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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 12, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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1-800-523-9101. devastation in form unexpected by those just trying to take a train ride at night. thank you for watching tonight. we'll have more throughout the evening. >> we can confirm five people have been killed and 50 others are injured in what one official described as a mass casualty. we're told area hospitals received 59 patients. six are in critical condition. the front of the train sus stined the worst damage. one person describing it quote, like a ton of metal, just mangled. several people taken out of the wreckage there. others able to walk out.
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some seen climbing out of windows they had to punch their way out with their fist or foot just to get to safety. we have seen some photos on twitter of passengers that had their leg mangled or bleeding. cuts to it. 188 had left washington tuesday with nearly 240 passengers on board. service on the line has been cancelled for now. it's midnight here on the east coast. passengers report the front of the train going into a turn when it began to shake. right now. you can see police and firefighters are swarming around that site you're looking at livido. they're looking for more possible victims within the wreckage. you can imagine with it being dark being midnight there is a tough job ahead of them.
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this is port richmond a working class area the cause of the crash is unknown at this time. we just heard a press conference from officials that said we will not speculate we know five people have died. amtrak says they will give us an update. the national transportation safety board is also in the process of gathering information about the derailment. that is what they're calling it. another amtrak train crashed on sunday. that train bound for new orleans hit a flat bed truck, killing the truck driver and injuring two people on the train. in march, 55 people were injured when an amtrak train collided with a tractor trailer stuck in north carolina. once again, you're looking at livido here in philadelphia. what we're seeing is a train crash. there have been reports, that it crashed into a csx cargo train. a representative from csx said that did not happen. there is no indication as of
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right now that that happened. there is no word on how this happened i know trains are set up the same way. so first couple cars are the quiet or business cars then after that dining cars car followed by a number of coach cars coach, coach, coach, after that. no word on exactly which of the front trains those train passengers there, were involved in that. we do know five have been confirmed dead. 243 individuals on the train, seven deceased, like i said. seven cars, including engine were damaged. some saying they've never seen an accident like this. trace can you give us the
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latest? on what you're hearing? >> there were local reports the train may have collided with something. if you look pictures going over tonight there is nothing obvious the train may have collided with. but the wreckage is extraordinary extraordinarily torn up. you can tell interest is a catastrophic misstep. we've had investigators on who said these trains, if they derail, there can be that type of catastrophic damage. one passenger said she felt this going around a turn making a righthand turn, then suddenly the train car started to shake, and it derailed
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that woman was about four, maybe five cars back. we had a manager on board the train said the train shook, then derailed and later saying the train decelerated, then shaking and, derailed we just got an eye witness account from a man that was driving along frank furt avenue running parallel with the train tracks. he says quoting here he was driving down when he saw a flame of fire shoot up. when live pictures took over about 15 or 20 minutes after the crash we didn't see any flames. but you can see the mass of
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twisted metal. the fire department said the philadelphia inquirer there are two people beneath the wreckage. it's unclear the condition of the passengers. as you know the fire chief confirmed five fatalities. dozens of people were taken to the hospital. some of them we know were not injured that badly. focus after the national transportation safety board on screen probably in the next 4 or 5 hours is to figure out what happened. focus of first responders is to figure out if anyone is still left on the train. the question asked of the fire chief, can he confirm everybody is off? the answer is no. he cannot. so right now, the focus is on possibly maybe finding someone who might be trapped inside of the wreckage or somewhere we do
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not know exactly how many fatalities there are. except there are six confirmed and we do know at least six people have been taken to the hospital in very bad shape and dozens more taken in lesser shape. we saw a triage a mat that was red indicating the most severe injured of the passengers. at that time there are only a few which was indicative of the fact there might have been more people inside we'll get updates throughout the night from first responders the mayor is probably done speaking but the fire chief may come back out. they're the lead unit on this. and they'll be giving updates throughout the night on what the situation is with the passengers you're not going to learn br a cause until national transportation safety board gets on scene tomorrow morning. >> thank you, trace. you can imagine it being
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midnight there, dark hard to see. must be hard for first responders we're told there are 200 personnel trying to figure out what happened. but it may take a while until they figure out what happened. trace discussed there, saying an associated press manager said he was watching netflix. the train started to decelerate saying everything started to shake and says it happened in a flash of a second. and says another passenger urged them to escape from the back of the car, which he did. you've heard reports of people smashing out windows and passengers escape through the back windows and cars tipped on the sides. we know six trains confirmed, 6 to seven trains were overturned
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we've seen the video. first trains do not look good. just mangled metal. he said it was in front like a pile of metal. you can see right there on the right hand side screen, that is the pile of metal he's talking about. they've got a lot of work. the train was travelling from washington, d.c. to new york city when it derailed. five people are dead. 59 patients were received and several people seen taken out on stretchers others able to walk out on their own. those victims have been taken to several hospitals. right now, you're looking at livido. you can see the siren lights there in the distance. something i've noticed as we've been covering this about 9:50 here on fox, the lights are
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distant from where the actual train derailed. we do know that they were working with the power companies to get the power shut off. and so crews can get closer and get lights in there. right now we're going to tune in to fox's sister station there in philadelphia to get the latest. >> again, quite a scene here you heard the mayor, and officials discussing the situation just a short time ago. probably getting another update in the morning. ntsb saying their go team is on the way here to philadelphia to investigate this crash. get to the bottom of what caused the situation. you haired the mayor talking about the devastating scene up on that railroad tracks. cars all over the place.
