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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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klahoma city area spending friday cleaning up from one of more than 50 tornadoes to hit wednesday. there was one death. hail along with heavy rain and flooding also hitting the region resulting in numerous power outages and traffic accidents. officials also say it's possible the heavy rain may have caused this freight train to derail in north texas. coastal sections of the carolinas are under a tropical storm warning. this storm already has a name anna. winds around 45 miles per hour. two to four inches of rain also in the forecast for the weekend. i'm patricia stark. han i it i starts now. tonight -- >> elemental element is freedom of speech. >> liberals in the mainstream media continue to try to silence free speech and the associated press is forced to backtrack on a tweet about pamela geller.
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>> i think you're used to stepping over women, but it's not going to happen here. >> the latest attacks. >> i think senator rand paul is divorced from the reality of the nature and magnitude of the adversary we face. >> senator john mccain doesn't mince words, bashing senator rand paul's stance on the nsa's surveillance program. the kentucky senator will be here to respond. >> i've had my time to digest it fully. >> plus tom brady about the accusations of cheating at an event with jim gray last night. the sports caster joins us with reaction. blue lives matter. thousands of mourners for officer brian moore. welcome to "hannity." i'm in for sean. free speech is under attack in america, at the center of the latest controversy is pamela
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geller who is being accused of provoking muslim jihadists to attack a cartoon contest she had in texas. to undermine or distort her intentions comes from the associated press. last night, after geller did an interview with the news service, it tweeted this out. quote, pamela geller says she has no regrets about prophet muhammad cartoon contest that ended in two deaths. well predictably, outrage followed following the a.p. to clarify that tweet. because what geller actually said is she had no regrets the event ended in gunfire and not deaths. groups attacked her anyway. don't let pamela geller confuse you. con tesht not about free speech. it contained a link to an article about her being a peddler of hate. here is author and columnist, pamela geller.
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pam, let's start with the c.a.p. you had an interview. that tweet they sent out after was almost like judge, jury and executioner all in one. >> yeah. i had not wanted to do that interview, but that's a whole other story. the question is why is the media carrying the water for the most radical ideology on the face of the earth. why is the story about pamela geller. you have a situation where a free speech conference was attacked by two jihadists. the good news is they were taken down before they could take out hundreds. and the police got access to their computers. we broke open a cell. and they're gleaning data as we speak. so they would have struck somewhere else. i don't know how many others would have died in a less protected environment. so again, we have to ask the question why aren't we talking about the motive of the jihadists? why are we talking about pamela geller? why is pamela geller the story? one thing i want to say. the council of the islamic relations c.a.r.e. who was cited in every story about me i'm not quoted but they're
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always quoted a designated terror group, coconspirator in the most terrorist funded trial in history, and named muslim brotherhood group for hamas. i want to know why the media has designated some legitimate authority -- >> i'm not sure why the media are attacking you. they may not like you, pam, they might not like what you have to say, but certainly you have the right to say what you say. >> we're having this conversation and the military for the first time since 9/11 just raised the level, the terror threat level to the highest level. why are we talking about this? >> they raised it to bravo, which means increased in predictable threat of terrorism on all the military bases in america. >> since 9/11. >> well okay. since 9/11. fair enough. the fbi, today we found out that the fbi gave garland, texas, police department three-hour notice that these two jihadists were on their way to your event. did they tell you that? >> they did not tell us that.
