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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 11, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: i promise to debrief jenna on her first mother's day. have to way for the second hour. see you then. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." happy monday everyone, i'm sandra smith. here today is harris faulkner andrea tantaros, jedediah bila today's #oneluckyguy, we welcome back former massachusetts senator and fox news contributor scott brown and he is outnumbered and fresh off a at this act ron by the way. >> yes. a little sore and tight today. feeling pretty good. great to be back. >> you look very fit and tan. i'm jealous. >> it was 82 degrees out yesterday in the race. probably got a little sun. >> we can tell you've been training. can see it. >> 40 pounds. >> can i catch that? >> want to do a triathlon,
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tariffs? let's do it. >> i ran behind him in a race, the congressional race. >> i remember. >> in the potomac. i went out behind him 5:40 three-mile race. i'm going to die. >> keep up with senator thune without a doubt the most in shape senator or congressman. >> i was impressed by him. >> 40 pounds. that is a back street boy. >> this advocate care thing. it was pretty easy. >> get the details. >> great to have you senator. let's get right to it. stark warnings from the top levels of government on security of homeland and growing terror threat in the united states from isis. house homeland chair mike mccaul saying the internet at everyone's fingertips these days is prime recruiting ground for the jihad it. >> we have this in the united states where they can be activated by the internet and terrorism has gone viral.
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the threat environment is one of the highest i've ever seen it of the primarily because there are some failed states out there. >> homeland security secretary jeh johnson seems to see the same online perils. he says, global terror has enter ad new phase of so-called, lone wolf attackers who can either be activated or inspired at a moment's notice. >> we're very definitely in a new environment because of isil's effective use of social media, the internet, which has the ability to reach into the homeland and possibly inspire others. we're very definitely in a new phase in the global terrorist threat. where the so-called, lone wolf could strike at any moment. >> and as if to underscore the threat to the homeland in the last hour we learned that a virginia woman who tried to help her boyfriend join isis got sentenced to almost five years in the federal penitentiary.
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senator brown what does this talk about you know, going viral? jeh johnson saying we're in this new environment now for terrorists and terrorism? i mean the internet has been around a long time but specifically this outlet that is social media, that they're talking about, facebook twitter, where these terrorists are getting together or those that are associated with terrorists are getting together in ways that it is almost impossible to track them down? >> start with the fact that the jv team is out there, al qaeda is on the run. that's what president obama says. quite frankly that's not what's happening. then you take the social media you're seeing now the ability for people to communicate a little bit more discretely underground and then move forward in force at times, going and hitting isolated targets here and there. it's scary. certainly hope it doesn't happen as homeland security that's one of their biggest jobs is to protect our country. as a former ranking member of homeland security it is
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something we were concerned about. wanted to make sure they had the tools and resources to do their jobs. >> right. >> look at what rand paul is talking about with the fact that you have all this megadata checkion. very interesting topic that's really in the forefront. >> well the administration andrea has been criticized here. house homeland security chair mike mccaul, you just heard from them, he said this is the highest he has ever seen -- he was asked to compare the terror threat now to that of 2001 directly following 9/11. this is one of the highest he has ever seen. he went on to express his concern over the administration's response to these threat levels. basically saying, look at how much funding they're throwing at climate change compared to homegrown terrorists? very critical. >> we're laughing, sandra, but i mean if you listen to john kerry, the secretary of state, he says this is the biggest issue and crisis facing us right now, is climate change. most people would disagree.
