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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 10, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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in death, david crockett is able to become what he never could in his lifetime a true american legend. we begin with a fox urgent. a huge weather system spotting tornadoes. twisters touching down in north texas and south dakota. we can tell you people were hurt. and a lot of property damage. well look at your screen. shelters are open at this hour to take in people who had to evacuate from dangerous areas. millions of people are now facing the risk of severe weather. here's why. look at the map. where you see the red, especially critical. but the system as you can see, is wide beyond that. more news as we get it on this breaking weather situation. this is the fox report. let's get started with 2016. the race for the white house.
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quickly heating up. op the republican side six people already officially launching campaigns. it is a diverse field, and it appears more candidates are waiting in the wings. among them former florida governor jeb bush who just has given fox news megyn kelly his first sit-down interview in months. more on that in a moment. the three latest candidates gave their lists of reasons why they deserved to be president. doug let's begin with carly fiore iny and dr. ben carson. >> it can be a plus or negative as well to be an unknown. there's a balance to be struck on the other side. a recent poll finds 70% of voters would be uncomfortable electing a president with no political experience. two of the gop candidates to announced this week carly fiorina, and ben carson going for the highest office in the
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land. >> i've run my own campaign. i've advised others. i've helped lots of others win. in addition i have done a lot of policy work advised secretaries of defense, secretaries of state and homeland security. >> there's real life experience and there's politics. politics politics you know there's some good people in the political arena. but i'm not sure that they actually in many cases understand real life. >> the third gop candidate to announce this week is former arkansas governor mike huckabee. his strong social conservatism appeals to many in the gop base. but he's facing resistance from fiscal hawk. today he appealed to a key constituency seniors, when he defended social security against cuts that some say need to be made to protect its long-term solvency. >> understand the program, has some real fiscal problems.
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but why would you punish the recipients who play by the rules that they were forced to play by. >> huckabee's chances are seen as slimmer this time around given the array of candidates who have already entered the race. but he could play a spoiler role by taking christian votes away from other gop candidates. >> a new poll from the important caucus state of iowa has now shifted in recent weeks. what are your thoughts? >> according to the new university poll released just on may 6th, wisconsin governor scott walker has a big early lead in the iowa republican caucus but not as big as he had at one time. rand paul marco rubio, ted cruz and mike huckabee are now jockeying for second place with numbers between 13% and 11%. jeb bush with 5%. >> feels like it's heating up. still more people getting in. you're right, it's early.
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now to former florida governor jeb bush who just sat down as i mentioned earlier with megyn kelly for an exclusive interview. governor bush making news on several issues in that. at one point megyn asked if he would have invaded iraq. >> the subject of iraq obviously very controversial, knowing what you know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. and so would have hillary clinton, to remind everybody. and so would almost everybody that had the intelligence that they got. in retrospect the intelligence that the world saw, not just the united states was faulty. and in retrospect once we invaded, and took out saddam hussein, we didn't focus on security first. and the iraqis in this incredibly insecure environment turned on the united states military because there was no security for themselves and their families. guess who thinks that those mistakes took place as well.
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george w. bush. >> your brother. >> yeah. so just for the news flash to the world, if they're trying to find places where there's big space between and my brother, this might not be one of those. >> we can watch this entire exclusive interview on "the kelly file" with megyn kelly tomorrow in primetime, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. we'll have more on mr. bush's insights a little later here on the fox report. new information on a fourth suspect charged in the shooting death of two police officers in mississippi. the victims of former officer of the year and a rookie officer, were gunned down during a traffic stop. one of their cruisers stolen from the scene of the crime. a woman who rushed over to help says one of the officers asked, am i dying? 34-year-old benjamin dean and 35-year-old tate are the first officers in hattiesburg to die in the line of duty in mississippi in years.