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i believe the fbi has been disarmed in the information battle because of groups like c.a.r.e. extremist groups like c.a.r.e. that have demanded and gotten experts and jihadist documents -- >> c.a.r.e. is affecting what the fbi does? >> unquestionably. scholars like warick and robin spencer who used to talk about the jihadi threat have been removed. how could they possibly if you don't know who the enemy is how can you find them? >> what do you say to the fbi? knowing that they knew three hours prior to elton simpson coming to perpetrate an attack on you, they didn't tell you? >> what do i say to them? what i've been saying on my website for years, that they are disarmed, that the american people have to take their own safety in their own hands. the reason why i did this cartoon and art exhibit, it was an art exhibit, by the way, of muhammad depicted over the past 1,400 years. nobody talks about that. why is that important? in 1,400 years, muhammad was
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depicted as not killing anybody. why are they killing everybody now? they're imposing the sharia. will you submit to the sharia or stand for our basic principles? >> did you say the government is disarmed? are you now disarmed in the free speech battle chase? what are you going to do from here? are you going to lay low or do another cartoon contest? >> if i lay low, it's like i've given up. i'm never going to give up my freedom or the fight. i want to say to the people in the media, i am receiving tens of thousands of e-mails of support. don't stop. thank you so much. there's a dichotomy with what the media is saying and what the american people are saying. >> pam geller be safe. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. author and columnist pamela geller. if the liberals are upset about a cartoon contest, wait until they read david french's latest column for the national review on the cartoon
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controversy. he writes in part quote, i'm far more hateful than pamela geller. in fact i'd argue there's no way she could hate jihad more than i do. i see jihad up close. in an iraqi province where jihadists rape women to shame them into becoming suicide bombers. where they put bombs on little boys' backpacks and remotely detonate them at the family gatherings where they beheaded innocent civilians while cheering wildly like they're at a soccer match. and where they shot babies in the face to send a message. joining me now is the man who wrote that powerful column veteran and national review staff writer david french. you heard pamela geller weigh in. where are you on this? do you feel her pain? do you feel it? >> you know, it is astonishing to me we're having thousands and thousands of words of commentary after a woman is nearly killed with all of her friends and supporters and that commentary is focusing on whether or not she talks about the genocidal
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jihadists with enough nuance. it makes no sense what so ever. there's no way to conform our lives in a manner that pleases the jihadists unless we adopt the same islam they espouse. it makes no sense whatsoever. >> i read your piece. i recommend everyone read your piece. it's really provocative. it's strong powerful worded provocative. in one of the lines you say in a sustained world, we should rally around pam geller. >> they're failing us because the message should be very very clear. we protect our own. we don't blame the victim. if you come after our own citizens on our own land to try to defeat free speech to try to destroy fundamental constitutional values this is what will happen to you. what will happen to you is what happened in garland, texas, where a brave hero cop stopped these terrorists in their tracks. we should be holding that up as a model of american free speech. and a model of the way to protect the constitution.
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rather than now tripping all over ourselves to apologize for pamela geller. it's astonishing. >> do you think the fbi should have given pam geller and/or her group or event notice if they had three-hour notice? >> absolutely. that's a no-brainer. it even goes deeper than that. let's not forget that elton simpson was prosecuted in a botched prosecution, a terribly botched prosecution accused of trying to head to somalia to join terrorists. the prosecutor botched the prosecution by failing to put forward proper evidence. the judge failed to find in favor of the prosecution believing when simpson talked about going to the battlefield in somalia, it wasn't sufficiently clear to her by what he meant by battlefield, or what he meant by fighting. well, now we know. >> james comby said that there are thousands of radicalized americans. how many elton simpsons are out there right now? >> you know that's the thing that we don't have any way of
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knowing that right now. that's why we're missing the forest for the trees. we're spending all this time talking about whether pamela geller is nuanced enough and uses exactly the right words to describe jihadists when what this tells us is we had our first isis inspired terror attack and isis is promising more. we should be focusing on that right now and sending a clear message that we protect our own. we rally around our own. not that we try to destroy our own in the court of public opinion. >> there are those who say pamela geller overstepped the line. there's free speech it's protected, but at some point free speech becomes hate speech or fighting words. >> look somebody is always thinking that someone else stepped over the line. that's what happens in a pluralistic society. we have robust discussions. people will say things that offend others. no one has a right not to be offended. all of this is incredibly elementary. it's incredibly basic. you know what's happening here is a lot of people fear the jihadists, and what they believe is that if we only create the perfectly politically correct