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it is troubling the money we're spending on climate change, to not get into as mccaul also pointed out, these websites that last week fbi director comey said the fbi can't get into. these isis terrorists, you don't have to be radicalized in the way you had in 2011. you can simply wear the jersey. you don't have to be trained in a camp abroad. according to mccaul, there hundreds or thousands in the united states, on the these websites not just facebook but on encrypted websites we can't get into. it makes me wonder president obama was called the first tech president. he has great relationships with silicon valley. why not bring in leaders of facebook and twitter to figure out how better for the government to work with the companies? as you just reported, sandra they're actively using them and using these sites to planetary record attacks. why can't we shut down their account? >> it is important to remember that twitter does not publish
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the data on accounts they suspend. twitter says there are many 90,000 twitter accounts that support isis. these are according to reports, not twitter. they don't release this information. but twitter has actively started shutting down many in cases thousands of accounts that they believe are tied to isis in some ways. 10,000 accounts in fact in one day reported early in april. >> there are two-ways to really look at that though. some of the law enforcement i'm talking with, sources say you don't want to do too much of that. at least we track them. we know what they're saying. with regard to elton simpson in garland, texas, the man who was already on the fbi's radar, they were not checking his twitter account. had they been or if they were they were missing stuff. had they been checking it closer, it was private twitter messages. you have to have a relationship with the telecommunications companies. you have to leave the accounts open at some point to track these guys. he was not only talking back and forth between some of those who were arrested in minneapolis and
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san diego he was pros la advertising. he was recruiting doing same thing that won't make awe lone wolf, but a pack of wolves. >> announcing what he would do before he did it. >> that is the whole mentality of a lone wolf is growing. i'm wondering senator, how frustrating to know that you worked on homeland security and you're watching a new phenomenon now? the brothers accused in the boston marathon bombing. you have the two cousins that were picked up in illinois. it is not lone. it is a pack of wolves. >> it's a whole new world of terrorism and people need to be vigilant and diligent when they see something they need to say something. it sounds so cliche but it is true. it is sad, that people are trying to hurt and change our way of life. i believe we're the greatest country in the world. i believe we're a country of good and we have the opportunity to be leaders and we have people wanting to change that i think it started when we didn't move forward in syria, quite honestly
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and didn't, that line was drawn and we didn't do anything. as a result our allies as i said don't trust us and our foes don't fear or respect us. it is emboldening the criminal and terrorist elements to move forward and be more emboldened as you referenced. >> senator, what do you think about the battle between those who have privacy concerns, civil liberties concerns versus those who feel like you know what? this is time to have all-out counterterrorism strategy and these things need to take a back seat? i wonder if you think those things will be play a royal in the presidential race. >> i have many conversations with senator paul on that very issue. he is on one side of the spectrum and other candidates and senators are on the other side. frankly think it's a balance. we not only need to protect our rights and freedoms to be americans and freedom of theress ourself but make sure we have the right to live and not be killed. we have to strike that balance by protecting those rights but making sure we give our law enforcement and others the ability to do their jobs, do
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them well and find out what if anything is next. >> does it trouble you the amount of information they're getting through these dragnets. >> yeah. >> makes it harder to target people they should be targeting when they're targeting everybody. that is what is being debated. >> absolutely. it was never the intint -- i voted to extend obviously the patriot act. it was never the intent to have blanket, massive gathers of information. it was target areas knowing where the people are and trying to find out what if anything is next. i think we pull it back and still do the job. >> one of the things again with law enforcement i talked with, one of the reasons why we're seeing a bigger dragnet and bigger net it is more and they're getting better at hiding. >> yeah. >> as they talk to each other you do have a cast a bigger net. so do we patriot act or do we not patriot act? >> listen to what you just said. they're getting better. there are more of them. how are we not up to speed? we're the united states of america. how are they using encrypted
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websites our own fbi can't get on to? that is what is really frightening. >> demographics? are they younger? no i sincerely mean this you worked in this. are we talking about a younger generation. >> i'm oldest one here. >> i doubt that. >> as mccaul put it, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. he is projecting it will only get worse. looks like major snub of president obama. saudi arabia's king pulling out of this week's summit amid growing tensions with iran. he is not the only one. that this means for president obama's policy and what if making peace with iran is worth ruining the relationship with our allies. florida governor jeb bush tackling issues in his first tv interview in months but he still hasn't jumped into the 2016 race. is the delay helping or hurting him? right after the show, catch more from the couch on the web. join us for "outnumbered overtime," log on to
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>> fox news alert now on a situation we've been watching unfold the last 24, 48 hours in
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texas a news conference just wrapping up. this is vann, texas located 75 miles southeast of dallas. we knew this would be bad as twisters were setting down last night after dark. it got worse. the heating in the atmosphere, it was very warm day yesterday. look at some pictures coming in. here is what we learned, it is the human to in all of this. two people are confirmed dead. 43 people injured. a third of that down looks like this. damaged. and, eight people are still unaccounted for. that number has changed a little bit. it might be where the two deceased come into play because for the longest while we were watching 10 unaccounted for. that has changed. now we can confirm two people have died here. a vicious system, moved across from north texas up to south dakota last night. people injured in both those states but particularly bad parts of north texas and now this area of van, texas outside