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six cars derailed. some upside down. some perpendicular to each other. including the front of the train we do not know where most occurred, seemed to be throughout the train according to the fire department. again, quick action by the fire department. police personnel getting up to the scene and on the scene and removing people quickly but a lot of self evacuations going on. guys back to you. >> stay with us here for just a moment. the words stung from the top brass not only the police and fire department. these men have seen and women have seen so much in their careers saying they have never seen anything so devastating just complete and utter destruction. so we've gone from flashlights it looks like to overheadlights now. that is a whole lot of lights shining down on the scene there.
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and secondary search is going on now. walk us through what they're doing. >> well what they do now is check all areas of the train to make sure they've accounted for as many people as they can. again they have to get official manifest. so they can be sure who was still on the train when it came through this area. again was not venturing to say what the numbers were at this point to put numbers together he said he couldn't do that until they had a head count. they had the manifest. their count is five fatalities. six critically injured. 53 people transported to area hospitals. total number of passengers believed to be 238 with five crew members on board. but this effort the lighting being brought here i'm sure to allow them to go car by car
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again, search all sides of the track. make sure no one is unaccounted for at this point that they've gotten to every particular area they could. you can see them lighting up the area down the blood here on wheatsheaf, too. this is a daunting task. you talked about flashlights on the scene. operating with rail cars overturned and all kinds of things people in a panicked situation there. takes level heads to be able to get there and make sure you're getting to everybody that you can. so you can make sure you get everybody out of the train z people that need attention get it as quickly as possible. it's a windy night here too. you're lucky ke we did not get rain showers and thunderstorms. that would have made this worse but again, personnel here lots of equipment here folks really
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doing a yeoman job here trying to get people off the train and treated as quickly as possible. quite an effort here by all of the emergency personnel and first responders. >> thank you for that information we want to go live to jefferson university hospital. dave? >> still on stand by. we're told in a triage. i want to show you what is going on behind me. you can see staff there, and medical personnel, looks like on the left. we understand they must have pulled up with folks injured they got off on foot. they appeared to have less severe injuries one of the things we've been monitoring is that they have been making sure they can reach out to the people who have been injured going to local hospitals
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and make sure they can talk to detectives and get their account of what happened. they go to these hospitals here jefferson university to get treated. first responders are trying to coordinate and make sure that investigators can talk with these folks and get a sense of what happened, what they saw from the vantage point. let's go here greg. you've got hospital security here. they're usually here. but more than usual from what i have seen. and they're on stand by for potential transports that could come in. they're monitoring traffic as well one things we've noticed on the ground just listening to all of this is people on the scene and hospitals have been overwhelmed. one hospital people had to should down for just a moment. from what i heard, they shut
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down. it's a fluid situation. as you can tell it's hospitals across the city. and it's presbyterian, and temple university hospital. many are part of this massive effort to treat people who have been injured. >> dave i hate to do this. i've got to interrupt you quickly. sorry. also thank you to our fox news viewers for joining us now. right now. >> right now, we have former congressman patrick murphy on that train speaking right now. let's listen in. >> people pulled together sounds like? >> yes. we just people stayed and a couple putting pressure on wounds. so they won't bleed out. and then, probably 8 or 9 more just treated made sure everyone is okay i treated my -- tweeted my
