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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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name yet, how about wells fargo? i didn't suggest that he did, congratulations to colonel north on his grandchild. go to and talk to us about the show tonight. tell us what you think. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> the state department has not and does not intend to initiate a formal review or to make a retroactive judgment. >> the state department refuses to investigate hillary clinton. >> days after an attack in texas, the fbi director is warning that isis is using social media to press individuals to turn violent. right here in the u.s. an alarming report by the feds warns about isis right here in america. but how seriously should we take the threat? we'll have a factor investigation.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> plus a new york city police officer who paid the ultimate price is laid to rest today. even if some say anti-police sentiment may threaten officers nationwide. we'll have the latest. caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." the factor begins right now. hi everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. let's get right to our top story, will any agency investigate hillary clinton and the clinton foundation? well apparently it will not be the state department. >> the state department does not nor will not intend to issue a formal judgment about items that were not submitted during
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secretary hillary clinton's tenure. >> is there a reason why the state department is not interested in finding out whether there was even a question of -- or an appearance of any kind of impropriety? >> again, we're not aware of any -- >> well you're not aware of any, you're not looking back. >> now, the clintons are certainly feeling the heat but with no official investigations under way, they're still shrugging off the allegations. >> what is the problem with the foundation? >> i just work here i don't know. >> but i mean to ask you, a democratic -- >> but you know look there is one set of rules for politics in america. and another set for real life and you just have to learn to deal with it. >> but this is -- you should not --
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>> i understand. thank you for saying that. >> now, the reality is the truth will never be known without any sort of formal investigation by the government, which is why people like o'reilly are calling for the fbi to get involved. joining us now from washington sarah westwood she is an investigative reporter for "the washington examiner," and a democratic strategist. let's start with you, sarah, you have been on the story for the examiner. it's not really surprising for me having watched the clintons for the last couple of decades, but it is quite striking to see the state department spokesperson saying we're just not aware of any improprieties. obviously,re was some warrant -- you would think even a cursory investigation would be required. >> right, they're saying they don't want to retroactively
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review the donations to the foundation because they're not aware of any conflicts. like the reporter pointed out they're not aware because they didn't have all the facts. whether or not there were quid pro quo actions going on we don't know. we do know that bill clinton faced questions on ethics of the speeches he gave but like we found, some of the clintons were not facing the allegations of the paid information to clinton. so there is yet more information to come out on the activities. >> i know the democratic spin is this is old news vast right wing conspiracy after "the new york times" and "the washington post." and even "the atlantic" wrote about this. do you think this is a little odd at least, if this involved a republican secretary of state democrats would have just
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shrugged it off, as well? >> no i think a lot of questions are fine. but that is not hard evidence. even the author of this book said there is no hard evidence to back this. so looking at the spin zone if you trace back everything that has been haunting hillary clinton as a candidate even before she announced, let's start with the e-mails, her favorability rate and the way people see her as a leader has only gone up. >> we're about to dissect that right now. >> you can do that all you want but this is supposed to be -- >> i just want to make sure on the record on the record you want to say that you would take the same attitude with an appearance at the very least, with the appearance of major conflicts of interest here involving foreign governments, hillary clinton as secretary of state, her husband making all of this money. you would say well there is no
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evidence. the republicans should not be investigated. >> i'm a voter, laura, the way you're a voter. if there is any evidence out there that something was wrong and that the influence was purchased with that money, yes, that is something worth investigating. but remember what is important to the voter is what is important to me and you. we care about issues like immigration -- >> we care about honesty and integrity, as well and people do see here -- >> unless you have the equivalent -- unless you have the documentary equivalent of the blue dress, you're just not worried about this at all. you don't think the public trust or integrity and conflict -- >> laura -- >> an investigation is what brings you evidence. >> you can throw in the big words, you're saying fbi, i'm a lawyer -- >> i say no stupid big legal words that actually have some relevance in this discussion. but sarah look she is represent
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representing some people out there maybe, saying look, this is the clintons, people just don't like the clintons, they're going to nit-pick everything. this just becomes a part of the static and the background noise that the voters just ignore? >> well with all of these allegations laid out, he never claims he was going to have a smoking gun. he just wanted people to ask questions about the facts that exist. let's look at what we know we know that donations were not disclosed to the state department. we know that top aides working at the state department were also raising money for foreign governments that have interests on hillary clinton's desk. and here is the kicker we know hillary clinton erased all the e-mails that could have exonerated her from all this. and all the media outlets doing investigations like us just want