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the dallas metro. van zandt county fire marshall just held a news conference. that is where we're getting details, as we learn more, although the pictures say so much don't they? we pray pour them. we'll get you more information. we'll move on now. new questions about what many people see as a major snub of president obama by saudi arabia's new king after king salman announced, he will not attend this week's white house summit of persian gulf states at camp david amid growing tensions with iran. three other attendees leader of bahrain, another key u.s. ally is sending substitutes for their rulers. two of them for health reasons we're told. the saudis say the summit overlaps with a five-day cease-fire we already reported on in yemen. that is scheduled to begin tomorrow. saudi arabia and iran have been involved is what is seen as a proxy war in yemen where the saudis are leading air vikes on
9:17 am
iran-backed rebels have taken over the government there. this summit is supposed to calm tensions between the saudis and other arab states about a potential nuclear deal with iran. the saudi king is skipping the summit. it is not a sign of any animosity but it was informed of his absence before it was announced. however i will say this, senator, we did know on friday that it was confirmed that the king was coming. last night breaking on fox report we learned it was confirmed that the king is not coming. his very youthful son is one of the two delegates who will be coming instead. >> it shows how flawed the iran deal actually is and how much frustration there is not only with the obama-clinton foreign policy and failures we've seen almost last eight years now. it is disturbing. i think it sends a very powerful message right now. >> what's the message? >> the message is, as i said earlier, that our allies don't trust us especially with iran. iran is i believe a country that needs to be tested in, you need
9:18 am
to verify all the time. i don't trust anything they say and i don't believe many members of the u.s. senate and house do either but the president has no foreign policy victories. so what is he going to do? he will put together a deal and secretary kerry will try to ram it through and do the political wooji do, this is great great but in reality it is not. iran is continuing to obviously build and move toward nuclear capabilities and it is very scary for that region and saudi arabia is not going to sit back and let it happen. >> jedediah, is it worth burning, breaching relationships we have in the middle east with our allies over a deal with iran? >> no, absolutely not. and this president always seems to have issues with our allies. we covered the i r between president obama and netanyahu. there is always some contentious problem there. senator brown is right our
9:19 am
allies are not comfortable with this deal. you have to question why this president is willing to put his political career first, i have no foreign policy successes and tell the american people i i have a deal out here and hope they don't research it enough to know it's a bad deal. and go back to the drawing board to put something together everyone we need our back and whose back we should have feels comfortable with. >> president obama one second invited six gulf kings amirs and sultans to the presidential retreat at camp david. so far only two heads of state will attend andrea. you know what? israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, sip having a cup of joe and side muffin, i told you so? >> he has a conference call with the saudis and egypt. we know the united states basically snubbed israel. they have to work together to form an alliance. harris this is what the white house promised the president could do well
9:20 am
community organize. remember his big promise was i'm really good at community organizing. and i will get an international coalition. we heard the words over and over again. go back to 2008, that was another thing he was supposed to do well. right all the wrongs of the bush administration because president bush use lated so many of our allies. what has he done? the opposite. and now you see i mean arguably a proxy war fighting going on in the middle east and the president is not being included any of it except, he is cozying up to iran. this was by far the biggest snub i think we've seen by a gulf state. >> the timing is just bad on a lost recent comments about it. president, particularly "new york times" interview. he rubbed these arab nations the wrong way by making comments about allies like saudi arabia should be worried about internal threats because populations in some cases are alienated youth underemployed and ideology that is destructive. >> all their fault. >> he did at a time when, american officials american,
9:21 am
the public should be showing their support behind these arab nation the president's comments were seen as very critical and harmful. so you talk about how few leaders are showing up there. >> i always like when you lay a tapestry of business over something like this. so you've got company ceos coming to your house for a big summit. two out of six show up. what does that tell you about what you're trying to sell? >> i better change something. right quick. >> you had a quick thought? >> no. once again he is obviously offending our allies and emboldening our enemies and that has been the history of the obama-clinton foreign policy and it is not surprising. >> these summits are a bunch of bull, can we say that? if you're a saudi king, isn't that what you're thinking too? really an obama summit? exactly. edible arrangements and cheese and crackers. nothing gets done. >> problems that the white house has with the gulf state leaders
9:22 am
they want f-35 stealth bombers to defend against threat from iran. i'm certain they bring that topic to the table. he might be relieved not all of them are showing up. i don't know. we'll see. reportedly a major concern overshadowing hillary clinton's campaign, what to do, nope, wait for it. it is not a scandal, it is her husband! what do you do with bill clinton? a husband who is constantly in the spotlight? well he is very popular. how his public appearances could create big problems with hillary's white house run. plus the she and steady win this race? we'll see if that saying rings true for jeb bush as he continues to sit out on the sidelines of the 2016 race. will his delay in announcing help or hurt him in the long run? we'll take a look. stay close. ♪ their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal.