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>> you're right, a fourth person has been arrested in in case. the death of two hattiesburg police officers. the very suspects were taken into custody in different places. we have new information from a spokesperson from the public safety department warren strain who confirms 28-year-old cornell use clark has been charged with obstruction in the case. also charged and taken into custody early this morning, brothers marvin and curtis banks, who both have criminal records. marvin 29 has been charged with two counts of capital murder one count of grand theft auto for taking off in one of the police vehicles and one count of felon in possession of a firearm. his younger brother, curtis 26, charged with two counts of accessory after the fact of capital murder. finally, joanie calloway 22 years old, has also been charged with two counts of capital murder. both officers 34-year-old benjamin dean and 35-year-old
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lacord tate, were shot and killed. cane leaves behind a wife and two small children. officer tate was a newcomer to the force described as a terrific individual with an infectious smile. investigators say the deadly altercation began shortly after one officer pulled over a vehicle. the second officer arriving to assist shortly thereafter. shots were fired. one of the police cruisers stolen from the scene. this is the first time in 30 years an officer from that community has been killed. >> yeah. hattiesburg, mississippi. in fact i was watching "fox & friends" this morning, and i saw the mayor speaking out about this. >> the mayor of hattiesburg is essentially calling the community together. and also calling for prayers. take a listen. >> nobody no parent wants to bury their child before them. and here we are on mother's day. it's a tragedy for all of america. a tragedy for our community. >> a vigil is scheduled in memory of the two officers for
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tomorrow 1:00 at the lake terrace convention center. >> you know what we've been looking into this and we have more information for our viewers on what you're talking about. molly, thank you very much. the tragedy in mississippi as molly has just mentioned comes days after the deaths of two other officers brothers and sisters in blue. escorting the body of idaho police sergeant greg moore back from washington state after an autopsy was completed. thousands more officers then traveled from across america to attend his funeral yesterday. sergeant moore was shot and killed on the job last week. and a sea of blue in new york city on friday for the funeral of brian moore, who was promoted to detective posthumously. he too, was shot during a traffic stop. 40 police officers have been killed in the line of duty this year. ten of those deaths involved shootings. we have just learned former president jimmy carter is returning to atlanta after
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falling ill while on a trip to south america. no specific information about the president's condition has been made public as of yet. but a statement by the carter center said he was not feeling well during his visit to guyana where he was going to monitor elections tomorrow. his staff is still there we're told to observe the vote. now let's get back to the story that i was telling you about at the top of the hour the severe weather that's moving across the country. more information coming in and brand-in you pictures. parts of denton in north texas especially hard hit. they're trying to recover in the wake of a destructive twister. and there's massive flooding. here's a look at a water rescue that's going on right now. we switched from the brand-in you video to live pictures. but i want to keep these pictures up for just a second if we can. we're watching these pictures this is denton texas. i want to skip ahead a little bit in your reporting. and get your point of view. because i know you were caught up in one of these storms.
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tell me what you experienced. >> that's right. it's sunny where we are right now. but there's dangerous weather playing out across this region. a tornado actually touched down in denton a little bit earlier today. and for the past couple of days all across this region it has been raining nonstop. just pounding this area. so a lot of people think that they're safe. what you're watching play out right now in denton is where people think they're okay but within just a matter of seconds, the flash flooding starts because it starts raining so hard and they get caught in a very dangerous situation. and the first responders have to get out there and try to save them as quickly as possible. we've seen this over the past couple of days just so much rain so quickly, it's easy to imagine how this could be playing out in denton right now. >> all right. that perspective is so helpful. i looked down at the associated wires now, and here's what the associated press wires are saying. that this is the town of crumb and that the denton county emergency services chief says that they are in the midst of a
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helicopter rescue. people caught in the rising floodwaters, will as you described, so detailed just in because you've been through this just recently. i want to move on to the area you are, because you're in cisco. >> reporter: that's right. one thing i'll add real quickly, sometimes people's attention go to the tornado that comes with this weather. but the flooding is just as important to pay attention to on your cell phone. in the last couple of days we've gotten a couple of flash flood advisories. if you get one of those, go home and stay safe if you can. in cisco is a home that destroyed, seven homes were destroyed. one woman passed away. the tornado also killed several cows on her property. the national weather service was out here a little bit earlier today and they determined this was an ef-3 tornado. that means it has sustained winds up to 165 miles per hour.