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society they will move along and focus on someone else. that is not the case at all. they will continue to attack us until we conform to their ideology. >> this is going to be a little bit curveball, a tough question for you. let's see how you field this one. what do you think about the west boro baptist church protesting in front of a soldier's funeral, or a couple of weeks ago, i went to a college university campus some people trampleing the flag and a female fighter pilot was arrested for trying to stop that. >> look i have been to military funerals where people who were very very dear to me were buried. and you know what happens when those protesters show up? americans answer bad speech with better speech. it is incredibly moving and powerful to see the patriot guard freedom riders line up as far as the eye can see, to support our fallen heroes. that's how you answer bad speech with better speech. >> amen brother. i would absolutely agree with
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that. bad speech with stronger speech not necessarily bring it to jihadists with a gun. i agree with you 100%. thank you for your service, by the way. coming up next right here on "hannity" -- >> has this detracted from your joy of winning the super bowl? >> absolutely not. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was nfl superstar tom brady brushing off allegations of cheating during a sitdown conversation with jim gray. that sports caster will be here with reaction. and later -- >> well again, i think senator rand paul is divorced from the reality of the nature and the magnitude of the adversary we face. >> senator john mccain rips senator rand paul over stance on the nsa surveillance program. the kentucky senator will be here later to respond. plus, a very sad day for law enforcement. thousands of mourners paid their respect to slain nypd officer
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i don't have really any
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reaction to the comment on it yesterday. it's only been 30 hours, so i haven't had much time to digest it fully. but when i do i'll let you know how i feel about it. >> that was tom brady, an event in massachusetts last night. speaking for the first time since the deflategate report was released. the latest nfl scandal has many fans upset with the new england quarterback. but he hasn't let that stop him from enjoying the weight of his new super bowl ring. watch. >> has this however, detracted from your joy of winning the super bowl? >> absolutely not. [ cheers and applause ] >> why not? >> because we earned and achieved everything that we got this year as a team. i'm very proud of that. and our fans should be, too. >> joining me now, with reaction sports caster and fox news contributor, jim gray. jim, you're sitting there with him. did you ask him point blank, did
10:17 pm
you know the balls were deflated on purpose? >> well no he said he didn't want to get into the details of this. this wasn't an interview, a sitdown interview where you know you're coming in to bill o'reilly or sean hannity or jim gray. i was invited to be a moderator on leadership where tom brady was the only panelist. these people who paid it was a fund-raiser for salem university. this is a much different set of circumstances. than in a studio where -- >> you had it right there in the studio. you, mano emano. brady. he's got very nice eyes he calms you down. jim gray, come on. >> you know i did ask him the question. he said he did not want to get into the details. and that he had no reaction. so we did the best we could with
10:18 pm
the hand we were dealt in front of 8,000 people who were not there for that event. it was not what it was supposed to be. we gleaned as much information as was possible at that moment. >> weigh in what do you think, jim? do you think he knew that the balls were being deflated? this is the important part. on purpose? >> by the way, by the way, bob costas would have asked the question. >> oh come on. i know costas. >> so go ahead. but i can't let that go by. bob is the best of the best. i'm not going to let you go by with that. >> maybe he is. maybe i shouldn't have taken that shot. do you think he knew the balls were deflated? >> well i don't think he did. because if he said in his press conference that he didn't have anything to do with it and he didn't order or ask anybody to do it and he played by the rules, then i guess, you know -- look there's a lot of testimony that tom had given to the -- to
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ted wells and the investigators. very much of it according to the agent is not included in this report. and don yee spoke on that extensively yesterday, tom brady brady's agent, and wants to know why that didn't make it to the report. >> i didn't mean to put you on the spot. i'll talk to you later. joining me with reaction is nfl correspondent peter schragger, and eric coleman. eric i'm trying to figure it out. for the life of me in baseball there's a ball. the umpire holds the balls. he makes sure they're the same. in basketball the referees hold the ball. in hockey, the officials hold the puck. why is it in football that one team gets their own ball and the other team gets their own and they're supposed to be official? >> each quarterback likes the ball a different way. they get to practice -- >> each pitcher likes it his way, too. >> i agree. the balls are brand-new.
