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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  May 9, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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ution. about to do a big stock buyback. >> david, i love ibm 3% dividend yield. >> that's it for us. keep the right here. the number one business block continues with eric bolling and cashin' in. isis putting a hit on free speech the terror group now calling for the slaughter of pamela geler for organizing a cartoon contest featuring the prophet muhammad. folks like our very own juan williams thinks she provoked it. here's the fiery exchange earlier this week. >> you have to engage and say, listen this is not the way we as americans live. we do not believe in sharia law. >> you do. you do. you are enforcing sharia law. you are enforcing sharia law. >> how? >> by making me -- >> how are we doing that? >> by making me the bad guy. >> oh my god. >> it was not just a contest. you're not even -- you are not -- >> you are hurting our cause is
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what you are doing. you are hurting people who say sharia law is wrong. >> so who's right? hi everyone. i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." our crew and the man who took on geller juan williams. most americans want free speech defended even when it offends others. why do you hate free speech so much? >> i love the question. i love free speech eric. but what i see is that pam geller's behavior is causing people to lose their focus on free speech as an essential right of american life. instead they're focusing on her antics because she engaged in gratuitous offensive behavior that led to the deaths of two people the shooting of a security guard for no reason. this woman was not about, for example writing a book she wasn't about "charlie hebdo" engaging in satire. she did this as a provocative act. >> michelle that's okay to be
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provocative in america, is it not? >> of course. the idea that she provokes them and that she's responsible is absurd. that's like saying the woman who walks down the street in a short skirt gets raped. it's her fault because she simulated and provoked a man and now it's all her fault. that's exactly what you're saying, juan. you may not agree with a woman wearing a short skirt or agree with the contest, but this is america. they should not curtail their freedoms because there's some crazy person who wants to kill them. >> i have a lot of people wanting to get in here. can juan and michelle both be right. >> i think they can. i think there's a space maybe we all -- maybe we wouldn't agree. i think pam geller has said things that are not constructive don't move the dialogue forward, but she did have a right to organize a contest and protected under the first amendment. the question was asked whether pam geller or isis is a bigger threat. obviously isis is a bigger threat.
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what they do is illegal. what she did is not illegal. do i necessarily think it was the greatest idea? no. >> wayne, we want you to weigh in. go ahead. >> well i think it's one. isis is killing people. pamela geller's not killing anybody. pamela geller is just voicing her opinion. and in this country we have a constitution that allows us to do that and supports that. and i'm all for that. it was surprising to me to hear o'reilly say for example that free speech is a bogus issue. i don't understand that. i don't understand where he's coming from. free speech is not a bogus issue. it is an issue. but the issue here is isis is actually killing people. pamela geller's just talking. >> go ahead, jon. >> biggest threat to this country isn't isis or pamela geller it's the reaction of politicians and many in the media with their shameful reaction really disgusting dangerous reaction by not standing up and giving a full throated defense of free speech.
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free speech is free thought. without it there is nothing. the compromise at all it's like did i offend muhammad? oh i'm so sorry, muhammad. come on this is what america's about. offending people. >> let me bring this back to juan for a second. here are a couple issues events that are considered free speech. when the westboro baptist church protests in front of a soldier's funeral. that's free speech but it's protected. and, yes, that's provocative. or a couple of weeks ago some students or some kids at a university were stomping on the american flag. and a military flag person was trying to pull the flag away. she got arrested. the free speechers stomping on the flag were fine. so juan it's the same argument yet you're pointing the finger at geller not at these people doing all these other ridiculously provocative things. >> no look we have free speech. and it is a god blessing on america that we have it. but even the westboro baptist
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church was involved in a protest over the issue. the people and the flag have a protest over the issue. pam geller is engaged in a gratuitous act to call attention to herself promoting self. that's what this is all about. >> i would disagree -- >> i don't agree with pamela geller juan on a lot of things. but she's not doing this because she wants to promote herself. she believes in this. she wants to raise awareness -- >> doesn't matter what her motives are. doesn't matter her motives. doesn't matter anything she does. go ahead, jess is it okay to protect free speech when some idiots on a college campus trampling the flag yet not protect pam geller, send the fbi after these idiot terrorists. >> this is specifically designed for hate speech right? we're not protecting speech that everyone agrees. yeah everyone needs to be protected under the first amendment. >> and, eric that's why what the president should do is hold
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up bosh foston's cartoon. he drew the winning cartoon. hold up the "charlie hebdo" cartoon. stand up for the principle of free speech. meet with pam geller, meet with these cartoonists saying we don't want to offend islam, we don't want to offend muhammad. that's what freedom of speech is about offending people in the marketplace of ideas. >> where free speech or provocative speech becomes hate speech or fighting words, i believe people are calling things fighting words where you're actually picking a fight with the words. >> well the supreme court has rule that had you can't yell fire in a crowded church. i understand that. there's a difference. but as i said earlier the big difference here is pam geller is not killing anybody. isis is killing people. they're murdering people all over the world. so i don't know how you can even have this conversation on the same level. >> let's not forget the declaration of independence how this country was founded, right? they provoked people. it started a war. people died. this is a very american thing to stand up for what you believe in and make it an issue.