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we spoke to rhonda phillips a little bit earlier. she lives pretty close by. the tornado destroyed a barn that was built by previous owners on her property 100 years ago. it destroyed it in just a matter of seconds. >> what they helped build is just gone in a matter of seconds. it's heartbreaking. but we're good. we survived it. we'll clean up. and still make this a place that's pretty one day. >> reporter: one quick story i'll leave you with harris. we were in town getting lunch. a woman walked in she said she wanted to buy sandwiches for five or six men who was on her property. when she got to the cashier, another resident jumped up from his seat and slapped his credit card down and said we've got you. that's the mentality we've seen across the area all day long. >> i want to bring back live pictures if we can. the emergency chief now said they've had to do this multiple
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times. these helicopter rescues. these are live pictures in the town of crumb. denton county. located about 50 miles northwest of dallas texas. would you look at the water that's pouring in from one side. and inow you've been in this area will. that water is moving with some velocity. you can tell from these pictures. i'm not sure if we still have will. will are you still with us? it sometimes can happen with these situations. we'll lose a live shot a satellite live shot because there's still weather moving into the area. what you're watching right now is the live rescue. we know there's heavy flooding obviously as these tornadoes have ripped through the area. you heard will carr caught up in one last night. he took cover and was safe. what happens is the skies kind of clear up. people hit the roadways and they don't understand that that water can breach the sides of those
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roadways and create a situation like this. the denton county emergency services say they've now closed many roads, and they're doing high water rescues in north texas, not just the one you see on your screen here. we're going to keep a watch on the situation, and update you as we can. now let's move on to concerns on how to stop the islamic state's terror army from making the united states the next front on the war on terror. the united states says we're losing the fight online. and making it look like isis is winning. this as savages claim followers are already here inside our nation ready to attack. stay close. ready to attack, stay close. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... have 8 layers of nutritious wheat... and one of delicious sweet. to satisfy the adult.... and kid - in all of us. (supergrass' "alright") plays throughout ♪ ♪
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there are, quote, possibly hundreds of isis supporters living in america. all this follows the attack last week when two men opened fire on a muhammad cartoon contest in garland, texas. elizabeth graham with the news from washington. elizabeth? >> reporter: hi harris. in response to increasing threats from isis the pentagon raised the terror alert level for military bases across the country making it the highest level of security since the september 11th tenth anniversary. this is fbi director james comby saying home-grown terror is on the rides. this on the heels of a muhammad cartoon contest in texas which isis claimed responsibility for. the chair of the house homeland security committee michael mccaul said terror has gone viral. >> the administration its
10:19 pm
budget allocates zero dollars to balance extremism. in the department of homeland security, more money, in fact millions of dollars are dedicated to climate change rather than combating what i consider to be one of the biggest threats to the homeland. >> reporter: jay johnson agrees the nation is facing a new phase of global terror. a lone wolf attack could be carried out at any moment. he said the administration has learned from the lessons in the past and communication with state and local law enforcement officials has improved. >> we've had to ramp up our communications with state and local law enforcement because the manner in which the global terrorist threat is evolving. and the fbi and my department work every day together to get information out to law enforcement, on the local level. >> johnson went on to say the fbi is working to counter the flashy social media campaign carried out by isis, and resources are also being used to track americans who are travel to syria to either join or
10:20 pm
support the terror network. harris back to you. >> we want to take you back to the live pictures now. this water rescue in denton texas. as we're understanding, this is moments ago. brand-new video coming in. we can see the live picture off to the side but what you're looking at in the middle of your screen some people being taken from a home where they were stranded inside. this is the town of crumb, texas, about 50 miles northwest of dallas in denton county. i'm just going to read the report as it's coming in. a rescue chopper in denton county first located a parked vehicle, and also some people in their homes. so far, four people have reported that they have been needing help and have been pulled to safety by choppers. but there are many of these rescues going on. and it reads denton fire is dispatching two -- now, this is another one. okay so this is just coming in. look at this.