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♪ >> on the subject of iraq obviously very controversial
9:27 am
knowing what we know now would have authorized invasion? >> i would have. so would hillary clinton just to remind everybody. and so would everybody confronted with the intelligence they got. >> you don't think it was a mistake? >> in retrospect that the intelligence everybody saw, the world saw not just the united states was faulty. and in retrospect, once we, once we invaded and took out saddam hussein, we didn't focus on security first. >> jeb bush backing his brother's decision to invade iraq in an exclusive sit-down interview with megyn kelly that airs tonight. he is tackling challenges that face the country and his solutions for firsting them. the florida former governor is also talking about the possibility of a presidential run but he has yet to announce his candida sy while others are already weeks into their campaigns this is leading to questions, if staying on the sidelines is hurting jeb's chances for the white house?
9:28 am
others call it a stroke of political genius. "politico"'s glen thrush writing quote, his undeclared status freed him to raise what aids will say is as much as $100 million from rich patrons and outside groups t has temporarily shielded him from being the target of shots many of his would-be opponents are leveling at hillary clinton. but a new bloomberg poll of new hampshire primary voters shows florida senator marco rubio on the rise while jeb bush has dropped five points since february. what do you think about him sitting back, jedediah? i tend to agree with glen thrush. there is no rush for him to get into this race. there is plenty of time. it is still very early. it allows him to stay on the sidelines. what do you think? >> let's face it, the second he comes out and declares everyone will jump on him. everybody is talking but how he jumps to frontrunner status right away. he is smart to do this plenty of time to sit back. i think hillary clinton would love for him to immediately
9:29 am
announce. she would have loved for him to announce three weeks ago. it takes media pressure off of her. he is watching these stories probably on hillary and watching the fact that the media have to cover them. probably saying you know what, let me give hillary a little more time. let me give the gop candidates a little more time. let me sit back and get the cash step in when i can defend myself to jump to frontrunner status. that is what he is thinking. he has some issues. >> show me the money isn't that right? that's what he is doing and waiting. senator, is he waiting to be the last one. >> good luck with that. >> then he can walk out and say, finally everybody i'm here. and make an entrance. >> first of all i think he is in a very good position. he is raising as much money as he can to counter 2.5 billion potentially of hillary clinton financial support. so, you are going to see many, many polls from here till the election. they will be up, down all around. i don't think it is hurting him at all. new hampshire is a very
9:30 am
parochial state you have to be there. you have to go and visit shake hands, look them in the eye. they're saying, did you meet jeb bush? i did. what do you think bill? he is great guy. will you vote for him? i have to meet him two or three times. that is in fact the case in new hampshire. that needs to happen. he needs to get there as he is doing now periodically. >> harris, you ask all the tough questions. you snatch them out of our brains and that's what you do so well. >> i try. >> we'll see if megyn kelly asks for questions. i thought iraq question was good one. he will get asked about his brother's record over and over. do you think he did a good job answering that question? >> i think he was ready. i think that is what this communicates. if you spend your time getting ready and looking ready you will be ready when the moment comes. doug schoen, one of our fox news political insiders says on the fox report last night, if you're wait with two things, it will hurt you, message and money. you guys mentioned the cash, he is collecting that.