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the questions to be raised to have this investigation if somebody with subpoena power could look into this. >> and denise just to close it out. do you think hillary clinton owes more to the americans than just to answer the eight questions -- >> she has answered many questions throughout -- you refer to specific questions, let me tell you, laura, the voter does not think -- >> this is not an answer. >> she -- in this issue, i think it is a big waste of time. >> and i would think that if it is a republican or democrat the fact that the secretary of state's husband is working closely with foreign governments, procuring donations for the foundation and actually according to politico today, actually consulting with the state department his aide before he gave a major address in beijing. my friends, we have to go thank you so much ladies. and next on the rundown, hillary
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hebdo in the impact segment tonight, hillary clinton and "the new york times" complaining that since launching the campaign on april 12th mrs. clinton has just answered seven questions from reporters. that is astounding when you consider all the controversy surrounding her e-mails and the clinton foundation and provocative statements such as this. >> i would fight to stop the attacks of people such as this that would put those at risk of deportation, and if congress refuses to act, i would do
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everything possible under the law to go even further. >> joining us now with reaction from washington katie pavlich. all right, richard, i'm going to let you make an even stronger case than was made in the previous segment. hillary clinton has promised -- like barack obama of course transparency and openness she is on a listening tour but there is going to be a lot of transparency in this campaign. do you think her response to the legitimate questions about the deleted e-mails and now the clinton foundation is an example of that type of transparency? >> well laura, let me ask a question -- >> is that a yes or no? >> if a candidate answers hours of questions from normal people with the cameras on have those questions been asked or not? i mean the fact of the matter is the suggestion that she has
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only answered eight questions kind of suggests that we're old media, not new media. you know there is something called social media. every time she opens her mouth, everybody knows about it. we don't need the press to be asking those questions. >> so there is no role for the press at all. "the new york times," "the washington post," all the reporters out there who have a duty you would think -- do they have any duty or role in american society or not? >> she did this exact same thing when she ran for the senate the press was not happy with that either because she was listening -- >> so richard, do you think she completely cleared the air on bob jiffra on the uranium mining -- she has cleared the air on the e-mails, cleared the air on the potential conflicts of interest with foreign governments who wanted to curry favor with the clintons all
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that is cleared up to your satisfaction? >> let me state one thing, she could never answer questions to laura ingraham's satisfaction. to the fact of the matter is -- if "the new york times" -- laura, if the "the new york times's" own poll, if cbs is any indication yes, they care -- >> maybe the public doesn't care because there is not sufficient information in the public realm -- all the global warming the press does, all the activist things -- now that they're all over the place we're supposed to care about that. but richard is at least right, there is one poll that shows that hillary clinton is actually
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doing better now. >> sure like you said you're going to dissect that poll coming up. there was a large swath on the left for that poll. that is a separate issue. one thing americans do care about is a lack of transparency in government corruption. look this is not about hillary clinton answering all the questions, these listening groups that she has. she is being disrespectful to the american people as a whole because she is running for president of the united states. not running for president of the listening groups that are hand-picked, asking the right questions so she can give all the right answers, "the new york times" is not answering softball questions for the first time. they're asking questions about what she wants to do with amnesty and foreign policy or other issues and those are questions the american people want answered. and more importantly, long-term, laura as you mentioned, transparency is something that hillary clinton and the clintons have said that they want to do for her presidential term. if she is going to act like this as the president of the united
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states based on the non-transparency that we've seen with barack obama, we're going to have a huge problem on our hands when it comes to government over-reach and the huge problems that are out of control which is what we've seen. >> richard, this is pretty interesting, bill clinton spoke to the beijing forum it was an educational event, the fact that two or three sponsors were effectively part of the chinese government raised a red flag. he and his team went to the state department to consult for practical reasons on this speech that apparently i guess he went ahead and gave. it's not clear in this piece. but even they understood that -- there were even some instances where you needed to consult with the state department. we don't know the full substance of that communication, because a lot of it is blacked out for i guess national security reasons or some type of executive privilege reason. but they seem to know that there was some potential of at least
5:18 pm