10:20 pm
they have a wax over them they have to work the balls. i don't agree with tom brady not knowing that the ball was deflated. that quarterback touches those balls. he's feeling those all week. he has to know that the ball is deflated. >> he has to be complicit in it does he not, peter? >> there are text messages exchanged about the psi levels in the ball with the equipment managers. going around an nfl locker room the equipment managers are very valued to these quarterbacks. it's almost like their best friends in there. they are the ones handling those footballs. in the mid-2000s, peyton manning and tom brady said this is something we wanted. >> why wouldn't the nfl say, sorry, like every other major sport, you can't bring your point? >> that's just it. >> fair enough. i don't disagree they shouldn't. i'm in the camp that says you can inflate the ball as much as you want or don't want. but don't complain about it in the aftermath. >> i agree. i think the big deal is the
10:21 pm
rule says that you let the officials check the balls, and then they take them to the field. somehow, they went around the rules, got the balls, released the air. i think that's a big problem with me. not the fact that there's too much air, too little air, it doesn't matter doesn't not matter. it was the fact they broke the rules. >> and a lot of people i get destroyed on social media when i say who cares if it's 11 pounds or 16 pounds pressure. i could care less. they say, but he broke the rules. >> it's the habitual envelope pushing. that's what the new england patriots do. whether the formations against the baltimore ravens. by the letter of the law, it's legal, or this kind of thing. it seems like they're always toeing the line. 31 other teams say, we don't play that way, so why should they -- >> don't they? everybody has something up their sleeves. taping their jersey putting vaseline in places they shouldn't.
10:22 pm
>> every player has something they do. the defensive linemen putting vaseline spraying their jerseys to keep them sleep. that's a little gamesmanship. >> why is that gamesmanship when tom brady drops a couple of pounds of pressure out of a ball. >> i mean it's tough. there's such an advantage by having the ball -- with less air. especially in the cold weather games. and the fact that the nfl thinks it's important enough to check the balls, check the psi of the balls, it's a big deal. >> will we see a suspension? >> i think we will see a suspension. this is on goodell. he did severe stuff against the cleveland browns and atlanta falcons for texting during a game and piping in crowd noise. now you've got the golden boy tom brady. >> thank you very much. we'll see. it will come down big. coming up right here on "hannity" -- >> well again, i think senator rand paul is divorced from the reality of the nature and the
10:23 pm
magnitude of the adversary we face. >> senator john mccain takes a swipe at senator rand paul over his stance on the nsa surveillance program. the kentucky senator will be here to respond. and later, thousands attend a funeral of slain nypd police officer moore. moore. will t (rock climbing sfx) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts only duracell quantum because it lasts longer in 99% of devices. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. a federal court ruled the nsa a federal court ruled that gathering of information from millions of americans' phone records is in fact illegal. rand paul said this is a monumental decision for all lovers of liberty, but not everyone agrees. senator john mccain had this to say earlier today. watch. >> well again, i think senator rand paul is divorced from the reality of the nature and
10:26 pm
magnitude of the adversary we face. it's called radical islamic terrorists who want to kill americans. anybody who believes anything different is terribly naive. >> joining me now with reaction is 2016 republican presidential candidate, kentucky senator rand paul. senator, you were one, if not the first to call out the nsa. i was one of the outspoken media figures agreeing with you. boy, by the way, that wasn't very pleasant for me. but you were right, the courts did say the nsa overstepped its legal authority. but john mccain still wants to take swipes at you. why do you think that's the case? >> i don't think we ought to let fear allow us to forget the bill of rights. the right by trial of jury is one of the things we're talking about. through world war ii i guess john would remember those times, but back in world war ii we incarcerated thousands and thousands of japanese-americans without a trial. that's something i'm trying to prevent. we've had this debate not only
10:27 pm
about nsa spying but indefinitely detaining american citizens. i asked him point blank, senator mccain, would you send an american citizen to guantanamo bay without a trial? he said yeah if they're dangerous. that shows a fundamental misunderstanding of our constitution. john mccain doesn't get to decide if you're dangerous. the american court system should. you should get your day in court. it begs the question are we going to let senator mccain decide who's dangerous and he just ships them off for life? are we going to go to a system which is the bill of rights where everybody gets their day in court? i'm happy to put my argument against his. >> yeah it just seems an attack. he called you divorced from reality on radical islam. do you want to refute that rebutt that? >> the thing is i think we can stop radical islam, and use the constitution at the same time. think of the two boston bombers,