9:31 am
right now he is kind of shaping message. this is how you do it. you're a diamond you need to be roughed up a little bit so you can shine. so he is getting out there. he is doing what hillary clinton is not doing. >> i will challenge that for a second. when he was asked about authorizing the invasion in iraq what did you make of his response? because when he threw hillary clinton into his answer, she would have too. i'm curious -- >> that is really good point. >> looked a little bit weak to me just, he is insisted that he will be his own man in his own words on foreign policy. why throw her into your answer? why not -- >> taking a little jab at her. obviously she somebody coronated. she will be the democratic nominee. >> i get it. >> if she jumps in and get ready to go full force i should say. >> do you think that looked like a good idea? >> who knows. i woo like to see the whole interview. here is the point agree with him, security. we didn't leave transition force there. we just left. as a result the criminal and
9:32 am
terrorist elements came in. now you see what you have. i and others asked for that. we sent a letter to the administration, please leave a transition force there. allows to have the iraqi government be there lean on us if they need it. they didn't do anything. as a result here we are. i agree with him wholeheartedly. >> speaking of hillary, hillary clinton might be the one running for president but her husband may be getting as much attention. some say that could be pr nightmare for her presidential campaign. the former president creating bad on i cans for hillary after he participated in a lavish party in morocco last week. he is scheduled to give a paid speech tomorrow all while hillary tries to keep up her every woman image and to hook up with average americans. that is raising big questions inside of hillary's camp about what to do with bill and whether he helps or hurts his campaign. former presidential advisor david axelrod, telling
9:33 am
"washington post,," bill clinton is like nuclear energy. if you use it properly it can be helpful and but if you misuse it can be catastrophic. sometimes he sort of misses the whole point that she is trying to connect with regular americans. he is out there making a ton of cash say staying in lavish hotels. it doesn't work. >> i think he has been a disaster for the campaign thus far. it goes against her every woman image that she is trying to portray she is one of us. one of the average everyday americans. it is not computing. people don't believe it. they are aloof. there are two sets of standards. they are out of touch. needs to pay the bills. worth $55 million. how much has he made, 20 some odd million or more for speeches? i think it is even more than that come on. so, i don't think it helps at all. it is going to be a potential problem. >> jedediah, works a couple hours a day to earn triple digits. >> has to pay the bills.
9:34 am
has to pay the bills. >> what do what do you think? you said the campaign might be smart about this, when they do sense he will be a problem they will yank him off the stage. when they feel like they need him they toss him out there? do you think they have -- >> they have a shock collar on him. when he goes. i think bill clinton is a borne news for her. i really do. if they use him right he can be very helpful. people still have a he have positive independent imagine of bill. saw it in the "saturday night live" spoof. i think he helps her if used properly. we saw it in south carolina the first time running against president obama that was radioactive. i want to go back to what sandra said, that is very important. you mentioned why he brought uphillry, jeb bush, i think he has to. hillary has to answer for bill never. no one ever holds her accountable for her husband's decision. that was smart for jeb to hold him up. i thought that was smart. you keep asking me about her
9:35 am
brother. why not ask her about her husband's choice. >> we haven't seen entire interview you mentioned that, senator. the big question would not be what would you have done back then would do it now? what have you learned. >> another great question. >> i will be heckling the interview. no. follow-up we don't know, because we haven't seen it all the follow-up -- >> it is easy to be a monday morning quarterback obviously. there will be plenty of opportunity when president obama leaves office to separate in and try to right the ship. >> you know, jedediah, you said is bill clinton missing the point in hillary and not supporting -- is he missing the point or making his own? >> i think bill thinks he can get away with everything. >> bill being bill. >> he feels like he can get away with everything. look what he got away with when he was president? he assumes because he likeable and fun guy and says these ridiculous things. he has that joe biden appeal. ah it is bill. >> what he didn't get away with.