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people underestimating how fast these waters can rise. and now they are stuck on top of their rooftops. let's hope that helicopter can get there in time. this is denton county texas, at this time. now. they have sewóóó our new app will revolutionize car service and repair. excuse me, uh, is that anything like, uh's new feature called service and repair? no, because with ours you'll know the cost of labor and parts in your area anyone, anyone else? like, like so you'll never pay more than you should. like,
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10:25 pm
quickly dealing with rising water as well. and for those people they had an option i'm told to get out. some of them did not know that they needed to move as quickly as they needed to move. but certainly in this situation, where people are driving and they can see where roadways are being overtaken by water, sometimes it's hard to tell just how fast that water will rise. look at all the people on the part of the road that is dry. you can kind of understand you're driving along, it looks like you can make it through, and suddenly you can't. a blessing for those people tonight. that water was coming up it was past the windows, onto the rooftop of that pickup truck. we're told it's a black hawk chopper that set down very close. we could watch it happen. and then they were rescued off the top of that pickup truck. we've watched several of these this afternoon. and now on into the evening. we're going to go back to live pictures. they're setting up again. i had mentioned this. the denton county emergency services chief has been talking
10:26 pm
to the associated press and what she's saying is we're getting calls for people in homes, in cars as the water is rising so very quickly in north texas. denton the town we were looking at where the people were on top of the pickup truck we're told is crumb. about 50 miles northwest of dallas. so they are set and ready to go for the next call that comes in. and they're anticipating many. and we'll watch this situation, too. and we'll move on to this and come back to this when we learn more information. boy, those people are fortunate. high-profile republican names yet to announce whether they're running for president, namely jeb bush scott walker chris christie. here's the question. does waiting to announce help or hurt your chances? the fox news political insiders will be right here with me at home base. chime in, while you tune in hit us up on our media pages, facebook and twitter. help or hurt to wait? stay with us. twitter, help our hurt to wait? stay with us.
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i want to give a shout out to my mother for mother's day. i love you, mom. can't wait to be home. tell everybody i said hello and i love them. and i hope you have a great day. love you.
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queen elizabeth marking 70 years since the end of world war ii in europe by sending a parade honoring war veterans. andrew cuomo said part of a nuclear plant remains offline after a transformer fire that happened yesterday. it's the indian point nuclear plant. thousands of gallons of oil have already spilled into the hudson river, we're told. crews are now working to contain as much of it as possible. people in the small town of belmont, south dakota have been told to leave. we've been watching this system. it is vicious. this after a tornado damaged more than 20 buildings and knocked out electrical power to the city. in north texas we've seen high water rescues in the last little while. eye-popping situation going on there, and a blessing so far. no harm to reports to human beings on their pets so we're being told.
10:32 pm
all right. >> just for the news flash to the world, if they're trying to find space between me and my brother. >> he would have invaded iraq as well. if he were in his brother's shoes back in 2003. the potential 2016 candidate also added he believes hillary clinton and others would have done the very same thing. the fox news political insiders are here. we haven't even started. be sure to tune in and chime in at the same time on our fox news social media pages. to my right, former pollster for president clinton. gentlemen, good to see you. we have a lot going on tonight. >> we do. >> talk to me a little bit about jeb bush and why you're shaking
10:33 pm
your head. >> politically, i think this is a big mistake for him. he has said i am my own man. yet he's embracing the most quite unpopular recent republican president. i don't think it will help him win the nomination or help him in a general election. i think in light of the big news today, which is that the saudi king has decided not to come to washington this goes back to that decision to invade iraq in 2003. that began the destabilization of the middle east the embolden emboldening of iran of this monster marauding to the middle east. >> and we have a president that made it worse by removing the troops too early. after we as i agree, it was a terrible decision to go to war. i never believed they had the stuff. to go to war, and cause -- and
10:34 pm
shed the blood we did, and then obama to pull the plug too early, so he could do that. now the consequences of this in both policy two parties, and now the king isn't coming. we could have war out of this. >> i want to contextually handle this and then i want to talk more about the king. that's a story that fox news has just confirmed. the question was, would you have done this in 2003. and as i understand it that would be completely different than the question would you do it today? >> right. and the question is really will we have to do it today, because conditions in iraq remain unstable. in that part of the world, in iraq we are effective allies of the iraqis. at the same time we negotiate the nuclear deal. in yemen, we're on the other side. and we're pressing the saudis to maintain their cease-fire which has just begun.