the appearance of a conflict or even an impropriety, when his wife was actually thinking about running for president or secretary of state. >> this is my point about answering every single question they would be damned if they do or don't. if bill clinton had gone off and answered the question regarding conflict he bent over backwards to make sure he avoided a conflict and now you're criticizing him for doing just that. there is a reason that hillary clinton is the most admired american for the last 20 years. they don't think it's funny. they have lived with -- all of these charges, laura, and they love her. >> if this is the standard for government i guess it's the way it's going to go. the conflict doesn't matter the rules don't matter. if you're talking about the clintons none of it matters
5:19 pm
unless you actually have a smoking gun. >> you know what i don't think is funny is government corruption and hillary clinton deleting e-mails and putting the national security of the united states below her own personal track record of non-transparency. >> all right, katie, thank you so much. up next another disturbing report from the u.s. government saying that isis influence is on the rise inside america. is it time to re-think who we're letting inside the country? that is the debate coming up next.
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there is an ancient rhythm... [♪] that flows through all things... through rocky spires... [♪] and ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. one small note about our previous segment, it is not clear whether or not bill clinton spoke at that beijing event. however, he did go on to give two very high-paid speeches in china while his wife was secretary of state, both combined $1.3 million.
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let's move on in the segment tonight, isis in america. a new report tonight says that isis is connecting with hundreds perhaps thousands of people right here in the united states. and that number is likely growing. attorney general loretta lynch addressed the matter today. >> we've seen social media being used in a number of cases and it really is an expansion of how the internet is being used for several years now, both in recruitment and radicalization of young people and terrorist groups. >> but the details released by fbi director james comey are even more alarming. >> comey told me that there are even more dramatic ways in which people are being recruited, they get on the web with isis and then isis redirects them to encrypted communications they go dark and that leaves the fbi effectively in the dark to their communications. >> should the government start
5:24 pm
re-thinking who we let in the united states? joining me now, joining me the director of the accountability project. let's start with you, ryan i think most americans would be frankly shocked if they knew that between 1990 and 1992 1.7 muslims entered the united states legally, and even after 9/11 since 2008 about 100,000 a year have come to the united states. now overwhelming the people come here to live peacefully and so forth but knowing what problems the fbi is having, tracking people going dark there is a massive problem with the illegal immigration from these countries. >> i think we need to do is focus on the screening process and how you handle people who are not yet citizens but are radical in nature and there are many instances where you have radical clerics going on
5:25 pm
speaking terms across the country. >> a very bad idea we have americans who are being recruited and radicalized. and to chime in on this again, we have an enormous number of people coming into the country, illegally across the southern border which is another set of problems and apparently that surge is building again. but isn't it time to call into question the immigration policies when we do not know how to track people who are legally here because they're going dark. >> this has nothing to do with borders. this has to do with counterterrorism. we shouldn't ban a group of individuals from coming over legally or illegally across the borders because there are few radicals that are bastardizing their religion -- >> actually the irish didn't recruit the terrorists -- >> there are terrorists within other cultures. >> do we really want to go
5:26 pm
through the numbers about the terrorists throughout the world? hold on a second, we're a country that desperately does not want to be overwhelmed by radical islamists who come into this country, legally, whether it's the tsarnaev brothers one of them coming through with a phoney petition for refugee status. and there is fraud -- apparently we have more than 2,000 people who will be re-settled in idaho. we have a million or so syrians to be resettled around the globe. we have a lot of issues with terrorist concerns right now. and ryan i think again when you look at how enormous this problem is tracking american citizens and illegal immigrants who are already here continuing this -- i mean 1.7 million muslims since '92. who voted for that? >> you can look at as many as
5:27 pm
you can screen and allow them to come in. the position you're advocating is admirable care for immigrants but immigrants coming into the states are also threatened by others with radical views. >> but it is a small number -- we should improve our immigration status democrats are advocating that to overhaul the immigration system. but we should look at -- >> what i really am tired of when we as law abiding americans are told you need to do this you need to take hundreds of thousands of people from muslim countries when we've lost a lot of men and women and have horrible things happened to american men and women because we deployed our soldiers overseas for other country's freedoms only to have people say we have a right to come into
5:28 pm
your country. that is for our country, our morning workers and wages and what we actually need and require with 2.75 million muslims in the country, closer to 3 million now, do we need to bring in more muslims at this time? >> isn't it a question of whether or not we need to bring them in it's not that question but the terrorists -- >> they are the overwhelming percentage, unfortunately, of radicalized muslims are terrorist. >> so let's look at it from a terrorism perspective rather than immigration -- >> because unfortunately, they account for the most terrorists. >> you have a process that accounts for -- >> thank you very much plenty ahead as we move on this morning. need more proof you can't trust polls? just look at the shocking numbers from the election. what it all means coming right up. from the beginning you're always on call for them... twenty-four/seven. so cigna is on call for you. with our health information line on mother's day.