quote quote
10:28 pm
the young brothers that were the bombers in boston. we already had some information about them. we weren't pursuing the information. and think about the person from phoenix just recently. that's where i am right now, that traveled over to texas to commit jihad. we knew about one of them but we weren't following them and pursuing their information. i think we made the haystack so big by searching every americans' records that we're not spending enough time actually isolating in on the people who have shown some proclivity to attack us. >> okay. senator, also another potential 2016 candidate weighed in on the bulk data collection that it's the best thing president obama has done. >> i would say the best part of the obama administration would be, is continuance of the protections of the homeland using, you know the big metadata programs the nsa being enhanced advancing this. >> what would you like to say to governor bush now that the courts deemed the program
10:29 pm
illegal? >> i think as he gets out around the country, he's going to discover that not many people agree with him. i think most americans think that you shouldn't have your records collected. now the second appeals court thinks the same thing. really your records should be collected consistent with the fourth amendment. a judge should write a warrant, your name should be on it and they should have probable cause. but i think people who think that we're going to indiscriminately gather up all the phone records, they're not talking to the americans i'm talking to. i'll have 1,200 kids at arizona state, and i'm sure none of them wants their phone records looked at by the government without a warrant. >> earlier in the show withe were talking to pam geller and the whole situation about the cartoon contest that she -- the event she put together. and the aftermath, the two jihadists that were killed. do you care to weigh in on how that was handled, and the debate
10:30 pm
surrounding that? >> well the first amendment is about difficulty to accept speech. it's not about eric boling but if i say something bad about eric bolling, it's about saying things that are sometimes uncomfortable. that being said though there's free speech and there's wise speech. i wouldn't personally choose to be bashing someone's religion because i just don't think it's a good idea. but i think the constitution protects even unacceptable speech, even speech we all find not good for policy or good for comedy. but at the same time the first amendment allows for this. and that's what our country's about. >> senator, there was a report today that one of the top al qaeda, i believe in yemen, was killed and one of his operatives killed as well. via air strike. maybe even drone attack. a lot of people would say, how would senator rand paul how would he react to that? >> well a lot of people have
10:31 pm
misunderstood my policy on drones. i'm not against the military weapon. i'm not against using them in a military battlefield. i have been against using them on american citizens not in the battledfield. and i made sure that the president finally admitted that he wouldn't use them on domestic soil. or here at home. but it's really about due process. if you're fighting against america, you don't get any. if you're on a battlefield fighting against american soldiers a drone is fine. a drone is another military weapon. but if you're an american vacationing in europe or the middle east and you're not in the war zone i think really if we think you're a traitor, you should be given a chance to come home. i think if you don't come home you could be tried in ab absentia. >> senator, before we let you go congratulations on opening a
10:32 pm
silicon valley office. >> yeah we're in the process of that. we're going to announce our chief technical officer. we now have an office in silicon valley in austin in san francisco, and announcing our tech team. i think we're going to give the democrats a run for their money. we've looked at what president obama did, how he was successful. we'll expand on those techniques and we're planning to knock hillary clinton out. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks eric. thousands pay tribute as slain nypd officer brian moore was laid to rest today. are cops being given enough respect. that debate is next. and later -- >> i went to see kiss my dad good-bye. i was convinced that he was going to pass on. took my little girls there, and
10:33 pm
laura. and about five months later, he is jumping out of a helicopter. >> an exclusive interview with president bush. they talked about his father true leadership, and more. stick around for that. his father true ♪ miranda: ♪ i got red dirt stains on my boots and jeans. ♪ ♪ calloused fingers from my guitar strings. ♪ ♪ wild like the wind in the tall pine trees. ♪ ♪ i got roots and i got wings. ♪ ♪ we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos!
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i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. present arms! [ taps ] >> we are united today as a family. a family of blood, a family of blue, and the american family. we in the nypd have a simple but poignant motto, and that is that we will never forget. we will never forget our fallen brothers and sisters. we will never forget brian.