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wife i'm okay. and i said two over there couldn't move. they were in bad shape. >> any crash? >> i didn't notice. i felt like a bang but then we just you know i was facing south. we're going northbound i was facing southbound. so i'm in a cafe car. the table area. and i saw everyone that way and other way. and then once we went to the east side we just flipped over. and then it was just dark. and just dusty and just a lot of blood. >> i got lucky. >> thank you. thank you. >> boss thanks for waiting. >> that is former pennsylvania congressman patrick murphy speaking about his experience
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he was on the train that detrailed around 9:40 this evening. he's been active in the process in terms of twitter as well he put out a couple tweets there one of them being a photo you can see a man's leg bloodied as well as an arm as well we have trace ghallager standing by live in the l.a. newsroom. l.a. excuse me trace, can you tell us what you're getting there? >> well it's interesting when you talk about the witness. a second witness just saying waits a loud bang because jackie earlier a witness saying he heard a loufd bang as well then other witnesses saying they didn't hear anything just felt shaking and the train went off the rails. it's important to know the fact that remember these trains do not have any seat belts on them. none. at all. so the first car is normally the quiet car. it's a business class car. the second might be the quiet
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car. those are the first two. as you look at this massive wreckage you don't know which cars were involved and which were damaged the most severely. because it appeared in some of the pictures sh if you look on the righthand side the top of the screen it appears that that might be the lead car. if there is impact with the lead car, you'd anticipate it could be the most severely damaged but remember, they could wo not speculate as to what caused the crash. so if you go back to metro crash that happened in new york city it was clear that train struck a truck on the track. so in this case they haven't given an indication this hit anything. earlier there are local reports
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the train struck another freight train car. ntsb is trying to knock that down. they're not denying it. but they're trying to kind of spear people into different directions because there is nothing visible. csx came out earlier and said to their knowledge, none of the cars were involved in a crash. speed limits from 50-over 50 miles per hour to possibly up to 65 to 70 miles per hour. this is not the fast train going from washington, d.c. to new york. so the speed here appears to be lower than some commuters who regularly take those trains back and north from new york down to the nation's capital. if 50 plus miles per hour if this derails, you can clearly see there would be extraordinary damage. this is a snap shot from wtxf kind of teetering. one car teetering on the edge.
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you heard victims and witnesses say look. we felt the cars rolling over on the side. and suddenly the cars were upside down. we had to figure out a way to get out. one witness saying they was next to a woman with a broken leg and trying to help her, help others and help herself get out of the car. saying nobody knew if this was the end until the train came to a stop you got out and you can see those around you were not badly injured and you were not badly injured yourself the question becomes what caused this train to go off the rails? what was the speed? which cars were the most severely impacted? 12? 2 and 3? investigators on the scene now.
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they're bringing in portable lighting. so they can get more lights. and now, they're shining those high powered lights used for construction. they're shining those on the scene in the off chance they missed someone who might be alive and trapped inside of the wreckage because throughout the night priority one is to try to find anybody who might have survived that crash. again for those just joining us the death toll is at six according to the fire chief. the mayor said five. six people in critical condition. taken to local hospitals and dozens taken to the hospital in various stages of injury. that is the scene right now. everybody is focused on going in and look at that wreckage to see if anybody might have survived or missed anybody.