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5:33 pm
coverage because the commentators and anchors were just freaking out, they didn't know what to say because of course the poster boy of the moment miliband goes down in flames. and of course david cameron had a substantial victory that nobody predicted. what is going on with the polls and here as we approach 2016? >> well the first thing you have to do in polling which obviously the media did not do is look for great trends. now they missed it in britain and there are ways to do it by both in-depth questioning and asking about attitudes so you can predict how late deciders and undecideds will break. clearly that didn't happen here laura, and in israel as well, where the undeciders changed. clearly, the polls are candid and do work, but you clearly
5:34 pm
have to ask more questions and be more sophisticated than predicted. >> in 2014 the turnover underestimated with people like joany joany ernst, and scott walker people said i'm not even going to pay attention until we get close to the actual general election and maybe some of the debates. i think people are just cynical about polls, something has to be done differently. people get a conspiracy theory that the pollsters are trying to push the public to be demoralized and not turn out in certain elections. >> again, let me speak to that. first, there are biases sometimes left and right, frequently more against the right than the left in polls. but what you have to do as i suggested is look for underlying trends in the last election laura, i polled for a bipartisan
5:35 pm
group. we saw the tide emerging. and surprisingly none of the polls picked it up. again, it was there if you looked. it had to do with how you modelled the electorate and analyzed opinions and data that you got. >> so the two hillary polls that came out over the last four or five days i think it was "the new york times," and nbc, and cbs, and one poll said a bunch of measures were improving for her and another said well not so much. and in fact her trustworthiness had taken a hit in the earlier poll. is it an oversight of the polls? what was going on there? >> it is two things an over-sampling of democrats in the case of the cbs, "the new york times" poll. but it's also something else. it's a failure to appropriately
5:36 pm
analyze, because once you control for the democratic bias in that poll which i believe was there, you look at independence. and they were only 41% that hillary was trustworthy in the cbs poll the journal obviously for each but candidly for hillary clinton, if you drilled down on them and weighted the polls appropriately, and analyzed the polling, which "the new york times" didn't do and the journal, she has more problems than "the new york times" suggested. >> well that is a highlight, i've heard few people say that. >> well it's true. >> we have to look more closely at the polls and the reporting has to be more valuable. >> we got to analyze them. >> thank you so much. and coming up as a new york city cop is laid to rest the justice department launches an investigation into the baltimore police department. so is that sending a message?
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scrutiny of the police in baltimore. now, the police department is the latest to come under the federal government's microscope. >> today, the department of justice is opening an investigation into whether the baltimore police department has engaged in a pattern or practice of violations of the constitution or federal law. this investigation will begin immediately and will focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers used excessive force, including deadly force, conduct unlawful searches seizures and arrests, and engage in brutal police force. >> and 25-year-old new york city police officer was shot in the head by a long-time criminal and with crime and violence rampant in america's inner cities are the investigators missing the problem? and joining me throughout the scene on the baltimore deal.