10:39 pm
>> that was a scene from earlier today when the nypd laid to rest one of their own, officer brian moore was only 25 years old when she was senselessly gunned down by a career criminal. but as thousands of americans mourn the tragedy today, are police really given the respect they deserve. joining me now for reaction former nypd detective, and also with us radio talk show host richard. you attended some of the services today. tell us about it. >> i'll tell you, eric this is the third one in 20 weeks. and like the past two officers liu and ramos, and the 50 before that that myself and paul have gone to over the years, they're unbearable. brian was only 25. it wouldn't have made any difference if he was 55. the point is he was so young. you know so brand-new on the job. it's got to be absolutely
10:40 pm
devastating to his family. brian was shot in his squad car by a man who stepped up to the squad car and unloaded into the car. >> it was an unmarked car. but again, to repeat what pat was saying i'm retired 30 years, just like i lost a family member. when you go there to the funeral, i mean you shed tears. my heart goes out to that family. but you've got -- people have got to realize, officer moore took a shot to the face. the shot could have been from an african-american from the community. that kreeton out there, that gun in his waist was meant maybe for somebody else. he's putting himself on the front line. if they go and search the guy, they want him to fill out all kinds of forms, why did you search him. if he shot first, and officer moore and his partner killed that guy, there would are demonstrations all over the place. this is what cops do every day. >> richard, the anti-cop left in america seems to be i don't know fueling some of this
10:41 pm
hatred. and murderous streak going on against cops. >> i can't speak to the anti-police. i was definitely sad to see this officer go so young in his life. it's sad to see anybody die senselessly. the truth of the matter here is what can we do the officers are protecting and serving the communities and the communities working with the police department to make sure we get rid of the criminals like the guy that shot him off the street. that requires real community conversations. if we talk about respect, let's build respect and trust. >> trust and respect are part of the problem here richard. trust and respect seem to have left the community. specifically let me bring this to you guys. in new york city did mayor de blasio ruin the trust and respect that was between the nypd and the community? did he have a hand in that? >> he absolutely diminished it. but by him allowing that rhetoric of killing a cop and putting wings on a pig, he
10:42 pm
empowered guys that are marginal guys. in the past that guy would have thrown the gun. that perp would have fled. they are now empowered. >> why are they empowered now? >> all my friends on the left side all these progressive people there's 6,000 young african-american kids killed across this country last year. 150 were shot by officers. there was also about 400 white people shot by officers. my problem is where is the outrage in our communities? there were five young kids african-americans killed in baltimore. the last two weeks by the bloods and crypts. where are the left-wing people who e -- >> hold on a minute. >> where is the outrage? >> hold on. were they at the funeral today? >> i'm pretty sure they were invited to the funeral. one. and two, beyond that fact there is outrage every time a person gets shot. we need more gun safety laws in this country, and guns should be out of the hands in the criminals and in the hands of
10:43 pm
the good guys. i agree there. >> where was the president of the united states representative? they went out to ferguson where was he for the other two officers that died? the president of the united states should give feeling to these officers out there. i tell you what they have a problem in washington. call the bloods and crypts to defend you, okay? we just buried one of our officers today. >> really? >> yeah really. >> there's nobody saying -- clearly this officer did a good job and didn't deserve to die. with that being said, the only way we're going to end this is having a community conversation. you can't be stuck in the mud in your position and not -- >> hold on. richard, you want a community conversation. i watched de blasio -- let's talk about this for a second. i watched de blasio about this officer being killed on tv. he was forthcoming. he said it's a tragedy, horrible awful. and then he went into the race thing again. he said we need to instruct our police officers how to handle race, people of color in the community.