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first thing in the morning they'll have a better idea what happened to amtrak train 188. very sad and scary for anyone on board i want to mention if you believe you have a loved one or a family member on board, amtrak provided a number for you write this down. it's 1-800-523-9101. if you believe you have a family member or loved one on that train and you want to know about their whereabouts, give that number a call. you can head to our website as well. we'll have more information on fox earlier trace talked about a woman that megyn kelly spoke with on her show we have her. she was a passenger on that train. joining us on the phone is the journalist on board that train when it crashed, elizabeth, how
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are you doing? >> i'm fine. and right now just i scratched my head by doing fine. >> what happened to your head? >> just have a bump on my head. and i'm sure it's really fuzzy what happened there. do you know how that happened? >> i think it was, kind of i mean it was, i mean like you know just talking on the phone. i ended a conversation. i mean suddenly the car just kind of slipped towards the right. and you think maybe something minor then suddenly i mean you're just at the time at the same time you know there are
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things just falling around you. i mean, mention this on the other show it's kind of the moment you're like you're not sure if this is the end or not. i just i mean there is a lot of emotion then you comfort yourself. i can taste dirt in my mouth. i can hear people people were asking for help. the person next to me i mean it ended up she was covered and others would help her. some passengers you know kind of like awake. it was very dark. and we're just looking for an exit. then there is exits that were blocked. the train cars on the side so we actually kind of used a ladder to get out of the top of
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the train which was the side. i mean it's kind of you know you don't want to be gentle with the chairs because there may be people below. so first you're looking around making sure people are okay. and then you smelled smoke so it became oh no a rush to get out of the train. they said stay calm. you know, and -- >> how long were in the train after it crashed? >> i mean that is hard to know kind of what that is. it's probably only a few minutes. i mean, just you know wanted to get out of the car. and some people were injured and
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wanted to get out we're just sitting on top of the car then. i don't know what that drop is. maybe eight feet. just making a jump. i had one shoe on. and trying to jump down. some people helped out. people weren't able to get out of the car before me. it appears it had crashed down. around them. >> did you say you were in the dining car? >> i was not. sorry. >> sorry. i was in a car that business class car. and -- >> and did your car overturn? >> yes. it was on the side. so i mean we had to climb out of the window which is now the
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roof at this point for us. the windows were stuck in the dirt. >> oh goodness. we're looking at video now of emergency crews trying to search through this mangled mess of metal trying to determine what that is. the train car? there have been reports it may have crashed into a csx cargo train. but there has been a representative from csx said at this point they have no indication of the train hitting a cargo train. i can only imagine how frightening that might be. were there children on board? >> i didn't see any. may maybe in another car. there were people traveling for work. i need to get going now. they're taking me back to get checked out. >> no problem we appreciate you giving us your time. we hope everything goes well for you. thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> you were just hearing p a
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passenger on board that train. that derailed around 9:40 in philadelphia, train 188 headed from washington to new york city. it derailed past philadelphia. and we've been getting reports all night. and following the story there. there were 243 individuals on the train. five were amtrak employees. and six people have died. that is that is confirmed. between 5 and 6 people dead seven cars including the engine damaged. they're saying this engine was thrown from the actual train. so there is engine there, and the train. that is just how strong the impact, whatever happened here.
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we don't know what happened. there are reports it went around the bend and people heard a shake and felt things i took a train into work. you don't have a seat belt you have depending on which seat one seat in front of you. and behind you. if a train does derail it jostles you around. and depending on the speed of the train, impact of what happened, it could throw you all over the train. not only do you have you being thrown around but all passengers, 243 people on board, five believed to be employees. then you have all of the stuff. suitcases bags coffee is going all over we've seen some photos on twitter of people's legs being badly damaged.
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arms bloodied. right now, dr. vernon gross, are you there? >> i am here. yes. >> have you been you've been watching what has been happening there. what is the next step? it's 12:30 at night there. in philadelphia. what is going on with the ntsb? what is the next step? >> well, what they're going have to do is find out why the train is not on the track. and that is the boiling down a number of things. first of all there could have been track failure. itself. and them it's a function of velocity if the train is going fast for that track, there could be a reason for that. then whether it's curved or straight, at the point where the train actually left the track. that would be a factor. and then there could be an
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object. an animal a vehicle, anything that could have separated the train then there could be train failure. in other words, the train somehow might have had a train truck difficulty. one factor has been talked about is crash worthiness in trains are not very high as most witnesses have seen. you're not tied down. and then the fact that it was at night, doesn't allow us to have eye witnesses as far as we know no one actually saw it happen. and either on the train or beside the train. and then you have idea of whether there are recorders some trains are carrying some recorders not like on aircraft however on aircraft you have two types of recorders. you have the cockpit voice
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recorder giving you human sounds and so on. then you have the flight data recorder giving you information on the train. i don't think that they have had recorders on the train as far as i know. last factor is of course, weather there was not rainfall at the time. there wasn't snow. so you don't have a weather factor but national transportation safety board will have a group of experts there. working some will be on the train, some will be operational people. and some will be on communications, so there will be a group of experts there with the board. starting their work. and they'll set up a command center nearby and put experts at work gathering evidence they
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can then analyze and take back to washington. >> dr. gross we're looking at livido there in philadelphia now. these images are jaw dropping. you can see three train cars that are curved there. one is mangled. if the camera pans down a ill bit, looks like you can see the front of the train car. so if it does have a black box, what does it take? at what point does it destroy a black box? >> well if it's like aviation black boxes they can take a high impact without damage whatever.