5:42 pm
geraldo, you were at the scene? >> i was there with the parents, raymond, their only son, and to lose a 25-year-old, the screening that the justice department made necessary, and the new attorney general loretta lynch, announcing the investigation into the baltimore police department how is it that the 25-year-old career criminal's life is more important than the 25-year-old new york city cop's life? i thought it was very tone deaf for them not to reschedule -- i'm not suggesting that there was not perhaps brutality or perhaps reason to investigate the police department but to do it on this day was awful. >> i think a lot of police feel like this is political. that the results of this investigation will probably come as the election cycle is heating
5:43 pm
up in 2016. clearly there are excesses probably in many police departments across the country. but a pattern and practice that is a serious allegation. three of the officers charged were african-american, three were white -- >> and -- >> and yet the idea that this was racially motivated really is still prevalent. i think you saw it on the streets. the f the police shirts screaming at the police insulting the police. it has to be really hard today not only because it's disastrous but demoralizing in the police districts? >> i was there when elijah cummings was urging people to get off the streets during the riots. the issue he gave the civil rights issue of our times were policemen shooting unarmed black men. and at the same time realizing that eight black men had killed
5:44 pm
other black men in the few days before he said that. i would submit that that is the civil rights issue of our time. now, we need confidence in urban policing. and we need urban integration in policing. >> you have the democratic election -- >> that is a clear issue, baltimore has to be rethought. there are two baltimores at least. >> but geraldo, you talked about this before maybe a kid who doesn't have a family who doesn't care about him. maybe there is not a father or a role model, maybe nobody that gives a you know what about him, saying you're not going to do that. like that mother she cared and the country noticed that. we need parents who care. >> these cops are thrust into the most dysfunctional areas,
5:45 pm
the conflicts they have with these young men are almost inevitable given the context of disorder, of anarchy, and violence it is very dysfunctional, it brings out the worst in everybody. >> and still when you have the jobs numbers, we have adults who are able to work and participate in the work force. and yet we have a lot of policies pushed by both parties that i would submit make it a lot harder for black young men to get jobs. immigration, i'm not talking about the principal of immigration, i'm talking about the strategy of helping the kids who need the most help get jobs that pay a decent wage. >> absolutely why not have republican philosophy put to work to queue the effort -- >> but flooding the country with low-age workers is not going to help those -- >> i would debate that another
5:46 pm
day, but why not give sweat equity and give them construction trades to rebuild those homes. how can you have 35,000 derelicts -- >> i think -- >> you obsess about immigrants without documents. i think hillary clinton's speech was brilliant, by the way, i don't know how we got on immigration. but unless the republican candidate embraces a much more expansive view they will lose. >> don't you think they will get priority in jobs? >> they are not getting priorities laura. >> i think we agree they should get priority. >> the priorities should be just and based on whatever the equity of the moment is. i mean, should -- should all the privileged kids get all the internships and the great jobs? >> no, i don't think they should -- and you did a great job in baltimore. >> and you did a great job --
5:47 pm
>> and you can't wake up thinking about it. >> check out billo' for all the details coming up. and my radio show always on laura inimmigrantgrahamingraham. next check out american kids, when we come back. ♪ nexium 24hr. it's the purple pill. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protectiontm.