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>> juan 1.3 million americans have died in wars. i'm telling you they're defending the first amendment right for pam geller whether you think she's an idiot or not for doing it, her right to do it. >> eric we all agree -- >> so why would you have such an argument with pam geller? what is your problem? she has a right to do that? >> because there's no need to distract this and make this the focus on pam geller. it's all about pam geller's bad behavior -- >> no no the focus should be -- >> it's the liberal media doing that. >> the focus should be what happened in the aftermath of pam geller and are people pointing a finger at pam geller. >> everybody wants free speech in america. >> go ahead, john. >> it's so ironic. juan talks about pam geller self-promoting herself. juan's on tv six days a week twice a day, promoting eight books. pam geller is out there promoting your right to write the books that i don't know
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people have read or not, juan. pam geller's out there promoting the right of freedom of speech. >> i think she's out there promoting herself. and that's my objection because she's offending a gratuitous manner a huge religion the muslim faith. >> that's free speech. you say you're for free speech and shouldn't offend people then you're not for free speech. >> why do it in gratuitously in -- >> because they shut guns and gun people down. >> we could do this for an hour. we could. we have to move on. wake of america has become the conservative hash tag in america. check this out. i was paging through the comments and came across this picture. it's the memphis fire department making a powerful statement on race in america. they don't care what color your skin is when they're saving your life. and emphasized their point they added their #wakeupamerica i
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love the fact we've started something taking on a life of its own all thanks to every one of you. coming up as hillary hits the campaign trail bill o'reilly says it's time for the fbi to be following the clinton foundation's money trail. is he right? we're on the case next. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® stool softener makes it easier to go comfortably. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™.
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with revelation after revelation about the clinton foundation surfacing, is bill o'reilly onto something? >> when you have a presidential candidate, hillary clinton who's going to get the nomination of her party, the fbi has a duty to we the people to investigate any appearance of impropriety. >> so what do you say, michelle is bill right? >> of course. the fbi went after bob mcdonald when there wasn't even a smoking gun, there was just a press story. here we have a former president, a former secretary of state getting money that may influence foreign policy. we don't know. it should be something that's investigated. we know right now that hillary clinton made an agreement with
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president obama's white house saying she wouldn't take foreign donations. she did. in the case of algeria they got $500,000 and at the time algeria was lobbying the state department. come on. >> bob mcdonald virginia governor under a lot of scrutiny some would say a lot less. >> i don't know if we can make that align -- >> one story says the governor's mansion may have had some accounting problems. >> but who wrote the book we're talking about the clinton cashbook. he said he's not alleging any illegal activities. harper collins said they're not alleging any illegal activities. they depend on the media to investigate things. i don't know why we need to get the fbi. >> because we can't subpoena stuff that the fbi can subpoena. >> well here's part of the problem, john that hillary clinton decided she was going to scrub her e-mail servers so we'll never really know unless we do get someone like the fbi involved. >> yeah but eric if you stuffed a turkey under your jacket and tried to walk out of aldi you would get
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investigated. you would probably spend some time in jail. but to your point hillary can scrub the server the donation controversy, benghazi controversy, the clintons seem to walk on water. what's most amazing is her personal popularity seems to remain high as bill pointed out probability for getting nomination. even after trustworthiness continues to go down. if there's any other feasible candidate, hillary is basically off the drawing board and out of the race. >> juan does hillary clinton, did she stuff the turkey down the front of her jacket? >> or yeah like some jameis winston crab legs or something. no look. i'm so surprised at you guys. you guys are supposed to be small government conservatives. and here you want government going after somebody where there's no evidence no smoking gun, nothing on the table. there's no body no crime, michelle -- >> they went about mcdonald for less. they went after chris christie for people being stuck in traffic. >> the governor of virginia had
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a rolex on his wrist. >> i want everybody to jump in. the governor of virginia had a rolex, bob mcdonald took an airline flight. there were tens of millions dropped into the clinton foundation and who knows what they're for. unless you get as what bill o'reilly wants an fbi investigation. >> i don't understand juan you know i know you're an honorable man, i just don't understand how you could say this about hillary clinton. she has a history of lying, of telling falsehoods of lying about everything she does. i mean you go all the way back to white water and filegate and benghazi and all of this stuff. >> wayne, i want to tell you, the polls support you, not me. yes, most people think the clintons have a big problem with honesty. but guess what? they also think this is a republican effort to try to undermine hillary clinton. and as a result democrats aren't paying any attention to it. and the fbi has no evidence to go on.
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>> so shouldn't this be republican or democrat honestly juan it shouldn't be -- the american people should demand more. i think a lot of them do. i was watching msnbc the other day and a very far left leaning liberal -- no he was angry -- >> they're laughing. >> welcome to the msnbc club. a lot of liberals are. i'm angry about it. but getting answers from them is different than having an fbi investigation. part of wayne rattled off all these things we want answers about. >> how can you get answers from her? she's scrubbing her servers as we're looking for answers from her. >> exactly. >> and eric just reinforces this notion that there's two sets of rules. even as bill said this week one for the clintons and one for everybody else. >> guy's got to pay the bills. got to pay the bills with $500,000 speaking engagement. leave it right there. coming up troubled cities like baltimore spending big bucks on school kids but are taxpayers getting a good return on their
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money? we debate, you decide.