10:35 pm
so we have as pat said a destabilized middle east. the possibility of conflict with iran ourselves. but more likely shiite sunni battling in the region. >> give me one pause, so that everybody can catch up. fox news has now confirmed, saudi king solomon will in fact give the may 14th summit at camp david. the announcement comes days after the white house just confirmed the king would be in attendance. the saudi government is confirming that the king's son will instead lead that saudi delegation. very different than the king actually coming here himself. the camp david summit is to help the u.s. assure our allies in the region about the talks with iran. as i understand it this is an embarrassment for the white house. >> a slap in the face. friday they got up and said the king is coming. thenl the saudis decided to send them a message by not having the king come.
10:36 pm
by the way, what it sends a message about is the fact that they don't trust this administration on what they're doing with iran. they're already moving to amass a nuclear proliferation to protect themselves. i think it shows you just how incompetent this president, how ir regarded he is. that our major ally in the region isn't going to come. besides israel. but our major arab ally. this is going to affect oil and everything else. >> you think it will? >> it has to. i think you can't miss that message. and i think the others coming, including the saudis are going to get in there and say, we still don't like what you're doing, and he's going to tell them it's not what they think, and he of course is going to be lying to them. >> the situation in yemen that we saw with the saudis flying air strikes to get rid of the houthi rebels and then there's a break to run a humanitarian mission, that's a proxy war with the saudis and the iranians.
10:37 pm
because it's an iran-backed houthi rebel movement over there against the saudis. so i want to put that as the back drop. >> standing on the side winning. >> imagine the situation where we are negotiating with the iranians while the iranians are in effect in this proxy war against our ally the saudis. >> the saudi king decides i'm not coming to your summit. >> he's thinking to himself, what is obama up to here. which side is obama on. then they look at -- >> there's one other piece of news that bears on this. what the saudis and the government of uae had said was they want a treaty like the nato treaty that would commit the united states to go to war on their behalf should there be conflict in the middle east. so far, the obama administration has said no dice to that. i suspect the saudi king was saying look if you're not prepared to commit yourself fully and totally to your allies why should i extend myself. >> i want to tell people if
10:38 pm
they're just tuning in they'll see the words on the screen saudi king salman to skip camp david summit. how serious is this? >> this is serious. the saudis and others particularly the saudis what we did in syria, how we have not been supporting the anti-iran forces for a long time how we've been doing this. and i'll tell you, it goes back now to the fact that the region is on the cusp of what could be explosive. >> it goes to the cairo speech. obama's first -- >> all those years ago. >> what did he do. he pulled the plug on our best ally ally. that has sent shock waves through the moderate arab world. >> i want to go to twitter now. we've invited people to get in on this conversation. david writes obama, president obama is making choices that will allow iran to become a
10:39 pm
regional nuclear power, and that affects the saudis. >> that's exactly right. david is exactly correct. the iranian nuclear ambitions will be fulfilled sooner or later with this deal. iran is flexing its muscles regionwide. the saudis see a united states that is uncertain and uncommitted. and you know what? they are taking a pass. >> i appreciate you guys being here. because this is breaking news. we just confirmed this. john you brought it up first. since we have been able to confirm it on our own. jeff kaiser says on twitter, shia and sunni war, saudis et al., fear a sunni outmaneuvering via iran. it's been done. >> yes. this is a -- the tweeter is exactly right. whatever you are when you do that. >> we'll call him jeff. >> jeff's right. what we have here in all of this is this entire -- this
10:40 pm
breakdown regionally. the iran deal we have the democrats in the house writing a letter signing a letter basically sending a message, we don't care what the senate does we're going to support obama's veto. the politics of this are going to get hairy now, because the region breaks down further. >> weak and divided. >> they looked like they were going to own -- they're going to lose china if they keep this up. >> maybe the king won't come because he does not trust our president. real quickly, does this move the line and get us any closer to seeing a war situation, doug in the middle east? i don't even want to utter it but it's kind of unavoidable. >> it suggests that the entire region is getting more and more unstable. the tweeters are right. we don't know where the american president stands. by the way -- >> why don't we know? >> because we don't know where he stands and what he's committed to. and there's no mention of israel, harris. >> saudi arabia and egypt, this is the other big news that's not