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>> for weeks he's been assembling an army of nearly 2,000 soldiers. on february 23rd, 1836 general santa ana and his troops arrived in san antonio and begin surrounding the alamo. >> for the first thing he does is try to scare them raise his black flag of no quarter. >> the no quarter flag sent a chilling message to the texans. >> none of you will be spared. and he sets his guns up his strategic position to begin bombarding the alamo. ♪ >> what people need to understand about the battle of the alamo is that it is a siege
5:52 pm
and this battle lasted 13 days. >> the mexican soldiers are forced to retreat. crockett is living up to his reputation for now. >> joining us now from washington jane hampton cook historian and author of "american phoenix" along with jay shuttleworth from columbia. professor, let's start with you. that is a shocking statistic, 18% of eighth graders only are proficient in u.s. history. why is history important, professor. >> it's important because we can learn from the past and we can understand how people perhaps have been marginalized and how to overcome that in the present. >> how about v.e. day. 70th anniversary day and tweeted about 2 in the morning and watching the election returns from the uk kids across the country in schools across the country, i think there should be a day devoted to what it meant to the war. we would not be in the country
5:53 pm
we are with all the pre-eminence we've enjoyed if it weren't for the sacrifices of the men and the women in world war ii and yet i think if you ask most kids in high school seniors in high school say what's the 70th anniversary of they wouldn't know. >> u.s. history student in eighth grade and mentioned the low number for proficient. however that study also points out 71% of students are at grade level or above. so proficient is considered often a b plus or a minus so i think that's an important detail but also ve day is in standard as cross the country whether celebrated today or not it does get coverage. >> jane i employ a lot of 20 somethings and smart and go to good schools and smart but we talk about this a lot because, you know we interview college kids to be intern great kids from great schools but the knowledge seems to be quite on the surface, skimming the surface. we call hem headline readers,
5:54 pm
you know low information voters but it is important to know history. we don't repeat the mistakes of history and see the pitfalls that might lie awed had new challenges for today's challenges and if we don't know enough and i submit we don't know enough that's a real problem. >> it is a problem and, you know i hear people who come to book events i do or speeches and say i was so bored with history as a kid. i win i paided more attention in class and now i'm really interested and want to know more and so i think to give them more and i think it's part of the parents' responsibility. i'm the parent of a 10-year-old and 8-year-old and it's part of my responsibility to help them study for their history test and to bring in some supplemental information, books, videos exposing them to things that historical markers in my neighborhood. that's a way to bring history to life and make it relevant to life today.
5:55 pm
>> professor, parents are the first educators of their children like more help from the schools but you can take a memorial day coming up wonderful opportunity for families to educate children young children old. i remember the first memorial day i had my children when they were old enough to go to arlington national cemetery and speak about what this is. what this great sacrifice is. i think we get caught up in our daily lives and all so busy kids are focused on whether the entertainment culture and the sports world but that's fine but they know a lot more about those oftentimes than the seminal events in american and world history. what can we do better as parents and educators to change that love of learning we want to instill in kids. >> be aware the family is the most important component in a child's education, yes, good teachers matter. >> we talked about baltimore. we have a lot of dysfunctional families but i guess if you have a family intact you can do that.
5:56 pm
>> you mentioned the study. 29% of students below grade level in history. that's not okay. we do want to improve that but it's important to notice 22% of students in the nation are living below the poverty level so these are ways to improve students' performances it was pointed out that it wasn't that he had a lack of interest in his studies, he was hungry. there are ways to address the family and address the needs of the community and i think that may improve what we're looking for. >> it's important and i certainly hope we do better all of us as parents, educators on this important topic. thanks so much. and you can catch the next installment of "legends and lies" on sunday 8:00 p.m. here on fox news channel, the subject, the legendary bandit black bart. and straight ahead, the late night guys turn hillary clinton into a punch line. that's so mean. right back with it.
5:57 pm
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the late night gang had fun at hillary clinton's expense. >> there are incriminateing texts and e-mails about deflategate. hillary said she would be happy to delete them. >> good news actually for hillary clinton, according to a new poll 48% of americans believe that hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy. [ laughter ] and hillary was like actually i just made that poll up. i heard bill clinton will speak at univision's presentation and party in the "q" and "a" and wants to connect with latinos in an effort to help hillary and one step closer to meeting sofia vergara. >> that is it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin. it always stops here because we're always looking out for
6:00 pm
you. breaking tonight attorneys for the six baltimore cops accused of killing freddie gray want this prosecutor off of this case. alleging that she is biased and demanding that the charges against these officers be dropped. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. attorneys for the baltimore six say d.a. marilyn mosby has to go alleging her husband is a city councilman in charge of the district where freddie gray was killed so they believe she has a vested interest in pleasing those constituents also alleging that she has personal relationships with witnesses in the case and she is close friends with the attorney for freddie gray's family. this on top of the revelation earlier that the d.a.'s chief