has banned, all right, so he layer yum treatments, the plucking of eyebrows tattoos as i mentioned male adornment. we wanted to send this man over to tehran to do a watters world. but the hair is too big.
5:42 pm
they will not give him a visa he can't go in there. we are making fun of it. >> what can i tell you billy, that whole country is plucking nuts. >> do you know who is objecting to this in iran? >> johnny weir at the kentucky derby coverage? >> close. the barber's union. >> the barber's union. they are objecting to banning spiked hair. >> if they put their foot down too heavily they won't have one to stand on. >> the barber season. who knew? you know this rutgers university in new jersey? they have a mascot and it's called the scarlet knight and there he is. he looks like the creepy burger king guy. anyway, there is now a controversy because some students at rutgers say we have to have a female inside the mascot not just a male.
5:43 pm
so they got to have four or five mascots. i guess they have to have a transgendered mascot. they have to have a confused guy mascot. and they all have to take turns. >> why not put everybody in there all at once. put the girl, in put the boy, in put everybody. i long for the good old days when only the mascot's head was elm till and not the students. and if rutted gears doesn't cool out i'm telling you well put it this way. if iran doesn't cool out and they are going to end up being like rutgers and the way crazy things have gone right now. billy, the country is so nuts now that my belief is that they will begin to fortify our southern border to keep me. in not to keep anybody out. but to keep me in because that's how nutty the country has gotten. >> when these people are demanding different mass scotts underneath the mascot head, you know things are out of control. dennis miller, everybody. martha maccallum on deck.
5:44 pm
children imprisoned on a bus by the driver in arizona. and a harrowing video about how little kids are are kidnapped. martha, moments away. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful. go gator. ♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. how do i get hotel deals nobody else gets? trust me i'm a great negotiator. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor! 60% off! 40! 60! 40! 60! 40! 40! 60! trust me, they can't say 'no' to me. i've been doing this for 20 years... can i get an upgrade? trust me, and you'll
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5:48 pm
talk to strangers. >> i tell my kid every day i. >> all right. so if he go over to your kid right now will he or she talk to me or run away? >> i'm pretty sure she is not going to talk to you but try. >> hi. >> hi. >> look at the pickupy. >> puppy look at the puppy. do you like the puppy. >> yeah. >> can you guess what his name is? >> duncan? >> duncan? you were close. his name is doughnuts. flrt i got some more puppies, do you want to see the other puppies? >> yeah. >> come on, let's go. right over here. give me your hand. >> unbelievable. here now to explain further martha maccallum. yes, tough. but, you know, it's very disturbing, kids are extremely trusting. and they are also used to, you know, having parents who are hovering over them we
5:49 pm
might have our kids more trusting than in the past. introduced himself to the parents. the child probably was aware that he was chatting with the parent. that may have made him a little more comfort. >> i don't think so. >> shake hands and walk off is pretty unbelievable. stranger abductions which is what this is are very, very rare. 115 times a year. 90% of all abductions are done by people who know the child. 90% of them are returned over the course of 24 hours. so this situation that is every parent's nightmare is actually extremely rare but it certainly. >> 15 million hits on this thing. do you have to. make a good point that kids now feel more protected than they ever have because they have the helicopter parents all over them and play dates and hell had mets and suit of armor some don't have a schens of being worried about strangers. >> you really have to.
5:50 pm
no matter what you say though when you have a little cute puppy there and the kid is 2 or 3 very very tempting. >> absolutely. >> in arizona another children's story that is disturbing. a bunch of kids can acting up on a bus. roll the tape. >> your parents are going to be getting upset. not at me. they are going to be getting upset with you because it's your fault you're not getting off the bus. you that door you are going to be be buying a new one. your kid will get off the bus when i'm done with them. [shouting] >> now he was saying your kid is -- to a parent. >> the parents are banging on the door saying "let us in. get our kids off the bus." >> when i first saw this story i thought good for him. a lot of kids are very misbehaved. perhaps they were really out of control and he said you know what you? are going to be on the bus by my rules. and then it gets worse because is he yelling at them and the parents are trying to figure out what's going on.
5:51 pm
they don't know what's going on. they see the truck driver who is not the usual guy on the route and he has locked the doors and won't let them out and he eventually takes off and goes back to the school. this is when the parents get on the phone and call 911. which i think most parents would do in this situation. what he could have done is open othe door and say excuse me, ma'am sir your children are misbehaving on my busy would like to speak to them for a moment and apologize to me and i will let them off. >> bringing the urchins home after school, right? >> right. >> giving them jazz because he is not regular driver and of course that's what's always happen, right? >> right. >> he gets to the neighborhood and he is steamed but instead of doing what you suggested he actually turns the bus around and drives it back to the school. >> the the parents are banging, the kids are yelling please, daddy help me. >> the the parents don't know. >> they know the bus driver has now pulled away from the curb and is driving away with the children. >> driving away. they don't know -- >> -- he has resigned big surprise. very long swaction.
5:52 pm
>> real signed. they call 911 and then the police come, right? >> yep. >> the police intercept the bus? >> the police talk to the bus driver, the bus driver explains he obviously got a little out of control. the bus driver hasn't been identified in this story we do know that he has -- bus driveway with kids ton and i'm worried about the bus driver won't unlock the door i'm worried. >> i feel bad for bus drivers, generally speaking. >> i do too. i was sympathetic in the beginning. >> they're awful. >> bus drivers can't do anything. that's why they have the dopey camera so they can see what's going on in this case so the guy resigned and i hear that he was appointed at the state department. is he going to be one of our -- no. >> he >> he's going to work as a santa claus. >> all right. he's going to work as a santa claus. if he misbehaves he'll go to the north pole whether he wants to or not. get on that sleigh. good line. we have a brand new billo' poll question for you. remember last time we were
5:53 pm
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5:58 pm
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megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. new fallout as free speech comes under attack in america. not just by jihadis, but also by some in the press. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. on sunday a group called the american freedom defense initiative held an event in garland, texas, asking people to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad which is considered blasphemous in islam. they were trying to make a point about intolerance by some in the muslim world and about principles on which the usa is supposed to stand firm. namely that no matter how abhorrent one might find another's words, in this country, we defend their right to say them. standing up for that principle is not an endorsement of the controversial speech. it is promoting a value at