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and also they'll survive water. i don't know the nature of the recorders we don't know whether that is a record on that train. i can't say that is true yet the fact is that they'll be having as much evidence as they can get. looking at the front cars is looking as though they may impacted something. i don't know if there is a bridge over the track. that is another possibility. there could have been something on the track. so last and most thing i didn't mention there could have been foul play. in other words someone set the track off. we don't know that. i was on a train crash in vermont when i was on the board.
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that was going beavers had built a dam on a river, it was not a large river. and that ran across the track that washed the bridge away the train ran off the bridge. so you have all kinds of possibilities here. and until we can get evidence that we can put our hands on we're not going to know very much. very morning we'll have more capability to get on site i believe. >> sounds like that can be a handful if not more possibilities of what could happen here. that is why authorities are not willing to speculate at this point on what happened. now, you, talk a little bit about your experience in things on these train crashes how many have you seen? being there with the national transportation safety board and how severe is this one compared to ones you've seen? >> i was on three major train crashes
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one in north carolina and one in vermont. i just mentioned one in vermont. the beaver dam gave way and washed away a bridge. and that had five fatalities at that time i heard tonight we have six so far. is that correct? >> yes. between 5 and 6. but we've -- it's either 5 or 6 at this point. >> difficulty is that you have a scatter of the wreckage. so it's hard to know at the moment what number of fatalities you have. but this is the most-serious one. i was on a head on amtrak crash in new york in queens. and two trains came together and collided in queens in new york. only one fatal in that one. but i would assume that we're
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going to have quite an investigation here that will gather a lot of effort. and time before they'll have much to come back to washington with. they're not going to settle anything there on site. the national transportation safety board will put it together and may spend a day there or more. and that is when another phase takes place. >> this could take quite a while. it has been confirmed so far that five people have died. 53 people transported in less critical condition. six in critical condition to area hospitals now. there are four hospitals dealing with victims of the train crash they're overwhelmed now. dr. gross we have trace ghallager in our l.a. newsroom
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with questions for you. trace? >> yes. might be my fault we had the six number i might have misheard the fire chief the number is five now. but vernon we have done a lot of these investigations with you and gone over these things. it's trace ghallager again. you're talking about the front of the train. it appears to me is that the front car of the train appear to be damaged a little bit. and not nearly as severely as probably cars 2 and 3. is there any scenario you can think of this train hit something potentially on the tracks and how it could hit and the lead of the train isn't badly damaged and cars 2 and 3 are severely damaged and torn up? only thing that would enter your mind is in this one, it's the
9:40 pm
lead car went sideways off the track and second car with major damage continued on in the forward volume -- velocity lead car might have just gotten out of the way. i don't know where the crew was must have been in the lead car. whether they can recover and begin to interrogate operators, i don't know. has anyone found anybody that can speak to train operation themselves? >> we haven't heard anyone who can talk to actually the operators of a train we do not know if the operators are those who are injured or killed in this so far. we do know witnesses we've got some conflicting stories one witness says he felt the
9:41 pm
train decelerate and then the train derailed. another eye witness heard a loud explosion. he saw the fire and then he saw the train detrail. and then we had yet a third eyewitness saying they heard a loud bang, and that is when they saw the train was derailed off the tracks and the question everybody is asking is is it impacted something like we saw with metro north train in near connecticut, it got to new york connecticut border a few months ago, you figure what could happen that these things are unrecognizable? >> i can tell that there is quite a bit of disintegration.
9:42 pm
that must be cars 2 and 3 from what people are describing. the lead car seems to be angled. >> it's hard to tell. this is just from an eyewitness account we don't know what happened but it appears that one of the lead cars or the lead car sustained certainly a lot less damage than other cars that are along the tracks now, it might have you know trains i guess you c talk about this too. trains are kind of designed when they derail they're designed to come apart if i'm correct? what is the actual design of the trains to happen during -- as we're talking about this that appears to be from the windshield, the front of the train what appears in your estimation when a train goes off the track and backs are badly damaged? >> well first of all, if that
9:43 pm
is the lead car it's not apparently damaged too badly. the truck, see? the parts that are on the track, and there are trucks under each car. if that got out there and rolled out of the way and cars 2 and 3 came continued on on the track that may have been the loud bang they heard when the lead car left. but iet witnesses are wonderful but not too reliable. you get a wide variety of iet witness evidence to deal with. and so you have to start with facts. that is what they're going to do. daylight will help to look at the tracks and study it. because right now, all you've got is overhead lighting of evidently some choppers i don't know. >> yes. it's great insight. thank you.