9:36 am
some of this might be him making point he wants to do some fixing, if you will of his own legacy through this journey vie rare russly. >> a desperate situation in texas town. two people dead, dozens hurt and at least eight unaccounted for after a possible tornado tore through the area over the weekend. we'll get the latest. growing outrage after an airline kicks their autistic girl and their family off of a flight for being quote, disruptive. how could this happen? we'll talk about it. >> police officer said, we have to ask you to leave the plane. i said why? he said, well, the captain doesn't feel comfortable flying to portland with your daughter on his flight. ♪
9:37 am
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♪ >> well, u.s. airline now under fire after kicking a family off of a flight over an incident with their autistic daughter. donna beegle said she and her family were flying on united
9:41 am
airlines flight from orlando back home to portland, when her daughter, seen her began to get ugly. beegle said things started going south when she asked for the flight attendant for a hot meal. >> he said, well, no, i don't have anything. i said, how about it if we wait for her to have a meltdown. then she is crying and tries to scratch. and then you will want to help her. police officer said, you know i, we have to ask you to leave the plane. and i said why? and he said well, the captain doesn't feel comfortable flying to portland with your daughter on his flight. people were shouting, leave her alone. let her go. there is no issue. >> in response united airlines issuing this statement, quote after working to accommodate dr. beegle and her daughter during the flight, the crew made the best decision for the safety and comfort of all of our customers around elected to divert to salt lake city after the situation became disruptive. we rebooked the customers on different carrier and the flight
9:42 am
continued to portland. okay sandra, i have a pretty, visceral reaction to this because my younger brother was autistic. and we never flew with him because of fears of behavioral issues. but i do think, if you read the facts of this, they did bring her jumbalaya and rice and was eating it peacefully. by the time the paramedics came on the plane after they grounded it she was looking at movie happily with no behavioral outburst. why did they do in. >> i wonder what facts were conveyed to the captain. if the flight attendants walked into the captain said we have a passenger with behavioral issue and they felt its with a threat to other passenger, the captain has to do something about it. he made a decision based on the facts that he had. we don't know what message was conveyed to him. i think that is what makes this really difficult. andrea, at end of the day when you have passengers vowing for the family saying there was no disruption they did not feel
9:43 am
uncomfortable around her, this very difficult story. >> not to mention the fact, the people will speak up, they want the plane to land where they want to go. i would like to think everybody is altruistic and sweet on the flight but some people wanted to get where they had to go. that is part of the conversation. what comes into play here the paramedics were apparently talking after this unfolded they pointed to overreactive flight attendant crew. this is a lawsuit. this family is suing that will come into play. i have questions. i have don't have an autistic child. i did have a child our oldest who had some health issues when she was little. when we would fly we would have to make accommodation for her. i wonder preflight what this mom made available. a lot of time they don't have extra food in first class to heat up and give your child. i would ask that. you don't want to child to grow up to feel like she is victim. >> i will back you up. that's what i thought if we
9:44 am
would fly as family with daniel my mom would have hot food ready and ask the flight attendant to heat it up. not just as harris points it out they don't have the some in the back, sometimes flight attendants are not helpful in first class or coach and you ask them for things and they shut you down and can say no. where do you see the story coming down? >> you take your passenger as you find him or her. i always felt as airliner or any type of service provider you have to really go overboard to take care of your passenger and your client. you're trying to get a service. you try to continuously have them use the service. that being said, sounds like there were mistakes made on both sides. mom should have been a little more prepared in having hot meal available. doesn't seem like it would have been too much trouble. and the airline, sorries the stoddards do have been more accommodating -- stewardesses.
9:45 am
seems like potential a little bit of overreaction. tough tough call. i'm anxious to learn more about the fact. >> my brother is a united captain as well. i'm sure he would have asked for details. sandra brings up an excellent point what did they tell the she had no behavioral issues. perhaps she will, if she -- >> mom said scratching and this. so they said ding ding, ding. >> this will happen when you don't accommodate this. this is hard on the mom and hard on flight attendants. >> i wasn't there none of us were there until i see the video the child was disturbing anything, the passengers surrounding the seats are saying there was no disruption. if that is reason you're using to justify to get them off the plane, that reason doesn't exist. they need better communication. >> not just kids with disabilities. will this be the thing if you don't do this, this will happen and every plane gets grounded? some good questions. a professor at a major university sparking controversy with some tweets that some claim
9:46 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jon scott with what is coming up in second hour of "happening now."