10:44 pm
the very moment he's talking about officer moore. >> that's his automatic default position. as richard should know, and i'm certain he does know respect is a two-way street. the reciprocity and respect between the community and police can't be diminished on either side. the police have to respect, and the community has to respect -- >> i agree. i agree. >> respect is earned. have these guys not earned the respect of you on the left? >> i'm not saying all police officers deserve respect. in the community when a man is choked to death, for 11 minutes, saying, i can't breathe, i can't breathe, you have to understand where the community is coming from. i think this is the conversation that's missing. >> these officers keep millions of people safe. richard picks out one instance. >> my problem is again, that was not a choke hold. it was a hold i used dozens of times. we buried one of our brothers today. the fact of the matter is they
10:45 pm
put this stop and frisk thing in effect now. two hours worth of paperwork. with that gun that's going to kill another african-american child in the community. >> let's use this -- >> why don't we go into the communities and start saving some of these african-american children that are out there. >> yeah, let's do it. i will meet you in new york city. let's get it done. that starts by making sure we have more gun safety laws and making sure we're getting the guns off the streets. >> but how did they get on the streets to begin with? >> i'm not saying this criminal's gun went off by accident. >> how did he get the gun, that is the question. >> it has nothing to do with safety.
10:46 pm
>> i've got to leave it right there. pat, beau richard, thank you very much. i think the idea of a guy who can't walk and near death jumping out of a helicopter pretty clear example of the desire to live to the fullest. >> dr. mark seegle recently spoke to george bush about his father and true leadership. that's next. stick around.
10:47 pm
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i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "hannity." last week fox news medical team dr. marc siegel took part in the warrior mountain bike ride on president george w. bush's ranch. before and after the grueling event, dr. siegel caught up with the former president. check this out. >> i want to start by asking you about your book 41. because in that book towards the end you talk about how your father wanted closure from jumping out of a plane over the pacific. and he wanted to repeat that until he got it right. >> yeah. >> what can we learn from that? >> you can learn this doc, that
10:52 pm
one should never stop living life to the fullest. so in the book "41," and thank you for bringing that up i went to see "kiss my dad good-bye." i was convinced that he was going to pass on. took my little girls there, and laura. and about five months later, he is jumping out of a helicopter at the age of 90. so the will to live is very important for your health. and obviously you've got to make good choices in life. but i think the idea of a guy who can't walk and near death, jumping out of a helicopter at age 90 is a pretty clear example of the desire to live to the fullest. >> veterans go overseas to protect us they come back home. don't we as americans have an obligation to take care of them? >> we have a duty. and all of us can help. many are helping. when you compare this era with
10:53 pm
the vietnam era, for example, the outpouring of compassion support for our vets is significant. at the bush center we are trying to figure out -- not trying we are figuring out what works and what doesn't work to make sure that the compassion is properly channeled to our vets. but yeah we have a duty as a country to honor them. and one way is what we're doing here. it's more than just a bike ride. we're setting up a group of soldiers to stay in touch with each other. we're helping to build a support network. thanking those who have helped them. and so we're -- i think we're doing our part. i hope we are. >> you know i've gotten to know you a bit over the last four years. and i'm very taken by you as a leader. because i see you as leading by example, leading by love leading by showing the way, always at the front. leading that way. do you think that that's what we
10:54 pm
need in terms of leaders? because it seems like you lead by personal magnetism, not by any other message. >> everybody's got a different style, doc. one reason you feel the way you feel what you said about me is i do have compassion for these vets. i marvel at their sacrifice. i feel deeply about their status. and one of the things i love most about this ride was the fact that many of the spouses are riding. and recognizing they recover better when their spouse helps them and participate with them. one of the thing when i was commander in chief, i knew a happy family meant a happy soldier. we worked hard to make sure that the military families were supported as well. but yeah we're fortunate to
10:55 pm
have people like this in the country. >> coming up more "hannity" right after the break. stay with us. right after the break. stay with us. do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® stool softener makes it easier to go comfortably. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage , horse power... torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness
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dentures shouldn't keep you quiet, life should be ringing in your ears. live loud, polident. that's all we have time left for this evening. be sure to tune in to "hannity" monday night. sean has big interviews lined
11:00 pm
up. tom brokaw and general stan le mccrystal will be here in the studio with him, monday night at 10:00. thank you for being with us. have a great weekend, everybody. u.s. military bases in the united states on high alert right now. the security level rates to bravo. american members of the military warned isis could strike. this is the highest military warning since the tenth anniversary of september 11. the move comes one day after james comey warned that americans are following isis at an amazing rate. >> good evening to you. this is a very important story. and this impacts obviously communities all across the country. as you point out, the terror level threat raised from alpha to bravo. it hasn't