10:41 pm
being discussed. they are in a virtual de facto alliance going on. >> without the united states. >> without the united states. >> breaking news about the white house and the king of saudi arabia not coming to take part in this very critical summit as this deal with iran is being looked at. the house will look at the amendment to get involved, and weigh in. the senate already has passed that. this is a big week with regard to the deal in iran. no doubt we'll be talking more about it. >> this president has totally lost any ability to affect or lead in the world. >> we'll cover it as it happens. meanwhile, the clinton foundation and benghazi controversy may be threatening hillary clinton's presidential campaign. analysts say another liability is a lot closer to home. people are asking what to do with bill her husband. the political insiders are coming back. we love it when you chime in. i'm reading a lot of what you're
10:42 pm
putting on social media. i'll toggle over to facebook and be ready with that when we come back. stay close. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!! they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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the fox news political insiders are back. to bill or not to bill john? >> well you know look bill clinton is a smart, smart politician. but i think that what happens when you're invested in something, you often get your own emotions into it. he wants hillary to win badly. i think to vindicate himself from the impeachment. he wants the clinton restored and back in the white house. and i think he pushes it too hard sometimes. and i think the interview on the "today" show on monday about the foundation was a bad interview. i think they looked badly. >> interesting. pat, do you put your husband out there? does he help you or hurt you if you're hillary clinton? >> first of all, he is a better
10:46 pm
presenter than she is. but he does have his own agenda. and -- >> he does? what is it? >> his own agenda is bill clinton. look his agenda is bill clinton, plus helping his wife. but first of all, bill clinton, and what he said about the foundation i don't think was particularly helpful. which is when you say i have somebody to bring in the money, and pay the bills. and you have him saying well you know i don't know. i just work there. which is what he said today. >> we have a little bit of this. doug i know you know the clintons well. i'll get to you next. they have this conference for the global initiative for the clinton foundation. and the telecommunications billionaire was on the stage with former president bill clinton. he was asked what was going on with the foundation. he said yeah what is going on with the foundation? and here is the former foundation. >> what is the problem?
10:47 pm
>> i just work here. i don't know. >> wow. i mean really? >> let me explain what that answer means. president clinton has been asked, i'm sure by the hillary clinton for president committee to basically not get into a debate about the foundation. that comment means, i'd like to tell you, i'd like to defend but i'm under effectively a gag order. and that's what you're hearing. that's why the president has been so so closed-mouth. >> pat, did you know that the democrat party had the hillary clinton decoder ring? you're able to tell us what the clintons are saying? >> i dealt with both of them for a very long time. so i watched it. candidly i would give them the opposite advice. i would tell them to be full throated and defend what they've done. because there's a lot of what they did involves very very
10:48 pm
important and useful work. >> pat? >> look this is part of it. they are saying they don't want him to comment. it's part of the effort to cover all this up and pretend it doesn't exist. we've been through this with the clintons before. and i think we're going to find out, and it's being pumped now, and i assume we're going to get this by a lot of polls that are very badly done suggesting a narrative that i will tell you after 50 years in this business that is insane. >> it's 60 pat. >> no i only started when i was a teenager. so -- but i'm telling you, it's so bad, that -- and the political press in this country is so dumb they were all out there this morning saying well it's a scandal. because that's what the bad "new york times" called one of the worst-run polls i've ever seen produced quote, evidence numbers, and they went out and promoted it. meanwhile, the real story should be what are all of these connections going on.