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coming up troubled cities like baltimore looking for more money to fix their schools. some say spending more could turn things around but the stats may prove t
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good morning. millions of americans are in the bull's eye of severe and possibly dangerous weather today. weeks before hurricane season officially begins, tropical storm ana is bearing down on the mid-atlantic coast, already there are strong winds and high waves pounding the carolinas. it will get worse as the storm could make landfall tonight. in texas and the midwest, we're watching for possible tornados.
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as many areas still haven't clean ed cleaned up from twisters earlier this week. we'll go live to the front lines in oklahoma, plus, break down the forecast from our fox extreme weather center. history tells us the road to the white house runs through south carolina. this weekend, the large republican field is in the palmetto state for the south carolina freedom summit. campaign carl camera rorn is there with what voters are looking for. we'll see you at the top of the hour. kauls growing to get more morning to inner city schools in the wake of the baltimore riots, but listen to this. in 2012 baltimore public schools spent more than 15 grand per student, the third highest of any large city and 3% higher than the national avrnl, but only 16% of their eight graders are proficient in reading and 13% in math so michelle throw
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more money at this. >> when you have a problem in america, throw more money at it. >> it's the liberals. obviously, it's not working. i really think this is a civil rights issue of our generation that people cannot choose the type of school the type of education they want. that they can only go to the school in their own district. i think we should allow people to have vouchers and school choice. >> and wayne, baltimore, $1.8 billion of stimulus funds a few years back. they have a lot of money to pend. >> well eric as i've said before this is not an educational problem, not a moral issue, a racial issue. your son, who talks wonderfully about you, this is a culture issue. 80% of the black people in the united states are born out of wedlock. over 60% of people in baltimore who are black and you can't have
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an inner city conflict like this without having leaders who are responsible people. you can't have al sharpton running around saying burn, baby burn. you've got to have martin luther king kings, a juan williams. >> i happen to agree with you, wayne, and also, michelle. i'm a school choice guy. i think the it's ridiculous what's going on. >> what's the answer here? clearly, we're not going to say throw more money on it but are wayne and juan right in this? >> to your point, throwing more money at the schools doesn't help them and there's no correlation between spending more on a sturnt and per pupil and higher results. baltimore has gotten millions and millions of dollars recently. the more they've spent, text course had gone down. there's a will the of issues that come together for what happened in baltimore. the one we can control is education, so to michelle's
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point, start with a voucher program and let kids and parents choose the type of education they want. >> i think the one of the recent years, studied $17,000 per kid. 15 is the example in 2012. 15 fwrant in voucher, they could do better. >> obviously, they're going to be able to use that azriel jous schools. but i wanted to add that it goes towards education, things like school lunches. most kids, a majority actually equal the fied. >> we need to look at obama's fatherhood initiatives. my brother's keeper program that was rolled out this week that has private funding. there are a lo lot of things we can do in these communities to make them better. get parents better jobs so they can be home helping with homework. >> quick thoughts. >> i'm sad juan's not here.
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i heard he was going to be here, then crickened out. >> we had a liberal, libertarian and conservative all onset. that would be great. coming up wake up america. are we letting paris and progressives redefine our constitution? we'll plet you know.
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i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. head on over to see wayne and jonathan stock picks great week. time to wake up, america. it's been quite a weak week for the institution constitution when a plo provock tier stuck bricked her fringe first thing. the two guys with the guns sot and killed the bad guys with the guns. is second amendment is alive and well. thank the good lord for that. how much speech is protected by overwhelming majority most people agree no matter how
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hateful of stupid speech is in america, it's protected. the first amendment still breathing, so whether it's a cartoon contest that offends radical islamists or a flag burning that offends patriots or a sculpture which offends christians, it's speech and it's protected under the first amendment. progressives pushed back on the free speech argument suggesting drawing a a cartoon of mohammed goes too far. they say it becomes hate speech or fighting words. they're dead wrong. free speech is protected no matter how inciting it may be. we worry offending muslims overrides our own constitutional rights. remember over a million american men and women have died defending those rights. we need to stop worrying about how the rest of the world feels about us. we should make the rest of the world worry about we feel about them and that includes radical islam and just in case they don't get the free speech argument i suggest they not
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test our resolve. have a great weekend, everybody. spring turns rough this weekend for millions of americans. with more tornados in areas already hard hit by is severe weather in the midwest. and tropical storm ana barrelling towards the mid-atlantic. we're tracking them both in the fox extreme weather center. >> days of these isis inspired gunmen opened fire in texas, we are learn inging mu details about just how many people in america -- islamic extremists and how hard it is for law enforcement to track them down. it's a new phenomenon. unlike al qaeda, isis basically gives leeway. some of those attacks can be small. some can be large


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