9:50 am
jenna? jon: a plane makes something after crash landing at los angeles international airport. no one was injured we're happy to say but the plane dropped on to one wing after the landing gear apparently collapsed. one runway is out of commission. we'll have an update for you. an american flag raised amid rubble in van, texas today. a tornado tore through that town destroying a third of buildings. two people are dead. eight remain missing. severe weather a problem in several states today. we will have live updates. the defense rests in the final penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. the jury could start deliberating on the fate of dzhokhar tsarnaev this week. molly line has a live report for us ahead "happening now." >> thank thank you. >> thanks. >> a boston university professor is under fire for slamming white men on twitter. gundi is an incoming assistant professor of sociology and african-american studies.
9:51 am
she made several antiwhite comments over twitter for several months. the tweets were discovered by a umass am hurst student to compiled them on his website. she wrote white masculinity is not a problem for american colleges. white masculinity is the problem for america's colleges. in january, quote every mlk week i commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses. every year i find it nearly impossible. but the school is standing by grundy. they say she is just exercising her right to free speech. andrea coming to you on this. if this were reverse, incoming @white professor saying this about black men she would be eviscerated no? >> this did the debate. applicable debate is this free speech or hate speech. harris, the last acceptable form of discrimination in this country now is, two groups, one, christians and two, white men. and that is why she can get away
9:52 am
with this. why? where are the organizations in defense of white men? where are the marchs or editorials penned? she was hinting around the problem on campuses is white male masculinity. isn't that the dog whistle around the rape culture where men are blamed? we saw that sabrina erdley, the "rolling stone" reporter apologize to everyone for her misguided factually incorrect reporting except to the white fraternity boys that she slandered and defamed and misled and, ruined their reputations. it is the last acceptable form of discrimination in this country is against white men. they're feminizing them even more to get rid of the masculinity. >> she said a mouthful there andrea. i knew she would. >> i was surprised you were so tame and let it go. >> just fresh back from vacation. >> i went to boston college first of all not boston university. secondly, boston university is a diverse university. it has a wide range of ethnic groups. to have a new professor coming in, alienating a class of
9:53 am
people, i find outrageous. if the shoe was on the other foot, andrea as you said, there would be such outrage. that professor would be thrown out on his or her rear earned in a second. >> jedediah, where is the outrage? >> there isn't. i'm not surprised. i'm sitting and listening. this happens all the time. i taught with people would base lessons plans off things like this. this is very common walking into a college classroom to hear talk like this. develop very unprotected. >> beyond that the u.s. mass amherst student who discovered the tweets and he asked a real question. she has the bias towards white males. how is she expected to subjectively grade white males in her classroom? how can a college university keep this kind of teacher on staff? >> teach feminist courses. when you sign up for women's studies courses you hear this often times. >> i refused to think they looked into this woman's background and didn't check out the twitter account. it goes all the way back some
9:54 am
time. somebody at that university was comfortable enough with what she had to say to go ahead and hire her. we'll watch to let you know what happens. >> that subject coming up. >> tom brady. >> your favorite subject? >> oh, yes. >> like man spreadings now. tom brady may soon learn his plate following the role in the deflate gate scandal. he could be become the highest profile player ever punished by the league. what should we expect and. look at you man spreading like you own the place. look at scott brown.
9:55 am
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test test test. >> it's locker room banter. playing the guy -- >> oh come on senator, those text messages did nothing. >> did you read the full report? >> no and neither did tom brady. he said he had only 30 hours to read it and he believed he wasn't a cheater. couldn't answer the question. >> but andrea you read the
10:00 am
messages will there be a punishment here? i know he want -- >> i'm not buying it. >> they screwed everything up -- >> all right. i think he's hot. >> deflategate continues. click on the overtime tab, we're back here at noon eastern time. >> did you just say you think tom -- and we start with a fox news alert. the pentagon says the leader of isis was not injured in a coalition air strikes. . >> he is still very much alive and directing isis terror operations. we're covering all the news happening now. a day of terrible flooding frightening tornados -- >> wow. >> and even snow. >> there goes the school. there goes the school. >> violent weather across the country causing major damage and dozens of injuries. >> i didn't expect it to be this bad. >> and it's not over yet. which areas need to be on


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