9:44 pm
we appreciate it very much. back to you. >> thanks trace. thank you, dr. vernon gross, former national transportation safety board official giving us his insight. he worked on three, this has been the worst he's seen yet. joining us now, robert halstead a railroad accident reconstructionist. good evening. >> good evening. >> what are your thoughts on the screen? >> it's a kachaotic situation. especially in the dark. i anticipate it's going to take the rest of the night to recover the remaining people that may have been in there. and rescue them as best they can. i doubt any forensic analysis of any kind is going to take place much before daylight today. >> when that does take place, what is that going to look like?
9:45 pm
what is the first thing that happens? well you know once have you daylight, you're able to assess the full array of damage. you can determine how many cars you have on the ground. you get a better idea of what the train may have struck. you know a bridge retaining wall or perhaps standing on the train, you just don't know. a better picture once we have daylight. >> and what is it that you're looking for as you reconstruct this? we had someone on the phone call saying one time you had a beaver building a dam or a maybe like a nest and that caused a train to derail. >> yes.
9:46 pm
once you think you've seen et all, something else happens one of the things they're going to look for is the black box, the recorder. there will be two. one on each end. if functional they're going to attempt to down load data from it. >> what kind of data do they get? >> from 20-30 different parameters including speed sh distance, there are four different brake assessments on the train. they'll give you throttle setting. horn blows whether head light went on. things like that. >> i imagine they're neutral in figuring out what could have happened? >> they should be able to reconstruct the signal displayed
9:47 pm
for the crew. so they can determine whether or not track conformance was required. >> the video we're looking at here it's interesting because this looks like this is the first car because of the windshield it looks like it's the front car which has said to be the business car or the quiet car. not sure exactly which car that was. but that appears to be a front car. but the one following maybe 2 and 3, could be once again this, is all preliminary. we're just looking at what every one at home is looking at as well. how would that happen is that first car looks untouched, unscatheed but other two just mangled? >> i've seen mechanical aspect
9:48 pm
produce that. and couplers between the cars are tight couplers designed to in cases remain engaged. to keep the train in one piece in so far as possible. so >> how fast do these trains go? do you have a sense? >> not actually. not actually familiar with the speed in that area. but the northeast corridor in general can host trains up to 125 miles per hour. that being a regional train, i'm sure it's going less than that. i would say probably 60 80 miles per hour is probably the general area. >> we have a minute so we need to go to commercial break. can you tell us how long after
9:49 pm
getting daylight here they start to maybe be able to reconstruct what happened here how long does it take to get some solid answers? >> it's going to be at least one day. it's going to be 24 hour basis until the wreckage is cleaned up. it's going to be 24 hours before we have a good solid handle of what the cause may have been. >> and in your years of working with train stents how does this compare? >> doesn't look good from what i've seen on camera thus far. very interesting to see what the casualty count may have been once you get daylight. >> definitely we foe the five people is been confirmed dead we're keeping everyone victims and those who passed away in thoughts and prayers. robert halstead thanks for joining us. we ask to you stay with us we'd like to talk to you a little bit
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call now and we'll send you this free brochure and ask about free activation when you order. call now! this is a fox news alert. i'm jackie ibanez. disaster in philadelphia. check out this video, live video. an amtrak train headed to new york city has derailed and crashed. this appears to be the lead car. and we can confirm that at least five people have been killed. more than 50 others are injured. in what one city officials describes as quote, mass casualty area hospitals have received about 59 patients. 6 of them are said to be in critical condition. the front of the train sustained the worst damage that is after that first car it appears. one person describing it quote, like a ton of metal. you're seeing that metal right there. several people were being taken
9:54 pm
out of the mangled wreckage on stretchers. others were able to walk out on their own. some were seen climbing out of the windows. those victims have been taken to several hospitals. right now we're told about there's about four hospitals dealing with all of the victims. and they are overwhelmed. look at that hole in the train. they're still trying to determine exactly what happened. incredible video. heart-wrenching really. northeast regional left washington earlier tuesday with nearly 240 passengers onboard. service on that line has been canceled for right now. of course we're keeping a close eye on that here at fox news for you. we'll let you know when that service is back up and running. passengers report the front of the train was going into a turn when it started to shake. right now, as you can see, police and firefighters are swarming around the crash site. really an army of folks there right now looking for more possible victims within that twisted wreckage. we were told there were about
9:55 pm
243 passengers onboard, 5 of those believe to be amtrak employees. right now as of 12:55 eastern time we don't know how many people have gotten out, whether they walked out, kicked their way out through windows or whether they were helped out by emergency crews. there could still be people underneath that wreckage as we look at it right now. this happened in port richmond a working class area of philadelphia. the cause of the crash, unknown right now. amtrak is expected to update us later. they have been very busy right now, very much on top of this. the national transportation safety board is also in the process of gathering information about this derailment. another amtrak train crashed on sunday. two days ago. that train bound for new orleans. struck a flatbed truck at a railway crossing and killed the truck's driver and injured two people on that train. in march, at least 55 people were injured when an amtrak train collided with a track toirl trailer that was stuck on a track in north carolina.