10:49 pm
and why isn't there an investigation. >> by the way we have some here at fox news. ed henry, a few people who will ask the tough questions. but it takes hillary clinton actually sitting down for an interview, john. she has gone longer than anydidate to make it known in the united states that they were going to run for the white house, without doing that traditional sitdown interview. >> she doesn't have to. she doesn't have anyone of any serious nature running in the primaries running as of now, so she can get away with it. as doug the decoder said bill clinton is under a gag order. she's under a gag order. they've got the candidate basically incognito from the american people. >> phil bravo says on twitter, this is one of our virs bill clinton will be saying quote, i did not have business relations with that charity. >> well he did have business relations in the sense of raising money philanthropically. the problem is neither clinton wants to answer tough questions that have to be answered in the
10:50 pm
wake of poll numbers that on the internals, as pat knows, shows weakness and lack of integrity. >> hold it pat, we'll be right back. i promise. sgrishlgs 's got so much to say. who does this kinda thing online? i-i-i clicked on some links, ugh the kids weren't even home. wait, wait, wait, this changes everything. it's service & repair feature. so we'll never pay more than we should. well done. research, price, find. get the right service without all the drama. why are all these people so asleep yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia, the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active
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10:54 pm
we put that up and show everybody where this is. the new hampshire primary, and how they are doing. look at this. what are your thoughts when you see these numbers? >> basically none of the above. >> none of the above? >> is doing pretty well the top candidates of 11% or 12%. there is no clear preference. the party is divided 15 or 20 different ways. the reason why hillary clinton is being as quiet as she has, the first rule of politics when other people are self-destructing keep your own counsel. >> two things to point out. that poll was taken in the midst of some of those candidates on the second and third pages, announcing their candidacy. on the first page if you pop that back up some people haven't even announced yet. your thoughts pat? >> first of all, i think all of this is an exercise in futility actually. what it's doing, and i know everyone wants to play horse race and so forth. >> is it too early? >> it's so early. and here is the question.
10:55 pm
these people maybe get their messages together. the polling that we see is -- i referenced the democratic margin. i can't tell you how bad this poll was done. they shouldn't have run it that way. but it serves a narrative. oh hillary's gaining strength not losing. the polls for republicans are doing nothing. no republican has laid out a unique moment. rubio sort of did in his announcement. the country is in crisis. the world is in crisis. and what are we going to do. >> one of the things i asked on social media tonight is whether getting in now or delaying further helps or hurts. i want to get your perspective on it. we learned a lot more about carly fiorina this weekend. now getting post-announcements. a chance to let the nation get to know them. we're coming right back. final thoughts and tweets now. now them. final thoughts, your tweets, next. "checking my free credit score at
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right before we went to commercial you see candidates holding off, delaying. does it help or hurt doug? >> it's the message of the candidate, and their money, not the timing that matters. >> okay. get in whenever. just have a strong message. breaking news tonight, pat, the king of saudi arabia not joining president obama's summit. on the iran deal. you say it's critical. >> yeah. but look the problem for the president is the only king he cares about is himself. so he'll dismiss it. >> bob writes on twitter, is it symbolic that john sits on the left? >> it's not symbolic. these two guys have come a long way towards common sense since the show began. >> where does that put me? >> that makes you outnumbered tomorrow 12 noon. >> you know what? you guys are my friends. by the way, happy mother's day. and pat told me a little while
11:00 pm
ago, if you haven't called your mother by now, you're in trouble. that's my favorite line of the today. bill o'reilly's legends and lies now. i'm chris wallace, the republican presidential field gets even more crowded as three new candidates join the ranks. from hope to higher ground. >> possibilities for every american. >> change the government into something that looks more like a well run business. >> we'll talk with one of the new members of the gop field. rising conservative star and washington outsider dr. ben carson. then bill clinton wades into the 2016 race to defend speaking fees and foreign donations. but is he helping or hurting hillary? our sunday group


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