9:56 pm
i take the train into work and it is something that as someone who's on trains you think about what could happen. you're at the mercy of whatever is going on with that train. you have a seat in front of you, the seat you're sitting in and the seat behind you and you don't have a seat belt. if anything happens, you're being thrown around along with the belongings and other folks inside that train. joining us by phone, a railroad accident reconstructionist. robert this video, these images are just jaw-dropping. how does this compare to some of the railroad accidents that you've worked on in your career? >> well i've done a lot of large accidents in my career. chadsworth california being one, illinois being another, washington, d.c. the metro collision several years back. five fatalities is certainly not good. i would say, so far it's at least a medium size derailment.
9:57 pm
unfortunately that assessment may get worse as the night goes on. >> robert as you look at those, what appear to be a train car there, mangled, the emergency personnel surrounding there with lights trying to figure out what's going on, and see if there's anyone else in there, what are the odds right now, the death toll at 5, what are the odds -- we hate to speculate, but you have seen instances like this before of more deaths coming out of this? >> yeah that's certainly possible. a scenario like this people can become buried in wreckage. they can end up underneath wreckage. so it's going to take at least until we get to daylight before anyone can confirm that all of the people have been accounted for one way or the other. >> you bring up a good point about the daylight. right now, it's 1:00 in the morning. i would imagine that is really
9:58 pm
difficult as they try to sift through all of this wreckage to find people, it makes it significantly harder. >> yes, it does. you know still, it's very difficult situation under the best of circumstances. although we can be thankful in this case that we apparently don't have any fire. and that's a huge benefit right there. >> i want to get our viewers up to speed. 243 people reported on that train. there were 53 that were transported with less critical injuries 6 critical to area hospitals. five people that died. in the morning, daylight about 5:00 6:00 in the morning, what's the first thing that will be done to reconstruct this accident? >> well ntsb is sending a multi-disciplinary team composed
9:59 pm
of track experts, signal experts, equipment experts, and human factors people. one of the big things, of course is being downloaded the back quarters. that will give us a good handle on human factors. and signal compliance. then they're going to work backward and try to find the first point at which a car derailed. point of derailment. and inspect the track from that point several hundred feet prior to it to see if any track causes may have been contributors. they'll look at track, they're going to look at signals, whether a proper signal was given for the train. you know things of that nature. >> sounds like there are a handful of causes that could have happened here to have at least five people dead, and just mangled this train so badly. robert thank you.
10:00 pm
we'll let you get back to doing what you do best to working. we appreciate you being here with us. >> thank you. >> for anyone who is just joining us we want to do a quick recap for you. train 188, northeast regional amtrak train left washington earlier tuesday. it crashed around 9:40 in philadelphia. there were 243 individuals said to be on that train. five of them were amtrak employees, five people unfortunately dead at this hour. they are searching through the wreckage to find if there was anyone else who has been injured. six critical in the hospital and 53 transported to the hospital. let's go to hannity who is happening right now. tonight, black panther leader says baltimore police had it coming. >> the police officers that are killing us are the real thugs. >> the war on cops is real new fbi